University of Michigan Research Team Creates Game for Inclusive Play

(“lively” music playing) We came about a month, or two, ago to be part
of the initial testing and then today is the open play day, and as soon as we
found out there was an open play day, the boys had to come back and play again,
because they had so much fun the first time. (music playing) Much of my current research focuses on
play, and playful exploration of emerging technologies, removing some of the
barriers especially for young children which experience social and physical
barriers on a daily basis when they go to school and see their friends play in
ways that they don’t have access to. We’ve had a couple siblings that one of
them is disabled, and the other is not, and they’ve never been able to compete
against each other, and with this they actually are. And one mom was almost in
tears ,seeing her two boys that are only separated by about a year, actually
compete against each other. It enables new forms of inclusive play that just
have so many benefits of building a more inclusive and social integrated society. (Music playing)