UFC Pros Pick – Favorite Professional Athlete

I would go with JJ Watt I really like him I like him on the field I like when he does you know what Roman chenko is an outstanding athlete in boxing watching that guy it's like it shows you that there's just so many different levels to the individual arts you know so I'll definitely go along with chenko I'm a big Raiders fan you know Charles Woodson Tim Brown those kind of guys the guys I grew up being a fan of uh always been a big Raiders fan so I feel like this might my topics have to be my my buddy Scott Stallings PGA golfer uh you know I've been listening to his a David Goggin man he's not really much of like that I mean he's a and again he's like he's like one of those Navy SEAL guys but this is mindset the way this guy approaches life the way he taxes and just submerges himself in the experience of like you know possibly death you know what what he's able to do how much he's able to put in a daily schedule right to boil up running miles you know pokes and video is just inspiring and he doesn't want to be credit he's just out there doing it he's inspiring those who you know you know put put a limiting beliefs on themselves like oh that you know he's just crazy he can't do that when he's been through a lot of a lot of up that's you know again he's just submerging himself in the experience he goes out there and he talks about it he doesn't say hey I'm gonna do this I'm doing that he goes out there and does it he does it to to the fullest so he's somebody that I've been listening to as far as like other athletes man you know just all the grapes man Michael Jordan listen listening to like where they come from Michael Phelps you know just real big-time athletes you know Walters that is a tough one I have to go Cam Newton you know big dude freakishly and it's got style you know the man after my own heart when it comes to this drew Brees you know a Drew Brees is amazing the Saints is my team they're my home team and I love having Drew Brees a part of it he's the man but I guess every time the Olympics is on or something I like to watch swimming I like to watch gymnastics I like to see also the background of the athletes because of how hard they train every single day to reach that kind of level you know the best in the world so it's really inspiring I I think that everyone in all these different sports it's all into interrelated you know the work ethic big fan Tyson his style you know his aggression just a mental warfare he brings to the table you know he's got he's got it here you know when he came to show up to the fights the intimidation style and just his reputation and uh it would just went fights before the fight itself you know so that no that was to me a spectacle to watch something I've always been a fan of yeah you know I really like but Seeley lomachenko he's just like just he's a boxer you know he's amazing boxer also a southpaw just so phenomenal you know so technical so fast just amazing and he's his good friend music he's just I really like the way they fight because they're extremely technical and they're also you know heavy punches as well not so much as like a single punch kind of guys but the volume and usually the volume guys they're not they don't hit hard but these guys they're valium it's hard punches you know and then obviously I really like Wilder the boxer the heavy the way the way he fights is just so he's kind of brings that era of Mike Tyson almost you know he's a different body type he is more a tall and lanky guy but the way to fight he's just so like wild you know like so furious just you know sometimes you will see you will say oh this is not like the most technical punches but boy if they land he they're gonna hurt you know so it's really really exciting to watch okay there's a horsemen account yeah his name is Diego Ventura he's a professional bullfighter on a horse but uh I like Cristiano Ronaldo but I also really like I've always really like look up to his uh Kobe Bryant comes back and GSP has been a big inspiration to me I read I just read yeah I've read GSPC books like five times I just read Kobe's so yeah those are those are guys that I really look up to