when my plane crosses with this team comp do you guys all wanna run comment I have five comments shooting at this I actually am running Commodore everyone five comments by common we're gonna stab did looking at all five comets is so funny what's up like an artillery bomb need on a gangplank I mean I have no mana I don't want to like waste your time you want a keg Mike I'm coming I'm coming you just can't you get your gear yeah yeah yeah oh wait one more oh wait I got him I got ray oh my god of this world is words panic your minions and I get your minions no no I got all the casters Oh God yo yeah yeah you know careful Zoey's coming top Michael careful buddy oh yeah see yeah see you later I'm empty why outside oh you're by the way I'm coming I'm coming to my way undyne I'm rivet on Riven Riven okay ooh that wall was so good oh I want my money back oh wait hold on I gotta kill it got it can i ulti yo if anyone's low just scream I'll let you know I'll squeal like a pig and I was good if anyone gets all [Laughter] alright are you everyone save your ultimate right let's combo yeah let's try like put him in synchrony brother robots like Rahab somebody so hard make sure make sure your comets off cooldown – ok so we have 5 commentating dude I can I just do it oh okay I need gold sorry guys 3 gold jungler we would do cheese solo wait I got I got I got it I'm coming I'm coming oh I got it no no I got I got it don't free monies boys hey there we go nice wait listen are you okay I'm fine there's go Death Cab – rush it let's get those let it to me this is our droids now okay a level 11 lower ctrl T you guys ready yeah just what you guys want to all go made real quick yeah yeah I mean I can't everyone commits will push out your lanes and then come in ok let's go to sit man let's all like over here ready when you're hilarious dude wait sir who shoots first we need the asshole national team to slow forever unless you won okay okay well I'm gonna blue trinket ready hold on wait okay shooter ready okay just go go go go I'm what altaïr what else but you're still gonna kill well you got to wait it's like it how did he die right okay don't worry guys there's a little sloppy try oh nice trials hey yo we have our all else's back you just want to run it down mid yeah I'm saying are you you are your dad don't be doing yeah I'm just gonna get our changes real quick then I have ulti yeah so wait wait we need okay now would be a good give – ulti go go go go everyone go oh my god [Laughter] go heal now oh my yeah I they got destroyed okay wait let's think of the order of these all teas right wait wait everyone come in let's see the order of these oldies so we need like a shadow to be first I think Ashton Ezreal snow right away a couple seconds after GP SIG's then cars this coca hi you guys ready okay here we go where are they oh okay they're ready just shooting let's go go oh my gosh Zeke mo there's too much damage right 5:27 you guys wanna go MIT again I think we just need everyone but GP min actually Karthikeyan min either you'll actually TP to this to pay them all and then just all to yourself me yeah yeah ready everyone ready yeah TP dude where did I come wait why stop right there criminal scum you salty we don't measure I Soul Stealer what's wrong with me what they take a blue pot – that would be max 711 dude I'm gonna love it okay you guys wanted us all team in now okay all right look we have so much damage just like not even like we're not able to even get all our old stuff cows get bored actually you know we could do we could all twin shadows and slow them we could do that ocean let me get this again don't do that you're gonna get tenants let's do it let's get tense Jose you want to kill this guy real quick everyone else here real quick yours all tiem ulti I'm ready oh he's gone yup maybe we just go for like one target at a time honestly hey check out my APA easy wow this is like dude I got three I mean come on three oh wait you can all see from there can't you okay just go everyone ultimate everyone ultimate does it work oh that's beautiful shadows coming in they might capture me they might catch you oh my god oh oh all right I got twin shadows now there we go okay here's my maximum a PETA by that there it is boys nice okay yeah you know what let's just okay the next person we see just shoot your ultimate wherever you want just go ahead shoot your ultimate it's just too dumb dude alright no Caitlin's health is like under 40% wait is it yeah it's just down there under Florida shadows down I push out as a porch a toaster yes we're not all shoot at Lexus and just see what happens I hope wait Mike can you get close enough to shoot at the Nexus yeah you got to let me get right so II already yeah I can do it from okay everyone also Nexus girl let's see if we can kill her what did it bear it touch this wait why does she have protection the game or something I need I need cart this minute you have one is emissions I got you boys I'm here I'm a little – yes I can't get I'm gonna behind it it go if you automate I'll do like 10k and if you automate was like something yeah yeah GG well played