TSM vs OPT – 2019 LCS Summer Week 4 Day 1 – Team SoloMid vs Optic Gaming

so even on the farm and the bottom a becomes a very very good team fighter diving past into the back lines against syndra who does not have an escape and the Sivir as well can be extremely effective even on the gangplank gangplanks not gonna go anywhere if he falls behind the curve of the game maybe you don't have enough survivability through things like a sterics or a phantom dancer or anything with a lifeline passive on it honestly Vlad can blow you up really easily TSM wanting to maintain control of that first place here as well I love the contrast between these two teams that we're seeing here TSM a team that everybody expected to see tied for first optic the team that has surprised lots of fans so far here in the first three weeks of play they met their first losses in week 3 when they went against a higher caliber of opponent now they're up against TSM another one of those top dogs let's see how they do [Applause] familiar chance coming through once again Acadians on stage with the team and they've sent him topside with the rest of the members broken blade baiting here can they circle around I don't know I don't think Dhokla caught vision is he gonna take the bait up maybe he got a little glimpse there yep he's seen it I'll go down spam siping Hey then it's edge wani up here to trying something tricky and the attempt at the level one passed there from TSM will not pay off and the cat the answer is always a counter invade on the other half of the map where optical will get deep vision all right as level ones do not work out let's go ahead throw things over to a side line report off Lee is standing by with Sabu team take it away thanks flowers Saab tell me about scarlet because this is his LCS debut against TSM and where's crown so you know when you lift a lot of things you've put it into your backpack you can get a little bit of like back pain and so what exactly happened to crown sir actually just spare him for a week because he asked me just I need some time off for just like health issues so obviously I'm not gonna force him to play because if you like getting drilled on anything so skylights playing is absolutely mind-blowing as a player I think that is really good is the earliest level so yeah maybe sometimes we won't like the trade-off but I think that my trust goes to Scala today 100% where did you tell them before coming into this game I think everybody had the same mindset is it oh we don't play we've all five let's have fun that's that's a must like obvious thing but having fun more than anything is it a priority today great mindset to have thank you and best of luck to you and the team back to you guys with that explanation maybe it sounds a little bit like crowns priority is having fun too a little bit sick I got to play some tea fight tactics at home okay he got through the login queue that's the most surprising part of the story [Laughter] big gonna be the recipient of another hook from Swilley but gets the black shield off in time no harm no foul interesting to hear that their top priority is having fun when they're tied also for first place at the top of the stand with a mental game bro very important and they must be confident about their playoff spot here and moving forward you know I know that is a very big goal for the team so we'll see if they can actually keep that up through summer just a lot of teams playing very aggressively for those spots and speaking of aggressive I want to point out that Scarlett's wound choice has him taking the electrocute on the Wladimir which is something that will give you more combo potential all inning someone but it's not what you traditionally see with Vladimir taking faze rush making it so he's more agile when he goes in drops everything with the ultimate and then has the speed to stay on the backline he will be depending on his team to be able to help him with that locking opponents down and providing the chance to get in there and do the damage and he's looking to have fun with the full burst rotation and yes for himself looking for that electrocute damage topside though look at this early rotation from TSM something I've been doing much more frequently Gerson pushing up the lane looks for an opportunity to work with this jungler unfortunately for TSM he is on award but they're gonna corner Dhokla and they're going for the dive teleport from scar Scarlett could come in TSM collapsing with free doing what he can to try to defend himself flashing away tries to dodge out of it broken blade nearly gonna be killed has to flash to escape the last shot but a good play from TSM robotic side videos forcing out the flash from spin immediately with a very well-placed pillar yeah high-value gank on the bombs times just to get a flash but a higher value one on top side bjergsen and Akkadian work together early in the game to get the tithe for broken blade money goes over to bjergsen himself which will make up for some of the CS that Scarlett was able to push into the tower and this is gonna be resulting in very big CS differences early on in the game Plus Scarlett got some damage onto the turret don't know if he got the whole plate here's another look at the dive they're gonna deny no Dhokla some of these minions because he's trying to get the minions right now as he knows his impending doom is on the way nicely played there by Titian judging the tower aggro broken play does have to flash in the end but they denied some CS the top side as well medius wants to right the wrong broken play no flash meteos makes his way up here broken blade steps out of the way of the chains that's gonna be pretty important but the damage is still there broken blade giving himself a lot for now but meteos bug him on the head with the stick and that is one kill going back the way of optics I have to say quite a good answer from optic very successful early movie know from TSM but optic got the CS mid from Scarlett pushing one extra wave in and he got a large portion of not that large actually a little bit of damage on the plate medius though goes and helps out Dhokla lets him know he's not gonna be left alone there on the top side and that was very important because yeah you know both summoner spells used Scarlett though under attack saving the pool very well done there did not use it too early trying to escape from bjergsen when he ran into him at the bottom part of the lane instead waited for the guaranteed thing with the charge from Akkadian and gets himself out not having to waste that flash good stuff there from a player who's honestly having his LCS debut today sometimes you could expect the nerves to come in in a situation like that but cool clear head there from Scarlets so far in the mid lane and as we have been talking about this topside I mean last game we got to see the version of the matchup where aatrox runs away with things right it was impact slamming that game always in control hauntzer really struggling to have the same effect in the game and I'm glad optic is making sure that Dhokla doesn't fall behind if TSM's trying to invest too hard up into that top side York's in full HP here in the mid lane scarlet very very close to not full HP as he does not get a chance to use that empowered transfusion on to anything instead makes his way down into the river we'll find some honey fruits here to heal back up yeah those are very important he doesn't want to go back again because wants to save his teleport for a well actually he's recalling anyways once you got the honey fruit gonna use the time let's if he uses his teleport or if he saves it for a mid gameplay here Vladimir he goes back he gets a little bit of HP he got the early cooldown reduction part of a possible spirit visits build super early on so he can throw a medal as well or proto bail actually at it's gonna be the photo belt combination but he got the early cooldown reduction part of it so he can try and sustain through the lane and is getting the extra levels into the key now meanwhile bottom side has been trying to push out quickly here with the Sivir and big helping with some of the wave clear on Morgana you can see you go for those fools when the enemy Kari is right next to all the range minions and sets it up nicely for your marksman nice binding finds its way onto smoothie but he's not too worried about it and oftentimes remember we don't see vitamin rush straight for the completed item either it will be a CDR garage-sale many times going for fiendish codex Kindle gym there at the beginning grabbing some shoes to go along with it before you really complete any big items since CDR does so very much on the champion you can see he has sorcery as the backup rune even though didn't take faze rush as primary ones like I said Vladimir's often do means you're probably looking at transcendence in there to help him hit that forty percent CDR so he can really get those spell rotations off in the late game level seven it means he has one more rank before that transfusion really comes online you can see bjergsen looking for the harassment constantly doesn't get that done those scarlet nice movements so far bottom side Acadian is level six now as he approaches with the sejuani for an invade off of they're pushing bottom Lane critically the bottom lane for optic not level six on either member knows aya LT no Morgana ulti they get in a big fight TSM not nearly as afraid as they potentially could be while cinder does the trademark syndrome move that tilts all junglers where she he links the camp away and throws it at E reach and this is a counter invade cos meteos is countering on the top blue side of TSM with the blue buffs Rd sinks and again is very happy to trade these halves of the map there's so much more value down here they're pushing bottom lane also affords them an easy dragon and media's gonna go for the die but if they get the outplay all right Sokol is gonna go ahead pop the world ender broken blade trying to keep himself alive as long as possible medius is the one who has to flash a way to keep himself alive but the dive is successful broken blade goes down he's gonna lose the minions underneath the turret and optic is happy about the outcome of this one scarlet now could be doh very soon unleash power coming out from Bjork's in there to make sure the optic mid laner is in some trouble smoothie hooks his way in but a good pool from scarlet makes sure that he gets out just so that is going to be a turret plate and an ocean dragon given in exchange for the top lane dive which the kill credit did go to H ox which is exactly what you want for optics but an interesting little exchange there so more minions pushed into the wave as well and we'll see if that does pay out here's another look at it meteos on the top side of the map head completely this quadrant of the map he knows that he has the flash to get out of tower range staged it until the very end and Dhokla is able to get the kill on aatrox further funding his progress towards a black cleaver nearly done with that first big part just can make him very scary once he works his way into these fights teleports almost up for both top laners so if we get into a big fight here around mid or bottom lane we could see these guys intervene broken play does not have his ulti to help from afar meteos goes into the brush broken blade has a flash some videos can't just walk up and guarantee the kill but you can guarantee the summoner he was getting up here into the fight now his broken blade is deciding to run towards Akkadian force this into a 2 vs. 2 Scarlett makes his way towards that top lane scuffle bjergsen's gonna be doing the same both mid laners now heading back to the mid lane recognising the fight is going to be stopping here pretty quickly Akkadian in the river he was walking up wants to try to stop him there but won't really have the chance yeah that's a long range since wining ultimate does go wide I don't think it really gets much even if it lands though as Scarlett was gonna be the first one to roam up to the top side so the cooldown will definitely be felt but we won't have any bloodshed Pearson hath roamed up and as soon as he saw the play was fizzling out he went back mid he gets some money off the turret will he get out with his life though meteos is on the chase on the inside route meteos will throw up the pillar broken blades gonna find himself being beat up pretty hard here by dhoklas a drop to the topside and now it's gonna be a full-blown fight here in the mid lane more backup coming into the side of TSM as smoothy's first to rotate which means optic has to give up on the fight and not get anything you can see a lot of communication between both teams on these roams all roams being answered and mirrored by their lane opponents so nobody does get a kill topside they did have an exchange but broken blades able to back off poke some of the corrupting potion some oranges then tosses out a boomerang but just gonna be pushing up those waves for now both these ad carry's those traditional quit style marksmen that went to farm it out get strong hit that 2 or 3 item power spike and really start dishing out the big damage as akkadian once again working his way towards the top lane he'll walk over a control ward doesn't have time to fully clear that out as meteor says hey get away from that yeah completely mirrored here the video says right on him and trundle chasing him around the map kadian is after shocked by the way so as we talked about in champion select you wait till the sejuani gets one form of CC off to proc that and then you get a big ultimate to steal quite a lot of stats now with smoothies Rome though TSM overload topside they finally get the control wards and akkadian actually starts up the rift erode as well because even though big has roamed over they don't have videos for the time being just walking back out onto the map and Rifco takes a long time so might get here in time nice binding from big will be able to put a little bit of damage down onto the TSM support Shelley still aggro it's still not losing much patience and a couple more ticks are popping off now eyeball is exposed another hit under that one Shelley down to 3k of optic wants to fight for this they got to go in now don't flick her come in from behind now it's gonna be engaged coming up from TSM Dhokla wanting to go in akkadians able to secure the rift Herald and TSM got what they came for can they find any more Dhokla still continuing on the retreat pops the world ender for speed to get away get TSM overload top side of the map so that means on the bottom side you can see di'ja here split pushing for optic arrows been down here the entire time they were working on that rift field he's got some turn plates worked away for himself and we'll see how to get them use this rift tailed activation because optic also getting a couple in mid lane we talked about rift Herald and wanted to use it before v before 14 minutes often because of the fact that it's a guaranteed 320 gold you knock off a couple of plates but the cost of getting it for TSM was at least that many plates on the side of optic and we're about to crest that 14-minute mark anyway Shelley will not get those plates this game meanwhile his been worked away some by and on the topside himself with doing the dirty work let's see if Acadian face checks a brush here smoothing bjergsen hanging around just to make sure it won't be too troublesome smoothie popping the sweeper will see me Dios in that brush or at least the shadow of me Dios in that brush as a teepee comes in looks like we're gonna see Sven making his way towards the fight and it is going to be a Mountain Drake play coming out here from TSM potentially or maybe just wanting to shove in this mid lane with Shelley considering the mid-late only has half HP left of the turret one charge plus a little bit of damage should be able to take this one down you're looking to find a bit more scarlet going in the pool to keep himself still alive Shelley continuing to put in that damage and the first turrent goes down TSM take the money yes M rotating over to the mountain Drake – grouped up as five they want to get two objectives for themselves Dhokla will continue split pushing yes he does have teleport but does not have the ultimate and so much about aatrox is the ultimate for team fights you don't want to have an ultimate or a teamfight without the ultimate from the aatrox so they will be content to trade get the mid turret back for themselves while TSM take the mountain Drake very close in plates this game 2:5 for the side of TSM 6 for the side of optic gaming means only a hundred and sixty gold separate the two teams in terms of what they got from those early objectives Akkadian stealing away that and we flew buffs here yet again not as big of a deal against this composition because you're not denying it from a man a hungry mid laner Vlad's not really too concerned about it but still always good to steal that away from your opponent in any way shape or form as Akkadian goes back to base grabs the ninja tabi knowing that most of the damage he's gonna be taking is those auto attacks from the eight rocks from the Ziya from that enemy trundle – and that means it'll be up to Scarlett to try to deal with him you can see Scarlet proto Belle completed also mercury treads paying a lot of respect the sejuani the syndra the Nautilus not going for a more offensive option like this orc shoes defense number one reasoning here to the top side for TSM while optic once again splitting they've got scarlet level 11 on the Vladimir with teleport ready bottom side Dhokla not only is his ultimate backup but he too is level 11 so everybody now getting access to those level 2 ultimate points and this defy could explode at any moment whoever gets caught first here since Ronnie and Nautilus very very good at forcing the fight but they have to watch out for the black shield we already saw one Nautilus ultimate easily being dealt with with the black shield to deny the engagement around rip field system will collapse on this top side to finish off the turret and I want to see how optic utilizes Dhokla in these fights they invested into him in the early game you saw how much videos was in the top lane and I want to see if that enables him to pop off like what we saw from impacts 8 rocks just last game and this is one of the first times that we've seen optic investing this heavily into Dhokla as a player on the top side of the map even previously when they had picked carry champions not spending a lot of jungle time up there not spending a lot of resources trying to defend them and I thought that might be the same case in this game after we saw nobody using teleports to defend the dive but with me Dio spending so much time up there you're right about eight rocks getting very quickly to the two item build I'm working on the death dance now does have to call fields Warhammer trying to get that extra defense in the lead out does go a long way and helping him play super super aggressively in the team fights which is very necessary this might be a result of hey crowns not in we don't have our world champion in mid lane so meet us is maybe more freed up to go topside let's try a top dive focus game and see how it plays out or maybe top ganks are just more fun we said fun as a point you like getting a longer Lane because the opponent has to run further away makes a little bit easier to set up like I say we'll see how that pays off though because if Dhokla doesn't have a good performance in these fights all of a sudden all that investment doesn't mean too much yeah because it came at a cost right the bottom half of the map went to TSM they've got to Dragons because of this Akkadian recognized the trade-off there with meteos camping topside he invades on bottom he gets a couple of dragons there for TSM and now sitting with a mountain ocean basically the barren killing combination of dragons because you could sustain the damage and deal extra damage to it we might see that come to fruition here at the 20-minute mark once Baron is actually available I'll pick is still ahead and gold it's a little bit of a lead I mean it's only 1,000 but it's still elite and that means that going into these fights they should at least feel comfortable enough to take the fight if it looks close enough for them as arrow will continue pushing up here remember this is the guy that was left alone when so much was happening topside around the scuttle crap the Giants got a fab I should say the rift hell yeah around that thing that means that optic have to have some faith in the ad carry here to working towards that second item inventory says it's probably going to be something with a lot of damage in it I'm trying to remember the item recipes because I my brain still always defaults back to what they used to be and Alden in the olden days I'm trying to remember I can't tell you when we when they first remade Sunfire cape to have the balmy cinder in it how many times I bought into Hell felt and just went oh damn it had to sell the thing again and try to buy but now we're gonna see meteos get himself caught out a lot of CC finding its way over the optic jungler he's blown up even through the ultimate as big tries to go in with the altie of his own stasis gonna be popped their big trying to get himself away smooth he's gonna be taking very low Dhokla pop it off and grabbing that one Scarlett's able to find a little bit of damage of his own and said he's gonna be taken down after broken blade gets one and that is a one for two for TSM at a critical point there we see split decision making from optic they get one killed okhla gets the reset only Scarlett there is less fighting everyone else is running away and kiss him chase him down here we go those teleport comes out from arrow are they gonna try and catch in the pit after the dragon yes M get themselves the objective optic do not want to give it away for free but broken blade is still very healthy and doesn't seem afraid of these guys all meanwhile bjergsen decided to get a two-for-one special on those objectives grabbing the bottom lane to your 1 GSM continue to control the drakes Mountain number 2 ready at the arrival of Baron let's take a look at the setup for this one as we were talking about it meteos in the river Acadian sees them and goes right for him because they know they are split and yes the teleports can come in but during the teleport channel you have enough time to burn down one target big tries to open up gets a good flash Morgana open in there very low though and almost taken out of the fight then don't play in flashes for the kill Scarlett gets hooked up there sticks around as TSM are able to chase him down maybe it was the centrist done clove in place for just a little bit too long but they all decide to pull out to give up the extra kill TSM happy with finding that objective and also happy with the fact that that was big stopwatch until he completes his Onias you no longer have to worry about that Morgana teamfight power with the stasis into the altie that is a big tool to have off the table now that optic can no longer use nearly having that deaths dance done for Dhokla will at least make him a much bigger threat in the teamfights but broken blade also working towards a sterak's gage means the gangplank will be harder to take down here as well both top lane they're staying relevant in this game as we'll see that infinity edge be completed for arrow that's e I know I thought it was building into but my brain was also tricked by the crit item rework that had to be to bf swords at one point but that never made any sense anyway because how can two swords make one swords make one sword if you reforge it with spikes all around it alright the one sword just gets broken down into the spike parts for the other sword I see how it is Dhokla though has to retreat back to the safety the rest of his team he did manage to grab that blue buff away before TSM stole it yet again but TSM have already made their way onto the tier 2 turret nearly taking that one down and that means they continue to make Tame control over this map despite how close things are in terms of the gold TSM seems to be pretty comfortably in the driver this is a commitment from optics to the split Bush starlets over there he doesn't add teleport and here comes Stan and the rest of TSM black shield thrown down on the arrow means anomalous oh she's going on the meteos instead and big is just completely bulldozed broken blade on the front line has to flash up the wall escape from Dhokla Scarlett wants to find the flank but now Scarlett is completely isolated this is not a spot that's gonna find you a teamfight win he'll be see seed up bursted down and how the pool give him a little bit more HP but what's been coming in it's only a boomerang away from an early grave broken blade the one who cashes in Scarlett arrives to the party and nobody is still partying nobody actually all your friends left but the cops are there and then the concent of Hanoi very unfortunate party circumstance for Scarlett over there is now TSM have managed to grab themselves a bear only 23 minutes everything on the map this is a worst party ever alright let's see let's see if the cops get the party now cuz TSM I've taken full control of this game here's the Sivir Altima they recognize the Vladimir no summoners spell so once again Akkadian on stage here for TSM gets the heart engaged they fully commit to the dive they get the kill and they get out before Scarlett's able to do anything then the tower is down so he's found himself with no summoner spells behind an enemy team and there's nowhere else to go for him even though he's able to dodge the Sichuan eat Sam swing their broken blade goes in gets another kill and this is going to be TSM fully equipped with bear and buffs seizing through the bottom side this outer turret or the secondary turret is not going to stand a chance the real question is will they be able to crack inside the inhibitor turret because that will be optics last line of defense here they don't have great wave clear yes vitomir nate rocks are really good Chi fighters for AoE for diving the backline but they don't have safe wave clearance so TSM just walk up to the turret annihilate the minions chunked on the turret down to 50% on a single minion wave I mean it's never all sugar and rainbows when your opponents have baron to begin with but as long as you're holding that inhibitor line it's not fully doomed either I pick though I don't know if that was the play you needed to start off with Dhokla without that ulti now you said it before Kobe eight rocks with that and ulti is not a teamfight threat TSM knows it they'll smash down the inhibitor turret inhibitors going to go with and that means broken blade can now start pressuring on the mid lane inhibitor turret as well get that next one rolling and make sure TSM's war machine never hits the breaks all right bottom done with instantly here minion wave coming up mid should be the next one as well they send broken plate op even doesn't want to get all lanes pushed with this baron and they've got the time to do it one minute left on the timer means two more minion waves they have to try and finish their work arrows Ziya will do everything in his power to try to clear these minions away TSM will continue playing in a couple of auto attacks every chance they give a broken blade left unattended here in the topside gonna grab that t2 for free yeah that one down and the cannon minion TSM cannon minion in mid lane still put all their teleports coming and they're going for the flank this is it optics last stand scarlet he's covered to the party again Scarlett got back up this time he said double-kill goes over to scarlet and that means optic have a tube for nothing yeah they're gonna try and chase down a couple more here this is the opening that they're looking for can meteos get the pill or teleport number two TP coming in Dhokla makes his way into the fight goes world in der mode remember he's still got a respect what's going on here from TSM does not have a revive until he gets himself some sort of an assist big moving forward looking to grab the binding does manage to land it now down on the pyramids gonna be in some trouble broken blades gonna be going on a killing spree more damage shredded get the kill optic facing doom get the play teleport fling from scarlet just erase the first one that have to admit for two is gonna work out here cuz TSM are split they're trying to get two lanes of work done for the price of one and Bend in the end is the one gonna have to pay that price scarlet flashes over to make sure it's two for one they get both of them and continue the chase here because they have another teleport Dhokla coming in at the frontal point does take this edge wanting ultimate from Akkadian allowing medius obscure late to flank around even though broken blade does answer here they're able to fight their way through it meteos charges for a jet seat ultimate down onto sejuani so still the last that's big does get killed by broken blade good awareness there to finish off the low health member however it still cost them all of their lives so some hope for optic still fighting in this game I mean if you look at it from the perspective of optic is going to manage to kill the other two members of TSM there no matter what and broken blade TPS in to save them you're trading big for broken blade plus his teleport that's a trade I'm taking any day of the week optic has to be ecstatic about the outcome of that fight even though their base is still hurting a little bit from having the bottom Lane inhibitor lost they're only down 500 gold yeah and all of the bounties have traded sides here they were all on the side of TSM but now they are on the side of optic members optic have been able to successfully defend the first Baron push there from TSM a little bit to spread maybe and gotten the bottom side completely dealt with for themselves and moved on from mid to try and get top at the same time we'll see if this does end up coming into those late-game team fights for optic again they've got such a great setup for it jump as well the aatrox and vladimir almost both level 16 here dope was there scarlet is very soon to follow and arrow hasn't died yet in this game arrow at three-and-a-half big items plus a nice pair of boots has the hexdrinker just to make sure he doesn't get exploded by the wombo combo coming out from Jerguson no tom cancer anything like that to save him more ground will do her best with the black shields but as you already said those are also gonna be used on members like Dhokla and scarlet to allow them to dive the back lines meanwhile on the side of TSM i think they need to get bjergsen to his level 16 and complete his death death cat first the central explosive power is one of their biggest tools for their teamfight and it gained so much thread when you get another level in the ultimate and the death cap completion don't think they should actually force anything right now until they get another little reset they are doing a very good job clearing out all the vision though and making optic play a bit more scared remember it's not just the extra damage from your glow at a level 3 the increased range from his passive becoming active at that point as well means extra assassination power through that utility here for this champion has broken blade has priority over the top lane Tier three optical try to rotate some members are over but man that demolished from broken blade will live up to the name as videos is now going to be jumped on top himself alive for now dope was gonna be on the front line at smoothie goes down that's the reset they need akkadian runs away but he's taken down now to Scarlett goes on a rampage and optic tick to furrow TSM playing a dangerous game there they try and burst out meteos they don't get him though they pay the price with two members if you don't kill off a trundle he's gonna regenerate up so much from the ultimate from the passive and the frozen domain optic with defense number two optic are keeping this dream alive today against TSM it's 15 seconds until Akkadian is back alive optic may make the call to go if the bear in here and just start things up force TSM to answer and yes indeed that is what they'll do broken blade trying to find the damage here with the barrels arrow gonna be forcing the ulti very early here but span is taken down Dhokla coming in from the side to make sure of it optic now still on this big objective Akkadian is alive but not in time and parent goes the way of optic gaming what a swing Captain flowers TSM moments ago we're at the gates of optics base and now optic completely turning the tides look at that video able to get the old off big eels also the cleanse game through meanwhile charging into the backside level 16 Dhokla they were able to get two kills for themselves taking down the TSM frontline and now the tables have turned optic wearing purple will storm mid lane optic have done well off the back foot so far but now let's see how they do when they're the ones who have to make the play I've seen this happen so many times in League of Legends where a team does well on defense and then when things change up and they're the ones who have to go on offense they'll commit the same or worse Sims than their opponents they'll overexert themselves overextend themselves and just make it so they put themselves in a bad now optic are going for the dive they're trying to find some simple kill on the big climbs Ben's already gonna be taken stoppable they go on a killing spree for arrow shut down finally over on to the optic gaming substitute mid laner but it is still a 2 for 1 broken blames been highly valuable highly desirable targets akkadian barely gets himself away to the final turret shot as Dhokla goes forward jerks and on his mind but not concerned any longer as the tier 3 turret falls and the mid lane inhibitor falls and there's an infernal drink on the map so optic want to reach you as quickly as possible to take that objective while they have control both teams with two members down but TSM has been coming up in 9 seconds with a teleport I think they're gonna try and burn it down they take the red buff on their way out and they should have the DPS to get their second dragon of the game and this substitute mid laner man let's talk about scarlet because he had a little bit of a shaky start there that first flank coming in from behind was not exactly coordinated but ever since the second flank he has been on point let's take another look at how optic made this work Wladimir level 16 with electrocute and ad carries worst nightmare plus the black shield on him gets to jump in takes downs been completely disrupts the d5 then does get locked up here good job by GSM Akkadian gets the last knock up they're still within tower range so they kill off the Vladimir and Pearson is finally back out from the fountain onto the base for them he can have the threat on me Dios pops the ultimate as Minos runs back and the last tower shot finishes him off to answer the kill for TSM then he's able to a kite Dhokla and optic clean up that inhibitor so it is 1 inhibitor down mid lane here for TSM optic space as two that are exposed a big teamfight either way will result in hue huge losses Pearson is finally level 16 now on the Sentra has completed the death gap and they've got plenty of healing reduction but it might be too late to deal with the power of the optic dive optic 4000 gold ahead they aren't about to run out of three seconds though means the siege is gonna become a lot harder they do have that guardian angel up for dope was aatrox meaning he could potentially have free lives in this next teamfight makes him very very scary you've got to be so respectful of it and if you look at TSM's comp smoothie is such an easy reset for Dhokla on the front line with this Nautilus makes it very easy to just pop the openings going okay T I'm not gonna find the mark there with that said to AMI of T that means Scarlett's going in the back line popping the pool but now don't put scarlet both gonna be in some trouble Scarlett's gonna be stunned up goes into the stasis keeping himself alive smoothly gonna be taken very low is blown defend the base he crosses the line this time and they're able to kill him smoothly survived with 50 HP by the way on that Nautilus he got his Nautilus ultimate off to get the zone yes out of scarlet and that is a key member of optic down this game still such a slugfest another of our first-place tie breakers captain flowers Team Liquid were the first to pull ahead of the patch and who's gonna be the second there's another look at that siege scarlet heads down with vacated starts it out by missing the engage their odds and videos the Emir's gets a good trundle ultimate so he's very tanky but scarlet goes in early pool on the vladimir not being able to get back to spend been hiding there the Sivir it's so key for themselves if he's able to survive much as smoothly did there with the low health on Nautilus and get off this DC that is such a big difference neighbor maker turning the tides of this fight will the vladimir dye be able to get either as van or bjergsen you know along with Dhokla and get those resets or is the kiting on point for TSM to survive the initiation I am so happy that these first two games of the day that feature all teams be tied for first place have not been a stomp one way or the other both of them have had these back and forth moments and it shows that these teams are truly competitive with each other optic gaming a squad that at the beginning of this split nobody would have expected to be coming back after losing pretty badly early on against TSN after being an inhibitor down have been in control of the game for the past while now there's still three thousand gold ahead Baron spawning in 15 seconds elder dragon in a bit over a minute optic with control over the mid lane as TSM try to find the opportunity to flank opticore playing bodyguard right now they're trying to get these minions into the gsm-based Sivir oath is used then pops the on the hunt but TSM don't engage with it which means that spell will be down once the fight breaks out he is now looking to find smoothie here on the side TOEFL are gonna be flanking Scarlett looking for a chance to maybe go in but will not find it his Spellbinder used as well and they got the super minion inside the base the super minion is going to put the pressure down that means ven unzipper is actually not going to be at this fight he kills it very quickly as optic transition over to Baron optic are already starting this one off meteos is at half HP but so is Baron Nasher optic contemplating a how low they want to stay down here there's gonna be taken very low it's secured by media circadian will not steal that one today optic trusting in their jungler trusting in this longtime staple jungler in the LCS and the trust is well-placed I jumped flowers the most stressful things in League of Legends is to be a 50/50 doing a baron with your team all of a sudden out of nowhere the enemy jungler pops over the back of the Baron pit and in a game where it could potentially decide whose Nexus blows off off of that one button press is your smite good enough meteos you damn well believe it is optic gaming now in control the baron buff here yet again damn it's coming out pretty rapidly on to Akkadian who's gonna be nearly dead broken played now in a bad spot scarlet looking to solo him out broken blade barely gets away Akkadian barely gets away so what's that Kobe that's that's off to gaming and they're going straight for an elder drink if you get both of these massive what could possibly happen for TSM to come back Akkadian can't get in to the point in time the Drake is secured broken blades teleport wasted and optic gaming are primed for a big push were the tensions are high captain flowers optic gaming once again at TSM on the ropes that elder dragon last hit came down to arrow crit by the way with the saya being able to secure it I believe he is the only player as well in this game not to have a death to his name yet and with double guardian angels for optic wearing Baron buff wearing elder dragon buff this is in their hands and their summoner as well except Scarlett's teleport ready to go broken blade in Akkadian no flashes smoothie no flash optic are the ones with all the decision-making power here Sabu teen said goal number one of this game is having fun winning anyone and I bet they're having fun right now let's see what they can find elder Drake Bear and buff it doesn't get any scarier than this both of those buffs alive for another minute and a half or so an optic we'll need to force the issue during that time you want to make TSM have to answer you ultimate comes down from the gangplank but what's it even going to do the minions won't even die to it yet and look at how quickly the structures completely disappear under optics fire now it's only top lane still standing but considering the tier 2 is still there optic are not concerned instead their sights are on to the Nexus turrets 50 seconds still remaining on both buffs there we go Nexus starts defending videos goes in for a filler possible poke big finds a binding but it's only on to Akkadian that's not the can start to fight on on to Nexus turret number one already gonna be taken down the picture gaming will win this game it's Scarlets debut on the LCS stage an optic will take their rightful spot next to Team Liquid at the top of the standings now with our second tiebreaker of the six first place teams in the LCS pulling a head aatrox vladimir AoE healing at teamfight we're now in the end and Scarlet all smiles LCS debut coming in with a win wouldn't have it any other way all the props in the world to this guy to come in for your LCS debut to be against a name like TSM to have a start that isn't fantastic to have the flank play go wrong and then to immediately come back and put in so much work in the late game teamfights yes you're on a scaling champion like flat yes you're expected to have a better late game than an early game