We Build the SPICIEST Gaming PC Yet…

– Are you going to just film
us for the next hour as we die? – Mmmmmm! – [Matt] Fifty more
seconds for the next one. – We’re done! We’re done! – Post it Matt! – Hey guys, this is Austin! And today, well today we are about to make some mistakes, aren’t we Jake? – We are. This whole thing was a mistake. – I regret it already because today we’re not only going to be
building a gaming PC together, but we are going to be eating
hot wings at the same time. Not just any hot wings, this
is some Hot Ones (beep). – [Ken] What?! – [Matt] We can’t actually afford… – I mean is that copyrighted? – Every five minutes you’re going to have a hotter wing, and then a hotter wing. – So because we’re professionals, we’ll have the entire
PC built in ten minutes and it won’t be a problem, right Jake? – Yeah, got this. We, yeah. – You don’t even sound confident! – Just so you know, the
clock starts right now. – So just to… I know the clock started, Matt. – It’s fine, we’re not in a rush. – However, my goal is to never
drink any of those things. – [Austin] Okay. – And also, I do want to,
out of morbid curiosity, try the hottest one. – Well, let’s not do it on purpose. Let’s win and then we’ll
– Oh yeah, we want to win. try it in victory, all right.
– We’re gonna win. – I’m also terrible with spicy things. – Okay, well cheers. This is three hundred Scovilles. – This is so wet. – This is very wet. – You know, it’s fine. – It’s like lemon pepper. – Yeah. – This is fine. This is not spicy Matt. – [Matt] Well that one is banana pepper. – [Austin] Banana pepper? – Mmm, yeah I get hints of banana pepper. – It’s nice. – [Matt] Just for the record, you have another wing in three minutes. – Okay we should start with the case, I wanted to pretend it was heavy but it’s not cause I’m so strong. – I mean obviously. – How’s that camera angle
doing, probably not great. – Great. – Oh, you’re doing it. Do you need help? Nope, you did it! – Yeah! – Austin did it guys, he did it guys. – This might not be a good sign, my lips are actually a
little bit spicy right now. – Really? – Just a tiny bit. – Well, you know what might help? If you rub that spiciness
off on like Ken’s lips. – [Ken] No. – (laughs) – Ken, take one for the team! (lips smacking) (whip cracking) – [Austin] What’s this one? – [Jake] It’s 1500, so that’s 1500 hotter. – [Austin] I can’t wait. – Mmm. – Okay that’s not so bad. – This one, I’d say, is
comparable to the first. – Mmm, I’m getting a little
more spice on this one. A little bit more. All right, X570 AORUS Master, pretty high board, we are
taking advantage of Ryzen, which I have it right here, pre-opened because I thought ahead. So this is the Ryzen– – Is it because you thought ahead? Or is it because it’s
from a previous build? Out of curiosity, I
have no prior knowledge. – Are you trying to insinuate that I have recycled some parts from some previous project
for some nefarious reason? How dare you? – But no I think this is gonna be a really great PlayStation. As one might say. Tell me more about this
board and this processor. – So if you watched our
building the PS5 video you might recognize some of these things that I am shamelessly recycling. – Cause I’m a super fan. – So this the Ryzen 7 3700X.
– Smash that like button. – I’ll let you just
install that, go ahead, I’ll let you do the honors on that one. – Ah, thank you. And then I push this down, until it snaps. – There we go. – Boom. – Perfect. – Seated, that’s what we
call it in the tech biz, is seated, right? – That is, that is true. – [Ken] Yeah. – So I’m just gonna put our RAM in. Would you like to do the
thermal paste application? – Oh yeah okay, do we
like doing like the rice? – I want you to make a giant X on it and make as much thermal
paste as possible, – (laughing) – Nah I’m kidding, yes a grain of rice is
exactly the way to do it. – Grain of rice. Oh, it’s like a long grain. Ah! It’s art. – It’ll be extra cool it’s fine. – It’s a Jackson Pollock. (whip cracking) – [Matt] So here is
your next set of wings. – [Austin] 17,000? – [Matt] 17,000. – How’s it smell? – Ooh, yeah, that’s nice. – That’s a little spicier. – I like it. – Cheers my friend. – Aw, cheers buddy. – That’s really wet. – Not bad. (intensifying music note) – These are actually pretty
tasty wings, good job Matt. Ooh. – You make great wings Matt. – There’s a little spice
to that one though, ooh. – Is this when I find out
that you’re whiter than I am? – That’s not possible. – (laughs) – Next, let’s actually, let’s start putting stuff in the case. – Okay! – Oh wait no I lied. – Ah, so close. – We need our SSD. – Oh yes I’ve heard
this is a very fast SSD. – It is. So it’s a PCI Gen 4 two terabyte SSD, so it’s another AORUS product. But essentially, actually
it can go right here. – Oh right there. – It’s a two terabyte SSD, you
can put everything on that. – Oh it’s two terabytes? I was not listening when that happened. – Yes. – Did you say that earlier? – I did. – Where am I, did I blackout? – Two terabytes. – The cool thing is though
we still have tons of– – I have like Vietnam footage. (guns popping) (explosions) – Okay, end scene. Keep going. – Anyway, so tons of storage, with that we can actually start
mounting this into our case. – Oh this is so nice the
standoff is already there. – Standoff’s already in. – Did you prep this? – No this is actually
the way the case came. – Oh really? – Yes, another thing is the IO shield is already attached to the motherboard, again it’s built in. – Really, you didn’t do this? – I didn’t touch it! Look it’s literally like screwed in. – I mean it’s literally been three years since I’ve built a computer, is this how far its come? – When it comes to higher-end systems, yeah that’s actually
starting to become a thing. – Oh I like how you kinda threw in there that I didn’t build high-end systems when I was building computers. In the higher end system
game, the WiFi comes built into the motherboard. (whip cracking) – [Austin] Is that 30,000? – [Matt] 30,000 Scovilles. – I can do that. Look at us, teamwork. – Makes the (burps) dream work. – Wow, that’s quite impressive. Jake we haven’t been this close
since you cut my head off. – (laughs) I just want no more
context, than just that. – I mean you can check
out the new episode– – When I circumcised him, what? – See I was just gonna
give you a shout out, we can’t use that anymore. You just ruined the shout-out. – [Jake] You said the the S-word earlier. I can’t say circumcised,
it’s a medical procedure. – Already? We didn’t even get anything done. – I screwed in something. – [Matt] Number 5. (whip cracking) 50,000. – [Jake] Dip it a little more so you get a little
bit more of that flava. – You want to go to Flavortown Austin? I gotta one way ticket baby. – I want nothing to do
with Flavortown at all. – Ooh, that’s fine. More vinegary. – It’s very vinegary, ooh,
it’s a little spicy though. I’m definitely tasting
the spice in that one. Ooh! – [Jake] Okay another screw is in, this is, we should, are
you, what are you doing? What did you do? What did he do? Kenjamin! (yelling) What did he do? – That’s some very warm milk. (laughs) Okay, so you’re gonna do graphics card. – Oh heck yeah. – Okay, sweet. – And this is the 1060. – Super! – 2060, Super, 2060 Super. Which is great for 1440p gaming. It has 8 gigs of RAM, seven,
whatever name they have for their ray tracing cores, or is it six? Six, might be six. – Six ray tracing cores? – I think it has 6 ray tracing cores. – I think its like hundreds
of ray tracing cores. – Well they call them six. – [Matt] It’s at least six. – Let me read the back of the box. – Wait no put the thing in! – No, no I’m reading the back of the box, cause now you’ve questioned me. – [Austin] What is that? (whip cracking) – Whoa! Did you say 250,000? (groans) – All right let’s
just get this over with. Cheers. – Oh, cheers. – Uhuh. It’s actually delicious, but uhuh. Oh, I hate how it’s going down. – Before coming here I shaved
right there a little bit, so it’s a little irritated and I got some of the hot sauce in my little shaved spot, but besides that it was fun. Okay, you feeling good? Feeling good?! – Nope, nope. – Are you pumped? – Okay let’s go. – But I need to find out
how many cores this has. – No you don’t! Just put the thing in. – Oh, they vacuum sealed this
is gonna take a little bit. – Oh, the spicy is kicking
in, the spice is kicking in. I am not happy right now. – Oh good, there’s a graphics
card guide, this will tell me. – I’m just gonna start cabling it. – This will tell me how many cores. – Wait, wait, god (beep). You have to plug in all
my modular connectors and I screwed it in. (groans) – Unfortunately this doesn’t tell you, here let me just briefly look
up on my Galaxy Note 10+. – Jake. – How many– – I’m gonna delete your channel. – So, the 2060 Super offers six gigarays, NVIDIA’s term for counting
ray tracing speed, so when I said six, I
seem to have been correct. So there you go, six gigarays guys. – So you get to eat my next wing. – No I don’t think that’s how it works. – [Matt] It sounds like
you eat his next wing, cause he got it right. – That’s not true, he said cores, that’s like saying like my
four-core processor is– – [Matt] He was vague
enough that he was right. – How dare you Matt? – And that’s how you make science videos, you’re vague enough until you’re right. Okay let me put this in. – I’m gonna unsubscribe
and delete your channel. (whip cracking) – [Matt] So here is number seven. – [Jake] Oh 600k! – [Matt] A whopping 600k. All right cheers. – Cheers buddy. Oh I guess I won’t throw
that away just yet. – Oh! Oh, that’s not good. Ah, I got sauce on my lips. If I do it like this, I
have to use my tongue. – [Jake] So back to the CPU,
it is getting pretty spicy. I’m gonna be honest. Now it’s hitting me. – Yeah. – Okay! Here we go. – Why did we do this? Ah! – Put it in! (exhaling) Okay. (both mumbling) – Do you have it? – Just no, I don’t have
it, gimme, gimme gimme. – Take it, take it, take it. (laughs) – It’s not funny anymore
just give it to me. – I’m giving it to you man! – We’re touching fingers now. You’re pushing it too far in. – Oh, look at that, there
a hole there. (laughs) (whip cracking) – [Austin] Matt, no. – [Jake] Ah, one million. – [Austin] We got nothing done. – I pulled some cables through. – Okay here we go. Ah, this sucks, that’s bad. – (loudly coughs and groans) (yelling) All right here we go. Ah, you didn’t even put the
CPU plug in yet you pathetic (laughing) you’re not pathetic. – [Austin] I just blew my
nose into the same thing I used to wipe my hands. (Jake groaning) – That was a bad idea, oh god. (sniffles) I got it in my nose. – Okay I’ll do it. – Here, lay down, lay down, lay down. – No, okay. (grunting) Ah! Ah! Put it in! – Okay, USB3, going in. Can you plug it in the power supply? (heavily breathing) – Get the other one in. Ah (beep). Oh fudge come on. Come on you (beep) ‘ccini
Alfredo, get in there. Oh I got it! – Yes! – (groaning) – All right, don’t celebrate,
where’s the, yeah yeah. Where’s the, screwdriver? – I don’t know man you we’re using it. [Jake] Matt, no! – [Austin] 1.4 million, how
did we get to 1.4 million? How’d we get to number nine? Here I’m dropping off for you, here go, – Oh, that’s for me thank you so much. How is it? – [Matt] So while you guys scream, – Oh it’s terrible. – [Matt] This is a– – What the (beep), Matt? – [Matt] This is a Trinidad
Butch T Scorpion Pepper. – Trinidad, (beep) you Trinidad! – This is the worst thing
I’ve ever done for a video, I’m not playing right now. – [Matt] I’m going to remind
you that you set these rules. – All right we’re almost done. – We got it. (groans in pain) (heavy breathing) – Here it needs to post,
Jake, it just needs to post, and we’re done. (coughing) – [Austin] Here, take it. – Oh, it’s even worse when I comes up, I don’t need your bucket! – What is the time, Matt? I will murder you! What is the time?! – [Matt] Twenty seconds. – Oh! – It’s okay, it’s okay,
gimme a screwdriver, gimme a screwdriver. Screwdriver! Screwdriver! (Jake groans) – I’ll jump it, I’ll
jump it, I’ll jump it, Yes! Yes! – [Jake] Is it posting? – So this doesn’t look very cable managed. – [Austin] How dare you? – We got some loose
cable hanging out here. The case, the sides aren’t on. I don’t see anything on the screen. – [Austin] Give it a second,
it’s fine, it’s still posting. (whip cracking) – [Matt] So unfortunately,
it did not post in time. – [Austin] It’s posting! – (burping) Rules are rules. – Ah! Oh! Oh! It’s posting, it posted! – [Matt] Cool, if only you had done that roughly fifteen-seconds ago. – He’s fair, he’s true, he’s right. – So if we eat it, we win. – [Jake] Cheers, buddy. – [Austin] No, no, no, dab
it off as much as possible, it’s not cheating. It’s the way the rules
were meant to be written. – [Ken] That’s not what
they mean by “The Last Dab”. – [Jake] (laughs) Cheers. Where’s our bucket? – [Matt] I would get on that because in another minute-and-a-half, you’re going to have to have another one. Clean it! – Bucket is over here. – I’m never doing this again. Give me the milk. – I mean that’s pretty clean, right? – [Matt] That looks great! Jake’s good at this. – Should I spit my spit out? (exhales) – (mumbling) – I don’t know what to do with my hands. – It’s like a waterfall,
no not on the computer. ‘Sup ladies? You wanna go out with me? – Okay Jake, you take this computer home. (all laughing) – No! Ah! Thank you so much! – (burping) – Subscribe to Austin Evans,
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