Week 14 Waiver Wire Pickups | 2019 Fantasy Football

hey guys Anthony Leone with RotoHeat week
14 playoffs baby playoffs congratulations if you made it this far
I know some of you guys don’t start playoffs yet – so week 14 is is probably
the most important week in many many leagues before I go any further please
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start off tonight with what I said last week but it’s still very important get
your handcuffs okay look ahead look to week 15 you know
if you have a bye obviously you want to do that even if you don’t have a bye
it’s okay right now to look ahead check out your matchups see what you can do to
have the best starting lineups going forward quarterbacks
I like to start with super flex David blow Wow
actually look look pretty good it’s so Stafford’s out you know get 280 yards a
couple of touchdowns he did throw an interception so if you’re in a two
quarterback Superflex league certainly someone someone to look to look for one
quarterback leagues I said it last week I’m gonna say it again Ryan Tannehill I
really do think he could win some leagues this year he had a couple of
touchdowns look looked really good his playoff schedule Oakland Houston New
Orleans so I think if you’re in the hunt you need a quarterback he’s someone to
turn to Jacobi per said I was surprised to see specially in Yahoo leagues a lot
of people dropped him he threw for over 300 yards and a touchdown his playoff
schedule is also pretty good Tampa Bay New Orleans and Carolina so some other
guy look for if you’re looking for a quarterback through there through the
playoffs I think those are a couple of guys to look for running backs
I was also surprised to see well actually before I go any further you’re
gonna if you look for other waiver wire suggestions for week 14 you’re gonna see
a lot of guys that I am gonna go out and say just ignore let someone else add
them that’s Wilkins most dirt Peyton Barbour
you know their names are gonna pop up here and there personally I’m out on all
of them the back fields are a mess the teams aren’t in some cases aren’t very
good it’s just to committee like too inconsistent so I’m staying away from
those guys now back to who I recommend adding I’m surprised
Darius Geist was available in half of leagues he ran ten times 129 yards two
touchdowns certainly someone to add if he’s available both scarborough he’s
available in over half of leaks i’m surprised he had 21 carries you can’t
find a running back with with carries like this just hanging out on the waiver
wire and there he is so you know be able for yards a carry 21
carries 83 yards not bad certainly if you’re in a tough spot you
know you could roll him out there and and you know not gonna be crazy RB 1
numbers but solid RB 2 numbers for sure naheem hines now I mentioned Wilkins
before you know Mac may be coming back but nonetheless Hines is get work he had
four carries 22 yards and a touchdown he had a couple of receptions he’s
maintaining consistent workload and that’s good so that someone you can kind
of count on for you know 9 to 10 points every week so you know luck I can’t even
muster that up so I think he’s someone to add and then finally Benny Snell now
you’ll have to watch if Connor comes back because if so he’s gonna go back to
handcuff status if you have corner obviously grab him it looks like a lot
of people haven’t done that he had 16 carries 63 yards and a touchdown wide
receivers James Washington makes the list again he
had a great game for catches 111 yards and a touchdown Anthony Miller again
back-to-back weeks here nine catches 140 yards really coming on at the end of the
year here so both those guys are certainly a couple wide receivers to
target and then last two guys Cole Beasley
he’s a slot receiver and he had a good game six catches 110 yards and a
touchdown but you can’t expect that every week from him so if he’s available
and you know you can’t get the other you know guys I’ve mentioned that okay –
Adam – and your batch out I wouldn’t start him at this point
and then finally Russell gage five catches 52 yards and a touchdown
watch Julio you know if he comes back he’ll be impacted especially wasp watch
Austin Hooper because of Austin Hooper comes back I think that’s when his value
is just gonna completely go away but still you know assuming those guys are
still out especially Hooper I think gauges is a solid ad as well on the wide
receiver front tight ends it’s it’s rough out there guys if you’re still you
know looking for a tight end I I feel you Micah sickie tops my list I
mentioned him previously you know someone has to catch the ball in Miami
Devante Parker has been doing has been doing that pretty well but on the tide
up front you know Kazuki’s consistent and just this past week he had five
catches seventy nine yards and a touchdown so I think if you’re looking
for a tight end certainly could do worse than Mike kiseki Tyler Higbee
had a great game seven catches over 100 yards receiving and touchdown now ever
it was out and if ever is continues to be out then I think you can still use
Higby but you have to watch for Everett because once ever it’s back I think it
could be fantasy value is gone and then finally defenses I have a few
great defense streamers this week my favorite Green Bay against Washington I
think that’s that’s the best streamer this week unlike Tennessee
at Oakland Oakland I mean man they’re just pathetic no I don’t know what to
say they’re just I think they score one touchdown and in two games and even
still that touchdown the guy yesterday was like I you know end of the game you
know prevent defense so they could even get the extra point and then finally
Indianapolis at Tampa Bay we know how turnover prone Tampa Bay is
so to recap Green Bay Tennessee Indy are they defense dreamers so hey guys good
luck on waivers good luck throughout the playoffs and like the video subscribe
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