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huh [Applause] club cappers gamblers punters hustlers low baggers thank you for your patience are you a bit of a late start we had a tech issue here with the TriCaster but we are ready to rock you're watching betting with the bag Tuesday late show shouts all the cappers a job we got not applicable ready to go Christopher Smith Dennis Garcia flick my BIC the bartender not applicable land flow rose JP deer Slayer skeet Ron Lawson there's our guy parlay poppy man he was so good today yeah partly poppy people are asking for more poppy men there's only one way to fix that it's to give up more poppy see if you can get an extra day on the schedule I love these Tuesday's though because he goes and then I start smashing Coors Light in the ditch at I love it 2:30 p.m. with poppy and la smash and Coors Light preparing for the lake and non-applicable says Gold Mystics yes that's my second and third wmba place of the year going right now Andre Eric ready to go we got baseball Bob in those Douglas Robinson Dom reaching low bagger nation love it red girl ready to go J pieces am I crazy I like the White Sox I'm only on three place I'm only on three place and I need more action but as my guy Robbie tak Aloha says when does the audible start I thought the audible was live it was not live I mean we recorded it we recorded the AFC North Division breakdowns and we're gonna be doing deep dives but it was really fun to get a lot of work in I was grinding on these teams and breaking them down and I'm excited and I'm excited and some very interesting angles I guess you know I mean they're both just Donnie and well-kept are just absolutely spectacular cappers and then file cappers especially and I think the most exciting angle of all is well Donnie likes the Steelers to win the division but I think the most exciting of all would be to take the Ravens to win the division early because they have an easy schedule so the Browns and the Steelers Steelers have a real tough schedule Steelers bye week comes in week 7 there's their first 6 gain and said the Browns first 8 games are very tough but the idea would be then when the Ravens get off to that fast start which is what we expect then to hedge if you like the Browns to take them then you know take them when the Ravens become when the Ravens are leading the division and that was a dropped by whale capper which is very very interesting stuff so Robbie tag Aloha wasn't wasn't live but man we're primed and ready to go dad fences I hate to go against a mean cowboy because he does try too hard does give winners but he's on the Red Sox and I love that win today right underneath parle papi says twins look like a milestone says fire your tech geyser SAP ok well first off I don't have the power to do that but secondly I love Rafa Larry and Freddie very very very much Freddie the least Russell Gordy's there's twins winning dog number one baseball bob says we need a bigger budget Tommy says hope he gets to go to Miami red and then says to me said it's a green light it is a great light baby we're going to Miami can you believe it we're going to Miami I can't believe it I gotta let Drake know get to get the plane ready we're going to Miami Robi tag Louis is love at the audible straight cash Elio top steps on Red Sox first five there's my guy sports keg in the house their stock guap ready to go I will be on sports cake tomorrow night day pastures my lardo parle cards a Dodgers Brewers moneyline Stephen dollar he playoff streets on the Astros first 5 real real says did you make your a WM B tonight but yes I did and but I didn't for like two hours because it just didn't occur to me that I was betting WNBA so after the show I made my baseball better than two hours later I was like hey wait a minute and it was a mistake because that Toller went up even further when even higher there's a hunter angle Hart says check your Twitter message that of course for you I will sorry I didn't get a chance to do that I was I went right from the audible to this show Resig audience is all over twins on posters so what hotel are we staying in Miami that's so close to being confirmed we are so close to letting everybody know what's going on so close there is Dave la Stella still hungry Thank You recovering from the damn hangover max plays over eight and a half in the Cubs game Astros run line Red Sox moneyline braids no runs in first and – 115 in the Pirates over 18 I've already copied and pasted that that was the first thing I did as soon as the show's over I just went over to David le see what he was up to all right we got grim reaper ready to go t-money's just like the Pirates tonight in Hunter I will do that alright so let's see who else I missed a couple people here we got Gerald Marty's we got my wife my guy flipper 13 in the house man's where I love flip we got Lorraine ready to go nut flush Allen in there chat Costanza Ronnie P P D pics t-money drew daddy god I love these guys flipper 13 says finally poppy popping Coors Lite and Bakersfield milfs you know that's the truth we got Corey Simmonds Dave paddock tobe Lane now the pickle says popping my girlfriend wants you to remove your toupee man that's a nice looking head of hair on him and I I know you guys make joke he says it's maximum-security stale we'll all get a chance to comb it in person in Miami cuz he's gonna be there look any chance to go Poppy's here in person and ask questions about his eyebrows and pump weights alright Carlos Dominguez ready to go say saludos Jimmy from Guadalajara Mexico Carlos Dominguez thank you for watching my guy Carlos and Carlos I can't stop listening to go Loco I can't stop listening to it I played 25 times a day ask Rafa I'm playing go Loco over and over and over and over and over why G my guy yg man Carlos Dominguez in the house shout-out to everybody watching from Mexico and to the great country of Mexico okay Christopher Smith says I like Minnesota but cooling off there now okay we gotta go over place and sorry it's taking too long Todd Collins says Milwaukee is not the played line being proven they can not hit left-handers all year inside the same story no bad I mean sleepless bats that's from our guy Todd Clint Douglas Robinson in the house okay let's get to work let's get to work Anthony mr. Nardi my guy says taking Pittsburgh moneyline Milwaukee run line Atlanta money line and okay and Vinny Cornell ready to go bball 619 says what's Paco saying about them Padres like how good we got all these experts for each team this has been the best so it started two weeks ago on Monday this has been the best run that we've been on and it's you guys man the chat was straight fire I made mistake after mistake after make on yesterday's card and went seven and six plus like just under like 0.77 years I'm and that's because you guys were just giving a winner after winner after winner sooo three sentences let's go I'm tuning in while either stripper conference in the Y Hawaiian rum and Beach Sun bums sues I find that extremely interesting I find that more and more interesting every second thought I take on it tuning in well at a stripper conference in Hawaii Sue's you live in the kind of life that I dream of girl Sue's 387 Andre and yellow Jesus Jesus there's party lot down pirates minus 1/2 a plus 135 play today Cubs red line that's the Spidey play today Trey smile ok let's get to work holy bull speed in the house holy ball speed in the house on Dodgers Houston 2 team full game gas station xuxa's Lamont's on the cardinals Anthony and I are on the Marlins what to do oh man yellow Jesus oh won't right now man he's all 101 right now ok plenty of TV's 5 TD says JT sports with facts picked a Blue Jays over Angels moneyline yes I'm against it I don't like going against anybody I'm going against that Corey Simmonds says you like Julio Teheran strikeouts over 4 now if I do what's the juice there's 2 wrong Russell ok let's get to work let's get to work right now ok let's get to work and stay focused pilot Bobby says Jimmy look at your oral ROI over the past weeks you have a big sample size teams have a bigger edge you'll be up large this year a hundred you know what there's certain cappers that are in my head you guys know the guys because they're probably in your head too and gin rummy and Russell Sigourney are in my head so they're getting me off some of the lazy kind of reaching mistakes that I make and then you guys are absolutely crushing if I made no picks and just tailed you guys I'd be doing better than I'm doing all right Lucas ready to go fight Granby says I'm on my third blunt I'm high as a kite respect I think all says the only bet I'm on which I'm worried about is the Brewers Mel Mel says Fowler and carpenter heating up farts Jay Tommy says cops will take care of next-door-neighbor Cubs moneyline Russell Reese's Cleveland gets the wind cold colione ready to go James ready to go so let's go let's go Alice Marbury says anyone on the Angels first five moneyline I prefer the full game myself okay let's get these markets up let's get the lineups up and let's get to work now we're gonna start with this Phillies Nationals game I don't want to spend too much time on it I'm not very comfortable with it but the more money that comes in on the Nationals the more I want to take the Phillies that line up that we thought we were gonna see yesterday was terrible ugly ugly let's see if Philly's changed it for today today the field the girl Harper Kingery Hoskins Rodriguez Quinlan Ana's nap for the Nationals Turner Eaton rend own solo Adams Dozier Gomez Corbin and Robles I'm off of it I'm off ikemen connection to me what I've been looking at d-backs under 10 yes and remind me that when we get there t-money's on the over in that Phillies Nats game it opened at under 9 and a half of minus 120 Saturday night up at minus 110 there's my guy no Lee knows there's big review angels team total over four and a half cash it I like that and sports cake says make those unders great again big boy that's our guy no Lee Doug I know Lee all right Tommy said open mic girl spraying Febreze all over man that's teamwork right there that's teamwork okay listen I'm off Phillies Nationals I don't like it didn't like yesterday don't like it today andre eric says Corbin start passing starts exactly totally t-money liking the d-backs under and David laces Phillies no Realmuto no heart Nats should win they should win yes they should win I don't want to deal with it I don't want it let's move on to raise Yankees and let's look at the market move here Yankees open up in – 125 Wow it just keeps going up and up and up it was about – 150 5 in the morning show now it's at – 168 Wow up and up and up man Cuban Connect says Jimmy will be at the booby trap by the river bag Cuban girls oh man that sounds very appealing dreamily appealing I'm in Wow and the bartender says I'd land in New York first five now at four beautiful we crushed that line move okay dummy just raise up fifty three games on the road when under Russell Crowe he says raise dog at what point do you back the race it doesn't it have to be now we talked to Anne tell about market moves and going against market moves and and gin rummy says you're gonna lose along with going against market moves but at what point at what point do you have value with the race look at this data aces Rainey's lineup looks so weak lean Yankees -1 let's take a look at this lineup for the Rays darn no leading off Wow fam Wow Garcia Adamas kiermaier Heredia Zuni no Wendell for the Yankees LeMay hey you void Hicks Sanchez Stanton incarnate on grigory's Torres Maybin man is that lineup gets healthy it looks good looks good uh let's see uh Cuba canary says Yankees will get to Stanek early there's Matthew walling in the house our guy Matthew red girl says Yankees first five all right Oh Andre Eric says Stan respect to be active in frames let's Tuesday yeah he's expected we see him there uh Luke I says do you ever trade out of your pics because a line movement like take out a small profit because you took a good line you know I guess at this point my unit size is small one hundred twenty five bucks if I was betting more money I would but my unit size small and there's nothing wrong with it what you're talking about Lucca absolutely nothing wrong with it Shawn glass on the Yankees solo over okay I'm not gonna go up against you Park said Asami says Yanks money like to be nice talk 9 Cordero yank tank tanks pilot papi says Yarborough is good away 199 oh wow 199 wobot 315 er a 20 and fits only to wear that's correct array of 731 and a robot 364 Darmok says lovely under Yanks the public over move because R Us East and strike out machine I don't get it under Erickson's template lost 14 series openers in a row see Cordero thing staying a little home where today see what that told us done take another look at this total here sorry you know what to me I think the raves the Rays first pod makes sense Matthew won't say to me what exactly does a taint mean in the taint play today Matthew the taint is that little flap that little that little gymnast a quoi in between the balls in the asshole that's the taint and that's what the taint means it's that little junus say quoi that little question mark that little riddle the balls in the asshole okay let's keep rolling Oh reproduce exactly Dom what are they thinking Wow Ron Crawford says if you played every single spreadsheet play this year on the money line all three plays combined 185 in Wow Wow Andrew daddy says what's the taint play today so is James Nina sue six it's the coot I love suits I love Sue's I just I fall more in love with Sue's 3/7 every day what is the oh sorry what's the tape later sorry it's the Yankees sorry it's the Mets Braves under 9 under 9 ok let's roll yeah look I think Ray's first 5s value I think the Rays first five has value I do let's see is that crazy I don't want to go up against you but I mean I'm getting a plus 150 I mean even look at the plus 1/2 half on the raises plus 100 plus 1/2 is plus 100 is that nuts I'll be gold says Jimmy where can i buy that t-shirt you're wearing well I'll be honest in Miami okay I'll give you one Josh North jaw guy Josh is one of the spreadsheet place today okay I'm gonna quickly go over all the action here so so de valet we went over his plays white sox Cubs over eight-and-a-half Astros run line Red Sox money line Mex Braves no runs for extending Tigers pirates over eight and a half the taint play to date new york mets atlanta under nine Lamont Max Lamont Williams max play White Sox over eight and a half so well Lamont max play and Dave a layer on the same play flip the 13 says I'm sorry I'm here working but did you say your unit is small it's all relative you know flip it ranges in size depending on the heat okay Johnson I thought that part was the good she is that like foie gras I don't know if I'm pronouncing it right goose liver okay um stay focused raise will upset the Yankees tonight's as far should a guy Farsad says Yanks oh man Sam my man Sam says no shitting the bed today deal God you know what I want the raise here I just think that's too much value man plus 100 plus 1/2 all right that is that Yankees lineup too scary Oh what did Tom say I missed that Tom said something about the Yankees game and I missed it I was wrong so Dharma said they will play yank game raining and stopping there's a window of no rain from 7:00 till button is not okay they're gonna play okay Lucas says to me my unit anywhere from eight to twelve dollars that's how you start Lucca nothing wrong with that that's how you start King who says what are your place so far I'm only on three place so far my three plays are oh and I didn't give sorry I didn't give out the spreadsheet plays sorry sorry where's the spreadsheet please Dodgers Oakland are his biggest ones then it goes Astros Cubs and then Mariners Mets all right I think it's starting to make that move and Ronco they run carpet just give it I think it's time to make that move I think it's time to make that move in I am and also I bother with the a half I'm going to I'm gonna take plus a half with the razor plus 100 I have bar tasters I always loved playing the rage but don't ever like them against the Yankee's I'm sure you mean okay I'm gonna do it I'm gonna take the raise first five going back to this shitty well where I lost yesterday at plus 100 all right let's keep rolling okay then you asked what my plays are I'm on the Tigers pirates first five under five and we already know that data is on the over I don't like that Polly poppy says need to take Campbell's numbers against white socks in the garbage Hamill sucked at home as a ranger and got blasted last year look what happened when he faced the Rangers and globe Stadium smashed Russell Gordie saying pit definitely over all right now it sounds like I'm in trouble in this tigers Pitts Pitts game let's see what the money lines in totals are and we'll take a look at lineups here we go the under is still at five so five and I got – 106 let's see what it is first five if I wanted it now I could I beat a line move by nine cents the best it gets – 115 so the unders being hit let's see what the full game is the full game opened at not under nine – 120 now it's under nine and – 107 so a 13-cent move towards the over so you know Russell Gordon you guys not scared about that Andre Erikson I go Yankees money line I'm comfortable here oh and Dom Ricci green with papi partly papi saying Hamels will do well tonight David sense is why on earth other cards of – 275 fav you're right why why and let's get to that game fine I'm going to slow here okay Tigers pirates I'm on the first 5 under 5 basically I think mr. Keller has a much better performance on regular rest and he had in his last start we already know that plot elata you watch this team over and over it's on the pirates on the – one and a half line pirates open 2-1 31 there now – 159 at 28 cent move towards them partly papi says Detroit 227 batting average away from home – spike Keller in the 470 beverage that scary game no laying off that Detroit 29 runs last 10 games and when could I I guess I shouldn't chin around me would be saying don't do that he could have got the Pirates of – 131 what were they during the morning show let's just quickly see what they were during a morning show during the morning show yeah here we go during the morning show oh they were at 155 but if I wanted them they got down to minus 145 at 308 p.m. yes let's take a look at the lineups and then decide if we should make a move on the Pirates with the Tigers good room Castellanos Cabrera Stewart Dixon Castro eggs Jones for the Pirates Neumann Reynolds Marte Belle Cabrera Diaz Gong Frazier twat ease on these pirates back in these pirates okay Andre accessible Tigers fights been losing lately tough spot for both teams Pappas's Marte only guy who ate snores but no sample size under not a bad look Pilate says pirates lineup is really deep all right I'm just gonna take a look at what I would get if I took this move here if I took him on the minus one line go to spreads Pittsburgh on the -1 Wow getting a nice plus line okay I'm in I'm in twat II leading the way I'm on the Pirates minus one what I do here shit what the hell I do here the hell I did but I'm on the pirates minus one here so uh sorry I made a little mistake here God all right here we go pirates – one money line and the – one and a half I'm already on the minus one half sorry you guys – one and a half the best fighting gets plus 135 here at Heritage and five dimes so minus one half plus 135 and the money line I believe it was minus 150 – 1:55 the best I can get at five times okay so I'm doubling up on that game now okay let's move on to the Angels Jay's game Oh gel Jesus and Jimmy I love fading al teams and then I'll ballpark's that's a great look that's a great lean I like that and parkour poker dudes giving us no lease action under Eric said Pirates went 2 and 10 on their last road trip they did I know they only took two or three from the Pirates but you know I think they can get to Norris enough I think Keller has a better start there's our guy for Show 90 foe says he's on the Marlins tonight who's coming with me Justin Leon says how can I buy a -1 if your book doesn't offer it no problem you've come to the right place and this was given to us by our guy Ron Crawford there you go there you go Destin that's how you buy minus one okay let's keep rolling let's keep rolling Sam says angel stay rolling and I agree I'm on the angels minus 120 you know I wanted to make sure that we get through all these games in the later games on this card we didn't hit hard enough but I'm on the angels minus 120 I don't need to spend too much time here I just think their lineup is so much better and I know that stones been good first five but I also know strowman doesn't get offensive production from the Jays will he get it here against gags I don't think so for the angels la Stella Chow Otani Poole's Calhoun Fletcher Smith Goodwin Renji foe for the Jays so guard Gregorio Biggio look that's how bad our team is we have to put in the kid Biggio in the cleanup spot we're gonna be good someday but not yet grad Chuck tell as two lesbian a disappointment Galvez Jansen jury juries being a disappointment all right Ron losses on the angels team total over two and a half first five and I'm on the Angels – one two one Eric tone says Blue Jays win I think Skaggs do you look like an ace against these bums parlayed Poppy's adding this trout over to nap hits runs RBIs trout's on the heater 8 for 16 against strowman who is due to get hit strohman looked worse the last few days and I have had success not being afraid to go against them let's look at the numbers against our strowman as papi already pointed out the 8 for 16 against Roman while 8 for 16 three doubles no homers no Jack's only one homer in the 57 at-bats and that's by Kevin Smith but a 439 batting average they are 25 for 57 against our guy strowman and Russell Gordy's on the Blue Jays all right I don't like seeing that Tommy says instrument one of the best first five pitchers in the AL he is and read girl is not afraid read girls on angels first five plus one 10 man we're coming to you right girl we're partying with you we're coming your way in August can't wait to party with right girl Isaac God said to me take Dodgers on your okay thank you for that I'm gonna copy and paste that and here we go copy and paste that there we go jemelle right with me he's on the angels run line I didn't take it I only took it at minus 120 let's see what the market moves beam quickly copy and paste that all right Russell Gordy's on the Blue Jays first bite as well let's go to spreads and totals right now here we go for that angel spot angels opened up – 120 that's where I got them there now – 123 so just a preset move towards some heritage embed online at – 123 this totally opened juice to the under nine and a half it's now on the over in nine and a half and I kind of like the over or hate don't place and I think that the ordering in order to beat baseball you need Plus lines spots like that we got a hammer take that – one and a half I hear you but I already took in the money line and I hear you Isaac go out saying Jimmy take the bruise under as well you some sofa guys – that Jimmy I think Miami first five money lines worth a have unit I do too but let's wait till we get there let's just keep moving in the direction and we're moving in a to slow pace and I apologize for that okay so here we go now we get to these Astros Astros parlay Papi's on the Astros drew Martin's on the Astros and I was leaning towards the Reds I was leaning towards getting value with disc LaFonte this Astros team opened up – 170 there now – 175 – five-cent moved Awards in this total open at 8 it's now at 8 and a half look I wanted to take this cliff on e-sports cake says Jim my dad's down to Miami area I haven't talked to him in 20 years if I sent you a picture can you kick him right in the dick absolutely absolutely can run pull out my trusty ski mask I also use sharpen chopsticks I don't know if you want me to go that far but J anything for you kick stab you tell you you would you name it kick stab stab kick whatever you need okay Rosco D says price getting hit today gents – 113 tells you as God says Jimmy take the Atlanta on there Isaac God my guy eyes of God liking unders today like our man know Lee knows all right Rodney Peete says come on Jimmy jump on the Astros my man something's telling me this money's gonna have a nice start let's see what we're talking lineups wise Houston Bregman Brantley Alvarez Carillo tree nose white Kemp Marisnick for the Reds Winker Vado Suarez dietrichson's el Puig Barnhart Peraza you know I'm gonna stay off of it nandus weather saying Cincinnati game under Cincinnati game no no Justin has the knife under the shoe trick with lemon or theother Justin I like that David Lee says that's why I'm a good dad I like my balls yeah and if any of you have had stepdads you've probably seen their balls because that's what stepdads do they coming in the robe and they tell you to be quiet and if you look up discard for life poco dude says you can still support this copani with another nine play yeah you're right it can I can but it's not nines eight and a half I guess you bought up I said every night I'm gonna check here I'm gonna go to pinnacle and see if it was every nine come on my computer is slowing down it's this could be a problem oh no we're back okay let's quickly go to this spot houston under houston astros reds under give me the line history please okay there we go all right this total no it was never at 9:00 opened at 8:00 updating the hat back there in the a back to eight and a half I do feel a tiny bit uncomfortable oh there's shoes coming through God God every comments who says I fall a little bit more in love with her she says send your dad to Hawaii for a Hawaiian Punch at the couch punch in the Gooch hot Suze you you're an angel oh that's a copy and paste there that's a t-shirt authors tend your dad to Hawaii Hawaiian Punch in the couch oh god sis how can I talk about baseball when I keep falling deeper in love with you ah we got to get punching the goood shirts from Miami okay gotta stay focus it's impossible to when I fall deeper and deeper in love with soos alright stay focused stay focused do I take the under and Astro cincy if I think disco fine he's gonna have a good start but Nino says anybody have the WNBA play when we're talking about Gooch punches how dare you sorry stay focused stay focused stay focused okay watch in the couch all right okay it's very difficult to stay focused when the only thing going through my head is punching the Gooch all right stay focused you lost 100 drinking a dark liquor you know me man I drink the brown sizzurp okay I'm on the over Raven in the deserts on the under I'm on the over okay gotta stay focused I don't know about taking the under he right now I don't want to be reaching here and I might be reaching I'm not gonna take the Reds cuz poppy and drew are on the Oh what do you guys say who's who's on the under in this game can someone come in with an under alright I'm gonna just leave it here on there eight and a half as a lean and I'm gonna stop screaming punching the in the Gooch and it's not gonna be easy it's not gonna be easy okay Mets Braves we don't need to talk about it too much I'm on the first five under four-and-a-half poppies on it and Elle's on it and the taint play today is on the under nine let's take a look at the movement here sorry quickly take a look at the movement here we go uh spreads and todos were no full game here we go Mets Braves eight and a half and that's where it stands eight and a half and the Mets opener – 115 and now – 117 let's see what we get for a first five polo as we got the under four and a half where we get it at sorry we got the under four and a half and – 112 and right now oh there is a four-and-a-half butts – 130 at five dimes ah love it love it you're right not applicable you're right Jimmy needs to make a drink called pooch but oh man oh god man all right try to stay focused here twice first 5 minus 1/2 oh you know we're gonna be cheers in the punch and the goods in Miami okay party lot a Mets first 5 minus 1/2 is Twilight a I'm already on the under 4 and a half and I like it the twili lotte back into Grom thinking Tehran might get touched here thinking Tehran might get touched here and Darmody says the first five on him it's yeah I got such a good line I'm just gonna sit back and stop Moses says Braves money line-to-ground get zero run support and grande loft and he's on both the first five in the full game you know that's what I should have done wrong that's what I should have done when I knew that the taint play of the day was working perfectly with papi and L and my first five under all right I'm moving on sports cake says god I have to get to Miami you're absolutely right because you know what your dad has in store I try not to scream it watching the Gooch all right White Sox Cubs we know that day valet is on the / couch punch your play today soon as you have your new plate the good puncher played the day all right okay okay so we know White Sox Cubs over 8 and a half is being is a bunch of different categories around it but partly poppy said trust Hamels here this totals been going down it opened the first five opened up five it's now four and a half the full game open at nine seven eight and a half and de Valle liking runs Dave aller liking runs Russell was saying the twins won't lose three straight poker thicknesses well if you really feel good about this clip funny that that under easier play Reds aren't blowing up Verlander pens are both top-notch beats going against the room and the Astros I do too I think so too Isaac God says Jimmy take Cubs first I have under I think you're right poker addicted 79 I like the way you broke that down we trust the pens if we trust Verlander when did this I'll just be moving up and down I don't when did it move to eight and a half at ten forty one in the morning I agree up I agree I'm hesitant [Laughter] all right I'm going to okay I'm gonna take the under eight-and-a-half I'm going to take the under eight and a half in Astros game I think broke that down right I like this clip funny I think he's gonna have a nice start we like both pens so under 8 and a half of minus 111 a pinnacle under eight and a half and minus 111 at pinnacle all right time is a factor I must speed it up here Slayer is jumping on asteroids andrey eric says colehamels being on fire the Cubs are huge favorites in this game huge favorites the total went from nine eight and a half let's see what the money line is done for the Cubbies open up moil actually my fault fifteen cent moved towards white socks over the – 225 now – 210 well diesel Eugene very interesting stuff very interesting stuff I didn't you know it's a good sign that you didn't know what it means it's a good sign healthy living okay Alan gray interesting Hamill zero you re over as fast restarts I like this White Sox team but they don't have power against lefties high average 266 but 728 Oh PS let's take a look at the lineup in Cubs White Sox for the White Sox Louie Garcia Tim Anderson Abreu McCann Jimenez Rondon Cordell Sanchez for the cubbies schwöre for Bryant Rizzo by Heyward carotene e Gonzalez Hamels at the 8th to scout so moving turning the lineup over oh wow Corey Simmonds got White Sox a plus 185 Dom says I'm telling you wheeler close to being traded in his contract here for a reliever appraised sweep them we are desperate twily latte on Dodgers Giants first five over 1:20 and 20 more says tomorrow geo Leto gets the W partly poppy says if you like Nova remember that he's decent against his Cubs 3.86 er a 2-1 ok let's see what the exact stats are Chicago head says Jimmy Raptors didn't congratulate my man I remember a lot of people didn't believe me being one of them Chicago kid much love to you thank you for the kind words ok let's see what they are against these guys here we go cubbies White Sox against Nova the cubbies are ending 308 with a 451 slugging 8:01 o-p-s led by Gonzales who 6 for 12 Rizzo 7 for 15 Contreras 5 for 11 Heyward 8 for 22 and then against Hamels these guys are pretty good number well ok for your Hamels small sample size 44 at-bats but 250 average for 32 slugging all right I'm gonna stay off stay off and puppies but remember Nova's 3-1 record with a 5.1 three-year a lifetime in five starts at Wrigley alright why talk scouts I'm off now let's talk Indians Rangers has there been a move here I was leaning towards Rangers first five in full game we wanted to see lineups and we wanted to know what the market move is here at the line of sirenians Lindor Mercado Santana Kipnis Ramirez Bowers Perez naquin Freeman for Texas choo Santana Andrews Mazzara Calhoun Cabrera odeur Guzman Mathis not a strong line-up of Meszaros back in it that helps a lot that helps a lot alright now let's take a look at market moves I'm sorry that's baseball data that's not that important in this game because neither of these guys have seen please AK or samson let's go to sports bec sports bet review sportsbook review here indians rangers Cleveland Texas Cleveland open think of – 115 for set moved towards them god I want to back the Rangers want to back the Rangers here Bart Nelson saying cops are online best bet for the game and pilot papi says no value on the Cubs passing I want oh oh no wrestle gory says oh no Cleveland I love and do we trust Sampson Andre exert leonie's have to be one of the most disappointing teams run scores I'm on Cleveland we know that was did de ballet said he was gonna take Cleveland every day is he taking them here No no hmm tricky okay I guess I won't do it of course even says you can get Dodgers prop at more home run 7 Cisco – 125 look at these two furnaces know Rangers you know so I guess I don't need to reach here there's no point to reach but I'd like Rangers but Oh Isan self guard says Jimmy Rangers are my summer play of the day fire show you saw me on Indians money line bartenders on Cleveland parlez pas pieces zero sample size include please don't take a team every day in a month don't understand this gap okay I'm gonna Polly poppies – Samson untrustworthy but Isaac God says Jimmy take Texas money line I wanted back Texas but I don't want to go against please act I don't wanna get salt go against all of you not applicable or Rangers verse five okay let's talk about it a little more so they got Mazzara back we know choose ranking Sampson allowed 6 runs 7 hits four homers in the no decision at Boston but he's looked great at home 2.7 no ara Pokhara addicted says- regression imminent for a child picture with a sub – er a pilot Pappas's sampson only t me mowed down was oakland in a funk and impotent royals don't have a good feeling going off okay I think master Nardi says listen Texas will win this game Cleveland starting a pitcher who's never pitched in Arlington David says Texas has Cleveland's number oh there's my guy Dom man I just of course he likes your Twitter comment Dom you are a sage enormous asset to our team yeah they're smashing the ball right now please ax never pitched in Texas but I still don't trust the Rangers bullpen okay so I'll take Rangers first five I'll split the difference I'll split the difference they're asking if pence is still I don't believe I said his name yes pence is still out all right I'm gonna take him first five moneyline first five for a Texas Texas money line first five I'm getting a plus 100 available up bookmaker all right first five master Dan already says Texas 25 to 1200 home with this win tonight goes +7 on you I like it Russell are you saying Sampson trash maybe I'm taking the shop Rangers first five okay Red Sox twins you know I like the way Panetta looked I like it a lot 20 lotte says in detailing Samson I am I am do you think that's a bad move it's too late now Chris poster says we'll have to be Mary's minus one my god of the day she applies the Dodgers being sickened me lately still pissed about that Sunday night game that cost me a nickel Michael Irving this is love Texas in the game Texas in the under and low check is also on Texas first five I like it thank you for letting me know II son okay you know I feel like I don't have an edge in Red Sox twins I really do I feel like I do not have an edge and I'm not gonna make a move parlay papi says Minnesota alarming 300 average 882 LPS lead leading league versus lefties Bryce on the road last reason that's an average batting average allowed of 0.46 points versus at home for six points higher 46 points higher well Sigourney said twins my favorite dog our times on Cleveland Texas first five on your six I think there's volatility with these young guys Oh okay I'm off of it I'm off this drew Martin was leaning toward reminds on the twins I'm off of it all right then we have Marlins Cardinals at what point do the Marlins have value at what point Yamamoto flaherty first five you're getting +200 first five on the spread the Marlins are giving you plus 130 plus 130 to be tied at five all love Eddie Euler all love Isaac God says Jimmy take the twins under that's interesting look sorry we didn't go over the lineups a boss didn't bet spending penny Martinez never spoke arts whole Chavez Bradley Vasquez for the Twinkies Polanco Garver Cruz Rosario Kron Gonzalez – no cave scope they just had a very low scoring game I'm guessing a hesitant I guess I'm hesitant to jump on it hmm I'll write the sports can't go get it my guy hahaha uh chip pie listen to me can you give me a parle pas light popping sports kegs Twitter right now yes I think I can it's just yes I can can sub I know that it's parle underscore poppy parle poppy I know that but okay alright pilot pops dangerous aback these young pitchers like Yamamoto especially I've just recently pitching this lineup for st. Louis so successfully but I know the offense of trouble for st. Louis poker dick says pinatas shaky versus average at best line of thread Sox are gonna blow him up very confident Wow plenty of TD's flashing TV says you're hoping the Cardinals make errors for the monitors to get on base yeah I I don't need to reach here I don't need to reach just the force action but ant ELLs on the Marlins first five now what point you want to jump on with them getting plus 130 a plus 1/2 for Yamamoto to keep him off base which he's already done this Cardinals offense doing nothing plus 135 plus 1/2 a heritage plus 135 pilot poppy can I trust me I'm Emoto enough to hold down st. Louis temporarily nice late it started against st. Louis bats first five team team total under two and a half mine's 105 is great look for me Mally mal says Cardinals are playing much better at home poker 1879 says yammamoto just beat this team nine and Oh last week nine zero last week plus 248 analysis complete Marlon's plus two and a half step minus 145 our guy Josh – stacking st. Louis all over my fan – a place rasuu says salmon milk Yamamoto from Hawaii's gonna serve up Hawaiian Gooch punch first five but kolten Wong is also from Hawaii suspicious punch in the Gooch oh that's a good point Josh had no tape on him in his first started up from double-a okay I'm just gonna stay off I'm just gonna stay off an L is on the Marlins I'm gonna stay off – Carlos don't need to reach ok Rockies Diamondbacks we got a lot of games that's Oakland A's and we got the Brewers game and Giants Dodgers and Royals Mariners okay that's not too many let's not too many okay alright where are we here we go here we go cam off those games okay Rockies Diamondbacks sends atella verse Kelly let's look at the market move here Rockies Diamondbacks oh sorry that's spreads first half my god okay there even though money lines and totals let's take a look at what we're dealing with sensitive Kelly open at nine and a half juice to the over it's now at ten the only book still hanging in nine and a half is pinnacle interesting Kelly and Arizona opens up at minus 130 there now – 155 a 25-cent moved towards them kappa 17.6 to me name three teams that had a bad week last week and will win today ah that says would take me a second but let's I have to look up some numbers for from last week I'm a little and I gotta roll through these games but name three teams that had a bad week last week that will win today okay let's do that so I guess the Cubs would be one but I don't want to touch that or the pirates pirates had a bad week last week and I think their win today so let's go pirates then the Mets with the Grom and the twins and say that and the breweries but I don't trust them Dodgers but they're too big a favorite with Kershaw okay that's an interesting look Tommy just says I love Diamondbacks what misalign yes probably Papi's saying could tell Marte props are alive okay let's get to it here quickly Rockies Diamondbacks Arizona only team in the majors to be above 500 with a losing record at home she trusts him as this big of a favorite at home I like what Meryl Kelley he's done four years in Korea he looks very good right now Colorado coming off that exhausting series against San Diego Rockies have scored at least nine runs and five their past six games tends to tell at 5.6 opra nine career appearances versus Arizona Kelly has allowed two runs in this past three starts he's rolling right now breast aghori says you better trust Woodruff Jimmy yeah I don't we'll get to that game I guess I do we'll get to that game shortly there's trot lamb and the house is I'm thinking two grand Mike just get touched here I don't like seeing that you some self of grace it's not sure at first five unders better than full game under in this Colorado Arizona game yeah I like the Diamondbacks here but I agree with missing the price I agree with missing the price okay I'm gonna stay off of it now let's talk Orioles athletics there's Mike ID Jay big boss he'll be on the show tomorrow morning where will he be coming from where will big boss be coming from tomorrow morning that is the question mando mando marching the Gooch lollipop uses sensor tella is allowing 290 batting average on the road in 100-degree chase field roof off the roofs off in 100 degree weather I thought the roof was gonna be on there's mr. fat fist in the house sorry mr. Patras I didn't get in touch with you today but I need to get in touch with you that's my fault I was just stuck with the working on the audible this afternoon headshot says Arizona as I had the hardest edge will so far camera everything exact number but they still play huge percentage aims against teams over 500 celebrities record Carlos Dominguez said to me a lot I like live betting them I'll be but I don't get how to do it Caliente is my book they don't know for a second I have bets very few books do so you have to go focus on the live play that's mando roof off Wow and Isaac God says do me take the Royals over okay we're gonna get there shortly okay so I'm gonna stay off I think I just missed the line I think I missed the line and he's on social graces Oakland and Baltimore bats are being cold I like this under nine and so does LoJack let's take a look at this market move in the A's Orioles game open at 9:00 to minus 110 now it's just seven cent move towards the under Anderson who is that guy I don't trust and I like you know I like you know edu Allah says USA women are -100 uh I don't think I've I guess maybe in a parlay I've made I've added but I've never single bet anything over even when I was young I couldn't have ever done anything morning more than – 2:30 or uh but I haven't done anything – 200 in a long long long time oh I could tell you when it was the last time I took a minus 200 why it blew up in my face oh it's one of the worst bets I've ever made in my life blazars against the pelicans first around the playoffs oh and they got swept okay way big boss just fooling with you I might be fresh out of ideas impossible okay let's keep rolling sorry gotta go fast Rockies Diamondbacks I'm off Orioles athletic seen overs Anderson you know what I don't trust Anderson even though he's pitching well right now Kaiser says Baltimore Orioles plus one to have small bit more money line or else wouldn't game one in the series nine times out of ten when they don't win Game one they cover the spread and Game two and always lose the final game of the series hmm yeah big boss out of ideas impossible can't wait to see where he is tomorrow just hope there's a whistle involved Anderson pitch the age 13 to win a Baltimore in April first win in four starts against the Orioles he's a sick CRA there's my guy Dimitrios davos our guide to mitrios I don't like anything about this game I don't like anything about this game all right let's move on to Brewers Padres let's take a quick look at what the line movement has been here open at 8:00 nap down to seven and a half I guess they believe in Allen the lefty and Woodruff at the Brewers opening – 150 there now – 168 their bats are ice-cold bruiser or this about lefty sorry I have varieties there for some reason Padres earning 241 7 2000 PS varieties breweries have lost four of their past six Allan at a 5.15 BRE in El Paso Brewers are 12 and 2 when Woodruff starts if one is last nine starts seven in over the 3.39 tra parlayed poppy on the Brewers -1 and you always say streak catch a guy with 21 in road just 125 grand going with 100 coin for underground with four more I picked Royals Mariners over tonight Wow DJ big boss says I met i'ma be at the Senior Center putting balls on all the ladies I like it but that mean has to be they have to ask or want it you know can't just you know but I'm sure they will okay I see God says Jimmy take the Milwaukee under it's moved to seven and a half with his Paco Hylian now said left me what Paco Elance to say Rasta Gordy says Woodruff is the real deal doing so if you wanted them on the minus one line the Brewers the money line bestia gets minus 164 at Pinnacle and the run one of the Brewers bats gonna wake up against this kid the – one and a half is that plus 100 Thaksin said Jimmy if you take the crew you best look at their lineup see do we have a lineup yet we do not yeah so you've a refresher while we have the Padres lineup but not the Brewers lineup for the Padres we have to teach junior Hosmer Machado Renfro Naylor Myers maiya Allen and Garcia turning over its ugly lineup for them I think the Brewers win this game I think the Brewers win this game I really do well I lost it was also on the under seven and a half rustico he says yup bats up for the brew group all right I'm gonna jump on the bruise – one john garcia says when are they gonna wake up but russell word he says Woodruff is a monster okay I'll roll with I'll roll I'll roll Dharma ghost is what you think my partner to be Houston Yankees Dodgers Cubs I just feel like you know what are the odds at all for the big favorites cash I think one of them can lose you know Jesus said to me can we start a face group Facebook group I don't spend much time on Facebook but but yeah I mean sure alright Tommy just addressed talked me into proves I took them last night lost 2-0 I'm going with him going back to I had him last night too all right let's go alright so I'm gonna take a take the brewery's on the -1 line Brewers -1 so the money line is sorry you guys one second here where is my ostrich there we go all right money line oh here I got point spreads up right now so the spread would be plus 100 that's at five dimes minus one and a half is that plus 100 and then the money line quickly sorry about this quick line shopping Milwaukee money line is at minus 164 and that's that pinnacle is minus 165 all right Bruce very not let me down again but that's a pretty ugly Padres lineup alright Lucas says winner to punch the good shirts coming up they're being worked on right now they're getting hot off the press hot off the press right up to Sue's 387 all right then we have Giants Dodgers Anderson Kershaw game makes me uncomfortable I understand the move towards the Giants opening up – through 60 now – 238 a 22 cent move towards the San Francisco Giants and there we go the total open at 8:00 is now at seven and a half Neuros thank you for the love yes Farley poppies right punch of the gooc tank-tops tease songs for our female friends debuting in Miami penny just moved that rock he's down their backs to ten thank you for the heads up at the Euler og wham says everyone on the sparks tonight I am NOT I'm on the Mystics I'm on the mystic sidelines not move much I'm also on the over and that slipped down my bed online of 165 and a half okay I'm just gonna stay off Giants Dodgers I guess he under but I don't really trust Kershaw enough I guess he under is in play 69 Fahrenheit 6 miles per hour out to right-center it was Thunder game yesterday I'm just staying off of it right now and then we get to the final game on the card I wonder I mean these Giants don't hit lefties at all let's see what papi has to say papi says Anderson's got to face the elite line up the two starts against Atlanta Arizona met together nine rancic things I can see him getting blasted here papi says first five over four looks live yes any oil extending is in the lineup thank you Dylan that's an interesting look papi it went so under yesterday let's take a look at this first five first five Giants Dodgers yeah all you needs four runs all you know but Freddie be saying Dodgers game under tj-100 grant saying Dodgers first half over first half and under in the WNBA game and there's plenty lot saying Giants Dodgers four five under for Jorge don't playing saying over in LA papi saying Kershaw be giving up Elise one or two runs every start yellow Jesus said Jimmy I have a question – oh now it's gone do I be able to visualize the stadium looking forward to see when that comes back yellow Jesus alright I'm uh I'm gonna stay off of it it wasn't a play I was going to make pop he almost talked me into it seeing other guys I respect on the other side I'm just gonna stay off that's a good question yellow geezers are not enough I guess there's not enough visualization it's an interesting question Wow Ron Wallach said la spanked by New York giving up 98 should blady tonight a 243 have gotten over 166 interesting the Costas said anyone back in the Brewers I just jumped on all right oh wow I just got saying Freddy B's my brother probably popping to say adding this dog who survived over all right I'm gonna be off that game I don't need to reach for plays now we get to the Casey Seattle game Casey Seattle game Isaac garden wanting me to make a move on this game oh and I see guards on the Dodgers under okay I'm not gonna mess with that I'm just going to the place that I copied and pasted from eyes of God twily saying agree with papi on the dog who shines first five over Oh interesting interesting you agree on the first five over I have no idea Michael Irvin Lena yeah this stuff doesn't come to me Russell Gordy on Seattle first okay sorry we I'm sorry I came to sit here and dink agreeing with the first five over four okay let's go to the totals first five one more time and look at this first five one more time under over four minus 119 San Francisco LA over four all right you Oh papi agreeing all right I think I make a move here parlez underscore poppies is Twitter all right aha God sorry I can't just see you and should I take this under for or over for first five over for seems attainable Isak go out saying take the Royals over all right let's take a look these bullpens are so bad this full game can get over easily let's see what we're talking about full game spreads and totals Marlon Germany saying Seattle in the over yellow Jesus says Dodgers bats will be erected tonight Eddie is it's not going against the 21 in a row guy in his Casey since Seattle over this market move went from the under 9:00 and after the over Chris guises has fade fade fade sour leche look at these Stefano says don't do it you I just try not to reach on plays that I wasn't planning on taking let's see if we got we got the Seattle Mariners confirmed lineup Smith Crawford Santana vocal Box Narvaez Seger Murphy Gordon Williamson I mean that's just a horrible horrible lineup that's just a terrible terrible terrible lineup why do we want anything to do with that lineup I'm with that Nova we're with that I want anything to do with that lineup and I don't Wow look at wrong wall SEC wmba great value links over Liberty on Saturday play of the week I'm gonna copy and paste that right now yellow Jesus says pull the trigger Jim god I love those erected bats all right you know it's just a market so the markets going against both those moves Fredi be saying no Chris Dodgers don't lose back-to-back you know I just I know we got to end this show but I'm just sitting here yeah – wrong rut slow is there a better song in the world right now nope well maybe maybe one of the big bosses McDonald's tracks well I'm not okay when you say pull the trigger Jim are you saying on that first five over four or are you saying on this Casey Seattle game yeah you know what I am I just don't want to retie all the mistakes I make or when I'm on The Late Show late reaching for plays I didn't take now first off Isaac God if I tailed all of your place I'd be doing much better than I'm doing I just don't want to do late reaching and that's what I tend to do here at the end of shows and I'm not gonna do it so I'm awful those plays and I guess if there was a play to make here it would be taking that first five team total over two and a half for the Dodgers first five that's a – 103 and I can't even bet that so I'm not gonna do that okay I'm not making those plays I'm not adding oh yeah G says the Dodgers game pull the trigger on the JA Dodgers game that's the one I'd be the closest to making parlay poppies on the Mariners first five Bailey's being good and that Mary's team is trash okay fine I'll add that one play the first five over four over 4 at minus 119 in Giants Dodgers first five over 4 minus 119 all right Ron laughs and says Dodgers not scoring red line seems risky no vut sports networks on the Mariners DJ big boss the only thing I like in Dodgers is over okay and Isaac God please don't take offense please keep sharing your place and pushing me to move with them because it's been a missed if I follow all of my be doing better than I'm doing the MVP of today's show Sue's 387 I loved every second of our conversation today Punta Gooch all right and I'm on two plays in WNBA I'm on the Mystics and I'm on the sparks my two plays in WNBA Mystics and sparks where it aligns like god I can't even find them right now sorry I can't find him right now but I'm on the Mystics and the sparks that's what's up andressa Cory says Wescott game go under gents easy totals on the board nightly yeah these your undergrad says do it I did it okay capital $17 Dodgers next three games go under my Lee mouse is who in the Dodgers land we don't know yet I gotta go I gotta bounce why can't oh there I got missed except plus one 18 and I got the white sock or and the Mystics LA over 165 and a half and Bruce F stirs take Freelander over 18 F K's and Polly Pockets Jimmy been slain last few weeks who cares not profitable first few months of baseball prime ready to cash buck love you parle poppy grace ever said to me you can't be on both yeah I'm not gonna take both I'm just gonna take that first five over four sorry you like I'm saves I'm wrong first five over four okay I gotta go I gotta go these are my plays I'm on the raise first five plus a half a plus 100 I'm on the Pirates money line – 155 or no sorry I'm on the Pirates – one that's a – 155 money line and run line and plus one for you most on the first 500 5 and minus one was 6 and again I'm on the angels – 120 I'm on I'm on yeah I'm on the under eight-and-a-half and Astros Reds I'm a little nervous about that spot I'm on the first five hundred four-and-a-half in Mets Braves I'm on the Rangers first five to +100 I'm a little nervous about this why I hope I'm not being reaching for these plays oh sorry sorry I'm on the Mystics a plus 118 sorry I'm just rushing a little bit here my fault you guys and I'm on the Brewers minus 1 and then I added a giant star just raised 5 over 4 minus 119 all right that's my action now let's bring in our guy look rid of Larry to put a bow on this bad boy lucrative my guy shows gone long my fault right those gone wrong my fault like you like it I like it what do you think about punching the good what's that that's time you're saying here at the show brought to us by Sue's 387 I like the that phrase punching the Gooch that good know you can do better punching the game no no you're not even trying I'm hunting that Gooch no I think what we should do is give Freddie more punch in the gluten oh boy how would you do it just do the whole thing sure I'd walk up behind him I would tap him on the shoulders hi everybody but good no I just give him a little tap the two finger tap that's my move you ever see field two fingers on your left shoulder don't turn around okay he would turn around and then I just fucking hammer I like I like the move but I would be like hey Prakash punching right in the cock man no it's good Gooch Gooch Gooch like what's your action cop I'm a cop Amerika urgency a – one way – I require wait a minute I thought you said you only making Canadian pigs Canada pissed I'm telling you Canadian suck at sports it's awful couldn't find anything – 138 a battery 65 can you repeat the play co-op America Argentina – won a pair of wire but it's going to create and by 360 prospect all right well good work get that cash all right I don't know if this is allowed with trademarks but can i play yg can i play go loco it's that loud on YouTube I don't know but you play it man yeah boys are gonna happen is we get fired leche you