Warriors vs Trail Blazers Game 3 | Live Play-By-Play & Reactions

we got your goodness isn't okay now there it goes first one in yeah what's up guys no earpods gang troy legit athlete Arturo is in here man Wyatt my chat is wave on your ass you Justin Maz away what's up buddy MMH is in the fucking house look there with our MH to sweep yeah let's go and it taters it is this I think we're the only guys that actually stand out for you yes entertainer I don't see anybody else standing up for you on yeah but we do that for you yeah better remember that yeah what's up King how you doing Mitch Gibson's in the house Oh conrick Donald and super big what's up buddy I love you guys Miami in the building what's up says k2 world what's up Casey Anthony Simonelli mmm-hmm Josh how are your Cubs doing do the Cubs do the Cubs are fucking fun let's see where they're at night after that game last night after Chris blind fucking hit that bomber fucking Cubs are losing right now to the Nationals 0 to 4 bottom of the fourth right now Oh taxes getting destroyed around some of the 272 st. Louis of things right there yeah they had a rain delay today yeah Oh storming fuck man it was coming down like crazy today man so we're fifth place overall mm-hmm but in the National League where 2nd place where a game and a half behind the Dodgers in the National League yeah Rangers are eight and a half out from the lead of the division in the West we're 20 and 22 so we're almost at 500 but I we really turned around the last month seriously we went fucking I that's good man what's up Giselle Maggie Jerry what's up man Jerry bitch no Jerry Penn Nala hey Jer panella what's up man auntie webs in the house yeah it can't be a stream without a whip you know yeah we got a fight all donation from Shaun Edelman he says go Phillies sorry it's been a while again no apologies necessary now we understand life get you you know you got things going on but Shaun thank you so much for being right now go Phillies I just saw the bottom of the screen right when you said that Phillies won 2-1 today good gentlemen yes you bought your tea legit athlete you bought the washer t-shirt that's awesome which one you buy I don't know where they have like three different ones I don't know the premium the premium those are nice are comfortable Chris seeing yours in the gym Christmas oh man what's going on buddy what I brought amen one of these days when we do a Colin show you gotta call in bro you gotta call it person your is the fucking man yeah knows his sports yeah he's a bright young kid I'm bill Wars as yo what up guys I actually got an ottoman actually I always I automatically smash the like button oh thanks well thank you sir appreciate it oh my god this room is gonna be weird isn't it it's gonna be one of those nights I feel it's gonna be fucking one kind like Thursday was it's Saturday we got work tomorrow yeah let's get fucked up tonight well I thought to drive home don't work no no no I mean like okay cares oh man oh mercy your wouldn't the next uh Colin show probably right after the playoffs yeah yeah cuz it's pretty much every day is gonna be a game yeah uh what's up goose what's up man hmm hey congrats once again goose on hitting 1k man yeah go to you know Thursday right yeah hit on Thursday sir card oh he was given a bunch of raged artistry man help him get there and you know we came that little tiny push there at the end and but ghost man you deserve it bro yeah I was putting that work in he's awesome nice great guy man yeah Chris Oh goose Congrats on 1k bro and I do you anymore come yes uh two dollars on that woman again cuz alright guys I just wanted to donate real quick take Sean anybody one bro thanks for the help no man that's what the community is all about bro that's what the community is all about when we were first starting up man there was a bunch of guys that helped us out you know like you see up Jaguar got things guys like that jet central yeah you know whoa the community is all about we're all here for each others how about the port it's all about love man Sean respect stuff so a yeah Archos is almost a 65 K yeah we are we have 121 oh sorry 31 away Oh from hitting 65k I'm not sure so we need we need a hundred in what thirty some weirdos yeah that's my mom says what's going on brother's a doing good bro we're doing go again knocked up tonight let's go uh what's up Jer Jerry Elmore what's up man are you saying go Blazers so yep y'all have to if y'all lose this it's over y'all have to get this dub here at home y'all gotta get it must win I go check most wouldnt you you're not gonna go down 0-3 ya to the goals they were you just can't Paul Pierce says that the Portland Trailblazers are going to win by twelve tonight by twelve uh it's probably gonna be a buzzer beater or something like that no way they're gonna go up twelve on the go and say we're gonna need to know they need to get that confidence yeah I mean if they can win by twelve then they could get back in the series one okay so let's get into it man Portland Trailblazers gonna say warriors so far in this series no Kevin Durant no problem we said it would be no problem nope this is a team with a core that has gotten it done without Kevin Durant before yeah what's the offense looked like without giving around Oh great ball movement all the way around back screens is all going through draymond Green right on top of the key and curry clay back screens all day the ball movement is fantastic it's it's a lot more fast-paced it's actually a little bit more fun to watch oh yeah don't say Warriors offense okay and then on defense they've been amazing defense on the Portland Trailblazers a lot of double teams on CJ McCollum and Dame time making them work for everything that they get and they're forcing the role players hasn't having to step up and make some plays which for the most part that I'm really doing yeah me November in the first quarter in Game two look good right in the beginning like first like five six minutes I mean a look fantastic eight points yeah eight points and he's looking like he's gonna have a double-double before the end of the first quarter yeah but what happened he went go smoked inconsistency from the role players yeah oh the trouble is is killing these guys seth Curry got going late in there in the fourth quarter man Steph Curry he he was knocking down some threes over step and then but see the thing is okay remember that one point where Seth Curry stole the ball from Steph yeah right and we were like oh shit here we go that's fuckin crazy he took him cookies from his brother yeah but what did he do right after that he passed it to the bench there was no player on the court and anywhere near there and he passed it to the bench a stupid turnover in that situation that's what they've been doing yeah a lot of another thing that they gotta clean up is these role players especially down low guys like Leonard Collins right Zek cons cons getting an ultra getting in foul trouble that's thing is they don't have a lot of depth Golden State does have a lot of depth down low so you got to take advantage of that but yeah they're not gonna condemn foul trouble and that's fuckin them right last and the goal say war is that coming off the bench you know you got Quinn cook you got loony Louie's been playing fantastic I really love that dude man Johnny Five is alive so yeah daytime and CJ McCollum they gotta fight through the traps they gotta fight through the double teams yeah they got a the rest of the row players they got to step the fuck up yeah if they want to have a chance in this series I'm not sure if it's gonna happen though until I see it man and Damian Lillard where have you been where has Damian will have been this whole series Eli he had that one spurt in Game two and like the end of the second quarter right mm-hmm and then he he's been so dead quiet what's going on I want to see the aggressiveness out of the defense of the Warriors has been fantastic right there and so disappointing man oh yo what's good guys I'll be heading out with the family in a few hours is Rocha oh there goes ooh all Roach yeah check out the hippos and stuff like that they got a great zoo over there yeah and the bay mhm uh-oh he says what are your thoughts on the rum boys and the new rookies so the wrong boys they won that sports caster thing right yeah going into the draft that like I think was like a month or so or whatever and whoever had one that whoever was a top caster sportscaster on sportscaster yeah was gonna interview the some of the rookies meeting yeah so they won and they got to go and interview a lot of these rookies and they even got to meet Michael Vick which was awesome that's awesome congratulations to the rum boys it's a lot of hard work and dedication paid off they got to interview these rookies man Congrats to the Rose Bowl that's a great opportunity man so proud for man cheaters boys oh it's so hot a cocky what's up man is judged out what's going on guys to somebody I take hockey here is hit 6k so congratulations to a haunted hockey a lot of people meeting a lot of goals here in the last month here in a sports community proud of all you um just recently sir card oh you hit 5k goose hit 1k Broncos out there and meeting the the rookies of the NFL get to interview them bad dog hit a like it was a couple weeks ago I can't remember what the Entertainer talk of sports hit 8k 30 so man yeah everyone's doing big things in the community and it's just amazing to see and we're just so grateful to be a part of it all awesome to everybody man love you fuck you Josh to my grandma's birthday oh let your grandma's birthday tell grandma we said hi yeah Roach oh hi grandma Rocha love you buddy Oh his new name is happy to actually roaches new nickname of happy feet his name is happy feet yeah because from that video he looks like a penguin he's running hmm so we're gonna peepee from the movie oh yeah that came out from Jamie Jamie thought about gotcha uh happy birthday grandma yeah happy birthday roaches grandma guys uh the wraps take both games at home then do they got a chance of taking the series oh yeah of course suppose they have a chance if they could win it both that games at home they're gonna need to can they stop you honest is a big question mhm brought up who's gonna be the x-factor for the Portland Trailblazers so the X Factor has to be Aminu it's got to be a me no this is a guy that can get it done on he would crash the boards right now he's capable giving them boards he's capable of scoring you know he's scalable play some defense so Amina he's got to be the X Factor but he's got to stay consistent the Portland Trailblazers whenever they looked good remember when they went up 17 on the on the wars at one point yeah um in game what was a game to you know I mean who had played a role in that so that's what we're talking about the role players need to step up and amino is that next best role player for the Portland Trailblazers outside of Dame and CJ yeah so the X Factor for the Portland Trailblazers they're gonna win it's got to be a me know you know mom thinking it's either a me know or it's got to be a Collins oh that's just a Seth Curry no I think Collins here mainly not on just a scoring ability but is defensible hmm I want to see more of a presence to pressure draymond Green and sub like that and get aggressive men get physical with these guys and get them in foul trouble that I think that's gonna be key for them to get the Warriors and foul trouble than himself Thank You mhm did you get it nope we don't you don't man you're dope all you've got we got donations or fever dwarfee a from across the pond avoid or feet 499 what's up guys hope you're all both well loving the concert as always we love you man thank you hey shot two dwarf me out there from across the pond thank you so much that donation we really appreciate that it's good seeing you yeah man I'm seeing a while now okay who will have a better career deck or chore biscuit Oh Robert it's yeah absolutely gonna come attack you guys hear about the new Batman or Toro yes while the new Batman has been casted who get this shit Shawn did you ever watch the movie the twilights The Twilight Zone then that's why it's on Twilight series series or whatever movies yes Robert Pattinson is gonna be the new Batman I swear that's that is Edward is not gonna be bad Prince Edward no you're a liar I'm a nurse can't earners cancers normally a bad defender but now he has to do Ramadan so he can't drink water at all really oh shit he cannot he can't even drink water that's tough that's crazy that's crazy cancer in the last game yeah he only had 14 points he only grabbed five boards not you got to have at least ten boards cancer can't do that shit oh and Jason Morgan's in the house mean God is in the fucking chat what's up Jason Morgan's up Jason – are you fucking kidding apparently they're in negotiations not finalized family are their negotiations Robert Pattinson yeah he'd better fucking bulk up man I guess they'll I guess they didn't like my audition tape fuck man I know man maybe get it we took a lot of work in filming that audition tape yeah we blew are you are all our YouTube money no special effects fuck did we get reimbursed yeah and we should send them an angry letter I'm not my mom right and we even had other youtubers involved I mean yeah you know Philly 500 he was a villain so it was Christianity no yeah you know sir cor no sir hey sir Carlos with a check right now – yeah these are the course you got the villains – the villain Kooser Cardinals I just yeah I'm gonna get these guys they didn't like it what asshole they didn't like it whatever I'll have my mom sent a letter complaining Leah says fuck you Josh why don't answer why I didn't didn't answer what every comment there's a lot of comments buddy what was I'm going back to see you never answer me that was the last last comment okay I'm gonna go back to his last last let's see what I can find um I hope she lives to 100 okay who what's the context behind that gonna say Wars versus bucks who wins layeth um I'm gonna go boom bucks okay I want buck someone yeah we both want the bucks to win but I'm gonna go with the Warriors I think I'm gonna go with the Warriors I don't know bucks all right there we answer Julia are we still assholes what's up Chris Bridget so do you guys thoughts on the Boston Bruins I haven't even watched the Boston Bruins we've been so busy with NBA playoffs I have no fucking look man you know I better grab a beer before the game starts can you grab me want to drink all my damn beauty night of course dude you know what I was watching today I was a chilling in my apartment with Jeremy and we fucking he put on that documentary about Ted Bundy on Netflix yes have you watched it holy fuck I didn't want to all the way through yet I'm finished in to watch the movie uh no but holy fuck this guy he escaped twice from prisons yeah holy shit dude like this guy's a fucking boss it makes you better done walking's so devious dude it's Modelo times this crazy mofo Oh so speaking of which yeah okay so was talking a bad dog last night right okay yeah so did you look at his toes no okay did not look history he now show us V just yeah thought you're gonna be traumatized but we were talking about the next dream teams dream team right so we're gonna do that this summer of course Oh the next dream teams dream team is going down this summer we I set a date yet but we have set the beer it's gonna be Modelo I hate you hate with Delos I hate Mandela hydrant Oh psyches I'll drink those ecchi I gotta see what the committee of the dream teams dream team and they okay with that I gotta approve or disapprove uh the Entertainer I know you're good with medela bad dog was saying that you love that shit right we're not gonna stream money the bag inmate you're gonna be seeing the NBA playoff tomorrow yeah buddy my nigga says no beer for me but do you have any Gatorade Josh Josh Hampton Gatorade I like I like the blue Gatorade oh yeah yeah so seconds works for me says Entertainer ante might go with you on that he might tag team with you okay Gordo sekiz yeah Oh bad dog he was telling me about this world of beer that he goes to because I was like where the fuck do you get all this goddamn beer getting drinks me here he drinks all these beers from all around the world right yeah so I'm like where do you find this stuff he says there's a place over but where he lives called world of beer where you go and they have beer from all around the world and stun they let you try it and so you gotta fight get this he was he even got an app right where you could look out over all the fucking beers he's had like 66 different beers from like 55 different countries or something like that he's got that he's got a badge where he got t-shirts from this place he is he's a man of bad dog was telling me he was showing on the stream he was showing that there's beer that costs up to $50 for a beer one beer for one beer why I don't fuck you know fuck that I'll never get that one of it it's crazy oh what's up Jesse yeah we see your coming buddy Tevin yo Bros I'm late but I made it baby seven nine oh one welcome say right now layeth you ain't gonna win that fight gonna win that by gamzee chickens in the fucking house says what's good hey what's a KFC chicken what's going on brother Conner's is and he bugs me the words without KD rather than they could be the Warriors definitely there are transition offense they're great defense you know I think the Bucks definitely have they have the best chance of meeting the goals they were they got yeah everything's fucked in that's exactly what I said fuck that shit I'm painful two goddamn dollars get out of here whoever dislike the stream your mom's a ho says Ricky el Te'o your mom's oh we have 283 fine-ass people up in here right now the game hasn't even started yet it's uh they're about to walk onto the court just now oh so thank you guys so much for being in here we appreciate you yeah this should be a good game last game was pretty good it was good for a while yeah look Portland started blowing him out everybody's like member all the warrior fans especially Roach coach master what's up bro Koosh Koosh Koosh good Josh it's a great time if you let me know if you ever go to the world of beer often you go Jonathan Cooper there's the net that one closest to it this house is in Fort Worth oh that we have one here yeah there's one here hmm that's a Bulls fan shot root for the Bucs just when you city fan well I know that's tough right being you know there are new vision rival but same time like how do you feel about to go and State Warriors where's the more hatred for that because a lot of people a lot of people are rooting against the Warriors just me for the fact that they don't want to see him anymore there's Bulls fans not everybody for the Warriors because they don't want to see it anymore yeah there is that yeah go skittle this is a NASA shirt it's my NASA shirt I grabbed out mom shoutout to Philly Phanatic yeah Phillip I wonder if avorite shirt I'm in the shrimp while I'm graduating I want minute graduation parties this Patrick what you're at a graduation part did you graduate if he did congratulations Randall man and thanks for still tuning in yeah and Jamison mcdougal is in the house is what up my people how you doing tonight Jamison is here we can get the stream started name so we're are doing fantastic how are you doing on this fine Saturday night I've got the cold beers I'm about to crack mine open here second we've got a good game ahead of us we got a famous person in the chat who you are yeah hey UCF why's it going man I I mean with this new logo is new logo I'm gonna make sure we don't point them you know yeah cool man guys you think the wraps have a chance to come back of course they do of course you've got Kawhi Leonard you got one of the best defenses going to the playoffs they're going back to Toronto you know what I was saying to Sir Cardinal in his in his live stream yesterday yeah you know I was like listen that sucks right you you you you lose two in a row but it's in Milwaukee you're looking to the one seed that they're a great team but now the series goes back to Toronto this is where the series really begins because tomorrow they win their home games are two home games yeah the series is tight yeah right and it's right we're right back to where we started so it hasn't started yet the series yeah until it goes onto the road it's going back to Toronto right here we're in Portland now here in game three against the Warriors the Trailblazers are the series is just beginning house so Raptors win that first game there you go I was telling Josh would like a couple weeks ago whenever the Warriors are up to zero in the Rockets I said I remember back in the day it always started off like that and series and in basketball right it always was 200 in the first two games and then it was a two and two after the next road games it always was like that and now everybody's like oh my god you're down – oh god you're gonna lose like know back in the day everybody expects teams always steal one right away that day never happened back in the day but you know it worries me though the role players of the Portland Trailblazers kind of like I mean I the Portland Road buzzers but the Raptors better reminded me of the Trail Blazers where the row players just aren't consistent enough they're not it is storming Gasol has just been as man he's been as I've seen Sircar Dome I've seen Luca who covered the Raptors their read his fans and they think man get the fuck in the fuck out of there Lucas it get him out of the lineup yeah let him sit on a fucking bench and atrocious that but I'm sorry but Nick nurse is their head coach this looks like he's just too scared to make those changes he's too key area to make take make that gutsy call Michael sacks with $2 nation I remember I called for one first Greek freak MVP Michael Sachs thanks for – donation and maybe you're right maybe maybe maybe looking like a damn psychic over there the Bucks role players made a huge difference in heartache yeah hunter cocky walks role players have been fantastic they did those man they built that team the right way exactly because Yanis he's a guy who's not a great shooter but he dominates the inside we in the paint versus like hardly anyone who can stop him Italy especially now in the playoffs there's no one that can stop Yanis right and then they surrounded him with nothing but great shooters yeah and some of these guys are huge a Meritage George look at look at your I always would call George Lopez actually that's what we're gonna call George like this Brook Lopez I mean you saw him in Game one no solo it looks over so they got they put surround him with nothing but shooters or so that he just got to kick it out to him if he needs to and but or draw the foul he Charles just as easy as harden does me because he's so big got dollar donation' Jameson mcdougal appreciate the donation back chairs banks Neiman thank you for always a support supporting us dude we appreciate that suppose we were fan from Hollywood what's up says truth be told truth be told in the chapter with me from Hollywood California when these days we got to get out there man I'm never been to Cali I I seen like the strip in Hollywood and it's a crazy wild place you never know what the hell is gonna happen I would like to check that out man man I'm never to Cali you've been out there to San Francisco just say yes amber said oh I don't know you said it was nice out there oh very expensive yeah don't know how anyone could live off there man it is stupid expensive that's why a lot of cala people were moving to texas man shit but yeah cheers everybody how many people do we have in here right now we've got 363 amazing people guys make sure to smash that like let's get 200 likes before the game starts della della cheers to a good stream and good game um you guys are the best is Isaiah McIntosh thank you so much you're the best preciate that we sell weed to live here Touche okay Hollywood Florida Hollywood Florida all we go to the other Hollywood I forgot there is a Hollywood Florida oh that's where he's at I think okay there's a Hollywood Florida it does have I think there's Aloha from Hawaii hey what's up Hawaii salute to you Ron Rob says that's why I live in the Central Valley what's up guys a good stream night yeah Rob as a cheap round there in the Central Valley uh-huh you guys are a little bit behind with my game starts as I'm warm yeah there's always add a YouTube like I said look yeah there's not watching the game why but there's all there's always that you tuned to my woodchuck just pause the game and like you know time it ups you know there's something we could do about that what we could uh lower the latency and everything like that you know and it'll be virtually no delay however the quality will be shit yeah we don't want that back folder like for 2004 20 fuck that man all we had two dollars from the movie critic – hey movie critic who just streamed up yeah we were Philly yeah he's in love these guys what's up did you enjoy the stream uh yeah that's our culture I tune in for a little bit at the end – yeah I came here at the end because I worked last night so I caught the tail Internet and uh yeah man was also dude I'll work in a film that's great yeah movie Craig thank you so much anybody and Chris it Lots I probably screw up your name it Canadian two dollars and he didn't say anything but thank you so much buddy we love you man thank you thank you so much man Richards's Philippines fans here Richard Solomon saw my baby look Glee eyes are in here Nikita's see I learned that I learned that uh what a Kuya is from sir Cardinal he was told that it means brother brother what's up brother brother from another mother oh yeah shout-out to the COO yes yeah uh Chad support Lashon CH out of Portland hey guys it yeah since the game is about to start let me see all the right I wore your's fans and all the routers about sig Raptors Blazers fans in the chat right now we got right don't see it or Blazers let's check the community tab let's see what the community camera the poll was for today ok so winning the poll today one point four thousand votes thirty six percent trust central edges here at home sixty-four percent to worse Sean that's the exact same polling that's crazy alright I said a lot of warriors Ben come on buddies your fans where you at Jameson said he was coming on after after a race okay alright do you web that's what's up I think Thorsten he's uh tuning into a race – oh hey face what's up man we love you – what's up buddy phase Molly for tonight tonight I'm always in a couple of rip cities I know where's the rip city yeah guys I see so Overland dubs or rip city what's up Eric Donahue – all the ways from the movie creases here's some money because the Bulls got screwed thank you thank you what time is this is neon thunder what time is it let's see player fans are trailing as usual dude that was actually good one they are Trail Blazers that's pretty good I wasn't good when I give you that buddy I enjoy a channel I'm doves all right we're getting fucked up which I think while the Jets want to trade bill so yeah well Adam GaSe now he's the interim GM he didn't really like the bail signing from the previous Jam they got fired I don't think they're gonna trade I think that's a bullshit story you think so well it came out right after that that apparently I'm gays ever since especially after the firing and everything him and Belle have been in constant contact and it's been all positive so I don't think that's gonna happen but if it does I be so stupid that'd be stupid cuz he's a great bag he got my great price remember they didn't give him that much we get none donation – we got remove from EJ EJ he says hey guys hey hope all is good work is killing me slowly but eight weeks paid vacation is coming soon also some news I might be moving to Dallas soon work and the deep whoa are you time hotties Alber there develop or somewhere EJ you move out the Dow's bro we gotta get together we're coming up we're coming your restaurant every fucking weekend yeah EJ think so is a donation and then you know what we hope that actually happens you know we wish the best for you yes but you come out of Dallas man you will love it out here in Dallas in Deep Ellum bro there are some good places andhe fellow man hey Trey Blake Eaton says cheers guys I'm enjoying my beers – all right welcome let's cheers to that that was have a great night tonight guys salad Elias two to one tonight Isaiah saying the rib city is gonna win here tonight go to a one in a series make me better fucking do it man they get they gotta get back into the series man uh it's wrist is getting a job in two weeks or so it's so stressful thinking about it oh man dude getting a job will be stressful well the one thing that you all like is getting your own money having money to be able to spend on things that you want to get good luck to you buddy yeah and sub guys for the Philippines watching from watches Paul hey what's up Paul watching from worth in the Philippines my buddy and a everybody that's watching from work or on the road chats y'all be afraid smash that like button we get 200 do we're almost got 200 already come on anyways that's crazy yeah that's crazy man as Sean would say just got my driver's license nay say you go drive us around yeah especially after streaming or drinking the official fury uber driver yeah ah shortly table tonight oh I was forgetting I don't know I I don't know from India watching says Harshad awesome dude thank you for for watching from although from India Dorsey says go 76ers ooh never drink a drive you you might spill says Jameson that's true yes don't drink and drive drink and then drive drink that's how I always used to joke around you just got your gun license cush dude that's what's up bro that's what's up man we should go shooting one these days anything Nick how it was getting me hiking by behind you that looks so fucking awesome it's it's very fucking a lot of depth doing archery do that I have a honey rifle I've never shown I still got excited in baking up small civil war okay we're talking about mod Civil War like how's that gonna go down we actually actually came up with a pretty damn good idea and everybody's down for this what if one of these days we set up a paintball matchup oh I'll go pray darling I would totally be down for that'd be great right I've never been paintballing do we reckon the bucks we'll take it against the Warriors says the Persian brothers can they yes they can I picked the Warriors began to see regain the playoff to go all the way I'll stick with that yeah Harrell says what the fuck is up y'all shut up let's go all right I'm back to that big adventure welcome back buddy welcome back love from idiot that's awesome dude from India yeah nice shot see buddy shout to you and everybody make sure you smash that like subscribe turn we have two fifteen lines by the way share this stream guys let everybody know we're live and we have two dots what you got Justin Emerson says I'm sad about the end of a fantasy league boys I'm serious hmm we're serious about it we can't wait for that man I can't NFC football we're gonna get more into it this year than we ever have with a month rest and then yeah we're gonna do not or ten subscriber leaks yep and we're gonna do a content creator sleep yeah so the subscriber thinks we're gonna do a variety of different ways to do it we're gonna do 10 man 12 men PPR standard half 1/2 point per reception yep we're gonna do all that kind of stuff so it's gonna be great it's gonna be great and remember remember we're gonna pull out that recruitment video Yeah right it's gonna be at a random time one that we won't say win yeah and then it's first-come first-serve yeah it's first-come first-served and we're gonna this time we're gonna have specific instructions yes specific instructions so that way it can be more fair yeah and we can fill up these up pretty because they fill up really fast yeah and we don't want people you have to let us because we last time we did this and a lot of people didn't do it what happened you have to tell us what to leave you want to be in yeah a lot of people did not tell us what League we don't tell us what League we're gonna bypass you just like I want in ok did you not watch the video no matter how much me but how much we like you I was you gotta keep it fair yeah we have to keep it fair because everybody wants to join in and we can only have 9 weeks I don't think y'all understand the emails with kick like week hundreds we get hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and like this is too much we want people that are actually watching the videos telling us what League they want in and actually putting in the time to let us know yep so it's gonna be awesome it's gonna be awesome oh what's up my big adventure how you doing bro all the mood Craig says last episode of chemicals I'm nervous about it tomorrow I am I'm fucking nervous and movie critic are you are you down to review the whole yeah thing with us man we won't ever do that man we reviewed in game with you man we had a lot of fun we'd love to review the Game of Thrones with Amanda yeah you can't do that epic you can't do that mom's will get you they will get you let's see every time I watch on this channel I always see Sean is drinking Sean why is it damn alcoholic Arvin wants to know drinkin you got a problem bro I found a problem that's why I don't drink much I barely drink yeah barely barely uh I don't think Browns will get his numbers this year decoy all year I'm thinking no more I've been out been at work oh you know you're talking about Antonio Brown now Antonio Brown Sonia's numbers still gonna give us numbers buddy coach Master says I'm going to the Bears at Giants game my first NFL game that's your your first game you're going to soldier v Bakke ah go bears and Giants that's in Chicago yeah it could be in Chicago here like men Soldier Field is one of the best uh you know NFL stadiums not to work to you where the stats oh my god gets there early so that way you can check everything out man yeah because after the game you don't have time to just they give you a time limit I've never seen this at any other fucking arena or Stadium yeah where as soon as the game's over you have a time limit to get the hell out of the stadium that's because Chicago is a pretty rowdy place yeah I remember the tailgating shit there how strict they were they were super if you did not go to the game you could not tailgate during the game they took that rule out so they're real strict out there now man I wish we would have went there a little earlier than we did last time so that way yeah you watch I got all that historical stuff man I think we what's reboot to the Troops and stuff like that Palace we're doing the time I going to the they wouldn't let us go to the fucking shops yeah no everything was locked up so they were even locking up the restrooms yeah Josh got a fucking headache and they were like get out of here Josh like I got a fucking going here now relax for a second yeah toxic hockey says cheers guys thanks again for the donation last night I'm gonna I'm going out soon but I'll stay until then oh yeah thank you so much for being here broke and we're glad to have you man you're awesome dude you're awesome but yeah that's awesome cush that's awesome you'll have a lot of fun buddy you will have a lot of fun we have over 500 people in here we're almost at 300 likes Josh you for the inserts dude that's man Arbus is the best broadcast duo oh thanks man hey man yeah there's a lot of great streamers out there man there really is we say that every single time wow there's a lot of great streamers and we're just grateful that you guys the ones who are tuning in right now here things s thank you guys so much I don't love it this community's a lot of love I mean and we appreciate it Richard says Sean my girlfriend I sing oh thanks oh that's um Richard that's justice evening fellas what's up buddy what's up Fester that's your lettuce tote hey spotlights washed-up what's up man how you doing man how you doing bro Oh Sean Kim isn't here hit you up on tinder she hit you up on tinder that's the one I fucked all those years ago I thinking and then he walked in on you yeah he says what are you doing my mom with my mom's face and you looked at him you turned her over your shoulder yourself I'm skull-fucking her yeah and he was like I don't even know what that means like is this just watch it's just she's gagging and she can look man I'm reminding color back my mom's a grown-ass woman bro your mom's a grown-ass woman all right cuz you're gonna do whatever the hell she wants I know I'm an asshole you know yeah you don't gotta be hating just because your mom wants to get something you know I hate to play at the game do you guys was a slipknot nope up G killer not really dude slipped up yeah my grope I don't my girlfriend just yeah yeah I know she gets way more just live another night oh I watched documentary about the band members and everything like that and then yeah it was fucking awesome but I never got into the Slipknot at all you got to doll donation from Chris's so boys got any predictions in the next season oh are you talking about for NBA or NFL yeah NFL the Chicago Bears are gonna win the Super Bowl and the next year's NBA champion just a way to early prediction that doesn't make any sense because it's we don't know what the fuck's going on right now fricassee draft anything like that let's go with say bucks bucks I must say Kawhi Leonard goes to the Clippers oh god yeah what time's the game start Carson it'll be starting here in the next like three minutes I believe yeah hey guys if y'all just shooting in yellow new to the channel we can't show the game but we do provide you live play-by-play live reaction shots got the best of the business left and the play-by-play hang out with us we will be updating the score man we'll be updating the score yes and hopefully y'all have a good time give us a chance we're gonna interact with y'all have some dealings of you James says watch your mouth I'm only three years old bitch smokey what's up man Lakers win it all next year I don't know man they got a lot to fix where I could say that Space Jam I wanna watch the original oh they Castle LeBron but apparently can't find anybody else to go with them Luke races will you watch the Elton John movie I don't know to the Rocket Man movie Rocket Man don't own John song that I really like is oh there's two songs I like um Betty Magette that's a good that's a good bar song and he's having orrible names I know that know them and Rocket Man Rocket Man was good no not a Rocket Man tiny dancer tiny dancer that's the one oh because the time dancer oh okay see I'm not good with the title of these songs but I know them if I hear me uh-oh and John wick I watched that last night how was it it's pretty good it's pretty much like number two is a pretty much pure action okay it had a little twist at the end and I was like Wham they're gonna Memphis oh yeah dude this is the best action flick out there right now some of the best quest action flicks series yeah dude Best Choreography uh pretty much it it's pretty good John wick / fucking James Bond all goddamn day American fuckers fuck yeah yeah yeah you'll uh you'll like it how it ends it's like you'll see what I'm talking Jennifer Cody says so we have 680 people right now we're just moments away from tip-off and for the new people that are just joining in here tonight if you're wondering who we got winning this game I'm gonna say the Golden State Warriors Sean I'm thanking stating the the Warriors have been absolutely tremendous on both ends of the comedy their office without Kevin Durant especially here against the Portland Trail Blazers fast paced up tempo it's been amazing it's a lot more fun to watch defensively more importantly defensively they've been doing a great job at trapping and double teaming Damian Lillard say to you McCallum making them struggle for everything that they can get going and the raw players of the Portland Trailblazers have just not been consistent they go in and out for a long periods of time yeah and whenever they take a step forward they'll use you to take another step or two back and dude you got to get props to the Golden State Warriors like you said they're playing great defense on both sides them all and more credit going to klay Thompson his defense Damian Lillard is just tremendous Damian Lillard 'he's got to find his ways to get a shot with my favorite players man the klay Thompson doing phenomenal just way superstar yeah a Thompson he really is getting him that max deal man so the Portland Trailblazers here gave me Luther CJ McCollum Harkless amino and Meyers Leonard not cancer is the starting lineup for the Blazers really I learned that curry Thompson it would Ella green and Damian Jones is the starting lineup for the Warriors the Warner's in there all blue and the pointer lasers and they're all what we're about to have tip Wellesley fridges Mira we got all white uniforms for the gold save words all our all blue uniforms for the gold say Wars all white for the Trailblazers so let's see what happens total astray series with a road win then a record for the Warriors and 2019 playoffs 501 record at home for the troubles only lost one time this in this playoffs at home so let's see what they could do all right boys tipoff is underway between Damon Jones and Leonard and the ball goes to the Trailblazers here comes the home team 11:54 here we got Damian Lillard on top klay Thompson on him now to Harkless top of the key to let it on the right wing Leonard hands it off to Damian Lillard you've got double teams going on download to CARQUEST going up off the glass no good let her grab the board but there is a whistle before that that goes against the trouble edges against Leonard that is warriors ball come on don't get I said the big men need to get them and foul trouble Blazers big men stop getting foul trouble of series shit yo I'm here what's up y'all around they tell you doing buddy young onyx of the house yeah all right step curry into the frontcourt for the Golden State Warriors for their first possession they're looking to score start things off hot out to the wing to Damien J Mont green now to start Steph Curry puts up the floater no good rebounded by the Trailblazers here comes ding time came time moving off his screen from amino staying on him double-team and he's gonna get fouled by Damian Jones Damian Jones and they're still trapping him you're still doing the double-team Damian Jones and klay Thompson closed in on Lillard as soon as he got the ball I'm kind of shocked that they have Damian Jones in there you know why not Looney all right for the sidelines Lillard will inbound this to Meyers Leonard on top of the key back out to Lillard shot from downtown Dave dad oh he starts things off three to nothing great sir Dave time let's go all right move to klay Thompson now onto a Guanella down low to the right short corner Damon Lillard now out to that Damian Lillard demon Jones to clay tots apart corner three no good to him 53 remaining in the first quarter CJ McCollum with the ball top of the key shoots shots from straightaway but hits all back iron rebounded by oh nice save there by Steph Curry nice all right here comes Steph Curry and the goal state warriors trailing by three they haven't scored yet to Iguodala on the drive in the paint hands it off to dream on going and in nice pass by a good dollar man that's the someone that we get when I want to see get going this game is Iguodala he hasn't done well I didn't do anything last game really tear 25 rating in the first quarter it's a one-point game game and Lillard has it on the left wing Thompson guarding him here comes the screen by Leonard out to see to become for three yes CJ McCollum oh nothing but the bottom of the net so both of their guys Lillard and CJ both hit three so that's X what you want to see Trey Mont on the drive drawing try to draw the foul and there's a whistle or there's no whistle no that it bounced on Jay Marcus he's not everything goes they still dad no how the hell is that it still has ball anyway no no you won't let's see here's a replay Dre moss on the drive so that should have been a foul yeah but that should have been a foul Harkless yeah I should have been a foul on heartless yeah Steph Curry will inbound this one the sideline for the baseline I'm sorry – clay clay hands off the demon Jon Stewart here comes the trailblazers push it Damien Lillard driving right here on the left corner goes out of bounds nice hands there by Iguodala member he had that game-winning clutch steal on Willard that was pretty good did you see how as soon as lawyer touched the ball right there he had two guys on him oh yeah they're still going to trap him they know that he's the lifeblood of this team man if he gets it going man the old crowds in me crazy all right 950 remaining in this in the first quarter 2 to 6 Damian Lillard and dr. heartless going up two guys there and he misses tries to clean it up and on the rebound he's fouled I think that's maybe on Damian Jones is that gonna be a second that's a second foul are you serious yeah oh yeah he did fella Lillard earlier oh my god that's not good man that's gonna they're not to bring in a loonie now John burrows it where have I been I have been at work but in last uh I mean I worked this weekend I work it overnight shifts yeah I 45 remaining here that was a foul that gives Damian Jones Harkless at the free-throw line first free throw good and it is a 7 to 2 ball game and that was Damon Jones a second foul I was a second found it sound like a good man but that's exactly what uh blazing dude get that there get there big man in foul trouble why don't you guys stream the Eastern Conference Finals because those games have all been on my my night shifts yeah and the throw is missed rebounded by draymond Green outlet to Steph Curry now to able dollar trade back to draymond to step on the right wing Damian Lillard guarding him Damian Jones zero points to foul up yeah he addala takes it the shot no foul he's wanting one there was a lot of content right there but here come the poet rebels deep three by Lillard no good rain bothered by Steph Curry we got to daughter nation from hell or if I've got a day off of Y visas hi hey thank you so much thank you oh my curry yeah to draymond green down low goes out of bounds that's a turnover that's Portland ball they're leading by five with 915 remaining Damian Lillard into the front court for the Trailblazers yeah shots use hello thanks for the door thank you so much bro klay Thompson guarding him on the outside top of the key Lillard to Meyers Leonard back to Lillard going driving and Tasha pass it to Amina but it stole my it with Dulla now to clay for three splash splash like klay Thompson that net didn't even move oh my god nice ball right there CJ McCollum on the outside right corner pump fake over Deena Jones draws a foul that's Damian Jones third foul him out that's three free-throws Shawn that's what happens when you guys come in that hasn't played that much as series get them out Steph Curry having some words with Damian Jones now Sam hey man you gotta ease your shit here being the starting lineup there take advantage of the pond triplets are yeah they just drew his third foul so here comes Looney I'm gonna check in for Damian Jones yes 843 remaining Jonah three fouls already yeah man and that's exactly what I said they got to get them and foul trouble in that that's gonna be good news man and right here seizure but close gonna be shooting three free throws I said so it's a seven to five ball game any step let's see oh yeah let's see let's see yeah let's see oh yeah that's three step four yeah yeah yeah all right here comes the first free throw by CJ McCollum k to extend the lead to three he does 843 remaining nice but yeah Damian Jones three fouls he's gonna check out and Looney he's gonna come in he hasn't checked out yet well yeah because you got the fries he's gonna wait for the free-throws and the next dead ball then they can uh unless they're gonna call timeout next dead ball Oh check there he goes right here I was like why don't they do it the first free throw what's up B money he's what's up boys any money what's up brother man I just want to share that you can watch this game live at your mama's house okay go skittles in the house what's up buddy hey Jimmy Cole knocks down that last free-throw there we go ten of five eight 40 remaining in the first quarter step into the frontcourt for the Warriors met by heartless top of the key everyone chatting defense here at Portland now to clay he takes a shower McCulloch for two from the wing no good it goes over the backboard that's out of bounds that's Portland both yo Portland ball don't get discouraged Wars fans it's only a five-point game I know you guys gotten some foul trouble already with Damian Jones Portland looking already be good Damian Lillard he hit from downtown CJ but it's still so so damn early don't even just I mean you know some people just just get really discouraged yeah Damian Lillard his pass goes off the leg of constant out of Bounce so that's gonna stay with Portland with 13 left on the shot clock 8:20 remaining in the first quarter hello sorry missed some strains been working crazy dude $2 donation thank you so much but nah man you don't ever have apologize man sidelines in bound by Lillard here comes McCollum on the right wing getting double-teamed by step oh and Looney now to uh Aminu on the baseline floater good there we go nice cross-court pass you mean you've got to get a goin here 804 remaining in the first quarter step card well in the back pass to Looney now the dream on top of the key 15 on the shot clock 750 remaining and there's going to be a timeout by Golden State they're gonna talk things over as they're down by 7 5 to 12 Portland with 759 let the go in the first quarter Sean what are you seeing right here so forth I'm liking how they're cut they're getting it going especially down low getting them in foul trouble that was great bringing Looney in early Damian Jones aiming real fouls already dude why do they have him in there he hasn't played the harlot oh she's my soul mister I'm like get the fuck out of here really it's stupid that you saw the experience in there fouling fucking CJ McCollum for 350 throws that's horrible Kobe Hooper says I came in straight to light thank you so much Gobbo hi from Mexico appreciate that and Luis's hello from the dominican republic what's up man the thing that I really that I really love is the fact that CJ McComb already has six points yep and Lillard has three yeah they both hit hit from downtown yeah CJ McCollum he's three four he's a three for three for the from the free-throw line yep and then he hit that three-point shot so I'm liking at the backcourt or the Trailblazers your two superstars will superstars like your two stars of the Trail Blazers Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum they're seeing the basket they're getting going yeah right now early yeah and they're trying to get everybody involved in something I like that there but everybody you're still seeing double teams on Lillard as soon as the ball you got double team they're there they're coming right on his ass yeah Aminu heartless dip a little bit a McCollum all have points in this game so far Leonard's only one but I'm just loving how they're getting everybody involved and that's key Thank You Matthew for dropping that like and subscribing we appreciate that so damn much welcome to the family Matthew welcome to the sport spearonation we're glad to have you buddy yeah another $5 donation from Hell Lord yeah my goodness he said I get discouraged lol Saints came up the opening drive field goal week one we're going o at 16 that's like all of us man what the hell man we're gonna lose you know what you know why that is a bit it has to do with the fact that we're so passionate we're so passionate you know that's how that's how we are just naturally we're just so passionate yeah the littlest thing goes wrong it's all over yeah every it's it's fucking anarchy that's the end of the world but when the littlest thing goes right all we're we're going through Super Ball all the way we're diehards yeah now I do want to bring up something it's because I see some people saying there's still a lot of time left in this game and I want to point this out man if your trouble is you're up by seven you're looking like you're doing pretty good keep it up keep it up because we saw what happened getting to y'all we're up and y'all fucked up like a 17 point lead keep wrong those fouls right now the water right now the Warriors they have three fouls yeah three fouls if there's just under eight minutes left they go in the first quarter so you can get in the bonus really early in this period yeah so keep attacking keep attacking man it's just this is gonna be keen you cannot let up against the Warriors they could come back in a heartbeat yes I mean who has two points Aminu like I said he's got to be the x-factor for the Trail Blazers yes he's got to stay consistent throughout the game Raymond the rain is imminent in Los Angeles as Washington Park dude it storm like crazy out here today holy shit did you where you sleep did you sleep throat are we had we had tornado watches oh yeah till five o'clock today yeah it was pretty bad it got pretty bad on a lark last night there was quite a bit of tornadoes that touched down here in Texas yeah and there's tornadoes that were touching down right now and in West in East West East Texas yeah and in Oklahoma so about say it always happens hopefully I'll see poor okay hope nobody got you know got killed man you don't want to see that shit that shit freaks me out Josh I swear to god Josh is obsessed with tornadoes like we're back from the timeout Steph Curry – it would all for a quarter three no good rebut it by heartless there you go crash them boards crash them boards and I still can't get shit going now Damien littered it to the front court off the scream sweating the defense driving bounce pass to CJ McCollum goes out of bounds that yeah that was a very questionable pass right there by Lilly now looking good five dogs from hello it again me and my dad are going half and having the first a double paper view next Saturday that's awesome thank you so much hello again it was all from downtown wide open misses hey bro he's been playing like hot garbage the series Lily will bring it up now Lillard and moving up the screen from from Leonard back to it on top of the key swings it to amino for a quarter three oh and he is short on that shot equal della grabs the board he'll bring it up for the Warriors 7 14 remaining bounce pass to clay and stolen by CJ McComb everywhere they say it's a kickball yeah kickball anybody it's still Portland ball yeah that was a kick ball off of clay you know they're saying Golden State ball wait what I thought he pointed up towards the pointing as out of balance where'd they take it out yeah Portland fans are say curry sucks now Oh Curry's been destroying them they can say they can say that only one doesn't mean braised pork point guards of all time ball anybody from the sidelines from it all to Steph Curry now to klay Thompson left wing to Looney Looney on the left wing hands it off to Steph Curry Hills off the screen shoots from three no good a lucky Amino grabs the board he'll give it up to Lillard to bring it into the frontcourt 6:55 remaining in the first quarter Lillard going buys clay swings it to Aminu now to leonard straightaway three Oh Leonard for three Leonard for three on the other side draymond with a blue push it to the front court goes off the glass but he's fouled there I think that's gonna be on Leonard Wow but Leonard hidden it three from straight away that's the third three-pointer that we've seen there was the Blazers in this first quarter 15:07 is a scorer draymond will be shooting two free throws as he was fouled by Leonard Kenneth says are you guys doing it live reaction of the draft yeah the NBA Draft we're doing a live reaction you don't want to miss that fucking live stream I'm telling you it's gonna be crazy draymond he knocks down the free throws and it's an 8 to 15 mm-hmm yeah ball was coming down that's alright cool so that was a goal 10 yeah he knocks down the free throw it made a three-point play draymond on the other end to Leonard Leonard on the right wing guarded by Looney he'll hand it off the CJ McCollum CJ McComb to Leonard in the paint off the glass not over draymond Green Leonard five quick points here some way they started them 6:15 in the first quarter the goal State Warriors here had the ball Steph Curry in the paint goes up high off the glass over letter no good rebound by me you stole my clay and clay lays it up oh who are you dude that's what saying one step forward another step back right there they just can't keep that momentum continuing they don't do something good and then the fuck it up Leonard Oh Damian Lillard on the drive draws a foul from egg Wadala he'll be heading to the free-throw line 553 remaining in the first quarter that's all I'm gonna see more fuller it's attacking you don't always have to shoot these fucking threes man drive draw fouls Lewis we cannot show the screen due to copyright so hopefully you enjoy the life play my point and just hang out with us in the jet Lillard at the free-throw line knocks down the first 117 of 10 Portland is in the bonus with 553 remaining in the first quarter so keep drawing though Strauss yes seriously and crazy arenas challenge give me a shout out you just got one buddy shut to you man Leonard here with five points you hit one from from downtown you hit that floater off the high glass Leonard hey I like it put him in the starting lineup he's doing work mm-hmm second free-throw is up and in 1810 why is it 18 they were only already at 17 I thought oh yeah it's not a fun house 1905 47 to go here in the first quarter see Sean updates the scoreboard better than the NBA does fuckers here comes Steph Curry with a cat to shoot three no good but claims they're cleaning up oh great Topsy let awareness baby good shit 12 to 19 5:30 in the first quarter Lillard with a ball klay Thompson guarding top of the key Lillard falls to the ground and they're gonna call what's that go there I don't know that's not a foul Clay's like are you kidding me look like Lord just fell to the ground yeah how are they gonna call that on Klay I don't like that call guy on either I don't like that call I don't like that at all but it is what it is man we have 1,000 people in here thank you guys so much yeah make sure you smash that like guys if you're new subscribe turn notifications and hit that share butthole linear Oh rims out the first free-throw 528 to go in the first quarter right now the leading scorer for the Blazers is 6 with McComb Lillard could tie that with this free throw here and he has 6 points now with McCollough let's go Leonard has 5 points good start for fucking Portland right now especially Lillard and everyone chanting defense here Boylan we see the donation dream on top of the key has it looking for klay Thompson got it pulls up the jumper for two good over Damian Lillard to his mid range and this playoffs has been phenomenal he's been taking advantage of these shorter guards 14 to 20 is the score Portland leads five oh five remaining Lillard into the frontcourt to Leonard Leonard back to Dame Dame moving off the screamed double-team right here coming for Lillard swings it to nice hood pump fake pulls up the jumper no good rebounded by draymond Green to equal dolla it would dull it into the paint over Leonard buzz it to the corner and the pass is deflected out of balance that remains go and say bones yeah we have five dogs from hello Josh 247 awesome he says telling them beans not to shoot threes is tough like telling the sings to run the ball 31 never never gonna happen never gonna happen I can't believe already have a thousand people in here thank y'all so much they have a thousand people in here yeah well that's more than the official NBA YouTube page damn Cory for three there we go flash Warriors fans always be splashed everything every time they hit it three I want to see splash of it go splash of the chips only 27 under go in the first quarter 22:17 tack Leonard drives gets it out to a heart heartless he goes up and he is fouled who's that foul on that on McKinney or is that I'm clay let's leave me a dream on ya dress don't dream on that second foul let's say draymond Green let's see if it updates yeah he's me shoot two free-throws yeah hurry with that catch and shoot in white one of the best shooting point guards that we've seen of all time men Harkless at the free-throw line first free throw up and no good hits all back iron on that one that was bad shot that was way off uh Chris long retires crystal long oh yeah Chris long is gonna leave her without that was draymond first foul that was his first oh oh it was out the locker room once oh there was a camera on him and he flicked it off he flipped it off he flicked off the camera oh my god fuck you to the camera heart it was all ahead to the locker room we don't know why but there was a camera right there on him and he said fuck you heartless house down the second free-throw TNT or ESPN feels stupid 21:17 Oh Curry's pass stolen by Leonard – tape – horseless off the glass good wanna steal by Leonard shit Meyers Leonard on the other end dream on with the quick push off the glass no good rebounded by heartless 23:17 McCullum to the quarter – Dean on the hood spin move floater up good Oh 342 remaining in the first quarter step curry with it now Rodney hood guarding him on the outside step-back jumper shop for two good they just answer man that's what you gotta respect go on statement these veterans hey what's up gamer how you doing 25:19 327 left to go in the first quarter curry has 5 points here tonight Lillard he's got 6 Willard has the ball now – Leonard back to Lillard and he's fouled by Klay and he's saying the rest day that's not a shooting foul yeah found him on the floor I guess clay has two fouls yeah that's huge but he's got to calm down that'll be two free-throws yeah coming up for Damien lower that that's klay Thompson what's that klay Thompson at least second foul yeah that is so here comes King Peter to check in thanks kid that's John limited by the way Damien Lillard with the first free throw but oh my golly a donation for big skip Beach the two best in the game don't give a fuck about B bb-but wanna show love baby that's mom don't give a shit about basketball thanks give Pete with a donation man thank you so much for that Lillard knocks down the second free-throw klay Thompson on the bench Shaun Levinson has checked in for him pink Skippy thank you guys so much man that's one of our youtubers that's our boy man y'all show some love the piss get Pete levar said on the drive going up off the glass no good but he is fouled yeah pigs get me thank you so much man – we appreciate that thank you mister your father to go in the first quarter it's 19 to 27 and we're gonna get a timeout here what's upstairs small what's up Sarah how you doing Nick hower was a strictly business funny I nicknamed my unit the business but why is your girls all why is your girl always in it get it big coward some Nick shouts at Nick Howard man dude that was such a fun stream last night that was such a great time dude extreme for how long four hours five hours five you know when I was in there for almost all of it I think I missed like the first five minutes of it damn I got in there late cuz I was like watching John wick yeah guys we have 379 likes thank y'all so much let's hit that light let's get a 400 legs that weekend guys and how many subscribers are we away from hitting hey let's say a 500 before halftime fuck you let's hit a thousand before halftime let's go let's go sport steering action fuck it let's go Josh what lesson 98 away from 65 cables oh well that's 100 so we're at 98 away one six five cake thank you so much everybody that new subscribers y'all are awesome everybody that's smash that like everybody that's shared yellow and be period so we're here at timeout it's gonna stay bald right now klay Thompson has 9 points he's got two fouls so he had checked out yeah Shaun Livingston five points for Steph Curry five points from draymond Green he's got one foul and then the leading scorer for Portland Trail Blazers yes oh it's Damian Lillard with eight points right behind the coulomb was six who has really done much since that like first like five minutes of the first quarter and Mary's Leonard with five points four points from heartless everybody's pretty much computer and contributed all four they started lining for the Blazers and nobody's checked out oh wait no already hoodies checked I'm sorry I forgot about him he's way at the bottom there um another $5 Wow from Hell Lord I'm gonna grab me on the beer you read it yeah hello will says in a few hours from beating days gone and definitely recommend to any ps4 players it's the best open world game ever and it's story is phenomenal the best open world game ever I just got done playing of Zelda breath of the wild not too long ago there's some of the freezer downstairs okay but our best open world game that's that's a hell of a compliment right there and thank you so much hello he recommends guys he recommends days gone on PlayStation 4 and Lord as always thank you so much man oh my goodness thank you so much bro East Coast my machete says that you guys are entertainment a man we're glad you're having a good time we're glad everybody's having a good time if you're brand-new subscribe to that notification bell we're gonna be going live tomorrow and Monday as well for the NBA playoffs our first bucks live stream will be tomorrow we can't wait for that and also if you are if you haven't done so yet you want to help and support the channel the easiest thing you could do is just smack that like button for us it really does not help us let us know what we're doing a great job and the NBA YouTube page right now the official YouTube page is live right now I don't know why anybody would just go watch a fucking scoreboard we got a scoreboard right here for you you got me and Shawn we're gonna have a great time and we're so grateful you guys are in here hey NBA there you go okay there you go we're kicking your ass tonight buddy we're cooking your ass tonight y'all take one yeah people one the freezer for me though Thanks hey guys your boy from ten killers from Westchester New York what's up Ted kill it for the fat what's going on a T is in the house Shawn Jean from Hades here let's go let's go and Scottie Pippen is watching the game members Scottie Pippen he played football on Trail Blazers for like four seasons Sean lives at the free-throw line he knocks the first one in make it a 7 point game 22 27 3 go by let the go here man alright hey Juan how you do it Sean Lim since second free throw is good Scottie Pippen that's my boy right there Scotty Scotty that's my boy three minutes up to go in the first quarter loaded into the frontcourt now for the Blazers Willard he is working with eight points tonight now to Rodney hood riding hood down low does that Collin's going over draymond no good dream on grab that big boy boy he push it up strong in the frontcourt – Charlotte was in the corner drives get the dream on dream on hands into Steph Curry Oh for three no good rebounded by loony yeah you go grab some boards yeah 233 remaining in the first Shaun Livingston has it on the right wing he's got a lot of space or daring him to shoot now to Looney I have a dream on the left short corner Tremont has running hood he'll take the shot over him no good they bonded by McKinney on the baseline drives out to the corner now just to Shaw Levison back to Steph Curry curry pulls up the floater good crashing the boards getting opportunities for your offense anybody a chance opportunities does anybody want to rebound for Portland that'd be great seven points now for Steph Curry two minutes left to go in the first quarter Leonard has the ball Looney on him 12 to shoot he's looking for Seth Curry who has checked in the game but he'll go to Damian Lillard Lillard moving off the screen he's got McKinney on him now to Leonard for a straightaway three this time no good McKinney grabs the board he'll outlet to Steph Curry seth Curry gordium on the left wing and step gets it the dream on in the paint hands it off to limited floater up good good ball movement there double-team comes someone's gonna be open Jesus you guys are my splash brothers oh of course they coward me you're a boy man 124 remaining in the first quarter Lillard has it on the outside McKinney on him was top of the key here comes the screen by Leonard Oh slow move by Damien and he pulls up the jumper for two but it's short curry with the board you're in the ball let's attack the rim dude it's a two-point game just a two-point game they can tie it up or take the lead here Shaw Levison swings at the bikini right wing now white short corner here in the paint now Damien Oh draymond Green draws the foul over Seth Curry yeah and they wouldn't say that was on the floor so it's not gonna be shooting foul seth Curry having some words dream on Oh q ceases what's up boys QC and uh Nick our are gonna be on the stream right before before the game starts tomorrow okay before this yeah when we string before the game starts we're gonna bring on Nick Howard and QC and we're gonna chug some beers ball inbounded Sean Livingston top of the key Damian Lillard guarding him 8 on the shot clock 57 seconds on him on the game clock Livingston pulls up the jumper from the paint no good Lillard with the rebound they got a rebound it's a two-point game 47 seconds remaining Lillard has the ball game time has 8 points tonight so far in the first leviston guarding him he's gonna hold 10 9 8 make a move kicked it to Leonard for a wing 3 no good this time Zach called grabs the board here we go call it goes up off the glass and it's good fire there you go sack having the board and putting it up get aggressive on the boards man four-point game 21 seconds remaining in the first curry with the ball it's curry on curry everyone chanting defense in Portland let's go five-second difference between shot clock and game clock 6 5 Steph Curry making a move ball goes out of bounds no and they're gonna say it's out on Portland I call the foul waitwhat found Collins I got to see that replay dude I guess everybody ran the boss that's two free-throws let me see that replays I didn't see a foul here comes Steph Curry curry oh my god curry put his fucking body into him yeah curry put his body into Zach Collins I think in the very beginning maybe that's there might be calling cuz you kind of put his arm out like this a little bit I don't know curry at the free-throw line first one up is good 26:29 ten point three seconds remaining yeah that wasn't it I don't think that that was just to too much of a tic-tac foul man that's eight that's eight points for Steph Curry dude what I've noticed is Lillard has not come out of the game yet no no he hasn't oh they better be they don't want to wear them down man you need him for the fourth quarter I found him with his D I guess doesn't know his D oh yeah Nick our those little players are no those the majors that were fucking hilarious Steph Curry knocks down the second free-throw here comes Damian Lillard into the frontcourt now six five four I'm tt-there spin move driving the paint losing control limiting steals the ball the curry heaves it up and that will end the first quarter curry almost knock that in could have made then they took the lead out and fucking that is the end of the first quarter is 27 29 the Portland Trail Blazers again in the first quarter they're doing cook and they slacked off a little bit in the second half of the first quarter it's kind of similar we saw in Game two yeah they look like they were taking control this game and yet it's only a two-point game Portland had a capitalize man they guys keep it up six points for my colons eight points for game time for from him then for the Golden State Warriors so forth mm-hmm don't state words we have leer leading scorer we actually two of them tie right now with nine points a Seth Curry and klay Thompson both of their splash brothers are hidden hidden their shots right now they're now South Korea's only one for five from the three-point line that's gonna definitely have to change man he's missed four threes that's crazy now after that draymond Green with five and it would all and Damian Jones was zero points it would all went to the locker room I haven't heard anything about him yet so hopefully he's okay he gives the middle finger somebody was going but off the bench you have their leading scorer off the bench of Shaun Livingston with four points so right now it's pretty much been all splash brothers when nine points each so we'll see how that progresses man but that's what's crazy even with no help really from anybody else wars are still in this game and that's what's that's what's very dangerous about the Warriors man this was very dangerous what's up Tyler how are you doing man yeah I'm liking this game too it's a close game it's a close game see you guys so much for being here thank you one point two thousand in here hey telly you guys are the MVP you guys are the MVP Cheers only likes to be gay what do we get 500 for into the first I'll take burgers over hotdogs bro we have 440 likes oh we're close that 500 mark thank you you guys having a good time smack the fuck out of that like button takes two seconds of do and it helps you boys out and it so how's our life English I feel wonders of energy Oh weird why'd you what was that I don't know I don't ask you see yes he is you wore that short for Philly right I bought that shirt for Philly well I was actually I was getting ready and I saw a movie critic was live and I really you know what I'm wearing my fucking not necessary it inspired you yeah yeah we are 76 away from eating 65k what's up dude how you doing welcome uh warriors from Philippines will salamat thank you for watching I'm hungry Shh jemelle Jumel your mouth salamanca nicole says this time I'm saying Warriors are gonna win so Blazers could win tonight I'm going drake savage mode drake savage mode what does that mean I don't know maybe trying to do the curse like reverse the curse kind of oh I got you I got you to comb okay I see what you're doing because like drank more the 76ers stuff it's a curse of 76ers I got you I got you all right Cheetos energy do you know what I want Wienerschnitzel you I heard you say some about hot dogs or fucking deers and I like something about good hot dogs hot dog we understand something you ever turn a garden hose on a Tweaker on your front porch wall well hit that like button it provides the same satisfaction and we're back for the second half jo aapko has checked in now to klay Thompson top of the key to Rodney hood Guardium down to Shaun Levinson left wing every Turner has checked in now I'm back to clay clay driving the pain going up oh and that goes out of bounds good defense there by the Trailblazers interior now four point eight seconds left on the shot clock yeah it's go stay we're gonna stay four point eight left yeah Warriors have got to win Kevin they got to win Oh actually the Portland Trailblazers well 12 in one all time the goal State Warriors are when they're leading serious mmm add to nothing right here and right out the shot at the buzzer right there well floater from Bell Bell made a good impact class game not a lot of points but he was hustling last game he could do this game 1124 remaining in the second quarter Rodney hood has on left wing now down to cancer who was checked in now the starting lineup tonight now does that Collins here at the free-throw line Collins hands it off to McCullough back to Collins Collins oh wow hard by Joep go that's a hard foul by Joep go yeah and your dread coconut by Jesse saw him pat him on the back that wasn't yeah cuz direct oh he went up all before Zac wound up so when he they met in the air that was an attentional honestly you have to hard foul right there you can't get him I let him either you're gonna get a foul called you can't let him get the ball up and Brandon Monta hermosas once again from my wreck well thank you for watching for my rep man time are you stationed out there I'm guessing man yeah it's you buddy salute look and thank you for all military people stationed all across the world oh yeah yeah y'all watching us man y'all are awesome and favorite service wait are they reviewing the same it's a flagrant no so pump fake by Zack Collins as he goes up drunkle thousand it is a heartfelt but happiness I don't I would say flagrant to fuck no ma no 1113 with the golden second cord right now they're reviewing to see if this is a flagrant the score is 29 29 it's a tie ballgame yeah I don't think there's a play just be a common hard foul but Stephen said I love the show we love you but I think we're hanging out we're glad you're having a good time Melia Mayo says Wiener schnitzels chili dogs is a shit oh yeah Josh got me into him charge like have you ever been there was like no he's like we gotta go is after stream right and we had fucking got him all they're so amazing hey adolescent damn right sports fairy nation yeah I'm up in here he almost wrapped his arm around Zach Collins neck oh my god they called a flagrant long they call there one Zach calls mrs. the the free why is he shooting the flagrant one does he have to yeah and yeah I thought was like a technical free throw so anybody good buzz okay it's that last motion there I get that last motion that's what they're looking at oh yeah not just one for those two free throws yeah and he knocked down the second one gaining the lead back 32:29 Rodney hood will inbound this from the sidelines 11:30 not to go in the second behind a hood ball inbound to cancer back to Rodney hood top of the key klay Thompson guarding him now switch all defense Quinn cook guarding them I'm asked Jordan Bell a spin move by hood into the pink going up no good oh they're gonna call a foul that was late that was a late call they're gonna call that on Shawn Levinson aka King BJ that was super fucking late dude what in the world yo Josh Shawn Kyle lick your earwax sure go ahead yeah you like dropps it's not mine go ahead buddy deploy thank you guys for keeping us posted on the game Brandon Oh a man once again thank you so much okay riding-hood misses the second 31:29 here come the gonna say Warriors klay Thompson into the frontcourt you get your Chinese food babe now the Quinn cook cook to clay Tampa the remaining moving off the screen from Jordan bill double-team there now to direct go back to clay man they're hounding klay Thompson oh thank you no way Marathi bullshit huh it's gonna be late call foul oh no no way you're saying it's out of Bounce but it'd still be Portland bolt I don't know about that that should be was that they're gonna say it's out on to em ko I don't know right here they're gonna that's out oh oh oh it's at home Bell I don't know Quinn cook cook cook wow that's good i they're right ball inbounded cancer going off the glass and the paint good what a strip right there by Rodney hood good defense whether Trailblazers on klay Thompson they were just wrapping a month good trap catch away seven to go in the second quarter 33-29 it's a score and here goes another whistle we're seeing a lot of whistles now we're seeing a lot of whistles now I Hale at least whistles man that slows down the game and it kinda just makes it so boring man well that was a quick quick look by Collins to an end his cancer we haven't seen that much in this game man let's see if he can make an impact off the bench uh love chicken curry chicken curry Johnson sideline inbounded – shall M sit back – clay clay on the drive here bounce pass to shell Emerson and that's gonna be a kick balls by Portland on that pass I'm Levenstein I'd say about save another family's piss uh see a lot of stoppage of play though seeing a lot of stoppage of play right here there's a lot better when he doesn't have LeBron James as a teammate alright ball inbounded Repco hands on the outside – Jordan Bell swings it around to the corner klay Thompson driving baseline there's two defenders there and he is fouled that shit that's gonna be on Collins Jimmy Ellis at Collins Ted can love to go in the second quarter Kylene says why King PJ what about key P he looks like Sean Anderson that's why we would kill him out yeah it's a moderator here and our moderator looks exactly like Shaun Livingston yeah Ted ten out to go it's a little inside joke there and the first free throw is made by klay Thompson clay I'm Collison has ten points now I wanted to do a face reveal on stream you know cuz he streams for tonight I want him to face real ten points by Klay here at the free-throw line he could have 11 if he makes this second free-throw and that was a good drawing without my clay on misses the second free throw clay he missed the second one what are you doing those they're gonna Portland Trailblazers Seth Curry right here moving around the perimeter on the drive pulls up the jump over Quinn cook God Hey goodbye Seth Curry I see you Seth five-point game 953 remaining in the second here comes Quinn cook and into the frontcourt for the Warriors Seth Curry to meet him on top here goes to scream i drip go back to giraffe go on the left wing drive kicks it out to let us in on the left corner pulls up the jumper for two good let me seize got to make something impact right here man you got to make an impact it's a three-point game 933 remaining in the second Evan Turner into the frontcourt on the outside left wing carter baizen limited down low to canter collins collins is intentionally fouled by Quinn cook because I was gonna be easy that was that was a good foul yeah great foul while he's on the court so no shooting foul uh 69 from 65k where six down that was a a bit of a shove off a little bit of a shove off yes by Seth Curry on that last shot a little bit yeah a little bit veteran move right there sideline inbound pass by Rodney hood into they haven't Turner now – seth Curry double-team pass out – Zach Collins in the free throw line back out to Avery Turner Turner what's he doing he's gonna pull the jumper for the post and he does he's lucky hit that dude he looks so indecisive 37-32 907 left to go in the second quarter bench points tonight 12 for Portland eight from Golden State in the paint for Belko hall lamp no good rebounded by Emma Turner Here Come a Blazers to canter in the paint goes up off the glass no good College tips it in there we go okay I see the second you know blazer is looking great against the second you know Golden State timeout go to go wait wait you call the top mmm no they're not the cool thing ya know they call a 45 out to go in the second quarter we got timeout by Golden State 39:32 is the score everyone happy in Portland right now you gotta love what you're seeing from the second unit a little trailblazers right now let's see they haven't been making a huge impact and they finally are storing and do good Sonny beats you want to have fun you get a have fun buddy yeah hit that Josh hey I hate that I hit the half with now you hit that like yeah everybody hit that like button smash it oh we got five enjoys Josh we did yeah we have 500 eight and we have 14 under people in here we're on the road to six hundred likes now let's see where this road takes us buddy guys I want to see who yellow since we have more people we asked us earlier but now we have more people let us know who you're a fan of Blazers rip city of the Chad red blazer spin and a warrior fan let me see dubnation of the chat if you're a warriors family and if you're brand new for brand new right now we're gonna be live tomorrow for the Raptors in Bucks game you want to come hang out with that with us for that and we're gonna be live by once again on Monday for the Portland Trailblazers Warriors game or so come hang out with that so you want to subscribe to our notification bell yes and join the fun getting party the best on YouTube baby kings the last dream let's go and guys Monday could be an elimination game depending what happens here so that could be a huge game so come hang out with us man okay I see some dubnation I see some rip city in the chat okay good I want to see see when we asked earlier I some more worried fans at rib city man and I'm seeing some still more dubnation that's rib city where the plays your fans at hungry eye what I'm gonna conversation with babe that's how you talk to the babe that's weird I'm starving I'm dead you are okay alright that's the plan leader sizzle oh okay there's a rib city there we go there we go uh what's a grande del fin shout to you buddy uh it's kind of the way though Brandon okay Callie man I've never been to Cali man I want to go so bad I'm a no Blazers fans here there's some Nuggets fan Matt what happened your nuggets man now let me Dan Jerry Johnson you guys helped me get through not being able to watch the game thanks guys hashtag Reno hashtag double agent hey there's no better I'm so glad y'all come and hang out with us man y'all bake these dreams so much fun and we're glad we get in I give y'all some entertainment we try to have as much fun as possible hanging out with y'all man this is where you wanna be yet we're right now right now for those who are brand new ver we keep rubbing in the face of the official YouTube page yeah of the NBA because they're live their life right now it's just a fuckin scoreboard we got a scoreboard right here and you're hanging out with us we're interacting with you guys so hey hey NBA official YouTube page I know they're fuckin pingers watchin hi hey Doan maybe you want some life play-by-play on your fucking channel you want to hit us up you can hit us up but let me tell you something we're not gonna stop cussing we're not gonna stop fuckin drinking beer we're gonna keep it fucking real Yeah right now we're kicking ass NBA we're kicking it will be the end getting your where we're being the NBA yeah you know what it's lazy lazy shout out to you Joshua Perez thank you so much for being here welcome to the Sports fury family man ball anybody my quick cook to JEP go no that's Bogut Bogut to to rep go go went up off the gun no good rebounded by Evan Turner 8:35 remaining in the second quarter CJ McCollum with the ball in the right corner Oh Paul fake draws the foul from Shaun Livingston that's two free throws coming up from a column who has been quiet that should not even who has been quiet for the most part ever says he scored those six points you did quietly that should have been a fellow he jumped into him Lou this son loves to jump to his side like he's supposed to and CJ McCollum jumped to the side and create contact that they were supposed to that's the way Wade letter and move and they were supposed to take that out of the game that's are you Jansen Carlos thank you so much for preciate your being here say Jim my column knocked down the first free throw oh yeah dude oh yeah me and Jeremy we're healing last time we order pizza and fucking he's like just add a little bit of cheddar that's what my brother does and it's fucking amazing that's what my brother does every time you bro it's like with regular cheese yeah you can add a little bit of choke just like yeah and it's so good my brother does that every time when he makes those 15 pizzas you guys every time McCall knocks down the second free throw now he has eight points he's been quiet man that's I'm saying you got a steak ass isn't about the entire game here comes Quinn cook move out of the screen pulls out the jumper good defense by Seth Curry no good by Bogut though Bogut Oh looking for klay Thompson gets it to him pulls up the jumper clay no good rebounded by Zach Collins 41 32 I look good foot warrior and they can get a double-digit lead right here boom has the ball top of the key pulls up the jump over straightaway oh no good contra grabs the board and they're gonna Cole foul there that's gonna be he gets Bogut yeah oh my god I thought he's gonna hit it bro I felt it I felt he had a good look he had a good look he looked confident better to shad you Christian Jai Mata out to you buddy du net smash smash Ville I want Pete Peter sounds good I had pizza this morning I leftovers so like I'm gonna give a pizza alright first free-throw is a Miss by cancer you dipshit pinched your ass motherfucker you're getting waterboarded Oh what's up Eddie these refs are low-key trashed as Eddie yeah honestly they've been making some bad calls but it's been both sides not one side it's been both sides of the ball what's up traumas in the house truck truck sounds good pizza rolls yeah Steph Curry is bent he should be checking here about the seven minute mark yeah just very shortly he knocks down the second free throw cancer does it's a 10-point game double digits double double fuckin dude is here breathe alright draymond Green has on left quarter now this to clay for a catch and shoot low good he's forcing shots now rebounded by cancer he'll get up to city gym McCullum it's a 7 I'll run in the last two minutes for the Blazers Oh Turner for three from the corner okay Evan Turner ok I see it blazer fans I see you rip City come on 4532 725 Trayvon what the phone are no good rebound UPIKE Kenter back to Turner Turner in driving into the paint kicks out to McCollum become spin move Oh lose the control he does stolen by Clay outlet two quick cook easy layup good steal right there by clay see that's the thing man go say some veteran team they're not gonna panic poorly quick fuckin up man when you get going oh here we go every Turner to to cancer Kantor hands it off to McCall guarded by clay back to catch her back to come a comb catch and shoot three no good rebounded by Bogut nice big boy creeped out right – yeah cuz ya Collins and Cantor right there on them stream on green now has it and kick out the Bogut swings it to clay for a wing three no good no good by clay come on that was wide open wide open on the other side seth Curry has it for the Blazers on the outside top of the key going to by Shaun Livingston down to Turner double team takes it to Kanter he'll take the shot over Bogut no good culture tip it in but he grabs his own board we're so cancer on the cut against the glass yes enter lays it in good I'm seeing lazy defensive rebounding by the Golden State Warriors right now and there it's fucking him right now come on Charlotte Livingston has the ball and he will call a timeout for the Golden State Warriors 608 remaining 47:34 Portland leads at home and curry is coming back in I saw him at the scores table so after this timeout we will have curry back and they need him bad Paul Pierce were digging the worst to win so they lost no VIN Paul Pierce predict the Blazers to win by 12 yeah so was it he didn't pick a bit warriors to particularly the Blazers too much bread what what's up right so Joel as soon as kids came in for me weed let me tell you some should most Chicagoans yeah don't eat that deep-dish pizza mostest most of the style that Chicago eats is that thin crust pizza in late didn't talk they they're cutting squares or shit like that why that's what most of the people do it's a misconceptions about what what most likely Chicago the DS originated from yes and you had that yeah I did it was not bad but I want but Chicago I haven't been in New York but I can't imagine New York making better pizza than Chicago hey that's just words that I though like you had the Brooklyn style right so it's kind of like Brooklyn's right over there Brooklyn stop eat soon like those big-ass fucking slices hey yo you want some pizza it's a fucking company out here there's one right down the road like all right it's like on the other side of the highway but it's good it's actually not bad it's very oily though well you have to fucking fucking dab that shit down get the oil out oh you don't never stab as you don't stab the gross literally I do this is fucking dripping that's the good shit gushing that's what you know III can't eat that much you never Deb you know daddy daddy I swear to God if you say that Lanza bowl let's go into the Chicago Bulls and seventh overall big I'm going to waterboard you whoa Josh hashtag tortures come on Josh fortress it's just pizza Israel do you see this you think is just food to us this is serious shit this is real shit Real Talk real fuck Chicago is known for gun violence no it's actually the most peaceful place on earth murder capital of the world we don't want lawns oh boy I wouldn't want lawns on ball man honestly I'm not a big fan of his I'm really not yeah we don't fucking we don't want lawns oh yeah time for me to eat some goddamn good food yeah Jake we're hungry siege of a cold man he needs to step up more man in the second quarter he's got us he's got shit hit those two free throws right whoo t Gemma : he had those two free throws in the second quarter oh yeah and he before that CJ McCollum moon has eight points damn allah only has eight points but no you're right you're right sorry but they're only up by but they're up by by a fucking 13 points yeah you know yeah dude you gotta get profit after the bench seven points for the Blazers been great yeah seven from cancer five from Turner three from hood three from Collins yeah yeah so they've been getting good work they're second Union really did good and cants coming off the bench is actually looking pretty damn good right now hey no don't we're doing good how are you doing are you doing shut the fuck off I'm sorry Jesus Christ Eddie says Lanza would replace MJ is ago that's waterborne take a vote Ava dollars back in here hey he inbounds this to Looney loans he hands it off the Steph Curry who has checked back in now to dream on left wing guarded by Harkless 12 on the shot clock under seven minutes left to go to Looney in the pay pulls up the jumper for to no good rebounded by Damian Lillard and they can't buy a bucket right now 5:50 remaining in the second quarter home pass from Lillard is stolen by draymond he gives it to curry shot from downtown oh the splash you give them any kind of momentum and that's what they're gonna do Steph Curry is baptizing Leonard here with the flash Lillard what are you doing bad pass by third up to go Steph Curry kicks it out to Leonard Leonard swings it down low back out to Leonard shot from three good Oh Leonard for three not Damian Lillard but Meyers Leonard winner 550 able to go in the second yeah Steph Curry goes off at his block you're gonna say gee become a listen McCullum to seth curry for three you gotta make that is without a whistle there's a foul there on Leonard Leonard has a second foul yeah come on Leonard ha Chicago pizza is trash is New York for life I wonder why he says that I haven't had New York style pizzas I've had that Brooklyn style but I would say Robert says unless you have a 30-point Lee you don't really have a lead I guess we gonna say warriors five minutes left to go in the second quarter Portland is in the bonus for the rest of the period by the way 50 37 everyone chanting defense here Looney hands out the curry shot from downtown no good rebuttal by Seth Curry for 48 remaining curry here shot over step no good short rebounded by Looney out let the step oh man Steph Curry right here is fouled by Leonard that's gonna be his third foul yeah that's the third foul quick foul honestly if that was gonna be calling Leonard I could have seen draymond cuz everyone kind of pushed curry there you get clay better wake up gold say words it wake up man everybody nobody's hitting open shots right now it's been all curry did you try my mom's homemade pizza we will Logan mmm all right Steph Curry about in bounds this little sideline to clay hands it back off the curry moving off the screen from loonie Steph Curry bounce pass take without on the left corner moves to the left wing now down low to draymond Green against Harkless takes them off all the paint floater up no good it goes out of bounds though dude I'm just saying bad shots from all the way around man well dream on Oh dream on drop this contact oh shit yeah he's on that so you got it he got it yeah go get it clean did you find that yeah how do you clean that so quick yeah thought in solution we're 38:38 away from 56k that's what's up man that's what's up there we go everyone said let's go Blazers let's go Blazers Jamie Lord has the ball here left wing bounce passive Leonard goes off his fucking foot there that's a kick ball yeah Klay Thompson's back in here let's see what they could do with it they gotta end this if gold stays got it in this quarter strong here a Blazers man got a weather the storm ball inbound to CJ McCollum on the right wing hands back this Damian Lillard Lillard has a quinella for guarding him it's moving up the screen from Leonard bounce pass to Leonard top of the cage driving now spin move load her up God by Leonard oh wow and he weighs the finger oh my god later with some swag 10 points 1 rebound draymond going hard against the glass lays it in nice 347 up to go in the second quarter we got a 52:39 ball game littered with the ball in the frontcourt you could doll according him tries him into the land goes up no good rebounded by Iggy biggy to dream on the outlet he pulls it up over Seth Curry draws the foul by Seth nice good job by draymond get better and move right there I have Game three I want them to win Danny with turtle we'll see man they're looking good right now but we saw this in Game two they had a lead and they blew that shit in the third quarter we'll see what happens here Oh J we said okay all right bro you back down Francis smash that like button if you're watching right now you have a hit that like button what the fuck are you waiting on with you what's going on we see you look at you yeah let's get I know you like taking a shit you're watching us why I'm taking a shit on your phone don't hit that like button that's a little weird do it do it now yeah draymond Green first free throw is no good Oh what this is sure what are you doing dream on him Green come on hey guys if y'all would subscribe if that's a subscribe I turn no turkeys we will be live tomorrow for bucks Raptors second free-throw was up and good by draymond 3 36 remaining in the second quarter it's a 12-point game dream one has eight points three rebounds and three assists so far the night Dame time with the ball to the front court now to Leonard straightaway guarded by Leonard Looney Leonard looking back for Dame he's looking for CJ now here comes CJ he'll hand it off to him driving into the pink off the glass no good that was ugly lay him on with the board and the quick push into the frontcourt heads off Iggy and he throws it down with two hammers let's go Oh timeout Portland that's a 10-point game now timeout Portland three 14 remaining and you got it man you can now let them get back go in Portland come on yeah see draymond Green running that fast break man it's his phenomenal he's a great fucking fast-break player uh CJ needs to step it up yeah CJ he hasn't really done shit since that first quarter he's only got eight points he had six points within the first like five minutes two points in since true duck Francis once again Lillard comes in turns the ball over forces shit flood in defense and helps to race another lead that the bench built that's actually we're sure the Finch did great job building that lead right hey what's up B money's finally off work you ceiling chat now feeling what up B money up boy Kristin your says just wondering also to say keep up keep it up Josh to Shawn love your content and what you guys are doing let's get wasted let's get fuck died let's go Chris senior wanna grab me another beer here thank you so much Chris that really means a lot to us yeah man and we have 600 whites hey let's go router 700 now begins now let's go and not even have time yet it ain't even fucking half-time you got I got 600 likes yeah awesome that means a lot to us yeah yes fucking fantastic you like us and you really like us boy yeah we're a little weird don't let strike one don't fuckin that's strike one yeah strike one you can fight you have 100 yeah risk is if you're brand-new hit that fucking so but let's go all right we got 99 donation from Fred says keep up the fun time thank you so much Fred Fred Jessa I mean that's a world about having a great time with all you guys thank you so much for that though they should appreciate that braixen Damian Lillard shot for two over clay God Damian Lillard oh what a shot dilly dilly baby let's have a good time 255 remaining in the second that's a 12-point game demon draymond Green has a ball now to Steph Curry download of Looney Looney Oh bad pass to iggy gets stolen by Damian Lillard here goes the push to Leonard he throws it down and the foul let's go and the foul Wow yeah oh what a score and the assist of Leonard who throws it down and he gets fouled holy shit loving what I'm seeing right now from Leonard Leonard number 11 they gave him the starting nod and he has not disappointed that foul was by draymond Green that's his dad that is gonna be green second foul gay second leather can't have a three-point play here at the free-throw line free-throw shot is up and good play by Leonard 15-point game let's go Leonard has 13 points well he is the leading scorer for the Blazers Wow leading scorer is Leonard 234 bad pass by step seth Curry steals it curry for three steal and score by Seth Curry let's go 62 42 everyone on their feet 13 remaining dream on with the drive off the glass lays it in he wanted a foul but he won't get 162 44 208 left to go in the second on the drive Lillard oh he's bought here comes dream on into the frontcourt now passes new step for three yes splash Steph Curry and right back into a baby Cory said calm your fucking jack call me dear I almost fell fifteen points by step car here splash remember whenever the splash brothers hit a three we want to see use common splash there we go stage a Macomb has the ball not on the shot clock to Leonard back to McCollum on the right-wing Looney guarding him for two shoots McCollum drives steps back shot for two good CJ McCollum they're clicking down but getting alive they're getting confident now 6247 clay on the other end now eluding Mooney goes up off the glass easy bucket good fake handoff to klay Thompson both players bid on that shit and he had a wide open lane here come see Jimmy : to the front court for the Blazers 1:10 remaining in the half 62-49 both teams in the bonus portland's bench has 23 points compared to 12 for the Warriors that's huge Leonard with the screen it was Iggy stays on McCollum now to Leonard now download apart cliff he throws it down oh good shit here comes the end by the pass Trevon into the frontcourt lays it off the glass oh he misses but he is fouled shit that's two free throws coming up for draymond Green and that's actually spawned by Green that's how you quite a crowd get some fouls called thank you Arvind we appreciate that man thank you so much thank you say we deserve every like we get hey let's see how many likes we're at right now we are at 6:28 likes thank y'all so much you know like hitting that shirt y'all have no idea how much that helps out our channel grow man we appreciate it so much if we get the 700 lines before halftime and a roundhouse kick Sean in the face while he made that first free throw I can run out but not roundhouse you hurt your ankle remember roundhouse hey I'm new here just Ryan thank you so much man I appreciate that second free throw made by draymond Green what is your goal for life Stan I ate whatever we could get we appreciate every single one of it and hey we had a thousand likes in Kayla we did last game baby got some this year 45 seconds remaining in the second Lillard has the ball klay Thompson guarding here comes Leonard with the high screen and state clay will stay guarding him now to CJ McCollum on the right wing driving off a game floater up no good Iggy with the board out led to dream on he brings it into the frontcourt all to clay for a fadeaway jumper for two for the corner no good rebound by Damian Lillard 23 seconds remaining you gotta get shot but I just couldn't hit it man they're up by 13 everyone's daddy oh yeah City where you at Damian holding ten nine eight – CJ on the right wing moving up this reason with the PFS pulled up a jump for two no and CJ CJ cleans it up oh he got it in dream on what the quic push goes up and did he get that Amy got it then he get in before the buzzer dream on what the lay in before the Buzzard oh my god dream on with that hustle what a veteran move dream on what the fucking awesome look at this dream on driving Zack Holmes guarding him he pulls it off yup that's good he pulls it up Collins is pissed you see what he did it card cuz he put his hand over like this he was like did any dream on the buzzer that's awesome Wow alright now this is what we saw a game – guys rip city Blazers had a lead going into halftime but they blew it in the third quarter let's see what they do they got we're about 19 away from hitting 65 thousand subscribers a milestone here another milestone here 65 came here tonight it's possible thank you guys so much for those who subscribe here tonight welcome to sports for your nation yeah we crazy and we go live a lot that's what we do here we do live NBA games where we live tomorrow bring me life Monday as well if you're into the NFL we're gonna be live for every single primetime game everything they don't see ya as well as we're gonna sprinkle in some 12 o'clock and 3 o'clock games there as well guys thank you so much for bringing it really does mean a whole lot to us and for everybody who hit that like button we love you just a little bit more a bit more okay you're gonna get some extra fluid guys y'all our channels are growing so much and they made playoffs like it was last year and that's thanks to y'all every time you like that like to share all these subscribers y'all comedy even y'all hopeless it go so much and we appreciate it seriously yeah we won't be anywhere without you yeah Damien's has so much energy guys are the real deal Damien thank you so much man we appreciate it we're glad that you're here dude yes Oh more beard dude marry you in line because I will get some more beer right now I need a beer pretty soon do you do hockey we have never done a hockey stir never done a hard never done well we wish we could but it's always your Playhouse at the same time Justin says I'm new to the channel I really like you guys a lot Thank You Justin crews we appreciate them and we're glad to have you here yeah we're glad to have you hopefully y'all having a great time and hopefully y'all having a good time just like it we are uh someone said we're six away from 65 oh my god we are um yeah we're gonna do MLB playoffs for sure we did it like the last couple years right we did wanna get MLB playoffs oh yeah yeah we try to do as many as you can guys beer and nachos I wish I had some nachos what do y'all like everything on y'all's nachos I like everything I like extra jalapenos I look so cream Oh Josh likes extra cheese but josh is not much into those chili cheese that I've never had chili cheese nachos where'd you get those from never I chili cheese nachos oh good whoa wait ya have nevermind what about talking about Oh God my mind I had a brain fart all right keep up the fun time I mean Isaiah man y'all make these just as much fun as anything man y'all hanging out with us and then uh fuck it accommodating and y'all all the above and I feel like I mean just at all time y'all I feel like we have the best livestream chat in all of YouTube man everybody's interact with each other everybody's interacting with us you know we have some trolls come in but we mainly we have everybody just hanging out with us and having a good time all those who are who are listening yes you know that you know maybe they're working you're on the road you're listening to the broadcast of the game and you you can't comment you can interact with us we appreciate you guys and we a you guys are the MVPs man all you guys watching even those who are just listening while you guys are working headphone and you one of your ears something like that we appreciate you guys – thank you so much yeah we appreciate it grab me a beer yeah cuz uh Josh may hit six of that cake yeah sit down get six of FK what we're here 65k yeah okay they like us we're at 6500 through right now five thousand three people thank you Wow we had sixty five thousand subscribers and thank you HOT take hockey Thank You hasta coffee he called the times it's happening tonight now T well Anthony ciminelli talking about Phil via webchat or mom Chris Redman oh you have the Mod Squad thank you guys so much oh yeah for everything you guys do for us all the new people all the old G's mod squad everybody bigger mics in the house your boy Anthony did thank you to all you guys without you guys we say this every single stream what the hell you guys we aren't shit we are nothing without you guys you guys are what makes us y'all make these streams so much fun thank you guys cheers salute to you guys we have some yes well add you're on this journey with us man as we're our channel grows thank you thank you thank you shout out – babe babe we had 65 cannon I bet that's the girlfriend chop – babe chat to her and though she didn't get me any Chinese food oh my goodness I'm just kidding Wow we had 65 man check it out we should do that out oh yeah that we hear 65 K thank you so much to everybody oh man I'm gonna share the live stream again say we hit we just hit 65 K Wow thank you to everybody thank you um Thank You Quinton Baker for subscribing Thank You Mitch Gibson hey NBA fuck you is this bigger my guess yeah we've been kicking the NBA official YouTube channel all night tonight and every time we build high we make kicking their ass so NBA fuck you we could be this let's go what are you got like a millions of subscribers yeah I need a foot massage cuz it's money you need a foot massage here's some more of everything's as a million coming soon amen thank you so much with a million a million my god one dollar donation CJ Mathews thank you so much CJ thank you so much that donation man we appreciate that thank you pig smoker 65 smoker 67 thank you so much man thank you when I saw Sean's reaction to job risky back in April 2017 I knew this Jenna would bang and keep on being in for a long time I think he meant me yeah well I mean both of our reactions hilarious I was pissed off and Sean was laughing his ass off in my misery Justin Cruz but thank you heartache hockey oh that's a Cruz we are in Dallas Texas Dallas Texas how's you guys day's going Zachary Rogers are doing pretty damn good it's going great now man last night it last night sucked man at work it was a bitch came home there's bad fucking storms but now we're here we're hanging out with you guys and it's it couldn't be good nights for more man yeah good natural more this is great we had two domination of CJ Matthews says gonna gotta donate to the beer fund hey the beer father's goes yes Thank You CJ yeah let's see Webster's a hundred K during NFL season maybe now it's all good I'll take yeah well they're forgetting the fact that a clip of that made it assign my football yeah they literally post this so we're saying it we're setting up for that study Night Football right yeah we're setting up as bears-packers and they're showing a package of Dubinsky they're shorteners to a start showing reactions Charlotte said it goes I was like man wouldn't be crazy if they showed our reaction but Josh like nah they wouldn't show I was like no there's no way we custom we've cut way too much in that but there's no way they would show that on national television the second I said that literally they're like you just hear you don't see it right away you just hear Josh we drafted Mitchell true Biscay and that they had to cut it right there cuz then he starts cussing right after wheeze wind nuts here it was awesome dude that was great it was awesome they showed a brief clip of it yeah and we went crazy man and I was saying our Twitter start blowing up because everybody else saw it you're on TV but Tony shite I'm out with the final donation sports very boys doing their thing love you guys shout out to my birthday on the 19th way to start my day oh is that tomorrow that's tomorrow Oh Tony Tony hey Tony we're gonna be alive tomorrow and pop and we'll sing you 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you're so diehard and I love you we love y'all so much man Shawn Bud Light or Coronis is Julio but like you know Coronas very hit-or-miss for me sometimes I like sometimes I don't I'm more Dos Equis guy if we're talking about like Mexican beers I am playing beer pong Quinton Baker you don't want none of that some beer pong baby me and Joshua will take you out man we dropping dimes fried chickens Jameson fried chicken sounds good hey Josh's girlfriend what Chinese would you get what rice for lovers I'm not saying get Panda Express I know what you mean but I'm saying like I like sesame chicken I like chicken fried rice egg drop soup chicken fly rice it's fly rice um let's see here what's your favorite brand Oh team website James and I love for the Philby's a shout to y'all man y'all always showing some love man I ordered some Chinese food from this restaurant near my new apartment I didn't like him and their sesame chicken was very like oh well there's something wrong with it too soggy I 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ideas let us know uh y'all lit thank guys yeah thank you so much man one says looks better with 4045 Adela I saw you say Mandela I don't want Modelo seafood delight is an awesome Chinese deep dish seafood delight I don't think I'm had that Damian I'm C I'm very picky on my seafood I'm very picky my seafood Levi Owens show some love look show some love content love well we love you all entertainer says I congrats on 65k Thank You Ichigo tell him we love a man shot – the Entertainer talking sports shad Sam thank you so much man we appreciate that Herbert's is Mandela's smooth but weakest fuck I don't like the taste of it man I'm very man Josh I really picked you on our beers I liked Osakis that's like Bud Light and then dou psyche is my second favorite man give me a lime I put that in Thank You bigger Mike we're sharing the link to our mark shop guys we hit that link that's where I'm arches at shirts like I said shirts hats we got we got these hats and then we also have the flat bill hats so if you want to go get go buy some merch we really appreciate it these warriors these words best team ever no Michael I still say bowls are one of the best teams ever but I'm not gonna lie that's that Warriors are of great fucking team and courage one of the greatest shooting point guards of all time especially from shooting from the three we've seen that he's breaking records so man shout to him I'm a Budweiser guy hey I do like Budweiser I do like Bud Light and then Budweiser you know that's obviously that's stronger but I like Dos Equis uh Josh Robin time to the toilet now he's actually outside taking a smoke break out halftime this dude just asked to score some people you know they don't see the score at the top of the screen it's 66-53 13 point game yes what I see yeah I saw great great country contributions from the bench of the Blazers that was huge they doubt they almost I think they doubled the score from the whores bitch curry what I thought curry had some shots he was playing great defense Ronnie hood we saw a lot of that cancer coming off the bench and what I love is that the Blazers were not afraid to bench cancer and start Leonard Meyers Leonard has done a phenomenal job in the starting line of work he's their leading scorer for the Blazers you've got him chill props for them making that change there's a lot of teams get nervous Nick nerd and Nick nurse is a prime example what they had a bigger lead last time yes they had a 17-point lead or I think I know they had a 17-point lead about me to the third and then the words came back that yeah this latest no we're safe Blazers got to come out fired up in this third quarter yeah Golden State is a second half team we've seen in palatable times and they are great at making halftime adjustments but the thing is though in this game port 'ln is at home so hopefully that bodes better for them this time around yeah they need that crowd to get behind them in they need that crowd of get behind me all right so guys do you think Portland yeah rip city or the doves yeah and control with the second half let me see you the chin we're gonna get ready for the second half right now ladies and gentlemen oh yeah oh yeah I did notice that uh Juan Perez Bob on he was in John week three Bob on yeah he was oh wow I was I wanted to confirm that but someone just said it I think it was him because I turned his Jeremy Ozzy don't think that's Bob Armen all right we're back for the second half let's go here comes Steph Curry to the front court now out of clay Thompson swings it to bill he's looking for step he's looking for step he'll give it to dream on dream on oh that's a carry that's a carry that's up and out man he fucking dribble the ball like this that's a turnover that's more than ball that's not how you want to start things off gold state with a turnover you see Jordan Bell starting for the Warriors here in the second half that's that's different okay 11:43 remaining in the sec in the third quarter 66-53 is the score Meyers Leonard has it here on the right high post Jordan Bell guarding him now to Lillard leather bad pass know about draymond Green 2 1 1 fast break out to Steph Curry he pulled on the jumper for three no good rebounded by Aminu I didn't like draymond Green passing it up he had a size advantage to download here comes Dame time into the paint and I think that's gonna be a foul on Steph Curry what he drew a foul by step oh oh man John wick even hunt or James Bond John way called John wig man sound like some badass America murky alright so I like inbound it pacified by Lillard to say to Michael over here right corner on the outside Bell in front of him step-back jumper for three no no good rebounded by Iggy outlet to Steph Curry into the frontcourt now my stop ball curry swings it out – dream on – Iggy back to curry for a court in the corner bounce pass to Bell back to curry good defense there by McComb but they're actually gonna call a foul on CJ I love you guys for streaming this you guys are so cool scores Dylan thank you so much for hanging out all the Sun tell a dilly in the chat hey yeah man Thank You Man thank you dude I appreciate that someone alright and there's gonna be before the a mounted pass there's a foul there that's gonna be on CJ Macomb again that's too quick thousand that's yeah holy shit how many thousands yeah CJ McCollum he that is this dark foul he picked up two quick fouls right there don't like that oh no oh yeah because before the inbound pass so klay Thompson shooting the free throw right here 1101 left to go in the third quarter and the free throw is good 54 66 is the ballgame 12-point game now trek T reckless thank you so much man that means a lot man y'all are showing so much love tonight we appreciate it so much guys all right living I wanted to go boy and bout it you step career here left corner here gonna scream bye bill curry pulled on the jumper first short to no good rebounded by Aminu outlet pass to CJ McCollum man curry misses his shots here to start the third half instead third quarter 1048 remaining in the third CJ McCollum has the ball on the left wing taking klay Thompson off the dribble pass it on to the other side right corner Aminu driving and he is gonna draw the foul who's that gonna be it's not gonna be key or Bell that's might be on bill yeah chef Charles what's up Delhomme Charles Delahaye you guys don't forget after the game stick around for the last call we're gonna hang out she's out you guys out and just hang out for a while yeah 10:38 remaining in the third quarter 6650 4 is a score Portland leads Harkless will inbound this to the sidelines to McCullum he has that with 10 to shoot now to tell him Damian Lillard Lillard here comes a high screen by Leonard switch all defense Belle guarding Lillard now on the left wing double-team on him now now he Sue's it to CJ McCollum takes a deep three at the buzzer no good yeah rebounded by Iggy he pulls it into the frontcourt bounce passes dream on back out if Dolan by damian lillard good hands on Portland Aminu on the other side gives it to CJ pulls up the jumper for the free-throw line guard CJ McCollum here we go finally King Sava shout to you man Thank You Steph Curry taking Macomb off the dribble here on the left short corner back out to e we on the right wing now to klay Thompson right corner swings at the top of the key to dream on now it's back to the clay swings it to Iggy back to clay for a shot for three no good hits all backyard real on my dream on not a quick George Bell on the inside and he lays it in good fucking rebound by draymond and fighting the open Bell down low good shit 12-point game here we go on the other side you got Damian Lillard 9:30 remaining he's got the left wing plate Asik guarding him here comes the screen by Leonard George Bell will be on him on defense there's a deep three Damian misses it I mean to try to fight for the board but he goes to the balance that's warriors ball oh man Jerry Lee charisma a shadow I still did not get a shadow well we try to read as many comments as shacho as much possible we saw with missing don't spam guys don't spam oh so promoting or anything like that because the Mod Squad they'll get you and I mean why we have last call died so he would give shoutout 9:15 remaining in the third quarter klay Thompson has it now to Jordan Bell top of the key Bell to curry moving up the screen cat shoots off the screen curry knocks down this bull ass and he's fouled oh my god what a point play opportunity here off the screen from George Bell Leonard is the one who got him that is a sport foul oh my that is Leonard's fourth now that is the end one dumb foul on Leonard that was gonna have a tick tack but you can't hit you can't even hit him and on the fall through hey PJ did you love that or what bro yeah off the screen knocks down the three and I want I saw him stand up on the bench cheering you know so dude can I have your drink here there you go and I see how the splashes of the chat yeah guys every time very your clay hits it's a three don't splash my boy play scampi's does he turn off the volume he'd rather listen to us pigskin dude man shouts a pigskin Pete man I can't we can't tell you how awesome how fucking cool that do it is yeah great content creator yeah go check him out guys yeah y'all go check him out pace campi thank you so much bro that means so much to us coming from you man that means a lot coming from our peers yeah that means the world to us hey y'all just graduated says Allen yeah hey y'all wait no he said hey y'all just graduated oh dude congrats man Congrats oh we got 37 here Thor's back dad don't stress that's our boy right there thank you so much doorman he says burning boobs is my drivers an all-star champion and we hit 65 K it's time to celebrate sir I wasn't here until now I had to watch the race okay Bo we understand bro thank you so much door buddy I'm telling you be careful the words in the Thursday's native oh yeah yeah man you're right dude you're right exactly I want to tell you this right now warriors they got to get some good production offices dots just Curry's Curry's been the only one that's been really consistent in this game everybody even clay has been kind of inconsistent so you know T Webb says yeah we can't do the game clock right now we don't win on the way of figuring that out maybe by next an NBA season we'll try to figure that if we can look yeah the other game clock is up like that if we could do that that'd be awesome see if you can do that I've seen other streamers have it but this no I'm gonna guess then but they're using like a third party right and when they use those third parties sometimes they are actually that scores ahead of them and we don't want that or delay or delayed and so I don't like that either when our header or delayed so I don't like that like they're saying oh it's 7258 and it's actually like fucking 65 to 58 or some way they haven't updated the score because it's the late cuz what Internet but you know what it's tough it's it's it's really tough to keep up a live score to do it manually yeah it's really tough and that's why Sean he does that for you guys that's fuckin awesome man so shout out to Sean for doing their for y'all but we're always trying we're o sort of you know up our game here and maybe if we could do that next year we could find a way of doing that so we can have some kind of like well stop and put a stop and go buttons or our honors thing you know that'd be so much better but even then it's kind of tough Oh Rhoda uh I'm sorry for mispronouncing he says I love watching Yasha Sean thank you you thank Erika thank you so much I appreciate I want your cap sunny hey we got the we got the link the description for the merch shop you want to go check that out shout to you a Cosi Brown II appreciate you hanging in here we won't – yup that's right we will be streaming the Bucs thank you so much for promoting that we will be streaming the Bucks and Raptors game tomorrow hey and we'll be back on Monday as well it doesn't matter if you're a fan of either one of those teams just come hang out and have a good time with us Kailyn wants to know how the dog is doing re great are you I cherish ever she's did great she didn't cry or complain about the storm a lot of people you know a lot of dogs is scared the storm she didn't she didn't cry or nothing Jeremy who's in the town I think I just saw him comment oh yeah she was great man she was phenomenal even with a guest that she was very calm very cool Thank You Dylan a shout to you Steve Johnson from Mexico yay and thank you bigger Mike for sharing the merch a link thank you so much wait no Steph Curry misses the free throw no point play I hate will you I see Miss free throws on the other end dream you got a melon Damian Lillard here on the left wing Lillard he's got klay Thompson guarding here screen by Harkless driving into the paint floater up and good by Damian Lillard there we go drive an attack let's go 7059 8:45 remaining in the third quarter Steph Curry he now into the frontcourt Damian on him now to dream on dream on top of the key he'll hand it to Iggy Iggy top of the key heartless guarding him nine to shoot swings it to klay Thompson the right wing pulls up no no he drives up now the dream on in the paint back out to Iggy for three no good come on Iggy that was a wide open shot bro hey Donald still I think that's zero points this game I know yeah I think it's one basket Lillard has 12 points here tonight 818 at the golden third quarter he has the ball on the outside double-team coming Lillard bounce pass to Hart Aminu to Harkless out to Leonard for three yeah Leonard for three Leonard for three I see – Leonard I see you buddy hey minutes up they go here the third quarter 73 59 step card with a ball a horse was guarding him now to the right wing draymond Green 13 on the shot clock Damien Lillard guarding him take him off the dribble but I pull up the jumper at the baseline but he is fouled by Lillard come on to the great ball woman by Blazers right now man they're got they're getting contributions Leonard he's their leading scorer right is he older Lee scored yeah he's got 16 points yeah 14 for McCollum 12 from Willard and he's 3 for 5 from three-point land that is huge Robert we are Dallas Texas man really Dallas Texas man my dog is 16 and I'm gonna be a sad time for me very soon yep you know up picks again I'm so sorry to hear that man I'm gonna same ball with you smalls he smalls is uh he is what is I think he's about 16 17 years old do you was born on January 1st 2011 I want to say 2012 but yeah man that's that sucks bro that sucks man everybody uh he knocks out the second free-throw draymond Green now has 16 points 7361 7:45 remaining in the third bring it up for the Blazers is Lillard he's on the left wing guarded by claice and he goes the screen my heartless pass to Leonard on the right wing Leonard looking looking for somebody get open he's got 7 shot clock he'll hand it back to Damien Lillard back to Leonard in the paint swings it from Harkless for a corner three no good air ball yeah clay will pick it up and bring it up now Hill out let it to dream on 720 remaining in the third quarter draymond driving baseline kicks it to cutting klay Thompson and he lays it in there we go baby good ball movement man pay Skippy dude that's good man so sorry to hear that our van 707 out to go in the third quarter guess CJ McCollum here on the left wing double-team right there now on the left course wings it to Leonard on the left wing to immediately top of the key driving kicks out to Leonard he'll take this the three from the wing no good rebounded by draymond he'll bring it into the frontcourt 650 remaining this is a heavy push there by dream on pass the Jordan Bay on the right short quarter bounce pass to dream on and he lays it in that was a great pass right Bell this great vision good job I dream on just getting back in the inbounds man it's a single bitches boy lead now eight points Ryan and shout to you man thanks so much for being here appreciate that all right Damian Lillard has the ball 630 left to go in the third quarter they're still in the lead but by eight this single digit lead now Shawn Leonard has it right wing you hand it off to CJ McCollum down in the paint Leonard he'll put up the floater no good that was too much oh wait is the back iron McKinney's there to grab the board he'll outlet it so dream on draymond back to McKinney on the right wing back to dream on 14 the shot clock – clay top of the key Lillard guarding him now he's backing him down into the post take that 7 6 turnaround jumper up from there's baseline no good man you want to hit that I wouldn't jump out of my seat on the other side of it Lillard has it outside klay Thompson on him and he'll try to draw the foul but nope not gonna do it dream on outlet – Jordan Bell he misses the note piece of shits Lilin siege ever come on the other end of the glass no good but he is fouled Jordan Bell misses the dunk oh shit what I put like that's something on their own oh is he trying to be like Steph Curry no shit Wow Jordan Bell misses the dunk Wow said you might call him at the free-throw line 5:35 remaining in the third quarter first free throw is good it rattles in guy acting a fool you're damn right Ryan Kurt yeah yeah yeah but look at dream on he's like come on man you can't fucking move just look Oh buddy just lay it up just finger roll bell looking like Steph Curry hath King J key PJ the rim blocks the tongue says Israel oh my god uh how many fouls curry guy how many fathers curry half-step curry tonight oh yeah housekeeping forgetting that's he has two fouls so a lot of these guys are like going a foul away from being in foul trouble dude you know who out we haven't seen since the first Corps Damon Jones Damian Jones ever since ago three thousand three minutes and he's been out they have not put him back in yeah that was a horrible experiment yeah they're very bad uh really protective dogs they're great with kids Herbert which dogs Shepherds German Shepherds I'll probably talk uh he says three white waters I have three white lawyers I have a German Shepherd man she's not really bark she doesn't bark but she's very attached so is she how she gets when she gets older uh once again oh yeah we're live here for Game three here in Portland Trailblazers lead 7465 and the leading scorer for the gold State Warriors is Steph Curry with 18 points I dream on actually has 18 points himself third time from klay Thompson and then for Portland Trailblazers still Leonard with 16 points all right behind him CJ McLellan with 15 but the big thing is the bench contributions here seven points from cancer five points from seth Curry and five points from Evan Turner man everybody's contributing for the Blazers right now and that's why they have a lead does your AMW rootbeer have that frosty mug taste yes yes but guys we want to thank you so much while we're here at timeout we want to thank you so much for being here we have one point six thousand in the house it really means a lot to us it really does every single time it never gets old shout to the Mod Squad for chaotic kick-ass job what can't everything go if you're brand new you're watching you have not thought about subscribing just quite yet yeah tell you go ahead do it don't miss out on the party will be library tomorrow and Monday is will and if you're NFL fan will be live for every primetime game during the NFL we have a ton of NFL content oh yeah for you guys that's our favorite sport oh yeah and that's where we're gonna have so much fun fantasy football as well so subscribe turn the notification bill and if you haven't done so yet smack the fuck out of that like button we're closing in on the thousand likes here on the night yeah that is awesome Thank You 785 right now almost at 1,800 guys y'all are every piece we have the best live strange sports live streams in the world thank y'all so much shout to you bTW gaming YouTube from the Philippines thank you so much man thank you buddy she ate that lingerie football says say crisscross criss cross lingerie football oh yeah I love this shit sports very baby anonymous fucker what's up and I'm his fuckers it's in the house tonight man what's up bro and Prince Jonas is one fellow from Brooklyn you guys need a YouTube deal and a beer sponsor if you guys Rock man we would love that a beer sponsor do you know yeah just imagine heaven who we should reach out to think about how much beer we buy imagine what we would be drinking how much we would be drinking if we had free beer oh my god Asia is in the house what's up a job girl where you guys from Joshua we are in Texas yeah we're in Dallas Texas that's where we both were born in Texas I live here in Dallas now legit athlete you have a good one man thank you so much for being here eddo what team of mine I well I had to go and say warriors in this series yeah I do too but my favorite team is this seam right here baby doubles mine is Mavericks deep Dallas Mavericks with life Davos have you tried Blue Moon fucking Moon Chris ah man I like it alright we're back from the timeouts AJ Macomb at the free-throw line 5:35 remaining in the third quarter now go to say warriors they're in the bonus here for the remainder of the period Macomb misses the second free throw it rims out here comes curry into the frontcourt Macomb has 15 points four assists on the night so forth McKinney swings it to klay Thompson left wing guarded by McComb now to dream on dream on bounce pass of clay shoots over Zach College good good shot seven-point game let's go they're creeping back into it we are not Cowboys fans he is I am a Bears fan Golden State's in the bonus yeah siga 774 here comes Leonard with the ball on the right wing guarded by klay Thompson 505 remaining now to make colum top of the key kara and driving on him he'll drive on him and pause at the Florida but he is fouled for the shot yeah shots no good but he is foul on curry by curry yeah uh what's up what's up Josiah Robinson what's up buddy I'm in Lufkin Texas love context I've never been a part of it Thor says this is a rated-r stream so if you're a description advised yes right now baby bolli about a demon Lewin has on the right wing seven to shoot pass out to litter swings it to McComb left wing dries pose of the floatover dream on of the glass it good what a shot there by CJ McComb eye boy on the other end Thompson for a baseline shot four to no good how'd he miss that how did he miss this short baseline shot easy shot man on the other end a me alone now that pull the choke legends are in the bonus running hood for a quarter three no good bill grabs the board outlet to dream on for 25 remaining in the third quarter dream one has the top of the key bounce pass to klay Thompson I was a little bit too much um right there Thompson for a shot from the corner for two good there you go that's good shot would you be at a Bulls game Josh I was high for clans watching listening to us while he's working out yeah also dude but in that work taming a little bit the ball right here working on Jordan Bell it pulls up the jumper for to no good hits the back iron rebounded by draymond Green 357 remaining in the third quarter here comes grow green the Bell who throws it down baby Jordan Bell he didn't miss a duck this time here comes is only a five-point game George Bell has six points on the night so far with 11 minutes in McCollum brings it into the front core for the Blazers here on the right wing hands it off to the hood swings it to that cause top of the key yeah now to Leonard Leonard hands it to CJ McCollum driving baseline floater up no good oh oh here comes the warrior step curry to the frontcourt 321 remaining curry split the defense going up he's fouled by Zack Collins good fucking Drive how many files that for that Collins Collins that used to start from good shit how many points is uh the ghost has how many points is curry have 18 right now the Warriors are shooting 43% 27% from downtown Trailblazers are at 43% and 30% from down yep so pretty similar right mm-hmm okay okay first free-throw is good for curry we love you to echo appreciate that thank you so much thank you we love all y'all oh how many people we have in here green almost has a triple-double he's got 18 points eight rebounds and no nine rebounds and nine assists we have 800 likes and we have almost 2,000 people in here y'all are awesome love you all right Steph Curry at the free-throw line second free throw is up and good nice oh shit it's a three-point game yes it is 3:17 remaining in the third quarter come on Blazers both teams in the bonus Lillard into the frontcourt is it gonna be Dame time in the second half are we gonna see it pass the Rodney hood hood to cancer who has checked in Cantor swings it to the left wing to Seth Curry he will press it back out to leather four to shoot McKinney Guardium taking all the dribble pass down low to cancer pump fake pulls it up no good rebound by Oh Seth Curry step why did you grab that for Seth Curry right here on the wing Seth Curry off the screen thought about shooting bad pass to Zach coastal about draymond pass to Steph Curry but that's a travel travel Steph Curry's carry knows it like come on gotta travel by Steph Curry that's Portland Bowl Portland leading by three to forty two remaining I see Seth giving it to him a little bit like making fun of them Roquemore says smash that like button that like time welcome to the party if you're new baby let's go curry now has 20 points on the night Lillard has the ball and there's gonna be a offensive foul against Portland I think Zach Collins our this fourth foul I think that's good man Collins always in foul trouble yeah that's his fourth foul with 234 remaining in the third quarter reps hate him I swear to god I've never seen this channel been watching for five minutes man no thanks as a vagina for everybody thank you buddy but boy curry brings it to the front court for the goal state warriors seth Curry guarding him 2:25 remaining in the third quarter pulled up for deep three over Kanter curry misses it but tints it back out to McKinney Curry's there to grab it drives it in he pulls it to step took McKinney he lays it in – I'm so surprised no fouls called cuz step outdid fuck to 10 remaining in the third quarter gold state on a 62 3 run in the last 5 58 Lillard into the paint no good rebounded by McKinney 2 shall Emerson to dream on brings it into the short dream on hands it off to Looney goes up off the glass and goodbye Clooney and guess what timeout Portland 154 remaining in the third they got the lead come on poorly that's exactly what happened Cape to shout to Neil Jake Florida's for devil team thank you do you think you gonna win whew what I don't know what you mean I don't know either guys we were what you're saying about what we're saying we're talking about the game what do you mean uh Zachary Duncan's you guys are getting me through work right now thank you no we thank you for tuning in buddy we appreciate you man we appreciate you so much I gotta grab me another beer here and saying we have over 2,000 people in here 856 likes can we hit 1,000 likes I don't know I don't they like this like that one guy he said he didn't like it hey thank you guys no problem Jeff shout to you as I'm appreciate that shout out to the all people watching from the Philippines yeah a lot of people the Philippines as always you guys love basketball it's all him out to all you guys now the Kuya isn't hot tails out there Josh I finally saw in gaming oh my god I cried at the end he didn't Asia that was yeah yeah I choked up this is the best now guys very entertaining says Joey Joey thank you so much for saying that man we appreciate that dude thank you and thank you for being here shots of Guam I want to see who was gonna win a beer chug Shana Josh DJ I don't think Sean has ever beaten me ever in a beer chugging on the two and a half years we've been doing this I started it started to pour rain here in Portland for reals that's camped oh really I imagine it probably rains a whole lot there the Northwest man but actually like that I like I like the the rainy weather and the and the clock very cloudy again some like that I hate sunny days I hate it I don't like it I could never live in Cali for that in Southern California every day's a sunny day Oh No thank you all right we're back got Evan Turner with a ball the top of the key 144 remaining in the third quarter go on state is still in that 18 to 3 run in the last six minutes and 30 seconds Emma Turner pulls up the jumper at 42 and that is good all right 78 77 so one point gay I said that donation third quarter 1:28 remaining Steph Curry swings it to Shaun Livingston on the left quarterback out to draymond Green top of the key he's got Evan Turner guarding him nine to shoot Shaun Livingston now to Steph Curry into the paint he tried to put out the glass no good here comes Seth with the outlet pass to Evan Turner back to Seth Curry bounce pass to the right corner to Rodney hood 107 up to go in the third quarter Shaun Livingston guarding him Rodney hood has it here on the right corner he's got nine to shoot good defense being played by the Warriors not a Turner back it down draymond Green into the paint for two shoots he goes up he draws the foul by dream on dream on that is gonna be a start foul and we go to fight all donation from Shaun oh shit Shaun Walton I'm saying I'm struggling financially right now but I believe in giving no matter what you guys do a great job deserve more than this then just this keep it up fellas dude oh yeah you don't have a donate man thank you so much for doing so and preciate the kind kind words man we're just guys we just let you guys are having a great time and we're glad to do this for you guys and thank you so much for hanging out Thank You Man appreciate that every term in the second free throw it's a two-point game 54 seconds remaining here come the Warriors Steph Curry the frontcourt Seth Curry to meet him 16 on the shot clock at Ohlone now to the right corner dream on back out to step for a catch and shoot three and that's a splash that's a fuckin splash that's a splash 38 seconds remaining in the third quarter I have a Turner on the outside driving into the paint does that cause bad pass Trayvon steals it now pass to curry on the drive he draws the hold out almost got the end one that's gonna be a foul that on running hood I think so 29 seconds remaining go to state in the lead where do we say in the last game it was a big lead by Portland Trailblazers at the half yeah and the waters came back in the third quarter and they did this exact same thing right here tonight now they're in a lead step curry he's gonna be shooting two free throws yeah to extend the lead first free throw up it's good it's a two-point game now dude what is warriors doing her Blazers doing man good pussy fuck the bench it cuz the bitch is doing better so half these starters man come on uh did you splash the toilet shot no I just had to take a quick piss and it came back so fast man I'm like shit I'm excited for tomorrow be good to finally Street the books in Rochester I wanna see the Greek freak Steph Curry knocks down the second free throw 25 seconds remaining here in the third quarter Lillard brings into the frontcourt McKinney to guard him 14 on the shot clock that's about a good six second difference Lillard on the drive passes it to turner download a sack college o the night George Bay what a book come on Zack Collins called stronger than that here comes curry to the frontcourt for three to hurry passes it to Bell after all he did get off in time no but he misses it anyway so that's gonna end the third quarter 79 82 hey we saw a lead a good lead by Portland to end the second quarter but to end the third quarter warriors in the lead to 8279 they outscored him 29 of 13 here in the third quarter 29:13 they also up yeah man that's crazy what do you do it's crazy come on rip city yeah trailing by three points right here Steph Curry has 25 points play with 17 draymond with 18 points 16 from leonard 17 from McCollum 12 from Lillard Damien Lord has 12 points still bat Lucas 3 for 11 from the field another bad game by Damien Lillard what the fuck man where has he been at this whole damn series we're entering the fourth quarter it's a three-point game we're gonna have another tight one here guys who is going to get this fourth quarter is it gonna be the Warriors Dubbs or is it going to be rip city you want to hear in the chat and also Shawn we are so close to hitting 1k likes baby are you serious yeah when you come back and you got me a bath are you grabbing yourself beer okay we have two thousand people in here we're not oh my god you're right 916 likes a little of looking like quite Leonard Kairi I mean white linen Kyrie Irving like I don't know what's going on man I want to see a more aggressive like I know he's getting a deed up by klay Thompson which is a great defender and he's doing a great job but I wouldn't see like Steph Curry like they do with Steph get screens get him i mismatches drive the ball I don't see that much from from Damian Lillard and that's pissing me off I grant a green ain't even a point guard and he has it yeah draymond Green runs their point pretty much he runs offense he stays the top of the key with the ball and Steph and klay will do back screens are running all over the core they never stop and they get wide open man and that's what they do that's why I draymond Green I think it's the most unappreciated guy for the Warriors a lot of people talk about staff and clay and Kevin Durant my dream on runs that offense man a special would know when come during Sun in their goal and say where is sweep I think if they win this game they're gonna sweep if they win this game three and Portland doesn't pull this out they're gonna lose this series in next game on Monday which will be live for half look time if you're wearing a hat right now taking off your head and let's see if you could be me and a hat flipping competition yeah are you ready I can it I could pretty much hit this and one go he's going to let see who could do it ready you ready agree and if you beat me let us know in the chat I'm gonna count it down alright alright alright three two one oh shit oh shit Josh you're gonna lose there we go Josh you fucked it up man you fucked up twice I've seen you fucking up twice in a long time crazy say hello to Laurence commode shuttle or shuttle you Lawrence God guys uh I feel like it's gonna be for one are you the series you think blaze is gonna be able to fly one getting better ones and I don't see them winning against you beat me iris okay okay iris you beat me to Thor alright a lot of people beat me in the chat I guess alright you win this time okay you win this time alright let's see what the blazes to do here coming back from the third oh sorry the fourth all right here you go seth Curry working on the right wing here and now into the corner pulls out the jumper for two no good rebound by Joep KO drop go well let Quinn cook bring this into the front court for the goal and say Warriors are cold right now they are loony swings it to Levinson left wing now court guarded by Rodney hood out to klay Thompson top of the key CJ McCollum in front of them bring into the paint kicks it to the liver sent back to clay back to limited and they're gonna say online stepped on the out of Bounce yeah that's a turnover that's Portland ball Blazers man there they are ice-cold right now they gotta get it going here maja mohammad family jimenez Jimenez all right well 1118 ought to go to the fourth quarter CJ McCollum has the ball take a shot limited into the paint pass out to Zak calls for a three yeah Zach Collins Zach Collins it's a tight game let's go DJ I'm excited for Godzilla king of the monsters I'm excited yeah I'm except for that 11 minutes of the go fourth-quarter 82 82 trucker with the ball on the outside murdered by Turner now it's a quick cook seth Curry guarding him quick cook back to JEP go he's looking he's got five on the shot clock hands it out to clay Thompson for three Turner on him to one Thompson has a shoot he does off the glass good baby good there we go clay at the buzzer to men and Clay's been a little quiet so let's see they regain the lead 84-82 10:35 remaining in the fourth quarter on the other end McCollum off the glass no God rebounded by quick cook here come the Warriors still in the lead by two ten twenty seven let the go Quinn cook here willing to dealer in the paint pass to Looney and I was almost fuckin picked off ya loony here has it on the right wing sweeter to direct go top of the key now to cook eight to shoot they look a little flustered here on office they don't know what to really do defense never become stolen bullshit Macomb steals it on the other end and he's fouled hard by Quinn cook yeah good foul but call them still in the past by klay Thompson and on the other end is fouled by Quinn cook yeah that's a good fire by Quinn cook though man hey yeah like you said they look flustered right now the second unit of the Warriors haven't done I grade this game klay Thompson he was looking to like I think trying to pass to Looney there yeah the combs just took it away but you know what good defense there by the Portland Trailblazers in the last two positions possessions yep they make the Warriors look like they don't know what the hell to do a lot of ball movement but no one really knows what to do with it yeah but Coulomb right there missed the first free throw miss it free throws come on two possessions ago klay Thompson made it but as it right at the buzzer yeah second you know going say he's got to get it going man or Portland second unit might take over here again 1006 remaining here in the fourth quarter it's a two-point game go to state in the Lee McComb makes the second free throw no he doesn't no he doesn't he missed them both what a fucking asshole a bum what an asshole what a piece of shit I'm just kidding drop : either end left wing gonna buy turner now to Shaun Livingston hood on him 10 to shoot hands it off to klay Thompson Thompson driving baseline pulls at the jumper for the baseline no good everybody by Zach Collins that shot man Collins who gave it to riding hood who will bring it up in the frontcourt for the Blazers moving up a screen from Zach Collins he's got Looney guarding him now and there's gonna be a whistle away from the ball Sean let me sit on Collins looks like uh where's curry its fourth quarter well it's a start of the fourth quarter so they have curry out of the game right now he'll come in about the seven-minute mark of the fourth hey we are Bob 29r away from hitting 1000 likes guys smack that like good if you're enjoying the full game this ball is almost stolen there by klay Thompson but calm comes up with it ball goes out of Bounce it's not gonna stay poorly ball yeah yes it is nice oh man why do the Blazers choke us lead well dislike the glass game yeah they just they think the Warriors are second half team yeah well there they could be a team any fuckin corner flood you're takin okay they make great adjustments on the poor trailblazers yeah but here's how to South the fourth quarter I'm loving what the Blazers have been putting any other trailing right now and I like their defensive effort yeah Lillard baseline pass to CJ McCollum McCollum right here is gonna get fouled there by Looney we have to domination Robert Villa off topic Cowboys can't play them players cut X yeah we're probably gonna be after next year we're probably gonna be letting tomorrow Cooper go I saw line passing in brought it to Seth Curry seth Curry moving around the perimeter hands it off to Damian wood thank you so much for the donation everybody low with the fancy dribbling driving at that pain going about the glass no good good defense by Looney D here come the Warriors on the other end still in the lead by 2 9 13 left to go in the fourth quarter Quinn cook out on the outside quarter bus that Cowen's that is a fucking take dance quick cook he's good thick mother oh he does off the glass lays it in that was too easy good hesitate we knew that was happening now the great hesitation by Quinn cook let's see what you could come up with cooks a 54 remaining in the fourth quarter Lillard driving into the paint reverse layup no good rebounded by Jericho he Lillard missed the fucking layup – he's forcing it way to lunch man come on on the other end you got Quinn cook – Looney Looney almost oh he's gonna be fouled I want to say I thought he's gonna fuck away fuck up that pass but he was fouled foul by Lillard that's the frustration felt a little bit rodents is what's good guys let's get this dad yeah Josh we hit 1k likes what yeah we have one case we have 2 point 4 K in here oh my God thank you so much guys for hitting that Lydell Adelie ball inbounded Quinn cook pulls up the jumper for the baseline god Quinn cook was back-to-back shots oh and 35 remaining in the fourth quarter and that's a timeout by Portland man this what is Portland doing man on the offensive side but Cola misses two free throws yeah Lillard misses a fucking lay back to Begley Oh what are they fucking do it ahh I will have to say right now I was just criticizing gonna say his Warriors bench but Quinn cook is coming alive right now and I'm liking it hey but yeah thank you guys so much for hitting that like button guess the 1000 I we have two point four thousand eight gears awesome hey everybody smash that fucking like button um I will it's always something josh is gonna do I will dropkick you I should drop kick you you'll always want to do shit to me let me drop kick you if we get 2000 likes 2000 lights I drop kicking if we hit 2000 lights you could drop kick me okay okay all right wait wait you always say 1.5 you're a drop kick me no this is bullshit why is it always you what it doesn't like and you can drop kick me I don't like I was always like so simpler for you to get it but one point five thousand likes and I get a RKO you know what my five thousand left I orc are okay oh you I will say this guys we've said it earlier but I know we have more people in here guys we had 65 K tonight and that is fucking awesome we hit another milestone thank y'all so much all y'all people that hit that like everybody that that share all the new subscribers were gaining that we gained a bunch we appreciate we love you and welcome to torture nation will be live again tomorrow guys for bucks and Raptors it's just always surreal always like we started the channel less than three years ago and we're already at 65 game we never it's just a kind of an amazing journey and I hopefully y'all feel like you're on the journey with us cuz this this is much of a channel this is much as y'all's channel as ours cuz y'all help us anything we hit and the achievements because y'all so here here goes the NBA official YouTube page how many having they have 1900 people watching them hey they're watching a boring ass fucking scoreboard or bored nobody gives a fuck about that they have 738 likes I'm gonna tell him how many likes I'm gonna say the chat fu I'm gonna just say what up NBA we have when you're wet were you we have more viewers okay how many Alex they have 738 okay we have one up NBA where you went Robert says I do the $2 donation thank you so much is I don't know Zeke wants max by Zeke go rate it for life no we're gonna resize Zeke Zeke is gonna get paid man we have I think we won't have 20 million in cap next to sign them or 80 million in cap next year so we're good something like that I can't remember thank you so much for $2 Robert appreciate it man we're not letting Z go Dallas will never leave his ego wait wait what if we go do a raid to the NBA official YouTube channel what if we're a to the NBA but nobody's gonna say thank you like there's no reactions no we'll just say we're sports fairy nation just beating that ass for a nation whooping that ass do y'all want to do that yeah let's go fuck did they do y'all want to do that do y'all want to write the NBA live stream and say sports your nation kicking ass NBA official YouTube channel oh my god let's go fucking right oh hey go sports right yeah let's go watch me rain sports for you oh my god bro let's go sports for your raid oh let's suppose we read the fucking NBA official YouTube channel I got a weave right in this mystery a sports shirt really ready the NBA official they have how many subscribers they have a million right yeah no they have millions Sports for your raid our back here in the fourth quarter man seth Curry bring up the bald pass to Leonard yeah no now back to Lillard here on the 823 remaining in the fourth quarter they're trailing by six points Lillard to Leonard back to Lillard repco Guardium that's a mismatch he'll shoot from deep straightaway no good read by the black klay Thompson why force that shot man taking off the dribble yo we see you guys fucking raiding their chair that's awesome 8:03 let's go here in the fourth quarter you got loony on the outside now the shot leviston or eight minutes of the goal klay Thompson with it driving in the paint passes it to Looney and he'll pass it back to clay for a quarter three no good rebound about that call isn't huge outlet pass to Damian Lillard he'll bring it into the frontcourt now 7:45 under go Lillard is guarded by a double-team there Leonard for three oh no good rebut it by Looney three buckets that call just flopping over that our bitch losing on the drive kicks it to giraffe go pump fake steps up shoots for two yes jo aapko quit flopping Collins you can't make doing that list late in the game piece of shit thank you guys so much for that fucking raid hey NBA I would kicking your ass buddy yeah 7:13 up to go in the fourth quarter on the driver come off the glass lays it in he lays it in they needed something there we go and a timeout the time alcohol yes timeout called right here by the Warriors here flopper their Sisyphus campy yeah else I hate floppers I understand you gotta exaggerate the fouls to try to get a cup of alcohol but late in the game cannot afford to give a fat like numbers to another team we're social I can't believe we just fucking raided the official YouTube channel of the NBA that was fucking hilarious I can't believe thank you guys we just want to get their attention let everybody know that a couple of fucking assholes from South Texas are kicking their fucking ass we are kicking their ass Sports for urination babe let's go baby welcome with sports here you feel a new thank you all for subscribing man we we're having a great time we have almost 2,600 people in here smash I like we're gonna be live again tomorrow for the Bucks and Raptors game oh my god this has been a great fuckin journey man 1.1 thousand like that's what's up man shout out all you guys let's see we like family up here's is Ricky Lu damn right shout to you Winston thank you so much for being in here bad time out by the wars is Daniel time left is 7:09 allowed to go in the fourth quarter yeah I'm not no I don't mind this time out for the words get your players in there you know get kind of settle everybody down I don't mind it we got some people from the NBA channel coming over here lies welcome baby welcome see fuck no offense NBA but fuck okay because you know what they're only there showing the scoreboard we have a fucking scoreboard ourselves and we're providing live play-by-play we're having a fucking great time and it's a party up in here why what's worse your nation yeah Yeah right now they're probably license what the fuck these words fear a guy who these guys let's go look and see what they look like yeah there we are right there and we are motherfucker there we go that rate on the NBA Channel that's going down history that was hilarious I can't believe we did that that was fucking hilarious Abdi says I came from the NBA Channel well hopefully you have a great time in your bed oh yeah make sure you hit that like subscribe turner notifications well never hear that that's awesome thank you guys for participating that was hilarious shout out here for the philippines' jeffery a sell him out to the Philippines sunny what's up man how you doing we got to all donation from Robert yeah we says two dollar donated but dag was more than thirty million you can't max them both yeah we could we can max both but if we max both Zeke and dag we can't resign Amari Cooper or aunt Byron Jones so we'll probably both of them we can resemble yeah watch you for the philippines' to is Lewis man you guys love basketball we push out the local core you guys get man that shows so much love man that is definitely the biggest second biggest country that watches us outside the US Lady Justice I'm bears to be ablaze ablaze Junior some bears to be a Blazers been playing you know what do you been you it's worse it can be worries gonna be pissed off by Chicago Bulls so right now sit at home and my Mavs are sitting at home so at the end of the day y'all are here yeah y'all are losing but be poor at least you're representing your team and we respect that either way lettuce says drop a sports for a dropkick in the NBA scoreboard Arnold Schwarzenegger style yeah how much time is left official we got 709 left to go in the fourth quarter yes and thank you guys once again so much for being in here participating in that that was awesome Jerry Mays over to all donation he says this is for the realest commentators Thank You Jeremy Jeremy love you buddy shout to him and Damian Lillard is misses last six field goal attempts terrible including layups yep say before doesn't go the 4th quarter we're back here klay Thompson has the ball here on the left wing pass out to come Steph Curry curry on curry 657 left to go everyone chanting defense here in Portland they are trailing by six they got to get a defensive stop right now Jordan bill has it on the right corner going to buy my Meyers Leonard bad pass there to Steph Curry almost stolen yeah I have a Turner and draymond has to heave this up that's a shot clock violation good defense item by Portland that's what you want to see finally come on get it going now on offense I want to see gave me a Lulu where's the fire in your eyes same time come on 645 remaining in the fourth quarter those green ass shoes that's why you're fuckin up 84 90 is the score right now Lillard has the ball now the Seth Curry top of the key going to by step you got curry on curry action curry on curry crab now it's a Damian Lillard catches shoot for three oh he misses it rebounded oh but there's gonna be a foul loose ball foul oh that's a that's gonna who's that gonna be on it's gonna go on Jordan bill Wow we got done we're smart we rated the F out of them fear our nation represent yeah we fuckin sideline ball inbounded here to Mars letter from Damian Lillard Jordan Bell guarding him Leonard hands it off to McCullough McCullum here on the outside top of the key fighters shoot he pump fakes and draws the foul by Jordan Bell was that two or three they're gonna review it they seem that's gonna be free throws but it's gonna be two or three yeah 6:21 lets it go in the fourth quarter trailing by six McCollum at the free-throw line that was a foul by Jordan Bell and that is gonna be Jordan Bell yeah third foul uh pearl says Sean you should have told us about those green shoots earlier you know we can't see that shit yeah he's got some great ass fucking shoots and it's very distracting I see away over there like it is lime green shoes so weird hey Patrick hold us up man we got 2,800 people in here if you're brand-new subscribe time don't forget about the fucking I like oh yeah but Cole knocks down the first free throw do they say two or three it's a five-point game Portland in the bonus I'm not sure I think it's gonna be me – Josh save pod tuggin Gina I'm not sure what the hell that means how much time is left 6:17 off to go in the fourth quarter five-point game McCombs second free throw is up he misses it he's short he'll be shooting three free throws so here comes up the last free throw why did he miss that man why did he miss he reported missing free throws a year and late in the game Daniel yes 601 left 621 on the go I'm sorry 621 oath ago for sure he's better than the uh-uh the ops what here we go third free throw is a mess he only made one of three oh that's curry steals the ball no just be cool for three airball airball miss two free throws and you fucking air ball Yahoo piece of shit straight mom was there to pick it up now two-step curry curry on the drive and he'll lay it in easy 92 85 601 let the goes end point game this is not live Guilford Blazers what oh god McCallum are you fucking kidding me Turner with the ball here and it's taken away by the Warriors draymond Green into the frontcourt Trayvon two curry on the left wing Carter by Leonard 544 remaining in the fourth quarter it's a seven-point game curry on the drive kicks it to bell swings it to clay um now he goes to me Katie fourth quarter three yeah we're kidding knocking it down it's a 10-point game 5:30 left to go and Portland just fucking things up offensively oh my god good defense by Mike gonna start Lillard has the ball dream on dream guarding him now to turn our hands it back off to Lillard Thompson guarding him driving into the paint pass out to Leonard Leonard brings it now posting up to puts it up no good tip in by Evan Turner 87-95 five minutes left to go they needed that bad man they gotta play some defense there though man come on for 54 remaining in the fourth quarter curry with the ball pulls up the jumper over Seth yes splish-splash step curry baptizing his little brother fuck what I just say you need defense for 40 left to go in the fourth quarter 98 87 Portland into the bonus and they don't even try to attack Lillard on the drive pastor turner going up and he lays it in ooh with a little little spin move right there 420 father to go in the fourth quarter 89 98 curry with the ball in the paint stops puts it up off the glass and good he wanted a foul but he'll give a little shimmy there and that's that gonna be a timeout Portland yes it is for 18 remaining in the fourth 189 is the score Portland is trailing here at home Wow guys we have over 3,000 people in here if y'all haven't gets on smash that like welcome towards your nation baby curry has 32 points 32 points 20 points from McCullum 12 from Lillard what a horrible horrible fourth quarter by Lillard has Lord hit 20 points at all the series I don't know man it's CJ McCollum just fuck it up here in the fourth quarter missing free throw he may be their leading scorer but he ain't doing shit to dollar donation from Robert says GM wants dem to take less exam also Alex I'm at the Cowboys oh fuck yeah he wants them to take less yeah of course you know I keep them all it's gonna be tough to get that though appreciate you donation man hey we got 3,000 people up in here I know damn well you guys can smack the fuck out that like butter for your boys if we're having a good time here smack that like button we appreciate y'all being in here we got one point two thousand likes right now yes hey let's get up to 1.5 let's go we know you can hit the like and we know you can hit the like you and yeah you to leader Cheers hey shout-out to the moss squad once again shout to the mon squad Gabriel says go warriors yeah let me see in the chat we had 3,000 rip city or dubnation to the chat room for the time remaining is 349 left to go in the fourth quarter it is an eight-point game yeah the Warriors got it I mean a blade he's got to get it going right here and we're back and we're back right here and that's a lizard who knocks down that shot making a name one gay 90 to 100 the 403 left to go in the fourth quarter okay all donation from Eduardo thank you so much Eduardo thank you buddy 357 left to go in the fourth a point Gabe Curry takes a deep straightaway three over Horus it's back iron rebounded by McComb here comes McCollum on the other side past a Lillard he'll catch his shoe for three no good rebound it boy oh they're gonna call foul they're on the rebound who's that gonna go against I was gonna go against call him over the back I guess I'm Curry that's going to guess what : yeah I see a lot of dumb name I see some rib city of the chat let's go the he rode water for the donation and we thank you so much for that still plenty of time left 370 not to go with 10-point lead 337 to go 90 to 100 I was actually looking at this scoreboard right here up draymond Green has it on the right short corner pass and Steph Curry down to Looney reverse layup is lays it in 102 92 324 L to go on the fourth appreciate that but calling for deep down down no good rebounded by Steph Curry curry pushing up into the frontcourt 3:30 nothing go in the fourth quarter curry is going to buy curry on the right wing it's a 10-point game 3:05 remaining curry going by his brother Glen a little too easy Oh Steph Curry just stop it just stop it and no defense to be heard of from Blazers right now just one game curry has 34 points on the game Lillard has it right here on the left wing he tried to draw the foul once again but he throws of the three he pulls up the three he made 95 104 Wow I just got that only thank you so much once again Stephen Stephen with other plans all right curry pass to McKinney on the baseline back out to curry on the left side you have a Turner guarding him 6 to shoot on the left corner step-back jumper for three curry no good rebound him on the kitty and hustle to 24 it 80-odd to draymond and he pushes it into the paint and they're gonna call if it's a foul by blocking blocking fell on Seth Curry and they're not in the bonus so we'll see it's gonna be of embedded pass uh man how much time is left to 21 of the go in the fourth quarter to a 21 no I'm sorry 9 point game after that threat he thought three guys if you they yell so much we have one point three likes we've hit we hit 65 Kate and I yellow awesome we appreciate everybody man y'all are awesome sideline inbounded fly from up from klay Thompson to draymond Green dream on face it down low to Looney pump fake pulls it up and throws it down that was too easy man good assist there by draymond Green – all set allowed to go to the fourth quarter 95 five 106 is the score Portland in deep shit right now McCollum tumour Turner pack kick-out to set square for three no good rebound my mckinney that might be it that might be it that's probably yeah we had $10 from Canada Jeffery and Manolo thank you so much for the $10 buddy we appreciate that I love you thank you Jeffrey thanks all right Seth Curry has the ball Steph Curry has the ball Seth guard guarding them 140 remaining in the fourth quarter Steph has it still four to shoot now switch on defense Turner guarding him Turner steals it Oh Turner yeah on the other end goes up in the Lambo it's blue clay boy quickly what a block Steph Curry brings it up blood play clay look deep baby unbelievable you see the donation we'll worry that just a second Cory – dream on dream on losing control it kicks it back out the step for a deep 3o goes out of bounds we had $20 donation someday Mickey just love you guys surely Butler surely Butler that's your name Charlie boy Thank You Shirley $20 take a shake you we got it 1:12 remaining Damian Lillard is gonna bring it up for the Blazers 95 106 is the score Lillard into the paint goes up he's fouled by klay Thompson I thought it was a clean block for a second yeah that was clean block sell them out to lacerate Thank You Scottie saw them out to you buddy and for all the people who just drawn we gained had quite a bit in the subscribers here tonight yeah we want to welcome you to this moisture urination we thank you we're glad to have you we're gonna be alive tomorrow yes bad mother Raptors baby yes after this game it looks like Warriors gonna close this out hey it's gonna be eliminated came Monday smack that like blood for us we're at one point three thousand likes get 2,000 eggs yeah let's go let's go guys you're on the stream yeah – shit – nice hit that shit hit it Jaime lure with the second free-throw it is up and no good fucking god that's why you're losing my 10 points you're missing all these freakin free-throw hundred men who left to go draymond Green has the ball on the outside corner by heart let's take him off the dribble driving into the paint goes up and he is going to get fouled as he drove the paint so that's gonna be two free-throws coming up and we have 55 seconds left in the game this is probably over guys uh we had two dogs from Robert says Josh nothing but love but you kind of look like Seth Rogen I hear that a lot I get that a lot I don't know why people say that sound like him yeah first free-throw is up and it's good by draymond he knocks down his fucking free-throws yep he knocks down his free-throws let me see trouble is how many missed free lows they have 13 missed free-throws just on that out there they would be winning right now draymond second free throw is good fucking piece of shit I hate missed free throws 54 seconds remaining in the game it's a 12-point game Lillard has the ball Lillard being double-teamed out to CJ McCollum on the left wing pulls up the jumper for three good well maybe a little bit too much too late Oh George Michael $2 for a thank you so much man I hate that Steph Curry brings into the frontcourt for the Warriors 35 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter they lead by 9 points Seth Court Curry his brother guarding him seven to shoot Steph is going to get fouled by Seth and guys stick around for after this game we're gonna do last call we ran hang off a little bit have like Marley we got beer and give shoutouts fat boy says I'm gonna bring up my broom hey you know what on Monday night we will have the broom of fury right here because if go to state Suites Portland yeah we're gonna sweep them away get the fuck out we're gonna sweep them away on Monday night if it goes down that way curry knocks down the first free throw hey guys let's give a shout-out to Josh in the chat right now for doing this live play-by-play man he's the best in the business here on YouTube guys give him some props Oh God and you know what you should take a bow yourself for updating us for the scoreboard we should both take models I don't think about I don't bow I get vows – all right all right 110 199 is a score McCullough the jumper for three no good three bunted by McKinney 17 seconds remaining he gives it up the dream on dream on we'll take klay Thompson and they're gonna roll this out this is gonna be the end of the game folks 110 99 here is the final score the Portland Trail Blazers lose Game three fucking home they were leading at how time once again and once again they blew it this is only Lewis second loss of my blows is at home in this playoffs they were only lost one all playoffs and they couldn't do it man we got a donation there showing how well its blessing 499 start watching you guys a few days ago and y'all are super funny and great play by play concerts Thank You Welles blessing thank you so much man all the love y'all showing us man yo that's awesome man that that makes us feel good that we're doing a good job really does man thank you guys thank you guys so much congratulations to you Rocha King PJ you guys you guys want man yeah grass all to the Warriors fans Warriors fans where are you at Warriors fans but hey guys as you leave the livestream I'll tell you thank you so much for joining us here tonight we appreciate you we had a whole lot of fun we're going to stick around for less call yeah hang out with us we're gonna hang out for a bit and if you're on your way up make sure you smack that like button put your hosts here and thank you again so much yeah we're talking at one more beer I just hang out with the old man now how many likes do we get let me see we wanted to get try to get to thousand lies we had one point four so almost here let's hit one point five at least Korea at 37 plus four games in a row did he yeah yeah curry had 36 36 yeah 36 point anything with six rebounds and three assists but here's this draymond Green 20 points 12 rebounds I mean 13 rebounds 12 assists triple double triple double by draymond Green so underrated man draymond Green is so underrated klay Thompson with 19 points but he had he has a pretty good defense here tonight yeah Klay Heatley what kind of quiet offensively but yeah great defense one went away from five straight files is that Rocha yeah man they're gonna do it this is yall's arab man this is belongs to y'all yeah y'all are definitely uh the Bulls of this generation right say Bobo Akko bubble icon okay fuck does that mean it means good I guess in Philippines oh but hey man i'ma say Monday night when we were streaming the next game for this series yeah we will have the broom of fury it will be up here and be ready to go mm-hmm did we thank you Jonathan yeah uh chef Rochelle Jeffrey Marc and Norman here in Philippines all shout to all y'all Jeffrey Marc and Norman and Philippines salimah for watching appreciate it oh yeah we hit one point five thousand likes beer I go taking on the piss and I'm gonna grab us one we're around yeah yeah fuck yeah man last call this is last call is all about man thank you guys so much for smacking that fuckin like button and chop back a little bit back up back up a little bit no back up a little bit more you won't want to no no back up a little or put your chair against the wall I put a chair but yeah yeah bang all the biggest the wall there what the hell is that what is that no no no come here look at that look at that right there come over here and look at it what is that what the hell is this the floor it's a carpet what it's the fucking car but what's that little spot right there there's no spot is bullshit are you saying I spilled something I guess it's just my imagination it is you're just imagination but oh god RKO now you go take a piss I said I was on the RKO him at one point by soul I said I was gonna RK yeah 1.5 live witnesses this is a salt in here nope no one saw nothing that was a deal one point five thousand Langston I was gonna are kill you if you wouldn't if we would've had two thousand likes you could have got me but it didn't happen Shaw says give us 500 more like so you could drop kick me to automation from roaches as Josh GT or Scott tonight great shrimp boys Rocha I will hop on I will hop on Planet PlayStation if babe doesn't want to do anything it's up to babe okay Rocha so right now she's downstairs just chillin right now she's off tomorrow she might want to watch a movie or something so if I don't know I don't know I don't know you know I gotta make some time for babe you know but we'll see man we'll see if she's gonna stay sleeping then yeah fuck yeah I'll jump on I'll be on all night bro oh I'll be on our night motherfucker I'm gonna do trunk day says chairs look comfortable fuck Oh bro these fucking chairs are very comfortable oh that cushion right there Don't Tell BAE doesn't want to do anything I hear you Eddie babe calls the shots well I mean look you know you know we only have like what a day or two I won't know now that our schedule change we only have one day off together so yeah I mean I got a balance you know work YouTube and my fucking uh you know whatever the fuck the thing give me that beer oh man all right thanks but ya ruptured no seriously I'm gonna go see what babes up to if she's gonna go to sleep you know she did work today she got off like a 7:30 so if she's gonna stay asleep then I'll jump on bro I'll jump on with you guys hashtag splash brothers truck Trump days a man warriors we're gonna bring out the broom of fury on Monday night Monday night when we streamed this game we're gonna bring out the broom of fury we might have to sweep away the Blazers I mean they just didn't want it man I don't know what it is I don't know what it no actually I do know what it is the fucking defense of the Golden State Warriors and the second half is absolutely outstanding man they had a lead the Portland Trailblazers did once again to end the half time another great push by the Golden State Warriors getting it done on both ends fucking up Lillard and CJ McCollum they were terrible in the second half they were atrocious were they not yeah this exactly what happened last game they had but places had a bigger lead last game they blew it shrug day says you know you got a good channel when everyone wants to hang out after the stream is over we're very grateful that man thank you so much man I appreciate you being in here that Trump – out – Trump days thank you so much for being here bro awesome bro um hey man we're just having a good time Rocha oh just say Oh talk of shit sack you see oh that's a bruise right there that's what we do Trump we out here support your all day turn up turn up uh hopefully this is the last year for Golden State Warriors is hot take it really honestly could be well if KD leaves they keep clay it won't be the last of the gold last play it won't be the last but if both of them leave it's definitely West but we'll see what happens where's babe at she's downstairs I'm not what she's gonna be napping she's gonna sleep so she might be typically what babe will do shosho falsely because she go she works all day yeah and she'll fall asleep by the time the industry comes around right and she'll like want me going down there and wake her up and then we can hang out right now she's off tomorrow so we can hang out tonight but she's probably gonna say I'm just gonna go to sleep I'm just gonna stay asleep and then it's just me just chilling and then I'll hang with the boys on PlayStation I'm sick of going to stay get on the court night tonight you're gonna you're sick of ghost things bigger might a lot of people feel that way yeah I feel you man I think a lot of people are QC wants to know if you'll chug one tomorrow with us chug one saw me Nick and QC are gonna be trucking the beers because our teams fucked up in the lottery so it wasn't I didn't fuck up I'll see ya see baby on the best as just subscribed love what you guys are doing thank you thank you okay so we're in last call and I know what drink our last beer Josh you wanna open up your goddamn beer one second Paul Pierce what a great prediction you had poppers well is he becoming like the worst analyst for NBA probably he needs to get out of here all right dears dilly dilly successful stream I know that's young stream thank you guys mmm now we don't just drink a beer on the last call we also figure out what the fuck we're gonna eat tonight that was it it is big time I'm sorry 10:48 they can close in an hour but you know what I just thought up with actually sounds pretty better Raising Cane's they do open remember you gotta remember they're open they're open til one o'clock yes sure do you want that you know what you know I always say Raising Cane's let's go to Raising Cane's let's go to Raising Cane's how are you guys I'm 114 years old man I'm 29 years old next year I remember my 30s in my 30s let's see what was going on what weren't you it was a night good night Danza Neto good night man thank you so much JJ says you guys are the best can't wait for tomorrow and Monday yeah we're gonna be live tomorrow for the Bucks and Raptors forget to stream the claw a car and the Greek freak fear the deer finally we get this stream Eastern Conference Finals game man they'll be our first one so far in this round or this playoffs for them and they could take a thrill lead the Bucks can they're looking dominant right now yeah so yeah are we gonna see two sweeps in the conference finals oh boy oh boy but we will be live tomorrow and we will be live on Monday and we're gonna have the brooms of fury ready to go we have a fight alternation – what mama Russian bass Russian boss he says I love y'all great stream keep it up I think the wars are going sweet I doubt he sounds just like that I think he does that sounds about right I think they will after this game I think they they are going to sweep Monday I hate to say it man I didn't want to see you sweep but I think so it's looks would knock out right there what my Wilder Oh wilder it's a monster man's our chiral Arturo just sent that to it oh yeah on Twitter this guy's a beast while they're just knocked his ass out bro Wow well they're just knocked him the fuck out thanks for saying that Arturo dude wow there's a monster dude thanks for saying that to us bro yeah oh and all to all the people who followed us on Instagram and Twitter all you motherfuckers yeah yeah I'm done so false on Instagram Twitter all the social medias and the link links are in the description box down below guys ham steaks are having the best YouTube channel hashtag on god dude we have a god oh there's so many good YouTube channels out there man you saying that is a huge compliment because dude that's that's crazy uh welder a Wilder is a fucking beast yeah he is man first round that was a first round knockout holy shit to everybody who pay for that shit oh yeah how's it on pay-per-view probably oh god that's us um Rocha you said you're gonna stream if I jump and join on you guys not Rocha keep in mind all right I'm just let you know what the game plan is right now when we end this dream we're gonna clean everything up I'm gonna go talk to babes see if she wants to stay asleep or you know just want to chill or whatever yep if she chills then then we're just gonna you know watch some movies and someone doesn't hang out yeah if she's gonna stay asleep then I'll jump on but me and Shona also go get something to eat so it probably won't be for at least another hour and a half for probably at least an hour hour and a half yeah so just let you know I do Herbert's is bringing y'all girls on stream once it'll be named nope Josh's baby will not come on stream she's kind of shy but cuz she knows there's a lot of weirdos out there uh currently I don't have a girlfriend so I don't have a babe to bring uh Jon hear about the fight yeah we heard about the fight Travis we just got a our Charleston just the the knock out first round oh oh oh joy he asked me this the other day mm-hmm Rosie stone here he's probably gone happy feats gone it wasn't on pay-per-view well that's good at least people didn't waste our money yeah hand we hit more viewers than NBA stream hashtag lid and that's y'all are fucking awesome man hanging out with us over the NBA channel look fuck them oh man yeah what are you doing Josh Josh why are you pulling out your porn porn collection nobody cares about that Oh Roach Oh Rosita I don't see it now see no he's not here uh Sean needs to get a lady no I'm a little a friend I mean on the side but I don't have a girlfriend I don't want to go for right now man I got time of that shit game ones livestream was lit them yeah game Juan JJ was pretty good man all these trees been lit we talk about what spurts of babe that we all say wait well say hi while she still wants you sleeping that's creepy that's a really creepy whatever rocha imagine roaches remember Roach you're trying to at ASMR it's complete failure yeah chinese-food body shots don't fuck does that mean book is that how do you do body shots of Chinese food that's weird all the games of the series have been have been goods as young onyx but ya know one way yeah it's been one way all day baby Archer wants us to fix y'all's discord server how do we fix it like what do you mean uh our discord survery time I'll just fix what's wrong without discord server ok I'm uh that's can y'all check that out for us uh it's a leak networking well we put the permanent leak remember there's a like a temporary link within a permanent week we put that in uh Josh have you ever been to Alaska I have not I would love to go Alaska Rocha can't whisper to save his life never ever like if he was ever in that in that situation like in the movie was it called quiet place quiet boys I knew exactly roaches would be the first one to die dead I would love for him to be with us in the quiet place so he couldn't we can trip him and let him die so we can get away okay is dead oh god it's not active what do you mean our discourse not active it's active yeah it's active maybe the link is wrong maybe the link all that's checked I'll check right now Josh what's your hat is shit is bothering me what are you talking about what's what's what's what's wrong with the hat yeah yeah we're gonna go see Aladdin you I'm definitely a man I think you do too right oh right now roaches back rocha I was just talking to you for like five minutes with a fucker did you go and he doesn't love us but here take this up man look it you asked me the other day if I had these there you go yeah I still got him bro did he really think we didn't have anymore we keep everything I still got him bro we literally keep everything we've received through the fan mail through the PA box actually why I pull this up all right you see you they're super av21 thank you so much for being here tonight man we appreciate that excited for by burning bright burns gonna be awesome man bro I can't wait for that I cannot fucking wait that what the hell did Rocha sent me these Rocha sent me these dude yeah it's working the discord thing is working mm-hmm it said yeah it's working it's going to our source we have love for you Trump of course yeah oh fuck I can't see anything these glasses on I can't see shit Josh get your shit together okay I can't see a fucking thing with these glasses what's a fucking 49ers maybe that's why the perceivers drop everything I can't see a goddamn thing there you go Jesus Christ I need a haircut fellas good you can go get a haircut tomorrow you know no if I get it whenever I go to the haricot place yeah I don't see my barber there you leave out I'm out I go peace barber for those who don't know we have a very great relationship I mean our barber – customer relationship is exactly what it should be they don't talk he knows exactly what kind of Hammer could I have we established that in our very first fucking haircut I had with him so when I walk in I'm usually the first customer in that place because I work nights so I'm really I'm up all night I'm up in the morning yeah so I'll be the first customer in there I'll walk in and when I do he doesn't say good morning he just looks at me goes and I'm like many goes you know to the fucking chair and then I goes in the chair and that upward ascent he cuts my fucking here I tip him really fucking good because I don't want to be talked to I don't I don't care about his day I know he doesn't give a fuck about my day I know he doesn't give a fuck about my job I don't give a fuck about whatever he's got going on his life for what vacation he went on I don't give a fuck about any kind of small talk he just cuts my hair I tip him really good and I leave and we don't say a word to each other that's how it should be see me and my barber I should talk man Oh meanwhile Barbara actually oh we talked man we talked Dakota Holly with the dollar ninety-nine says how has your night been a little late to the stream no worries buddy favorite shooting any of the way are nice being great we at 65 K man week we out beat them be a live stream and be a fuss channel yeah that's a great time it's been a great time my Barber's on the chip a see here oh I love the postgame hanging out to this point versus Jay Jay I know a lot of people dip out but the people that stay man yellow the brillo bee-bees totally awesome why do you sound like Seth Rogen though I what's it a lot I guess I do I don't know my barber was my business partner said Shawn Walton he was your business partner what kind of business you're going to baby yes okay kind of business jump off I was going to mm-hmm have you been to police I have not I've only gone out of the country I've ever been to was a Mexico make oh really yeah hmm what you want on the cruise didn't go anywhere else where's your cruise go it was a we went just to the Mexican okay okay like progress so and Cozumel I see I took the cruise that went to Jamaica Grand Cayman and then my Cosmo so I think that I know it's when you're talking about its goes other Gavin's too that's uh that's a Eastern Caribbean cruise we have a Western Caribbean catch did I want to go on a cruise man out of Alaska last yes that would be awesome that'd be awesome cuz you can see a lot of times you can see Will's Julie yeah yeah and you see those fucking mountains and stuff that'd be awesome so we should do that one day just like fucking right after then babe playoffs where it's like we could take a little vacation and do that shit man I mean Josh domésticos like five feet away from you from Dallas what well you know what I was born elaborate Oh am i hospital you could tell you Mexico from the window Lorado been like there's some girls I used to hang out with in Austin and they were from Laredo – they said they used to always just go party up in Mexico oh yeah you know what just cross the border party yeah when we live in the radio whenever we do shopping we didn't go shopping here in America we went shopping in Mexico you go Mexico you fucking buy all kinds of shit man in bulk – yeah and but we've Lucio Mexico all the time but Laredo can't get pretty bad with a Mexican Mafia oh yeah it's fucking fucking bad yeah man it's pretty rough out there yeah yeah but yeah besides that man I heard Lorado is crazy Eddie says it's sarcasm Sean how do you know what sarcasm I suck at sarcasm I don't know I've never heard that form of life I think it is a genius oh we're not on that level I'm not sure genius my word okay have you ever jumped the fence Josh no I'm gonna swim oh man that's sexist Jameson says hey guys the amazing job as always mods excellent job I got to get up early and go to church y'all have a good night and take it easy tell babe I said thanks Josh without her we couldn't be here night guys hey yeah I was I will tell her that Jameson thank you so much for the kind words man and thank you so much for always being here and showing support man yep we appreciate you Jameson they appreciate it man all children's love we got dollar negative Carlos Hogan thank you so much for dollar man we appreciate that man you didn't say anything gross chin or they can't well you can't if you're on computer I think remember cuz I've seen the movie credit donate $2 in comedy – awesome the limit to das is the minimum reach 5 so I'm mobile you can't so you can come in on it now go below that you can't okay bigger my sister Josh come on I want to get on a scale from 1 to 10 did you are up fuck playing solid 9 right whoo yes that big a Mike you're a 9 bro no you know you know what you will fucking 11 on the third skill playing your team bigger no I'm sorry I'm sorry now that's rocha that's a thick he's 11 Mexico's crazy place it is crazy man it's crazy Nick our my York I fucked up that name so how many how many money you guys make for me most of our money comes from 2.5 billion dollars of per stream okay you know cats out of the bag now well it's weird donate most of our money that we make is from donations unfortunately yeah it all depends on monetization um so here's how it works okay yeah cuz I know some people in here are thinking about getting into YouTube or and shit like that so so when you're when you're alive and your monetization yep it's purely based your CPM which is uh your your cost per thousand views yep it depends on how your audience retention is you know how often people like when people come in how long they stay right yeah and then it's also based off the interaction within the stream things like that so the more interaction you have the better your audience retention is yep like the better put the percentages the higher the CPM you are so if all right so let's say you have 100,000 views on your live stream yep but let's say your CPM is at about 2% yeah you're gonna get less than a dollar for a thousand years yeah but if it's closer to a 50% you're gonna double it like two dollars per thousand views yeah so it's just a very that's why you know we always stress to hang out with us and have a good time and stay in our streams if you're going in and out in and out that part's our average because it goes off of average but so we appreciate you guys being in here though either but that's just how it breaks down so if you guys are wondering how CPMs work that's how that's how that works for YouTube yeah and then it's uh it's always better for video videos are way better for CPMs are way better on your own videos yeah sure exactly and you won't you probably want to keep it about around the 10 minute mark 10 make it a 10 minutes usually the sweet spot for videos yes yeah whoo that was a good burp right there mm-hmm Dakota says y'all deserve a Bud Light sponsor and that nice money that comes with it cuz yelling shit we hope so yeah man if we could ever get a sponsor from Bud Light man that'd be awesome one of these days and we have like like thousands and thousands of people we should have everybody go tweet up on my just get them sponsors we gotta have that make that happen who is this oh did you watch her know why she open our fucking realize why could she not recommended okay weird oh hey would you we done ago show some love yeah yeah cuz you wouldn't want to add you want to end this and send a stream right over there right now when oh shit sir Carl's in jet fax I'm never getting a rich on this platform it's impossible it's impossible yeah that's why that's why people who are more worried about the money I mean unless you unless you got fucking like literally tens of millions of followers you ain't making shit off this fucking platform unless you have a great business model yeah away from Adsense like it cuz you ain't gonna get that much from it you got it it's not it's pennies it's all sponsorships when you're on YouTube the most important thing is having fun do the content you want to do yeah and that has to be the most important thing because if you're depending on the money or you're you're too focused on that you ain't gonna you're gonna be fuckin miserable you're gonna be fucking miserable yeah we did turn on monetization for livestream until and then two and a half years that we've been doing this yeah and till the start of this and B applause yeah we didn't we've never Ben had monetization on for our live stream we only had it on for our just our videos because if it just doesn't really it doesn't pay a lot of dividends but at the same time we're like might as well just give it a shot you know no I tweeted it earlier at the sports he tweeted what were earlier Rick Yael would you tweet so if your if yours kidding if you want to get into YouTube don't worry about the fucking my I don't even yeah don't let that even be a thing in the back of your fucking mind I don't worry about just focus on making content that's it that's it and Eddie ass has anyone for sponsorships ever reach out to you we have gotten some emails from sponsors but nothing that we've ever really felt like we've never took on a sponsor now that once even though we've we've been reached out dozens of times we're not going to take anything that just comes our way no we want the right sponsors like don't worry fucking little shitty ass company and what no I know another thing is one thing one thing we're not gonna do is we're never gonna change our style yeah we're always gonna be the way we are we're not gonna fucking take on some sponsors and have them try to tell us what to do or how to being cut down on the cussing cut down on the beer drinking or whatever now fuck that and not just like we're gonna always stay true to ourselves yeah we have another problem with like small companies trying to get sponsors and stuff but we want to make it sure that it's something that we are gonna we would use we're not gonna promote something that we would never use that we were we're never gonna get into because I feel like it when we promote them we want to get into it we want to show our passion about it you know I'm saying this is what's important right here right now about what we love this is what's important just hanging out with you guys yeah having a good time man that's it and then whatever happens fucking happens man whatever happens I had the keyboard in my hand yeah I don't why but yeah you guys are the best isn't what's what's that no no no Z am I blind oh yeah ELISA no okay Jeremy Hanson I really wanted a competition tonight it was a wild a heavyweight knockout you know I heard was in the first round first round knockout man that's sad uh you you you like this kind of talk I mean hey man we're always gonna be transparent with everything we do will always tell y'all if y'all ever have questions about you know what we make and so we always have Carlos's all sellout I will wear a suit and tie let's go amen you know in all services that everybody has their own style everybody has their own thing and their own goals and we respect anything anyone's out trying to pursue man and you know mm-hmm the thing is if someone said here here's a million dollar sports very uh here do it this way though you know we'd probably think about it well I don't think we'd go that way because we've been offered to go full time before we've mentioned that to you guys few times yeah but we've been offered to go full time already uh this was last year this was going into last year's NFL season and we passed on it we passed on it because what they wanted to do well in us yeah wasn't us and we we draw we'd rather be happy and we learn our thing and be broke as far as our youtube-channel goes as opposed to doing it full-time which is the dream right and being miserable and not just that it's making sure we enjoy it like thing is what makes our channel I think great is that we enjoy what we do and if we don't enjoy what we do y'all are definitely gonna enjoy what we do but don't get us wrong we would love to go full-time for sure but that'd be the dream to quit my job and do this full-time that'd be amazing yeah but we're gonna do it our way yeah you're gonna do it our way and everyone should do it their way yeah wait we always whenever someone asks us for advice that's what we always tell them uh Carlos is no I'm kidding I'm staying the same man I I'm here to have fun to meet people this is the best community and it really is man yeah it really is we're all you know so supportive of each other you know we have a great times like last night Nick Howard was streaming we're in there and it was a whole lot of fun all the memes that pop up and everything and it's just so much fun right go ahead James the saying why can't y'all do a bug saying we are gonna be doing one tomorrow buddy so come hang out with us man guys we're gonna do a raid right now we're gonna do a rage okay we're gonna participate in a rate now if you're brand-new to this and some of this is last call so many guys probably aware of this yeah what we're gonna do we still have about over 400 people in here right now yeah let me refresh it let me see what we got here we're gonna do a raid to somebody that has shown us a lot of support he is he's somebody who we watched a lot I've been watching this guy years before we even had this channel yeah and he's had our backs and we were gonna go we want to go raid him so we want to send everybody to this channel right now and go show some love hit that like button and subscribe this is something that we recommend and this is what that's what we do rating is not a negative thing it's a positive thing it's about showing love and showing support so you have to go over there hit that like button he's not expecting this whatsoever we're gonna do this right now so here we go we are going to raid eight camel toes who's live right now yeah he does hangouts man he loves just hang out and say sir I know it yeah he keeps a fucking real he cusses he drinks he's a great musician yeah so let's go rate him right now guys he's live right now let's go raise him he's live right now hit that like and hit that subscribe go sound go send the sports free rate to eight camel toes the links and in the chat right now y'all subscribe them up guys subscribe them up happy honey still love your channel by og subscribe see you later happy y'all some love man send them some love hey we want him to sing you tell him to sing for y'all he Tunes right lovely play guitar Josh both of us on here we're alive right now we're sending you guys this way yeah Carlo just sent them up there you go sir Carla I love him in you're gonna love him dude y'all sub this man up we wouldn't tell the boss out the guitar y'all sup him up me y'all give some some love man show him some love this dude is amazing he has got me through so many fucking times at work back before we start this YouTube channel this is a guy that helped me out a lot watch his content a camel toes is the fucking man he's cool with Philly find your bad dog he's you know we all love a man we all love this dude around for a lot of time it was a spur of the moment spur spur of-the-moment fucking thing man sorry bro James says I'll be watching y'all tomorrow night turning off TV sound and have y'all alone for some thank you James we appreciate that buddy that's a huge compliment man our child we are definitely gonna go watch Dark Phoenix me and Josh are both big fans of the x-men play a song sometime you know they play a fucking song for ya let's go let's see it come on there we go yeah that's why I love this dude yeah dude fucking awesome man does he drink beer he's always drinking man better be great yeah our true I thought x-men apocalypse was crap man I didn't like that in that movie I didn't like this my favorite interval team buddy is a Dallas Cowboys his is a Chicago Bears yeah that's a camel toes I'm gonna drop you wanna drop a link to him that's a camel toes if y'all haven't done so go participate in the rage to go show this man some love man a camel toe some real motherfucker great guy great guy yeah just uh you know just paint them back we're always giving some great content man yeah just always giving great team the content he always comes in here shows the slow so we want show him love back Artie and some are your head now man take it easy buddy Thanks there they're on pace port why not a little studio magic I know I'm an East great man yeah he's definitely great man he's fucking awesome uh in-game will ya Herbert I agree I agree all right guys thank y'all so much for participating that raid man we love showing some love to everybody in the community hey camel toes showing us a lot of love becomes dreams every now and then and he's always a great guy man so we appreciate y'all when y'all gonna show love to everybody cuz that's what it's all about man I don't give a shit where you're from what team yours is your team I don't care you're a fan of within of the day it's all love and fun and that's what the sport is all about bringing people together man thank you camel toast has a lot more texture than either you uh sounds Texas yeah well where's a camel toes from Carolina fuck where's he from Josh where's a camel toes from Carolina okay I was right so this true Carolina he is a Panthers fan yeah I knew it I got it right uh well because we live in the city me and Josh live in the city we don't have like a country accent I do have a country accent a little bit late at night I and turn words but I get real tired my country accent comes out a little bit more but not not too much no bigger mic I do not let anybody lick my earwax that's weird uh dark feedings expect to only get only 50 million on opening weekend that's it a lot of people are not really too high for this but I'm gonna be watching it I am too yeah I know apocalypse they a lot of people didn't like it too much I wasn't a big fan of it I think Josh you like today's music apocalypse and you like the actor that played apocalypse um I didn't like it remember oh yeah the actor who look plays him I love the actor I didn't like him not in that role oh I didn't like him in that movie Poe Dameron it was just so like bland you know I felt like it's too predictable yeah but we'll see I will see how Dark Phoenix start feeling this looks pretty decent so we'll see how it goes um Sean text text inside come out when he plays for night oh damn right man yeah we said 300 people in here what y'all doing here there without doing here I saw your mother right now widget I'm still listening to a camel toes still listen a camel toes posted late one more time if you guys have not if you guys have enough sub them up go sub up off a camel toes go seven what man I mean she's live right now yeah great harbour that's a true that's true harbour made a good point why a lot of people might not be interested in watching this they said after this movie they're gonna reboot the whole series anyways well yeah because they're going to do Disney yeah so that's actually very true that's a good point Harbor so nothing that happens in this movie really matters you know so that's true that's true good night uh I can't even say her name Nabokov I'm gonna say your last name that's you thank you for hanging out I thank Asia for subscribing to him he's awesome James has loved you too much hard to go did it wait Archer oh they did a lot of research for Dark Phoenix that's what he's saying oh that's not good oh fuck that's not good whenever the studio does that shit that's mainly on the studio that does that Oh your real name is iridar we're gonna start calling you Jerry Jarrett is that's Jerry okay cuz I can't say that I don't know what so what's his name but wasn't that DNA my I don't know I'm gonna say Jim mn is fucking Jerry yeah Herbert why did you go for Sam I don't know I'm hungry all right what's its 1119 Shawn will rap here in about five minutes I drop this phone quite a bit man I know I'm gonna crack don't they have a case you know what finally remember the last one you did have a case no yeah I have a case Jerry from Subway oh no no no no no fuck that guy so Rocha might be going live tonight he might be going left King are you going live tonight roaches gonna live is king going live Nichkhun live who's all gonna live to me if if fucking Rocha is gonna go live and baby's gonna go sleep the I'll be I'll be on there I'll be playing some races getting some DNS what's the plan for night guys any gaming it sir card oh the game plan is we're gonna clean up and then we're gonna go get some food that's that's for sure bring me some food and I'm gonna see if babe who's downstairs right now she work today I'm gonna see if she wants to wake up and hang out if she does no gaming yeah if she wants to stay asleep then after I eat I will hop on the PlayStation 4 and get down with you guys on some GTA or or fucking card or whatever the fuck you guys want to play we can get down man um I got nothing going on for the rest of the night so I'll do that I'll probably get on for tonight either way tonight cuz I once I get home I'm not gonna do shit oh I slept like all day I'll take you guys in the in the fucking chat there um if baby's gonna sleep she does not play if not we're gonna hang out what's up good boys love you gays for nothing ball we love you too number coming in from the superjet hey mondo I don't know this is a super check it's it's the super jet you know yeah most people have a live chat we got the super jet yeah and when people fucking do a super chatter which is fucking donating it's the supa dupa Jack what's up Daniel boss he says just got off work shot see Daniel shot you for coming hanging out with us man yeah we're gonna be cool – no I don't want to go though I don't want to leave I just wanna stay here all night just hang out just talk just talk about whatever man just talk about Paulo we almost died today from tornadoes if we really I would sleep there's a there's there's tornadoes all over Texas man yeah and Oklahoma's get it now socks man yeah yeah I was past man the the tornado threat was was pretty good today here in the Dallas area like around 2 o'clock I fucking woke up I try to go I guess I gotta say like around 11 something then about 2 o'clock I woke up from the storms they were that bad and we were a tornado watch and things like that mm-hmm and I was like yeah well if I fell back to sleep I was too tired man yeah might as well you're gonna die Michael go to sleep and sleep through our Charles says they had to move the release date from March to June to do to reshoot oh is that right baby let's see the time I think some about the Michoud baby there means through the you know the incredible man incredible for the production of the movie it does bad things to the movie when you do the resuits and everything like that it's a it takes the creativity out of the movie and then everybody goes watching they hate it they hate the movie I don't know why they do me who's that only happens when he puts on those sunglasses yeah that's a 40 Highway 49 a thing he I can't see shit I don't read a comic Josh read it Carl says hey I love those grass okay yeah these these are the ones that are Rocha sent me he said these about a year ago yeah cuz never the 49ers were playing the Bears yeah you haven't lost yeah uh Joss Whedon Josh Cassidy Wolverine he's got the chops called Disney let's go Josh we didn't oh man he's a great director Joss Whedon yeah hi guys I gotta get on get your grub on are we man we are too bro yeah we're about to end this here like a minute all right I'll take Joss God you guys in the fucking chat if babes gonna go sleep or not all right y'all have a good night thank you so much for joining us here tonight we appreciate it an end we'll see you guys tomorrow for the Bucks and rafters what the call oh thank y'all for participating that raid a camel toes man he's awesome we appreciate y'all ready wait hey hold on wait let me let me do this tomorrow we got that's all