Was ist Ex-Nati-Star Nico Scalvinoni erklärt das Team Management App

Hello. I am Nico Scalvinoni Former national floorball player I train 5 times a week These are all organization lists for team operations On paper! Who needs something like that today? I know it too … Sometimes the training is postponed at short notice or you cannot participate And then, it is impossible to get the coach on the phone And then there are the helper jobs… Have you ever been asked to do it? Then you would have wished you had never offered yourself as a volunteer My point is … … Each of us needs the same… … a simple and reliable platform that saves us time is an app that makes all this possible Every team member sees all participations and cancellations with just one click What else do you want? works on all devices From home, on the road, or in the office It gives you exactly the options you need No-nonsense Let’s train instead of coordinate! Ah yes, by the way, you can use it for all sports