Why CoreJJ Grinded League for 23 Hours Straight | Team Liquid LoL – SQUAD S3EP04

(Cheering Crowd) (Upbeat Music) – [Voiceover] Well one of the
biggest training (mumbles). (Claps) – Woo! It is done! – When we signed Core my
head wasn’t even in like, oh my god we signed Core my head was like, oh my God what next do I have to do? There’s so much else we
have to get done before we can celebrate having Core, but everybody else was super excited. Steve was like popping champagne and Dodo was, doing Dodo. (Laughter) – Everybody else was chill. It was a good feeling overall. – Congrats guys yes! Good job guys. (Electronic Bass Music) – [Voiceover] Welcome to Summoner’s Rift! (Piano Music) – I asked you and you were like, yeah and then were all like fuck it let’s go. – I’d say CoreJJ’s work ethic is, he’s the hardest worker on the team and it showed when he
first came to the states. When he landed immediately he came to the Alienware Training Facility and was like, hey I need to play, I need to get to level 30 and he grinded 23 hour straight just to
get to a level 30 account. – I don’t have coffee I have Monster. I have two Monsters. – I think Core’s motivation
is really really high when it comes to playing Solo Queue and putting a lot of time
and effort into the game. He rubs off a ton on the team. I think everyone looks to him for guidance and as a role model within the team. I like that, that work
ethic is really admirable but I think, there is
definitely a happy balance where you’re able to have
some time where you’re not playing League of
Legends or watching replays, but Core is the embodiment
of the Korean work ethic so striking the balance is
pretty important for our team. (Bouncy Orchestral Music) – I’ll get the steak hash with no cheese? – [Yiliang] Holy shit these
strategies are insane. – I think it’s just smaller reactions. When we have an hour here, let’s take like 30 minutes
to go get some boba or some of the guys will
watch LCK late at night and invite each other over to their room and they’ll have a living room pizza party where they’re just gonna
have and order pizza and just sit around and watch LCK. So that’s another way that they bond. – We go out to eat a ton with Core and we play games with each other, we play Auto Chess together. I think there are many ways
to be a successful player and be a strong player and Core has started to be
a little bit more balanced. – [Man] It’s super strong. – [Man] Yeah it’s really strong. – Just ginger.
– Just ginger, yeah. – [Man] Yeah I don’t like ginger. – Good for you. You guys. – No way. I’m not going
to ruin my breakfast. – [Man] If anyone does it. – [Man] What is it? Alright. Wait do we do
rock paper scissors? On shoot or on scissors? – Rock, paper, scissors. – Okay. – Rock, paper, scissors. (Laughing) – Oh my God. This has gotta be a joke. – [Man] Guys I’m gonna go get
the car and pull it around. Where’s my phone I’m gonna text them. – [Man Me I have my phone. – [Man] Okay. – Rock, paper, scissors.
Rock, paper, scissors. No! (Foreign Language) (Light Piano Music) – Let’s go. – Liquid on three. One, Two, Three Liquid! – Hello and welcome back for game two where Golden Guardians will
square up against Team Liquid. – [CoreJJ] Coming, I’m coming here. – [Commentator] Team Liquid
looks to make their play, they’re gonna get Olleh
away from Deftly first so he cannot use the Devour
to save the AD Carry, well coordinated well done, well played. It’s two kills to Team Liquid. Contractz goes in, works
himself in the ultimate’s, stays unstoppable, forced
under the pass Dave and the Drake is secured by Team Liquid. Contractz is left with
as the sacrificial lamb and everything’s coming up Liquids. – So keep in mind, we came
in everything fine, okay? – Nice.
– Yeah. – [Commentator] CoreJJ is
now in a bad spot once more, Xsmithie wants to move in. See if there’s a counter
attack to be made, but the arrow finds its way in. Hauntzer wants to find
the follow up damage. They’ve almost got him
but not quite enough, Doublelift goes on a killing
spree and the counter attack. The impact is into the back line! A decimating smash into
the Golden Guardian’s carry and that is the liquid
counter attack coming in! – [Commentator] Team
Liquid will take the Barron as the prize for that one. Feeling good! – [CoreJJ] They don’t see
me okay? I’m gonna go. – [Jensen] Just run at them by one second. – [CoreJJ] I’m waiting.
– [Jensen] Five, four. – [CoreJJ] You can go. (Foreign Language) – [Commentator] As Impact
goes in, the wall comes out, they’re gonna lose Froggen,
they’re gonna lose Olleh they’re gonna lose Froggen,
they’re gonna lose Olleh – [CoreJJ] Where’s my kitty? – Hey guys, I’m here with
CoreJJ after their win against Golden Guardians. We haven’t got to talk to you yet, so I just wanted to ask you
how do you like NA so far? (Foreign Language) – [Commentator] As a
result of having (mumbles). They’re gonna try and
keep shooting him down they ignite like the
Core this time around. Sven with a damage Flash play for Smoothie look at that and that’s first blood! TSM and two v two take
down their new support. Crowding onto Xsmithie. Don’t need your jungle falling
asleep before the objective! Cos I’ve been under a Smoothie
and he explodes to Akadian. – [CoreJJ] Come. – [Jensen] Yeah do it, he’s really far. – [Commentator] Too far
forward. Cool, good Flash. Xsmoothie though going to kick him back and no flash will save you. – [Jensen] We’re actually gonna
get two towers off of that, so despite the fact that TL
got one kill and one tower, it is a kill in the mid-lane to answer as well as another tower on
the bot side here for Jackson. I don’t know if TL is going to be able to hang on to this one. This is by far the worst
they have looked in a game. This is the first time they
really feel like they are on precipice of losing a game. – [Doublelift] 50:50 this right now or? – [CoreJJ] Now! Just do it now. We’ve had practice time. Okay? – [Commentator] What can
Team Liquid really do, all out of options here. It was broken Teepies and
their trying to end the game. Hooks gonna miss but
Xsmoothie gets tagged. CoreJJ down. Front side that’s good
Bjergsen on killing spree. Bjergsen as he takes down Xsmoothie. Jensen falls. The Nexus will die, and TSM will finally slay Liquid. – [CoreJJ] Nobody pinged. They were at just Baron doing a camp. – [Jensen] Oh no wait, actually
they sacrificed the AD. – To have a strong
topside, but then we still have weak topside, and it seems that they have
the pressure in jungle as well so then, it just seems
impossible to play the game. – [Doublelift] What about their bot lane? – They sacrificed AD. – [Jensen] What should we do next time? – [Man] Alright we’re
gotta go to Fan’s guys. Alright guys let’s go. – I don’t know what really
was going on in his head unless he tells me cause he’s really a straight forward dude. I don’t want Core to ever feel like, I’m not trying extremely hard to improve, or that I’m just spinning my wheels and I’m trying but I’m
not getting anywhere. I think it really comes down to how much respect you have your team mates. Having respect for your team mates means trusting them to take
a loss really seriously and to learn from it. – Squat.