this is my life never what I thought I'd be going to a premiere in a Ferrari I was down and out four years ago so remember if you're sitting there homeless broke no health insurance it could happen to you you two can meet someone with a Ferrari and have them invite you to a Hollywood premiere never quit partly I don't know how to do it what's up guys my mom dressed me Thanks Oh what you playing rummy huh I'm here playing oh really cuz bedroom first Nick that was laying here just trying to martini please Natalie girls I got to go I got to go to this premiere in my friend's Ferrari No so what you said yeah well no good no my mom did this bring us dirty mags back all right check my story and put the shades on what's up some would say I'm living the life others would say I'm living David's life hanging onto his coattails with everything I've got oh man I'll tell you my editor John right now is probably watching this going what this guy really stepped in I don't know how to put it in park should you shut it off I know you're driving we roll I'll see ya go go go oh man I was just telling everybody that you know you could be down and out never never quit cuz you could end up knowing someone with a Ferrari going to a Hollywood premiere listen to that engine it really is something Ferrari made everything to be growing up magnum p.i had one no that is but hey guys so I should be uploading right now and the bonds almost done but that's what like premiere because I really really really think that I can get a disposable picture of Beyonce so yeah I go here we go nuts more intense in this biome here it's all covered same location really intense things like people are like performing brain surgery it's like they're trying to separate two Siamese twin girls some intense this says since Jason's movie talk show I talked about the movie business pretty clear Marvel spider-man's gonna do 1 billion the first weekend and Lion King is going to do upwards of four or five billion so I have no idea what I'm talking about and I am a little hungry and lightheaded and then very is David Oberg he's that ready the YouTube star David Everett right there various know who's got 12 million followers on YouTube and he's very excited yeah you do yeah you look like a kid that shouldn't be here David of course is only 22 years old and he loves celebrities he's like really into celebrities anybody that's famous it gets really excited about most people just know that celebrities are just normal people they're just normal people but not David him he is a real there is this publicist Megan nothing going on between the two of them so don't even ready to get it started don't even don't even think about it she is way too good for him and we all know that David Nail no one knows who David is of course David really hoping to meet fiancee tonight and get him on his David's disposable Instagram account which is already 500 days in front of us now they're going to let every known celebrity go before David because he is so unimportant on the in terms of in terms of the movie world David he said really really really low he's a youtuber which is the equivalent of sort of gum that you would find on the bottom of your shoe in the outback but there's David he's still hanging in there waiting for his return and his publicist Megan also she's she's fairly embarrassed for him you can see let's get a shot of Megan's eyes she's saying to herself good lord I thought this guy was more famous than he is when I took him on but yes just saying she's trying to make him feel better right now saying you're important you're important don't worry and David saying judice I thought I was a big deal and Megan's saying super she's touching her hair she's nervous just nervous for David that he's going to make an absolute buffoon of himself okay now there's movement there's some movement happening here you've got to be patient here on the red carpet and this is a lot of television and this is what happens with law television many many people walking by data that are more important here we have the craft services person right there that's Amy she did a great job she'd have burritos for everybody every morning on the set of Lion King and Amy's burritos really were instrumental in the Lion King now now they're giving David a shot let's pan in let's see we could hear let's see if anyone recognizes this buffoon no have not heard his name now I'm gonna shout it out real quick David over here people now appeasing David they're appeasing him just taking the photos and now you can see the photographers deleting what they just shot they're deleting every picture that they just took of David because he is so irrelevant in their world literally these photos are worth nothing on the paparazzi market maybe you could get 34 cents for it the actual memory card is worth more the space on the memory card is worth more than David now pretending oh that's funny he thinks he's important and he's more for Megan embarrassed brave lots of fun David now making his way down the calicut he's still going what's he grabbing there oh he's taking he's doing the disposable thing which he's really pushing he's helping Beyonce we've seen him this Sunday that's mind work he'll he faced that fiance is actually going to see the disposable camera she's gonna go higher being in on your instrument with me excuse me I've got to get this shot let me get this one here oh thank you so much this is live television guys live television and it is what it's all about here let's see what happened on the other side and see see what's happening now someone's this sculpting day that they won't picture with him look at this is something interesting Wow I can come I'm talented okay don't be nervous we'll come up in there together we'll come up with something just the fact that you're willing is more than enough no one wants to be in my vlog no I put the camera in him he's like – turn it off he said he wants to be in the blog that the walk in front of the line yet stand there Philip sometime Eric you rock Eric you're really funny this guy the guy be fun if you're carrying your own sign we miss chance the rapper I saw rogon missed it that that you went that way I'm not even that I'm not even that qualified so I'm good here I couldn't make it I couldn't make it over there the ounces is so big that they clear everyone out it's just her in here yeah Bagon now making his move make a good move MacGyver's as bad as opposed trying to get it taken to shake I mean this will be fun because I know won't be good I think it'll add egos I thought you got it we got two shots of her David did not get the disposable he does not think that he got the disposable pick that he wanted but we'll have to go to Walgreens and find out I said that right David it was a waste of time you were close to it though we were like right there that close to not J but yeah it's a tough feet to get to get her to look there was a million people screaming for her specifically yell mad I go Beyonce this is the important one look at me what's in the green she didn't see it your way it didn't go your way this time but this is a good experience for the disposable count I think I think we chopped it we call this a widow and a learning experience next time you'll get it when you already have Paris Hilton so who oh yeah he would be cool but four mics in his mouth all your friends just said no they didn't like it I wanna walk it might as well hey what's going on back there how many people you got in there all right what do you got there little cow will come she got a pal what's your toy okay it's a toy here we go we got a Ferrari in front of us okay they're now preparing a new float for von what are you doing watching yourself eating the second one I had it was so good a lot of little ones huh hey this family's funny like just like you guys it's a different set of people different set of sons yelling at their dads you know he's young and his daddy's building the pop-up is going to pop up now what are you doing and the dead just like your dad no reaction and it's just like hang out somebody sing the Armenian national anthem before he does Bon Antonia now trying his third jump of the day he is full of shots of Armenian liquor Wow hit his home country proud on that one Bob yeah I said your kebabs are no good I didn't say that little kebab I didn't say that you're promoting it right now tell how much good off and you guys are making a big meal and the other big deal say that I didn't say that I said I try to cabal what I do I just have the Hamlet to do the kebabs it fish kebabs is good whose kebabs is better than your dad there's no one better than your dad I didn't say better what did you say I just said it's kind of like saying oh he's a funny comedian – oh right is it a restaurant yeah oh it's a restaurant it's anything bad you said it's kinda like David and then our own of him just trying to bust me it's no good I didn't say anything bad you don't say that the way you say huh I don't like the way you say that's it someone else to bugger off for good yeah he wants your respect he wants your respect pop I do respect your Komatsu but I'm saying this other guys kebabs were really good I literally just copy this are you wanting it always the neighbours wife is good than your wife the neighbors why it's always good than your wife the neighbor's wife always looks better than your wife you can't have the grass is always greener wife not the neighbors miss 100% of the shots you don't take because you still don't get it why on that Jonas a duck he's kind it's a girl they're gonna get sick of me don't leave me in the blog so much never I mean too much I think it's not true well I'm not sick you oh it's too sunny my eyes hook ah it's weird not having the kids around kids are at camp I'll enjoy it take it make the most of it babe yeah make the most of it I guess you know cuz they'll be back in a week and then you'll be slipping around again yep it's true I don't have the Tesla right now guys I still have my infinity so Tesla's charging estate the charging station at my house doesn't charge that fast I only had 59 miles so no Tesla right now I wish I could show it off to you but you get the idea I'll probably do a whole video about the car have you been tired I've been a little tired you tired well okay look at everything we do right I know aren't you tired not tired right now oh you know what I don't you have not I don't eat I just had some tuna like just no bread oh so the eating makes you more tired yeah eating makes me more tired ahead well tuna had load beats that was good so stay away from cobs I did I didn't have any carbs I did I had beets I think it's the cops that make you tired and I think so too and the tuna they turns to sugar and then the sugar gives you a hot a rush and then then you come down I wish I could have I wish I could get back to the way I was and I would have like no carbs no sugar and I didn't even want it but I can't seem to I think it's stress that does that you think yeah you're a stress eater they're saying that we got here you're a stress eater yeah I think you eat when you're stressed out when you're happy you don't need you didn't need a lot at the beach no too much you know what they say it's not what you eat it's what's eating you Jimmy here that one what was the phrase he said last night that I wanted you to tell David oh my yeah stick with me stick with me I'll have you farting through silk underwear yeah that's what I had a problem with this car it hasn't really worked so well so we got it my mom had to do a lot of fighting to get to get me my money back on this car and it's finally gonna happen but uh so I'm gonna get a check from the company which is awesome but she said last night she said what you say she said yeah she I'm getting you the check doll stick with me if you farting through silk that's a good love be alright