Warriors vs Raptors Game 1 | Live Play-By-Play & Reactions

oh right so to all those who are watching this on the replay yeah hi I don't what's up how's it going oh you guys you enjoyed the game I'm Sean say hi to us in the chit in the comment section don't be shy yeah I'm shy but to all those who are watching this absolutely live right now what's going on what's that what is up who was the first verse at Captain trips captive trips he is the leader of that ship he said whoa well some ex Nobles Alex John Brendan ZFC all sarcastic Ian's in here Alex twitch King is in here okay that finally sent alright so now I just with a mani pack what's up Chris John Abraham's hunted a gamer he said I'm first no you're not you are first you ain't first boy yeah what's up boys a subject will cats I do a trop tropical mayhem is in here he bought Tropicana for everybody yeah Karim says uh are you guys ready for my prediction he hit us with it man Mitch Gibson what's up dude Quincy Bell sports how you doing King Pookie nation says your thoughts on the girl who got hit are you talking with a girl a guy hit by the baseball dad was fucked up the foul ball yeah hit her dad so I mean we're not gonna start putting up nets actually sinning that's all the way to the dugout now right okay dugout and that's the requirement now they're talking about maybe extending putting a fence up from here on out offense offense kind of like you were like bit I like minor leagues and shit and there's there's fucking fences there thing am i doing that all the way around because fucking balls are going like a hundred miles per hour dude yeah I was terrible to see that Andre places are yo what's up guys my first time on your live was Chargers vs. Ravens playoffs last year we're watching this he's a good guy you know who said the fence thing I forgot to mention your boy Chris Bryant Chris Bryant he's won the recommended of putting a smart guy we love you too with the gaud gamer 976 we love you son pick Skippy to the chat what's up pigskin piece huh super a V 21 says sup sports for you nation said was a Charm City flock was going on man and we have the first don't know the night Lord 247 he says yo hashtag look ha so he'll word he's been mostly accurate a couple times been wrong who you got held or for this game I want to know kill him boys what's up background is nice as charm 2d fuck yeah yeah we were just we were debating that before the last ring we should do this or should we go back to you an example to the back the back court the court so but we didn't have you know Josh didn't have time to repaint it so yeah layeth says what's your prediction warriors in six games where's and six I have Raptors winning this game one I have Wars and five games Moran says you guys are the best no you're the best man you the best man have you talked to 3,500 about the jersey brevin yeah I've taught right before we went live we talked to him we had a very fiery conversation we did yeah it's um it's getting interesting Mike Newsom was going on man what's up buddy go skittle Fox 87 in here hey no way the Raptors win this series Fox 87 is one of the guys I'm gonna be thinking about because a huge Raptors fan as well as Luka I'll take hog market ah so we've got some well rappers fans in this one yeah so so happy that your team finally made to the very first NBA Finals man like hopefully I bet everybody but the warrior fans are rooting for y'all Grenada is in the house go warriors always like you guys comments every big up guy says Wilbur Bain Thank You Wilbur we appreciate that buddy man shoutout to great bring out the broom or million war or million that's his name once we wanna Conan slow down there buddy okay youth only game one Oh guess who's in the chat guys guess who's in the chat very special day for a particular person in the sports very nation our Mod Squad member or friend Brandon it's money be money it is his 20th birthday today it's money in the cheque as you guys know must be money be money yeah it's his birthday guys guys we got a wish him happy birthday you know we have to now we got hey here we go we see a donation hey Lord one second even though you can't drink legally yet um we're gonna drink some beers for you ready are you guys ready join us with us yeah join us ready Missy Matt birthday happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday to be money happy birthday to you you named ginger Cheers the big money happy 20th birthday brother I Love You Man what's up going Tiger what's up get finestra's knows me I know it's you buddy Oh wish you a happy birthday yeah we love that guy like I said you're one of a kind there's nobody in the world like you dude you are something else and we love you bro and we're not saying the one-of-a-kind is a bad thing that's a good thing did anybody bring birthday cake uh cake doesn't want cake or cupcakes he look like a cupcake honey it looks like my favorite cake is strawberry source lemon cake well I like lemon cake yeah well strawberries not bad know what I don't like red well I also feel like like tree lynching maybe that's what I was that's what I don't want that's right oh we got to doll donation yeah hello two four sevens worse than six but I do have Toronto tonight okay so you're with Josh you got Toronto winning tonight I don't have Toronto winning tonight and surprise surprise guys guess what because this is active we don't know how many pluck much playing time but he is active but anyways but yeah I'm actually getting I got the Warriors winning tonight Oh we'll see Jameson what's going on man and thanks again he'll lure for the donation we appreciate you Jameson is in the house bigger Mike says stupid YouTube not giving me the notification did anyone else not get a notification did anyone else not get a notification we over 200 people already in here I'm gonna tweet this out so and we thank everybody for tuning in yeah y'all are awesome no it's mine says aw thanks guys I appreciate it man we know happy birthday bro seriously we hope that you had a great one and we love you man seriously we do no staff no Kawai and raps killed on stage staff is white gonna say we'll win okay all right I'm new and the guy on the right is very handsome what's your number Shawn roaches birthday is next week yeah his birthday is next Friday his birthday is next Friday Scott Thomas his birthday is on the fifth that's on a Wednesday we will be live on Wednesday so yeah I've got some more happy birthdays to sing in this next week oh and by the way guys some good news I found out yesterday that I was able to switch my shifts so next Wednesday and next Friday I will be off for those games therefore we will both be live for every single game in this series yeah if it goes all seven games will be live for all seven games no shout-out to Ray and Nick for switching shifts with me next week so I hit be off for the entire series that's fucking awesome man fucking dollar I have you here man people are saying quite a bit of people are saying they did not to get a notification um sage says he did get one all right good at least so y'all are getting it but that's why we try to tweet it out because if you follow us on Twitter and have those notifications at least we get that how did you read this ten no just kept n donate $10 haven't seen y'all in a minute but y'all always have my support thanks for giving my mom's love when she passed and my birthday was Friday Wow hey yeah of course man we're here for you you know and again sorry for your loss and everything and that's what that's what's it was about man this community's here to support each other and we go better good healthy man Friday man did you do something it was a Memorial Day weekend so you better done something just can't thank you so much for a 1000 donation man thank you appreciate you we love you yeah if y'all come to the show up in the series it's over says Xavier Smith oh of course everyone needs a shovel everyone needs to be on point how Toronto played in those last two games especially against Milwaukee in the Eastern Conference Finals that's how they need to play from bell-to-bell yeah beginning to end of every single game this Syria and their defenses got a step up the perimeter defense for the Raptors it's got to play a huge part in this series uh-huh take hockey what's up buddy hot take in the house Raptors fan yeah Kristen or he was in here he's a rapid fan as well yeah but what's up hot take hockey he says raps in seven yeah dude interesting Raptors in seven huh I would love for that to happen yo you got a commentating for our Denver watch party says Nigel Denver watch party what's other in Denver watching oh okay I think that's what that's that's all that's what's up that is what's up hi Denver what's up watch party what up cheers dilly dilly Oh God hello two four seven with fifty dollars he says he's got a one-up that $10 sorry hashtag fury time how Lord you are stopping boy I'm telling you you are something else man thank you so much my donation bro you know show some love to hell Lord show some love just cab man you guys are too much thank you so much we love you man thank you um awesome work gentlemen sysm el-medina thank you thank you why not a clock in the background you know what by the start of the NBA next season I promise we will try to find a way to get a game clock and implement that into our livestream it'd just be so much easier if there's a way we can just start stops and this and next year next year we might have some help on the Sports fury you know my buddy I put some ads on Craigslist yeah you know hire someone at dark pages the back pages yeah you know oh wait they took those down so if we can find a way we should be I don't see why we can't do it next year we can find some homeless guy rich you always got to try to up your game yeah here on YouTube constantly all you never can settle you never be complacent man Oh that's the biggest thing we always tell people giant oak tree wants to know if we play any video games I play there one time I play video games is what the boys playing GTA and playing some Call of Duty I'll play some four night here and there and you know what man I got to tell you guys I absolutely fucking suck I am a coordinated I just don't play I don't play video games budget I like playing with with the guys yeah I like playing games with the guys yeah honestly I like to play video games but I don't like to plan by myself I like to play games with other people I play mainly fortnight and 2k but I liked it I don't like to play by myself I like to play with other people so quote that guys I don't like to play by myself I like to play with other people they don't know what the hell I mean don't try and turn this around on me the same shit we got sixteenth dollar donation from Jared who says because one-upping is my game oh he's so hello his $15 donation and he said let me raise a dollar gotcha just it Jared thank you so much Jared appreciate that buddy 16 you guys are crazy man hello Cooper something right after that donate $2 hope you guys use all my money will Oh of course man we invest all the money back into the sports very again hookers and just you know new chairs yeah I already broke my chair yeah I already broke my chair I've had it for what a month or two started in B&E like fucking kick back in and your right away he knew his bro he's like having a broken thank you hello once again and Thor sets in the in the chat what's up Thor I use a dork hit with two sweet bro yeah door get up get or come to the monitor screen and hit me with the – sweet bro – sweet dude um King PJ said that you said you only play with the boys that's us you only play a boys that's weird King PJ who said I don't know your King PJ who stutter you want I know you who said or you want oh damn some with Shawn with the fucking burn right there double dark but I know Shawn lives in ain't talking shit I know damn well what why do you want why are you talking shit when you're about to play the game know where you'll get Manny playing time oh good Oh Mike what the hell oh shit okay shout to the mosque wat take care some trolls what's up golden tires as his birthday is June 17 hey Jessica's in the house crazy mofos in the house and hello ir how you doing in hell Lord with a $20 donation he says here we go I just got paid I'm ready oh my god what is happening what is happening right now these guys oh my god dilly dilly hey Lord Jesus relax thank you so much Oh Lord appreciate love again a shout-out to mrs. Howe Lord totally said hi we got another $20 from just keV 10 dilly dilly hashtag petty lives matter Oh patty lives matter I like it just kept an thank you so much thank you buddy but when all donation Oh roll use know what will take hell Lords 20 yeah well buy a pack of beer yeah we'll take just calves 20 and we'll go get some Raising Cane's I had tripoli today you know I love raising cane's let's do it LJ with a forty nine Josh LJ says hey guys I'm in the hospital for about a week right now but I appreciate you always putting a smile on my face also go bears Deb bearson LJ you're in the hospital for a week man sorry to hear that buddy what did you do doing I'm hoping everything's okay you know and we're gonna try to you know keep that smile on your face and entertain you as best we can yes LJ thank you so much for a donation and of course bear down baby bear down and yeah we're gonna have a great time than there aren't we guys hmm are we let's go first give them a Finals it's DeMarcus Cousins starting as far as I know I don't think that he started I don't know if he's gonna start he hasn't played but for those who don't know DeMarcus Cousins will be play in this game but you gotta imagine he's gonna come off the bench right he's his limits his minutes are gonna be limited but it's it's it's good to see that DeMarcus Cousins will be back finally in these playoffs after getting hurt in that first round I didn't expect that to happen great but I think he's gonna be great coming off the bench yassem I don't think he's gonna start nah they come off the bench his minutes will be limited yeah and him coming off the bench I couldn't you know be great with that second unit it could be great for that second Union man I think they stick with what's working right now with a dream on on doing the small lineup I think it's been working shoutout to beliefs thank you guys for being in here Josh we got $21 donation oh my god are you kidding me he'll Lord he uh he was mad that just kept hiding him so he donated 21 and says damn it right after my 20 and the wife he says hey hey I can't believe it oh my god this is ridiculous and we have another donation this time from your boy David five dollar donation David we say he says let's let's up more I have to donate so y'all can read my message what the hell bros love y'all we need to chill soon David I love you buddy thank you I was actually gonna call you tomorrow man cuz we got we got it we a grill out soon man no no fuck that David where are we gonna go to fucking me cocina oh yeah that too where we gonna go let's go I got we gotta go back to let me tell all good hey come on let's go let's go that's gonna be casita don't mix it I want to try their their enchiladas man cuz cuz you had them and I was staring out in the whole time shows like no that's not what you're doing like this I was I'm not lying when it comes to food I get kind of excited it was good thank you so much David thank you so much Oh Lord just kidding you guys are crazy the Torah says has my prediction for tonight's get Raptors game – for tonight's stream Raptors win by one we will hit 20k match at 72 case subs and 10,000 likes are you ready no I said are you ready let's get ready – fury hashtag here time Tagg fury nation I hope your predictions are absolutely true Thor that would be crazy but and once again what's up Jessica yes I can we got Ari a $26 nation a $26 donation come hello it's just he's he just says let's go boys let's go he said let's go warriors hey Lord with the $26 donation I said boys now orders oh let's go boys that's all right or wrong cheers you where's your beer I gotta go get yourself another beer you I don't like my beer anybody else want a beer it's game on guys it's Game one how's your MBA finals I try to finish your first beer because I'm Josh and it's very tough we say I'm alcoholic goodness gracious ha we got a dollar 99 Jacob see I'm broke but I got shallow worries if I've loved you Jacob man hey Cody buddy for broke man put that twig oh stop it what a source for making these yeah yeah man but appreciate I love you buddy thank you so much Jacob uh hope you having a good time hope everyone's having a good time hmm nice background says Tyra know people like in the background or should we go back to the old school yeah let us know let us not for game to my casa gore gore it'san I'm sorry that's it how are we doing this evening we're doing fantastic what more could we want yeah we have the night off we're about to do Game one of the NBA Finals we're hanging out with the sports for urination yep you guys with cold drinks it's a great night we hope you're not just going great as well and we got to see what's great is we don't just have the NBA files well we have a different team in the NBA Finals we don't just have the cattle the bran James this is so weird a weird and it is refreshing but no LeBron James we got the claw and the claw do with LeBron James did a few years ago when the Cavs knocked out to go and State Warriors could he do it man hope so but see here the thing though yeah when LeBron James and the Cavaliers did it that year Kyrie Arbor was a big reason yes Kyrie Auburn was a killer in the NBA Finals when the Cavs beat the Warriors not especially late in the game where's where's Kawhi Leonard's Kyrie Irving where's that other stud player you think we can get a call our like we did last round I don't know man I mean oh he would have to be more so yeah he lied to be more so because you saw with LeBron and Kyrie did they were killers I don't see Chi Cowell re being a killer like that for the every single game of the series I just don't see it but we'll see what happens and Eddie's in here Eddie says goddamn YouTube notifications yeah I fucking hate YouTube and their notifications management that's horrible so we had to tolerate Josh uh-huh art make peace yeah he's let's go tiny da nose tiny doe nose are dinos dinos it's not McDonald's dinos the the Raptors oh when you said tiny dinos I was I was in my head I'm started thinking about Rocha okay where is Rocha I'll know her where's Rhodes I work he says make me a my damn man he said this is not a this is not a GTA stream I'm not gonna tune in yeah Nick what the big piece wants us to make him a mod you're actually in discussion for men we have talked about it so our mods will let us know art is putting his head out there for it Nick with the fight all the nation says you guys are looking flags always I appreciate you thinking I'm pretty far looking what's up T be the second aka Devin what's going on man welcome to the live stream Tyler says that back on this doll Zack why says that backrooms dope good night everybody man 409 what's up how you doing hit the like button says mr. percent mr. master percent thank you so much appreciate it Chris says I love the background thank you sir appreciate that guys what's up Stuart yo yo what's up swear in Asian Shawn does raps in seven raps in seven dude I picked the Warriors win the series but I want the Raptors the one cuz I want something different that's it Frank Oh but we'll see bigger mark says who has to be mod that was art Makepeace who was a throwing out that he would be interested to become on music universe says y'all deserve a sports show hey thank you I would rather go each field so we keep cussing in borstal barstool yeah sports fury to sweet Kevin Harrison what's up Shawn Slurpee at all that Slurpee hat oh god where's the Slurpee at said to us by Wilson Breckenridge yes that's right that's right a long time ago all right I got my hair done so I'll just tonight dude do we we just got another tweet all donation $30 donation we have $30 does donation from Hell or 247 I guess I want hashtag hair Lord with the dub hey don't speak too soon you never know just saying I don't know what's that happen hello in you crowd man you're crazy buddy crazy I see you I see York drink this beer for you bro thank you thanks so much my donations make every thank you so much wow this is I was expecting it's mind-boggling man it's it's uh what was that word San Diego the video we were watching downstairs Maureen chipotle really I don't think he understood yes that is very polarizing I think that's the word yes as polarized I was like what's that word that's a word I know yeah someone used it they didn't know how to use it this morning Brad skies the sports where y'all are the best no you're at best your best man but we are about eight minutes away from I'm guessing tipoff it says 8:00 p.m. Central Standard Time tip-off the Toronto Raptors are one and a half favorites now tonight here in Game one of course there is no Kevin to rent but boogie cousins is back he I expect him to be coming off the bench he should fit well very well with the second unit but you know what I'm going to go with the Toronto Raptors hearing them one going Game one I'm gonna go to run Raptors they're here at home this is our very first NBA Finals appearance yeah there's I got a go through I gotta go with the home team right here Game one in Toronto and you know what if it goes to Game seven by the way I had the Warriors in six yeah I have the Warriors and six in this series but if the Raptors take it to Game seven people were asking me I think was crazy mofo asking if he calls a game seven it's in Toronto who wins that game in that scenario even though I had it going only six games Warriors way but it goes it goes at Game seven I'll probably take Raptors at home in a game seven and here in Game one I mean you gotta go with the home team here I saw I think you go with the home team if it goes Game seven I will go Raptors I will go Raptors cuz in Toronto that's tough man that's tough to overcome that kind of crowd we got a $5 donation from Kevin says I don't have the money like those guys only because Sean's bomb hasn't paid me for my special shirt services yet hashtag gigolo gigolo life hashtag fury time hashtag Raptors upset okay Kevin thank you so much and Shawn's mom did you Bertie man she did you dirty with that block but thank you so much Kevin for the donation thank you buddy seeing people saying Raptors and seven Raptors as ever I just stopped by the sports very shirt I'll be sleeping it can't wait so Jessica she bought the sports that's what Coach you go yeah which color we got like a bunch of colors on there so that's thank you so much yeah okay perfect thank you just of course if curry scores 30 or more any game Raptors can't win think about it so what do you think about think it's like this is it mystery yeah I see some people saying that without Kevin Durant the rappers are definitely gonna be the Warriors and I'm like wait a minute well when there's a wall Kawhi Leonard he's gonna guard Steph Curry he's gonna shut him down and then all that's left is clay and I'm like uh well no because you're forgetting about dream on green it was been one of the best most underrated players once again yep throughout the course of the playoffs people are discounting draymond Green Iggy you will be back what's the deal with Iggy is he gonna be born he's hinting that he might come back this game but no things I would say anything official and then Louie's been fantastic about the bench Quinn cook Alonzo McKinney these guys have been putting in work and shutting down Steph Curry I had to see that to believe it because Steph Curry's the kind of guy where you could do his ass up you can highly contested shots in dad dude is an assassin he won't get it to fucking fault and I'm sorry the words but they're they're good at mismatches and getting those mismatches and what I mean by that is that they are non soft screening screening screening and I'm sorry quiet Leonard is not gonna be able to stick onaconda Steph if you go go over those screens and you don't switch that we've seen in the past they murder teams that way you could not not switch against the words so quiets not gonna be able to just a stick on every clay or Steph or wherever he's matched up on these other players are gonna have to step up and force them to drive it at least and according to our community tab yeah for tonight's game let's see about 2.2 thousand votes Wow 55 percent or going with the Warriors in Game one tonight on the road okay here's another thing I want to say yeah I've been seeing a lot of people say this – Oh a even in the mainstream media people asshole people wondering if the Toronto Raptors can steal Game one how the fuck do you steal a home game have you ever heard of that shit the Raptors are favorites in this game's over after they're at home how are how are they going to steal a game that's so home that's so disrespectful to the Raptor it makes no sense so that makes no sense so they are the favorites how are they stealing shit and they're at home that's so I'm telling you that's the most disrespectful thing I've seen out of these guys out of these uh mainstream media – all donation from Tiger Raven yes – 1:9 says Delhi Delhi from Elkridge Maryland Elkridge Oh I don't think we've had a fan tell us that they were from Maryland so right I'm not sure I can officially thank you so much in shout out to Maryland chadsey Thank You Tigers awesome thank you and then how Lord another $2 donation hail Lord he'll word sports are your number one fan confirmed Oh hmm Oh even does this hmm emoji with then thank you hello thank you so much man uh you're definitely one of our top donators man of the past I don't know how long now you're crazy dude uh Anthony says where you guys been well been where have you been they been around here we've been live streaming right no way to call this game you know no we gonna call this on routers uh-oh worse as the whoa yes yeah I gots the Warriors I know I got the Warriors win thus in hell oh my god I got the rafters winning here again not yeah I had waters oh you got war wheels on I got warriors we haven't Assyrians now boy what's up Jeff built a doing blue base welcome to the live stream I'm sure what's going on big fans boys recess g-money one what's up g-money how you doing let's uh go goes to local and state says unsure how the how the Raptors gonna win says mr. Coad water cannon well the Tour of Raptors have what the second-best defense going in the NBA playoffs they did a masterful job against the Milwaukee Bucks and and didn't Paul Pierce say that the Raptors would win in six he has him in six zoeland hasn't been seven Raptors so rats so the fact that Paul Pierce said the Raptors are gonna win this series yeah they just he just jinx but anyway the Toronto Raptors how they could win this is playing phenomenal Dean especially on the perimeter which we saw that in game in the games against Milwaukee yes they played great perimeter defense and that's exactly what you need to do against the go and save warriors and you want to dominate the paint you want to move to spread the ball around you got to have guys stay consistent the bench of the torn Raptors who came alive those last four games especially in the last two games of the Eastern Conference Finals that Lee was phenomenal no more pal everyone was putting in work you gotta have consistency from these guys against Golden State especially the second unit when the second units come out for home state and Toronto that's what your honor can really take advantage here yep and then Kawhi Leonard he is probably the best player in quite later yeah I've heard the best two players and this court Kawhi Leonard with his defense I mean so of the ghosts gonna say where's afar they're gonna lose this game it's gonna be because Toronto's defense consistency from the bench yep and Kawhi Leonard being the claw and we'll have to see what happens but we go on to know the games while the start here tip-off Gaiam one last time in Game one here tonight one and a half point favorite the Toronto Raptors at home do you have the Raptors let me hear your Raptors fans we the Northland hello oh yeah hello no is this thing on hello hello okay okay yeah now if you have the Golden State Warriors here tonight the defending champion Golden State Warriors possible three-peat let me hear you in the chat if you've got the Warriors dubnation are you in here I know y'all have to be in here oh my god stop comparing go to state to the bus it's not even close not once did I ever compare the Gosei warriors to the Bucs yeah fucking moron now one goddamn time all he said is that the Raptors have to bench as a show like they did against the Bucs and they have to continue to play that stout Diaz like we saw against Milwaukee who had the fucking who are the number one team in the NBA playoffs they had one of the best offenses one of the best transitional offenses go and say war I'm not comparing and the number one defense yeah not comparing them to go and stay I'm just saying to Rana needs to keep up what they were doing playing the perimeter defense and consistency for the bench but hey we solo people want to hear what they want to hear what's up blue blaze what's up a Abbie Porter who's a girl laughing bouncing lady that's not my girlfriend that's big brass Kelly that's Josh's baby it's like you guys forget who wins who's the chance we picked the Warriors to win see people like Juan Jose they just want people to suck their team's asshole that's all they want what they want you to get on their knee on your knees and just suck the ass juice right out of their team's asshole and if you don't do so then you're hating on the team always oh I have the Warriors win this series all Josh is doing is saying what the Raptors had to do oh you don't want to hear that doesn't mean they just say they just want to hear they just want to hear gonna say it's gonna sweep the Raptors it's not even gonna be close that's all they want to hear some some people some people final donation from Hell Lord once again oh my god shit what'd he say info rank Mike Tom's his third best receiver then felt I got his number his number two I got him number two hash I can't garden Mike Mike Thomas is well you got a Julio and Antonio Brown you got to put up the end of 1 & 2 so I understand Mike Michael Thomas being number three right so I'm not gonna argue with that list but I can't argue with someone putting him in number two either so I understand that I shot you hell yeah Thank You hello appreciate you so boring finish same old shit see I'm interested in this series way more interested than I was last year yeah are you been fun enough how many highlights has he given in this playoffs alone yes I mean and here there this is their franchise's first NBA appearance I don't know why people wouldn't be interested in this series who's not excited for the Raptors who like Josh said he's never been here before never the fans are amazing great atmosphere a basketball right here and like both both of these franchises I go say warriors you know a lot of people give the Warriors a lot of shit for being bad wagon fans Plus and of course there's always been Magid fans to threat to franchises that go on like on a dynasty runs sure right but the ghost thing works have always had a great fan base always I've been a fan of NBA my whole are you there that's something that I could always say that got the girls a warriors they've always had a great fan base very loyal to their team uh cat blows up my favorite sports guys well thank you for hanging out with us and everybody in here make sure you smash that like make sure you hit that share button lets gate because our notifications didn't go out so let everybody know that we're live right now get more people and we almost have thousand already in here yes Mac you got like gun like gun gun gun gun we have 200 ah yeah we already have over 200 likes almost 300 there the light go tonight is hitting 1000 let's let's go baby do it um well y'all be lunch with NBA draft as Bradley skully of course we will which one they may be we always go out for NFI in a meeting yes oh we got a $5 donation – I've got Julio number one but the rankings was hop Hopkins number one Julio – and a b4c I don't mind Hopkins being number one who you and the number three is Mike Thomas right Thomas yeah those those top three are with me and then a bf4 I'm good with that see I was good with it I'm so gonna leave Antonio Brown and number one because even though every year we're thinking that Julio is gonna overtake that and become number I like drop a B's always consistently up there and a great while receiving it doesn't get a whole lot of love that's one of my favorite to watch is Keenan Allen Oh Keenan Allen and also I know a lot of people don't really talk about it because he's got a horrible team around him but but your buddy your buddy Mike Evans like Mike Evans because he's on a horrible team nobody really talks about but he still puts up godly numbers no Hopkins is a beast for sure yeah city woods Hopkins that monster back here yeah I would take him number as my number one receiver in fantasy all day long definitely art what the to all the nations waiting for football honestly picking the underdogs hey you know with that man nothing wrong wonder don't love an underdog and yeah we can't wait for the NFL season to and for those who are new just tuning in if you're a fan of the NFL make sure you subscribe to notifications and we turn the notification make sure you set all notifications to – all notification in your settings cuz a default when you hit that Bell is some notified like 30% if that right check this out I learned this I learned this not too long ago yeah only when people hit that Bell they think they're gonna get notify all the time yeah but they won't know like some of you guys who are saying that you guys they do it again and of occasion for this live stream so I learned why not people just hit that notification belt YouTube will only send about an average of 16 percent of notifications of a channels fanbase yeah 16 percent it's fucking ridiculous pretty messed up when it when someone clicks that notification bell that means they want to get notified but YouTube's like no you want to and uh we also want to take this moment to say you know give a special shout-out and to two great channels that we really really really really enjoy a huge fans of chiselled honest and that's good that's port from Brandon oh yeah bye Brandon Poorna they recently had their channels well chiseled honest lost access to his channel yeah Brenda printer cannot upload videos – that's good sports as of right now and that's because well Brandon Poorna was uh you know promoting was being sponsored by a fan yo and he had the links in the description box which turns out to be a thing that YouTube doesn't want to have happen anymore they don't want people to be sponsored by these betting sites yeah and he has been sponsored with him or associated with them since 2015 yeah for a long time and when they changed this new rule they never told anyone they never notified anyone and they started no that's uh they retro actively disciplining people chiseled honest he said that he only just talked about gambling yeah in one of his videos and in the title of the video was something about him gambling and he got a community strike so you know what YouTube is messing up big-time Brandon Pernod was a huge inspiration to me and get it we wanted to get into YouTube yeah that's what sports chiseled honest if you guys are fans with them and just like we are yeah show some love and you know try to like email at YouTube or message them on Twitter and tweet at it and tell them that yeah to bring their shit back to we're huge fans we're you know this is a sad man because if y'all been watching our channel we collab with both those guys last year before the NFL season started and those guys were some of the most humble nice guys we've ever met nicest guys been granted burner and chiseled honest man we reached out to him they were like hell yeah we'll come and collab with you it was just an awesome time and like Josh said bran Aparna is his style is a lot like what we wanted to do and we looked up to him we look up to him so shout out to him man all right guys we're about to have tip-off oh yeah we have 1,000 the chat before the game even stars we want to welcome you all for those who are just tuning in walking into the Sports fury livestream welcome and tonight we have though Toronto Raptors winning Game one wait no you don't don't you put me in that category you have the Raptors no did you label me how can you go against Toronto in Game one because I am a smart man and who do you have one of the series aureus in how many games five in five games you only have the Raptors winning one I just to me I don't think that they can stop Klay and Steph with their the ball oh no you can't you can't shut that down I just don't can't shut down the splash brothers and just because I have seen very inconsistent play from the bench of the Raptors at points in this playoffs and I just don't think they can keep up well I have the Toronto Raptors winning here in Game one but I do not have them win in the series I have to go and State Warriors win the series and I have them winning in six nice oh I can see if I'm hoping I do hope the Raptors win just cuz I want something new we'll see we got a donation Sean yes of course from Hell or two for seven oh my goodness you donate five dollars he's got to get back to work I found you guys last NFL season the first video I watched was week 15 picks been here ever since love you guys y'all are the best thank you hello future we love here when people found us man that's that's awesome week 15 last year man we love you buddy thank you so much Wow Anthony similarly 7le says Raptors bench over the Warriors bench in my opinion it could be but it all depends on the consistency consistency that we see from them all right here comes the Toronto Raptors they're gonna start Lori green Leonard siakam and Gasol warriors curry Thompson it would dalla draymond Green and Jordan Bell sorry Jordan Bell and Iggy oh it goes bad Iggy okay I remember I told you is hinting at it on here we go guys the gonna say Warriors are in they're all blue and the Raptors here in their all whites we're about to get tip-off the NBA Finals is here Bob Ross what's going on Shawn Rosa's what's up here we go we're about to have tip-off come on show no come on show okay okay let's go Raptors hearing it from the chat right now let's go baby who's excited how are you not talking about Drake oh yeah oh did you hear the NBA talked to the Raptors telling me to calm down on sideline yeah all right we're about to tip off here with Jordan Bell and Gasol welcome baby well boo sports your nation all you new people y'all beautiful mmm here we go and the tip is off and Gasol wins a tip and here come the Raptors to start things off in their very first NBA Finals appearance Lowery with the ball clay tossing to guard him 16 on the shot clock shot clock now hears him the left wing pass out to the right wing Kawhi Leonard back back to Lowry now swings it to the corner overshot comes Eddie goes out of Bounce that's a turnover to start off their possession stop how you to starve them a finals come on here come the Toronto Raptors eggy will bring it into the frontcourt for the Golden State Warriors being guarded by Kawhi Leonard and gives it to draymond Green top of the key shock him on him 12 on the shot clock green into the paint kicks out to Iggy Iggy get to klay Thompson into the paint floater up no good rebound by siakam that's here come the routers no score yet see ahkam has it now to Denny green for a quarter 3 no good he remains to be ice-cold stop shooting the ball here comes draymond Green back the other way to join the bill hands it off to Steph Curry for a catches shoot and he's fouled that should be a 2 he's fouled oh yes definitely – yeah 11:06 left to go in the first quarter Steph Curry off the screen shot the ball but he was fouled there and that's gonna be on Kawhi Leonard that's not good that's all Kauai that's his first foul that was a good veteran move by curry a pull-up he felt the contact button right on his head I like how they had this gold like gloss on the name and shit on the on the lower part so Steph Curry shooting two free throws we have fight automation Mathew Barton gosh the Bears going to own 16 go Peck go Matthew come on now come on thank you so much for the donation man but dad bears bear down baby Steph Curry knocks down his first free throw let's go to the very first point of the game man by the way that foul was on Kawhi Leonard that's his first personal yeah I have to keep tracking these fouls to that I can play a huge factor second free throw is good for Steph Curry two-nothing 11:05 left to go in the first quarter Raptors bring up the ball Kyle Lowry left wing now to the top of the post Gasol being worked by Jordan Belfort's on the shot clock spin move kicks it out to the corner siakam guarded by Steph Curry the ball he'll pass it up a dead of green back to see how come on the short cord driving baseline back out the dead of green Florida three-pointer yes Danny did he really just Carter with the heat with a quick outlet to klay Thompson back the other way he's blocked he gets his own rebound puts it off the glass in scores fourth of three that was a quick transition by Derrick shot yeah huge outlet by Steph Curry to klay Thompson it's a 4 to 3 ballgame 1026 left to go in the first quarter Raptors fans got to be excited to see Danny Green knocking out a shot and Kawhi Leonard on his pass is fouled by klay Thompson yeah that's his first foul whoa you feel the jitters like from the players like you feel like the Raptors have a little bit of jitters the gamer says holy shit County green hit a shot exactly that's what I'm saying buddy a sideline base sideline pass inbound it to see I'll come back to Kauai Leonard : why Leonard working on the right wing guarded by Jordan Ville he pulled the job for three yeah Oh Kawhi Leonard look cool all for three that's the same spot Danny Green just hit it from six to four Tarullo Steph Curry the spin move pull up the jumper no good rebound by Iguodala kicks out to Steph Curry straight away three yes splish-splash by Steph Curry can knock you up second-chance points back the other way Danny Green backing down steph curry kicks it out to Gasol on the wing now to the right corner siakam shaka guarded by Jeff by Denny green takes him into the paint spin moves passes it to the right corner qui lettered Leonard worked by Iguodala passed back to siakam on the right short corner guarded by draymond Green spin move goes up off the glass no good rebounded by klay Thompson the ball was dr. clay that was great deepens our dream on green right there you'll bring it up into the frontcourt Thompson oh that's gonna be a kickball as he tried to pass it to Jordan pill kicked out of bounds by siakam uh let's get it Willie King he says curry and that was a great shot by curry man nice wide open you know he's a knocking down 926 out to go in the first quarter it's 706 Golden State leads the way going to say it's gonna inbound this step curry does too klay Thompson from the sideline back to step curry curry moving out the screen from Jordan Bell pulled up the jumper for three no good it was short here comes Kawhi Leonard with the rebound and brings it into the frontcourt let it guarded by klay Thompson on the right short corner 910 left to go in the first kicks it out to Denny green for a three no good it's all back iron readin bud rebounded by Jordan Bill he'll outlet it to Denny green into the frontcourt in the paint puts it up no good good defense by Gasol qual lorry brings it back the other way he stops his shoots for three no good but ciacco grabs the rebound there in the left corner he'll back down Steph Curry kicks out to the software straightaway three yes good saw from downtown Toronto has hit all threes Toronto has hit nothing but three they don't want to drive it at all 8:37 left to go in the first quarter Steph Curry – bail – Iggy for three no good rebound by Gasol Hill out let it to Laurie Laurie pushing into the paint he'll roll out to Danny Green the corner pass back to Laurie on the right wing guarded by klay Thompson he pulls into the paint now to Gasol for three no good rebounded by draymond making of threes all day draymond gives it to Iggy Iggy back to Draven down low – Iggy against Gasol baseline Pass is intercepted by siakam here come the Toronto Raptors he outlets it to Leonard who pulls up for three no he's short letter is short reminded by Jordan Bell he kicks it to Steph Curry on the left wing back to Bell Bell on the left post guarded by Leonard now he gives up to klay Thompson swings in to Steph Curry going to by siakam 7:45 left to go in the first quarter now Jordan Bell on the drive goes and lays it in baby Jordan Bell what the lane to drive damn good take two in traffic and it's a tie ballgame 734 remaining in the first quarter Laurie brings it up into the front court for the Toronto Raptors and he calls a timeout this is what man halfway through 90 and halfway through this first quarter and it's a tied game I'm liking it man I'm like always seeing for both teams C Block k-town what's going on Mike Nixon says me to corrupt raving you hurry whoo oh it's not across yeah what's up Mike oh man what's up boss oh yes how you doing what's wrong we're talking about Curry's mama oh hell yeah mmm the $5 King PJ says King PJ yeah I bother Toronto Raptors how they've hit nothing but threes he says keep shooting threes because he knows that if that's the game they were gonna want to play you know which way it's gonna go eventually that's what I'm not really liking that so far it's working out but it's it's Scott scary like like where is the interior offense we haven't seen it much at all so they're letting him shoot yeah they're letting to run a shoot yes they've knocked down three threes but liking Peter says you want to play that game eventually you know who's gonna win that one yeah you can't you can't out duel Steph and klay the splash brothers yep where's their owner legged Saul shoot the three a lot this series yeah and see the thing is it paid off a lot just Gasol in the last couple series we'll see if it pays off this series what has been in black with that will smith come on there should not be a minute black without Will Smith at all maker 45 you know I agree to that I I don't I can't disagree with that by the same time I do like what's his name Kristin fourth fucking it actually really funny dude I think he's gonna be great is that if he says I love you guys keep up the good work thank you so much yeah maybe buddy and what white girls are my kryptonite sis what's up guys how you doing like um and then mu decir says my favorite live streamers hey man what's up dude thank you buddy we appreciate that man South Carolina and the building Anthony Smith thank you so much for hanging out with his buddies thank you thank you sir Corner what's up man hey doing he's at work right now oh man Warriors are going to leg Gasol shoot threes a lot this series and you know what they should and you know they gave Danny Green he had that wide open shot right he he missed a couple right he missed a couple three missed a couple he made one yeah and we were all shocked as fuck yeah yeah let him have those shots Rocha exactly right let him have those check shooting let him have those shots keep shooting it cuz that's y'all's game yeah beat your game I'm late but I'm here for us with JP well welcome to welcome buddy uh what do you want to win who do we want to win war dollar I got I got warriors winning is that we want to win look if Toronto wins I'd be awesome to see I'd be happy for guys like our noise yeah hot tank at Fox a7 Kristen or but it'd be cool to see you them when the first Sheamus you really would I want the Raptors at the same time I want to be right but yeah I picked the Warriors won but I want the Raptors win just because I want something new right it's like the underdog alright nobody really nobody expects the Raptors gonna do much for the fan base wise but we'll see um guys you won't read my comment who y'all got with a Julie we just wrote and we just answer that questions yeah avoid borders and said buddy I know our warriors in five no denna Green actually made a three still doesn't matter I'll get Van Vleet on Wembley yeah Beverly and I can't wait to see him because he was phenomenal to watch yeah Danny Green I like everybody was asking why is he still starting he's starting because his defense uh I borrow says hey from Toronto but I'm a warriors fan Oh what that's crazy that's awesome that's cool that's great hope you're safe I hope you're safe the Raptors debuted in 1995 and they're finally here the finals bad policy how Lori we're back for the timeout he pulls up into the paint no good but there's gonna be a foul as grout Gasol 1 for a rebound that's gonna be a guest of Raptors warriors ball right here loose ball foul there mm-hmm yeah dude they were saying the line was already packed like 7 o'clock this morning yeah before 7 o'clock yeah they're all word of people lining up that's dedication right there that's how that's why I would the rapper's winning cuz their fanbase man respect alright here we go Oh draymond green ball stolen away with Larry not a Kawhi Leonard Leonard in the paint kicks it out the shock of Suiza to Gasol Oh Gasol will take the straight away three yes oh but he hesitated yeah he hasn't hated when he knocks down the three you hesitate you don't hit that cuz saw 654 left to go pulls it the jumper who was out klay Thompson no good back to the robbery to the paint lays it off the gas and he does house great passes man 42 nine Taranto lead 638 left to go in the first quarter Steph Curry with the ball against Laury Laury now to Jordan Bell Jordan Bell top of the key going by Gasol Taylor shot clock he passes it to draymond who takes the jumper for two good they are dialed in 1114 6:17 left to go in the first quarter Toronto has the ball Leonard on the left wing guarded by Andre Iguodala kicks it to Lori but there's gonna be a foul before that and that's gonna go against eggy that's Iggy's first foul nine day layoff for the Warriors right it was a nine or 10 day something like that uh where are the gold state bandwagons right now the goats asking oh they're here there's a lot of loyal fans of Warriors to Leonard passes to Denny green only invited past c2c akhom now to Lori back to Stockholm top of the key against Steph Curry backing down the paint he pulls up and the floater is good over step you've got to take advantage that matchup 16 to 11 is the score 556 love to go in the first quarter the Warriors have the ball draymond Green gives it to Iggy on the right low post against Kawhi Leonard 14 the shot clock Kings with the dream on top of the key now to klay Thompson for a week three no good rebound by Gasol but I will give it up to Lowery to bring it up into the frontcourt 539 left to go in the first quarter now to Leonard Leonard pass down low to Gasol swings into the corners miss Yakima on the drive now back to Gasol he'll go up over draymond and there's gonna be a foul against the Warriors dude 531 left to go in the first quarter and draymond is called his first foul good ball movement good vision my siakam driving and dishing and finding a Marcus all open out there and forgetting the foul call what Oh Cameron wants to know what if Gasol drops dirty if they drop dirty shit they're probably gonna win SOG job for look his he he doesn't average that much last four games at Eastern he's finals he only averaged 10 points a game put up much yeah Gasol knocks down the first free throw after being fouled by draymond Green that gives him 7 points so far in the game he is the leading scorer for the Toronto Raptors while Leonard has three points and one foul five points for Danny Green second free throw coming forward Gasol and he makes it eighth point of the game you guys are 9 an overall chair breakers his Tony Bachus Barry says Josh please get a little bit louder I still have good hearing 5:23 ought to go to the first quarter in Lodi who checks into the game for the Warriors passes the dream on draymond to Steph Curry who takes a corner 3 yes nothing but the bottom of the net you my Steph Curry you can't give him an inch splash Steph Curry has 8 points now in the game himself quietly Leonard has the ball top of the key being double-teamed pass it to shock him on the right corner guarded by dream on he had he's in the wind oh he backs him down in the paint that's gonna be an offensive foul as he put his body into draymond he drew the offensive foul that's warriors ball good shit dream on I said take a knife that him like he put look at here SIOC him he's on the paint he came to the paint and he just puts his shoulder into dream on chess that's an offensive foul yep they don't let you they've been calling that a lot this year man come on now here we go Steph Curry with the ball for the Warriors 452 left to go in the first quarter it is a four-point game the ball goes out of knocks it's not that a bounce by the Raptors stays with the Warriors with 16 on the shot clock Wow this is I'm loving this game so far Looney inbounds this to draymond Green from the sideline draymond down low to klay Thompson he's got a double-team oh he goes up and spicy akhom but there's Iggy he kicks up the step great for three yes curry for a quarter three Plus hurry I think he's gonna have another 30 point game for 32 left to go in the first quarter Leonard in the post he puts up a tough show he was double-teamed on that one Warriors get the ball outlet to klay Thompson and he's gonna throw it down Oh Gasol couldn't do anything about it Gasol couldn't do anything about it yes klay Thompson throwing it down let's go Kay they get the lead 19 at 18 for ten out to go in the first quarter Raptors with a ball Gasol top of the key going by Looney now to lari lari on the right wing here comes a screen by Gasol Looney in front of um he'll take the jumper for 3o hits all back iron and Iggy will grab the rebound and bring it up for the Warriors they are leading by one and he'll try to know they're gonna call timeout was there felt I was a foul I don't know I think Looney passes down low no no no no Iggy was passing it down low right I don't know what was a foul I don't know they're showing a replay for the klay Thompson dunk so I have no fucking clue I have no idea Kurt's average of 35 gb+ yeah he's been hitting 30 points ever since Katie went out 30 points every game since he's been a monsters man monstrous alright ball inbounded Steph Curry has the ball working the perimeter kicks it to the right wing dream on into the paint King's it to curry for a corner three Oh rims out it rims out back to the way Lowery on a quick push into the pay he goes up off the glass he makes it no no well how did Larry do that how does Lowry there was a bunch of contact right there soon probably a foul back the other way draymond Green driving to the paint kicks it to Looney Looney almost was in control gives the eggie eggie swings it to claim for three no good rebound by Gasol huge outlet down low to Lori back the other way now swing it to the right wing Kawhi Leonard has it guarded by big e350 enough to go in the first quarter they are leading by one point Leonard being a big double-team gives it to Gasol now the VanFleet pulls up the jumper for two good bands leat looking good sorry alright looking good so far started off where he left off the Eastern Conference Finals and the lead extends to three 2219 three or father to go in the first quarter and we have a time out by Golden State van Philippe Paul Finck Andre mom pulls up the jumper for two good shit that's what you want to see how the Raptors man they're keeping their crowd into it this is just awesome it's just a great ball movement to buy the Raptors and I'm not soon too many jitters Jason obtained them what's up man how you doing welcome to the stream bro welcome guys and man we have how many people we already have in here we have 2,000 people already in here we have 522 likes thank you so much 522 500 you already know what the light goal tonight is 1375 that's the light go to not link to if you guys are having a good time of course smash that like button and if you're brand new let us know in the chat we're on your occasions if you are a new because we're gonna go out for every final yeah every single game we will be live here on this much fury so traitor notifications and if you are if you're brand new let us know the chat because i rewatch every livestream i read every single comment and tell us says shout me out shout to you that's hot to caucuses let's go let's get high so yeah you know i rewatched every single strings i read every single coming and in the last stream that we did not the last game that we did yeah of the QC he left a comment he said this is this comment is for future josh it was just funny uh what's up tre are easy yo guys pop it was pop it as we're drinking some beer watching some NBA Finals that's pumping so I don't know why I'm getting so loud um West Texas what's up what's up David Allen we in North Texas men's training PJs Curt Schilling it if we're gonna need clay to stuff it up y'all run into clay yeah dude curry is hitting his shots right now man he's hitting it hope you guys gain 1000 subs you guys Rock dak Tavis Jackson thank you so much funny uh you know if we hit we gain a thousand drivers a night men they'll be crazy man that that's gonna be up to y'all y'all let that share all that but let's get more people in here let's get this party gospel and they always appreciate Eddie's comments and he sprinkles in through I am lost ball going to the Bulls for seven 85 until 69k that's awesome um I think I sell tea webbing here t webs in here what's up T web shout me out Dominican baller here says some good old means and midnight mania what's up man how you doing I'm drinking rum says tongue Dunga trop what's up donger what's up man and Vito Sullivan sports here hasn't given hasn't shouted me out yet in weeks well here's your shout out shout out to you but and he says y'all got something against the Warriors know we've picked y'all to win the series yep now I would love to see y'all lose because I want something new something against y'all just I want to see something new right but I picked all the way man will says you guys are the shit watching with you with the TV on you keep up the good shit best company can get man best comma man thank you so much man you guys must be from Texas cuz everything big in Texas is Tony Riviera course we need Alice baby detail of course I just know like but you nailed it like hit that shit hammered that nail in there tap that like voice it's just happening Davion says shout me out shout to you shout to you r21 gamer thing yea yea how tall I am how tall am i I am 6 foot 9 I think John's this is so sorry I can't donate no never be sorry I know we got some donation I we appreciated by this donated but let's never require what ever asked for it best ways for the channels is subscribing liking sharing David would have won on that donation um one that 109 donations you guys have a perfect chemistry Thank You David Seely appreciate that that's from a lot of years of yelling and fighting and punching and clawing and playing basketball and we're back for the timeout 257 out to go in the first quarter Sean leviston the with the ball he has led to Steph Curry there's gonna be an offensive foul against of Golden State Warriors yeah where did you see the foul it was on a screen by Looney I was a weak I was dependent that was weak so I don't know if he'll he was moving but shout-out to our boy King PJ yeah aka Shawn Levinson he's in the finals he's a good buddy of ours and that's cool that we know an NBA player yeah 245 up they go in the first quarter so y'all come with a ball on top of the key guarded by draymond Green he'll give it to Van Vliet moving up the screen on the drive he'll kick it out to the wing for Ibaka for three no good rebounded by draymond draymond outlets it too Shawn Livingston Levison gives up to loonie at the free-throw line kicks it back out to Shaun Livingston swings it to dream on dream on guarded by Leonard now swings it to Alonzo McKinney down-low Livingston pulls up the baseline jumper for to no good rebounded by Leonard to 6 to 16 left to go in the first quarter he'll bring it up the claw has been kind of quiet they've been playing great defense the gonna say Warriors have he puts up a baseline jumper for to no good rebounded by Tremont he'll give it to Steph Curry who will bring it up step to come on John McKinney he'll pull up the jumper from the baseline he's fouled Oh travel travel oh shit I thought he was fouled by Lori I don't see I think Lori at first thought too but he they're gonna call foul against him but they used to call it a travel against Alonzo McKinney that is Raptors ball I'm Norman Powell we'll check in for the Raptors all right pal let's go he was a key contributor have to mention last series and here we are back the other way raptors ball Norman Powell has checked in he gets up to Lori for a deep three no good rebounded by dream on dream on we'll bring it up for the Warriors 145 left to go in the first quarter he passes the shot Levinson swings in to the loss on McKinney for three no good hits all back iron rebounded by Van Vleet 136 left to go now Toronto in the lead 22 to 19 Lori has the ball he almost drew a foul against LA Oh loony swings it to see Occam's siakam backing down steph curry kicks it out to laurie swings at the family for a deep three oh it runs out it rims out Steph Curry's there to grab the board coming back the other way Steph Curry he will kick it out to dream on top of the key swings it back to Looney on the down low and he goes up but he misses the lay a got to make the house too easy them back to the way Toronto Raptors to see ahkam for a wide-open three yes co-come for three there we go they are hitting their threes today whoa 56 seconds left to go with the first 25 to 19 is the score Toronto fans are on their feet they're excited they're chanting defense curry in the paint he goes up no good try to grab his own board and handing it down his allowance of Keaney but he goes out of bounds doesn't not no they called a foul they called a foul against Ibaka yeah but curry yeah you're right I thought there was an bleep grab him yeah okay I'll be trying to see the only one text eggs Texas with two now 499 donation what's up guys future Monde member here how y'all doin it's my day off and what better way to enjoy a thing hanging with you guys keep me laughing yeah JJ buddy sup bro thank you so much oh donation ball inbounded Raymont kick the downloaded shell Lewiston but the Toronto Raptors were Lowry was there to try to intercept it there but they're gonna call a foul against go to stay on King on Livingston yeah King 41 seconds remaining in the first quarter Leonard on the bench Kawhi Leonard only has three points in the game yeah that's what's crazy only three points and they were still winning that's crazy man Josh don't forget to give us a Drake play-by-play says Keenan ball oh yeah Bill Bell back the other way you got Norman Powell moving off the screen Norman Powell down low in the post Ibaka turnaround jumper for to no good dream on there to grab the board dream on he will let step curry bring this into the frontcourt for the Warriors but the last 20 seconds left to go in the first quarter it's about a almost a four second difference between game clock and shot clock guarded by Norman Powell curry has it he's got nine to shoot seven he's waiting to make the move 5-4 he got the screen by Looney off the screen he shoots a deep straightaway no good there's limited with the rebound and on the putback I think he's fouled by Ibaka yeah Shawn Livingston will shoot two free throws great fuckin board off it's a rebound by Livingston man five dogs no Leviathan did you all see that all he's Moroccan players are available for trade as actually Diana Josh about that before the the stream there they're looking at Tracy cp3 Clint capela I haven't heard anything about James Harden but they're looking to blow that roster brothers are fucking miss ya Levison knocks down the first free throw three point seven seconds are left in this first quarter it is a five-point game yep let's see here from three-point land 35% Toronto Raptors a shooting that's in there 5 for 14 they pit for the 3 ok 3 sorry there's 5 for 14 from beyond the arc they're shooting 39% over wrong number one fan should I live and sit with a sick and free throw and it is good 21:25 four-point game 3.7 seconds remaining good job King Van Vleet will bring this up passes it to Lori he put up the floater and no good and Lori I was even thinking what that is the end of the first quarter it's a four-point game Toronto 25 and the Warriors 21 now if you're the Raptors you have to be happy that y'all are winning and you only have three points from Kawhi Leonard the leading scorer of the game after one quarter is Steph Curry with 11 points for from klay Thompson – from Bell – from dream on but he's got six rebounds already nice and the Toronto Raptors yeah they've hit threes right yeah – from 2 for 3 from downtown for him Gasol he had two three-pointers 1/4 1/4 C Akio Leonard hit a three of let's see Danny Green hit one for three overall in downtown there's 5 for 14 shooting 35.7% not bad shooting 39% so far from the field that that's you know that tells me at some point Golden State is gonna run away with this because you know what yeah I'm loving the defense that I'm seeing against Kawhi Leonard right now yeah they're shutting down Kawhi right now man they are shutting him down uh $2 Wilson Breckenridge let's go Raptors shouting Wilson I was just wearing the Slurpee at the earlier shots even pay for the dollar donation man Wilson record which in the fucking house I don't get it well Alston Breckenridge dude what is up bro haven't seen a minute brah guys we have over 2700 people in here make sure you special i hit that share let's go we have some of the likes we can hit that we're halftime – they like us well yeah I love the defense that the words are playing on Kawhi Leonard and the light King PJ and Rocha were saying they're not worried that the Toronto Raptors were hitting some threes they're early on in the first quarter because eventually you're gonna live by the three you're gonna die by the three yep I would say Toronto would die by the three whereas Golden State they've shown time and time again they tend to live and Jude : state all playoffs pretty much they've been making comebacks in the third in the fourth quarter we saw that pretty much every game besides Game one all game two three and four of the against the Blazers comebacks they're down 12 13 18 they kept coming back midnight mini us is front-row seats at the Oracle or $100,000 that's crazy who would pay that who would pay that flock my life dude Slurpee head hype there you go Wilson there you go Wilson Josh snake stay or leave if they lose a series whether they lose or win the series Ryan Kurt we expect KD to leaf yes gone yeah I don't think they could afford to keep him and clay and clay he's going New York don't say words let's go curses link Johnson and again so we have more people in here now let us know who y'all got warriors or Raptors who are you a fan of listen to trailer are you guys going live during the NFL season or playoffs how's that work we're gonna go live for every NFL primetime game as well as some sprinkled 12 o'clock and 3 o'clock games and if we will go live for every playoff game as well including Super Bowl yeah Cody Fitzgerald yeah 49 sub 6 9 k oh that's fucking awesome guys thank y'all so much all the new dog subscribers we gained and I yell are fucking beautiful human beings now it's a bigger mic shouts of Mod Squad more say T well you guys are awesome cookie King we love you – cookie King all right and we're gonna be back here for the start of the second quarter Quinn cook will give Shawn Livingston who will bring it up for the Golden State Warriors only trailing by four now to show now to klay Thompson klay Thompson to boogie cousin dies in here that passes through rep go almost lose control of it back to boogie boogie hands it off to klay Thompson guarded by Ibaka now to direct go drive go into the paint goes up one-handed no good grabs on board the shalu's did swing to the quick cook for three yes from downtown Quinn cook nice I love it 27 of the goat in the second bogey is back yes he buggy he is back see I come with a ball top of the key hands it off to Norman Powell guarded by klay Thompson on the drive he puts back up and he's fouled by klay Thompson wait is that clay second that's uh gonna be clay second I think everyone earlier right that's the second foul thing Wow oh they're showing uh but Cody got injured against the Clippers yes I can't believe he came back this fast that is crazy yes boogie is back first game since April 18 April 18th Norma Powell at the free-throw line knocks down the first one 11:17 remains in the second quarter the lead is now extended to 26 the 24 let's go Norman Powell knocks down the second free throw right 27:24 hey the goal say warriors could tied things up with a three right here Livingston brings it up now to Quinn cook Quinn cook the direct go guarded by Sock'em now to Shaun Livingston on the left wing and there's gonna be a foul away from the ball against Danny Green yeah he's trying to get a he's trying to screen we got a donation their geek infinity won't be no two dollars says beer NBA Finals in sports sherry let's go grab me another beer grab me another beer yeah I need one – Larry is so fuckin trash is impact TV he's so inconsistent and consistent inconsistent right work to Quinn cook on the end by the pass Norman pal I mean Van Vliet guarding him now help give it up to klay Thompson guarded by Kawhi Leonard pass the boogy boogy swings it to Livingston now to direct go pump fake and he's going to step out of bounds yeah wait I think I fell against Toronto don't know that's it that's that's another quick foul there yeah wars are gonna be in the bonus here soon limousine bounced us to quit cook once again now to clay Thompson left wing to boogie top of the key guarded by Ibaka now cuts it to clay Thompson and he throws it down what a pass my boogie cousins they're good fuckin vision 10:42 of the goat in the second quarter hey Baca with a ball now to Kawhi Leonard on the left wing guarded by Shaun Livingston live now Leonard kicks it to the corner for Everly swings it to Norma Powell now to Leonard Leonard on the drive swings it to the corner Ibaka swings it to Danny Green pump fake double-team turnover pal he's got to put it up he does no good rebounded by Ibaka Ibaka goes back up and he puts it in 1080 not to go in the second I like the ball movement man let's go back the other way Google say Warriors have the bald rep go to boogie cousins right short corner guarded by Ibaka now to top of the cage reco drop go to the left wing Shawn Leominster guarded by Norman Powell 7 to shoot now to drive go for a deep 3o way where the fuck was that going that was disgusting 9:57 of the go in the second quarter it is raptors ball everyone chanting yeah bow you get you hearing it from the crowd right now alright Kawhi Leonard has the ball moving up the screen from Ibaka and they're gonna call a foul I guess Ibaka illegal screen dude that there goes a warriors about to be the bonus to what they're about to be in the bonus how many thousand gallantly three right they call it that's three quick fouls in the last one two minutes of game play Wow klay Thompson with the ball now two quick cook top of the key go to by Norman Powell 14 the shot clock to boogie cousins on the right wing for to pull the jump over a buckin no good rebounded by Klay he says it in bow out but Oh Green was in there Beverley now throws it down to Nick Baca who throws it down for joy eyes good fucking good hustle the Raptors here 927 of the gold in second quarter and they're gonna call a timeout yeah dude so what do you think is so far like it's up for a five-point game but it's just been like nobody's really taking control of this game Yeah right but you gotta expect you gotta like how the Raptors are just I just staying consistent there they're putting up points man you know I'm liking it uh-hah Cena that bribers win final I'll be so happy I bet you will I met a lot of Raptor fans they've never had better than B file so they win it the first time that'd be crazy I hate curry Raptors will beat you up in the face Jezzie okay Jerry Payne to the two other nations yeah Myers painting guy Jer what's up buddy hey Garrett fucking Paige Bobby buddy thank you so much bro appreciate you yeah much love Jerry Paige who's awesome gang ah we the north and for don't say words you thinking that y'all gonna go a sweep um can't get like one or two games nothing we all do this the file yeah a week chair chair wash and we will be live for every M a final game every single one will be here okay so you better hit them to turn on notifications if you're a brand new subscriber but YouTube notifications don't always work so unless you go into the settings and click view all notifications or you give go follow so social media all our Instagram Twitter Facebook is on the description box down below go follows at the sports here for Twitter and Instagram we do tweet out every time we go lobster notification bell you will definitely get that um war is the busy word but is the word best I'm not sure what you mean team elite uh Kazuki says show us the game you what the fuck what the fuck is right because you can't read now we can't show the game buddy because the copyright purposes well literally shut down our channel and will you lose our Channel I don't think seventy thousand almost 70,000 people want that to happen so we're not going to do it so if you wanna hang out have some and what you know get some good great play by play for the Josh yeah I can't believe 784 likes man alpha Evie Oh cuz Keisuke reeve entitlement oh oh it's on somebody else guys I thought it was talk about one of those enemy things no no shave your beards no Daniel I'm actually I already shaved as someone did donate for me to shave it I did it felt very awkward notifications didn't go out wow that's terrible what are you cheering for gladiator I had the warders and sex I'm not cheering for anyone now cheering for a good game cheering for good players but that's about it we're not a fan of either one of these teams right so we don't have horse and race but we did pick the Warriors to win the series so later need to step it up Leonard's being deed up pretty fucking nicely why they go say warriors he's only got 3 points yeah you know I got three points he's 1 for 4 from the field here at one three-pointer hey what's those horse urination what time is it just you see what's happens it Joshua fuck time is it it's a quarter past very dime oh you're on Jackson once you do a half do it Josh deal it shot the John Saunders – run – run Raptors announcer oh I tell you five – 2001 oh let's go yeah here we go Knights 918 left to go in the second quarter back for timeout boogy cousins puts it up off the glass and he's out another foul against Toronto they have to be in the bonus 9:15 with the goal in the second quarter boogie cousins are gonna be shooting two free-throws yeah that's what the fuck – dollar raise from Jared which is water burger with cheese vanilla shake wood cheese vanilla shake onion rings that sounds amazing bro he says onion rings that sounds amazing Jared thinks I gave the donation as I think I'm I had to do that after this game and boogie cousins knocks down the first free throw that's his first NBA Finals points [Applause] in there you're so handsome chef the Philippines is feeling a shout to the boobies Salim on shell him up brother and he knocks down his second free throw it is a 28 to 31 ballgame 910 up to go in the second quarter Van Vleet into the frontcourt for the Raptors gives up to Kawhi Leonard go to by Shaun Livingston here comes the screen by Ibaka Leonard splitting the defense into the paint kicks it out now to Ibaka Ibaka to Van Vleet to Norfolk the leach into the paint and he lays it in Jesus fuckin Christ Jesus Christ over one away we're one away from six on camera Shaun Livingston working on the right wing guarded by Danny Green now to DeMarcus Cousins we're being worked by Ibaka eight on the shot clock driving the baseline kicks it out to direct go for three from the corner yes nothing but the bat well he didn't air ball this one all right drive go I see you buddy all right Van Vleet into the frontcourt now for the Raptors it's a two-point game 8:21 let the go in the second quarter to quite late on top of the key Leonard against Shawn Emerson spin move kicks it out swings it Van Vleet for three yes Bentley for three van fleet is fuckin Shelley up now lately dude I like it all right Shawn livers in right short corner 36:31 livingston to boogie from downtown no good repotted by Danny Green the rebound Wow imagine it booked wouldn't knock that in without and crazy 749 left to go in the second quarter five-point game van vliet moving up the screen from Ibaka pass is intercepted by klay Thompson on a fast break to a quick cook off the glass he lays it in and one that's a three-point play opportunity coming off more Quinn cook why would you foul right there Raptors found quick cook great job by klay Thompson stealing the ball on the fast break gives it up to quick cook he gets fouled as he lays it in three-point play opportunity for the Warriors 7:40 left to go in the second quarter is a three-point game boogie is gonna check back out interesting that they're on they had really one fell away have we hit night 69 thousand subscribers hit me we hit 69 thousand subscribers folks don't Road to 70k baby let's go telly telly Thank You Quinn cook knocks down the three-point play free throw right there let's go Quinn cook this game 7:35 left to go in this second quarter Van Vleet with the ball Sean limited in front of him here comes a screen by Ibaka switch on defense Looney now guarding Van Vleet and there's gonna be a whistle away from the ball and that's gonna go is that gonna go against Sean that's gone against King CJ yeah Sean let me sit with a foul why can't we show the game because of copyright yeah guys there's laws that prevent that so we don't wanna lose our channel what we do Josh does a phenomenal the best play-by-play here on make a dude hang out 69k fuck ya guys and we're at 872 likes our goal was that a thousand by the end of the game we get 175 yeah we can time let's go all right Laurie in bounces from sideline to normal pal 12 on the shot clock now to Gasol swings it to Kawhi Leonard on the left wing guarded by dream on seven is shoot Leonard still holding the ball here comes some help defense by Quinn cook oh oh he loses control of it but then they're gonna call a foul against Quinn cook huh what wait what was that is that gonna be on Tremont there are both on them where was the fat look like Kawhi Leonard Oh for yeah look like he lost control he go for the ball and that's when the whistle occurred so here goes a replay Leonard has the ball it gets knocked away by draymond him and cook time for the ball they're calling a foul against Queen cook their ball inbounded here to Kawhi Leonard's guarded by Looney that's a mismatch as he pulls it up Oh dream on playing great help defense and then Kawhi Leonard goes up for a shot but he's fouled I like it you know he's they are swarming Leonard but you know what I like what he got a gut aggressive he bodied them up and forced the issue do you see that you know they're kind of playing Kawhi Leonard a little bit like how the torn Raptors played on us yeah but the thing is Kawhi Leonard actually has a jump shot yes but they are contesting that shit right now Kawhi Leonard is shooting 1 for 4 from the field he's only got 3 points he's got the free throw line he knocks one in that's 4 points now for Leonard and it's also great is quite Leonard doesn't just have a jump shot but he has experience yes in here done that been a Finals MVP yeah we can't show the game to to copyright but yeah just hang out chill enjoy the live play-by-play commentary we're hanging out with you guys yeah we'll read as many comments as we can linor second free-throw is in I mean you know just join the party yeah we're glad to have you Sean let us then bring it up before the Golden State Warriors seven minutes left to go in the second quarter hands it off to Quinn cook quite a by Patrick McCall taking them in off the dribble takes a dent agree for a corner three no good rebound by Gasol outlet to the clog Kawhi Leonard Raptors leading by four 650 left to go Leonard in the pink is stolen by Steph Curry curry steals the ball back to the way the Warriors to dream on Trey ball to Levis it lay it in he lays it in good feed by the dream on good cut by Shaun Livingston there we go back the other way Laurie working the right short corner Gordon double team took Kauai the nine by Livingston he's denied by Livingston let's go good blocking everyone chanting defense here Looney with the ball hands off the Quinn cook when on the left corner for three no good rebounded by Laurie 610 left to go in the second it's a two-point game Laurie with the ball take a shot Levis it into the paint goes up and he's fouled that's two free throws coming up for Lowry both teams are in the bonus from the remaining of this quarter 606 live guys both teams that is Shaun Livingston second second foul okay yeah you gotta be careful with something loose it fells because he's the one that comes in kind of for uh Steph Curry and klay Thompson so they can't afford him to be in foul trouble Lowery first free throw is up and in 606 out to go in the second quarter how much people watching basketball gallon and we're having a great fucking time aren't we dilly dilly man dilly dilly now we thank for all the new subscribers again we're too gained a bunch tonight we already get so many likes we'll have a thousand likes already man free-throw made there by cow lorry great fucking night already man thank you 6:04 does it go in this second quarter four-point game step quarter with the ball moving up the screen from Looney Steph Curry now on top of the key it passes knocked away by Gasol curry grabs it but they're gonna call a foul against curry on Van Vleet yeah he kind of went back and hit him in his face yeah look like it 155 of to go in the second it is Raptors ball and that's gonna be two free throws for Van Vleet so look here Steph Curry has a ball he passes not his his pass is knocked away from Gasol and Van Vleet was fouled by curry hit in the face and he's gonna shoot three free throws oh I thought because it was an offensive foul they wouldn't be one okay who really needs to watch the game when you have this fabulous play-by-play announcer okay what's up buddy and Van Vliet misses the first free throw fuck man come on shoutout from Guam shout to you James thank you for hanging out with us buddy suck your free zoo what are you doing fleets and back the other way dream on is not to the ground by Kawhi Leonard oh that's two free throws for dream on how's that for that's two free throws for dream on and that's Leonard's gonna it's gonna be his second foul maybe hasn't updated the same it updates I think that is okay oh shit Oh dream on at the free-throw line 551 up to go in the second was it the first one it's good he goes yeah yeah whoo y'all ready for we're not ready for anybody now we picked the Warriors to win the series we just want to see a good game that's all we want so many fouls yakking there's a lot of fouls in this game already draymond knocks down the second free throw game once again 5:50 left to go in the second quarter Lowry will bring it up for the Raptors klay Thompson to meet him everyone chanting let's go Raptors he pass it to Leonard Dow down low to SIOC and he wasn't ready for it goes out of bounds come on and that is gonna be warriors ball here comes step curry step two clay toss it pulls up the jumper for three yeah oh my god nothing I couldn't tell Larry the drive of the base lock kicked into siakam shock him in the paint back in town draymond kicks it to Gasol pulls up the jumper to no goodies way off here here come the Toronto Raptors here come the Raptor I mean the fucking Warriors and Steph Curry it was trapped by Gasol in Van Vliet they say jump off jump off yep Wow Curry's being swarmed right now you know what it's worse yes so he touched that ball Gasol and yeah the family where there it's gonna be a jump ball between the salt and step who's gonna win that one Sean I I'm curious who's gonna win that one I think curry hands now uh let's go Raptors okay I see some Raptor fans in here what's up guys five twelve of to go in the second quarter ball is up and Gasol clearly wins that to siakam here come the Toronto Raptors temple eats into the frontcourt guarded by klay Thompson it is a one-point game Golden State in the lead now to Kauai Kawhi Leonard moving off the screen from Lowry pass to Lowry top of the key swings at the ciacco for three no good and draymond just lets it go out of Bounce they'll bring it up with forfeit the two up that go over the second we haven't seen much out see how come so far now how many points to see alkamag he only has one five five points oh not bad that's more than I thought he did for 49 left to go in the second step curry into the frontcourt curry into the paint goes up off the glass no good oh my god here comes Kauai and the Raptors Leonard on the right wing to Lori now downloaded Gasol goes all the glass he lays it in Gasol good feet and assists there by Lori fucking shot for 27 left to go in the second eggie to green to clay back to Iggy for three no good and Leonard grabs the board for 16 left to go in the second quarter both teams in the bonus Toronto in the lead by one posle the jumper Leonard is no good rebounded by Iggy outlet to step goes out of bounds he wasn't ready for it that's Raptors ball another turnover Michael mistake what was that curry curry looked like he was going to catch the pass then he just stopped it because I don't know if he thought it was gonna be able to someone else yeah you don't see that to us yeah you don't see that too often yeah yeah uh let's go let's go classes port thank gotta give it to Josh yeah do it why do people hate the Warriors for having good management they have they've had yeah they've had a great French was the best gotta give him props they build most that team sighs Katie they built that team pretty much so out of the draft uh shout to the a trying to grow straight up me shot girl shot to you thank you for Hank come and hanging out with us tonight Oh Ishmael says he loves the background Josh a lot of time painting this wall so you better like it uh yeah I wasn't super turnover initial so yeah God we have 1,000 likes are you serious already with almost 4,000 people in here 1000 likes thank y'all so fucking much I gotta grab me another beer you need beer nope no you good I got one right here Oh see the Mike was hiding it I couldn't tell hi thank you guys thank you that's amazing appreciate that thank you so much Cheers have some Mod Squad members get to have a little bit more mod squad members you can have a little bit longer of a sip it's cold it's cold in it it's cold hope he's hope it's birthdays going warily good hunter Thank You Josh man Jamie says I don't have cable Hey well we got you covered bro we got sick yeah that's what we here for baby we'd have a good time yeah Mason says get cancer I'm not worried about cancer but I am worried I bought a STD after fucking your mother God deal I'm bitching he really said good cancer that bitch is at home he said get cancer don't get cancer he said for us to get cancer oh wow just to dude what's up my boys that's ray what's up right I don't have cable either's this guy who has not people not a lot of people if it wasn't for the fact that we do these live play by place okay I wouldn't have cable either no well i don't have keep i'm satellite i have a TV get a sports packages you know yeah Sunday Ticket everything otherwise yeah you don't really need cable gone man if you need to get channels he could get fucking different types of uh uh uh internet TV you can pay cheapest shit who said that that was mason combs right there yeah he says he has HIV that's tough bro that's Ted um door says hit that like button get your it's that like button splurt says you guys the best nine man you guys that's you guys yeah we should send some real beer from cats rather you're my home ain't gonna what you like Ashley actually suggest a beer suggest a good Canadian beer that we could buy here in the States yeah and I'll drink some well we'll try it we'll try it uh you guys are awesome Thank You Brett Martin and y'all are fuckin awesome cheers the other guys T Webb says we love this bias channel we should be a t-shirt that should be a tote that should be a t-shirt we got me soon you got a $5 donation for midnight minutes as y'all you all deserve all the respect in the world you guys will hit 1 million subs one day and you can do this full-time I mean I made it thank you so much man for that compliment thank you so much for the donation and we're back here for the second quarter 357 up to go in the same quarter Leonard has the ball Gorda by klay Thompson Leonard in the paid double team out to Laurie now back down low to Sock'em he pulls it in let's go with the floater nice thank you so much midnight mania that really really touching me appreciate you yeah appreciate you the other way Looney to egg with dolla down in the pan he's going strong with it he throws it down nobody there Nicki where's the interior defense slow it down Ikki I like that 327 left to go in this second it's a one-point game Bentley to Lori here comes a screen by Gasol Looney to guard him now back down low to Gasol he'll turn around swings it to Van Vleet now to ciacco kicks out to Lori Lori I guess Steph Curry drives it in kicks out to Sock'em wide open three is good co-come for three to they are hitting today I love this ball moving on to the car oh I keep saying he says Yakima this is my fucking smack fuckin right here eggwin dolla on the right wing I guess Lori now klay Thompson swings it out to dream on dream on down to the left short corner Looney Looney hands it back up to draymond back to Looney pulls up the jumper for two or it gets all good all right game Lori with the ball off the screen from Gasol against Steph Curry step play good defense Lori kicks it out to vent Lee on the right outside wing guarded by Thompson now to see akka on the right corner six to shoot he'll go against draymond in the paint I gots the glass tube 15 to go in the second clay blows little jumper for three oh that was way off look Steph Curry grabs the board curry pulls it the floater no good no shadow grabs the board I swear four-point game Giacobbe to Van Vleet back the other way took the saw this all will pass it back out to Van Vliet on the right outside wing guarded by draymond Green 1:55 remaining in a second everyone on their feet here in Toronto yeah the claw when the ball goes up off the glass and a blocking foul against Steph Curry you thought that was gonna be offensive yeah he elbowed him right in the face look like Boy Leonard draws goes off the glass and they're gonna call a blocking foul against Steph Curry curry would bounce it off my mic I got see this curry with bouncing off Kauai Wow yeah donations yeah for 9f Chris Pearson three opinions hashtag is snap lives on hashtag tens thank you so much and Kawhi Leonard knocks on the three-point play hitting that free-throw 1:45 left to go in the second quarter 7.50 2:45 the largest lead of the night member both teams are in the bonus he has a ball guarded by lari lari to claim the right wing back to Iggy heading on the shot clock au holding the ball top of the key guarded by Laurie now to dream on dream on pulls it up over Leonard he draws the foul that's two free throws coming up for dream on veteran veteran fucking great then that's gonna be litters third foul get him you gotta pull him down you got to pull him again 1:28 remaining in the second quarter we all got dis finals warriors in 6 yeah we picked the Warriors what's Drake doing he's not being crazy he's chillin right now I see him standing up in that purple Toronto's jersey the ocean jersey I believe that was him he could stand up but he I don't think he could pace anymore no yeah 1:28 remaining in this second quarter uh Paulo says I follow us love you guys y'all are beautiful thank you man your beautiful dream on knocks down the second free throw oh what's what the second quarter man your mom's loosey-goosey Toronto has a ball litter with it moving up the screen Lonnie Looney guarding him now he swings it to the corner to lari lari man that almost went over his head but he put it back to fuckin Kawhi Leonard and Iggy was there to knock it out of bounds and he tried to take out Drake Dirk winner was being teed up pretty well I'm trying to pass it to Laurie in the right corner but it almost went over his head he saved it it bounced to Leonard but he knocks it out yeah it's gonna be five on the shot clock when Laurie inbounds his ball from the sidelines and he's gonna inbound this nigga saw two for three and they're gonna call foul against going to say that's two free-throws yep and that's a that's two free-throws coming up that loonies first I don't think I've seen that foul from Looney if that is that's the second at most who at least you to win the finals MVP Steph Curry's gonna win his first Finals MVP yeah it's the only step Steph Curry yes that's my uh that's my favorite there yeah uh Sean Josh you started daily sports update for people who don't have cable Cameron right if we didn't have full-time jobs we would fucking be live every fucking yes yes just saw knocks down the first free-throw hey maybe one day we can't go full time if we go full time expect us to be live every fucking day or the second the success of this channel is based off of you guys we wouldn't be nothing if it wasn't for y'all so keep spreading the word yes you guys love what you see spicy super brand new hey spread the word share the stream share the channel hit that subscribe to a notification bill and hit that like button for us Gasol knocks down the second free-throw 5447 105 left to go in this second quarter step curry into the frontcourt now step curry to Trayvon into the paint he goes up strong and they're gonna call a blocking foul no offensive foul George against dream on he went in there hot – yeah he did he went in there soon let's see I don't know I don't know about that one oh he went down hard dude I don't know the kind of guy he was on his side a little bit I don't know about that I think that ship had no call but they call the offensive foul can't stream on guys were full-time I would get nothing done Laurie has drawn 14 offensive fouls 14 charges he's drunk in the playoffs yes nice at least he's doing that he's making kissing sounds officer Thank You Liam for subscribing we appreciate that lettuce is Josh the haircut is awesome hey thank you thank you so much you know I didn't able to see anybody say shit about your haircut on Monday oh they don't it but the two seconds left to go here in the second quarter VanFleet has on the right corner the crowd is a hot right now let's go let's go Raptors now to Lori Lori back to Van Vleet pump fake downloading assault turnaround jumper for – good / jo aapko the 9 point game Wow excuse me that was rude so Steph Curry on the other side of it goes up against Gasol and they're gonna call now gets it Gasol yeah curry couldn't do I couldn't make it so he's gonna go from a free-throw line – yep I keep PJ said like what five minutes ago there's a lot of fouls being called in this game there's lots of fats being called fuck a lot this game is gonna go on forever those games gonna be over at one o'clock in the morning I'll hope it does go how long oh my god what's up Gerald tan Bernard what's up buddy fresh fruit those good first free throws doing yeah Wow we're 32 seconds away from Sean we should talk like this for the rest of the game okay 32 seconds remaining in the second quarter step and everyone's gone yep all right back to the waist Karl Lori quick to push it up into the frontcourt driving baseline now swings it out to the fucking yo wait now slow down holding on to it holding on to it Klay Thompson's there to guard them 10 on the shot clocks 18 on the game clock against klay Thompson Karl re looking for deaded Green Green will pull the jumper for the corner gosh Danny Green for three head for game no three 200 ball gets knocked out of balance by Gasol on Steph Curry 2.4 seconds remaining as they inbound this ball that should have been a foul to put his shoulder right into Curry's face everyone's like stop it stop please stop for the love of God don't ever do that voice again we have five dogs from Asia what's up judged on its fury time I miss you guys with my situation thanks for the donation we think it with dollars gonna inbound this from the sideline 2.4 seconds remaining to clay clay I'll explain the defense floater up and no good and that's gonna end this second quarter 59-49 Toronto with a 10-point lead here at halftime you gotta love it if you're Toronto and if you're a go say words man you hate to see it but what if you're gonna say we're fit I don't think any of them are too nervous right now Joshua why because this has been the store of them all playoffs comeback Kings in the second half or dinner like how many games in a row against Portland like every game every game they came back like 16 points 17 point a C was the highest at one point all right but thank you so much Asia for donation appreciate your candor girl yeah you're right off oh we cannot show the game you guys from also are new we can show the game due to copyright yeah you guys hold Porto black you guys always hold me down when I can't watch game thank you nobody yeah let's go I don't know what you're singing but we'll go with it guy say go so much we have 4000 people in here 1.1 K likes we would have 1 K by the end of the stream we got a half now the new goal like for the stream is 2427 20 that might be a little bit too much but ok 2,400 228 is the new light go from the street and being a little greedy yeah yeah can we I don't know if we hit it but and if they like us a says surprise y'all do you don't use text-to-speech we could never use that for our live play-by-play because it would just interrupt the the stream so much it'd be bad people will just like you know makes ridiculous donations to Texas speech yeah because we're trying while we're trying to play by play it wouldn't work it just my ass eat my ass yes we want to do that maybe for like our are more chill streams and hangouts we can do that you talking about comebacks have you seen the Raptors these playoffs that is a good point yes sir Raptors I make comebacks but they don't need to make one here uh so it's not relevant yeah your dice is if I donate I get mono to be mod yet to be active in our streams our mods uh you know you just have to be active got another rules and pretty much just being all our lessons Vaughn shout to your buddy shadow dues Vaughn Kalea Cody ow clown yeah so many bad players gonna say Warriors not hitting shots they coming back strong though so that Lena Monroe oh they make it Justin's like crazy yeah I'm not gonna I'm not ruling him out already yeah no I just say Toronto was gonna win this game in right now I'm uh you know we're looking pretty good on that one shot said they were gonna lose he has the words at five I had to run away in this but I had the Warriors winning in six games winning at six yeah where are the rules oh for our for our chat we don't have any rules a lot of rules man just basics no spamming no threats no self-promotion and not and also what's a fuck no threats a no threats what's the other one the last one no threats no racism racism there we go QC says a guy that sent you a message on LinkedIn check that out QC the QC soon he's gonna be streaming about how's day's going yeah you know please vlogging what's new about the weather I want to know about the weather I do one over the weather yeah cause they're in Iowa dude I will here in Texas their weather's getting bad can you talk about texting weather even though he's not in Texas that'd be great I don't know dude there's a shit ton tornadoes hitting all around man just fuck before he blows a gasket yeah QC hate small talk I hate small talk I hate it with a fucking passion so we gave each other shit but the QC though he's gonna started putting up content on his channel yep he's a man he is amazing on the mic you actually go check him out yeah we got a $2.00 nation Josh oh God from Daniel Contreras Daniel Contreras you say he says what's up guys have you seen Eleniak commander no I am going to watch it possibly this weekend I'm I go to matinee saw I saw a comparison from okay they were showing the comparison from like that that's not that number that they do when Aladdin wishes to be like a prince and he's gonna Prince he's gonna impress of the Sultan and in Jasmine yeah I solved that whole number from the live-action compared to the cartoon it's that's not even remotely even interesting or good really I I didn't like it sick it was just like it was so Will Smith it was what you which is which is cool I mean like you know cuz the jinn was all fucking Robin Williams yeah but it just worked better I don't know yeah I saw the only reason I want to watch it it's cuz I doubt a second better than cartoon but I want to go watch cuz Aladdin was my favorite growing up as kid and it's like I just have to I have to Josh took her Twitter message just Eddie oh let's see I wonder what it could be about hi all he said was hi hi fucking how you doing we got a dulling any man oh by the way QC I was just mentioning earlier how like when I go back and read watch all the streams the last game that we did how you left them comments saying this is her future Josh reading the comments and you're just like hi dollar 99 from New York for life Josh – Josh take out subway romanians Oh subway maybe is great oh he just messaged Alonso to the Bulls fuck you ready man a song hey guys I wanted a something if it's a if it's a hard one yeah yeah it's a hard one if it's Oh Leo to you guys what do you think yeah it's a sling if it depending on how they're easier but anyway the Bucks score for the Toronto Raptors who are leading 59 of 49 the leading scorer is Paul as Marcus saw with 14 points what he has two for three from downtown he's four for four for the free throw line 4 for 6 from the field Kershaw has been amazing Sayaka with 12 points you got Leonard with eight points three fouls eight points for Danny Green as well he's 2 for 4 from beyond the arc and 4 points from Lori now off the bench Van Vleet continues to be impressive with 7 points Ibaka has got 4 with 2 rebounds and 2 from Norman Powell I'm impressed if they have a 10 point lead and Leonard doesn't even have 10 points they're shooting a 48 percent from the field 38% from the three-point line yes and they go to say warriors their leading scorer right now is Steph Curry with 13 Klay Thompson's right behind him with nine point six from draymond Green but draymond Green does have seven rebounds so he's almost had a double-double he's been almost averaging a triple-double since Katie left I've been out $80 and Jordan Valley has two points within the starting lineup now off the bench their lead scorer is Quinn cook he's 6 points 4 points for Shaun Livingston and then 2 for 2 from cousins who's coming off the right now so honestly I'm gonna really impress right now with the Raptors man no quiet Leonard has been pretty quiet and they got a ten-point lead God is showing props that see whether the refs are more biased in the Sports fury what's that D Webb oh my god I collected five steps to dunk that ball what what win and one of his drives what the hell was I about to do Oh Mike Nixon I said a facebook message don't don't use El Chapo so don't you think the claw is going to turn it up course it's quite Leonard but I'm already Romo yeah you never roll him out never um King did not expect the rest to call this many thousands they call less than the finals yeah I'm gonna say I'm kind of shocked about that – you're right King usually you don't see that many calls an NBA Finals but see how it goes oh by the way Mike Nixon juggle bears throughout Ridley and David Montgomery all those guys yeah man I mean look sure David Montgomery looks nice but you know Michele we're just talking about this last night on the phone and we're talking about how you know OTAs we don't put much stock into them there's certain things you want to look for like if there's a player coming off an injury you want to pay attention to like how's he look you know like with his movements how does he look you know but other than that yeah don't put too much stock you know some people will fucking see something in OTAs and they'll put up a video talking about how they're gonna win a Super Bowl like it's ridiculous um guys we don't put much talking LTA because you're playing without pants everybody looks good without pads exactly every year at oth other you're gonna see a water Sivir beat some star-studded fucking corner right and get a touchdown and everyone's gonna say oh my god this dude's gonna be amazing he's gonna be a talk Tara tarter wide receiver this year yep like get the fuck out and then he puts on pads and he gets hit and then he's like nowhere to be found so OTAs it's interesting but we don't put too much talking to him all you want to do is see your rookies get out there and like you said injured players that's all you give a fuck about yeah so when people make a big deal about all these veterans out showing up to voluntary OTAs oh my who cares babies oh shit everything you know Michelle on Instagram she always post pictures outside of her window and ICQ seeds is like looking back at her oh mine from the other from across the way you see Michelle y'all say yeah sometimes I'll be right back Swope break guys oh no man I've heard some people say that it's a it's a bad for your health but I don't know I don't know if I believe it should be watching you shadow though applets roma roma cuz I'm not gonna play oh I like Jase I like James Charles – don't talk James Charles okay whatever fuck you American cooks fuck you I don't know where the fuck you're at what we never disrespected any other country oh my god okay I guess we're gonna come out of murki come on America she Oh Filipino here let's go Raptors a shout to the Philippines I know we got a lot of them get a lot of love from them but Norris and if they are playoffs y'all are awesome we don't think is the best in this series escape forms Kawhi Leonard Steph Curry yeah dude Josh got back it off a roaches what he said no Connor McDonald is back off that's his man you always move your fucking lighter Josh is a little worse aligners sometimes until you give it a Josh and then Josh loses it love Marcus all go Raptors adj gents the marks all is doing great right now you got to give him props I need a girlfriend Justin that sounds like a personal problem sit there was a roast of Bruce Prichard oh my god well what Mitch can you was that on you da most dad or something like that I've gotta see the roaster Bruce oh my god this podcast around oh god I gotta watch that Josh did your barber give you a line on your head yeah leg lines all smokers can't keep up with their lighters yeah Melissa yeah I know my most of my family smokes I'm like the only one that doesn't didn't start smoking on my mom's side of the family they always lose your fucking lighters my nixon oh god guys be out of here Josh but he said Mike Nixon said he has a lot is lighter he's doing him a favor that's not talking about showing it see you're a boy Mike Nixon you looking out for his health man oh nice nice anyone else been here since beginning Axl a beginning of what the stream I think a lot of these people man how many people do we have in here right now at halftime with 3,500 beautiful people Hey 1.3 K lights oh my god thank y'all so much y'all better be hitting that share button – let's get this party started a prison live watching shot me out Nikolas can can li you're in prison watching interesting uh that's why I got two lights yeah you always gotta have one lighter and like all the locations like one light in the car my mommy's have a lighter in the car I lied in the living room letter than the wherever she was they write and they'll lose everything one it falls between the seats my mom would always try to always put it inside the lighter of the pack cigarette pack healed so lism why do you put inside the cigarette pack what he'll do you smoke why Sarah and they don't throw it away it forgets in this uh watching from Egypt your boy from Egypt do I want to go to Egypt so bad man age up so bad man once the pyramid I'm a final video game one golden golden versus Raptors Lindsey's dude this has been a great game I got to get props to the Raptors but can I count the Warriors out they've been doing all playoffs uh the next huge sports show starts here oh thank you buddy thank you Michael Chapman's egg bloody that that means the world to us man your mom kept a lighter at my house oh good we'll tell brick what happened what happened Joe from Philippines here what's up Joe are you doing buddy what's happening is Raptors you don't cry Leonard only with that points let's stay winning might end let's go wrap it let's go Plex black asked you a lot Raptor fans guys what are y'all fans of raptors warriors yeah let me know which other thing you don't think the word is gonna come back second half you think the Raptors gonna hold on strong let me know in the chat acknowledge my itchy balls do it if they're itchy thers I don't know what's going on man you need probably go get that checked out buddy that's why you probably shouldn't fuck your mother cuz that's what happens you get catch things y'all got a regret picking worries at six y'all gonna regret picking worries at six Zann I hope so I actually Josh picking mistakes I picked him at five I hope so man what the Raptors win I want the Reds win but we'll see Washington Bullets Oh guys they're washing bully fans in here where's Josh Josh was taking a smoke break he just got back he'll be here in just a second Josh oh my god Josh making some weird noises from the bathroom right now he's probably taking insulin or maybe a piss and it's I don't want to know what's going on in there uh does anyone know how to watch the actual game you can't watch on YouTube I'll tell you that Nikki you got unfortunately copyright purposes oh shut us down oh yeah and Josh perfect time because the third quarter is literally about to start right now let's go Raptors let's go again I was a quick out ya know that was a quick one I like it don't quickiy let's top with city time where's my hat baby honey my hat my hat he having my hat please so like it's only uh hair chair right there draymond Green with the ball right there almost knocked away by SIOC him Dre him on the drive in the paint and he's gonna be fouled as he goes into the lane by Gasol yes Micah saw that I think he's his third fuck you Pawnee says tell him his mom's a Washington Bullock damn your mom's a Washington Bullets pajamas are y'all gonna show the game or do y'all just comment in the game we just comment anybody we can't show the game this gets alongs show the babes is QC drove on Knox in his first wreath road rattled in their high thoughts court yeah yeah yeah dream on with the second free throw makes it in what if I just moved commentate like this for the rest of the game brother ah here comes Kyle Lowry to the front court 11 44 long to go in the third quarter you got a eight point game Lori on the left wing he passes it out to see Occam oh yeah come on the right wing go to by dream on tell him see ahkam still on the right wing dream on on him he's gonna back him down the paint see akka spin move brother he's knocks it in Oh 24 left to go draymond Green at the top of the key guarded by siakam and man it's a 10-point game draymond hands it off to Iggy Iggy top of the key guarded by Kawhi Leonard 10 on the shot clock down by 10 passes it to clay toss it Oh double team out to Iggy sweeter to dream on for Oh down always taken up by Gasol it's all to Kawhi Leonard back the other way good steal their fuckin bad pass by odd dream on right there fuck all right Kawhi Leonard on the left wing backing down klay Thompson tailing the shot clock Leonard has their back out to Laurie pump fake against Iggy on the drive kicks it to ciacco Fork – good oh my god Wow that's good stuff Wow Raptors coming out on fire team points here tonight 63 51 draymond kicks it to the corner a 2 for Steph Curry hello he splashes it splash splash she's taking a bath Steph Curry with Steph Curry with 16 points Kyle Lori right here top of the key now on the left wing guarded by Jordan Bell 8 on the shot clock Lowery now to Gasol left wing backing down dream on this all turnaround jumper pulls it up no good rebound by Green 10:04 let's go in the 3rd quarter they're coming warriors now – Iggy now back out to step curry curry and there's gonna be a foul against Lowery away from the ball who knocks down draymond yeah already a lot of already a few thousand two fouls I think called against the Raptors already started this in the third quarter Oh Nate Dogg Josh why do you smoke you're not the same when you get a buzz I just want my friend back just my buddy back 9:59 left to go in the third quarter safety 354 ball inbounded to Jordan Bell now to dream on top the key guarded by Leonard 30 on the shot clock whoa Steph Curry pulls up the jumper for two yes 80 points for Steph Curry oh he's gonna that deadly on 30 points this game here we go back the other way Kyle Lowry 9 44 left to go in the third quarter 63 56 toronto nelida now to the corner Leonard back out to Larry swings it to siakam swings into green back to this left short corner Gasol here comes a double-team now to see Ockham and he dropped her book and he is gonna be called what they fell against eggy what the fuck what was the foul there I just saw him miss a dunk let's see I just saw him miss a dog I don't see shit else see akka has a ball he goes for a dunk and that was just a Miss dunk but a key they're calling him for a foul I'm sure here's the replay once again no that's not a foul that's a bad call that's a horrible call he hit him after he was coupled they're both coming down I like that that's a call I do not care for yeah that's bad oh damn this is Brianna yeah I know oh damn shotgun what the free-throw is main first one nine thirty left to go in the third quarter 64-56 see akka putting in work here tonight he's got 17 points crazy mo pulls his good call rest oh it's a great call he says crazy mofo he's saying that I think it was a raptor yep fucker alright ciacco second free throw good nine-point game oh all right Steph Curry into the frontcourt now for the Warriors now the dream on dream on hands that oh no he'll go into the lane and he lays it in off the glass good shit by dream on huge outlet download shot come to Leonard let her off the glass goes in it rose in Kawhi Leonard what a quick outlet pass for Leonard with 10 points now 7 of the go in the third quarter 6750 a nine-point game Steph Curry into the paint and he will roll it back out to Iggy Iggy to dream on just step down low to Iggy now to George Bell I'll reverse slam is blocked by Gasol and Jordan Bell will save it and bounce yeah I think you saw the balance yeah they never hit rim so this is still six seconds left on the shot clock right here wow what a fucking great outlet passes man rush try to make it fair left my ass ball inbounded to klay Thompson 5 on the shot clock shocked him guarding him 3 2 now Gasol on him 1 he's got to throw it up rest of the Jordan Bella shot clock violation what the fuck was that look up Bell what in the fuck were you question never even passed it pay attention but as soon as he did make that pass I don't know that was a shot clock violation anyway 12 12 turnovers for the consolation I just heat it up now turn it over right there a fourth left to go to the third quarter 58 67 warriors trailing they got to step it up on defense lawyer with a ball on the left wing outside now backing down passes to Gasol back out to large swings at the SIOC and right wing against clay five to shoot on the drive in the paint baseline pass of Gasol swings it to Leonard on the wing for three of the buzzer no good Oh shucks aggressive board had to the dead of green strip light oh here come the Warriors good shit draymond Green on the push he passes the clay four catches two three no good rebound by Jordan Bell back out to Iggy 8 oh wait let it go to clay for a kid to shoot 3 yes blasts 5 splash by klay Thompson let's go see akhom already in the paint against dream on still in the paint kicks it out to Gasol for three no good hits all back in the iron read by the by draymond 749 out they go to third quarter it's a six-point game dream on has it now the joy belt back to dream on kicks it to clay down low to step curry curry kicks it to Iggy for quarter three no good oh it was well here comes y'all come in to the paint goes up off the glass yes no foul Jakub got it to go back the other way Steph Curry curry has the ball into the paint now floater up off the glass good sixty three sixty nine seven eighteen of the go yeah put up some points right now re-download to leonard against clay here come some help by draymond Leonard goes up and he's gonna be fouled by draymond two free throws coming up for Leonard we are seeing they going back and forth this is what you want to see baby let's go uh I am back with a welcome back admits a gadget Biscay y'all a little bit y'all a little warrior fanboys we're not one of these teams oh my did asshole Sean always gets blowback I swear it's ridiculous draymond Green has four fouls by the way Lenna at the free-throw line knocks down the second one 7-eleven up to go in the third quarter 71-63 dream on for thousands Steph Curry will bring it up for the Warriors now the dream on hand to Bank off to curry guarded on the left wing by Gasol and draymond pass to my god Looney is stolen by Leonard back the other way he hands out the siakam off the glass good a steal and score for the Raptors and we got to get a timeout by the Warriors who are now trailing by 10 with 6:55 love to go in the third quarter we got a $1 donation from Christian whoo yeah just a dollar dollars your position so well thank you appreciate that dude I've never seen I haven't seen this mater moans why stephan1 game in a very long time he's getting a lot of passes deflected right now good pressure defense I've been a dud fan say as my son was 11 years old sky marshal that's what's up man hmm check out my other eyes this door says shaft in the Mod Squad for taking care of these guys are mods are the best out there man thank you so much you're awesome man uh jaramana fella trouble yeah dream on isn't foul trouble for Foust yeah I'm surprised he's still in there honestly where's the buy light right here bro cheers you guys thank you guys so much for tuning in here tonight we appreciate you hey man warriors traveling here by 10 points 10 points they made a little bit of a push right there but Toronto they weather the storm just like they did against Milwaukee they like they did against Milwaukee now everyone can stop that bs they're better without Katie says I'm here now oh they have won championships without Katie so that's a pretty big deal just woke up what's happened is this Josh Jordan man we're here in the third quarter 685 left to go Toronto leads by 10 73 63 it's a timeout by going to state they're gonna talk things over because anything looking good so far stop with the calls please RAF says its rissalah yeah there has been a lot of fouls called and some of these have been really questionable from both sides how much time is left 655 left to go in the third quarter um Ian says shit I would to go study for my algebra final and miss y'all head in 69k yeah we hit 69 K that is awesome we are on the road now to 70,000 so thank you guys so much appreciate you what's up Jose Medina how you doing anyone notice that Drake is wearing a Dell curry Jersey I didn't notice that holy shit nice grabber definitely entertaining good job says Simone Rodriguez thank you so much for joining us thank all the new people joining us here tonight thank you so much for joining us and turn another geisha girl because we're gonna be alive for every single game this NMOS this NBA Finals and also guys we we don't just do NBA well you also do NFL will be like for every NFL primetime game wrestling baseball my forget anything else oh boxing every now and then depending on the boxing match we just like to go live guys even do a hangouts with y'all so guys trying notifications come back hang out with us for other sports too um yeah the gamer says no so promotion yeah anyone who does self promotion without here they're gone that's just disrespectful very disrespectful Oh Raiders says ARCA Kelly the red Ridge man right have fun here you guys are awesome suppose hold that Jose Medina thank you so much man hold up I'm crossing the crab the crybaby Gate Bridge says Ryan Kirk Sean Solaris when he's embarrassed Nichols berry I'm embarrassed we talked about I've never been embarrassed I'm sure mrs. grabber I'm gonna spread the word about your channels as Zach thank you thank you buddy Dre is trolling Steph Curry of course he's trolling sex sounds married no this is not a green screen I painted this wall with with oil painting totally man oil paints he spent it's been all day drawing yeah fastest growing channel on you oh thank you told Rico we're back from the timeout clay Thompson has it now to loading now to Iggy on the right short quarter gotta buy click Carl re now to Looney who cuts and he throws it down finally loaning 6:37 love to go in the third quarter Kawhi Leonard on the right wing outside go to bite egg with dolla 15 on the shot clock here comes the screen by that at green and now a nice defense they're being played by the Warriors Oh Leonard to Gasol yeah that pass is almost stolen Gasol to see ah come on the right outside wing draymond Green on four to shoot pulls up the jumper for two mmm oh it rattles in it rattles in that's a double doink we'll call that double 610 out to go in the third quarter 10-point game Iggy with the ball we see that donation eggy to dream on on the high post jumper for two no good rebound by Laurie here come the wars huge outlet pass is stolen by draymond Green it was intended for C occupy Lowrey dream on steals it here come the Warriors 550 left to go here D enough to go in the third quarter Leonard with the ball 68 75 Warriors are trying to make a push here late in this third quarter Leonard moving up the skipper we saw almost stolen away gives it to Lori Lori Swenson to Denny Green on the drive of the pink now to Gasol in the paint against women turnaround jumper is good good song is having a games at a monstrous game let's go 517 remaining in the third 68 77 Warriors trailing and there's gonna be a whistle here a foul against the Raptors against Gasol got a 10 all donation from game Mickey day Mickey so the love you guys the Butler family from LA thank you so much we appreciate that Mickey and shout out to the butler family all the way from Los Angeles and when you say Mickey I say hey that's one puck my head when you say Mickey I'm gonna hit you I'm gonna knock you off freshman 513 not to go here the third quarter – ball is gonna check out that's his fourth foul Van Vleet will check in for the Raptors Ibaka will check in for the Raptors as well four fouls for Gasol four fouls for draymond Green they didn't stop call he's fucking thousands slowing down the game I'm not like pink so says what the fuck is wrong with you scoffs he is gonna inbound this with sideline – Looney Looney hands it off to klay Thompson 13 on the shot clock guarded by siakam 507 up they go to third quarter great defense being played by siakam Thompson on the drive kicks it to Iggy for three no good rebounded by the claw shot man nine point game it remains Leonard with the ball top of the key against Looney to cloud Laurie on the left outside wing back to Leonard Looney stays in front of him he's got 10 to shoot for 44 remaining in the third Lilly stays in front of them 6 issue here come some help defense Leonard pulls it the jumper from the wing for to no good Ibaka tips it out but clay will grit get it here come the Golden State Warriors for 34 remaining in the third quarter Leonard has 12 points here tonight draymond Green top of the King swings it to the right wing moving up the screen and shooting for three from Steph Curry is blocked yes not the other way see ahkam goes up off the glass and god 79-68 11-point game for 13 left to go in the third quarter 26 points from C Aachen player of the game damn draymond Green back in town Lori pulls up the jumper from the free throw line rattles out and there's gonna be a loose ball foul against the Toronto Raptors they a sound van vliet against Iguodala we have 5.3 thousand people in here Wow a brand new welcome to the sport stream welcome baby how you doing hey y'all having good times welcome man why don't you do this while we got some time right now yeah subscribe turn the notification because we're gonna be live for every game as NBA Finals so don't worry welcome you we better see you back here cuz we're having a damn good time let's go ball inbound it to Shaun Levinson hands it back off a Steph Curry 340 enough to go in the third moving into the paint and he's gonna draw a foul oh he's gonna draw foul who's that gonna go against though Lowry I think they just said Lowry 356 have to go in the third quarter the aisle against the Raptors and they're in the bonus now going say to the bonus and what are you doing in the bonus show I attack you exactly right George Mitchell $2 Josh rapping win Game one don't jinx it buddy do not jinx it okay at the free-throw line is Steph Curry upcoming schedule TV schedule WNBA I don't think so Steph Curry knocks down the first free throw curry has 21 points tonight but siakam leading scorer in the game with 26 he's having himself a good there 26 Kawhi Leonard has 12 look at that he's shooting like 96 percent from the free-throw line this uh yeah he knocks down the second it's a nine-point game single-digit score 355 left to go in the third quarter here comes Larry and the Raptors who have held off every push the Warriors have made every push they've made the Toronto Raptors have quieted Larry with the ball guarded by Shaun Livingston here comes a double screen now Looney guarding him he'll take him into the paint pulls out the jumper for two no good rebound by Alonzo bikini Oh No yeah I mean almost lost control there but Sean Loomis it was there to give it a step curry curry on the drive he draws the foul from siakam and he'll shoot two free throws he's drawing these fouls here that's a veteran move there in the bonus he's attacking he's not drawing the fouls yes and I'm liking it that's how you're gonna inch your way back into this game scoring points of the clock is stopped two free throws coming up for Steph Curry yeah trap says said let's get 70k tonight everyone subscribed 70k tonight how many are we away from it we are oh my God we're 659 away or closing Steph Curry knocks down the first free throw Alex B yes we all do some MLB games oh yeah this summer but yeah and well in the NFL you guys don't want to miss our NFL content and fantasy football football we're gonna start doing with my Jess to possible curry knocks down the second free throw to 329 left to go in the third quarter it is a 7 point game Lowry up for the Raptors at the frontcourt he calls the timeout folks 325 remaining in the third seven-point game I'm out Toronto guys are y'all not entertained yeah by the way that was the second foul for siakam that was only a second that was a second foul actually doing pretty good job I'm gonna sub says Brianna HD thank you so much the road to 70k is alive and well fuck ya live and well yeah and we can't do without you guys thank you so much Jackie Miller says everyone in the chest took a dick okay that's interesting hey we have 1.3 thousand likes hey guys let's hit the 2k likes here tonight so baby if you're enjoying the livestream you want to support your boys go ahead and hit that like button and thank you guys thank you all of you appreciate ya killer does in the chat right now everybody said no dilly Cheers and remember eight we have people from all over the world so thank you guys from the Philippines from Antarctica from Australia from the UK yeah the UK I know we have some people in Japan and Canada yep car not off but of course the best place in fine nerves John is Texas oh yeah Texas yeah we might be a little remember the north ah dude Oh Josh RKO Shawn at 3k subs 3k subs and three Cannes subs you mean 3k likes RKO y'see why do you always want us to RKO each other like I feel like there's something going on here oh we need to have a talk 3000 likes sure okay ro Calum RKO I'll hit it I'll hate on fuck yeah freakin I don't do it like this for K I'll RKO him what would I do at 2,000 likes um chug a beer I guess yeah off on North Korea how the fuck did you get on the internet yeah you're about to get kidnapped kid yeah turn up the volume turn up the volume oh my god years of everybody has that thumbs just joints what's true nature thank you guys from Toronto says welcome to the family Mandy welcome to the fam welcome to the nation I Detroit Michigan Dirty Bird okay I see you Detroit Michigan Detroit Motor City and now with the card Motor City right yeah uh Naomi says it's also my you can talk that fast and the game is on it's amazing I grew up watching bone thugs-n-harmony harmony yeah twister yeah uh we the West's dirty dutch we the West dominate if we have 5000 likes nah I'm not gonna just RKO a more Stone Cold Stunner Holmes I'm gonna push Shawn through this fucking table but then what are we gonna stream on after we'll worry about that later we'll worry about that later I don't I think there's something in my contract where you can't just put me through table will use roaches at the table no all right then I was big and wide I'd bounce off of that Ethan Johnson says have a good night thank you so much yeah they follow us on Twitter or Instagram we will follow you guys back yes all the links are the description box down below all the way from GI oh okay what's up man Jonathan I'm watching you on Alaska Robert Torres okay I see you I'm gonna go to Alaska take a cruise out of Alaska guys Leonard only has 12 points he's three from ten from the field and they are still ready we're back for the timeouts yeah come with the amount of pass he gets it here 15 on the shot clock 321 Oh to go in the third quarter it's 72 7 I'm we see that donation now to SIOC him against fucking zone them swinging around the ball BAM believe for a three no good rebound it by Alonzo McKinney 308 left to go in the third quarter dream on we'll bring it up for the Warriors dream on to Sean lives in cutting and he lays it in I switch it in good feed by draymond who's working with four fouls man 74-79 and remember Golden State is in the bonus Ibaka has it on the left outside wing now to Leonard for three yes look for three we have five dollar donation shorter Mitchell says rapid win Game one I'm from the future oh that's 15 points now from the claw and the ball goes out of bounds on that pass from draymond as it turned over that's Toronto bull you know 80 to 70 for 232 go Leonard backing down Alonzo McKinney kicks it out to Ibaka for three no good hits all back iron but Leonard tips it out but Sean Lewis is there to grab it he'll bring it up for the Warriors – 19 of the go pass to Steph Curry floater up and he draws the foul that's two free throws coming up for Steph Curry that's a foul on Leonard that's gonna be his fourth oh fuck man Jordan Mitchell thank you so much for donation I gotta give props to Steph Curry this last like three minutes he's been really aggressive getting foul calls and look now he's got two guys in foul trouble I think Marc Gasol has four right yeah and also quite Leonard yes Steph Curry nice in the first one they missed that for a second 75 80 – did I hate it when people tip the ball out why do players tip the ball on rebounds fucking go and grab that shit yeah that's uh that's something I hear a lot of the old school players say they hate staying in today's NBA and Steph Curry knocks down the second free throw 7680 to 217 left to go in the third quarter yeah the claw you have a big ass hands vanvleet into the frontcourt for the Raptors Hansard off the Danny Green hands it out to the Cole off the screen from a Buckeye Looney in front of him now on the right outside wing nine is shoot 203 let's go Leonard into the paint now and he'll pull the jumper no good rebounded by Shaun Livingston that's that's how you rebound 154 remaining in the third limited pulls up the jumper for two no good rebounded oh it goes out of bounds there saying I don't Looney its Raptors ball I don't like that shot by Livingston why force the ball right there we are going forward we're not cheering for anybody but they did take the warriors to win a series I did say Toronto with Windows Game one though 142 up to go to third corner so far is looking like that Leonard has it on the right short corner working against longshot McKinney he draws the foul on the put up shot he missed the shot but he'll be shooting two free throws 138 of the go was that a shooting foul dirty did the swim move yes that's a foul on the lawns Oh be kidding yeah that's Leonard misses his first free throw it rattles out what are you doing it's a six-point game here tonight folks so far left to go in this third quarter is 138 Kasey's if you like the Warriors your mom oh if you like some waking up or if you hit the dislike button your mom's a ho and if you hit that like button you can be a friend for life yeah Leonard knocks down the second free throw make him it 83-76 137 of the go as Shawna innocent brings it up for the Warriors and Patrick McCall is there to guard him here comes a screen by draymond Petra McCall stays on Livingston live us in holding it now to dream on swings it to the corner for three Alonzo McKinney for three that was a rainbow you see that shit just rain whoa Oh Reading Rainbow Leonard on the drive in the pin against money no good and they're gonna call a foul Oh what they're gonna call a foul against Looney what I didn't see the foul but there look like while in or pushed off of this hey arms oh my goodness they call a fall again swimming I don't know if I like that call oh okay maybe man I'm started getting that fourth quarter hi it's Martha gets stupid up in here oh really we're gonna get real ignorant yeah but they'll get another beer I can't believe we brought up all those beers and I think we need some more yeah Leonard knocks down the first free throw we definitely do last-minute fourth quarter curry I finished cooking courage and start cooking Ryan we'll see your commentary is one of the best of hers is David well we appreciate that thank you buddy play-by-play commentary I don't think anyone does embed it right here the sports fury shot updating the live score for you guys so shout to Sean and Leonard knocks down the second free-throw 1111 have to go in the third quarter 85-79 six point game curry with the ball Van Vleet to guard him as it comes into the frontcourt now – dream on dream on top of the key guarded by Leonard Oh almost ripped away from Leonard but lots of Grasset he go go up moody's there and he cleans it up Looney oh my god how did he grab that and put it in oh and the ball outlet it – fucking Leonard almost stolen away he's on the right wing 49 saying is that the go he's guarded by Looney right outside a wing ten to shoot Leonard holding holding now backing down Looney here comes some help by draymond the pass almost deflected away from Shaun Livingston Leonard come some up with it he'll pass it out to patch up recall for three god the buzzer holy shit Patrick McCall first boys of the game is a three 28 seconds remaining the Warriors on the frontcourt drain while straightaway three no good rebounded by the clock 21 seconds it's a seven-point game everyone on their fucking feet Ohio 13 seconds Leonard with the ball livingston guarding him now to Danny Green swinging to the right outside wing Patrick recall quarter by McKinney now to Ibaka driving into the paint against Looney he'll kick it back out but listen is there to steal it he'll heave it up it's the gonna be the end of the third quarter that's it we're going to the fourth and we have a seven-point game whoa Toronto leading 881 yeah what a gay guys what a game let's go I'm gonna go grab a beer can I get anyone anything we got root beer we got dr. pepper we got water and we have some but like y'all want anything what about you you look thirsty I uh and you you're studying for your Gant your final exam you need a quick pick-me-up I'm gonna get you a beer I need a beer right I think it's getting low shake it shot a beer a damn right we don't have enough no I'm just kidding let's Chuck let's check judge we have 1.7 K let's go 2000 likes here we come baby if you having a good time smash that like only if you're having a good time we are at 69 443 we are 500 of 445 555 away from hitting 70 K can we hit that tonight guys we fuckin hit that tonight 70 K men you know you're fucking not you're not salting me he's not salting me see what he he's abusive man yeah look for a new gig know if I can deal with this abuse anymore we got eyes on door Nathan dawg wat oh thank you so much but I'm here with Winnie more thank you gets more please please did we really go through all the beer that we brought up we brought a lot of beautiful you drink most of it shit what's a cow Josh yeah this is my fourth coming up this is how many for you and I brought some down too when I went downstairs Josh looks thin I'm very thin I'm little you guys have been killing it lately came with a good word since Chicago Bears well three a man appreciate you and bear down Jack I'm playing like an all-star yeah man Socko 26 points here tonight five rebounds for sis Darian man I wasn't sure if he could handle it man but he's really come alive man that's funny I'm actually studying for my exam I Taj Adwords when we see everything yeah we see all of you oh yeah we can see everything you're doing just like you see us it's a two-way camera buddy you know we got a two dollar days from age to toe crazy I'm watching his dodges well I think he just saw it cuz he's in here uh-oh dollar died and I'm from Blake et says where's my dr. pepper Josh I got you thank you aja and thank you so much Blake yeah thank you wakey wakey wakey I love you guys we love you Bradley we love you too guys thank you so much oh my god y'all are fuckin awesome man what video software do you use to stream oh yes oh yes it's the best um roach Oh sky hey Josh pedigree shot at the end of the game I will pedigree Sean fuckin do something to me why can't y'all say hey Josh gifts on a high-five why can't we do that alright we hit 1 points 9000 line so I'll give you a high-five – Kay I'm chugging a beer 3 K I'm gonna RKO Sean and it's on 70 K ok mr can you 70 K I'm gonna beat the living shit out of you not gonna fuckin beat me alright we're back fourth quarter Lori on the drive of the paint kicks out the van fleets in the corner on the pump fake now on the drive he'll put it up and he draws the foul that's gonna be two free throws to start the fourth quarter for ven Lee stop with the fouls at this point I don't give a shit if it's a team of reps stop it's pissing me off it's a pissing you off Sean its pissing me off I don't know what that voice was again we least and seriously sincerely thank each and every single one of you guys for tuning in tonight we hope you guys are having a great time we are and we want to thank you guys for tuning in with us appreciate you I really really really really do it means a lot to us thank you so much thank you and vanvleet knocks down the first free throw no II yeah we made it and he made it okay so it's not gonna be a nine-point game 90 to 81 as he knocked down in a second as well Quinn cook will bring this into the frontcourt for the Warriors they got some work to do nine-point lead though that's nothing that's nothing to wipe away if you're the Warriors Shaun Livingston on the outside now down to boogie beware buddy bucket down low to clay he'll go up off the glass and he draws the foul he missed the shot but he drew the foul that's two free throws coming up for clay that's close Klay Thompson's been quiet for a good while it's got 15 points in the game we got down there now from here some army of everything says what's up guy but way love the shirt call back are you know what someone commented today on the poll what someone say that no on the on the predictions video someone thought I was wearing a Cobra coleye shirt I was like that's a great idea that is a great idea klay Thompson knock you down the first free throw making it 82 to ninety eight point game 11 31 ought to go in the fourth quarter now I do have the words when the series West I said directors would win this game and right now they're in control of it klay Thompson second free throw is good seven-point game now come on baby 11:30 left to go Van Vleet will bring it up for the Toronto Raptors old state has not missed a free throw wow that's amazing and they're still down by 7 yeah Nigel recall swings it to Kyle Lowry on the right wing now back to McCall on the drive he'll go up and he is gonna be fat no it goes out of Bounce yeah he hit the back of ya those are the bounce so that's gonna be rat warriors ball thank God 11:50 months ago I swear so was Leonard on the bench right now you got to take advantage right here yes you gotta take advantage right here come on eleven thirteen of the go in the fourth quarter but the the bench of the torn Raptors have been very impressive in the playoffs ever since what Game three of the ether comets finals yeah Craig cook on the drive here kicks it back out to direct go for three for the corner yes to wrap go I'm getting a baby Jericho putting it work four-point game 10:48 lets it go in the fourth Lauri with the ball moving up the screen from Ibaka pass to a bucket is to flush it away and that's gonna get stolen by the Warriors clay comes up with it oh shit here comes quick cook now didn't DeMarcus Cousins and he's gonna be fouled by Lori in the paint cousins shooting two free-throws coming up I think that was all ball it looked like all ball CAI Lowery's pissed let's see this let's see if here I think he got all ball Josh what do you think right here oh no nevermind okay he hit arm I look like Seth Rogen I get that a lot yah does my goodness cousins knocks down the first free throw there you go it's a three-point game this is a smallest leave they've had since halftime they have not had this small Valley for those who are tuning in a keep subscribing we are less than 500 away from hitting 70 K let's do it baby and he missed the second free throw here come the Raptors Van Vleet into the frontcourt 10:30 left to go in the fourth quarter they lead by three now to see Occam kicks it to Lori in the right corner guarded by the klay Thompson on the right wing now now back out to VanFleet top of the key go to by Chipko six to shoot Van Vleet into the paint I guess you're up go he'll go up all the glass as he's falling down and he gets it to fall oh wow Van Vleet very impressive back here the way she'll live goes up it is denied by Ibaka Ibaka said no no no you know get don't get them shot I'd not get that I don't know it does stuff like this oh my god it's got a creepy sound like you're possessed with a devil shit okay okay Emily Rose Emily Rose maybe that fucking ball inbounded to cousins now Michelle lives in now to the corner klay Thompson downloaded cousins swings it out to Quinn cook for a wide-open three no good oh and it's rebounded by calilarry now Lori outlet to see alchemy the paint and he lays it it easy off the glass 94 87 good finds the Golden State Warriors were making a push the Raptors have answered 28 points Mercy Occam timeout Golden State 944 left to go toll ronzo in control but I did there's plenty of time left and I not 87 94 Wow gonna say can eat that up real quick oh yeah a couple threes is that right in it then so this is nowhere close to I know like I said Toronto has been fucking taking care of every push that the Warriors have made so not just around to see Ockham let's just if ik here this motherfucker how many 28 points he's the leading scorer of the game curry is the next highest scorer with 26 points plus you hurry back in Jochum six rebounds and four assists to go along with those 28 points he is amazing Josh Courtney Elizabeth says he sounded like the Cookie Monster me want cookie me what likes me want subscribers 5k in your take oh no 7k in here it's almost at some point five thank y'all so much for coming to hanging out with us guys really a good time let's go when we thank you so much we know you have many officers we're using live streams on YouTube for the good man you decided to choose us and we thank you so much and we appreciate your your time and and thank you so much for choosing this country all the next game Rachel be on Sunday yeah we have we are 422 away from 670 K Josh's just thrown that out we hit that tonight I'm gonna fuckin go crazy I'm gonna break everything and I just saw someone followed us on Twitter we will thought we fall everybody back go for it ur and Instagram and if you ever message us we typically always respond every message might take us a while but because we get a lot of messages well yeah if you ever want a message that's just you know mrs. weird things – yeah it's kind of oh look at all the people who follow us on Instagram thank you sorry fall back fall back we're gonna stalk you guys now oh yeah yeah from france hubert from france shout to you buddy someone deemed us last night asking us the most effective way to kill a we're a real-life werewolf and that was a weird conversation we had yeah it got a weird where we where can we buy your merch Garrett we actually have a link in the description box down below to our merch shop through Spreadshirt we have shirts with hats we have all of the above mugs alia but thank you if you want to go purchase that go check it out man oh right how many less we got we have 2,000 likes right you got a Chuck come in here hung Chuck coming guys thank you so much that we appreciate you for every light that you guys give us it feeds another youtuber you got a half up now thank you guys so much so here here you go drop the likes right in there yeah right drop them right in there don't be stingy thank you hey hey what the fuck is that shit is this what is that is that a mint lime fucking condom come on guys that's here you go drop them in there right there there you go there you go all right still a deli in the chat guys everybody raise your glass whatever you're drinking I can be water it can be Gatorade it can be wine gonna be liquor but cherries dilly dilly deal thank y'all for hanging out all right this is damn near fool yeah that count yeah yes that count yeah counts okay Chuck there we go or did you ever drink yours yet no I don't say I could drink yours you could remind but you I don't think you want do that it's damn near fool hold you here we go here we go we got it go go go go go chug come on Chaka Josh and sad to him come on baby the bells in button here on the right shrine no wonder draymond Green to klay Thompson off the glass no good rebounded by Ibaka now to Van Vliet he'll bring it into the frontcourt and Natta lorry pull through the jumper for three no good rebound you know it's it's out to klay Thompson here come the Warriors 928 remaining Thompson here on the left outside wing downloaded cousins cousins back out top of the key dream on now to clay back to Tremont in the paint on the back pass I mean quick quick now downloaded draymond goes off the glass no good bad offense come on dream on for that offense right there 907 left to go in the fourth quarter 94 87 siakam left outside wing go to buy Shaun Livingston back in him down swings it out to lari lari bet the shotgun left short corner taking shot livers it into the paint goes up off the glass that he gets it what the see Arkham is on another fuckin level right another level oh my god we see the donation were reading just second back to the way klay Thompson the left short corner out to boogie cousin swings at the top of the key dream on back to school a download to to boogie and he is gonna draw a foul he charged against glory come Oh cousin we got a dog 99 from Blake et says everyone better be dropping in legs drop a baby drop them thank you guys thank you so much for thank you miss man Cheers I'm not done with the beer I'm gonna have some more be here I still I still think the words can push yeah ci comme ci comme 30 points 834 left to go in the third quarter Van Vleet brings it up Van Vleet man he's been doing pretty good here too many points 11 points were family now downloaded to Ibaka and he's gonna be fouled hard by cousins good foul right there good foul by cousins Ibaka will be shooting two free throws with 8:25 remaining in the fourth quarter they could make this a double-digit league again they gotta put curry back in why is curry not in the game fuck how old are y'all I'm a hundred or fourteen years old I'll be 115 December 3rd and I'm 29 years old um Melinda says drop I like it's hot drop it like it's hot whose exact little rain featuring Snoop Dogg right or is it there's a Snoop Dogg featuring little Wayne wasn't a little way into that uh it was just snoop Dogg and he missed it was remix up to it 400 Ibaka misses the first free throw here comes the second attempt a 25 remaining Ibaka second free throw up and good garbage [Laughter] here comes Steph Curry into the frontcourt you asked for Steph Curry he's in now let's go you know give it the draymond who still has four fouls hands it off to Shaun Livingston guarded by Kyle Lowry top of the King now to curry down low to Looney Looney will go up strong denied by Lori boy here gonna call foul oh shit balls I thought that's go up strong man come on Raider boys with a one night a night donations I like it I like it ideas I like it ideas am I reading that wrong I know that's not exactly my heavens too many beers do der Rohe are not popping up on my screen thank you ready to preciate you man thank you so much thank you so much man and one a9 donation from I'm dad juice as y'all more in ten they're watching the game Laurie's gotta check out of the flaming bow games at five that's five fouls for Lowry guys that's his fifth foul loonies second free throws up and good it is now a single digit lead yeah 88 97 809 thank y'all for the donations all yo thank you all 8:04 love to go Leonard with the ball screen by Ibaka he on top of the key guarded by klay Thompson now into the paint to a buck pulls up the jumper for to no good rebounded by curry 753 remaining now it's a single digit lead nine-point game curry to draymond download as Shaun Livingston the pass back out is gonna go out of bounds knoweth who they're gonna say out on Toronto it stays what the Warriors and and the coach is pissed off that honestly was out on Shaun Livingston blood they should have call it fell so that's why they give to the Warriors yeah shit shall we have 69 666 describers oh my 666 Wow someone subscribe that's creepy ball end but from the sideline from Shaun Livingston to Looney now to dream on top of the key 10 on the shot clock and curry will shoot a three no good rebound by Gasol oh you hate to see it 7:35 left to go in the fourth Sock'em kick to the Danny Green three wide open yes Danny Green Oh Danny Green knock you down shots tonight that's his 11th point of the game 100 to 88 it's a 12-point game hey Sean member when someone said I was stupid for what I said prior to the game I said how are Toronto going to fucking win this game they're gonna play defense they're gonna fucking get consistency from the role players and the bench and that's exactly what we've seen here not just said the wars are gonna win the series but I said to her Lana was gonna win this game yeah we have 7:31 let that go in the fourth quarter and Toronto's at control Wow Wow guys and so some more people just subscribe so we're not at 666 anymore thank God we have a $10 donation Canadian two dollars from Wow Nick Nick Hawk car car car I probably looked it all up does amazing job guys keep it going good vibes out here City of Toronto is poppin a bet is Papa Bear oh my god close that popcorn popcorn oh thank you so much thank you appreciate that thank you so much and guys hey look I'm gonna watch the stream read every comment so if you're brand new please let us know else now and we want to say you back here on Sunday for game number two this series is gonna be amazing this is all gonna be great and also I'm gonna get some more beer I'll be back go get my bag also goes after the game's over we do stay live for a little bit longer do a little bit of hang out with y'all interact dude a little bit shout outs cuz I know we can can't get to every comment as much we try to raise as many as you can but we try to say life after so we can actually interact we go a little bit more yes ma'am we're less than 300 from somebody Kate nice we got another Connecticut a donation from Canada Noah das 279 thank you so much buddy thank you for the donation man we love you man what should we eat for dinner uh yeah guys what should we eat all right so those are options okay Whataburger what I've heard is a great place to go never had it it's the best we have Raising Cane's we had Chipotle so the tamale they're closed now oh we got McDonald I'm thinking right I'm thinking raise canes or Whataburger closer well I say let's meet it's the only give two options raise kids Waterberg Shawn sucks toes that's right because you're my flock that door says don't Whataburger okay I'm brand-new Oh welcome buddy welcome welcome and we have 2.3 says go kiddo eats and spinach I'm actually gonna try the keto diet this summer off the recommendation from Philly 500 I can't do the Oh Jack Jane the patty melt oh you guys got some good taste I'll give you that you know that's a good taste yeah um but guys oh they're not opening hey guys I want to give a huge shout out once again to be money it's his 20th birthday he's a mod squad member of ours we love him and we want to give a huge shout out to with the Mod Squad how they're done you guys have been kicking ass these playoff great job tonight guys seriously you guys are always on point you guys are the best in the business and without you guys I don't know what the hell we would do we say every single time I don't can't thank you enough yeah dilly dilly cheers y'all what's up guys do who do you think is gonna win Toronto is gonna win this game I picked the words but man they just can't get it going Ian says can you salute me salute all right here we go baby come on go instead we're back form timeout can you say James's Crete free beacon James creepy fucking annoying draymond Green top of the key has the ball hands it off this clay step curry now to klay Thompson clay to Looney right outside the wing you see that donation there now to the right short quarter Egan it would Ella it was off to glue knee on the cut and he throws it down ten point game once again seven ten let it go Noah does 549 for Canada what's up guys – who do you think is gonna win we uh well he picked up water wrapped up a warrior's in this game but overall we both picked up workers I have warriors and six draymond Green off the screen here are the free throw line and they're gonna call a foul is that gonna be against Green because I'll be his fifth know stuff guard okay oh thank you oh they say that would have been a criminal bit yeah that crazy and just want to say which I want to say we are just less than 200 way from from I mean just less than 300 way from just a little over 229 yeah from hitting some DK and we want to thank you guys so much keep subscribing guys let's go and the ball is not the way from Andhra ego Dawa and he with a steal and score as he throws it down oh okay it's an eight-point game it's an eight-point game 637 month to go fourth quarter Gasol has the ball top of the key now the ciacco just hold your shit there Toronto and there's gonna be a whistle away from the ball let's all be clear I'll be calling this fucking take me that's not a tic-tac shit now come on we saw it all game I don't like these fucking bullshit calls and dude I saw more water burger than anything else I think Waterberg is the verdict all right Leonard's good blender with the sideline pass to see ahkam but has it back off to the cloth 6:20 enough to go screen by Gasol and here on the right high post six to shoot he's now on the outside wing shot from downtown over Looney you've got to be kidding me the call from three that was sick not sick donation from Noah Dawson oh my god shame on the driving tonight but Sokka oh my god here come the Raptors 6:05 let's it go now Van Vleet knee passes it to Danny Green now to the salt swings it to see on the right outside wing oh my god see akhom has the ball ah sweep it to the corner Danny Green for shoot three no good oh that would be dagger that would have been a fucking dagger right there here comes Steph Curry come on curry let's go curry to dream on hands it back off the curry off the screen driving spin the defense floater up and good here we go let's go man nine point game they're still in it warriors our veteran team they know I handle this Ryan with a 100 donations y'all must be from Texas Whataburger is the bomb we are and thank you so much about donation we appreciate hanky buddy duck call has the ball top of the key guarded by a what dollar here comes a screen by Gasol double-team now to Gasol swings it to the corner man blatant baseline passes yeah I can kick it back out to Gasol and they're gonna call a foul against Iguodala how's a bad I guess it would Allah yeah they're in the bonus to stop rooting for the Warriors I'm ready for a good game he picks roster to win this game I picked her on to win this game I picked the Warriors win this game we just want to see a good game and good basketball we see bad back mobile call it out Shaun what we're less than 200 away now your ally from 70k liar liar pants on fire if you guys are brand new kids describing where lessons my school 200 away from hidden 7ek we welcome you guys we'd love y'all just saw knocks down the first free throw and keep smacking the fucking living shit of that like button like it's a fine-ass woman with the sweet booty just smacking this shit only if y'all having a good time remember to the pink stink Gasol knocks down the second free throw ah 580 not to go in the fourth quarter it's 105 94 and Toronto is in the bonus the rest of the way clay tossing almost got the ball stolen away from from Denny green he has that defense you know klay Thompson now to the right short corner draymond Green and they're gonna call off as a foul are you kidding me go get a towel and look what you did look what you did charges shots feel all this beer be happy that's the first time I spilled my beer they're gonna call technical foul what's their cool a technical foul against Clay so now that's gonna be a free-throws built by beer force for Kawhi Leonard he knocks down the tech clay was pissed off he shoved off Danny Green yeah hit shove off then agreement like that will be carefully I'm sorry damn it quit hating on the worst – I picked the worst to win this series people say people are chatting away saying I hate the Warriors I hate the Raptors it's funny five minutes out they go in the fourth quarter I'm named drunk Van Vliet has the ball so pissed off 106 94 it's a 12-point game Toronto is all on their feet right now Van Vliet to Danny Green on the right wings almost thrown away by Steph Curry gives it to Van Vliet he gives it up for three no good rebound by Danny fucking rate back planet by Danny Green it goes out of bounds but it stays with Toronto was knocked away from Golden State's 442 not to go in the fourth quarter and Toronto still has the ball in the lead by 12 fucking points and horrible that I spilled my fucking bear so mad is this Shawn or Shawn it is Shawn it spelled right there right below me that's the first time I spilled beer oh my god I don't know you're doing you're just fumbling away well I was trying so fish on us I put down there I'll try and put down the the the keyboard and I hit my beer and I took and I almost caught it those are all his empty bottles say hi to Ramona hi Ramona Ramona show hi how you doing I only drunk people spill beers drinks we're not drunk dude this is literally on my fourth video we're not drunk at all yeah they have like two beers where's that Josh you're cut off I'm a spilled the beer but Josh Mike good I won't had two beers guys two beers all right whoa guys it's a well fucking point game oh my god we are a hundred and ten away from 70k serious holy fuck how much time is left we have 436 let that go and it's gonna be tough it's gonna be Toronto ball it's gonna be to run a ball guys we love y'all – we love you – I've only hit yeah I've only had two beers Lukas I will say this the what fuck the watersnake is their fucking turnovers ooh look I'm gonna turn over to warriors bad all right it's gonna be a baseline pass from family to Kauai who catches you from the corner no good rebounded by Iggy you've got to make a push now mom you got to make a push up for the Golden State Warriors 433 left to go in the fourth there and Toronto is in the bonus – is he gonna watch out on that on defense Looney – klay Thompson guarded by Sock'em not on the shot clock we see that donation clay on the pig kicks it out the dream on now to clay I'm into step curry for to shoot now to claim step over to good alright one that I chose from purpose is funny how there's more Americans rooting for Toronto well I think a lot of people are just tired of seeing the Warriors win it all yeah I think a lot of people feel that way 404 3 left to go in the fourth quarter 106 96 10-point game Leonard with a ball Leonard here on the right wing now to Gasol he'll shoot the jumper for two good from just beyond the free-throw line you think Marc Gasol wants this klay Thompson reverse layin is good back the other way good fast a good fuckin outlet pass man great 342 remaining in the fourth quarter 10-point game Toronto in the bonus I don't see anyone sitting down in Toronto let's go let it on the right outside a wing here comes a screen by Gasol Looney will stay in front of him now top of the key 6 to shoot 328 remaining now here comes they go for the help defense past event fleet on the left corner here we he'll leave it up and it rattles that octopus that was a 2 that was a 2 fans leads are you serious God that was a dagger 313 of the ghosts with the defense curry both of the floater and it is no good my god and that's man that's crazy it's over man it could be over 30305 left to go in the fourth quarter Lennon has the ball top of the key card now to Gasol this all swings it to siakam who has been the MVP of this game Game one you got to give it to siakam yep curry in front of him on the right outside Wayne five to shoot he passes the corn Danny Green draymond is on him two to shoot he's got to shoot it up he's got shirt up he does he heaves it no good rebounded by Looney oh my god I got scores some threes right here 213 either go step Kurt with a ball on the drive in the paint goes up off the glass gun I didn't draw the foul and he draws the end one let's go this ain't over curry let them know goodness gracious curry always shooting a free throw to make it a three-point play and we just want to say oh wow we are 80 away from now from said he came where we got that 70 K the 70 K countdown his arm is alive and well I can't believe it oh my god thank y'all for all the new subscribers we gained your flash on awesome you are 500 likes away from getting RKO'd I know you said no 3k likes and I'm gonna RKO your K I Lamar can you I'm done RKO you okay 4k you can't RKO me but three K I'm gonna RKO his ass and I'm gonna take his fucking head off Papo 19 I'll be like a fucking I don't know I never you negotiate my contract yo this is so biased I don't need I'm not gonna even respond to people say they were biased we're not even what a shot by Bentley man what a shot over clay yeah at the buzzards Wow Steph Curry second free-throw is good let's go nine point game that is still still not out of reach for the Warriors 234 remaining in the fourth quarter 110 a 101 Lori has the ball on the outside everyone saying let's go Raptors Shh he's on top of the key and they're gonna call a foul come on with the stupid fails Rocha how you feel how you feeling that Rocha man Rocha I wanna know Rocha and keep e Jerry wrote just said that he thinks they're probably lose this first game oh he said that in the beginning of the stream I think I saw okay yeah so what about you King how you feel bro this is annoying me man I'm q18 have to go Lynyrd with the first free throw and II missed it good he missed it fun he missed it oh my god we have 8.4 K in your tail so much if y'all having a good time hit that like hit that a shared bud and subscribe you haven't done so already we really appreciate it y'all are beautiful fantastic human being he knocks down the second free throw here come the Warriors to 16-under go they are trailing by 10 there and the bonus both teams are curry with the ball moving up the screen from Looney he split the defense driving in the paint his pass to dream on swings out to Iguodala on the outside perimeter 8 to shoot down low to dream on left short corner for hands it up to it with dollar folder up goodness alright there we go baby all right eight-point game a point game guys oh I guess I guess I'm out here Rocha king 146 left to go in the fourth quarter Kawhi Leonard on the outside right here they're in absolute control it's a 12 it's a nine-point game Looney outside guarding him now to lari lari he'll pull the jumper over step no good rebounded by Leonard oh my god you gotta crash the board Wow siakam kicks it out to Lara swings it to Van Vleet off the screen from Gasol on the drive goes up over draymond he draws the fucking side that's three months out of there Dre mom's gone that's the sixth foul right no no no that's a sprint foul okay six oh this is fit okay that's his fifth foul okay my bad I feel so low Kyle Lowry had five cows that's right I feel so bad for who who the word fence row Joe King wolves who most of you have who else is worth it that's the only people I know I've taught my head try to think I could have swore we had other fucking Warriors fans that can't be it there's more I just can't think about on my end I think they can't be it what the fuck Eddie isn't anyone oh yeah Eddie God dead I knew there was one more been fried by Eddie uh every dollar is checking out their fleet knocks down the second free throw there we go man there we go ten point game I think it's over yep I think it's over guys 119 left to go in the fourth quarter holy shit one fifteen month ago curry draws the foul and that's gonna be free-throws for me three free-throws – guys we have a four dimensional donation war series come and check out war series well don't do your promotion bro don't stop promoting here buddy that's not cool um holy shit Sean we hit 70 K are you serious we hit 70 K bro oh my god we hit 70 fucking K and Steph Curry is gonna be shooting free-throws unbelievable we hit 70 yeah you're my boss thank you so goddamn much I don't know what to say thank you Cheers and we have a twenty six thousand likes thank you you're less than three hundred away from getting our K over 3 K 3 K no good that's 2.6 something just over three hundred slow over three hundred you're gonna get RKO it's not gonna happen guys if y'all do get there get into 4k soccer RKO him guys thank y'all so much man all right curry makes his first free throw guys 114 guys oh my God thank you so much y'all are awesome thank you so much thank you so fucking much Mont squad the new people the oh jeez Alpha evyatar oh jeez man goddammit it's curry second free throw good 105 113 114 up the goat in this fourth quarter I said it Raptors we're gonna win this game they're gonna win this game 1 yeah Wow they were gonna win this game 130 points from siakam and Steph Curry knocks down the third free throw here we go 113 106 113 month ago he got called with stops right here right now they gave up another buckets over see how come has the ball he is the MVP of this game an the MVP someone I was in another chat when we were talking about X factors and I said X Factor was gonna be siakam he goes into the lane he pulls up and no good but he cleans it up it's over goth guardo with nanites and Oni thank you so much dream on in Oh with the pass to Alonso McKinney goes out of bounds not to turn over that's Toronto ball to this 49 seconds remaining that's their 16th fucking turnover warriors play the hot garbage man 40 seconds or many everyone on their feet here in Toronto 37 seconds now Lowry with the ball holding it here curry in front of them here comes with scream identic green he's in for a deep three oh my god Laurie for three of course Lowry it's a hurry of course Lowry 120 seconds remaining I lost makini for a quarter three good nothing but the bottom of the net was that earlier shouts are you David thank you so much everybody 13 seconds remaining here 109 118 here in the end of the quarter everybody going fucking crazy game that's game oh my god – righto put on a show tonight consistent play cuz say that's the final score 118 to 109 told Ron so takes Game one and the MVP of this game you're gonna give it to see yeah calm with 32 points eight rebounds and five assists Wow Toronto fans let us hear you in the chat we the north let's see it baby come on man and guys thank y'all so much for getting is a Sony fuckin K tonight oh my god yes stick around stick around we're gonna do last call hang out we hope for a little bit longer yes Oh again it's just truly humbling that you guys are hanging out with us and we had a great time Game one white way to kick off the finals Toronto getting the win here at home this is what you want to see from a finals team who was making it for the very first time like I said like I said I had the Warriors of six yeah I gave Game one to Toronto but if it does go to game seven mm-hmm tomorrow's gonna win this series yeah because I don't I don't I did not see them winning I mean I'm sorry I did not see them losing in Game one and I won't see them losing in Game seven at home so that's why I had the warriors in six yeah I still have them win in a series I gave them Game one but let's see how Warriors respond on Sunday and for the new people who subscribe and turn on notification we will be live on Sunday and we will be live for the rest of the series every single game guys now let's kind of look at this though look so the Warriors only lost by nine points right now there's a good great wind by the Raptors a lot of sloppy basketball with the words they've 16 turnovers but at the same time Kawhi Leonard didn't have himself a great game 5 from 14 from the field so yeah the Warriors know he ended up with 23 points he did but it was like it was a bit of a quiet 23 points the the Warriors played defense on him pretty well especially in the first half there yeah and 32 points from ciacco 20 points from Marc Gasol who was phenomenal especially early going in the first quarter knocking down a pair of three-pointers he went to before from beyond the arc sit for 10 from the field and yeah 30 minutes putting 20 points 7 from Lowry he didn't do much of fucking anything but Danny Green that was a factor here tonight he has been ice-cold throughout the playoffs but in Game one he came alive he scored 11 points you get 11 points from Danny Green to go with his defense you're cooking right now yeah do you guys just you just got to be very impressed by the Raptors right now wouldn't even quiet and have like we've said quiet 23 ones he's gonna get it going but so are the Warriors with this they'll clean up those turnovers well if quiet Leonard gets it going it could still be this the Raptors have a chance man this is great to domination from let's see holy chris is almost 3,000 lives I want to see Seth Rogen or Kol Sean guys $3.00 I'm gonna RKO this motherfucker now butcher's block is in the fuckin chat what's up butcher block you want to see me RKO show you don't fucking like it sup man thank you and we got a $20 from Canada from Mel says Joshua come teens heels are awesome you both have amazing energy thanks big time for this channel well thank you so much thank you so meet we just have we try to have a good time man and we try to do the best that we can and we're just humbled that people with tuned in just two average joes and have a good time with us and smell man mmm and a holy Chris thank you so much for donations like yeah man we appreciate that and bada-boom with the 2.5 being better boom with $2 nations hashtag we the North thank you so much man King PJ says don't blame the refs were his fans bad calls went both ways there was a lot of calls in this game yeah a lot of bad calls but I put this more on the Warriors sloppy basketball the turnovers really fucked them it's really fucked up man I can't believe you see says 70 K I'm shocked man yeah that's crazy dude and that's crazy yeah what a fuckin fucking game man KT is gone if you forgot um yeah but the thing is okay boom boom yeah butt-naked still one without KD it was only a nine point game so it's it's gonna be interesting uh all I have is my word as CEO goes was real hoodie you gotta see how come came up ladies uh well food are already tied Josh I think I'm gonna go with water burger bro yeah if it's not too busy man it might be fucking that's what I noise me about water burger everybody loves water burgers so super packed where's your KD now PSA's tosses form D and he's not 100% to go for a game to know they've already ruled him out pretty much he's uh doubtful they said yeah he um play yeah boy so Toronto they can take advantage again mmm you know it's just just a cure home court never they don't have to win an Oracle no they don't have to nope they could just win here at home which they're from nominal nab home court advantage uh can't beat Isis y'all see dream on and Drake get into it at the end yeah i saw dream on giving somewhere as a drink cuz he already know Drake is talking that shit so I don't doubt it you have viewers from Bolivia's Diego shout to Bolivia man shoutout to Bolivia Sean says Sean reminds me with Eric Cartman hey I reminded me Eric Cartman me screw you guys I'm going on another show guys very entertaining I will be falling both of you throughout the next campaign and NFL which may I remind you a Cartman listen I've never heard that one that's why I'm shocked about Hawaii is the best is Harvey why is why is the best on the court right now hey you see if Jaguars in the house what the fuck does he want why is he still awake I says that's your bedtime ucf now he says uh Baker grass 170k on some of you cake can't wait till y'all get that play button dude that's crazy man I can't even imagine man can't even fucking imagine hey Ezra says y'all not cool yeah cool so I want to pose this question to rocha Eddie and King PJ so Rocha said that he had he predicted a game 1 loss right he's a hoarders for these are warriors fans oh yeah so what are you guys seeing in Game two now that we know that KD is doubtful he's not gonna play yeah so on Sunday do you guys think that the words bounce back in game 2 you know the Warriors or do the Raptors continue to hold on strong here at home yeah what do you think guys think see it's gonna it's just app is like a clean up those turnovers man you got I gotta give props off to the Raptors for his AB on ball defense that pressure defense on curry when they double-team they brought the height and curry turn over the ball so many times man vanilla extra oh shit dude welcome back man MC he says do you guys remember you from the other live streams I want to be one of the well-known fans my boys whoa welcome back man yeah remember you yeah uh yeah dude I mean hopefully we see you more often dude yeah welcome back thing when do you RKO you can do it I don't know her as in no advance warning at 3k likes man 3k like and we're not there yet I want to tell you guys you're an inspiration but you really two of the boys cheers on being real just QC hey bro thank you buddy cheers to that Cheers thanks bro that's the thing man we're just two average old guys you know that's all we are keep eaters is what I feel well we'll make adjustments but I still think we might lose I got when I swinging both back to back in Oracle though for sure so idea but yeah at some point yeah you're gonna have to win a game in Toronto to win the series at some point I think you guys win Game two that's my opinion that's our thing I think you guys win Game two yeah you guys will make adjustments yes they will make adjustments and ramps got way too many lucky bounces they did man so many fucking bounces went their way so many second-chance opportunities for them oh yeah and and there's a lot of like heaps that just like went in somehow what like Van Vleet his shot how the fuck did he make that so that was look yes shit now bounce back in like you guys you guys are the best duo Thank You Diego thank you buddy we appreciate that man drink real beer but ladies for gold state fans its dude I love it man I love fucking uh but light but lights my favorite dude all these tornado things man tornado damage dude a little bit just a little bit here backup I need you to take a look at this no seriously I need you to look at this man for real I don't want to what fine I want to I need you to come look at this I don't get paid enough for this I don't get paid all I need you to do is come look at this stop your bitching and complaining it ain't like I'm asking to do a whole much just back up your chair so that way you guys it's back no against the wall why back in I don't want to employ it that's us guys what is going on see see how hardheaded he is he's he go fail to follow the most simple instructions back up your chair I need you to look at this Hey go have a seat buddy I really need your restroom I don't know I need your opinion on this okay all the damn bottle cats all right so you remember how earlier you were dropping that you dropped the beer right you dropped the beer yeah look what you did you see that here lean a little bit closer just a little let me see what's down here just a little bit that judge and a little bit more higher a little bit higher right there is that where you want me okay now I want you to give a nice look to the audience so that way they know what you did yeah let that be a lesson to you the next time we hit 3,000 likes you son of a bitch ah there we go I hit that back of my fucking chair Jesus Christ get up you son of a bitch that's thanks to you guys someone call the police don't go the police it's assault I want a place report file Josh catching a domestic I swear it fills the Josh is going to snap Sean's neck one these days probably we're both gonna go through the goddamn floor and and still the world's fury champion of the world Josh Christopher Goodrich John's getting too old for this shit I am man I'm breaking down a falling apart Jesus Christ Jesus Christ Jesus weights a lot Valkyr issen 21 says oh my god Josh josh Josh now that is wrastlin says ucf castles man he Shawn or kilos Josh at 4,000 likes Oh but unfortunate we just don't have the numbers to get there it's not gonna happen I have a thousand people that haven't hit that like you never fucking know it's just not gonna happen it's not in the works there's not a thousand people up there who haven't hit that like button yet guys hashtag team jobless call the fake accounts out so we had eight confirmed tornadoes in the Metroplex yeah dude there was a fuck holy shit there's one in Crum Texas from Texas yeah that's nothing far keller that's not far dude Josh's his mr. universe from tornado right here this is right off of 380 dude this isn't too far for 3d over there and didn't miss nowhere says please slam the chair on him next time not good brand new chairs do not wait 1 2 shut up rock rock wall yeah it started in rock wall it's touched down and I think you lift it up a little bit and then it went further away Wow I want dropped in Canton Texas Wow speeds you up to a hundred miles an hour fuck dude yeah yesterday was crazy yeah that's crazy oh but at the end of the night Mike business at 50 Facebook messages this crazy mofo did he set another one I didn't notice let's see this is why I won't ever move to a place where tornadoes occurred two issues eight tornadoes and then ingested this missile area the worst I've seen it ever I've never seen this I've seen tornadoes but not good morning one in cancer was a tf2 I think that was a strongest one this is an ef-2 also written I mean all he went in yeah so yeah eight confirmed tornadoes here in the metro area guys I'm literally in tears of joy says Mike Nixon of you guys have no idea how proud I am you guys reserved all this I've been here for you guys for a while I love you guys guys are the true definition of brothers because I feel like you two are the brothers that I never had dilly dilly to you guys hashtags 100k by the end of the year Mike Nixon thank you so much dude that that that means the world to us man if he did hit a hundred K by the end of year that would be something man that would be something special I'm gonna come loggin I I'm probably gonna cry when we get under K I'm not gonna cry like that yeah yeah it's gonna happen what did Eddie say now he said next time get a lunch table I put Sean through it and give him the people's elbow that sounds like a planet Eddie you know one of these feels like a plan I want you to know one of these times I am gonna reverse it on you and it's gonna be epic I'm going to say anyone to spear you 20 times Eddie's on his way to make it mod I'm telling you he's on his way to make it Marty here give him false hope don't give him false fun this is what his life has been leading up to yeah it's been leading up to this he's gonna peak at that point put up his resume he's gonna put on his resume when he applies for jobs managing experience why manager supports your life chest and how are you sir oh fuck I'll read the what above that Mike oh dude I'm sorry Josh I had to take your lighter away I'm doing you a favor you you will thank me later I don't want you to die from lung cancer and I'm sure your wonderful girlfriend wants you to live forever speaking of which shout-out to your girl for letting you guys stream she is a real MVP she is hell MVP I'm gonna live forever for BRR uh major Rocha says 70k man that's crazy I was here at one point 3k man amazing yeah you've been with us for a while Rocha okay Lanza bull two bulls confirm and now he just put himself out of the race right told you and Eddie just fucked up Josh should get this is when he knew he fucked up Josh should get Craig and and 3ds Shawn into a table Christopher grievers that we've been talking about that we should do that I can't wait to see you guys with that sexy verified cheque boring says King PJ yeah so crazy like kasi and then seeing that check that's it and then when you start going you're single right you're a bachelor and then when you go out to the bars and shit like that you could tell people you're verified I'm very into bitch yeah bitch I'm verified girl what's up now suck my dick yeah right now right here at the bar but yeah I don't think it's gonna be okay I mean we'll get in trouble and the manager shows up he's just forgot to subscribe at his watch hurry it's okay with me he kicks everybody else out and I was like Tamra do it through nation well why did it play well and still want everyone needs to realize this his team is legit yeah yeah dude yeah you're right why he they play great defense on him man he didn't go completely off we start 23 points was a quiet toy three points C Aachen was Abby's tonight Danny Green getting it going double digits tonight I was crazy and y'all play tremendous defense man yeah Nick he was on fire yeah no Eddie that's not gonna fuck it I don't I don't want I'm kind of in fence about that one what'd you say says compel it to Mavericks that's a room work oh no that is room where massive reached out but I'm on the fence about it man UCF says two sexiest words I'm verified yeah – how can we get verified on Twitter remember we try to look into that and we couldn't figure out they good how about an official website or something oh we have a domain name we just got a set up our website yeah sports very calm yeah New York for life 12 with the two up with the winner should I talk to a female that's into a BDSM or now well I'm not I don't I don't get into that so if it were me personally I wouldn't do it but if you're okay with that or it okay with exploring that then why not maybe you might like it you never know no knock it till you try it maybe you like a girl beat the shit out of you or you know making her slave are you making her slave oh yeah no by the way Josh did money to be money get your jersey yet no he's gonna wait for the I'm waiting for the Chicago Bears jerseys to roll on the newer of jerseys they have the 100-year hats on yeah that's what I want man I would I would love in Eddie Jackson of white Chicago Bears Jersey with the 100 patch on it man I would probably shed a tear from joy yeah if I get the jersey like that King King makes a good point we keep Ricky for good enough to do this we gotta do this get a creator code for tonight you gotta get that crater support a credit code well yeah you know yes we gotta we gotta apply for that well you own I don't comment apply yeah I mean we have a galway we qualify for it we just got to do it we've long while but yeah yeah someone send us the link for that to fill it out can someone send me the link through Twitter or Instagram and we'll do that and oh seven send me the link on fucking on MySpace anyone plying for jobs and eating a reference you are Thor on sports fury and T Webb also continues to say we are going to pull the bait and switch on these office bitches door are you listening Philly's his riff Reaper yeah exactly right Philly you want to make this right fucking here give me a fucking Jersey bitch give me a fucking Jersey and fucked up Philly do it now look Chung in my line we don't get this muffle I'm gonna get this motherfucker dude so fucked up shit's coming your way Philly fucked up shit bottles gonna fuckin get broken us ons head about to ruin your goddamn life your wife is gonna leave you after we're done with you Eddie sent a link to pornhub what James said somebody keeps putting me on timeout and not doing anything wrong please fix your mom's please fix them well if you're spamming or self-promoting or being racist or you know doing about that the Mod Squad is gonna get you I'm not sure what you did I don't know but we leave it up to her months and they know the rules they know the rules they would not just tie me up for no reason buddy but nice try Oh silly 500 sports Fremont squad after your ass this crazy fuck yeah fuck coming for you we're coming for your dingbat ass and King BJ sent the same pornhub link to we don't we do not get into that nasty weird shit on pornhub that's not our thing and that's a crazy mofo he likes that stuff ain't Joe says Josh you so hood I'm just trying to keep it real philia 500 burn my jersey I'll burn his fucking house down give a fuck yeah fuck yeah oh that James says putting three can chat well did you spam it did you put it once or your spam if you're sent if you're like you know spamming it then yeah all you got to do is type it once um but I'm gonna go take a leak I'll be back okay roach are you sure good night oh he's gonna get on skype though Skype Skype Skype Skype Skype it's good host Raymond Rocha Nick King I love King is King are you QC scold hit man call him hit man why hey you know hit man he's a bitch that's cuz you're on Josh was teaming you and me a bitch if you're on my team uh move Josh moon ucf jaguar once you look at the moon with him yeah after the stream he's gonna go outside smoke a cigarette and look at the moon I just think about you every time ice cream we play like trash that's actually very true king there's only been one time we haven't won it's crazy me in hey cuz we're good rich you can't fucking use my line baby back bitches in my line you don't know bitch no I don't know who a minute that brush that put they put next to the toilet that thing hurts let's see the moon is a hologram city you've been talking to Philly five hundred that damn thing back damn man these guys feel the refs missed called this game Tyler uh you know I think what the rest wanted to do was control things right off the gate here and yeah I wanna be finals because they were calling a lot of shit both ways both ways they were calling a lot of dumb shit man well ticktick files like it it wasn't they didn't really favor either it's any team slow down the game Zelda yes that is the photo score that is the phone score yes UCF Jaguar baby back bitches from The Longest Yard yeah baby bag bitch so wait it's Roger says Sean you play for tonight tonight are y'all gonna play for night uh I'll probably don't for tonight tonight yeah I'll get on no I was doing pretty good last night so um I won't play sumo fucking sumo sumo was that fucking GTA game alright so check this out it's a it's a game with the problem GT at noon it's a game mode on GTA right alright so you got two teams right yeah five on five okay and there's like and there's like this boom this is like this blue zone oh yeah okay yeah that's you got to and the zones keep getting shorter and shorter I saw that that gear is fun I would kick all y'all's ass no you can yeah how to kick everybody's ass but I don't have whatever Josh next time you guys do what I fury we should do a couple of mock jabs by that Oh mom trams are coming we're gonna do that after the NBA playoffs are done we might kick it off right away I don't know we'll see what do the Warriors need to do better next game they need to make better adjustment a lot more I want to see him more some screens most of more pick-and-roll yeah for step curry especially klay Thompson he doesn't get going man clean up the turnovers yes 16 fucking turnovers a compared to this fucking I don't know 60 turnovers 210 like you cannot do that man oh this is the hot guy yeah the boring guy made a free throw wow that's crazy those like Texas Texas dude that's fucking awesome what I expect I expect to the goal State Warriors to make those adjustments comeback in Game two and win the game III have that winning game to uh 3-2 zone would have made a gonna say warrior win WAC says you guys are you guys are gay together because if you are would you be gay with me nah man we don't swing that way bro Shawn could game share with Josh and get it for free wait game sherry fuck does that mean game share with him that means he gets a play that doesn't work that way how does game sharing work I agree 100% also they need to stop missing shots before they get fouled yeah homeless woman it's easier talking her into staying over where all my stream is lagging since Rocha that's and that's that fucking Cali Internet man we cast Cali Internet you gabbro and uh new cars I'm playing GTA and I'm streaming hop in with me bro all right so yeah babe with the sleep I'm gonna say she gonna stay asleep cuz we were supposed to watch twilight zone tonight we were supposed to watch the season finale of Twilight Zone she's off tomorrow oh she weren't where we're gonna hang out tonight she's yeah she's off Fridays and Mondays shit or Fridays and Fridays and Sundays now okay so we were gonna hang out tonight we're gonna watch that Twilight Zone we were gonna watch this does you know you know those Comedy Central roasts yeah they have some new episodes oh we were gonna watch that but if she's gonna stay asleep then yeah I'm gonna play but I'm gonna go eat first if goes down that way I'll let you know I'll let you know in the chat so Josh apparently if did you download the game off the PlayStation yes so they said if you downloaded the game on PlayStation 4 you can game share it and you can play yeah oh shit that's fucking awesome never heard that I didn't know you can do that hey guys so right now we have one point mm see people still watching these are serious we have one point we sell over a thousand people y'all are crazy me these are oh geez yeah they are alright see or no should we keep this background or should we do the old school with the fucking basketball court y'all like it just simple simplistic or do y'all like this more extravagant me and Josh were kind of debated what do you guys think game 2 what should we do let us know see her know yes keep it know go the other way go with what we had before yeah oh ok so this is what King said for that he says you've got you log on to Josh's account and download it onto your Playstation 4 from his library and activate his account as your primary in your settings that's all I got it off of Eddie so I thought if it's a game it's purchased from one account if I log into another account it won't let me play that because I don't have rights to that I thought that was a case ok so maybe we'll check that out Josh sure a dead ringer from Al Capone I don't piss me off well he's actually from New York but he moved to Chicago he started his own outfit there yeah he took things over Shane with a109 donations and I love you guys I'll keep shouting you guys on IG dude thank you thank you so much for that bro you say that man that's what so that's how we grow man thank you so much yeah Oh oof I gotta go I ain't I ain't no go I just substitute so much oh thank you buddy thank you something about donation sharing yeah I like it I like it keep it this way it's a store set ok perfect keep it keep it keep it keep it I said leave it ok cool cool way better no doubt okay I haven't seen a single person go the other way yeah cool all right all right we'll keep it we're here to pleasure you guys that works all happy yeah okay do you guys know what this means does anyone know what this means exactly I want Rocha tell me what this means Roger doesn't fucking know Rocha what does this mean Rocha what does this mean Rocha doesn't fucking know uh I'll catch you later Thor and move the to sweet on your way out bro yeah thank you so much for everything you did for us tonight big promoting the stream this morning we thank you Thor and Liz he already RKO'd me you missed it you guys ever eat the Big Texan an hour my road trip gold no never never Nick Howard you're supposed to let Rocha answer Roger doesn't even know what olivia is you're missing a finger says Tony Roche yeah what how are you getting down over there Melissa says the shocker there you that's what it's called it's called there you go she knows okay so Nick Howard answered exactly what you do with them but Melissa know what it's called she'll freak Shenko feel done i nod to in the pink one in the stink as a gesture exactly there you go but I don't think Rocha understand Rocha – two fingers at our kid one in the bosom Eddie Eddie you don't fucking know Rocha says I can't answer anything because my stream is skipping now how did you answer that damn Rocha yeah but Nick yeah bro um excuse me under stream we're here get something to eat if baby's gonna stay asleep then I'll jump along with you guys after we eat if not then we're gonna watch some twilight zone and some comedy rose well I'll let you know I'll let you know in the chest yeah hey Josh I graduate eighth grade today this is a JK congratulate out to a Jake wait eighth grade that means you're going into high school nah dude you're gonna love it man you're love it sports Barry who yog guy is the MVP MVP please reply of tonight's game it's knuckles yeah come with a bond this series I still I'm going with the words of sick it's six going curry with the MVP same here I'm right there with them Hardy Slayer what's up man Harvey says we the north as always we the north yeah yeah yeah okay what did Nick say you ever flick a girl in the taint it's really funny know what Nick why you flipping girls there man that's a salt fuckin girl in the tank that's weird I'll tell Rocha to do that when we get him that tranny in Vegas the training you wanna fuck me hello yes ma'am hello Andy and then she's like no don't go that way let's let's go in the back let's go back door and he's like hello any way I can get it hello honey flexor on the back afterwards the midget reveals that Tracy is a man and roaches like hello oh that's crazy what's up big ex what's up buddy or what if the trend goes this Arocha you see this hat this is what I want you to do flirt me [Laughter] funny story that tranny hasn't happened to my best friend that happens we'll probably a lot that happened to one of our friends I know who I remember now our buddy I'm drew yeah I didn't wanna say I almost say his last name drew oh my god I ran into him at Walmart I was buying Christmas lights and I had a whole basket full of Christmas lights because it was Christmas time and I'm I am crazy about decorating for the holidays yeah and he was like yo Josh what you doing man why you gals damn Christmas lights I was like what the fuck you think I'm doing you dumb fucking thinking it motherfucker I'm gonna go home and put some goddamn Christmas lights up you piece of shit he's like yo man I haven't seen in a long time man let's go fucking hang out I've got a new place man so you know like like five minutes down from your fucking house I was like all right cool yeah let's go chill now we were watching some fucking movie right we were just drinking his shit and he was like yo Josh I gotta tell you this fucking crazy story that happened me I was like okay why would what happened why would you tell anybody this is my fault man I'm chilling my boys we're driving downtown Dallas right you know we drive pick up some chicks man there was a fucking chick that's on Dallas yeah it was here Dallas yeah hey this is fine-ass fucking woman man I was like I was bit game to her and she look good and she was you know she was filling me I'm filling her you know we started talking and stuff I dad buy the car and we started getting the kissing and stuff like that and then and then she gives me her number and she's like hey come meet me on my place and you know hang out so he goes over her place and you know they're just chilling up watching some TV you know Netflix and chill kind of stuff yeah and you know drinking a little bit there they're making out and stuff like that and right before they're about to fuck she reveals to him that she has a dick you know what he said Oh big ol dick you know he said hello and he just he was like this guy's i'ma read – he's a big motherfucker you know he's like I just got up Josh and I walked right out the door I was like I was like and if she would have touched me or touch it like fucking try to stop me I would have beat the shit out of him I got out of that I got out of that place is so fucking quick and I was like true you probably should have never told me that come on clown your ass at the courts I can why would you tell anybody this story Wow I was like you thought she was fine as hell the Adam's apple didn't give it away well then can't surgery I don't know fucking hell can you do that Darth guató so you guys are like best buds hanging out after the game having some fruits hell yeah that's what we are here the spoiler we were just I was like oh skis you know I was like dude I'm we're watching some kung fu movie I wasn't feeling it because I was like oh it was all subtitling yeah fucking kung fu shit what's in it man it man's the best we don't know I realized something I was just like I don't know what the fuck's going on I ain't reading shit he was just talking about this fucking story I was like all right man you shouldn't told me that because now I got a clown yeah but dude I gotta go I gotta go put us with Christmas [Laughter] bear cast shadow I'm a new subscribe shot see buddy it's out to John Kent gee yeah I think I'm about to call it a night here in a little bit cuz we gotta go get something to eat Russia what what a ticket Roach I'd be like okay Oh shit was fucked up Josh and his damn sound effects would you guys leave your job you guys had 1 million subs Lanier Hernandez we could afford to go full time we would go full time we want to do this full time we go live every fucking day wait QC 92 QC on his other accountants is if they are watching Brokeback Mountain then he should a leash but he should have known well first off I ain't fucking watching that movie with let alone watch them with a fucking with a guy oh yeah sitting on the same couch he was saying that if true what I was watching with that trans oh when they went back to the house watching Brokeback Mountain and he looks over at him I was like were you thinking about this movie like yes something you could do yeah things like what you talking about have you ever watched that movie I would've just yeah I would have burned I haven't watched all the way through but I just want to burn the house down now no if I was okay sounds for the best gonna businesses PMG thank you so much you buddy join the discord voice chat anytime Susan Mike Mike Nixon yeah we do got a jump on man what are these times all these times um Tony Rivera Cadiz nah gonna play game – he's Steve Kerr said he's very very doubtful does not see it happening all right guys we're about to head out and we just want to say one more time one last time we want to thank the Mod Squad for everything you guys do yeah shout to the OGS and to the new people who join here tonight that got us to over seven the point two thousand subscribers man that's crazy and that's so crazy thank y'all so much we appreciate it and I mean it's we don't want it I don't want to go goo we still have under people long after the game's over yeah you guys are fucking awesome to hang out with but it's – that's great J night and thank you man happy birthday to you it's money B money Brandon our boy happy birthday yeah buddy we love you man oh my god he says I've had 12 shots today how are you know 12 shots I had 10 within an hour and I was like done on 21st birthday I guess right here if I'm gonna get on guys getting on GTA I might get on depending on what the business they asleep or not I'll let you guys know in the chat hi guys