VOD Analysis: Team Empire vs G2 Esports, MAJOR FINALS, with subtitles

Hey everyone, today we will be reviewing G2 Esports vs Team Empire on Border, Raleigh Major 2019. Make sure to put the corresponding subtitles. Defender lineup is: Clash, Smoke, Maestro, Doc & Jager. Attackers brought Thatcher, Hibana, Buck, Zofia & Twitch. Let’s talk about ATK operators. It is interesting to see that no Thermite was brought against the Lockers or Vent push because you need the big hole by the Lockers wall. Hibana is usually brought if an Office push, because then, you can from very safety, once Office is clear, open up the Office/Archives wall. It’s also interesting to note that only Zofia could counter Clash, other than that, the rest of it more common picks. Prep phase cut for a bit so I won’t know where is all the utility, however, let’s see what is going on with defenders. I’ve caught 6 reinforcements, one Office Sandwich (possibly for another long angle from Office towards CC, for Maestro in case he is able to get there), one in Archives facing Office (denying an angle from Office window all way towards the half desk, also allows Maestro to play behind the wall), we’ll have in cubby facing Lockers (standard), one in Lockers facing W Balcony (standard, mostly to aid Clash later on) and the final one is with Doc, facing 90° (aiding Doc). I’ve caught 3 out of 4 barbed wires (4th could be by the Main Stairs, so they cannot just rush in through the Main Stairs, especially required now when Nokk is available), two in the Archives (standard, slowing Archives push as well as alerting defenders that CC push is probably not going to happen) and one by the Break doors (similar thing, standard). We’ll have an ADS by Clash’ reinforcement (to aid Clash against concuss mines, I am also not sure why Clash will be playing so exposed, that ADS won’t zap concuss mines because the concuss mines will explode and expose Clash before ADS can have an angle onto the concuss mine) and the other one, Jager will use for himself (obvious reasons). The third is unknown, (it is not with Maestro or Doc where I’d assume). We will have a common EE in the Archives and a bulletproof camera on 90°, both very common, about the BPC – it’ll help doc, later on, to play his role on Short, having an additional angle on CCTV. Four rotations, one between Office and Archives (so you are not giving attackers Office for free), Fountain & Short (another angle for Doc to contest Office, this seems like a heavy CC hold, but with these angles established, it’s a good Office hold), Short & CC (standard one if playing in CC heavily) and Lockers with W balcony (for Clash, to be able to see the W balcony and move to the relative safety when required). I will talk about this rotation in the action phase a bit more. A bullethole will be located from CC towards East Stairs and also a leg level LOS between the Archives/Lockers wall and a hole that is located higher than a head-level LOS will be located on the same wall, so Smoke can smoke off the Archives push from KS. The idea behind this defence is that they’ll hold the whole map from this ring, with the aggressive rotations and ACOG, especially when Doc and Maestro can rotate to Office or 90° respectively. Clash is denying the W balcony, that means, if you cannot counter Clash, you’ll have to brute force yourself in the Break, where there are crossfires from CC, 90° and Office (I don’t believe that the Office angle was opened, but it usually is). Another way to play with Clash is that, what will lack G2, is if TE will try to contest Clash by the W balcony (most likely, all of the attackers that are contesting Clash will be rappelled on the W side) is to open the Jail wall, so when needed (Clash can call), you have a person to simply destroy all the attackers rappelling and focused on Clash. I am also not sure why this rotation was on the hard right side but not on the left side. Usually it is on the hard right side – but usually, you don’t bring Clash. When Clash is meleed or stunned by concuss mines, she is exposed on the lower-right part of the body, therefore, if the rotation was by the reinforcement, she can immediately (when she sees Zofia with the launcher) hide the exposed part behind the reinforcement, whereas in this round she will die because of one Zofia’s concuss nade, a huge blunder from Clash. Speaking of that, let’s continue. TE will be pushing CCTV as it seems, as all 5 people were stacking around CCTV, 2 by the Break and 3 by W side (Hibana is on the Tower), Zofia is prefiring the common angle, a rotation between Lockers and Archives, it’s always good to do that. They also have pinched Doc in the Break and saw Clash by the W. Sadly for TE, there is no possible way to killed Doc yet (3 armor operators do not die from frag grenades if 3 armors have 100 HP). We can see Zofia rotating towards the Clash, so Empire has the control of the W balcony. Once they have the control of the W balcony, it will be way easier to push CC/Break players, however, they will still have to worry about the rotation between Lockers/Balcony because of the Smoke player. Clash fell, that means Jager is locked down in his position, Doc will be playing around 90° and Smoke is contesting passively the rotation between Lockers/Balcony. What does this mean? You will need a person by the Sandwich (Lockers) window, and not to allow Smoke and Jager to retreat to the site. What is even better, since Jager and Smoke will be pinched, TE is now playing (without counting Twitch that is going to the window) 4v2, where they have to contest only Maestro in the Archives. The issue for TE is that time is running away, they have not cleared CCTV or anything during the first 2 minutes. They have just got the OK, so if they’d continue to push CCTV, they’d have to play against crossfires of Jager vs Doc, which is not in their advantage, therefore, we we’ll see now a beautiful adaption by TE, Twitch will be located by the Sandwich window, Buck will be going to E balcony, Thatcher will be located around Office and Zofia will keep Jager occupied in the CCTV. Doc will be pushed back to the Lockers, later on to the Archives most likely because Thatcher is kind of giving away their adaption of TE, because a) he was probably seen by the BPC in the 90° and b) He was shooting in the E stairs for the first time after 2m30s which is kind of too obvious that they are rotating and it’s very smart from Doc that he’ll move towards Archives to help Maestro. Remember, Smoke and Jager are lock down because of the Zofia & Twitch, and TE is prepared to push heavily inside of one door and one window of Archives. Buck is now droning the room ahead (even if it is 21 seconds left), will spot Doc and Hibana & Buck will push him at the same time. Remember Zofia & her angle? She is holding the angle that she was prefiring at the start of the round, cutting the rotation between sites. Twitch is holding an angle from the Sandwich window (rappelling upside down, when it was a broken mechanic, it is nerfed now). Basically, Doc will be playing in a 1v2, Thatcher will kill Maestro that was playing in Fountain or aggressively by Office and that’s the round for Empire, even if they didn’t kill the rest of the two, they’d have an easy plant (2 people covering rotations) and that’d be a literal 4v2 post-plant situation. What should have been done: I am not sure how Clash can be killed with just one concuss mine in this level of play. Clash players have to consider their counters, especially after the reveal phase and knowing that Capitao and Nomad were banned. The only way of the being eliminated is by Zofia, frag grenades takes 22 damage points. The impact hole between Lockers/Balcony did not help out her, I am not sure why weren’t G2 thinking about the rotation. You can always a LOS on the hard right side of the wall, just make it with the Smoke but you need the rotation on the left side because of the Clash, but you need to pay attention to these things. However, even if Clash was eliminated, half a round passed, and it took around 10-20 seconds TE to figure out to push Archives. That was a great play from TE, because even with the Clash gone, they still cannot contest CC/Break from the W balcony, due to Smoke playing behind half-wall. That’d be too time-consuming to do so. G2 knew that they if TE continued to contest CC, it’d be most likely G2’s round, that’s why they’ve still put 3 players there (out of 4) to defend the CCTV. Smoke replaced Clash & Jager and Doc were in the CC & 90° There were not huge mistakes after the Clash death from G2, just unlucky that Doc was not ready to for the quick Buck push through Archives doors. If he killed Buck, Hibana was not even ready to refrag him, so it could be a different round. But Hibana opened the window, therefore Doc was stuck there, he couldn’t know which angle does Hibana have. I am not sure how Maestro died though, was it in Fountain or aggressive in the Office? All in all, perfect adaption by TE, realising that G2 members are stuck because they are trying continuously to heavily deny CCTV, leaving Jager and Smoke off the board for the rest of the round, making it a 4v2 in the late round, and isolating players such as Doc in the Archives Thank you for watching the video, if you have any feedback let me know down in the comment section below. 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