Wildcat Athletics: Tennis

[ Music ] >> My name is Nathan Scott. I'm from Canton,
Connecticut, and I play tennis. [ Music ] Going from high school to Penn
College was definitely a step up for competition
and intensity. You're always looking
for better competition, there's no way you're going to get better playing
worse competitions. Coach Kemler [phonetic] was
a player a few years back. And he came in and
took over the team. He gives us feedback, has
us run through drills. He's always got different stuff
we're doing to improve our game. And last year, we won
our conference under him. So our team's come quite a ways. I was in the process of
being recruited for football, and I wasn't being
recruited for the right major. And I decided that school was
for school, and if I was going to play football and not
have the right major, it wasn't going to be worth it. Penn College sports and playing
tennis has definitely helped my procrastination. You need to figure out what time
you need to do your homework and your projects and
balance all of that knowing that you have other
commitments later that day. There's a huge advantage for
playing sports at Penn College. There's a lot more
that you can get out of Penn College
than just your major. There's a big sense of community
within Penn College sports and playing a sport you'll
meet a bunch of people. And right off the bat,
you're able to get into the community a lot easier. >> Ranked among the top
10 public 4 year colleges in the North, Pennsylvania
College of Technology offers
bachelor, associate, and certificate majors in
more than 100 career fields. Small classes, exceptional
labs and equipment, and faculty with work
experience contribute to strong graduate
placement rates. A full college life
includes campus housing, student clubs, and
organizations. Penn College is a special
mission affiliate of Penn State, committed to applied technology
education and is located in Williamsport, Pennsylvania,
a city known around the world as the home of Little
League Baseball. [ Music ]