Wii Sports Resort but it's HACKED | Cycling

yeah hey everybody I'm peanutbutter gamer and I'm Jen and welcome back to PGA general plan more Wii Sports Resort hacked what's let's go I think I said in the last episode check out to our two previous videos by the way I think I said I their golf video that we are gonna separate in these these into two videos I'm not actually sure if we are gonna do that now I kind of a change of plans we're gonna do is cycling here and we can do I haven't done cycling versus in this yeah it shouldn't okay yeah alright so we're both playing on this we got out what you got on mine's already synced I haven't done this on any of these on the duo game but it should still work so let's go around the island but before we start well we'll get it we'll get to the menu here whoo hold on my person pause right there fives right there I want to see what our faces look like now well too bad we can't see what every look wails haha alright so I'm not sure how much this is gonna affect it I just turned on one hack right now sure so nothing to let's race for this again are you just gonna give Alan and I clean okay yeah she's gonna shake it basically so I can't really tell what's going on it's like you didn't really like those odds yeah and skeleton things in Dark Souls right now yeah like the thing like a bike that you're like in the middle but the wheels all around it up my arm our arms are all messed up you do like to see dude oh yeah I really the wheels take up like so much space okay wait I can you can change your camera angle oh look at me I'm Jin their angle with the UH with the with the d-pad okay dude we're freaking podracing now this is podracing wait how do I lose stamina oh yeah let's go to path I forgot about that hold on we're gonna step it up we're gonna step it up we're adding another hack here we go we're just jumping straight into it today then do it okay straight into it here we go alright so I don't think it really changes what you have to do it from like the side for yeah I'm tired I get a drink what kind of vehicle is this my cat legs are like spitting on another place I came back at me where I'm going legs flipping around are we this is amazing it doesn't really affect the actual driving though uh I can't tell I think I'm yeah you're not guys kind of like just doing on his own yeah I mean this game is not that hard I can't really tell if I'm like I see your giant wheel and the belt area coming for you oh yeah hold on hold on I can't even see what's going on let's change this up okay let's change this up let's let's let's get so that we can zoom out okay there we go oh there yeah yeah yeah a little bit now here we go we're just big wheels yeah yeah I think I'm doing it I think I'm doing okay Oh God we're really working our legs here getting some good momentum going I'm not sure if the really really fun wall not that this is not fun this is very fun the code that I really want to show you I don't know if it works on two player we'll have to see but not I'll make you do it in single-player and see what you do with it alright so well I may never have win it doesn't it doesn't know how to handle this oh good we zoom in super super far god just happened it does it's like this what's a needle this yeah I feel like I'm on autopilot I can't tell right now cuz I feel like I should be driving off the cliff oh yeah you are in front of me how'd you get in front of me I think well there I go we're corrupted there I go would you follow up yeah why does your screen take oh it's like moving is that supposed to have I don't know I drove off the cliff again I can't see Zumaya this is uh okay nearly there there we go where you hold on me there whoa am I going faster does look at my head wait did I get it wait I got finished I got bored are you sure no no I didn't think so I thought I did I wasn't moving Oh tired oh we got a drink no I'm good I'm good I got a meet you know what just hit the forward on your d-pad the forward oh yeah I want to see your face my face is huge for some reason look at me where am I yeah whatever that's right baby that's like oh you're like is there anything your bike the pedals which just got like exploded far out yeah all right let's do wobbly bridge and let's edge this let's add this first alright let's see what happens now Oh God we get full screen again alright let's see what we got oh yeah that looks about right yeah oh I like how this isn't broken yeah it doesn't seem like it's too broken alright nice nice dude what are we breaking looking at right now you can totally tell what's happening what are we even looking at camera the front ankle is always good oh God oh wait really intense I have like a body following you what what look at this body get it away get it away and that's you I think oh is it me following you dude hit board on your d-pad so you can see it oh yeah I don't know I'm not sure what that was it was creepy though I cannot tell where I'm going we get almost we not even know I think it's the other bicyclists yeah maybe so I can't get a good view of this then it's bad okay let's actually I'm gonna try something sometimes this sort of messes it up a little but let's see I'm gonna try it yet so we cannot I'm just changing angle there so we get a kind of a different angle here it's gonna make it harder yeah that's the other biker is definitely looking up oh my god creepy ah alright this quality content alright I'm doing like feel like I'm doing okay actually but yeah that's too bad first what I guess I can't I honestly didn't even notice I'm halfway there though it's like frickin laggy it's like legit can I handle this okay here we go you ready oh yeah yes there oh god Mike yeah your thing is I saw Brian ready oh god what happened ah did it crash no no alright well if you want to see that what the main menu looks like with like I think all the corruption codes on here it is we let's bring on this rice great normal door some phone Inman yeah it's a little laggy not a big deal uh I swear I've had all these codes on before and it didn't have too much of a problem with it oh this is so massive yeah I'm not even sure if I'm gonna be able to select it okay wait wait wait wait what am i on right now no idea we can use the d-pad uh I am no we're not oh you went to settings oh okay I think I see the problem alright I don't think this isn't gonna work actually C does not I'll have to turn some stuff off hold on okay we're back in business here we go cycling everything looks great no no I meant to go back down to our tool this is very important we need to we need to finish this duel here actually the thing I want to show you the most is this is ridiculous yeah you barely even go through the menus I'm just gonna point it stuff on the screen why would you see that whoa it's not gonna sync with them with you as you set it down whoa look at that where you guys see this look at Jeff look how good he looks dude I look great it's like the back of our heads I think I'm not positive really like distorted back of our head yeah okay so I turned on the thing I turned on last time but I had to turn off a couple of the hacks because it really wasn't having a good time all right all right well let's let's see how this goes this is actually probably all right let's try okay yeah it's probably but there's two Argentinian all right actually everything's going really good but we're gonna we're gonna take a break for a second all right we're back everything's normal now for now a little too normal I can't go back and play the regular game now yeah it's especially it especially like the skill-based games yeah those are like archery way more fun with like the added ridiculousness like trying to figure out like where you even had to aim okay I want you to do this Jeff okay I want you to do this I didn't mean you go to the beach but it doesn't matter okay okay so you're biking seems pretty no I'm liking your biking um just quit the practice you don't practice quit practice all right you trust me you got something when you have these skills you don't need practice okay I got these skills we have this give these particular skills you don't need practice so go ahead start hit a and get through this just fast forward which is the thing you can do it in Wii Sports all right you're ranked 33rd the fix at okay hold back on the d-pad back okay actually hold right on the defendant Oh holes left there you go there you go okay you're now gonna be in the right direction okay there we go there yeah you are you are free you can move freely in any direction now although the reason you're spinning like that is because you also have quick turn on because if you see a stuck facing the rung – right it resets you found a knee back now press to see you I want to say yeah now press another button fly up into the air and sail or ever you please Jeff here where do I go where do you want to go you gotta press the d-pad and hold it it's a certain dress that so that's doing press up or down you'll go straight yeah there you go something's happening are you holding it here let me try X is kind of yeah there you go where do you want it where should we go Jeff where do I go I'm gonna go to the mountain well I already see I already did that in my video if you store a house go – all right go ahead middle my house it's gonna be kind of hard though oh yeah are you like is he like holding your place cuz you're out of Bounce or is it actually like free ah yeah you're gonna get moving well do there's like a mansion oh thank you yeah yeah it's like a building that you drive by the reason why I have the spin on mm-hmm is because when you get stuck going the wrong way you have to be able to turn in midair which is the only reason why we're spinning around like that realistically that's the only reason yeah hold on there's I can't really get to that oh I'm just gonna go I'm just gonna go out to sea maybe I really want to get to that Island all the way out there yeah let's see if we can go out there it's not easy though it really isn't one day one day we'll make in J we shall get there it's incredibly difficult to click on go and interaction new stuff on that island to like hidden stuff yeah we can make it to that Island I've actually been to that Island before so that's nothing we're gonna send all of our footage to boundary break but he has to give us credit ya know I think actually I think he actually did a video on wii sports ressort already yeah and i can see somebody who we gave it to yeah he did it he just did it recently yeah all right I want to see if I can land man I want to go all the way out there but I mean I can't tell which direction I need to be moving in like yeah really that was hardest thing for me I was like maybe I was just pressing too many buttons and just like not even really moving Wow what about there well let we'll land on this one yeah yeah this was good enough this one is definitely good enough there's an even air blue moving further away or closer I can't tell it tell either all right so frustrating but when you get there when you finally get there yeah it's golden do you think it even has collision uh well I guess you haven't watched my video that isn't out yet yeah as if spit adds up saying what it is it is out now though so check it out anyway I think we are gonna make it I think we're gonna make it getting closer are you just stuck in a perpetual loop I don't know further oh I don't know oh of course I need to spin again yeah oh well if you want to see getting to the island or getting to the volcano you have to check out my video my main channel which maybe you can see that right here just leave whatever is happening on the screen on here Jack and or Todd and we'll see you guys in the next episode and hit that like what if you want to see more crazy messed up Wii Sports Resort check out some of the other videos we did on it already by either archery or golf or whatever and we'll see you guys next time bye bye a lot never mind bye bye bye guys I can't control it