University of Miami football coach discusses team’s growing pains

We have an opportunity
right now to go home and get well, and
learn how to win a football game. And we talk about it all the time,
is that when we get it all sorted out, we have a chance to be there for
our team, but right now obviously we don’t
have it figured out yet. There’s no doubt, and even the last drive giving us a chance
to tie the game right there at the end. I mean, it’s coming,
the whole thing is coming. It’s just, right now we gotta
go through some growing pains, which is aggravating and it’s not okay,
but the signs are there. Well, our communication is secondary, and
we’re just cutting guys completely free, just giving them free offense, which is
something we pride ourselves on not doing. Once we settled down,
there was a large segment of the game, really in the middle part of the game,
where we were dominant. And then we just lost our edge
in the fourth quarter and allowed them to score there at the end. Yeah, I mean, Jared did a good job. You could see the growth of our
offensive line from week 1 to week 2. I thought he had a lot of clean pockets,
throw the ball in, and guys were making some plays down
the field, and we scored enough points to win the football game tonight,
there’s no doubt about that. Well, we just have to
continue to improve our guys. And I think what will break
the defense as hard is just to see, full credit to what North Carolina did,
but just to see the easy offense either in the run game or
in the throw game that they just did. They gave those guys on
that side of the ball and it’s just a lot of things that just don’t
look like Miami Hurricane football, and that’ll be a big point of emphasis,
is we can practice for sure. Well, everything affects everything else. So if you’re having issues in the back end
and as a change of way a little bit you’re operating on the front end with
your fits for the run game. I thought our fits for the run game
became loose as the game went on, and I don’t think we stopped
a run in the fourth quarter the way that we had in the second and
third quarters for sure. Really in the first three quarters, I think they had 36 yards rushing
going into fourth quarter. And I don’t know what they ran for in
the fourth, but it was way more than that. So look, I mean,
it’s very similar to a week ago. They’re competing,
they’re playing with toughness, they’re doing a lot of things
that we asked him to do. But there’s not a guy in that locker room
right now, coaches included, that can’t do more and can’t play better than or
coach better than we’re doing right now. [BLANK_AUDIO]