WORLD RECORD: Longest Game in League of Legends History (7 Hours)

the longest game in League of Legends history this game also broke the record for the most dragons killed by an individual with 36 it also broke the record for the most gold earned by an individual with over 260 thousand it also broke the record for the most by a single person in a single game with exactly 6,000 it also broke the record for the largest ever critical strike done with over 28,000 it also broke the record for the most healing done by an individual with over 500,000 it also completely smashed the record for the most damage taken by an individual with over 5 million and finally it also broke the record for the most wards killed by an individual with over 800 ok I'm about to watch a 7 hour long game so about two weeks ago vandal uploaded a video where these guys played in a game that went for over 5 hours these are the exact same guys at least some of them are but this time they have broken their record and this game has gone for close to seven hours as you can probably tell the Shaco and ash on duo queue for the blue team and they are friends with a duo queue on the red team who are the Nasus and the vein this is ranked on the Singapore server and they've obviously queued up hoping to get in the same game what this means is both teams can never surrender because you need at least four votes the game plan is simple for these guys never win the game but defend at all costs so it's pretty much what you would call a gaming hostage situation Joe did he just walk up the Pantheon's now in the pot line apparently tristana's in the top lane and this is going to be the first blood the first kill at five minutes don't worry we've got another four hundred and five minutes to go Mike's going in but you could see ash is not even reacting and that's a free kill for veiny while Tristana is going to survive they're trying to get away but onassis is going to offer this Silas gets the kill hey Shaco comes in but you can see shaker and Nasus our friends so they don't hit each other that seems to be the game plan Silas making that big boy gank with oh we've got a problem Bane refuses to help him kill the ash now comes Vayne now but we'll probably just walk faster ash and town go Silas the missing things are coming out well I guess you just have to be prepared to die boss for 20 minutes in and the Shaco is destroying this game already 11 kills justanna wants to surrender already and pop you're saying waits until the game finish hmm yeah poppy the game won't be going for that much longer surely it's funny they've pretty much got the same names but no one said anything about them teaming just yet Vayne gets a double kill income shake oh and he's going to go for the Silas but look at this ash and shaker completely ignoring the Nessus – just completely walks past Asus it surely has to be so obvious now they're pretending to fight and Shaco will get a kill just to show that a we're not actually teaming in this game force to please what a flash finally it has taken 46 minutes Z is the first one to realize vain asses ash and shaker off friends shakers coming in chasing down the tristana with three infernal dragons kiln asses you can shake Oh Pantheon has still not realize that they are teaming heads trying to tell him oh he might have oh okay I see he's finally realized my team don't want to surrender that is nice I don't know how to in this game yep it's pretty odd when you have to win 3v5 it looks like tristana's the first one to afk she hasn't disconnected yet but she's the first to just stay in base 53 minutes in and Pantheon Silas and Tristana are all in base they refused to come out they want this game to end right now they're asking the blue team to come in in the game poppy and Parker going for baron obviously ash and shake are not gonna help him they've probably told Nasser's they're doing the baron who's gonna get the Baron essence is gonna try and steal it and he will steal it can you believe it Pantheon is no longer gifting Shaco a skin now because he's realized he is friends with the NASA's sad times here we go said is gonna try and take on the NASA's he's deputy can't do it 1v1 and he uh comes back to trying to help busied with this NASA's or they're getting a lot of damage but he flashes for the kill and now we're just gonna all pop he's gonna come in and help as well they thought they'd down goes Pike in comes vain though to help the Nasus and down while they get the shut down on the NASA's but vain still alive and sure this is late-game vain yep they cannot win they just cannot win 3v2 and ash will be here to kill the Pantheon and there it is ladies and gentlemen poppy is the first one to quit she has had enough josè it's going in with the ultimate he does a lot of do he one-shot the necess this is a chance that get the inhibitor he goes on to our Pantheon's defending now but he goes down pretty easily in goes vain vain is going to clean up the oh so close if pantheon didn't help them that could have been the end of the game pantheon after one ting the game to end actually helped the blue team and now the game could go on forever well Pantheon is now defending as well so I guess he really really wants this win shakers made his way for the fence he's gonna try and get some fountain kills and nope he dies update 18 minutes in Zeeland Park until trying to kill the snes's and vain in a 2v2 but they're just too good late game even those in pike have all the dragons it's just not enough also poppy is afk tristana's afk Silas is pretty much afk and pantheon I don't know he comes back every now and then okay seed is finally disconnected so it's just Pike and top note Pike is gone as well they've both gone Shaco he's going for the spawn kills now does he have the damage he does have the damage to get one kill shosanna has finally disconnected she's pretty much been afk for the last 30 minutes but has finally just disconnected so pretty much for the next couple of hours Zedd Pantheon and Silas every now and then would reconnect trying in the game it won't happen and then they were just disconnect once again Pantheon would experiment with many many different types of bills to see if you can beat the shaker but it just would never happen three hours in an asus was now starting to get the 1q one kill hits 200 minutes in this is when Ash started to stack up those healing stats as well as damage taken mostly from the fountain from this point onwards for the rest of the game no one ever reconnected neither papi Pantheon Silas Tristana or pike who's just these guys messing about almost 300 minutes in NASA says you can see almost has 12,000 stacks that we take a look at vain vain as over 3,000 ad Shaco has over 4,000 ad apparently 300 minutes in Silas had started a new game so it's not a permanent gaming hostage situation even though that happened they decided to keep playing for another two hours trying to beat some records and this is how vane managed to get the most wards killed in a single game Vayne try to take on the fountain but she wasn't as successful and then finally 410 minutes into the game they decided to give up they were getting too bored no one was reconnecting and they let the minions just in the game by the way NASA's finished with seventeen thousand eight hundred and ninety two stacks