Tutoring Helps: A student athlete’s perspective

[music] Kiara Kumar: It started back in last January,
so a year ago, a little more than a year ago. There was just one student originally coming
in from the basketball team. His coach had brought him in and said that
he needed help with just academics in general and boosting his grade. Damon Bozeman: I was failing two classes in
my freshman year. My coach told me, “Go to the library, second floor.” I didn’t know
exactly what it was but I did know that one of my teammates, roommates had went here before. My freshman year, I would just open up the
book and look it over 20 minutes and thought I studied. Working with a tutor, they actually
show you the steps you need to retain the information. Read it over and over multiple
times. Write it out. They quiz you. Those are some of the things
that I wasn’t doing before that they showed me. Kiara: The coach was just really satisfied
with the results that they had us working and stuff. He ended up just bringing the whole
team in last fall. Since then, we’ve been working with the whole basketball team. Damon: When I first was coming up here, I
was pushing them away. I didn’t want the help. I had my guards up a lot. I was like, “No, I’m all right. I don’t need
help.” No, this. No, that. Kiara: Back in January, when the two boys
originally coming, they hated coming here. They didn’t really see the point in it at
first, I think. They were like, “Why do we need help. I’m
making it through my classes. Getting Cs in my classes. That’s fine.” Damon: When I started open up more and more,
the more I actually liked coming up here and working with the tutors. That’s the more I
got started doing well in my school and the improvements I’ve seen in my grades. Kiara: We just slowly turned that around to
like, “No, your academics are really important. It’s really important that we’re here and
doing this every week together. We’re staying on top of our work.” Things like that. Damon: With English, English was a real tough
subject for me. As far as I write in complete sentences or even trying to understand information
in a paragraph. I can read a big article. Just trying to retain
the information was just so tough for me. I just couldn’t remember what I had read,
basically. Working with the tutors here, they showed
me how can I retain it. That’s coming up here every day for hours and hours. I’m real happy
that I came up here. Kiara: He’s in here every day on his own now.
He doesn’t come here begrudgingly. He knows that he has to come here and that we’re going
to do work. It’s beneficial for him, as well. As a tutor, I really want my tutees to become
these self-sufficient learners, who can rely on themselves so that they don’t need me in
the end. I think, I’ve made a progress with the boys
that I’ve been working with because they see now how to become this long-term learner,
not just this person who just does their assignments here and there and just takes this exam and
goes onto the next class. Damon: I come every day now, basically. Get
done with practice and I come straight to the library or wake up and come straight to
the library. I would tell them just come here and give
it your all. You can see the changes. The time that you put in on the basketball court
which how you develop your game, that’s the same time that you have to put into your work. I feel that if you come here, you’ll be very
successful in the classroom. You’ll see results quick. That’s how I look at it. Just like
you put in time on the court, you’ve got to put time in the books and your studies. [music] [cuts off]