[Applause] guys we're reacting to a sketch that we never air no we shot this a year ago it was a day of insanity the sketch I think has funny parts we liked it it just for some reason it just didn't come together I guess yeah we decided not to post it keep this in here today he's sleeping sleep we texted him and he's just like oh it sucks for him cuz this very exciting we have never seen a guy shot this in like I think November of last year knows like a summer yeah early summer Wow I know he does this I know this because oh yes we shot this on a Tuesday right and at 3:00 a.m. on that berry Tuesday my girlfriend and I at the time broke up it's a very long relationship I have very long-term relationship and we broke up morning and I went ahead to shoot that's all day and I did not tell anyone about it because I wanted to be like funny they're not I knew if I started I would just like start crying or something oh I knew something was weird because you kept sitting down and going like this in between takes oh it's like you're like I just like dang old me you restore from the gym oh my god okay there's much to my dismay of tanking through this sketch and then it being all for naught remember when Katie Holmes divorced Tom Cruise and he was shooting Mission Impossible talk about an impossible I wonder what the occasion is okay quick name everything you know about Jewish traditions come on Jewish what Jewish happy Jewish holiday yeah sketch is so good already teeth we had did so many crackers oh my people were roaming the desert for forty years on you but running it from enemy Pharaoh's they had to shave every last piece of hair off in their body in order to be aerodynamic there's something very meta about this that in this sketch we went through a bunch of crazy crap for nothing yeah just like when we shot this sketch we went through a bunch of crazy crap for nothing never got posted it was a waste of a day I think when we were filming it we knew like it just wasn't fully working like the sketch has a lot of really funny parts but overall it's yeah just not working like that just happens it's nobody's fault we're gonna go back through and give you a little bit of a breakdown a play-by-play of the unreleased smarsh sketch religious tradition yes I do remember this house had a mezuzah at the front you asked me oh yeah when I entered cuz I thought it'd be fun okay pause originally wasn't written to have the three hours earlier yeah it wasn't and I wanted to talk about that because clearly either our director some editors we're like this isn't working let's try to make it like heat or Inside Man or some Bank IV or it's like I'm so pale I'm using the wrong my elbow and my face are like five different shout out to Noah rocking his own merch oh yeah my own shirt yeah it was like still pretty fresh yeah that is some fresh the apology yeah happy Jewish holiday super excited really this is just no attachment I like that we establishes Noah's house just very wealthy yeah no family lives in this giant house yeah do you memory sinks fits Micah was the whole blend of all of us and literally I would say it yeah it's not even important it's made up but it wasn't there like an in-between scene they must have caught where we were like huddled and we're all huddled together and we'd all be like oh my gosh that's right we're missing half of this sketch because this is only six minutes but it was like eight and a half pages which really yeah the endings at the beginning and there's no middle go yeah we all looked way better a year ago Ellis I feel horny twice I think I can see how tired you are I definitely yeah that's about it I think and yeah also looks very tired yeah when my ancestors were roaming the desert forcing the very last more sort of their belongings into their mouths to search on your lips yet but we shut each of these I think three different ways we shot them a normal wide oh yeah pushing with the light and then we shot them a pushin without the light so each of these we probably did like four just guys literally to those twelve hours I remember I also dropped a lot of saltines that day I don't recall that I don't have a lot of memories from that day oh it was just like fog I'm fine I'm not saying it like I was sad I was saying like Bluto just like the fog we have all been through a lot together and our private personal lives together and yeah yeah do you have you guys so yeah I can be myself all of us have had our eyebrows painted over several times right actually I think I've missed the eyebrows I've gotten a bulk of a couple of times I I had just recently on my first ball cap and this was the only time my eyebrows were gone I think no and we did drag in but I didn't do your eyebrows that time I don't think sanjaya yeah yeah all right who's ready for ritual 3 tomorrow just another example about society is so unaccepting of my religion whose is this cater to me I think only we made this guest just for Noah but we didn't really learn anything about Jewish traditions no made-up tradition well we were right I mentioned some things like how you know we're in the desert for 40 years which well I will not dispute the Torah historically has no claim my dumbass thought it was 40 days no that's that's for you Adam Sandler movie you promise okay he literally he was doing really just wanted to touch your hair and I'm good doing that think you ever don't like doing this looks pretty dead that was literally a head cup Olivia you look like a psycho I am yes the one that still is alive I remember this day you were making a joke that that's how you look like normally you do not look like yeah you know what's really funny I was watching you without eyebrows and I was like wow holy this is literally how I look normally my real eyebrows am L like you you have more prominent eyebrows in me with them no I literally think this is how I look nope I say why did you punch me I thought you were a burglar I like that line sir hey man I'm just getting the spirit of glitch me in and I just look the same yeah you look like Olivia like I'm sorry with your brows like plus it over and there's like all this prosthetic in sky you look like a mummy I look like a Russian henchman yeah whoo I also feel like I look like is if you've seen Barry on HBO the the guy he has like no facial hair no hey that's just nice just my birthday you Jewish birthday yeah the birthday when you become a man nope just the regular old dama birth your kosher birth that shot for a while too I would hire you for any job Alex kills it also yeah this is our egg reducer yeah smoshgames producer yeah oh look at that just creeping right through that's just oh that's so weird I we did a take of this though where Alex looks at me and I'm just like Randy it just ends there it's pretty good I don't know if we really learned much about I don't know real actually nothing literally nothing yeah no this this day was a waste we are all dumber all right guys if you want us to release this full video by itself let us know in the comments down below and when that day happens you want to be subscribed and you wanna have the belt on so you don't miss it that'd be their card if he wants to release it you want to see Shane sadness and yes see my dad my dad what's funny is that I thought I looked dead but it was Olivia who looked like a [Laughter]