Welcome to the Elite Squad!

Congratulations and welcome
to the Yelp Elite Squad. We at Yelp think you have
exactly what it takes to be one of the best and brightest Yelpers and we’re honored that you accepted our invitation to be Elite. If you didn’t know,
the Elite Squad started in San Francisco way back in 2005. Since then we’ve said hello,
hola, bonjour, guten tag, konnichiwa and more to
squads all over the world. Today Yelp is truly
a global community and it continues to grow
thanks to you. Getting started is as easy as reviewing your favorite café, hotel, candy store or mechanic. Click the shiny badge on your
profile and it’ll take you to a private calendar
that only Elites can see. You’ll find out about
Elite events where you can meet other Elites, discover new businesses
and learn more about your city. Without Elites like you Yelp
wouldn’t be what it is today, a global collection of voices sharing their
favorite local experiences. So on behalf of everyone at
Yelp, especially Darwin [Darwin barks],
thank you for being Elite. [Music]