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Hello hello the blog! How are you doing? We’re doing good. Sorry, I’m kidding. We’re happy because tomorrow we’ll be fishing for what, Niclas Edström from Team Gunki? We’ll be trolling for pike. First time this year.
– Exactly, not in a very long time. We don’t usually pursue this type of fishing, but this late in the Summer, it could be very effective. Our goal is?
– To catch a pig! We’ll be fishing for two days, so let’s prepare for tomorrow’s adventures. The alarm is set early! Let’s get the preparing done! Hooked up immediately after like 15 minutes! The thunder! Hooked up. Seems a bit bigger. Could be a meter fish. Good morning you all. We’re out on the lake as you can see. Quite foggy. I don’t like fog for some reason … but when the sun rises it will disappear, which is ok. We’ll be using four rods, two each. With paravans as well. This lake is quite big with clear water so we’ll be drifting around using our sea map … which we downloaded for our Raymarine unit. We’ll with help of the sea map fish at different spots, deep, shallow, edges and keep an eye on bait fish. What bait will you start out with Niclas?
– I’ll be using Gunki Gamera, fishes around 1 m … so this will cover the shallow parts since the pike are not afraid to feed quite shallow. I’ll also use this G-Bump for deeper fishing, 2-3 m. A hardbait and a softbait! I’ll use this King Gamera from Gunki, but I’ll use a more natural color compared to Niclas. This color is great for clear water. Imitates baitfish. The second bait will be used for deeper fishing, a bait from Strike Pro. Bigger the spoon, deeper it fish. 4 rods allow us to change our baits out in order to find the winning concept. We’ll be flexible. As you can see, it’s 15 meters of depth with baitfish at around 5 meters. We’ll fish at just 2 meters. Let’s get the rods out and start fishing.
– Let’s go! What’s happening?
– Hooked up immediately. Small one. Took on the G-Bump.
– Sure it’s a small one? I’ll slow down but not stop the engine, because our baits would’ve just sunk down to the bottom if we had no speed. It actually looks quite nice. First fish. Here it comes. How fat! There we go. 1-0 to team jig. Took on this blue-white G-Bump. We mentioned before it’s a great color for clear water. First fish for today, not a monster but fun. Took at around 20 meters of depth. Lovely condition. First fish though, always as fun. Let’s release her quickly! Let’s keep going.
– That we do! Fish! Took like 15 minutes. Heavy.
– A bit better. Wow. This one is bigger than the previous one. Took on the same bait. This is a good one. It’s not moving. Heavy shakes! I’ll get the net. Ready to net. Pig?
– Not sure. It’s big! Not that big. Wrapped up in my line. Thought it was a lot bigger.
– Still a nice fish. Second fish during a short period of time. Been fishing for like 30-60 minutes. Expected this to be bigger. Let’s release it, I’m tangled up deluxe. It got like wrapped up in the line and therefor we perceived it to be a lot bigger. It’ll swim away. Release them quickly is important.
– Exactly. Well done!
– Yes, let’s get some more. Fish! Jig delivers fish!
– You and your G-Bump. Insane. Third fish.
– Only bait that delivers. Good average weight though.
– An usual trend when trolling. Quite heavy with regards to it’s length. Lovely pelagic pike. Trolling around hours with no contact – but today there’s some activity. Three fish in three hours. Bye bye. Third fish for today! Give me a fish.
– For real, I’m the only one catching. Don’t forget this, the one with the least amount of fish usually catch the biggest one. Hopefully I’ll catch the biggest one! We’ve been fishing for like two hours without any contact. Hooked up on the Gamera. It’s your day today Niclas!
– So weird! Number four for me today. Took on the hardbait. 3-1 to team jig. Caught on this King Gamera … fishing at like 0.5 meters below the surface despite it being like 15 meters here. Let’s unhook it and release. Summer-crazy! Let’s continue. Fish! Was about to adjust my setup
when I suddenly got a bite. Heavy?
– Feels strong. Could be a meter fish. What did I tell you? The biggest one is for you. Lovely first pike for me today. Since it’s summer we avoid keeping them above the surface for too long. Let’s release it quickly, how nice. First day is over. Been a good session.
– Good average. Been informative, new spots, successful baits, depths and speed. Two day sessions are great because the first day can be used as an informative day in order to optimize the output for the final day. Let’s head home, sleep and wake up early. Off we go! I’d love to mention. I have a 50-horsepower engine. We’ve been using it actively for 14 hours … and I only have to pay 200 kr (20$), one liter/ hour. Rather cheap! Day two. The rods are ready and now we await the bites and a lovely sunrise. We’re heading for a spot where we had good fishing yesterday. I marked these spots. This sonar informs us on where we fished yesterday. Great when fishing at a big lake so you don’t have to guess. We saw plenty of fish on the sonar when we was getting our rods ready. Just a matter of time until we’ll catch something. Fish! Hooked up on the same rod as
yesterday. Blue-white G-Bump. Feels heavy but we’ll see. How weird that I’m the one catching these. Like 90 cm.
– Bigger. Hooked badly.
– Go get it Niclas! What happened?
– My phone almost fell into the water. Here’s the first pike for today. Probably a meter fish. This way of measuring is not optimal. 100-101 cm. How lovely. First fish is a meter pike! Let’s proceed. Get the stuff out and catch some more. When trolling it’s important to have a good sonar. It’ll make your fishing so much easier. When trolling we’ve used three methods for this sonar. First one, maps. You’re able to see where you are and use waypoints. You can also make your own sea map. Other people have uploaded sea maps which we download … this allow us to see edges, depths and etc. Meanwhile we fished we also logged our moves. I’ll upload the stuff we logged when I arrive home. This will improve the current sea maps. Second, we used a 2D sonar. You’re able to see fish right under us. We also used Side Vision which enables us to scan the sides, instead of the 2D which just scans below us. This enable us to see wether they’re any fish nearby. This gives us even more information about our surroundings. The sonar we’re using is Raymarine Elements. It’s price worthy, great picture, quality and resolution, rapid … also very user friendly. A bit of thunder. Hooked up with a big pike. This feels heavy. It’s starting to come closer. We won’t be able to fish for too long due to the thunder. Probably the final pike. Hope it’s big. Seems decent. It’s good! Recording while netting is hard! We got everything ready, the pike has rested so let’s check it out. Lovely. We’ll measure it quickly. Like 8 kg.
– 105 cm probably. The moment of truth. The thunder is coming closer, we have to hurry up! 7.5 kg without the bag! As I said, I’ll catch the most fish but you’ll get the big one. The presence of thunder is scary so we’ll release it and cease this fishing session. What an ending!
– Just as the thunder came! Release it and let’s head home. There we go! Always head home when the thunder comes, I want to die while fishing but this is too early. I want to catch some bigger fish until it’s my time. Let’s go! Get the engine done Niclas!
– Let’s get out of here, it’s life or death! A wet journey.
– Surely was. First day we caught a couple of fish, all like 90 cm. Today we only caught but both being 100 cm. Obvious difference. We didn’t mention the exact number of the fish we caught the first day … because we’ll host a competition where the prize is Niclas’s G-Bump. Guess how many fish we caught during day 1. We’ll pick a winner of those who guessed right. Write a guess in the comment section, like this video and subscribe for more videos from Team Galant. Bye! Until the next time!