first simple question do you enjoy the NBA one yes or no I hate it I like it with I wonder what seemed so fine if I click no by hated survey says how can you bend out the Brooklyn Nets don't watch us play this season when I said we already did that what Jen being a player am i and that was terrible because once it said I was coming around anyway under the woods NBA team am I so you know on the OKC Thunder fan as you can see no way my day would you rather watch an entertaining team or a winning team thank goodness some Thunder fan but they do both but I say entertaining do you care about your team's history the the past is the past but why would I care about the past but is nothing Kevin Durant would you rather have a point guard that makes a lot of assists or one that focuses on scoring like I said I'm a Thunder fan I have both 51 points and trouble double oh I'm having a sixth in assists I love with jontron though would you prefer shooters on your team or players that drive to the rim I like Steve Novak the great shooter he stops I'll have to drive it to the rim do you have a favorite team this is a player or a favorite player because bitch if you have a favorite team because of a player or a favorite player to the team first of all is this a Canadian website because they spell favor to you breath guys I have a sad story to share with you second of all I don't have a second of all third ball player because of a team a crash that probably won't make sense to you but it's kind of important for the test Kobe LeBron I'd rather have a bralette team I'd rather have a bralette team I'd rather have lebron my team I'd rather have a problem I've seen one of these now cp3 Westbrook er – Westbrook you care about draft kings even though your team has I have a high pick yes do you think the draft batteries are rigged don't say a word of course they fail whoa they absolutely [Applause] 2,000 years later I mean they're not in the neighboring they are not made they are very very very fair and honest would you follow your favorite player to the scene he goes to would you stick with your team even if you make a stupid train to lose your best player for some randoms and the final answer I in and part Oh No is this one of those things I need to sign up for bucks which plays most likely to get you pumped in out of your steep a half-court shot and kidding me you'd rather watch your game soon next tub Jack Nicholson looks like he's terrifying here's Johnny okay Asha what is that giving you if you are at coach what would you prep your team with before every game there's no onion team socializing and hanging out friends okay the game's over that was fun is time to eat food your team is down by x1 see this makes 10 I wouldn't let my team go down my 20 I would but I'll support my team till the very end and I have the Oklahoma City Thunder extinct you don't roll that down by 20