UPDATED League of Legends Mobalytics Patch 9.12 Tier List New OP Champions And Q&A

hey summoners make sure that you've subscribed to the MOBOTIX youtube channel and hit that Bell button that way you're always up to date and part of our notification squad welcome back to the mobile it's non point twelve up Dane Q&A video I'm your challenger coach Adam Moriarty Isles here to take you through all the changes and questions you had as a disclaimer I'd like to mention that we only update the normal list as of right now as the halo 1 wouldn't really have a big enough data set to make the update worthwhile at this point in time now with that out of the way let's just jump right into the update starting off an ST R we have quite a few changes as we have tahm Kench Yorick gurga mordekaiser and karma this means that nasa's after many months has fallen out of our s tier mostly because he can no longer hold his own 1v1 versus the new overlords of top lane mordekaiser and karma riot grossly over bombed release mordekaiser had around a 58% win rate until hot phase came through but still maintains an absurd 54% win right after it it's not even that his kid is particularly powerful it's more so that his numbers are way too high for example he's one of the few champions who can beat tahm Kench and melee fights yeah imagine having to pick melee champions in top lane into something that even Tom Kent can't beat but once his numbers go down probably after another nerf I'm pretty sure he'll be fine it's just that right now he is definitely a ban worthy top laner unfortunately though karma top either full tank or hybrid tank with klepto is back I'm fairly certain no top laners are happy about this except maybe canon players as people will swap their hatred for him to karma as an even more annoying to play against top lane range champion after karma received her massive buffs to the east be duration of mana cost along with the extra 10% slow on cue she became a pretty much unkillable top laner while also being able to run you down forever the other issue with her is if she won the balling coin flip due to her utility she's gonna easily transition her Lane lead into teamfight wins and I'm extremely happy to not play top lane so I don't have to deal with this thing as for the rest of the list in a tier we have pike moving up which should be no surprise feel free to pick him up for a bit if you feel like some free wins because Wright's gonna nerf him ASAP out of Seoul align viability for Shen he dropped out at a tear because he can't deal with mordekaiser or comrade all and in b-tier allowi Sion Oran were sent to the graveyard for the same reason karma and especially mordekaiser define who can even be in top lane right now moving over to the jungle a nest here we have by a mu mu nu nu and volibear which means no changes but we do have a new addition to a tier which is Jarvan the fourth also known as the Charmander or by his rap name j-money j4 makes a bit of a comeback in this meta as one of the more aggressive engage options while also having early game pressure he might honestly be the most well rounded jungler as he can early gank power farm invade take objectives quickly and engage he also has a lot of build options as he can go bruiser tank or go for the youtube montages with 1080 one-shot style it's Jam Lundy's versatility that is causing him to be popular in both competitive play and in solo queue though personally I recommend you go at least warrior so he has a strong early game no matter what type of j4 you decide to play the only other major change we have would be dropping moodier from a tier to beat here with teams picking anti melee champions for top laners like TK Mord karma and then enchanter meta coming back for support meteor just has fewer options early game and no options late game for B tier you'll notice Rex I joining and also mordekaiser because he's just that Opie you might as well jungle him if he's open heading into midlane asked here we have mordekaiser karma lux malzahar vel'koz re and pike mordekaiser's based numbers are just too high at the moment so he can even perform well in mid lane but he will likely drop down to s tier once his numbers are lower as his kid is not suited to deal with mages like malzahar or vel'koz as for karma she has built full ap and mid lane but can swap into some support items like art and sensor or Athene's unholy Grail if her ad carries worthy enough honestly though Karma's buffs just made her too strong and multiple rolls you'll notice Morgana was finally taken out of s tier this happened for two reasons the first being that she can't do much to be champions like pike who will just all in and kill her she can't stop re from roaming or stop malzahar ball cause and mordekaiser from perma pushing then scaling into oppressive teamfight monsters the other reason being in terms of enchanters mid lane she is just outclassed by both karma and lux in terms of offensive defensive and utility for a team don't get me wrong Morgana is still a good champion and has amazing options as a counter pick especially the champions like fizz but in mid lane right now she isn't really bringing that carry potential you're looking for instead definitely look to pick up karma as your go-to pick but keep Morgana as a pocket counter pick for a way better pick band strategy moving down to a tier we have two new additions with Talon and EKKO they both got added for pretty much the same reason mid lane at the moment has two kinds of champions champions who are far too safe looking at you Lux and karma and then champions who look to Rome as a way to counter the afk mid play style both talon and echo excel at the push and roam strat so if you like that playstyle look to pick them up down south and ball a nest here we only have two champions which are jinx and Sivir this might look weird but they are just that much better than any other marksmen at this level of play this is the main reason we dropped Ashe to a tier she's a great champion at the moment but every time I tried to hover her or saw someone else do it I couldn't come up with a real counter argument – but why not pick Sivir misfortune drop data asked here to a as she also suffered from not Sivir or Jenks syndrome although she does have other drawbacks that caused her long-standing and str2 waiver the major one being that enchanters are the most dominant type of support at the moment though she does synergize okay with them the problem is that silver and jinx energized way better with them making it so that misfortune will get out scaled extremely quickly in the teamfight phase while also having trouble winning Lane due to all the sustain and shield stopping her poke damage since traditional marksmen are struggling to match jinx and Sivir I'll mention some other options that can match them if you're a duo try Sona Taric so you can beat them mid to late game well you can also try Yasuo Gragas so you can punish them early and snowball for non duos in case you just don't like it or don't have any friends try Veigar to out scale and set up ganks easily on your own or vel'koz to out shove slash one combo if you land your naka if you like these kind of off meta suggestions and want more let me know in the comments section below lastly for the support update we have Sona Nautilus Lux Janna and surprise surprise karma you'll notice a lack of Nami and s tier and that's because she got replaced as the go-to Lane bully enchanter by karma so she dropped to a personally I've been playing a decent amount of karma and despite being on 30fps 150 pings since the patch hit this should give you an idea of how absurd her busts were and how strong she truly is in the current meta while also being easy riot even stated during a dev update recently that she's exactly where they wanted her to be and they have no intentions of nerfing her anytime soon this means that karma should be a high priority for any support man to learn as she won't get nerfed until her skin sales drop when playing karma some quick tips would be to take barrier into engage support select Leona or Alice star while saving your mantra you can then bait the engage mantra W and use barrier if needed fall by chasing them down and lane with your Q slows for some free lane kills during teamfights prioritize mantra e / mantra q then Auto attack the frontline as much as you can to help reduce your RCD doing this will give you the greatest teamfight impact the only other change to support is moving xerath down to be tear from a tear as he's just not providing enough pressure versus enchanters in the current matter to warrant being an 80-year champion our first Q&A question comes from Bill Nye the Science Guy from discord who asks why is Orrin considered an intense difficulty champion to play besides the fact that most of his abilities or skill shots I can't really see a reason why this one might seem weird as tanks on average don't have a high difficulty Orang on the other hand has a lot of skill shots but not only that many unique interactions a player has to get used to a first time foreign player will need to get used to how to use his unique Lane buying ability how to properly use his W to CC what the timing is on his QE combo for the knock-up how to properly use Britto for max damage the timing on his recast for us all as well as having a good engaged sense it's a lot to ask his kid has far too many unique ability timings to get used to I remember even when he was popular in competitive play pros were still messing up the timing on the second activation of it alt I can't even imagine how many times that ability has been messed up in soloqueue another way to think about it is would you rather have a first time Malphite or or one of those champions can engage reliably with one hand while the other one can be an SKT member with two hands and probably still mess it up our second question comes from sploosh on discord who asks I probably missed the video they explained it but I'm kind of baffled by why they put rengar and s tier 4 jungle high elo every patch can't even remember anyone else agreeing with the notion yeah he's always number one on their tier list every patch this one has actually been brought up a lot and you did not miss the video on it some of the reasons he was initially placed on s tier was because he benefitted greatly from the meta changes the new scuttle spawned timer brought allowing him to power from to six much easier the other reason was that he was a great pick in the meta champs like Karthus in the past while also doing well in decision while he currently due to his empower W breaking her CC simply put a meadow where he is allowed to hit six that has squishy champions of rely on CC for him to kill and enchanters like karma you meet Janna to empower him to get picks even easier is fantastic for rengar we believe that he is being undervalued kind of like zillion who for example is really amazing with rengar I will admit that we could be wrong on this one and I will certainly continue to watch if he needs to be dropped to a tier our third question clutch comment comes from Kentucky on YouTube who says what a bad list do you just take win rates or what Garen and York and s tier you can't be serious though I'm not really a serious person I'm a hundred percent serious about having Garen and your can s tier now do we only look at win rates for our tier list of course not otherwise mobile it explains me with Roboto Moriarty a long time ago least that guy would have showed up to tearless meetings on time and they wouldn't have to pay him but in the face of such overwhelmingly high data samples and corresponding win rates like the case of Garen even if you think he's like a noob champion or something like that it's hard to ignore his success and golden below in essence a peerless needs to be based on some kind of logic not just feelings for example if it were up to me I'd have TF and s tier and put Katarina in dumpster tier reason being I do well with TF versus all matchups and I always kind of pick kettering it with Kassadin so my perspective of TF is that he has no counter picks and that Katarina is trash this is likely what's happening with you either you've misunderstood that we have to list which is surprisingly common for some reason or you just happen to beat Garen in Yorick warping your view on their power levels next up we have a Twitter question from frost fx1 frost FX who asks I always watch these videos but I never see jungle Janna in the list anymore where is he so for those who don't know we call Ivor an internal jungle Jana here Mobile Enix mostly because I barely like calling champions by the real names malzahar's pobelter Cassiopeia snake lady embark is called Brad those are just a few examples you know to answer your question Iren has been on the decline ever since the scuttle changes came in he lost a lot of his early power and control over the game because of this his path name became a lot more dangerous especially at higher levels where people are picking monster early game champions like Elise Olaf sends out who are just going to invade him and smash him early levels and that lower levels of play his problem is that even though he's safer he's more team reliant and he's gonna just get up class by tank junglers who are able to provide utility tankyness and engage while also being able to proactively win the game while jungle Janna is currently way too reactive to impact low level games he isn't able to actually do stuff to win the game on his own and has to rely too often on others which is why he's not a strong recommendation our last question comes from Francisco Cao so I'm pretty sure about your name on Facebook who asks what is preventing fior to move to a tier she's underperforming currently versus a lot of champions she should be able to counter you are definitely right about that and the reason for this is that fiora has a major flaw in her kid the flaw is that even when ahead the champion is not able to actually push her advantages and force fights even if she's able to win a duel she can't really force a duel to happen so unless she's insanely broken due to her numbers being over tuned or she's incredibly ahead she isn't going to be able to perma dies someone like a trend Emir and she won't have a way to actually win the game consistently for once passion team is actually right and fioor is in a perpetual state of imbalance where if her numbers are buffed then the champion just becomes too strong at dueling and if she's not buffed and the champion just has no use in a team comp hopefully that answered your question thanks for watching our tier list update and Q&A video for patch 9.12 and as always if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comment section below or go to our discord server in the link provided where you can ping me in our gear less discussion channel don't forget to try out mobile eggs today on mobile xgg and i'll see you summoners out on the rift