Yonex Nanoflare 700 Badminton Racket: Is this racket suitable for you? | YumoTube

Hey guys, welcome back to YumoTube. Today we are going to talk about the Nanoflare 700. So the Nanoflare series
actually replaces the Nanoray series. They are similar, but with the new technology, the rackets are more flexible and more powerful than before. In terms of the
Nanoflare 700, it is medium stiff and also head light. I would recommend this racket to players who are more patient or are more skillful.
So if you are a marathon player, if you like to play the long rallies like the
net shots and like to do the clears then I would recommend this racket to
you. For players who are more aggressive who likes to smash, they might find this
racket too light so then their shots are less heavy. But as with every racket
style there’s pros and cons. So for lighter rackets like these, players will
find that it’s easier to get back to the middle after every shot, versus a heavier
racket it’s hard to get back to the middle. In terms of the color, there are
two colors there’s a red and black and there’s a blue and green.
I really like the matted finish and it really makes the racket look premium and
it’s manufactured quite well I find it quite high in quality. If you want to
know more about the specs you can check us out on, the link is in the
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YumoTube. See you next time!