Wii Sports Resort but it's HACKED | Golf

hey everybody a peanutbutter game Arnab gin and welcome back to PB&J look it's us you're me is a it doesn't look like wagger it doesn't look like we're doing okay you doesn't look like you it's because you can't do facials double-album yeah well we learned the hard way that the old weenies are actually like super basic yeah they added a bunch of stuff the edible stuff anyway today we're gonna be doing a goof go haul as they call it sometimes huh we need it it's probably actually goof because this is not real golf yeah it's like yeah I guess it's kind of what I was going for if we're gonna be playing move so we need me peeps I guess peeps and it's not actually called oh I heard that song somewhere before how many holes did we do oh we're gonna have to keep resetting it every day oh yeah that's kind of what I heard too so we sports resort golf but everything's messed up alright so pretty normal right now though yeah well we'll have to fix that all right first things first does this work this time there we go oh there we go there we go it works it works alright so putting on the first is your we're up ssin is this gonna mess with your camera or is this just gonna be like how you got are you is your head the ball now yeah my head is the ball this one working is working right now so that's good practice here actually dude I played this game so much like the golf on Wii Sports yeah I know much the Gulf is one of the more more popular games oh I don't think it'll work for you though cuz I think it only works for player one yeah oh god yes a normal guy well so I don't think that this guy the first corruption for golf doesn't really do much okay actually so so I can take this is a free practice hit basically take this is a free practice hit and then I'll turn a different coat on how do I do this again take a stance and press B you press B and then you can practice so you can just give it a good show yo there we go that's what I was looking for there we go looks pretty good to me all right you want to give it a pull I didn't get mine I was trying to weed everything good very nice shot dude I'm proud of you nice on wait right well how about how about how about now how about now we see how he goes oh all right I think I'm dabbing in the back all right I'm a little cautious cuz I don't know I think it's gonna who your characters like sideways now I'm facing this direction so you're gonna actually go off like and not where you're saying I think so oh no it seems pretty straight actually yeah we're pretty straight I can ship that in um yeah so I thought that that was gonna be different let's see let's see what happens well I'm like leaning off to the side here okay from what I remember about golf because the codes the codes are the same but they work differently for each game mm-hmm golf I remember it being the hard part being the pudding that's what I remember being really hard yeah I remember putting being pretty difficult I mean specifically washing with the hacks because the like I don't know we'll see when we get there yeah it's actually going straight maybe that's not the one I thought it was so this one doesn't seem to affect it that much either but let's see how it effects the pudding I'll be totally slick I guess I musta hit a hill all right so I'm gonna leave it like this so we finished this one like plate my pants let's see the yeah yeah there's our like a release valve I'm try to get the air out of my pants there the blow-up pants their new style your fashion yeah all right so that's fine right there nice nice I wish I could have your head be be on there too but I don't know how to make players I like that your head just like capitated head is just sitting on the wall on the golf field here just on the green if you're enjoying this by the way there's a lot more golf packing codes as well as some codes from some other games in my video selling out my main channel youtube.com slash peanutbutter gamer they will have any annotations or something I don't know but yeah this is uh this is just some of the codes that I have for this game here oh so you're already putting you can press one to check the height of the hills and stuff so you can use that like the lighter it is the the higher I think which I think I know what's gonna happen when you try and cut this but I won't say okay it's it's not like that crazy but okay there we go nope nope nope wait I gotta get it back there we go okay I don't know it's it's working job it's actually working just fine to the code so are missing well my pants are inflating though alright let's see and I'm leaning sideways this one is like this one is normal so far fairly all things considered so I have to make this count do you think this is one of those situations where are the codes that work the same way in multiplayer ooh I'm like my actual shot that I meant to the up I'm not 5 I get like a bogey here or something like that basically a double mine's like not even weird really it's just act like I'm sideways yeah just slightly like awkwardly positioned so yeah these these the codes that we have on right now head is like inflating to the hex that we have on right now don't really affect the Gulf so much so far it's actually fairly normal but we have more don't worry we'll finish this hole off see a little one there we go like that no that's too much there there you're like hitting with the back of your fault it's like a challenge yeah yet the putt with the back side of the putter alright so that went a little bit too well let's let's uh try this actually no let's try this version okay all right so let's see what happens here oh god the camera just almost everything is kind of like angled now oh gosh so you're going for her does that affect like the hills or is it just the camera angle it affects everything I think oh no the trees so yes plan your shot accordingly like it look at the wait the indicator says my balls gonna go all the way to the left yeah but the but the yellow dots no baby you're good I don't know you wait to zero straight on here we go I wouldn't I would hit it too hard just in case take your stance what what is happening oh my god my wall Belize there we go got this Jeff there we go oh are you barely out of bounds yeah do I have to go again for right now I know I gotta go alright so judge based on that infrared I think I'm going to do this here we go you always put on the codes and I'm in first I still went I still went wide right yeah so okay thanks what do you know – huh it does it does yeah yeah this is this is what I thought we had on last time actually basically you want to aim pretty far to the left every time it's similar to the archery where it's like it's misaligned so like right around here I would actually mean that's about where I am and I went further right than I meant to so yeah where's your ball right now over here someone yeah so we're over here okay so probably like around here somewhere yeah something like that Mike my ball aka my head oh yeah not bad that's a gray if you've got it like oh we oh I went over I actually almost got a hole-in-one with some of these coats on that would actually be kind of amazing yeah it would be pretty amazing oh I want to see one of us get like a pretty sick shot all right let me see don't undermine my Archery's my still you had some good archery shots I'm not I'm not saying you didn't one thing is I cannot tell for the life of me how far away I am from this yes I have to kind of guess yeah maybe I want to go a wing it oh wait you did something there to get rid of the trees I don't know I think they're just pushing out not not good enough I should have gone hard yeah man I can't tell it's just like a guessing game really that's tough well you got closer than me though so all right yeah and you were out of bounds so you're you lost Astro though I guess I got to go like somewhere over here yeah the angle wasn't I'm closer now well yeah the closer you are the less you need a like adjust for it but seifish bet I mean as safe as you can get really you're only you only have to power that's my I was my mistake you only have two bars like two dots there so you don't have a full power bar because you're in the rough so keep that in mind that's not a full swing that was my mistake there what okay there it is oh it's like y'see yeah come on you went pretty far to the left yeah I think it's because we're kind of on an angled surface it's like messing it I think this is yeah I think it went pretty see here I'm a little more flat so I'm thinking I might actually want to go fairly close although I'm just gonna just gonna oh there's no what I meant to do Oh God you went so I did not mean to do that oh now you're gonna have to go again ah great yeah I'll get you okay he's gonna add my codes and I'm gonna be in first again there oh that wasn't that bad yeah that's pretty good just be by decapitated head alright well I really wish yours mister was off – that would be really if we both had our heads off oh god that tree I think I'm gonna go pretty straight yeah these chip shots I think maybe cuz we're behind the thing I don't know it's like yeah just based on like where you are I think I really only need like a 1 here yeah just kind of like what most I can't tell okay that real yeah you don't wanna go full swing there it is there it is yes I'm like that that was pretty good yeah nice yes tonight even wanted to nice boy I'm so close all right so the putting on this and we were being very hard let's see oh it's just like tweaking oh wait wait so far to the right Oh give me a break I'm going again you gotta go again yeah so keep that in mind I guess is it because the hill you want or is it just no it's just the pudding is hard it's got some happy feet there oh no dude this is gonna be hard for me too though but now I know you really have to go wide wide and soft no oh no a the hill is also affecting it too though yeah oh my god this is insane way more than you think I feel like why am i helping you we're in competition I like the fact that you keep getting a little just a little bit further than ya know so you have to keep going I'm trying sake he's going son he's trying to get like the softest it you actually trying to get harder than that consistency it's all miss it's much it's like all messing up I can't do it right I'll just wish to me yeah give up I give them I give up gift up I give up all right well you're gonna wanna yeah go like something like that whoa there's like some weird camera angle changes yeah I would do that look at that I would yeah I don't know what's happening I almost don't want to do that one something like that probably will work yeah like I go a little further left actually better it's up to you it's up to you Jen you might be right that's way too hard how do I do like a really suck so no that's way too hard okay you said for like a little flick just this this yeah just just go for it yeah it doesn't work sometimes oh dude I actually got it yeah you did all right I'm not doing too hot here plus three all right let's turn on this but now I have to go first again yeah let's turn this on so we're at we're stepping up the game I don't not exactly sure what each one just another Distortion wait my head is on the ball now and now it's not yeah what what what is wrong with your your body look at you oh god the camera I broke it ah go around circles or donate this is a game hold on hold on hold on here coming back around I think I broke the camera funny like shot there well this hit B again hit V and see if it switches you have to have put here you put it down in like its position let me make sure yeah let me get like a position where it thinks I'm straight let's see come on yeah what would be straight in this position let me see if I get you in this if I get you in stance might not be possible I'm putting my hand I'm like swinging my arm oh yeah you think it's like has to do with the angle he stayed here yeah hey man yeah maybe you got a or maybe it's just not possible I will cuz what happened was I started going to the left with the camera and then the camera broke I don't think that that's actually the problem okay I'm not sure I can really say we might help we might we may have to abandon this this uh let's do a self-scoring I'm like swinging over note all over the place trying to get in stance it's not working let's just like do let's do a reset and just do the first hole again yeah okay he goes back to hole one alright nice fine yeah see if we can actually do this let's see we can keep track on our score from last time oh it did yeah it did a great break those eyes you don't swing but you're going first this time so you don't actually get to see what's going on look what but I'm trying actually okay plus plus three by the way ooh oh that's wide I was pretty far to the left – yeah that was I think you could do better yeah dude you can do better a little bit a little bit well I guess I'm on this way yeah pretty dang far feel tray like right around here yeah maybe yeah the bounds I went really far out to the right oh that's too hard there well that was part of it you done it again wait oh okay I almost got it almost got it ooh where are you oh wait no I wait yeah yeah yeah yeah it went super all right okay so didn't go as far as I initially thought yeah I think it's like somewhere around there here we go I got this I'm feeling good are you you don't look like you're yeah boy yeah give me on the green oh dude you actually got really close yeah not bad not bad I mean I crazy right that I thought you were gonna be yeah a little bit maybe he's not consistent now maybe he's completely in maybe that's what's going on it's math like over here yeah you're pretty far over okay so there ya round there's got to do it I think you're freaking legs all right he's laying for you put out at the top and I'm just gonna like replicate it to me if I if I put it all the way the top and they just kind of swing it like that yeah sure okay which is far to the left you're the rough not out of bounds [Applause] terrible though oh it's you again oh yeah I'm far I'm further out that's okay though yes listen we got to end on a high note here well the round after this will be the last one I want to go for the hole-in-one look I'm gonna get it I'm telling you I'm calling it right now oh yeah I can only do two yeah you want to hit as hard as you can is that bad here's my here's my Eagle I don't know it shot for never mind never mind Eagle here we go oh wow I was like about to tell you I was like man I think you're way too far to the left it was a bad I didn't actually need to be a little further yeah looks like that it feels like yours is going more to the right than line it's her yeah it's honestly hard to tell I can't not sure if it's consistent and it also might be based on the angle like now you're on the other side of the thing you might be that's true don't go too hard whatever you do yeah wait why isn't it going you don't go too hard I think oh the indicators broken no you got it you get a whole day yeah I know but like like look it doesn't go up oh there it is third yeah okay I must've been doing it wrong I did way too hard on yet way I'm gonna have to go oh yeah you are my head is like glitching out huh you're trying to get a good view of the ball huh all right well you should probably be around here you got this Jeff everybody quiet quiet quiet on the fairway this is important he's going for the double bogey gosh this is hard oh that went yeah that wasn't too bad there's like yeah it's exactly right fall enemy and drift is like not attached to the ball I got this baby oh yeah oh yeah the whole look graphically in the wrong place it is what's either the hole is or the ball is Mir you were pointed out to say that rolling thing I think that's actually it's a ball actually only does like where the ball physically is coated isn't that graphically there did I got it oh my god hashtag plane chelated calculated that I didn't calculate that all right really soft really soft really suck oh come on it's gonna be hard even hit it that's oh yeah well you're just like so yelling chronic legs right yeah I gotta go gotta hit soft touch it yeah anything will do it give you some leeway boy why what oh my god it's hidden it's hidden where is it know where my head was that's where it is wait which way did you hit it from okay I have to like science this yeah I maybe I think it's over here maybe the hole is in the wrong spot I think it's like over here but we sports resort but the hole is in the wrong spot yeah seriously okay here we go I don't know where is the hole come on got ten all right I guess I'll just keep going to the left a little bit I think that's probably too far I would actually just try to hit the hole who freaking knows where it is yeah might be like radio I think what it is the ball is going on I can't get it in the ball just hit it like that it's hit it's through it like this yeah I don't know I can't even give advice for this I know this is like so give up give up dang it okay one we each get one swing here I just want to see what happens we're gonna put the the worst what's supposedly the worst one on here it's really gonna be messed up now we're going for the hole in one oh boy does that mean the back rub I'm assuming I still probably need to hit look at that indicator who knows what I'm freakin oh my god there's like wireframe I got it we're like in sight oh yeah I thought it was like glitched whatever happened I hit it with water so you want it you don't know further left I guess yeah yet in the water but it could be the water that's by the hole right now I hit it pretty hard okay or maybe it could be the water by the hole I don't know it's I could uh yeah I don't know what to tell you could not see what happened the freaking thing covers the whole screen oh it's going backwards like Oh broke though this is what happened last time I can't yeah yeah it's broken its broken just appreciate this again yep yep so just keep spinning around we'll leave this on the screen here thanks for watching guys hit that like button if you want to see us do more messed up golf video I did on my channel check out the archery video we did in yeah we'll see how the next episode thanks rod so much for watching I think we're gonna do cycling and frisbee in one episode in the next one so we'll see you guys on that episode bye bye bye