Venom vs SWAT Team | Venom (2018) Movie Clip

Hands! On the ground! Now! Guys, you do not want to do this.
Trust me. – Mask!
– Copy! All right,
have it your own way. – Mask!
– Copy. What the hell
is that thing? What the hell? Hold your fire! Flares! He’s there!
He’s there! Reload! Anybody see him? Does anyone have eyes on him? Switching to
thermal. Seeking target. I don’t have
eyes on him. Where is it? Flash grenade! Throw them! Flash grenade! He’s in the rafters! Above! There he is! Move, move, move! No! We do not
eat policemen! Annie! Annie, wait! – Wait, please.
– Oh, what the hell is that? That’s not me.
I’ve been infected. – Eddie, what’s happening?
– He’s inside me. – “He”?
– Yes. – I know it sounds crazy, but…
– You’re sick. – Eddie, you’re really sick.
– No, I am scared! – And I need help.
– Hospital. Right now. I can’t go with you.
It’s not safe. Get in the car, Eddie. – In the back.
– I like her. Get in. I’m out of control. Dan just needs to do
another MRI. – No MRI.
– No. No. No MRI. What? Why? Sound at 4,000
to 6,000 hertz is lethal. Sound frequency in the MRI
is really harmful for him. What, so, sound
is like his kryptonite? – Not all sounds.
– And fire. Fire. And fire.
He’s talking to you? Always. – Are you in pain?
– No. No, I don’t feel anything,
actually, apart from… I’m hungry all the time. And you feel sad, do you
not, Eddie, when you are with her? Get out of my head, man. You never apologized. You might not live
to get another chance. Annie. I just want to say
that whatever happens, that I am truly sorry for whatever…
And everything I have ever done to you. I am truly, truly sorry. And that I love you. Oh, Eddie… Now’s really not the time. Let’s
just keep you alive, okay? Aw, that’s nice.