Vassar Squash Team Video 2018-19

I've met some amazing people I've gotten to do some great things I've really enjoyed my time here it is really exciting and there's so much support from the old team the Vassar men's and women's squash teams compete in the Liberty League and also take on prestigious schools across the Northeast recognized for their academic achievements the Brewers are a close-knit group they are absolutely wonderful people they're incredibly focused and motivated organized proactive and and and just the nicest people you'd ever want to meet five wheelers earned Scholar Athlete honors from the college squash Association in 2019 on the court the men finished with a victory over Notre Dame to secure third place in the CSA Hawthorn cup it's a really great environment you have the support of everyone there and it kind of becomes a way to push yourself as well we're definitely moving in the right direction especially as bonds strengthen between individuals there's there's a very cooperative atmosphere and it's it's conducive to fostering growth individually and as a team the women swept three matches to win the 2019 CSA Chaffee Cup championship coach James is really good at watching exactly what we're doing and telling us what we need to improve on so I feel like I am getting better just get to the back of the ball and just keep lifting it off and getting it into the back corners okay it's all you I have really loved it I feel like this year definitely I have really picked it up and it's starting to click for me everyone is super enthusiastic and really it's pushing themselves I've seen a lot of growth with everyone as a whole Vassar College has 27 varsity teams encompassing a wide range of sports most of the Brewers teams compete in the prestigious Liberty League at the NC double-a Division three level the college provides outstanding and unique venues for training and competition the Vassar squash courts are located in Canyon Hall we have six courts it's a beautiful facility we have in our own locker rooms men's and women's squats we have our own you know locker rooms just for us athletes at Vassar really make a difference to our campus they have tremendous leadership skills they're involved in lots of different activities they're really a pride point for us at Vassar Vassar College founded in 1861 is consistently ranked as one of the best liberal arts colleges in the nation with a beautiful and historic campus a diverse student body and renowned faculty Vassar offers over a thousand courses and more than 50 majors and Vassar student-athletes lead the Liberty League in all academic honors you're always stimulated here and you're learning so much every day the curriculum advisor has been very conducive to a well-rounded experience and then there's also you know a lot of focus work you get in your major as well which is very helpful and for history in particular we have a pretty prestigious program the kind of relationship you have your professors is really beneficial and they're here to help you succeed and they want you to learn and I also feel like yes I'm a science major so a lot of my classes are in stem but I've also gotten to take like the semester I'm taking film and philosophy so I'm like getting to branch out and explore new things which has been great basser is located in Poughkeepsie only minutes from the scenic Hudson River New York City is only a short drive or train ride to the South gotten down to New York a fair amount which is always which is always fun the area around some amazing hiking spots downtown there's some good restaurants the walkway Over the Hudson which I've done has been really nice place smart keep the ball out of the middle keep the ball in the back corners with more than two decades of college coaching experience David Aames leads both the Vassar men's and women's teams my first role is recruiting you know bringing players in to Vassar not just great athletes but academically you know superior and once they get here then obviously coaching them is incredibly important good make him work for it I spend a lot of time talking to them about their lives about their classes about their majors you know they talked to me about their families they talked to me about their career aspirations I feel and vaster feel very strongly that they are student athletes and the word student comes first and in my mind academics always comes first a complete student athlete experience the varsity squash program at Vassar College I loved getting to know very talented amazing people it's been a very positive experience for me