VINNER GULDBILJETT – Sportfish Masters 2017 | Team Galant

We in Team Galant are participating in
a qualification round in Sportfish Masters. Very fat, take the lure! Yes!
– Fish on! Net! It’s a good pike in a competition
and for being from this lake. We will continue to fish
so we can win even more. A pike swam into the net. Very fun, I also caught a fish today. We in Team Galant are participating in
a qualification round in Sportfish Masters. The competition will soon
start so let’s see how it goes. There are 19 teams competing and 50%
will qualify to the next round in Nyköping. We’ve been in this lake once before,
during the same tournament but last year. We did quite well then so
we know roughly how to fish. It’s a quite hard lake so it will be
slow fishing but it’s fair for everyone. Let’s do it, let’s win this.
– The pedal to the metal. We have arrived to the first
spot and it’s much reeds here. Our tactics is to fish small
fish close to the reeds. If we catch five fish, and it’s the five
longest that counts, we will do really good. It’s really important before
we start to unfold the net. We must be ready to catch the small pike. I caught one and I hooked it close to
the boat. It took my small perch lure. It’s a Nitro Sprat.
– I hooked the pike and then it went crazy. Is it over 50 cm?
– That one is over 60 cm. It’s good, over 60 cm! We’ve reported that fish and it was
61 cm long. Team Galant is the.. ..first team to report a catch.
It’s good, Edvin. Look further down, the longest fish is
caught by Edvin Johansson in Team Galant. It was caught 08.25, so we have
been fishing for 25 minutes. Let’s catch 5 fish and
then catch a bigger one. If we fish close to the weeds, we will
perhaps fill the paper with five pikes. That’ll perhaps be enough for victory.
– Will probably be enough. Oh yes, Tobbe!
There! Now! Oh no. Is it following?
It’s there! Do you see it? Reel as fast as possible. Look at it now!
Very fat, take the lure. Yes!
– Fish on, take the net! Very fun! Really fun, use a pike rod!
– It’s hooked bad. No, stuck in the lily paddies. Come here!
– Release the drag! No, bring it to me and
break the rod if you must. Edvin, take it!
– It’s big, yes! It’s over 65 cm! We are fishing in really shallow water
because that worked best last year. I just came home from Holland where I fished
sea bass and then I used this Gunki Megalon. I thought I could try to use it here
as well and it worked out great. Took on the first or second cast,
it was insane and decent fish. Think it’s almost 70 cm. We have caught two fish, perhaps
the first ones in the competition. Really good, we could probably
catch 5 approved fish today. This is the monster and it’s actually quite
long and a good pike in a competition. Going good! 60.. 70. Well. It’s 69 cm long. We’re done with the first spot and
will continue to the next one. We’re trying to catch as many
pikes as possible in the beginning. Trying to catch 5 pikes
really fast. Let’s do it. I’ve caught a 20 cm long pike.
– We must measure it! I’ve caught a longer perch than this pike. It must be longer than
50 cm in order to count. Let’s see.
It’s 37 cm long. 37 cm long so let’s catch it next year or
something. Then it’ll perhaps be 50 cm. Very fun, then I also caught a fish today. We’re using different lures
and my pike took this one. It’s a Wolfcreek Skinny Jerk jr
in the color mackerel. Let’s continue the fight and
try to catch one over 50 cm. Edvin is using a smaller jig, Tobias a
topwater lure and I use this jerkbait. It’s good to use different lures
in order to see what works. Catch a nice pike on 10 kg..
Oh! You had one?
– I think so. Look at the bite marks! Look here! We have continued to fish among the
weeds and nothing but from nowhere.. ..we caught another 60 cm pike.
Let’s not weigh it but only measure it. I don’t want to lose it,
then we’re screwed. It’s our third approved fish and it
looks like this. Must be over 60 cm. When you take photos it’s important
that the head is against that plate. You must also see the number. You can squeeze the
tail and it’s 64 cm long. We will take photos and Philip keeps
on fishing so we might catch another one. We will then report the fish
and look at the scoreboard. The fish has been approved and it was
64 cm long. We have three approved fish.. ..and six fish in the boat.
We are in second place. The team in the lead is Freddy Torstensson,
our friend we fished with in Hälsingland. He’s in first place, we’re in second place
but we must beat him. Let’s continue! Yes, it’s fish on!
– It’s a small one. Oh no, it was probably 45 cm long.
No, no no. Took a Nitro Sprat among the weeds.
Was not a big fish. We’re fishing really big ones.
– Big pigs! With perch lures. Trying to catch them. We found a shallow plateau and
it’s around 2,5 meter with weeds. I made two cast and caught
a pike that’s 60 cm long. We just need one more
in order to fill the paper. I had a really big one following,
think it was a meter pike. It missed the lure in front of the boat.
That sucks, not very fun. We will measure it, take photos,
report it and keep on fishing. Small jigs delivers, at least for me. All my fish has been caught
on small lures. Nice fish. Let’s see how long it is.
– Yeah let’s see. It’s as much as 65 cm long.
– It’s 66 cm. We might even go up in the lead.
– Do you really think so? If the other teams hasn’t caught anything.
– Let’s see. Let’s take photos, Tobbe! Time to report the fish
and first I press “new catch”. I chose angler and it’s me.
Then length, how long was it? 66 cm?
– Yes, true. Then you continue and upload
a picture of the measuring tape. Chose a picture. Then a picture when posing. There it is. Lastly, another picture
of the measuring tape. It’s done and then I upload the pictures. The pike has been approved so
I will update the scoreboard. Look, first place with 260 cm. It’s three hours to go and we’re in
the lead. Hopefully, no one beats us. It’ll be good. Philip has another one!
– Too small. No, and we have another one in the net. That one is easy 50 cm but it’s thin. I lost one, Philip made a cast in
another direction and caught a fish. It seems like it’s some pike here.
We have been in contact with three fish. We need to keep on fishing in order to
increase our score so we win big time. It’s 54 cm long.
– Now we’re in the lead with more score. We’re in the lead.
– The net! A pike swam into the net! Wait, I need to release it. Goodbye! Let’s take photos and report the fish. Now we’re taking a picture when
posing with a house in the background. Then they know we’re fishing
in the right lake and it’s important. Time to report the fish. The clock is 14.00 and it means
we have two more hours to fish. From now on, the scoreboard will not
update. That makes it exciting in the end. Right now, we’re on second place but
we just need to catch one that’s 10 cm.. ..longer than our smallest one. If we catch
a pike that’s over 64 cm we take the lead. We will continue to fish small
coves and places with much weeds. Hopefully, we will catch something better. It’s only one hour left and it’s slow
fishing. From nowhere, I caught a perch. Unfortunately, they doesn’t
count so I will release it. It’s 50 minutes left and we’re out
of ideas and no more spots to try. We will drive to the other side of the
lake and see if we can find anything. Perhaps we can catch something the
last time that’s left of the competition. The last spot before the competition ends.
We will fish the same way we caught.. ..most of the fish today.
It’s openings like this. Keep on fishing with small lures and
hopefully catch a longer one than 54 cm. Let’s do it. The competition is over, the clock
is 15.55 and we will head back. We will collect our first prize.
Let’s see how we did. We have done a quite boring fishing today
since we only fished for small pikes. Although, sometimes you need to do that
in order to qualify to the next round. I’m sure we will qualify and
place us top 3 or worst top 5. We are satisfied and done the best we can.
The only thing we missed was a top fish. Time for the ceremony
and it will be exciting. On the second place with 314 cm –
Team Galant! Welcome to the next round. You were in the lead for some time.
– Yes, then it was downhill. Indeed!
– Congratulations! Thank you. I found a local, Marino Gorsic, who
also qualified to the next round. How was the fishing today?
– It was very slow but we made it somehow. How many did you catch?
– Two pikes. But that was enough.
– Two 70 cm pikes. The last team to qualify got 86 cm
so two pikes was enough this time. You qualified, we qualified so well done.
It was fun so gimme five! Let’s see you in the finale!
– We’ll do that! The golden ticket and we came
on second place out of 19 teams. We was quite close to win and a 80 cm
pike would have been enough. Although, we will participate in the
finale and we hope to see you there. The finale is in Nyköping and will be
broadcasted live. If we don’t see.. there, I hope you watch it live.
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