TVJ Sports Today: JFF Boss Denies Slighting Cedella Marley – June 11 2019

and welcome back to prime time sports Tuesday the Jamaica Football Federation has found itself in hot water about its treatment of reggae girls ambassador Cedella Marley during the ongoing FIFA Women's World Cup Marley the daughter of international music icon Bob Marley was named reggae girl's ambassador by former president of the jmf the late captain Horace Burrell Marley is largely credited with resuscitating the national senior women's program after it was abandoned in 2008 current Madden reports from France prime time sports FIFA Women's World Cup report the Jamaica football federation faced a firestorm of criticism after Vida emerged on social media showing recognize ambassador Cedella Marley hailing the Wreckers from behind the security fence following Sunday's game in Grenoble the jmf president Michael Ricketts has pushed back against suggestions that the Federation was being disrespectful we caught up with the Jamaica Football Federation president Michael Ricketts at the team hotel in Ron's Ricketts while apologizing to Molly insisted that the GF have meant no disrespect according to him over to our mates Adela's team ahead of the World Cup early very early when we when we learnt of or qualification we were in contact with the the Marley group and they assured us that they were okay there is a suite at the venue we never heard from them again in fact there was also an issue that her security they would have problem the French people would have problem having her security to come over so they were actually having discussions with the French people to provide her with local security but given that the relationship between the jmf and Mali was broken under former administration we asked Ricketts whether there has been a breakdown in the communication between Mali under the current executive which he now leads a real real problem is that we neither from her and not from our end did not initiate a discussion in this regard but like I said accreditation is the parameter of a FIFA so the Japheth could not have given her unaccredited according to rickets contact has again been made with Cedella steam about her credentials no Jamaica's to remaining group matches but there have been advised that Mali will stick with our previous arrangements well the team manager wrote to her handler the person with whom jeana's always communicated and the response was according to FIFA it provides accreditation process of airFiber persons listed as a staff members of delegations as provided by local Federation's efforts to read Cedella Marley through her team have so far been unsuccessful and reported from the FIFA Women's World Cup in France Caryn Madden for TVJ sports