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hey we paid only 15 seconds so listen carefully our case is really profitable bots are polite and full of drive all these statistics and ever be like boys nice boobs guys who wrote this never mind it's stream Club a link in the description gives you 10% off on the first three cases in liquid in general a pretty passive start to this patron but now Paul is the most aggressive player one shot is all it took and they're circling through that monster tunnel flashbang to set it up a counter flash coming out doesn't really do anything to slow down liquid in fact they're still running onto the site and right into the crosshair of glaive who takes down Stewie and this is a huge problem right now for the Americans silent of somehow their leaves coming back with a bit double and then device showing up on this spot it would be but majus just actually peaked again towards short waters towards those sandbags at the feet bomb said and sees nothing so I'm wondering device does get that kill Alicia wants to pick up the pace he doesn't wanna let it get away they know there's a second one there Synnex a little bit blind but so is this attack the SMG cannot do good enough in a leash gonna make his way into the bomb site they still haven't found Dupree waiting at the truck now they spotted out but he wins the flight they've got to get on this quick while the utility is still up and Astralis trying to make this retake happen 15 seconds on the clock oh and the grenade right on top of the LEAs trying to put the bomb down everything on nitro and with the Molotov on top there was no way that he could have done that they have to go now for B they have to just walk through monster that initial play from Elise doesn't pan out Stewie's gonna flash over for him just two players here at the moment the Molotov misses that's a disaster and they know glaive is here but they don't have the Molotov there to force out they're all burning they're all taking so much damage and they haven't made any progress whatsoever that Molotov comes in far too late and it's already pre smoked like laid a straw Lois this defense is a wall that liquid cannot pass at the moment and they have not still made any progress they're all just gonna fall Molotov utility in their face at every step yeah they are really getting shutdown glaive 'i'm tired of waiting on the other side I'm gonna go and try and see if we can push them down and he did get drop and look at the health that's left absolutely well good defense from Australis but I actually agree with you that there were some mistakes that may be liquid did not need to make this round and that has cost them quite a bit astrologer vive elite for members that's that's a little bit critical oh they're building up maths are not economy even though going wild that part of his game Dupree gotta get shut down and it's allegiance Ted with the SG to pick it up sip will get one in return but he can't get back around the corner and Stewie look at the clock here this is getting scary now I'm real worried for lik where they might not have left themselves quite enough time 13 seconds on 12 seconds they need to get the bomb down right now they did mala saw about clave and devices falls back as well this excellent Oh Matt just put the flag he comes in huge all four kills it's over astralis wiped him out it's six to nothing now we see him closing out that round in spectacular fashion he's got to open and kills device has 3 lik would have not been able to find any good starts in these rounds and it's showing look at that again another one for Matt just he's got three and he's got four more kills he's pretty far back at the moment nitro yeah a lot of people waiting for him and here those Danes in the front row they are single-handedly trying to cheer the whole crowd on at the moment oh and well what an opening Dupree and device to follow it up and all the way oh well device getting a bit too curious it's a small consolation those Enix is gonna get one here as well math that angle is tough to deal with against the odd he's gonna try and find something for the team there's Majesties got away he's found something that might be the mistake they did 25 seconds left on the clock and glaives gonna back away let him have the bombsite don't worry about the plant just win in post so they're gonna have to worry about the other angle they'll have to worry about the flank and it's just nitro this is the only thing he can hope to do put the bomb down might be able to get leave quickly but he's got to do right now he's gonna get shot of the back once again it's it this time coming in I'm around which so I was doing what you were hoping for at all device much backup and he's gonna get caught hornet's nest yeah pretty much that would have been very fun to see flashbang is gonna come out anyway to pre overextending and that's gonna get him down so they wanted the information that was also an information play pushes out maybe gets a kill but at least he found something that can allow a straws to put three players out this bombsite ready to defense if X has got the first kill gonna hide he's got his teammates Maja's and glaive they're both gonna be smoked off well you got to imagine gonna come through this there go cynics glaive force back all right hearing some liquid Cheers our demos is not all it's all bad yeah it's not well it is still all bad it's ten to one it'd be roughly equal trade of damage here Stewie big opening and you said it last round was the second time they had an opening this is gonna be another one here for them device not gonna call my god he still somehow gets that he was locked in the fact that he's able to just get that one killers phenomenal cuz you could see how uncomfortable he was when Stewie gets that first killed Elise has found glaive just wanted some information remember he'd been spammed by Nath so that his trolleys just don't feel like they can do whatever they want across the map either way a couple players gonna save these guns again so if you end up taking a fight and losing one player I don't know if you're gonna be able to make it out quick short for device and actually weren't coming long at all I thought a night for me with front flank from the other way make is gonna win that fight have been beautiful my trawl on at the office is I don't know how you feel all these corners out with an AWP well also there's only 25 seconds on the clock so they really need to move right now to pre get to be taken down nitro as you said clearing it out on your own with the orb is not a good time twist no chance to win this he's gonna pick up one kill but simple take him down yeah they're starting to slowly build up that stat obviously really important for them 45 seconds grenade is actually much better than I was expecting they must have run right into it sip almost goes down to the Molotov now Dupree playing really closest Maeby's goes down Stewie with a big opening and Dupree trying to guess at where the next player is gonna come through it's not a bad idea thirty Seconds everybody for my SWAT has shown up now they're really patient with this one liquid making sure they control all of the angles before they go for the pompon and they're still not bouncing they're just so worried about going down to any kind of a surprise there to try and catch ilish hoping that he would stay inside of that corner well it's pulled everyone away from Stewie he's the only one here first shot is his second shot is his palm is his as well and he's got another one Stewie just tears them all down it's Stewie to ignite Team Liquid in the second half nerdy little angle at bathrooms to gain information without too much risk too pretty device in zip NICs outside of the B bomb site majus can glaive to come rotate over this will be a big hit and that's not great for Team Liquid cuz Knapp has just rotated away twist needs to spot something but he needs to survive and doing it and he's gonna get the peach Dupree find him it takes him out it's just doing here for at least the next few seconds through the ball it's off we go and see we must deliver one more time yep he really has to slow this down nitro gets dropped in yeah this is way too much of a successful hit already the bomb it's quite far away so if they had managed so they'll spend a little bit more time on that liquid if they could have maybe slowed down the incoming push that would have made a difference but bomb goes down and leash well he's gonna get the one kill and that is it and they don't have a lot to defend with a single smoke they're gonna be used to block out the Molotov that would at least allow twist to still look onto the site there is still a flank on nitro so he's waiting for it 15 seconds on the clock and OH nice shot there the bomb down with 10 seconds left and somehow the defense holds been waiting to be able to call his name out that was phenomenal just at the truck inside of the bomb site 5 kills for him in this game tunnel itself that's gonna be devastating he's thinking about it but now rifle out instead he's gonna be the one kill and yet this should be a lockdown sip already low on health nappies gonna be going down 10 seconds here and the flank is happening as well as do we getting a kill 9 seconds and with a bomb drop Dupree he's got no chance at all he's gonna go down us do a quad kill on him as well we're not far off his trolley starting to think hold on it's not dangerous yet but you've got the seed right the seed has been planted here we go fast pace towards the V bomb site nafs doing a twist here they're all blind they're calling for teammates to come over so much damage from nades so much damage from fire I don't know how Dupre's can actually like this no he's low before even gets onto the bomb site twist goes down and magus with a kill on nav tstewy last time as the quad kill he did everything needed to defend that farm site they're gonna need him one more time he's up on the Box in the middle of it that smoke is fading to his left and somehow he's still alive how come they can't find Stewie finally they're gonna get the kill on him right before devices in range he absolutely read him at this point in time 19 seconds there's the bomb there's the shot now all the pressure on nitro he's gonna get one kill ten seconds shoots for the box no one's there and they picked up that smoke that was on the CT side he misses a shot and now six seconds they are gonna get the bomb punt down he did not want to gamble it through the smoking he might still be able to do this out on the side missing one more chance there behind the pillar as well plenty of time still on the bomb but oh and he's gonna miss the chance leave crouching in still at the corner is Elysian he's thinking about the timing he I think you had a couple of you running he's had to be careful Citrix coming through right now oh it's so awkward he's in with his flight he's got it he continues the aggression but he has to back away he has no advantage in that flight and he slips back too long giving his team an advantage that was Stewie going down to the vice or the release is just gonna continue 27 kills on a leash holding his team in this manner thus yeah this focus behind device they're not gonna know what a twist is absolutely gone now inside of the elbe and enough waiting they're actually bumping into him they don't even know it right now they're right next to him that Mpho coming out on the other side flashbang he's waiting for it the poem it's being content I don't think now if we could have heard that oh he would have already taken the shot but he's gonna get the double anyway and that's nicely done device is gonna be going down liquid back to the b-bomb side we go they've had success there a number of times and just rinse and repeat we'll see if liquid can hold it this time Stewie's gonna jump down from balcony to get involved but it's twisted knife completely blind they can't work together and it's a slaughter Wow so quick does to pre get into the bombsite that's the knockout punch of straws was looking for leash trying to find the next he knows to pre is still here this is gonna be tough to clear out as the smoke fades two priests got a third you could tell as well nitro is going to be going down that 1612 Estrada's finally putting an end to Team Liquid here on map number one took a lot longer than you would have expected during that first half but will see still a second map coming up of course I mean this is astrologist taking advantage of a very slow start a stralla suetilley oh they want to take the fight to him so he gets caught though they're there so quickest Ross made they needed that kill they need the equalizer and ilish still battling now falling away it's twist to get one they walk away with something oh and they actually catch device but now they realize this rod has so many people over in mid and second mid let's just go for that beep bomb sight there's no way they can have a lot of people here nice shot though this is still dangerous keep in mind we're twist dies he has the only kid nitro gonna swing in a little bit blind clave he's gonna be able to get another one so live in the back of the bombsite that's wrong HP he's got that as well but a leash well Molotov actually doesn't go on top of that the orange player instead it snaps somehow long range with the mp9 gonna be epic ill and that slows them down look at the croc here only 19 seconds trying to push their way through they're gonna win the one fight but they are getting shot down sip with a single kill here 10 seconds you gotta go with the bomb on right in front of the smoke Alicia's gotta be careful zip Nix this is where he delivers but not this time he's in counterwallet of them gonna push them back and buy some time now if only they could find out what's happening on the other side of the map they're really fought back on the day bomb site if they could get a little bit of Intel that would help out this defense a lot flashbang and that's gonna be nap completely gone Stewie smoke dog and even this pot is risky I comedy he got that kill device crouching into it and Stewie now does he really want to go this mental and he's gonna go for it taking down sip who was trying to get that form down what a play liquid are so so good at that they love pop flashing right at the start of a plant to come through smokes they've caught another one here stewing with two kills on the defense I don't know how he got it one more smoke goes down for magic that's going to give them the safety to plant there is smoke and Molotov untwist and they want to start to retake right now there it is the plant is stopped by a leash once again and nitro as the other banana control for astralis late in the round device matches can Dupre to start working their way they're still one smoke on Stewie he's the sole defender at the b-bomb said he's trying to let this clock run down a little bit more an aggressive defense at brackets the strawsons gonna run right into it yeah this is a huge crossfire and today I'm not throwing the grenades right now to break it apart great headshot for a leash as well a takedown device and over on the other side Maggie's is he gonna be able to open it up that's he almost has to do it right now nitros already on the rotation as well he doesn't have any utility no flashbangs for Stewie to go for some kind of a peek and that you have to imagine a great smoked off with the boost the late boost is gonna come in nitro trying to walk to keep it a secret mr. Ross they haven't been shot yet they haven't cleared this boost glaive is gonna be the first one to be punished and matches the transfer down is spot on it's zip Dixon a one versus three but he's gotten half and Alicia solo this is actually doable even with his low HP even look at the time he tried to fake it out and I think that probably cost we couldn't really know that but and they're getting very very close to the bottom side here that's so dangerous when you're holding a and they're right in front flash banks are set it up a counter flash comes out but SIPP still gonna win that fight against twister now 30 seconds they are rotating out of P finally but this is gonna get really scary here the leash good hold initially but he's being flanked and 20 seconds nitro hiding in the corner they don't know it no not flashed really good counter Molitor the timing is so good do they want to wait for it now they're finally gonna put it out and try and push their way through oh and it's two for one then third one nap absent rock solid defense shutting down four players they had absolutely no chance to make it through put four people for the side the flashbang is so good though and that really that should almost open up everything Stewie's gonna be here but going through the smoke alone that is not a good idea and I think he needs to play this one passively try and get one kill but I think the rest of liquid needs to be very very willing to just back away and let them have the first round I know you feel good about this but losing all your weapons losing all your money that's a surefire way to let a straw let's get back into it so now they've caught him off guard no one from a straw was ready with zip Nick's is still here the minister of cool she's gonna deliver again well still got the a K in the M for that bomb now smoked off at least for the minute and it's ticking quite far but they have a kid on both players or secondary Molotov that is that's almost spiteful isn't it it's gonna run the smoke out is what its gonna do he has to kill for the Vice now twist left and he has to come off the bomb it's such an incredible attempt here for liquid but it's not gonna be quite enough at the end and and there's so far wood up here Oh No Stewie get back around the corner and he just couldn't twist gonna be there instead and there's the max seven oh and the bomb now down on the crowd twist wants to go for it not gonna be able to get the noscope in but they still have the man advantage they know exactly where that bomb is as well very I don't know how he can put the bomb down right now then glaive has to wait for device to make some sort of an opening that's a huge grenade and play with no chance at all liquid but the fact that it's gonna work out perfectly for him is so incredible doesn't want to use his smoke because he's got the AWP but he's gonna be blocked off so you have to fall away four players for liquid at the a site I don't know if it's the kind of player the protein would try and challenge that smoke he's not quite gonna do it would have loved to have seen him tried it anyway it is so much fun 40 seconds the timing against Maggie's key form getting planted but they've lost sip in the meantime Dupree getting well shot through the smoke bomb does he's trying to get back into yellow and Alicia will take down his teammate flawless retake in my case with the with the Dooleys so frequently and everyone's failed me nitros failed me if anyone can make it happen it's it's device well I I seriously doubt it Moses but you know what we'll give it one more chance if it doesn't work then it never will and we'll never talk about it again device good position he's gonna get one to pre-dinner help him out still not bad at all Duprey gonna be going down and maybe a bit of a defense being mounted here all Maius what a turn around oh my god he actually instead of chasing that kill I guarantee you a 90% of all players would have chased first kill see what stupid do timing is everything he doesn't go oh there's a bit of a gap and he's gonna be dropped nice shot from device and with follow-up model 12 at 30 seconds that is a really big issue they do have one of their own they're on a leash already been put out and it's gonna land right in front of the boxes 20 seconds here for us Charla to try and hold this defense and that looks like a head shot and it will be he can't get the follow-up but I think he's done enough here device with the triple somehow though nitro still picking up a kill on sip and we're still in a 2-1 – with a rather long flank here for Dupree who dough can set up a flashbang into that bomb site yeah but twist is solo any fight he gets it has to be a head shot immediately he's capable of it nitro on coffins as well would love to get this pick towards banana there's the drop from Aegis he's got that twist has nothing to do it it's not an immediate head shot they were literally given a free gift by sip and glaive just takes it all back and an Enzo nitrile what a peak makest usually unbelievably good in that pit but this time he gets outdone Dupree could he walk in with the timing right he's gonna wait instead for glaive to show up – on to everything on the line here for Australia to try and keep this map alive liquid just want to try and find a way to end it in they've created a bit of a gap in the smoke there Dupree sees the opening he's gonna get a head shot and now it's on nitro he's got the double and he's looking for the quad here to finally get round number 15 on the board and form is planted right for him but clave could be walking in on top – pre oh my god that is quick that Molotov goes down at 26 seconds and nitro there was the entry er talking about one more will do it they're running out of time 14 seconds Vegas down to the pit he's gonna get another kill they're on top of the leash finally gonna get it done but nine seconds there's no one there to stop the plant just now device looking into the bomb side he's not gonna check the corner and Stewie hiding all along and that might have been the ace up the sleeve it's now unzipping a one versus two can liquid get that round on the board one step closer they're pushing on number three SIPP is gonna be going down look at what it does to the Estrada's defense two on a two on B you really don't want to see that that's a great fine from twist twist excuse me Dupree inside of the bomb site now hiding in the smoke and you can I mean liquid just exploiting the fact that they have such an advantage in this round just hitting the pause button waiting for the information plays they've had every single one's if it's gonna come through this smoke he's gonna get the first but he's he can't do anything after that can't get away this is gonna be map three it was all of it was so ridiculous they kept doing the retakes 16:6 liquid with an absolutely unreal performance on inferno taking our lunch taken about crushing Estrada's on this map Alicia was phenomenal the first map he's put it together a great series ends at 22 and 11 but he also at NAPA bite row with 21 and 22 kills respectively at health this time for the semifinals and look at the rush that's already coming Estrada's right on the bomb site Stewie somehow gets a kill put the Prius back with a double instead and he is gatekeeping Oh for just a second it is a powerful position they have the bomb site but no bump on and nobody lights gatekeeping anders majesties still challenging and he's got one more its twist one versus three and he gets flanked outpatients from Astralis inside the bomb site to allow that play to develop fourth wave and it's all over but now she's now five on five retake which normally would be like that's a bit strange not so much on this map is especially on the name on sign well there's there's still wealth of utility on both teams and there's no kits on liquid that might be the deciding factor in this there's the oh what a shot from NAFTA pre even saw the shadow first yeah they've got a hold out of this ten-second defuse they've got to stick it right now yep time running out good kill for Stewie as well now they're on the defused but Sippy's down here you can t make it up even that long defuse yes yes no way get out oh oh no how dare he oh no they did win it with time it ran out Oh God that a few sets heartbreaking zip nicks could do absolutely nothing so far not much connection through Nitro oh wow showing up just that the bomb gets planted for a double with the CC and that makes everything a lot in more interesting Molotov there to force device out does make it racket is still alive but still they've got a good position the bomb does planted in a very different position from last time they can be on that ramp all days stopping the defuse and it's gonna be very hard for they could try and get back here they're fighting at the edge but ultimate headshots coming out here all ilish the rage for mass working out around six of map three and these quarterfinals the winner of this will face mousesports in the next round for a spot in the grand finals guarantee mouse towards watching intently here comes the hit smokes again and some spaces brought it's a half HP nitro wins another battle he's doing great anchoring this position but now he's kind of trapped in Alicia's got his back Alicia's got his back in a big way taking down glaive and device.now trying to move into the bump so if the bomb is still far back these smokes are gonna fade before they can plant that's gonna make this so difficult the OP on DAF still not into play just yet yeah and they're honest actually haven't they haven't even looked anyone in behind sometimes in all the chaos that will happen on this map but now they're running out of time and they have gotten nobody there that could shoot anyone in the back of the moment so as Charlotte's might be losing a second round here I think that's huge bit of a chance could refrain from a leash that's really nicely done and sip well can't hit the shot and that's gonna be it great defense being put up here by liquid depressor decide if he's gonna die her Oh looks like they're gonna be committing to it small Osam in the back so Stewie they sort of read that coming oh my god how does he get that killed taking down device they were right in front of him they were all on top he is gonna get well spray it down Stewie no one knows why he's still living clave is gonna be down next now make he's trying to make it onto this site they're gonna get the kill on F and oh that's a big opening Capri getting one wall and he's gonna shut down the next player to one-on-one after all of that to pre with the triple looking for another headshot here against nitro might road knows on the piste around Dupree got aggressive towards that doorway so nitrous being patient with it what an angle to fight for the pre do we see anything yet he will sneak in to kill Enclave and think that gives them so much to work with 50 seconds now as trolleys are they committed to it seems like they are still be holding a very close angle here a missed shot is gonna absolutely get him killed but he's not gonna miss it he takes down Vegas Tazewell and now fighting on the bomb site it's still a two-on-two even off everything bomb right there now good position for a headshot he almost gets it but he's flashed and now being run down and now it's twist he can be patient no eye sees the leg Dupree didn't spot him in return low HP on Dupree sees the shoulder now he wants this flight actually pre commits to it the Mac pad does it does the job perfectly zip mix has got another clutch stewey we know he's big risk big reward he spots one but ya know he does get away but you can see the danger in that position still we gonna play with the smokes they flash him through this is madness this is insanity he's got a double kill elysian nitro are here but we know this smoke we know this bump side so much chaos and glaive has the most powerful standing here in the bomb sight that is exactly what you needed to do Stewie falling back into the bomb site they've lost it every single time they've tried it now very uncomfortable here for Australis both stuck behind them Molotov coursing under pressure on the incoming CTS two on three all they do proclaim I didn't know if they'd do it but no one's watching for it now they know now they've gotten him at zip Nick's he's got a hold top of stairs one versus three no utility smoke covering the vision there's the top of the bomb he's gonna start spamming they know where he is twist if it's what he realizes exhibits can't stop him whatsoever Alicia's gonna cover him anyways liquid back on the board thinks – he knows that whatsoever but he might know the possibility could pick from nitro that's device trying to challenge into the into the a bomb site and there's naff he finds majus can all of a sudden two five on three very quickly mit is closed but Glaven Dupree oh the reverse Bruce they could catch a nap the timing of it is perfect they now know two players at the beat bombsight they know Dupree isn't mid but he can come back at any moment and now it's turning it's turning in the favor of astrology's and watching this this flight from they keep they go through the door they don't realize it Stewie's so he's dead so he's got to be really careful about his positioning same with the lead with nitro my choice back is terminally is watching it there's the peak but too low of HP to actually stop anything the a bombsight is gonna be lost but nitro has to hold on to and he's got the AWP clabe already up already pressuring and I sure didn't want a peak until still we can get involved they need to clear out the pre from CT spawn this kill is everything or is it nitro not quick enough this is crazy you see just the absolute paranoia of every single CT player left at the end so nitro with Molotov flash flash that's a great shot from Stewie Dupree goes down and now they have the ghost signal jumping up towards the window Matt just wants no part of that and glaive is gonna get caught at the e boxes right in between both of them buddy can't manage it three quick kills for liquid great advantage to take this pistol ya mean if you really want to simplex probably can't snipe away if you're really interested but yeah definitely no reason to try and who is standing in between those two boxes I don't know 11 to 6 round number 18 okay shoot the grenade you try to shoot like skeet shooting Stewie's done that jump a number of times it's about time they got punished for it and Dupree picks them out of the sky if you could shoot grenades as in I mean your bullets can't interact with the grenades but if you oh sure they use a Molotov surely they've got they've got two of them oh this is scary they're not even considering it no one's looking at have hit anything but a USP that's the one trouble no one's clearing this out device could turn this waiting for it you're right that USP is a big problem silence he's gonna get the kill on the bomb ponta but now they're gonna come for every single one he did two more damage even then still a 2-1 to which it might not be enough here he's gonna be up there maybe skew really wanted to stop that and I could absolutely understand why sip not a head shot and nitro definitely a head shot mister Ollis what a peak and then what a follow-up sit down plenty of molotovs device getting aggressive no one looking for it at the moment twist is there great turn great timing and reaction and again just much like we saw in the first half I'm not even sure they're gonna take this bomb sight Matt just can glaive are starting to kind of inch their way over yeah I just mentioned the imagine we're playing Prevost nuke on one one six what are you gonna do anything that grenade ship still has an HP we haven't seen anyone tried to do that double a triple grenade on on any bomb planters so far no not yet I'm gonna leave 21:11 yeah he's been a hero this game hasn't he whole series all three maps if Nixon device to defend still plenty of utility on both sides both playing really patiently for the retake some pretty good counter for needs and counter Molotov coming out there as well for Allison looking at the time it's not desperate yet but we are getting a bit close twist taking down glaive could guarantee he's not gonna be happy about that and now a leash holding as the bomb is gonna be going down and that is so smart he was waiting for Vegas to do that he's gonna follow it up with a headshot he's absolutely racking their home nitro to help out there for the last one and yeah this is perfect Dupree in trouble even to try and save the AWP he's gonna get that killed that's not bad that's a very nice Alicia's such a juggernaut at the moment what a way to entry finding a couple kills getting a great advanced position to prevent any hopes of retaking and you could see liquid with naff already on the hunt try to flank it out they're all moving forward now twist is gonna be the next one down but they want to finally take everything away from a straws to have been able to do with the jump and baits out the shot but a legion wasn't ready didn't have his gun in hand Dupree trying to disappear within the smoke trying to get away and I think he might just do it Alicia's running he's looking for it oh the noscope device all the way pushed up this time without any backup last time at least yet sip their eye I still think to my mind Australis are still playing this to much like a conventional game I don't know how anyway you would call it in the quarterfinals of the product finals that you you would swap away from that I just think it's so dangerous to keep doing what they're doing nice shot there may be liquid could have done a little bit more to flash their way in around the corner but fair enough still a four-on-four felishj opening up and as you said very very powerful player this time he does get shot down Stewie there as well 28 seconds and now it's a 2-1 three still the lead here for liquid they are gonna get the bomb plant and I think that shot went right between his legs who's moving just a little bit I think either way that gap on the smoke almost spelled the end of zip Knicks and now they've gotta go for a retake magic has been spotted spoken flash there's no kit on the CT side a little bit of damage being done but liquid still in the most powerful position zip Knicks now has an AWP trying to make this retake happen oh that's a great little dink on a Stewie through the wall somehow gets that and zip Nick knows 10-second defuse he can't pull it off they must have this off now conventional wisdom would tell you fine we've got four versus five now we can relax and play you know normal defense on B or a or both and I just don't think it's true I don't think it's enough we're about to find out there's three defender two defenders of the B bomb site now just very quick and of Dupree is just hiding inside the side clave with an all finger with that ATP playing from the generators there's the jump across the shot it's a miss he's got to put that smoke down they know his position oh there's the turn to Priya soap on to his gonna keep it up he's gonna push forward Oh can't hit that shot either his blade but that's the bomb oh he might have gotten too aggressive that gives him out just got chances to hold alive and he's done it beautifully triple kill and Astralis finally put a CT around on the board not read him anyway he's out of that now they're back to the a bomb site and again every time that wall of smoke comes up it doesn't seem like there's any chance of a retake I don't know if sip is gonna be the player to try and flash his way through but I think waiting is it's not gonna work no AI makes the decision to flash themselves through his smoke flashes high in the air nitros gonna lead the way he's taking a little bit of a damage that smoke doesn't cover everything he's a free shot for device and now he's in position but Stewie's got him over the top on the rail device never expected that angle in civics is brought so low now he definitely does not want anything to do with the wild aggression and mallika one again advantageous round for them but you feel like a straw must go for this they cannot let liquid get out of fifteen just for free I mean the round loss boners are stacked up so they'll still get a lot even if they just won that last round I guess that's one thing Maggie's gonna be going for a kill and he does get it on a leash but two on three how could they ever get close to defuse it I just don't know twist now right behind him gonna be tapping the ball but surely twists gonna be able to get that kill easily and Dupree one versus two the bomb is so far tick there is absolutely no way twist coming back this battle yeah they walk away but then they rotate elysian to this front position with the AP and he's gonna get shut down glade with a huge kill five versus three and it's not over yet liquid now looking to re-engage the bomb site they have that one smoke they just put up flash bangs to follow it up this will not be easy Oh team kill would have been two pre-authorized I reckon and yeah this trial is gonna win a second round now much quicker aggression this time for liquid and they're gonna be going down a sip once you lose your teammate a there is absolutely nowhere to go and this just might be it ladies and gentlemen for versus three Dupree nearly going down he will be going down and I don't see that there's any way we've never seen a retake work in this map so far there is kind of position there's two smokes and there's a kit on blade that might be the only thing they have to do is just drop a smoke on the bomb trying it but look they're gonna expand before they could even get in the position clave just kind of has to go for it there's the smoke on the bomb there's a smoke in front of it as well but they can come from this gap good kill from device clave still not making his way just in yet device gets a second one they could do it already and device he misses a shot but he's gonna stick it he's gonna stick it a fuse and that's gone him into smoke liquid make their way to the semi-final jaspera tree take us almost there but nap shuts it down right at the end oh wow that that was definitely the best to retake attempt we've seen so far and it still was not enough yeah what a game this has been as that second half an incredible run of rounds from liquid where we are still in so many ways learning about this mapping I don't know where Charlotte that was a hard lesson yeah that really was that defense struggle the whole way through liquids offense was on point they were taking those bomb sites with two-man attacks the entire half and how effective was that what a series for a leash that is a God to your performance from one of the franchise players of Team Liquid if you could give an MVP for an individual series it's here hey guys thanks for watching this video I just also want to let you know that we're currently running a giveaway of ak-47 new rider so if you're not participate in the giveaway the link is gonna be in description below peace