UNEXPECTED Fan Interference in Sports || COMPILATION

[Applause] getting these little little thing that's awfully close to interference right there a parachute has just landed on the edge of the ring elf this guy is going to wind up in the slammer in Vegas tonight and with doggone good reason [Applause] man at the king I think he's got a Dallas in right field Tarasco going back to the track to the wall he contends that a fan reaches up and touches it we've got a fan running onto the field and that diet comes over at issues at body block helps the security people take that soul down and he's Tito [Applause] one spectator who's in control of it he can't have that that's ridiculous were you trying to injure Tom Brady in any well maybe distract him one week after the incident police tracked him down he was charged with a misdemeanor [Applause] when you're winning and you yell and stomp the 3f a knucklehead on the field fighting things going now we've got some of the players who are making it up in this as a potential to get ugly the know he goes after the first pitch it is a fair ball Bautista gets it as he has to deal with the fan that was a costly souvenir fly ball down the right-field line Bautista over he's got Ruby let him catch the ball that's interference question is will we be able to complete it [Applause] trying to take it back taking it back to the house he's got it oh he gets grabbed by a fan I'm pretty sure that's not legal by giving tax out of the 30 there down with 20 all the managers out of the bail and drive down the left-field line that is going to be okay hook that's such a thoughtless thing to do yeah you drop it now but you touched it Mickey drives one to left field I'm thinking to call interference incentive we're about two seconds it'll be a two base hit and not a homer and now the game is coming to him and he's getting ready to take over and and they're going six we've gone six against five tell the veil of Tears you can't do that so no idea back to appearances what he that ball is hit really well left can you reach over the wall oh yeah gee buddy smell you later and we have a fan on the ice my goodness you don't see this very often Wow down the left-field line for Hanigan it is falling fair and the fan touch to interfere with a ball that's going to be costly for the red sauce the Boston fans became so excited they came on the field Davidson goes back to pass throws in the end zone the fan almost blocks it and the pick Piet's win at 28 21 on play-action it's the tight end once again for a touchdown so she goes out to celebrate with her brother and the game's not over drifting foul miller chasing after it miller collides it he can't make the catch but that is out number three [Applause] left field Melky Cabrera ranging toward foul ground he's got a play I think they've called him out shoves that one Melky that fan did reach into the field that is a band and a Ference cut-and-dry the fan runs onto the court he appeared before a judge who said he would throw out the charges if I Murr never set foot again in the American Airlines Arena I Merced deal jackie has had something thrown all the courses up the animal came out of the crown and they could decide to utilize a technical foul here you can see off the helmet there of Osweiler somebody's directing a laser and we've seen it a couple of other times as well perhaps it has something to do with the drop passes this lady has a history with the Nugget several years ago she was found stalking or following several players she has basically been banned from the arena but she got in tonight third base on Escobar drifting into foul territory the ghost of Bartman lives Queen in it to the right side Adrian Gonzalez leans in oh yeah took it out of his blogger I'm dead daddy dearest she's lifted the left is this a bank it is gonna spin into the bullpen who was only paralyzed 40 [Applause] my goodness gracious what that happen and now run on the field Falls of his back foot and it in the end zone by Torres is banned from a law stadium for a year crazy fan going over the boss 429 today you ask that the I think someone's had a little bit too much of a good time that ball is in the air to right Santiago sends that one deep Shafer at the fence he reaches up brings it back into the Mesa Shattuck that kid there's the laser being pointed on the field from the stand it needs to be stopped with security please take a look at the section 343 if you take a close look at the knee of the holder you can see the flickering light of the laser carpenter missed the kick he complained to the ref who mouthed the words no I didn't see it the pride has stayed it that's ridiculous now whoever threw that should be banned from this arena for life Davis and little flair that's gonna pack our squirts down [Applause] [Applause] Yolanda Herrera stereo photo believers I'm a contractor supposing a community don't let that another cigar cannot escape us contagious and yes and it's you never wanted to be that guy that if they haven't removed him yet John Gibbons will make a phone call yeah [Applause] reaching up to be fan interference [Applause] did it hurt he got tackled by pet linebackers no didn't know what did you think of the time pretty stupid nothing I can say it's just I hate losing to this deal and a flyball towards the line in left Franklin coming over in a hurry and a fan reaches over it mean then you got to go i foul adrian tenon / doubtful then probably figures well it's coming to my neighborhood so I'm entitled to it Telus was stabbed in the back and she can be heard crying out in pain her attacker was quickly subdued by other spectators and security guards