US Army Mechanized Infantry (4 POVs) – Squad v9

JAYMZ: Why aren’t we getting shot at, yet? DBZAO: North side, right in front of you, uh… DBZAO: APC, on the road in front of you. Keep driving forward, to the right. DBZAO: You will see a logi truck driving in, on the road MRCANADIAN: Give them a rough time, mate DBZAO: There you go. TBOB: We got russians dismounts north side JAYMZ: Copy DBZAO: They drove right in with a trans truck
COUGAR: Coming around DBZAO: Can see them from the bridge, Cougar MRCANADIAN: Need a bit of a medic… DUMBL3DOR3: I think we just cleared the whole thing SEAGULL: Wait, what is that? COUGAR: Oh, it’s a dead russian now MRCANADIAN: Yep, you are shooting right where he is DBZAO: Shoot that entire wall SEAGULL: Oh, they have a 50cal right there SEAGULL: And a bunch of pieces of meat now, next to it CHEF: How does it look at village, Squad Leader 3?
Any information? PESANTA: Not good, not good. SEAGULL: Fuck! To the right of the 50cal COUGAR: He is right there… COUGAR: Go right from where you are shooting COUGAR: More right COUGAR: There’s backpack infantry JAYMZ: There’s a lot of them down on this little mini compound… DBZAO: RPG guy right on this corner where I’m standing SEAGULL: Got him COUGAR: Window again COUGAR: Oh, that last round, that was close DBZAO: BTR inbound? JAYMZ: He’s still alive, he’s still alive SEAGULL: Where is he? DBZAO: Attack command, there’s a guy JAYMZ: Where you shot SEAGULL: Oh, I’m bingo, I’m bingo COUGAR: Alley, alley, alley… SEAGULL: I’m out, I’m out of everything COUGAR: BTR front
SEAGULL: I’m out of ammo, we gotta go! COUGAR: We just found out we are out of ammo COUGAR: Can I go east and then go north? Is that cool with you? DBZAO: Somebody was complaining about ammo? SEAGULL: Front, front, front DBZAO: Tell us when
SEAGULL: Get out, get out guys, BTR COUGAR: Dismount, stay left side SEAGULL: He’s on fire, got most of the infantry, though