is that yours I'm just holding it for my girlfriend Sarah make sure you do all of it there's a little surprise at the end finish you see what does it say oh wow isn't that cool I hate going for checkups the doctor always touches my balls do all doctors do that yeah dude I think my dad's a doctor oh no way you're not gonna watch the garage boss why would I so bad people don't get India Jesus David it's 3:00 in the afternoon get out of bed shut up dad at least I don't have a lazy ass son get out me after you tiboli makes a nice sweater quad jail jail what oh my god a lian's they don't know me family I live like two days ago at night it's a politically oh there goes bagels hey wait your wallet oh thank you man appreciate it finder's fee the way that you talking to that talking I'm dry can't wait to meet my perfect match you know what I mean yeah sparks will fly what are you doing you're single huh yeah 516 I got it my treat did you here's the key to having your own place are you excited for your date no so why are you going free food huh dang it feels good to be a gangster how did you get such great eyebrows oh well I guess it's in my genes hey what time is it when it's time to go to the dentist 2:30 hey what do you think you're doing what get back here so I got a complaint today that I've been swearing in class Billy it's from your mom why are you telling on me you see hey Brandon you're gonna get those reports on my desk yeah you sure you can keep looking at pictures of people that you want to hey do you wanna I have a list I can't just say rice krispies treats outline blue bar huh huh are you sad yeah I don't want to talk about it then you so how about them bears huh don't talk to me all right honey I'm so happy that you're back but can you just surprise me again in a cuter way so I can film it and post it on Facebook uh yes woody what are you doing just watching you sleep this is my dorm grandma what big eyes you have all the better to see you with my dear what big nose Oh what about my note I can't believe Jeff cheated I know that's so sad we didn't cheat on me so thanks for coming in to the doctor today oh yeah I'm just here for the sticker but Sir you diagnosed just one sticker you have a kicker please will you marry me you're filming this right yeah making a vine a Bynes we have a few say that no Bob you're the hot dog Becca are you out there I know that laugh and one big mac combo your total is 435 I see how it is don't we just realize my parents are the same last name you think they can be related it's wrong with you that was hilarious yo grant I got this idea for a vine about what somebody no like tries to talk to you what is he doing I'm crunching my fucking work he what didn't call me back good seeing you briefly last night yeah what she was doing whatever how I wasn't with ambulance man what is you in your breathe wait what's that is that a hummingbird wait what's that is that a butterfly that's me one two like your whole outfit Jubilees girl you think yeah this sounds bad it hurts you don't got a high I know right do you ever just tighten your hoodie and pretend like you're being born again yeah what's up hello I just wanted to use the restroom but now I'm so confused am i oh yeah hey how are you doing I'm good okay I'm good – thanks fast this beehive you're in a quick give me water oh it's a big one oh wait never mind a big one would have been too predictable yeah I know you're deep I have some candy in my car get in my friend come ill it's disgusting can you hold on for a second my car is getting towed sir please don't tell my car you're not the possum all right are you ready you sure here we go come to your eyes sleepovers when you're 10 do like stay up all night and play hella video games when you're a teenager got it smell my fingers bro is that my sister how'd you know and show the camera don't show me now listen to me honey they're gonna talk you what they're what they're gonna tuck you what have you ever just felt like you're not going anywhere in life and like you're stuck in one spot me too Brendon what do you want for christmas I'm Brendon I'm Matt and we are two very supportive guys I can't let this I believe in you okay I can't the–this our garden dinosaur plans their clothes tomatoes with bigger wait what you're not coming to my tea party Bethany I made biscuits so come on down can't find a better deal you can bite my nails and call me Nancy cut that's my wife's name why is it car so quiet hey guys there's nothing annoying about starting a group text with your friends I mean who needs to put a do not to start button on friendship this fuse incredible it's okay I just wish what just wish we brought the selfie stick where do you want to eat sunshine da da da da da da da these are nuts they're nuts yeah they're crazy really no that's okay you do the triathlon huh try to do three things at once okay that was to your right I can't stand you I will literally destroy you senator Prentice driving in the school's only miles per hour where's the kids when you get out of the school's home yeah it's a boy let me just cut off the umbilical cord so you just cut off his penis it's a girl doctor what are the results have you ever heard of cancer yeah okay great can you explain it to me it's not you here all by yourself dad I don't know how to say this that's okay are you sure yes Challenge time yo Lancer dang get this egg into that jar without her cracking No