US Olympic Team Trials – Swimming:: #Lane9 Night 8: Who To Watch, Recap, Team Board

good evening and welcome to lane nine I'm your host Ariana cougars and here we are for our very last night at the USA Swimming house in Omaha Nebraska as you can see on our board behind me our 2016 Olympic team is complete the star means that the athlete has multiple events and we were able to catch up and walk around the pool deck today and I caught up with Ryan Lochte and as you can see from the video that we're about to show he had an incredibly long line of people waiting to get his autograph it went around the aqua zone out the building through the door and I saw him this morning he was doing a race against Jimmy Feigen a hundred freestyle so he has had a pack today this Olympic team is already back to training they're in the water they're having a good time and looking forward to Rio so we caught up with a lot of them today everything just wrapped up at the CenturyLink Center just down the street we have a lot of things in store for you tonight so let's start the show my from Omaha it's lane nine alright last night Cara and it was an emotional night it was I even felt myself getting choked up you know it doesn't matter if there's only two races it still grabs at your heartstrings no matter what if that's just the nature of this meet tonight what's the first night that I was able to see everything that went on the opening all of the lights show and it's incredible what they do to put this event on USA Swimming has done an amazing job making this event bigger and better year after year and it really is a spectator sport now and I I couldn't be happier with how this whole week played out I agree and tonight was emotion filled for you let's let's just kick it off with the women's 53 an event that is near and dear to your heart women's 50 free it was it was amazing we had a be weitzel in first place with the fastest time in this country in the last eight years since 2008 she was a 24-point 28 and that ranks her sixth in the world this year we had Simone Manuel in second at 24 33 and I was actually shocked at that with Madison Kennedy coming in third a heartbreaker you know it but there's nothing you can do there's no redos there's no replays and that is it is what it is and we're going to send our two strongest ladies and that's the nature of the beast and we've talked about this this whole time is you can do everything right you can repair the right way you can be completely authentic to yourself and at the end of the day they take two and there's always somebody that has to go home with a broken heart absolutely and we have 1800 competitors at this mean over the course of the eight days we had 1,800 swimmers and 52 will walk away as Olympians and I think that's something like point zero three percent you know it's it's crazy three percent I'm sorry and just think about like that's a lot of heartbreak but but just getting here competing at this level I mean I can say you know on behalf of both of us we are proud of everyone that raced this week and you know obviously very excited for the team that that we're going to send to Rio exactly right and so in the 50 you've gone to the Olympics for this event for the last three Olympics what was it like for you in a real way of passing off the torch it's it's surreal it's something that I didn't think I was going to get emotional about but but watching those girls tonight and and just seeing how far this event has come over the last 12 years I'm I'm proud i'm proud to have represented my country but i'm also proud of what my country is going to bring to to the sprint events and it's it really is a you know passing off the torch and it's a changing of the guard yeah i can't wait to see what they do in rio yeah the next event tonight was the men's 1500 freestyle the men's 1500 as far as the mile goes you know there's jokes about taking a break during the mile or taking a step away but these boys put up an incredible race connor jaeger the 1447 the fourth fastest time in the world this year and then Jordan will Moss ski our 10k open water olympian just qualified for a pool event we have never had a swimmer qualify in open water and pool at the same time and it's not that the event was wide open he put up a very fast 1449 battling the whole time they were and he was he was pushing Jaeger and I'm sure Jaeger appreciates that I love to see that especially in one of the longer races I love to see a really great battle from beginning to end and I kept it exciting yeah really did and I can't wait to see what his training is like going into rio having those two distances you know in the water and then open water you can probably write a book about it i'm gonna be interesting yeah so let's catch up on some of the events that we saw last night because there was a lot of fast swimming and we talked about this afterwards maybe one of the most electric nights so it'll start with the 800 freestyle for women 800 freestyle for women again being a long race you know people tend to be disengaged but with somebody like Katie ledecky out in front literally from the get-go and hearing have Katie going one way her competitors going the other way she keeps it interesting she keeps it fun and and we're always kind of on the edge of our seat oh we're gonna witness the world record you know but even the I think one of the top ten times in the world ever of all time yeah um you know but she put up a commanding performance and good I think that she has a lot left in the tank for Rio I think that we're all looking forward to what we can see there and I think she's hungry for it she she wanted yeah she's feisty she's a racer so good things to come for her yeah so let's look at the 200 backstroke for women Maya Dorados third win of the week yeah Maya Dorado I would say it's probably the swimmer of the meat here with her win in the tuner and went in the tuner backstroke win in the corner and I am I actually love her backstroke it's one of the most beautiful very easy out in front and a strong time 206 low is extremely impressive missing in second with a 207 like we talked about her best time being a two of four lots of potential for those girls the splash and dash the mens 50 freestyle this was a highly anticipated race at this meet anthony ervin going for his third Olympic Games having qualified in the year 2000 for the first time and you know going 12 with his former teammate and good friend only one one-hundredth separating them it doesn't get much closer than that I was really cool to see that race so happy happy for Anthony and Nathan for both of them going on and just looking at the men's hundred butterfly this was emotional to watch it was you know this is the event that Michael I think has fought more for than any other event this is the one that he consistently gets challenged for over and over again and always comes out on and this was the last hundred butterfly that we're going to see him do on American soil ever and you could see him as he was I mean that reaction Riley are those fired up he fights for this race he see his baby and you don't see that reaction after any of his other swims it's the hundred butterfly every time and you could see that as soon as he got out of the water he looked around the crowd he hand it had his hands in the air standing ovation taking every second of that in and just enjoying it and I think just that enjoyment and that love is something that we've we've come just so used to you it's here somebody who's won thousands of races in his lifetime and to see him get emotional and take in that entire moment just goes to show what this is all about absolutely and as specialized that is for the spectators to witness michael phelps swam his last race it's special for him you could really see it meant a lot to him and and I love seeing Michael feel humbled yeah I love that as well it's been fun you know we were able to catch up with his fiancee and baby boomer last night and it's just he seems just so happy and I love I love seeing that in him and seeing him race like that so don't go too far away because we're going to catch up with you a little bit later on in the show but I've absolutely loved recapping the races with you Kara so my pleasure are you thank you thank you