Working 18 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week | Student Athlete | HBO

any job that’s paying you
less than what
your monthly needs are,
and it’s running you
to the ground, that’s not a good job. Number two,
it’s taxing your body because you don’t get a chance
to sleep and recover, you’re working too much. If you add
everything up together, how much you make a month? Uh, I’m tryin’ to see,
til two… four… that’s five… that’s about…
that’s, uh… so about… I bring about 15,
15 a month. -TURNER: 1500 a month?
-Mm-hmm. You’re working 18 hours a day,
seven days a week. Sleeping in your car,
to make 1500 dollars a month, in your pocket. Right?
You’re killing yourself! Shamar, you have talents,
and you have abilities, and you have resources
that allow you to do far greater than survive. Let’s think about it,
let’s make a plan, and let’s figure out
how to do it.