WVU Women’s Soccer: Raising Awareness for Breast Cancer

As a team, we get to represent this whole entire state and the people that live within it and around us, so I think it’s an honor just to be able to wear the gold and blue everyday and train hard, play hard. When you come to play at West Virginia, you’re not only playing for the University, but you’re playing for all the people that live in West Virginia and the whole state. I think our team has really taken on that responsibility and understands that platform and how important it is to do something that will really impact in such a positive way. Raising awareness for breast cancer has been a big highlight in this program, It’s definitely something that touches home to our players as some of us have relatives who have fought against breast cancer and have won the battle and some who have lost. Just being able to go out and fight for them on the field is an honor as well. Breast cancer, my mom had it. Yeah, she was going through chemo, and, yeah, she was going to the doctor all of the time, but she was always still a big part of my life and she made it her mission to still be there for her kids. Everyone around us really helped us out. It kind of made my family stronger and more connected through it. She’s fantastic right now, she’s living life. She comes to all of my games. She’s really happy. It does take a toll on you past treatment and everything that you go through, but she’s the biggest fighter I know. I’m crazy proud of her. All of us have had some type of unfortunate experience with breast cancer or cancer. I just want the girls to know we have a huge platform to raise awareness, but more importantly, find a cure and raise money. We have the best fans, I’ve always said that, in the country, and for us to be able to wear pink, but then have Bonnie’s Bus there, raising money, raffling jerseys and doing everything as our West Virginia family, is just incredible in how people step up to find a cure and help our state fight breast cancer. Sometimes people think you need to do this huge, elaborate thing, but if everybody just comes together and does one little thing, it can really make a difference.