Why The Lakers Are The BEST TEAM In The NBA – NEW Big Three!

before I get into the deep deep details about this video and the title aka the topic of this video I just want to say one thing LeBron James is the best player in the NBA and in the world so if you think otherwise let me know in the comment section down below who you think is the best player in the world or in the NBA but I guarantee you you will not win this debate so with that aside guys another thing I want to say is that this NBA free agency is one of the best and one of the most interesting and one of the most surprising I've ever witnessed there were so much anticipation for all the NBA stars where they gonna go we even had one superstar who made us wait so much that we all got impatient but when he dropped the news that he will be joining a team with another superstar it definitely shocked the whole NBA and every NBA fan out there and yes guys I'm talking about Kawhi Leonard to the Clippers and Paul George joining him everybody started talking about the Clippers how the Clippers are gonna be the best team in the NBA house tack the Clippers are how good they are on defense but I'm here to be a devil's advocate and say that they will not be the best team in the NBA this season in other words they will even win the championship because the championship will be going to the Los Angeles Lakers I know it is a bold statement but that is my personal bold prediction and everybody has their own and in this video I'm gonna tell you guys exactly why I believe that what's going on guys welcome back to a very special episode of easy buckets this is why the Los Angeles Lakers 2019 2020 is the best team in the NBA today if you were new to the channel and loved basketball be sure to hit that subscribe button to miss any of my upcoming videos just like this so guys after the anthony davis trade glances Lakers had no lineup at all it was basically just LeBron Kuzma and Anthony Davis the Lakers weren't as busy because they were waiting for koala nerd because potentially Kawhi Leonard could have joined them in other words the big three could have been LeBron ad and Kawhi Leonard who were 100% won the NBA championship the point is that didn't happen there were so many other free agents waiting and even though that the Lakers did not get caught Leonard they still were able to make a great championship squad surrounding LeBron and Anthony Davis to me personally a championship team does not only need skill but they need experience they need veterans and also they need depth and the Lakers checkmark all those boxes in my personal opinion and if you guys read the roster that they have right now it definitely should check all the boxes for you as well so after quality' signs with the Clippers the Lakers actually complete their roster and this is what their roster looks like for the next upcoming season I'm gonna start off with a projected starting lineup at rajon rondo Danny Green LeBron James Anthony Davis should play the part for its spot and JaVale McGee at the 5 then off the bench they got DeMarcus Cousins boogie you got Kyle Kuzma they got Jared Dudley Kentavious caldwell-pope ACP they got Quinn cook they're bringing back Alex Caruso they signed troy dials who's a really great catch and shoot player and then they got a couple of young guns of a sack Novell Junior and Tyler Horton Tucker as of right now as I make this video they have a 14 man roster who on paper looks very very good they are gonna be very very competitive and it looks like this is gonna be a competitive team and potentially the number one seed and I'm gonna tell you guys why the first point I want to make is LeBron James of course he is the best player in the world and I don't want to hear any of the LeBron James kind of bring the team to the playoffs last year I don't want to hear any of that guys there was so much drama going on there LeBron even got injured I believe that if he wasn't injured they would have made the playoffs the point is LeBron is the best player in the NBA an elaborate makes everybody on the team better when he's on the floor and that's a guaranteed that's a fact so put it number one I don't even need to explain put number two is the veterans point of view this team is bringing back a region on Rondo who's been there he's won a championship before he's been to the NBA Playoffs he's played in many playoff game and also has a lot of experience and even built some chemistry with LeBron last year I believe bring you back Rondo is a very very good idea because Rondo not only played with Anthony Davis before but he actually even played with DeMarcus Cousins the point is Rondo could be a really great second ball handler after LeBron James and of course can also run the office when LeBron is sitting or even resting bring you back Rondo and having big men on the team now like Anthony Davis and boogie is gonna be a lot different than having Kuzma and just javale mcgee last year the second veteran is Danny Green who's just fresh off an NBA championship Danny Green is the perfect example of a 3d player and surrounding Rondo and LeBron with catch and shoot three indie players like Danny Green is the perfect and was the perfect move for the Lakers now they have a shooting guard who does need the ball in his hands but his last year dead Ingram who kind of needs the ball and isn't really enough ball player this makes their system and their offense a lot better and that's why Danny Green was the perfect signing for the Los Angeles Lakers in Anthony Davis is a whole nother level Anthony Davis in that top 5 play and the NBA arguably top three players in the NBA and when he's matched up with LeBron James you guys are gonna witness beautiful things you guys are gonna witness a great sense of pick-and-roll basketball a great sense of alley-oop basketball you guys gonna see so much things LeBron James didn't have with Kevin Love and didn't have last year with just Kuzma and Ingram and Lonzo it's just a whole different story from the bran James Anthony Davis is one of the best defensive players in the league guys you guys can see it in his block columns and the statistics and if the Lakers can match up two superstars on a team like that that is just insane just a quick fact out there if compared LeBron James and Anthony Davis to Paul George and Kawhi Leonard LeBron James and Anthony Davis are clearly the better duo I don't know what anybody else can argue that so just with Anthony Davis in a picture it's a whole nother level to bill McKee also resides with the Lakers which I believe was a really good move last year McGee was fresh with the Lakers after winning two NBA championships for the Golden State Warriors guys and if you watch abilities last year game he was very impactful and actually showed a lot of sense of growth what I mean by growth is because before judo McGee would be a lot of shaqtin a fool he wasn't really respected much but now everybody is respecting to Don McGee he's shown and proved that he has game and could be a vital point in the offense and defense of any NBA team I believe the Lakers should start evil McGee over DeMarcus Cousins because I believe JaVale McGee is still athletic enough and still has that ability to be a starting center the front courts of Javel and anthony davis deal with both be fast big men taking both block shots and could be a vital frontcourt now let's talk about Kyle Kuzma if Kyle Kuzma is coming up the bench as a sixth man role that would be really really good for him and good for the LA Lakers knowing Kyle Kuzma and his personality he probably wants to be a starting player but the point is on games he could even start if Anthony Davis starts at the 5 because the NBA has become such a position less sport kuzmic could definitely start some games but I believe the most effective starting lineup will be McGee and Kuzma off the bench and here's why last year Kuzma averaged almost 20 points game guys and if kuzmic can come off the bench and put up 15 to 20 points a game that would take a lot of load off LeBron and Anthony Davis in the starting lineup but it's not just Kyle kuzmic come out the bench guys it's also DeMarcus Cousins this year DeMarcus Cousins wants to prove himself and prove that he will be worth the paint after the season with the Lakers there was a lot of talks about him not being on any market but to me guy's cousin still has it in him you guys can't blame his injury he's just trying to build back from his injuries and I believe this year he'll actually have to prove himself and have the motive to prove himself so if boogie can come off the bench for chabela McGee or even start and be effective put up about 10 to 20 points a game and boogie he will be a great impactful player for the Lakers we all know that in the paint he is a bully no one can stop boogie in the paint so if he can have the right mindset he would be a monster for the Lakers as a sixth or seventh man but he also needs to improve his defense guys he was a pretty decent defensive player before his injuries but now after his Achilles injury he did get a step slower so of course boogie needs to condition himself and get back into it and I believe this year with the Lakers coming off the bench he will be important and also get back into the normal DeMarcus Cousins we knew before the injuries and then they got veteran Jared Dudley guys who we seen last year to be a very effective player for the Brooklyn Nets he didn't start or prep time once a game but he did the little things like take charges be very very aggressive the point is the Lakers need somebody like that to come off the bench or even be a bench sparkplug bring him back Casey if he was a good idea to come off the bench or potentially even start on some games Casey P could be a good starting shooting guard and plays the perfect role of catch and shoot player Quinn cook comes from the Golden State Warriors guys he has some playoff and NBA Finals experience Quinn cook would be a really great fit with LeBron because he is actually a decent shooter so our games where Rondo can't actually shoot cook should be able to get some playing time alongside LeBron James to be a catch and shoot off-screen player Troy Daniel another catch and shoot player a great signing for the Lakers got in for very cheap I could be playing similar to Kyle Korver role as Kyle Korver played on the cast with abroad speaking of Kyle Korver I really hope that somehow he finds a way to the Los Angeles Lakers guys I just love when LeBron and Kyle Korver have that unique sense of teamwork and that past when Kyle Korver goes off that off screen and LeBron passes to him I just know what's going in I would love to see that in LA and I know you guys do too so we're talking about this roster guys they just have all the pieces in my opinion to be a championship team they've got the experience they got LeBron James they've got veterans they got catches chute players they got big men monsters and also guys they have a new coaching staff who is ready to take over Frank Vogel Jason Kidd guys two great coaches and playing alongside LeBron James I feel that LeBron does want to get back to that playoff action and with this squad I believe he's going all the way to the NBA Finals and winning the Lakers just have a lot to prove out the last season and this season is their comeback season after a one-year dud so yeah guys that basically wraps up my video on why the Los Angeles Lakers will be the best team in the NBA in this upcoming season if you love the video and agree to my opinion be sure to smash that thumbs up bye guys but what's most important and the best thing with the basketball community is you guys have an opinion as well so put your opinions down in the comment section down below what you guys think once again you get new to the channel and love basketball be sure to hit that subscribe button to miss any of my upcoming videos just like this but other than that take it easy god bless and I'll see you guys next time on easy buckets whoa saving the cheetah print fresh game on me man beat it game I need a minute okay let's proceed with it I'm painting a house gotta be with it these bozos always speak this and then taking shots I'm agreeing with it like Lourdes me