Trail Blazers vs Warriors Game 2 | Live Play-By-Play & Reactions

yeah oh oh yeah baby are we live yep we are yeah we sure are buddy what did Papa right here is that oh I don't know that's weird guess who the first person in the jet is Oh fuckin mhm he's the first person to chat what's up brother thank you so much for being here man yeah what's up Zack Anthony Israel corrupt trop David Christmas Redman big axe King PJ John Edwards and his tales richard jones man I mean here with somebody midnight maniac good night Mimi yeah what's going on guys super wolf are you doing what up what's up Kathleen pigs get pizza in the house Kathleen Burges yeah discord yeah the thing you love that discord buddy who said that Nathaniel okay uh listen try to be good with somebody Johnny be good all the super wolf is here but the super wolf yes not to be confused with the regular wolf yes or the dire wolf no it's a super wolf mhm wasn't no how much is game dolla droppin tonight so look we were just talking about Damian Lillard right before the stream yeah we're talking about how he's had the pretty bad games the last two games Game seven against Denver Nuggets he didn't go off we didn't see game time there keeps up yeah we didn't say game time and Game one who gets the warriors that's why they lost so how much does you need to go off tonight for and mate I'm gonna say he's gonna have thirty five plus points tonight he's in the hatch of their I have this win uh this is a huge game for for the triple aces they got it their defense has got to step up you know it's not just Damian Lillard the funny thing is even with Damian Lillard playing bad they were still in the game most the game right but not playing defense not the pick and the screen game whenever they would set a screen the big man would not at all on Steph Curry and he had all day to shoot I can't happen this game I'm saying Dave dime comes alive here in Game two baby and we're gonna witness it rough reapers in the house and said what time is it dew drop baby what's up rift what's up Jerry I gotta say I'm a damn good mood right now I'm so happy are you hell yeah me too I don't know why I feel kind of like I'm off tonight we're finally back we missed the last couple of games for years we're hanging out with these fine people are they fine thank you guys so much for being here we love y'all uh said midnight mania at own a $2.00 y'all deserve all the success that comes to her thank you buddy we appreciate that with that midnight thank so much for the two dogs any success we get our way just thanks to you guys yeah can't thank y'all enough Dardanos says he's on his way to go see John wick oh my god that's up oh I totally forgot hey what's up the Entertainer what Christmas right here he's a stand-up can we just say no why can't we say no we can't say no to if we say no Sean we lived in too close to the Gulf not really but he's gonna send the dolphins and the Turtles and they're gonna come get us I think this up this is a conspiracy we can't we cannot just not stand up it's outrageous can't do it so I'm trying to steady flock what's up man uh a sweep docked a vs2 no I don't think it's gonna be a sweet I will say this if they don't fix our defense it is but they don't correct that bullshit stepping up on the screens they are yeah they were leaving that perimeter nice and open in Game one and the Golden State words absolutely took advantage Steph Curry hit nine three-pointers in Game one nine the record and playoffs is 11 it was that's putting in a perspective there see I was expecting them as I was watching the game and I was expecting them to make a happy time adjustments nothing was changed that's what scared to showed me nothing was changed at that time and they expect like you can't be expecting different result if you don't make changes it made sense that we got bite as a steal especially me look at this look at this bro I am chisel II mean let's go he's a lean mean machine I'm like a machine they see something no no they're coming Josh the dolphins and the turtles he's like God the turtles – yeah oh my god he's like he's like a goddamn Aquaman except I'd watched that Aquaman movie before i watch the actual Aquaman I've seen that yeah watch your commands and gotta watch it we miss you guys we miss you too Archer oh man we miss you too man lasers in seven sister mercy fuck I don't think so I know I'm still leaning towards the Warriors here either way even without Kevin Durant probably won't play at all the series guys he he has not accepted one foot on our court has not done any basketball activities and they're saying that he's least not gonna be able to play for what he said Game three they said the next three games he's gonna be playing is that including this game yeah not this game and not the next three games so yeah if they're gonna win this series it's mostly gonna be without Kevin Durant know what I'm okay with it I want I want to see if they could show everybody in the world that hey you know Durant we're still the same old warriors here so it's gonna be interesting we got 99 cents from John Cooper Cooper Cooper thank you buddy mhm mhm says josh has a physique of a dave bautista whereas Sean he's got the physique of a cowgirl on crack some people are saying you look like a farmer with this plaid shirt here I look like a farmer Sean John's getting his profile picture ready for now what if I were tired these days where certain times bowties oh yeah Josh what do you think a brazen new chat a new character super pig piggy loving man look it's amazing I love the development of it's great Gucci Pucci so what is the game it starts here in about 27 minutes man it's 27 minutes um yeah sir Colonel says Josh remember Ashley myself yeah Ashley she died today former Divi Diva Ashley Massaro she's only 39 he was 39 years old I don't know I don't know why she died Zac Brown said that article insane how she died but she passed away at 39 that's young dude that's not far from our age even even the women of wrestling you know that's in a way I wasn't sheeting part of that diva talent search didn't she win that but passing away at 39 years old man that's recipes Ashley Mazar are they playing Katie and I know he's a YB n buckets he's proud I can play for at least the next like three or four games Lisa R this game plus three more so none not send donation I'm done cool ball thank you John I'm gonna take that I'm gonna give me a whopper much told on that sensory yeah I think so yeah I thought so yeah she did win that yeah that was just a couple years ago man that's crazy dude I said I had you guys on discord beg you Nathaniel pretty hey checking out the discord what's up Christine yours what's up pips Pearson yours in the house some ant-man dude Chris kudos to you man yeah that highlight reel that you did for a Melvin Gordon yeah that shit was amazing and that was legit that's cool man oh I couldn't do that I don't know how to make those highlight tapes you did a great job that makes me go I'm gonna drag them Gordon first round up for uh YouTube gave me free money oh yeah that's right if you have the YouTube premium right you get two free donations right so thanks John for giving that to us we appreciate that buddy man thinking of us yeah what's up what's up Brunel how you doing man take the badass says of course Melvin Gordon goat you know Chargers fans yeah I think I don't think gets enough credit man Ashley had a badass elbow drop ripped her soul yeah man it's so unfortunate man that sucks and then and then I heard about this morning Ric Flair you went to the hospital now I saw someone saying something I heard his wife said that he's expected to make a full recovery but what was it I don't know man like he's just so freakin old yeah you know and he just had a medical scared not too long ago about a year ago yeah but man I'll be ready whenever the day comes for that Ric Flair's the man whoa way to go I saw it coming Oh Chris right minute says thoughts on page you're starting Jamie Collins and they paid Jets firing their GM well yeah just farther GM oh yeah my mechag ninh that was absolutely crazy I mean you think the Jets are trying to get back on the right track and then they pull off the all-time Jets type move they fire their general manager this is a guy they let spend money their money in free agency they let him do an entire draft right yeah included and then in free agency they he got laid on bail some of that that is you know that Adam GaSe wasn't too fond of especially the contract apparently I didn't want to invest that kind of money man yeah so they let this guy do all this shit and then they fire him yeah and then they promote Adam GaSe to interim GM until they find one see I understand why they that's so so why didn't they do this beforehand so why to me and I understand why because you want to give your head coach and your GM wanting the same thing on the same like wavelength I understand that but you should have figured this out a long time ago before agency started right shouldn't you have meetings to discuss your game plan and what y'all are both looking for and they were never kind of questionable questioning him quite a bit because you know they were talking about how you know he's very passive as a person when whenever they do negotiations like trade talks or anything that's very he was described as wishy-washy and yeah you know and frustrating to work with yeah other GM's are on the league apparently didn't have weren't confident him because of how much he would always be like backtrack on his words yeah so that could that probably could have been more of a factor than anything as you got to have a GM that all the gyms trust and will do you want to work with now so it's absolutely insane but Joshu said sack ground games you the article is a quite there you go sorry it was that quite that Zac Brown say that it's browning in your okay so exactly Marquis Brown that's what that's what I saw that's what I saw yeah and apparently a man who ceases the Jets are like that team that take to step forward one step back kind of thing but what's up be my head don't bro i doing Bulls got the Sabbath fit killer yeah I was at work you know like I said the video I was watching the entertainer's coverage of it and when he just casually mentioned the Bulls guy at seven I I was I was fuming boy how does that work there was people around me and I'm and I go into the chat I'm like did he just fucking say seven to the shower Bulls or people just thrown and turned out to be true oh yeah I was pretty pissed but that's the way the draft lottery goes man in the top four expected to at least be the top floor you got the Bulls you got the calves sons and the sons and and three of those those top four teens projected to stay in the top four they were out of time for moving up as the pelicans the Grizzlies and Lakers mm-hmm that is crazy now that you know after the first reaction I remember I didn't taste you for a while because I was like Josh's boots right now but a lot of people are liking it because hey no more do your fucking tanking shit it's not gonna guarantee you a top four pick and so the teams that tanked like the New York Knicks Detroit way porzingis and didn't want him to play this year because they wanted to tank if they'll only got what they got the third thing it would kind of worked out for them but it's not a guarantee anymore mm-hmm so it kind of worked how the NBA wanted it but it fucked the teams that were should have been in the top but it's just if there's a huge chance now for teams of so you get the topic and today says the Bulls got screwed Josh and that's exactly how I feel man that's how a lot of Bulls fans feel we feel screwed I mean this is a seventh year no there's a seventh no the third time yeah we're taking the seventh overall pick third year in a row yeah now the last two worked out fairly well Lorimar Kenan yeah marketing who we got we got Lori in that trade yeah Jimmy Butler so we took the draft rights from the Timberwolves at 7:00 two years ago and then last year we got window Carter and now this year we'll see what happens I would love to have Darius Garland I think of fault was at 7:00 but I'm hearing rumors now the Chicago Bulls might think about trading that seventh overall pick and I'm hearing maybe the Lakers they might trade it to the Lakers for Lonzo ball would you like that no don't get me wrong Alonzo balls a good defender he's a good teammate people like him they like playing with him but you know he's not he's not a great scorer he's not he's got the injury concern yep to him and the thought is that maybe the Lakers they get they trade long football they get that fourth or that that's seventh overall pick right yeah and maybe they think about package in the fourth and the seventh and trading it in a package deal they try to get ad once again oh okay yeah I could happen I'll be interesting what's up Rocha Rocha hurt Itza roaches got work tonight he says so yeah he's probably gonna be doing too much but hey hope work goes well freemen smooth John with his freshman of the year shirt freshman of the year like a school picture Josh I honestly feel bad for you guys I never pictured the draft lottery going that way even for my Lakers getting the fourth pick I think it's completely rigged and my biggest complaint about the lottery yeah loitering I think they should at least show the picking of the of the ping-pong balls well they did after they what they released the video after they should do it on live television yeah they do it because people are because if you're gonna show it after what's the point yeah there's no point to that and I think it would make actually better television so you know the drama pulling the ping-pong ball out yeah and determinism yeah so I think they should just at least do that man yeah I don't know why they they don't but it is what it is you know but it's crazy because the the the pelicans had the same percentage to get the number one overall pick there's a mouse you think about it they had a six percent chance and if you go that's what at least been in the top five you would have kept your I know we got 10th yep a lot of Hawks fans there they're upset too they're thinking they're gonna top five picks they falling back to eight yeah and they also have the 10 thing that's required from you guys and dowsley alright you get our 10 fake it oh you know that's rain for you guys definitely worth it it worked out because cuz honestly they said it have to like the first like seven there's it drops off talent was drastically in this traffic like there's still a lot of good role players but not like these top 10 guys they're completely gonna change the team but how I think my early Mont draft real quick in the top seven number ones and it goes I on the Grizzlies are gonna take John Moran I know he said they're wanting it yeah I know they got Mike Conley but he's 32 years old and he's injury prone exactly right I mean he still got it a lot of money left on his contract but he's 32 jaw is a beast you don't pass on that Rose will take job number three the next take RJ berry I mean this dude is a monster hands down no brainer you take RJ berry at number four the Lakers I think they either I think they go Jared Culver are they they're gonna go clover yeah okay is it Kolber and then hunter are the next couple guys that you're looking at right number four or five so now be interesting and you said who's the Lakers Lakers they get Kolber maybe they get beyond your hunter balm I say honestly I think over I think over begin there yeah and then and then the Phoenix Suns man they definitely do point guard we need a point guard they drop right before us you know they're probably gonna get tears Garland I would like tears Garland but but maybe we're also looking at Kobe white so I think we go garland or Kobe white at seven for the Chicago Bulls Christian yours okay so which area and Papa Chris love to stay but I have to go to practice piece of pimps later Chris and you are thank you for tuning your señores yeah man you have a good one yeah thanks so much what up Carlos how you doing buddy watch Zion be a bus as corrupt and then of course you guys are hearing about this possible bullshit rumor that sound you know he might just go back to Duke for one more year because apparently he's upset that the pelicans are gonna be drafting at number one and not the Knicks where he where he wanted to go but but his stepdad apparently didn't interview and said they have not even discussed that that's not even something that's on the table and that would hurt him because what if he gets hurt yeah what did he gets hurt in college you know he almost did have a serious injury with a shoe blown out no don't get me wrong if Zion did stay another year and and barring any injury I think he still hands down the number one overall pick next year if if that crazy scenario were to go down and would still be the number one pick next year yeah but I'd it's too much of a risk nothing and does not benefit you at all to do that it really doesn't so you don't do it Lakers are getting zhan what are you talking about Lakers are not gonna die on unless they trade up there's no way there's I'll they have no equity no yeah I read that article that you said me talking about how maybe the pelicans might still be interested in trading with the New York Knicks maybe pairing up RJ Barrett and yes ion yep for going from college and Duke going to the NBA because if they are not convinced at all that they are pretty confident that the FA Davis is gonna leave yeah even after they got the number one of our pick they're gonna take Zion yeah and they still think he's gonna go well then instead of letting him just walk maybe you trade him and the New York Knicks at drafting at number three getting RJ Barrett I they might consider of course anymore fall that while the Knicks emotion knocks yes Jay as well but that could still be possibility because you would hate to see him walk for nothing but if he stays maybe he's more compelled to stay now that they got zhonya well the report came out and said even after them getting the first pick and probably gonna jobs on he's still not interested still not interested now that being said he still hasn't had a lot of talks on thing with Dave Griffin right the new GM so let's give it some time they have a lot of time it's not like this is any rush they could take their time and see what happens and they have like a month until the draft so there's a lot of time for them to kind of discuss and get oh good donation yep super pig I think I will put a pull at Eli Manning if the pelicans draft him he won't play for this no no because his stepdad already came out and said that you know he's excited to play for the pelicans and stuff like that I don't think he's gonna pull that kind of move they don't have that kind of pull in the NFL see the it was Eli Manning's I know it sounds weird but that's the Manning family right they had a lot of pull so he's on DeLand that gonna pull them be a joy be good since I heard the Knicks like cam reddish oh I like cameras too I think he's gonna go to the Cavaliers at five yeah I think cameras go to the Kassel 500 take oh yeah use that one just popped up for me but thanks so much Deepika for the Jameson's chances in house what uh shot the team we have shown savage all the amant squad guys there's so much for being here gnomes in here what's up MIMO Hernandez what's going on um but yeah for those just popping in just in the top seven I think it goes I think Zion goes number one number two goes John number three goes RJ Barrett number four goes culvert number five goes camera dish number six goes there's garland number seven Chicago Bulls get Kobe white yep so far early that's quite a my prediction to the NBA Draft is gonna be absolutely crazy you guys tell you right now you do not want to miss that live stream month right yeah you don't want to miss that lashing that's gonna be one of most lit last rooms we will ever do it's gonna be crazy you have no fucking idea we already have plans there's gonna be crazy well we have plans and things in the works so y'all y'all better hang out this Katy out for games three or four things out for three four and five I think I said the next three games also uh sub Steven fuller he says let's go golden state yeah guys so we got about 12 minutes Dilek ball we say twelve minutes but is probably another fifteen minutes after that so oh there are one in nine all-time oh my god trailblazers are 189 all-time versus the Warriors of the plows oh and six on the road they've never won in Golden State oh my god on the road in the playoffs so anybody that says sweep from the history that looks like Lee now you know Trailblazers got to make a statement tonight they got to do something tonight too they gotta make this at least a close game to all the noise from gnomes as people are overreacting about the Jets we're fine yeah you also have a shit ton of new talent and I'm okay with them firing the guy I think it's kind of stupid and firing him now but whatever get him out of the way get him done like I saw what team did this not too long ago well a far the gym after the draft like it was like last year the year before I remember which team did that but someone's done it for um some of savages Josh Bulls have interest in getting Kemba if they could free up more space with a same with KD people have Bulls either trading for Mike Conley or Lanza ball or even Terry Rozier or draft Kobe white now I heard about that with Campbell Walker thing is we need what we would need to free up about another like I think about close to ten million dollars in cat space mm-hmm if we're gonna try to go after a Kemba Walker so we don't have the cat space right now we have to free up quite a bit I don't know if they're gonna willing to do that but maybe hey Rose here I know he wants out what whoa no no no no what you just know what with Kyrie gone he'll stay he'll stay probably start he's frustrated yeah he's frustrated right yeah but anyway so until the goal state in trouble is game here in Game two let's check out the community tent let's see what you guys thought one point four thousand votes for tonight's game and 64% went with the Warriors winning tonight I'm surprised even 36 4 Blazers 36 36 for the Blazers now I'm gonna go with the gold state warriors Here I am – guys let us know which I'll think in the chat now what do that you're Portland Trailblazers need to do to step up and try to steal a game here on the road to head back to Portland well first off you need a bigger game from Damian Lillard yeah and CJ McCollum Lillard last game in Game one he went 4 for 12 4 for 12 from the field he had 9 points from the free-throw line 4 for 12 shooting he is continuing that bad game that he had in game 7 yep now he had a strong finish there a little bit but for the most part he was very inconsistent in game 7 against Denver yeah and he was the same way here in Game one 4 for 12 shooting he needs to step up I think he will I think this will be a much closer game CJ McCollum last game he only had 17 points McCollum you can't have sub fucking 20 points you can't do that against him go state warriors now another thing that I wasn't gonna have to do I think we already mentioned is their defensive guys step up especially on the perimeter yeah because the Golden State Warriors let me let me tell you something the Golden State Warriors yesterday they shot 50% from the field they shot 51% from the perimeter beyond the arc from the 3-point line 51% that is fire they need to step up to 50% when the threes that's like godly Steph Curry had nine three-pointers himself in Game one can't do that man you cannot let that happen that's just atrocious uh but they got to do that but I don't want to see a big game out of the vigman for Portland – I mean ooh you got a step up man three points three points he only took three shots Amino have five rebounds two assists I mean it one ghost in Game one yeah I want to see Aminu I want to see cancer I want them to make a impact on this game because they don't have a lot of depth or the words don't have a lot of depth in the big men right with Kevin Durant bein out attack attack attack is gonna be key cuz we saw last saw Houston Houston got the words in foul trouble they just didn't take advantage of it mm-hmm and Portland get them in foul trouble and take advantage of it that's where you're gonna have to take him with me lack of depth for warriors yeah Thor assessing how well south or are you doing bro I don't crazy mofos beer a bet alright bro cancer can't play defense he could fucking bang in the post though he could play offense he's great alpha sports can't cancer has 16 bores a game one yeah he has 16 boards I just want to see more and more scoring out of him uh dude just looking at it Damian Lillard I went took 12 shot attempts that's week that I saw them post on there that I was like it when it is lowest in the playoffs it's career you cannot only take 12 shot attempts and you be the guy they shot 36% from the field 25% from downtown that's um so you trouble edges in just about every single aspect they need to step it up here tonight CJ the backcourt see Jimmy call him and Damian Lou they got a step up we got to see game time tonight both those players got to reach over 20 points they both got to reach over 25 plus points here tonight combined well not combined but each separately 25 plus yes they got a step up on the board second-chance opportunities get in those offensive rebounds yeah step up on defense especially on the perimeter they are leaving these guys right off you don't you how can you leave Curry that open on the three so much without even a hesitation like no-fucking-where modern get who he is he's the fucking assassin man what's up Ruben front shout out from the Philippines and another thing that I noticed and I they were talking about in the last game when I was watching pressure on the on the ball they didn't put a lot of pressure draymond Green and all these guys had no pressure on him when they were passing into to clay to step on those back you know back screens and stuff no pressure on the ball making it for easy passes and that's the easy Sheriff Portland also had a lot of turnovers last game they had 21 turnovers 21 Lucas I go say worse they will make you pay for that mm-hmm so those are things that poor travelers need to clean up and they need to fix their defense and you step up offensively from especially in the backcourt Damian Lillard stage of it call them act like you got some ice in your veins we know what you're capable of yeah same time we haven't seen you in two games please oh we got to see you buddy you shows glimpses of it and then it just you just get complacent I feel like um what time is it and the Golden State Warriors they're gonna be without coming around once again I know someone asked that in the community I think saying that Kevin Durant was gonna play Knight no he's not playing tonight and he well and he's not expected to play in the next three games in this series Leo's the three-point got curry going a show tonight if they don't yes if they don't fix their defense yeah I don't see why not man all right so let's see what we got here we got 377 people before the game even starts that is amazing it's awesome we have a hundred 245 likes can we get the two hundred before we hit the game thank you guys so much once again for being in here we appreciate all the love that's awesome the moderators you guys have been absolutely on fire yes NBA playoffs as always you guys are awesome we appreciate that we see you taking care of some of the trolls already yeah thank you so much and for that one dislike that we got your mom's oh yeah Lizabeth Hicks and eights boys can you shout me out you just got a shout out Elizabeth Jake grows a sports mirror what's your favorite debate show to watch our favorite debate show to watch hasn't even came out yet it's called let the debates begin here on this horse fury yeah honestly I'm tired of these other debate shows that all they do is try to say headlines let's get people riled up they're not even talking fucking to sense to the people who get truly upset by the things that skip bayless or Stephen H Smith or max whatever is name I don't give them any listen they don't believe no that bullshit now say they're saying that stuff to get a rise out of people yep you know they want to get those ratings they want people to talk shit in the comments section whenever they put those clips on Facebook or Twitter because every interaction we know how to perfect every interaction draws money so that's why they say them that dumb shit even if they know you're gonna hate them for it they don't care bad publicity good publicity it's still publicity but I'll say this the person who's best at it Stephen H Smith Oh Stephen Oh Stephen a Smith's the Allison lucious he loves rile people up again he's hilarious yeah uh nuclear Nicholas I love the channel we love you buddy Thank You Man inside the NBA it's pretty good oh I love inside the NBA love it Charles Barkley K the jet Smith Ernie don't even talk sometimes about like love anything that makes sense but it's just a ban sir sometimes I love to watch a sports for your podcast be great oh hell yeah dude man that's what we really wanted to start doing yeah Jake actually died that's right are you are you watching Mia Khalifa porn video and sometimes no we don't let me Cleveland support thank you so much Chris Raven appreciate that levar levar ball burst even a synth will be the best debate he's been on he's been all those shows man he's been ever even been on w god so far so annoying me um best live channel MBA Thank You Joel hey buddy we appreciate that man Oh Samantha do we uh do we fuck with Mad Dog Mad Dog the bad dogs that's our boy man bad dog mr. bad dog seven six seven see that's our boy man I'm in love we love that dude man yeah even though he's a Giants fan if you can have one superpower what would it be ass bigger Mike one sort of power I wouldn't want I won't I would want to what Professor X has that's what I would want to be able to read people's minds that isn't all them yeah that's exactly what I want you'd be the top dog on Planet fucking RF if you can do that kind of stuff flying sounds amazing where do you get ready to fly to I can just fly wherever fuck traffic I don't have to deal with traffic anymore you know fucking annoying traffic is here unless everybody else is flying then you're gonna be stuck in traffic and I'm gonna know I'm gonna have the only superpower you know better visibility mostly people here from the Philippines hey anyone who is watching from the Philippines welcome welcome thank you so much for being here Salim not to you yeah do we have 200 likes we have 190 for 400 a oh so much we're gonna – it's awesome they're still warming up so we got some I think once it hits 8 o'clock which is here in or out of less than a minute it'll be 15 minutes they'll show a countdown – I think it's 15 minutes out here we raise this uh let's let's raise this a little bit oh yeah because it made me fix this make you feel making me feel disoriented yeah that's really weird Thank You Joelle Greg Oden is the clear number one pick skip bayless yeah that's one of the worst takes he's ever well I'm not gonna say that's one of the worst takes he's ever had because you know a lot of people thought Greg Oden was the number one overall pick in that draft he's right injury prone right yeah so some I hate him on that right yeah who saw that injury coming but what I will hate on or people who shit it on Kevin Durant going into that draft people like Colin Cowherd you guys remember how he's how he said that there's not a suit there's no superstar in him at all he's too weak he ain't gonna be worth a shit he'll just be another wing player in the NBA yeah that's what Cowherd said about kt going into the draft that was fucking dumb how stupid you look now Colin coward that sound like one of the guys annoys him the most was calling Howard he's just so annoying to me I don't know why one of those faces you wanna punch did you do a collab with RB to bring through he's he's me yeah he's pretty good man he's pretty damn good I think he played in the NBA to judge Shawn you reading y'all's comments is a shout out in itself I hate calling hours as TV boils yeah he sometimes I agree with some of the things that he says but he's not a guy who just says a lot of crazy things to get a reaction on people in the court we have 14 and a half minutes before tipoff so so that other four teammates before the game actually starts Yelp how do you feel about the new TV deal with aew on and TNT Daniel I love it I think that's a great move it's on TNT yeah they're gonna be on TNT it's of course all the old-school wrestling fans know our TBS well that's a sister company of TNT of but yeah that's awesome and frost old-school fans you know it brings up memories of WCW because they were on TNT about saying and now I hope they don't make the mistake of trying to compete with w/e on Monday nights although they might actually eventually get an office a fucking audience all my nights but they should not start off on my nights don't do that don't do the same mistake that TNA try to do no oh zelda reputation yeah star i'm different i maybe go on Tuesday or on a fucking Thursday don't be on Friday cuz nobody watches TV on Friday Friday and set it into the worst days for an audience on television yeah but I think that's awesome that's great news for aw I'm so proud of them it's great King Eli wants a half lip okay an applet I'm gonna grab me a beer do you want one yes actually can you grab me one too from the freezer I am requesting more beer as we speak all right King Eli you want to have fun you got one brother let's go oh oh nice and cold Isaac cool grant leg must be really bad to be out for two more games as Leo he might be actually out for three more games he might actually be up for three more games but you know what exactly right the way it looks it looks like they didn't might not mean it but we'll see her tonight we'll see her at Game one the back court de Manila siege of Macomb didn't that have great games they were shooting terribly but we'll see what it looks like here in Game two and they just said that the the Portland Trailblazers they have not won here in Oakland in going state in the playoffs yeah ever their own six lifetime yep Jonathan Delgado with a $5 Josh he says if curry is the fit of better this game does poorly stand a chance yes I just want a close game yes they could set a chance if they can t up the perimeter much much better than they did last time yeah because like I said earlier snap curry he shot nine three-pointers from downtown and a lot of those were nice open looks wide open like they were just like daring in the shoot like what are you talking this is step curry yeah and Damon willing he shot for from 12 I think him and CJ McCollum they combined for 50 points plus in this game together yeah it will be a closer game I hope it's a culture game well if y'all watch Game one even with Damian Lillard in bet even with curry going off for three quarters it was a close game it was still a nine point game they were keeping it right at nine points which was decent but then in the fourth quarter let me look at this and plug this box go right here yeah in the fourth chord this is where the goal State Warriors really pulled away from yeah because in the fourth quarter they all scored them thirty nine to two twenty three points yeah almost 20 points they all scored them by in the fourth quarter yeah that's what it really blew open so if you look at it even without as they were playing they were still in that game so do they have a chance if they defend curry better damn right they do I mean Lisa Steph but we had three points last game only took three shots he had three rebounds and no he had five rebounds and two assists so yeah the the role players they need a step up cancer he had 16 rebounds continue doing that makeup Harkless he has 17 points here that produced a game in Game one yeah uh what's up Jimmy the drug what's up buddy how you doing man I said give me that drugs in here yeah what's up bro so what up Josh a shot hashtag og shit right so y'all going to drink all summer no nog no so once NBA playoffs are done being Josh is gonna take a break from drinking because we're gonna try to get loose and Wayne get in shape a little bit and and then we'll start picking up drinking again with a bit NFL season comes as you guys can tell I only need a drop maybe two or three pounds that's a body and then I'm good I'm coochie as a robber would say that's a robber says it's all good G it's all good G good Rovers the kind of guy where he turns on the news he turns on the news ladies and gentlemen I've just been informed that a massive asteroid is going to hit planet Earth and all life will no longer be and then Rover would just be watching TV and be like that's robot I love that they're hilarious Rover is this his own he could be his own comedy show I swear George to the Rockets basketball love no don't say that my hope Paul George oh no no if he's referring to Paul George know uh how do y'all think aww will affect NBA MLB Oh but where do you oh eh eh W will affect NBA MLB and March Madness weigh-ins on TNT heyy w nothing nothing they won't have no effect on that no no it won't affect those different sports bucks fuck the Raptors up late in the game they came back for a while there I'm keeping up with the box score yeah alright cuz I was pretty fuckin busy at work I'll keep it with the box score every once in a while and the Raptors they look in control of that game for the most part but then but then uh um the Bucks came back they took over the earth man Raptors didn't score for like three straight minutes past Brook Lopez went off yeah and then I gotta get props Oh Kyle Lowry showed up man you look good last game and they still lost it's just late fourth quarter kawaii they said quite was gassed they they left him in for too long they didn't give him any time to rest he was completely gassed eaten not score he couldn't he couldn't do anything hmm so time management is gonna be key for the Raptors going forward for those who are wondering who we got in that series now prior to this playoff starting I said the Raptors were gonna go all the way and meet the goal and say worse warriors would win but I'm gonna go with the Bucks now that we're here and they're Conference Finals I'm gonna go with the Bucks me – I mean you were exactly the same right now on these both these series it's just looking too good for them uh Todd Knight now from Jimmy the drunk yo I gained 30 pounds in six months stop running oh yeah that's what happened man I gained a lot of weight over the last couple years I can't a couple pounds I got I got cut back man I've gained so much weight thank you so much give me the drug for that donation man we hate that buddy shot my nose as Laurie shows up and they lose yeah Laurie what do you have thirty points in that game Laurie actually showed up he said when they lost go figure yeah they got they got any manager Tom better man you got him at the time Bucks suck overrated Toby no no they're not overrated bro mmm not overrated no Josh and Victor says Josh need your help my heat pick up Brennan Clarke at number 13 you think he's good or bad from Duke ready Clarke I'll be fine man going out you guys picking at 13 and a Duke player you always got to expect two players to be well coached well if Coach K over there two-way players typically they always coach them really up for defense to Elizabeth Hicks says hey Josh can you say that bears no bears we have we have 230 likes we do people I'm here thank you guys so much smash that like button you know it always helps us out like that they have warriors and rockets why do they have worries and rockets there oh yeah they're for gather talk about gate to trailblazer we're working ok so yeah I want to say were they just like getting stats from that previous series but no they are you'll see this on TV we're talking about blazers warriors and they got the Rockets and gone sting goes up high too high to Australia LaShawn Mills thank you guys so much for being in the house Nick coward the coward is in the house Nikki what's up buddy oh yeah man okay he was playing some Madden you saw that yes we definitely add some things in the works oh yeah yep we're thinking about revealing our actual faces yeah maybe one day and I realize that's something possibly coming soon king of sport is it okay if I cut my hair why not what do you what kind of cut what kind of hair car you going you go Mohawk going completely ball you know complete shaver my pote Thank You someone for tuning in from Guam bro mom what's up Mike Nixon said on Facebook message brother what a shame – I'm going to the UFC Sean Saturday my third one nice dude that's awesome I'm not I don't know if I'd never go to a UFC game like our fight or whatever so oh shit hey what's up mother can you give a shout to my high school basketball team I helped out one in convincing fashion 13 and 2 I was put senior and very emotional day my best friends who passed away a month or so ago and it was his birthday today little brother pitch a perfect game today and hit a grand slam for his mother good news is we made this playoffs and play the top seed who we did beat earlier in the season in extra innings on Tuesday which is luck for our team is the Mooresville Bulldogs nice Morrisville Bulldogs shout to the Mooresville Bulldogs yeah shots you buddy and one pom for Jon week three Richard James we are definitely pumped I'm gonna watch that I might try to watch out of this weekend Jacob just subscribed he just joined the sports for your nation that is awesome thank you buddy we appreciated that Jacob Coleman one thing you know where he called me one thing that we were thinking about doing yeah getting into stream labs right yes but we will need a PC for that because we can't do that with a Mac yeah because they it just hasn't rolled out for you yeah and one thing you could do a stream with so anytime when someone new who subscribes they're their name will pop up right yeah we make it maybe pop up like right here right in the middle between our names right here maybe or yeah song it looks like like a little scroll screen you know pop up so but maybe we can do that yeah I know yeah is that we do that for donations we could do that for because people can donate through stream laughs they don't take it nearly as even as high a percentage as YouTube takes YouTube takes 30% of all donations line by the way stream wise does only take that takes less than 10% yeah if I saw correctly I can't remember exactly bigger Mike who do we got in this game we got the Golden State Warriors winning here tonight man mm-hmm got them winning tonight but I think it'll be a culture game okay because the game because in the last game in the fourth quarter it was that's where it became an actual blowout in the fourth quarter Game one yeah I think it's much closer this time Damian Lillard is not gonna shoot for 412 he'll be on fire better or not hopefully give me the drunk don't donate you're diving at me that darling I just can't wait for fantasy Marxist I gotta go alright Jimmy the drunk and a for the donation hell yeah man appreciate that I can't wait for fancy man yeah we can't we cannot wait for fantasy football dude it's just right around the corner man and I could taste it I could taste it man I can't wait for football both of our teams are Super Bowl contenders so it's like this is the first time that both of our team's been contenders at the same time yeah the number one overall pick who are you going with depends PPR Don PBR now maybe our what we do half PPR happy PR for money week Zeke I'll go Zeke a consistency like yeah another guy might do better but I know Zeke is gonna be healthier I know it's gonna be there oh my god we were just talking about this the other day what I was playing fucking what's it called called duty with QC and he was talking about Casey and Jojo holy shit that's weird uh Steven Allen said you guys really get nothing for doing this what the fuck what are you talking about nothin for doing this what do you mean buddy oh we get monetization we get ya then we get whatever we get some donations yeah yeah we don't have we don't have any sponsors if that's what you're meaning yeah the monetization isn't that great on YouTube anymore after the ad pocalypse a couple years ago but but slowly though the the advertisers are coming back yeah let me tell you something about the advertisers when they left we go get to all the nation from Orlando's I just want to say love you guys from San Antonio a San Antonio Texas hey that's right si was born that's where Josh grew up at yeah Oh got family out there shot to the to 100 Orlando nation I gotta go back out there man visits a family I'm so when the ad pocalypse happen those advertisers don't give a fuck about what actually happened well here's what they all is this conspire to do yeah they all backed out on Google slash YouTube right yeah with every intention of coming back which the a lot of them mostly have already came back yeah but they're coming back at a lower bid yep so they're they're paying less money for advertising yeah because how bad all about money guys it was how much about money they pretty much got the upper hand because the fact that YouTube was in the red cuz before YouTube was never elating the green remember like like they showed it you two boys broke even but then when all those people pulled out they were in the complete red they weren't survival mode for a while there yeah Jessica what's up Jessica yes so there's no anybody yes it guy what's up uh YouTube takes thirty percent Navroz get a cash at I know we you know we keep it always every better options out there there are better options but we want to keep a thorough legit source I know people have PayPal or or cash that but if we're gonna use it's gonna be either for YouTube or stream lab some legit source that people know you know all right guys we have 605 people up in the chat with the game is about to be underway bug and green it $1 klay Thompson Steph Curry is your starting lineup for the Golden State Warriors Shaun and I we are both going for Golden State let's go going with going straight to here in game number two but we think it's going to be a much closer game here because Damian Lillard CJ McComb mighty points 17 points that is not fucking doable you can't do that here against gonna state especially on the road where they're always six all-time in the playoffs they're gonna step up yeah I expect them to have at least 50 points combined plus in this game too it's gonna be a much closer game it was a pretty close game for the most part in what Game one except going into that fourth quarter that's we're gonna site really separated themselves and I just want to see better deep inside Portland on the on the perimeter on those screens and stuff like that the big man's got to step up they got a switch they got to quit just trying to to stay on their own man switching is got it icky you cannot not switch it's the lawyers simple effect is that all right guys let's go I see the Warriors in there all black jerseys a town adapter city Edition and already for the oiler Trail Blazers here go step up and warriors did get the ball yeah there we go this Sasson Steph Curry into the frontcourt now Lillard to meet him now to Andrew Bogut top of the key Kathir going off nice pocket pass a I'm hungry on the cut and he throws it down that's how you start things off here that's a great start man nice feed there by Bogut sat green finishes at the brim hard damian lillard on the outside guarded by Thompson now to cancer cancer hands it off to see to Macomb on the drive into the paint trying to go up but he is fouled by Bogut let's go does hails from hails from douse a Patrice were from Dallas two shots yeah dealing Billy takes Abdallah Mustapha what's up go and say has already wants us be money already damn blower will inbound this with a sideline to cancer cancer back out to Lillard on the left wing Thompson guarding him six to shoot in Lillard to the outside driving a meaning off the glass it rolls out heartless is there for the rebound goes up and in good clean um they got a take advantage of the offensive boards it's two to two so they go so relax there be money there's so plenty game Andrew Bogut here has it on the right wing taking cancer into the paint ooh lost control but equal dollars there to pick it up now to step Korea on the left outside wing back to England on the Left sort corner Amina Guardian bounce pass to clay on the cut he goes to the rim and he is fouled they're getting they're attacking the rim early this game no threes yeah but gold stays all cuts that foul was on Harkless yeah look like it uh what's up you see what's up buddy how you doing so on Sunday before we go live for the game well we're live before the game starts me QC and Nick Howard got a Chuck bearish because we all lost and our draft lottery so to clay Thompson knocks down the first free throw make it a three to two with 1052 left to go in the first quarter he said chug chug they're gonna come onto the stream QC Nick Howard and we're all gonna chug a beer because all our teams got fucked and a lottery Thompson with the second free-throw is good it's Gucci it's Rover would say ten forty eight remaining here in the first quarter it's four to two Lillard and with the ball klay Thompson guarding Higgins will screen by Kanter Lillard off the screen shoots were downtown no good rebound by Bogut now to draymond into the frontcourt to Steph Curry's Oh carry with the pump fake drive kick out to green straightaway three no good yeah let me take that and no it goes out of balance step car to try to get chase to it see you'll take those threes we got $2 on a judge from Orlando again where do you see your favorite NBA teams next season I see you look at the playoffs kaga bulls I see the Dallas Mavericks winging playoffs eighth or seventh seed especially we get Kimble Walker 1020 thank you so much with donation to my one remaining in the first quarter layman Lillard to sage of a column on the left wing draymond Green guarding him oh nice behind the back dribble and step back for two is good by CJ McCollum over dream on you get that man smoked you got the advantage of it he ties up the ballgame 1005 left to go green with the ball here on the right short corner back out the step quarry bad pass stolen by Damian Lillard here close Dave time Dame to Aminu goes down and he fucking throws it there we go I like it already looking a lot more aggressive baby let's go ooh Curry's looks like you hold that left hand remember you had the dislocation see where's those he Josh hey I hope so man I hope you beat the playoffs are you gonna doll on the outside now – klay Thompson Thompson moving off the screen from Bogut here on the left wing taken Kendra off the dribble driving baseline kick-out to Iguodala back to Thompson all fake step up and pass the dream own driving to the lane lays it in draymond Green someone's guys step up right there man force the pass off the dream on it's a tie ballgame 921 remaining CJ McCollum with the ball here in the right corner Steph Curry in front of him taking off the dribble goes up one-handed off the glass no good I mean to try to create it up but step is there for the rebound now on the other side nine ten remaining klay Thompson driving right here on the right short corner backing down Damian Lillard 14 to shoot 904 remain turnaround jumper is good over Damian Lillard klay Thompson getting it done tonight that was good defense at first with in that size mismatch took a minute it's a two six eight fifty four remaining Thompson looking pretty damn good Damian Lillard has on the outside now swing it to the right wing say to Mike come here girl on the screen by Kanter off the screen he'll shoot from straightaway three good CJ McCollum they just played Portland's defense last game no way stepped up they count as three right yep okay on the other side right short corner jumper over CJ McComb is no good by klay Thompson I mean it with the rebound and he'll bring it into the front court for the Portland Trailblazers who are leading by one he's driving and there's gonna be an offensive foul drawn by draymond Green step it right in front of him plant his feet they have been calling that all playoffs man you can't you can't go into someone like that man they're calling it klay Thompson with four points right here and green with four points for the Golden State Warriors those two players have all points for the Warriors so far and it's know early if you're new and you're wondering why would you aren't showing the games with copyright purposes what hang out with us I have a good time CJ McCollum has five of the nine points for the Portland Trailblazers Dame alert has yet to score it's 17 remaining in the first quarter Steph Curry with the ball now to Looney Looney who has checked in giving it the clay back to Looney in the paint Oh triple team back out to Thompson six to shoot in driving the lane splits the defense goes on for the layup no good rebounded by Harkless heartless with the outlet pass to CJ McCollum stuck shoot for three yeah from downtown he's 2 for 2 from downtown and on the other end draymond Green Lanes it in over amino and amino is gonna be called for the foul this is a three-point play opportunity for draymond Green dude that was a quick outlet that was a very quick outlet that's why even if you said cool score big like that Portland you've got to get back cuz they will throw those passes to a quick man how about CJ McCollum stopping on a dime at the 3 and throwing it down man oh nothing but the bottom of the net he's 2 for 2 from downtown draymond Green misses the second free throw McComb with 8 points here comes McComb into the frontcourt now for the Portland Trailblazers leading by two 7:45 remaining yeah we're gonna dealing out here on the perimeter pass down low it's intercepted by Iguodala that was a tenant for Harkless Iguodala read that like a book you Telegraph that one here come the Warriors on the other end Steph Curry catch it shoot from downtown no good rebounded by Damian Lillard better defense there 7:25 remaining in the first quarter it's 10 to 12 Portland leads Lillard on the drive in the paint kicks out to Harkless from downtown no bow it rose in a no good when he got a roll with shooters ropes Steph Curry on the other end driving into the paint ass dream on kick out the egg wood all for a corner three wide open no good rebounded by a minou it is 15 to 10 7 minutes left to go Oh downtown pass to catcher oh it is blocked as he goes up with it but draymond Green Kant heads oh why did he hesitate like on the other end curry with an easy layup come on everyone on their feet here at Oracle fuck it's a three-point game 6 40 remaining Damian Lillard to canter back out to CJ McCollum on the left wing Klay toss him guarding him 6:35 remain take him off the dribble driving kick-out 2 Aminu from downtown yes Aminu for a corner 3 the role players are stepping up let's go Steph Curry on the other side McCall in front of him he'll take a shot from downtown and what the assassin shot that's their first three tonight Steph Curry from downtown for 3 1518 607 remaining in the first quarter dame time has the ball double team now to see typical them swings it to Aminu on the right corner take a dream on into the paint goes up with it and he draws the foul by draymond shit there we go baby so right now porn is 4 for 5 from the three-point line that last three by curry was that first three of the day of the night so what a fuck and they needed that man get the crowd back into it we're we got six minutes left to go in the first quarter ladies and gentlemen it's 18 of 15 trailblazers in the lead and we got a game CG McCullen with 8 points already he's 3 for 4 from the field he's good for 2 from beyond the arc I mean who has 5 points he already surpasses his points from Game one he only had three he's looking good right now la Vie from Harkless nothing so far from Damian Lillard but Damian wood he had he passed down low to Kanter who was pretty much down there by himself he hesitates he finally goes up Dre mom's there to block him what was he thinking he needs a step ball thank God yeah cancers can't hesitate man you can't just go up there and make your presence felt man even if you're blocked you can't do that man you can't allow that to happen uh draymond Green a large I'm talking about I'm sorry the Warriors and everybody they're looking pretty good saw themselves draymond Green is lead scorer with 63 foot floor for the field and curry his hits the only three for warriors right now they are only one for for looks like from the field he's got five points yeah he's got a point so Curry's continuing being hot from Game seven of that uh last series Bogut still nothing but klay Thompson he's hit four points one four three two two four free throws iguodala's missed his only field goal attempt so right now it's it's like a pretty solid for both teams Oh what's up karate doing man Joshua talks in the house the football shows the Blazers in 13 what do you get paid to wear that Cobra Kai shirt I wish I just wear because I'm in Cobra Kai go guy cancer is fasting so so play you know what's fucked up what um I heard that like turkey or some fucking country or some like that or not going to show the game because he's in it yeah because he's had disputes really he's publicly disagreed with the president or something like that we have 956 people up in here and we want to thank you guys so much for tuning in the first quarter it hasn't even finished you're still got six minutes left to go yeah we almost got a thousand thank you guys so much for being in here shout to the Mod Squad you guys it never gets old how how much you guys show so much love and support to us the Mod Squad everybody and for the new people welcome to this warrior nation free so glad to have you we hope you're enjoying the stream and having a good time yeah thank you guys appreciate you cheers Cheers guys no Dylan let's write to you Webb what's up Jeff plays what's up guys how are you guys tonight I hope you guys stay went well let's go Blair what's up Jeff and weirdo pretty damn good I am in cloud nine there you go ass I'm on cloud nine right now I'm off tonight we're here or live streaming yep we wish you can live stream every single day every day we wish you a live stream because there's nothing better there's nothing better being loved and hanging out with you guys here in the chat we love y'all and thank you so much for hanging out with us yeah seriously and we gotta get ourselves a good game so far it's been great where'd your parent on the draft lottery Josh Jordan I wish the draft lottery we could see the actual picking of the ping-pong balls man yeah alive because otherwise I'm gonna call bullshit dude Carlos oh I hope good thank you for the dollar donation but it we love you man yes dude thank you so much appreciate that shake that dildo to you Jonathan Delgado lookin sharp guys love your enthusiasm Ron Cleveland a man we thank you man quit your job well alright I'll tell you what our bills and I think time to keep everything I've had a couple of thoughts that way yet it's so far in the playoffs so far I was just like that's such a good whenever they're like really great game and I'm at work I'm like I'm thinking about just walking out this I'm thinking about just walking out this place shit alright here we go and from the free-throw line we get Amina who knocks it down first commit that he drew a foul from um draymond Green and right here on the side I was he Damian Lillard in cancer yeah they're in the timeout uh where's show the Nuggets lot this season warriors destroyed the Nuggets the season in the regular season yeah alright and then aminos knocking down his second free throw he now has seven points on the game he's a second leading scorer for the Blazers 553 left to go in the first quarter it's a five-point game here on the left corner Steph Curry moving up a scraper dream on pass a dream on on the corner back from the swing it to Ed Wood Ella for a three no good and Damian Lillard will grab the rebound 5:40 left to go out let the CJ McCollum on the other side but : on the right wing Oh taking all the way off the dribble floater up no good rebounded there by Zizek Collins or is that Myles Leonard on my Leonard yeah Leonard going up no good rebound by draymond Green no foul called there shit alright Steph Curry working on draymond kicks back out pass intercepted by sage of a cub here come the Blazers we got a two-on-one situation – I mean you going down and thrown it down baby let's go let's go I see you Portland let's go Blazers 22:15 I made it with 9 points the leading scorer for the Blazers 5 minutes of the ghost curry on the outside here comes a screen by Looney Oh almost stolen away their budget by Damian Lillard Clay to eat wood Ella back to step back to a go dollar to dream on the left wing on the outside for claim four three no good rebounded by a meet oh what a game I mean who's having right now good defense by spoiler no no no rebounds at nine points to Damian Lillard straight away three over clay no gonna rebut it by draymond he hesitated for 32 were meeting in the first fifteen or twenty two Blazers in the lead clay to dream on back to clay on the left short corner take it turnaround jumper over Damian Lillard and rebounded by Looney off the miss now to clay for another three and he makes it let's go play from downtown it so happens you give up offensive boards the second-chance points for nine on from ish Matt what's up guys hope you guys are having a great day and let's go warriors the warriors that works Thank You this man he did another 499 same thing since then said same thing oh oh man thank you so much stage of a clone willing to Dylan in the plate kicks it off to heartless he goes up no good good deeper for the Warriors but although I'm the fuckin fast break Steph Steph Curry almost lost control of it Claire's clay on the drive to it with Dulla off the bottle he misses oh you know what the rebound winners going on I've never seen it would all missus so many easy layups I mean it with the outlet to CJ Macomb 3:38 remaining in the first quarter Macomb off a screen straightaway three no good rebound by Iguodala the first time he's missed from beyond the arc so far they were dolla down low to Tremont and he's fouled before the pass got there by CJ McCollum looks like when it came in a picture frame and look I see Kobe shoved him Oh Stumbo 242 thank you so much as it's watching this game live and tune into you guys oh thank you buddy we appreciate that man I get the lights up since George why haven't you like so we got we have a thousand people in here right now we have 345 lights thank you guys so much damn that's awesome man y'all are awesome y'all beautiful human beings cancer is gonna check out of the ball game and so as a me know we got 332 remaining in the first quarter four-point game riding hood who has been phenomenon the playoffs for the Blazers come on Shawn limited inbounds from the sidelines to alluding to Looney to green and Looney will draw the foul from Aminu I mean from Harkless I'm sorry get better I move right there yeah good better I move but it's not a shooting foul guys not a shooting foul but I like that feather see what you call CJ McComb had on green earlier yeah because he knows that when it got that ball he would always beat that up all day yeah so and you don't want a smart foul you don't want to give up easy baskets especially with them at home you don't want to get the crowd into all right start with the amount of pass with sideline to Shaun liver sent back to curry who takes a straightaway 3d penny makes it that's a simple Ashe was that that's a splash time how Steph Curry making like three yeah timeout by the Blazers they said whoa-ho that's too much for me let's talk this over I was thinking a drink my beer I didn't see who shot it oh my god and just like that curry that's eight points now he is 2 for 3 from beyond the arc he took that deep three I don't say how stuff makes those man is the racks hacen he's an assassin he it's all practice and rhythm for him let's go baby says noob I don't understand that just pop up Jesus here and you out of yours is behind Sean with you go Portland Warriors or running NBA uh ruining MBA running in beer I actually picked awards to win this I'm just happy this is a good game alright hit big laces to win let's go staff says I'm sure I'm sure thank you so much it's Reza's just give curry the goddamn ball yeah everything's gonna run through a dream on a dream I was just gonna find either clay or Steph open you see says how do you guys get noticed in public sure every time I go to a fast-food restaurant they go Josh what's up Josh yeah we already got your food making being made in the back let's go it's cuz josh does the same place over no oh oh did you mean do we get recognized from Sports bearings no not at all not at all two dollars or more land oh you guys make me forget I have cable oh thank you or Linda that's that's a huge come with buddy dude we're here for you man appreciate that I mean the only reason why we have cable so that we we could do this yeah that's it otherwise I don't watch TV except for Game of Thrones that's the only thing and that's pretty gone literally that's the only thing like we watch on TV I don't really watch TV either besides for sports yeah yeah see web now I'm gonna get some food after this game for sure oh it's gonna be a good game yes Nathan thank you so much for being here I think nugget shirt nugget your oh I see it yeah but guys thank you so much for all those who hit that like button yeah we're almost at 500 before the half that is awesome you know that's that's the easiest and best way one of the best ways to support the channel is just hitting that like button yeah really helps us out and we're so grateful that you guys do so in the last stream that we did someone was like stop getting all excited about how many likes you got no no see that person just doesn't understand it understand it will no it will never get old for us now it doesn't matter how many times we've had a shitload of likes or whatever we are grateful every single time every single stream when people show up people like us and tune in to the stream and smash that like button or subscribe the Mod Squad every time they show up we're grateful every single time and it never ever gets old for us never never Yussef Jaguar says Josh's Shawn have seen me get recognized in public yeah yeah I did we were in Kansas City yeah and they've the restaurant we're at the restaurant in there is the other guy he was like oh aren't you UCF Jaguar and the guy was and you should look yeah and they started talking and so hey this is shot a jock stayed through YouTube – he's like oh okay so UCF like he gave me it was actually pretty funny oh now that was actually pretty cool man and then you didn't you see you see I'm saying that you got recognized at the airport to when your flight went after we dropped off did he get recognized at the game that's a game I don't remember that oh shit I don't remember that I just remember the other one uh don't eat a whole bag of hot cheetos to yourself oh man Jake Oh Hot Cheetos man I haven't had hot cheetos in a while but Josh you run out of you see uh you've run out of Cheetos and we're back from the timeout 3:30 not to go in the first quarter so one point gay and there to call offensive foul Oh Seth Curry's checked in we got curtains we got kurta versus carry on the court right now and now his dad is wearing his jersey the portland jersey and his mom is representing Steph tonight oh okay he's wearing a double Jersey I don't see the double oh I see it the front and back I see it okay all right we got 305 left to go here in the first quarter Damon Green has it on the left wing back to the outside to Shawn listen now to Steph Curry and then we got a whistle here and that is going to be what was that a little Foust yeah we were in the interview what the fuck was that I guess a fuck about this about what they dad off it's a foul because it's more than ball you guys play for tonight Sean does yeah I play for tonight hey babe Ricardo how you doing man yeah all right here we go on the other side Rodney hood has on the right wing lived in on him still Leonard back to heart I'm back to hood Looney guarding him steps up takes a shot from the wing for to good 244 remaining in the first quarter Ronnie husband a great playmaker for them off the bench Sean lives it takes the outlet he's in the left short corner out to the outside to dream on now to Steph Curry double-team right on him passes it to McKinney on the right wing now to dream on 10 to shoot 230 let them go in the first quarter it's a three-point game dream on I guess Harkless on in the pink passed down to Looney and Lodi throws it down baby nice pass guys they still really conducted this fucking interview stop was shut the fuck up with the interview I nobody came I care about their family Leonard to the outside so heartless from downtown yeah yes dude how hard was s East 2 for 2 from 3 tonight go all right that's 27-23 go and stay with the ball limited in the pain turnaround jumper over Seth Curry good nice and Golden State is in the bonus for the remainder of the period it's a two-point game attack the rim Damian Lillard will bring this into the front core for the Blazers as they still lead by two Lillard to Leonard winter trying to get back to day meal today but I just can't do it but it'll hand it up the Steph Curry's curry betcha Leonard shot from downtown no good rebounded by Shaun Livingston doesn't matter in 200 the passes intercepted there by seth curry curry – Damian Lillard back out to curry for a quarterfinal blood block by draymond Green he's getting here take that milk and cookies tell him don't tell him do you guys know that's rums don't tell him what's it from I know it's from somewhere no block my dream on yeah ball in bout it from the baseline to the outside – hood now – Damian lured back to Rodney hood on the right wing Oh fake on Shaun Livingston pass to Emma turn her back to her running hood six to shoot Limited on him driving into the paint it puts up the shot from the free-throw line and he gets it to fall but man there was some contact on that shot no foul though under a minute left to go 2925 gonna stay in the bonus – rep go with the ball on the left wing Oh pass the Steph Curry takes a jumper for two for the corner good there you go Bernie Mac Bernie Mac Kings of Comedy Steph Curry Seth Curry has ten points he's 4 for 5 from the field Wow he's just feeling it early right in this game yeah Damian Lillard on the outside McKinney Guardian right in front of him they hate this shoot he'll take all the dribble he draws contact and by McKinney I think they had a foul to give so that's probably why he did that that doesn't mismatch 36 seconds remaining yeah we already have 1200 people in here really holy shit guys only first quarter we have 12 lunch if they go flow much we're coming hanging out guys 438 likes let's hit 500 guys come on it's that like button if you haven't good time Brian yeh shout to you thank you so much for being here appreciate ball inbounded by a meter from the baseline I mean from the sideline – Dave he'll shoot over bikini for to no good to rep go with the board and he'll give it to step curry who'll bring it into the frontcourt with 24 seconds remaining there's trailing by two they're in the bonus so he goes to screen by Shaun Livingston hood will stay on curry 10 to shoot there's about 6 second difference between game clock and shot clock seven six times for the defense curry into the paint and he is fouled he'll be headed to the free-throw line that was on Leonard yeah I was on Leonard and it should think he could tie it up right here ten point six seconds Portland isn't a bonus though – we can't show the game hoodie Jay dude and carpet right back yeah we play by plane we hang out what you find p.m. we tried any Rath y'all as much as possible so if y'all having a good time this quarter feels so long for some reason that's because it's so back and forth it's been it's been pretty damn good both teams in the bonus now Steph Curry knocks down the first free throw and it's a one-point game with ten point six seconds remaining in the game where y'all from Grant were from Texas hit that like button yeah subscribe come back if you saw our 31 says goochie goochie goochie goochie alright here comes this I can't freed that up from Steph Curry and that is in the tie ballgame folks with ten point six seconds remaining Bali about it to Damian Lillard come on same time six five McKinney in front of him for three steps up pass it to Turner take the jumper at the buzzer oh I had acquired the buzzer but he takes it with 0.5 seconds remaining ball and bond does that carry skills it but that's the end of the first quarter all right 31 29 what a first quarter right here and leading the way for the Blazers is a minou with nine points five rebounds heartless has eight himself CJ McCollum has eight but he has been cold for like the second half of that first quarter yeah he got started early he you know he's three for six he's 2 for 3 from beyond the arc yeah he started off the only points were like in the first half of the first quarter Damian Lillard remains with 0 points no points with Damon leather he's continuing the terrible shooting and game from Game one and Game seven against the Nuggets this is worrisome if I'm a blizzard fan this is very worrisome but it's also very impressive that they have the lead range hood with four points coming off the bench yeah now with the Warriors you had their leading scorer is Steph Curry who still contains a string he's four from out of the field 2 for 3 from three burners with 12 points second leading scorer is klay Thompson 70s 2 for 6 in the field and then draymond with 6 points now what's surprising here is Bogut and Iguodala 0 points each now bogus that's not really much of a surprise with Iguodala has had pretty much all his shots been pretty much wide open shots well two wide-open threes he's missed and one easy layup that he missed right now they are forcing them ball into a go doll his hands and he's not making them so what if he starts hitting these this is where I could change this game can change and then coming off the bench Looney has two points two points or Shaun Livingston nobody else really contributed off the bench really besides those two guys but yeah it's been a great game Steph Curry continued his hot streak it's just but I'm really impressed right now with the role players like Harkless and me new for the Blazers right now they are really stepping up here just Josh cut your hair Shaun or do you cut josh's hair Oh neither I don't trust Josh with the scissors anywhere near my face but we gained over 50 subscribers tonight so to the people who subscribe here tonight welcome oh we are what 21 away from Bucky and 500 that's cool man yeah so cool are you excited the sous chef movie I don't I didn't watch the last one they did anyone hired on the first one there is no no no no no I'm talking about the last one I did with the Samuel Jackson no oh I could give a shit about this movie it's soldier with the Sun yeah I don't know I'm kind of no offense about it how many likes does it take to take to make 100 to make 1000 says Graham it takes 1000 likes to make 1000 how many likes oh how many likes until 1k Oh 500 more lessons 21 what happens if you make 500 likes and in our we're just grateful for it honestly that it helps out our channel grow it helps our algorithm helps us be recommending workers anymore interactions better YouTube Alexis we have another 2 Dalmatian from Orlando who says shout-out to the Mars thanks for the love hashtag here in time that's what's yes awesome about our mods man anytime any new anyone's new here or anyone's donates we're not yours not gonna get a thank you from us now they're gonna thank you from our mod squad who are the best on YouTube best mod squad that's a fact and I will fight to the death for that yes what here is the damn best I love you guys and he draws a foul by direct Co 1146 remaining in the second quarter and he'll be headed to the free-throw line yeah I shot them all so yes Chris Redman shout to them you guys are fun this is a queue $17.99 thank you buddy we appreciate that alright first free-throw is May 30 to 20 9 is the score here yeah Terry stats come on man see if you can do something and second free throw is made by Aminu there we go baby quick cook is gonna bring this into front court for the go save Warriors as they trail 29 33 1140 left to go now to klay Thompson the outside moving off a screen from Bell down low to listen goes up and he is fouled as he tried to dunk it is that gonna be on Zach Collins yeah I don't mind that foul though no easy buckets baby no easy buckets Jamaica in the house all shout Jamaica Jamaica Mon Jamaica Mon you're making me crazy I don't know what I don't know what that was please don't ever do it again does that Paula short hi John let me say what the first free-throw is no good I swear we lost we boy I need a beer in a second me too man Livingston with the second free-throw first wasn't it I want to have it here in a second and he makes that one make it a three-point game 32 33 yeah 11:31 left to go here in the second quarter Damon would yeah he's over three four field zero points I'm gonna turn with the ball out to riding-hood he'll take a three from the wing and that's gonna be no good rebound by Quinn cook Oh Quinn cook let's see what he can do this game Quinn cook here on top of the key now to bail on the right wing back up to the outside to live us in on top of the key gives it up to Thompson he's got tennis shoot Rodney hood guarding him staying with him past 11 stay on the corner to bail pump fake into the paint Collins on him back to the outside to rep go to to shoot puts it up and out no good but grabs his own board kicks it to the outside of Levenstein you've got 10 50 remaining can't give up second-chance points man lives in a dude ref go here the left corner driving baseline pass to Bell puts at the footer good what a pass by jakka jock oh wow what the assist I'm impressed 1035 remaining in the second Emma Turner top of the key pass to McCullough step Oh takes him off the screen what's the footer up no good grab his own rebound puts it back up and it's good and finally back on the scoreboard CJ Michael had a little bit of a cold streak there for a while yeah he's got 10 points now Ted 15 remaining in the second quarter lives in top of the key passage Repco next that pass my drip goal was amazing last possession yeah – Thompson – fell off the glass no good rebound by Evan Turner ten minutes left to go it's a three-point game Turner has it on the left wing drop going front of them now Curry top of the key curry to the corner hood for three yes Rodney hood the role players are stepping up for Portland tonight let's go amazing for them in the playoffs late awesome moving off the screen from Bell double-team on him pass it Levinson out to the left corner JEP go drop go to clay a left wing same time on his that no that's a that's running hood such a rep go for two no good clay with the rebound and takes the jumper from the corner for two that I don't like that those lazy defense and board rebounding gotta crash the boards 918 remaining in the second it is a four-point game 34:38 Portland in the lead Evan Turner with the ball for the Blazers dart Tina shoot past the corner there's curry swings it two seconds back to curry curry moving off the screen and that's gonna be offensive foul against Zach Collins on that screen Wow come on Collins we got Dog Night now from Dominic Gomez screw the Trailblazers thank you for the other night and I'm Brody we appreciate that man the trouble is our showing up tonight man I'm impressed and Rodney hood dude off the bench of seven points yeah I know he's got seven more points of damage literally yep to rep go to Quay cook a 50 remaining in the second quarter they're trailing by four points the role players the best players for them gonna say worse they need to step up better and that's gonna be asking me illegal screen by the Warriors that's Trail Blazers ball what I just saw on the bottom of screen Zach Collins three fouls they got to pull him here and that's that's huge for the Blazers that was a legal screen there by Jordan Bell you got you can't be moving yeah I set your feet buddy so here come the blizzards Evan Turner now into the frontcourt to Rodney hood a 44 remaining in the second pass out to stay to become Oh off the dribble here against clay puts it up over Bell floater up no good but every Turner grabs the port kicks it back out to Collins swinging around McCallum on the right wing swings it to the other side curry almost was in control way he'll will and they goes out of bounds Kirby come on man don't what the hell as he didn't position himself he was too worried about going out of bounds AJ shot to Francine Brunell Francine shout to you guys yeah Quinn cook with the ball now to Jordan Bell a 21 remaining in the second quarter Bell looking for somebody get open he drove it too short to klay Thompson I love swatters Oh curry in front of them oh nice hands there is curry it goes out of bounds they're gonna say it's out on conk on us klay Thompson yeah I think it's gonna see the cameras oh man what shot which plane from each team has the most points at the moment right now day uh CJ McComb has ten points he's the leading scorer the Blazers and Curry's will lead a score for the Warriors at 12 yeah I haven't turned into the frontcourt now – cancer who was back in here st. you become almost was a control the ball good deep is there by Jordan Bell eight minutes remaining McCollum on top of the key klay Thompson in front of him oh nice dribble steps up the jumper for the long two and it's guys CJ McCollum with 12 points himself good shot we got 99 donation of Holly Holliday doc glad both you guys are here love from LA hey one a9 donation holiday doc appreciate that buddy alright 730 remaining cheer up go on the right wing turn her on him pastor klay Thompson download us listen oh nice Peter Jordan bail on the gut and he throws it down baby yeah Jordan Bell nice assist there by Shaun Livingston good ball movement that's gonna be open all night that's a highlight dog that's gonna be open all night everywhere I took everyone on their feet here at Oracle Center or whatever the fuck Oh Oh block there well the girls like Jordan built the block party hood from downtown no good oh and that low did that was a tipping by cancer nice 42:36 seven minutes remaining Blazers in the lead Thompson from deep downtown no good rebounded by Joep co-direct go from the corner till Emma sit back off the clay corner three no good trepkos funny for it but Evan Turner will get the board Oh let's go six point game Turner into the front court for the Blazers – Seth Cory D from downtown no good hits back iron rape out a bunch of Repco Terrell go getting them boards getting them boards now and yes there will be a timeout other girls say warriors good 630 left to go in the second it's 36 42 Blazers in the lead McCullum does lead their Blazers with 12 points and curry leads the Warriors with 12 points Damian Lillard has still yet to score he's not even in a game at the moment right now yeah but he has yet to score Josh Nashawn where are you from AJ we are from Texas right now we reside in Dallas I'm originally I was originally born in Laredo grew up in Santonio and lived in Indiana for about five years Shawn he was born in San Antonio grew up in Dallas no but more beers coming and just me or was warriors versus rock was at it go yeah go check maybe there's one maybe there's one see but there should be more beer coming man put curry in I'm not the worst fan but I want to see courier versus my favorite player since it's risk I love you fuckers as egg beaters a man we appreciate you we appreciate you man we love you too no Katie to save them says moonchild FF they might not need Katie they're still making a damn good game it's it's a six-point game right now and they could they could begin to leave you saw it so I'm just doing it game one and then Jamie alert he hasn't even gotten going yet so I'm a little bit worried if I'm a Blazers fan right now King PJs I smashed out like and sub these guys up yes if you guys are brand new you haven't hit that subscribe yet smash their fuckin subscribe here nice and turn that notification bill so that way you guys know when we go live we're gonna be live Saturday Sunday and Monday coming up we won't be live tomorrow wish we were and for tomorrow's game shot and I we both got the Bucs I'm in Houston but originated from Illinois that's what's up son man Katie's out for road game says yeah they say he's out of this game and he's gonna be out for pretty much the next three games I'm a tough fan of this channel shadow from pH says Jota I'm Maurice Villanueva thank you so much bro for being in here we appreciate that you know what I don't understand and I get this all the time Arizonians have an accent we actually don't yeah I don't even know what what an Arizona accident would be I I don't even know that was a thing I wouldn't think so Josh when are you guys going to stream LL Bean's there's no air pause gang oh this summer this summer because you know as you guys know the summer there's not a whole lot of sports going on so baseball's pretty much let's we're gonna do it we're to focus heavily on baseball fantasy football and as we get closer to the NFL season we're gonna put pump out our season predictions videos for every single NFL team so look forward to that what's up V tuck how you are you doing Brigham Isaac I can't believe we have 1,300 people in here that is awesome thank you guys so much there are 300 people in here we have 547 likes that is awesome and we have 15 Johnnie's who hit a dislike can you guys show us the game who DJ unfortunately we can't due to copyright so we just do live play-by-play we hang out with you guys and hopefully you enjoy it and lemma says love you guys we love you to Atlanta shout to the Philippines is Anthony Marc a salimah to the Philippines and all the Kuya is out there thank you guys so much Rania's cortez can't wait for NFL fantasy door we cannot wait neither we're those who are brand-new yeah we're gonna do a lot of fantasy mock drafts we're gonna do a bunch of subscriber leagues we're gonna do like 9 or 10 of them and we're also gonna be doing a YouTube content creators league as well I love how this game is going as maverick Arden yeah I mean this is this exciting man and and the fact that Damien Lord hasn't even gotten going it's pretty pretty crazy this game is gonna get even more exciting as the game goes on it really is I can't with the second half all right we're back Steph Curry has the ball now to able della on the outside does Damien was guarding him he's checked back into the game now step klay Thompson takes a jumper for to no good game with the rebound he'll bring it to the front court six minutes he not the goal in the second quarter it's still a six-point game nice bounce pass to cancer on the left high post backing down draymond Green good hands that ball goes out of bounds and they're gonna say it's Warriors ball good defense there by draymond Green no air pods game yeah definitely ready for the NFL season Steph Curry draws the foul from cancer now they're gonna say that's a shooting film should be 604 to go curry is fouled by cancer are they gonna save the student file if it is that's the rege free throws yeah they're saying three I saw three free throws coming up for Steph Curry so curry he bring to the frontcourt pump fakes and then Cantor steps up with his big-ass fucking body you can never leave your feet like that man can't leave your feet we got to another nation from Michael Carter thank you so much thank you buddy we appreciate that so much man and I'm pump up with this new beer I just got dilly dilly Cheers love you man thank you all right and second for those good for curry guys all right four beers here yeah yeah thank you man so much Michael Carter ten all donation man do it that it thank you so much mm-hm thank you curry makes this last free-throw 39 42 604 to go in the second quarter three-point game cancer you got to watch out that shit man yeah Damian Lillard with zero points has the ball on the right wing Iguodala in front of them 554 remaining in the second – seth curry curry takes loaning off the dribble floater up off the glass good by seth Curry draymond quick to bring into the frontcourt for the Warriors to step from downtown no good backyard rebounded by the Wizards hustle Blazers owed Lillard to curry swings it to McComb jumper for three is [Applause] good ball movement 527 remaining in the second Seth could have took in that shot to the loony in the paint over can't jerk easy makes it let's go okay Looney I see you buddy putting in work it's a six-point game 5:15 remaining in a second dame Toba column splitting the defense and it's gonna be a foul on Iguodala or Looney it's one of those two cuz he arrived in between them it's the gone loony I guess so they're showing a camera uh hello from Australia j-man favor tuning it always raelia my hey don't talk like that it's gonna you know how many like we all think that from movies and stuff they all talk like that they probably don't hate that like and sub buddy yeah Thank You Thor man shots you Thor said thank you all the mods y'all do such a great job tonight man yeah oh oh whoa what is that was there a technical foul because see if I Club was shooting a free throw I didn't even hear it I'm a Coleman it's uh I guess the technical free throw here alright we have more people watching than the NBA YouTube channel all right chef Carina inbound this with a sideline and there's gonna be a whistle and that's going against I'm pullin trouble is that's Warriors ball what Cole said fuck off yeah we got your $5.00 hell lord I just got the YouTube notification but he's still at work he says you love you guys hashtags still the wifey oh thank you so much oh that's curry with the steal hi Oscar with a steel wool edges ball now to say Gemma call five minutes I think oh hello appreciate that man Dame Lillard tries to feed it down low to canter everyone's fighting for it and there's gonna be a whistle that's going to guess the ghost egg warriors and they're fighting for the ball thank you again miss mrs. hell Lord 247 we appreciate that thank you so much oh wow Wow guys I can't believe we have more than NBA people Wow 453 remaining in the second quarter ball inbounded to Damian Lillard Lillard move on screen from cancer Paul fake here on the wing down to Aminu now to cancer and he lays it in just gently just ever so gently puts it in warm 39 remaining in the second quarter it's a nine-point game curry behind the back pass to Looney Looney hands it off to Thompson off the screen from downtown no good I mean it was there for the board nice let's go baby they may live we'll bring into the frontcourt zero points still from Damian Lillard to set Cory Cory all Cory we gotta hurry hurry oh my god Oh switch all defense good swing there by McComb I wanna see songs in front of them he'll take him off the dribble drives in the lane and that's a foul by Thompson Wow what did why does CJ McCulloch to come for the screen I want to see career Ascari's him go at it man I want to see car vs. Korea brothers we had another $5 Josh my goodness Keisha Asia Asian donated five dozen what's up Josh Shawn its Fieri time how my boys doing we're doing great Asia thank you so much my final donation and we want to know how you were doing and you damn right it's very time yeah Thank You agent appreciate that Cory I was gonna knock down this first free throw right there for 34 13 remaining in the fourth quarter and everybody make sure you guys go ahead and duck oh good Oh got him I wasn't ready I'm so go I can't believe em were people watching us and they actually um be a YouTube channel ah that's crazy guys that's si si y'all uh y'all y'all a beautiful chef curry knocks out the second free-throw line free throw here comes Steph Curry to the front court now and Aloni down to the right short corner Drummond I should be down low to step on the cut and he lays it in that was a beautiful play with some contact – yeah we got another $5 from Hello or 247 I'll answer in just a second Damian Lillard has it takes a deep three Lillard scores his first bucket on the game let's go Keith from downtown on the other side curry sausage that's how no good rebounded by Kanter Oh God here come the Blazers Damian Lillard driving into the paint goes up on his blog but he would not know felt mighty budala we have five dogs from Hell Lord he says just kind of break but again call the wifey I love you guys sake sir everything you guys do do never stop being the best dude and wife he just done $85 on you dad $95 Thank You hello appreciate that mom that is crazy thank you hello I appreciate that thank you Rocha says words lost no it's still too early Dame from the free-throw line knocks it in yeah making it 5643 you must believe Rocha Roach s try and do that reverse psychology don't believe what he's saying in the chat because that's what he always does Josh how's Janet jinx this other way Josh the more you hit us with those cats the more you take out the Moscow he misses the second free-throw they're gonna stream on with a quick push into the frontcourt 3:25 remaining he's on the right high post now to Luna right corner Cantor on him 13 of shoot back out to dream on top of the key Aminu guarding them 370 remaining in the second quarter Portland is in the bonus to curry to the right corner here comes a double-team past downloaded the Odawa and he is grabbed by curry they'll call the foul what a good pass envision my steps right there uh you guys do a good job Thank You Prince Tyler thank you and all the new people tuning in y'all having falls on Twitter or Instagram all social medias are in the description box down below go get some follow you sure appreciate it and a shout out to uh entertainer talking sports she's in the chat right now and I thank you so much for the support bro anybody we yeah entertainer yeah Tina and we had another two dollars oh oh hurry drop split the defense into the paint kicks it back out to it whaddup now to the right post right here to dream on and he'd draw no it goes out of bounds yeah on my cancer yeah gonna call the foul right there I thought they were but when they get the balls in me three point three seconds remaining hurry up and put it up quick Asia with two dollars Josh you are fine now you were pissed before I was a pissed you're pissed oh boy in butter to Steph Curry from Steph Curry with a baseline to dream on you need the jumper for – it's about time much your Bulls lottery maybe 250 remaining in the second quarter thank you so much agent for the donation 45:56 Portland in the bonus CJ McCollum has on the outside equal della guarding him 30 on the shot clock to cancer hands it back off to Trek Damian Lillard double-team bounce pass to cancer to the outside to Aminu from downtown no good we bought a by step we got out $2 hello he sees I didn't know she donated lol curry here top of the key double team passes dream on down low a low knee bad short pass but is picked up by Iguodala somehow with 10 seconds remaining that Steph Curry is gonna travel they can't do that hop travel can't do that hop anymore or land it with two dog donations never get a bunch of donation so the calm carries to sway thank you all new people for showing up we appreciate you thank you guys so much out to the ma squad once again T web Thor said keep pages in here Rocha he's already lost know what what I told you we have 600 lives 600 likes I'll do this don't call the cops okay guys y'all didn't see nothing you hear y'all come on the cops already can y'all clip that for me I need evidence entertainer you didn't see nothing did you and it's hands on everything no he's sitting with the NFC East Cape let's see some dolphins in a chat for the entertainer talking sports dolphin emojis let's see some dolphins to the chaff we're a boy entertainer one of the best out there doing it that's our boy man yeah y'all show so know the end of tan time sports man yeah Oh 17 for step yeah he's the one that's really showing up for the Warriors right now he is the one I really thought that one yes you're you're right man Portland's demon has been a lot better this game great adjustments going here the perimeter defense has been a much better even though Steph Curry that courage threes we're amazing like you can't UK they Gardens pretty well yeah I mean he was taking some crazy shots and was I'm very impressed by as their defense in the passing lanes they've been really pressuring that pass enough no easy passes there's been a few but it's mainly been all contested and I love it see see the dolphin the town Chrisman of course we missed y'all we miss Joey ways we can stream every single day yeah we won't be live tomorrow but we'll be live Saturday Sunday and money cuz there's gonna be playoff games right on a Saturday and Sunday there are playoff game sharks I Levi Owens to the love your channel glad I found you guys hashtag real shit we're glad you found us too yeah it was meant to be destiny brought us all together here yeah just it's just too much it's too much no problem entertainer man you awesome bro mine even though you loved all fucking dolphin you're always we gonna stand up he's trying to get us some shape man no matter police is not like bad dog once ends like boot camp alright age of the nose who does Asia what are you doing I'm going to see endgame Friday no spoilers please age they for two dollars a Farley go see em game I'm not gonna a shit a spoilers are allowed in our chat now so I'd be careful reading those Carson even I said that yeah I should know but I'm gonna warn her like I want to warn her at the same time but right now we got 290 not to go inside quarters 5645 right here Portland Trailblazers are in the bonus two for the remain of the peers for the rest of the two minutes so Wars gonna watch out with the fouls 60 points is the leading scorer for CJ McCollum for the Blazers four points now for Damian Lillard who's finally scored cancer with four eight points were heartless nine from amino gosh quite here in the second half here for immediately in the first quarter yeah I don't want quiet who else went quiet klay Thompson he's got nine points but he got most of that in the first quarter he has really he's a man had a little little spurts 17 points for Steph Curry he's taking care of business right now everybody else has been kind of slacking right now man Iguodala is gotta step up a girl has zero fucking points and a lot of them have been wide open shots mrs. total donation from hell doors is also how about that pal hey hey hey you know what man pelicans you thought about you man we thought about you when they won the draft lottery yeah hello's gotta be a static about this you know it kind of sucks for all those other teams but man shot shot see oh thank you so much hello for the donation yet we're back here folks with 209 left to go in the second Lilla from deep downtown straight y oh my god what a shut I think curry still to a mother past he goes 11 he misses dream on there by the board what a shot by Damian Lillard Neal time is awake and on the other side draymond goes to the rim and he is fouled Wow one-fifty farming in the second quarter 59 45 and Damien Lulu Damian fucking Willard he's getting it going it's a wake yeah let's go let's go I'm loving this Lillard with seven points game time game time JMO and misses the first free throw oh my god we have Philly 500 here yeah I do what's going on y'all show some love Philly 500 yeah we got Philly 500 and entertainer in the child yeah I'm glad just nice I want to impress some golfer to the chaffeur entertainer and quad wink for Philly quad doing Dre mom is the second free throw Philly we love you buddy 150 remaining in the second quarter Damian Lillard kicks it to the corner to Steph Curry to Steph Curry now now to Aminu driving floater up good rebuttal by klay Thompson yeah I get going here Clay's got to do something man yeah he's working right here on the right wing passed out to draymond Green hands it back off to clay clay losing control of it Damien loaders there to grab the steal Lillard to set steps up and shoots over married over curry this is flash that shit bro where you asked this shit we went brother Seth courier with a three overstep Wow hello 6245 1:10 remaining dream on to Looney down logos up he's fouled and he scores and one Looney with a three-point play opportunity like step gets splashed on by his brother Seth you gotta love it as a 15 point day now 16 points there's nothing for goal and say so they are no weight in the world out of it oh man what I am so impressed all the trouble is just today man knocks down the free throw making a three-point play 1:07 remaining in the second quarter 48 62 both teams in the bonus but call them into the front court for the Trailblazers on the left wing here comes a double-team clay and dream on sticking with him taking on into the paint kick-out to a meeting Aminu to Damian Lillard 9 on the shot clock on the drive here baseline kicks out to Seth Curry goes over his head four to shoot curry on curry takes the shot for deep no good rebound it by Lillard oh my goodness see literate back to the outside it was dull in front of a ball think some step-back jumper for 300 and the step-back Oh clay the drive in the lane lays it up oh oh my god happy 265 we see the donation will read that in about 24 seconds today me and Lillard oh my god dame into the frontcourt 17 seconds remaining equal dolla in front of them 6550 both teams in the bonus there's about three seconds between game clock the shot clock five for Drive take out Aminu corner three no air ball rebound by Iguodala one second curry leaves it up no good end of the half it's a 15-point game Wow Lillard is alive with 10 points hitting addy from downtown we gotta find out donation from our boy Philly 500 to risky Jersey's getting burned I'm just too tired to do a video tonight just got home I'm going to just chill listen to you guys thank you yeah for those who don't know the Chicago Bears we lost to the Eagles Yamini Philly had a bet and Cody park he doubled went yep we loose Philly wins macho Biscay Jersey and he's been hanging it up in his streams it's like pretty much this entire time yeah and he's been using it as a good luck charm for 76ers because every time he put it on stream they won except for Game seven when cool island hits the game seven buzzer beater over joylynn bead and it dunks it joins four times quad joint quad link to lose so you know I had to rub it back into his face or just a little bit no Philly saying you know what fuck that you're Biscay Jersey he's claiming he's going to burn my tribe is key he's gonna burn it we're gonna have to go down there and break in the already highs has to go in right now wait we have some people on Khalid we have some subs and mods out there you need them to put a date we need them to scalp for us right all right here we go guys 6550 we're here at halftime Trail Blazers with a 15-point Lea we said they had to step up and damn did they step up and for the most part they did it without demon Willard you know scoreless for a for much of the first half but he ends with 10 points 60 points versus AJ McComb still the leading scorer Heartless with eight nine from Aminu four for a canter right now off the hood off the bench Ronnie hood with seven points Seth Curry he's got seven points himself they're shooting 50% from the field AB and they're shooting 52% from beyond the arc 52% from three-point land these numbers are looking like warriors last game yes exactly exactly that's exactly four in Game one warriors shot 50% from the field and maybe one from downtown Blazers in Game two are shooting 50% and 52 from downtown a 65 did click toms with 9 points draymond Green with 8 points 0 from egg what dollar who's had some wide open shots and he's missed oh yeah two wide-open threes he straight-up missed them no points our Andrew Andrew bug he's only played four minutes so nothing from there Kevin Looney off the bench of seven points three points are shot limbs and four points from Bell so right now Steph has no help no help if clay dream on and in ink were dolls are hitting their shots this is gonna be a game warriors come back incoming yeah broken nerve that's definitely possible third quarter they could definitely get hot man you can never doubt that what's up sup it's a Bri I can't say your last name so I'm not try remember worries they come back even if they lose 30 points difference yeah oh yeah we're not saying this is anywhere close to being over they're gonna make adjustments they will and they're they're too confident in themselves said to to get flustered Rocha says this is a pathetic effort by the Golden State Warriors he's a warriors fan he's part of the Mod Squad he's pretty pissed off right now I don't blame him I don't blame them the effort here in Game two they look maybe pretty shitty yeah draymond still has that hustle step curry is there but klay Thompson in and out egg with dolla not he's not effective at all on this game whatsoever nope even loonies with seven points off the bench but it's just nobody else is in double digits and that's not looking good for them gotta go gotta go guys Ayesha curry why'd he come over as Tony Rivero she wants you to come over she wanted to come over she needs that attention from the attention may I should use that militant 65 250 yeah tap out 15 point game it's cuz of Katie injured no this team is still capable of beating any team than being hey we got one point two thousand people watching still at halftime and half you guys smash that like button 655 pretty much hit that like so thank you guys so much for getting appreciate that and if you guys are having a good time you haven't done so yet you're listening to our our soothing voices smash that like button for us guys it's a great way to support the channel and we'll love you for forever and you will always be friends please pretty please if you guys smash that like button I will send you Shawn's personal phone number you can call them up whoa I'm any day any time you're gonna even fake one all right well guys just don't call me during while I'm trying to sleep I do have worked eight o'clock in the morning we got a lot of people for the Philippines here in the chat let's shout the photo yeah shout to you guys in the Philippines you guys love basketball let me know Jesus what days I got to go out there and play some ball with you guys you don't know man solemn odds to the Philippines y'all show so much love than me boy oh yeah Abdullah says all right send it over no Josh don't you do it I just sup Thank You K tonight thank you so much Asia with another $2 I says kiss and I doing dolphin sex later whoa what your guys okay so you guys are gonna have sex with an elfin Adolfo is gonna be involved in a threesome in ur species wow that's uh this is getting weird yeah I don't know what to say but on porn you probably get a million hands you probably would entertain of this new contents will set fragrance to dollars screw the draft lottery Wilson Breckenridge in the house with to all the nation he's a Phoenix Suns fans it flows exactly the same way I do when they get six they got six they had a third worst record in the league yep right yeah they they're gonna get a sixth pick that's rough we're dropping seventh man we had the fourth worst record in the league that is absolutely atrocious you got to dredge the same so we're dry the seventh man things between other nation man and yeah man we got screwed we got screwed I completely regret giving Philly 500 my phone number what happened what he send me a picture you see the feet whose feet is it he says bad dog oh the bad dog feet yeah that's rough show him bad dog feet showing bad dogs feet Shawn by the way third time love from Indonesia says Rio – yeah thank you so much ma'am shout to you Blackwater Oh which will win we we pick the Warriors to win this game yeah and I think they're gonna have a strong half second half count these guys don't don't do it don't do it but the Blazer looking damn good right now once you start down the Warriors that's when they fucking show up man we doing man what are you doing with them feet man why did I fucking regret giving him my number now I should have known well I fucking hate you Philly yeah everyone saw that made everyone sick that made everybody god fuck you I'm eating Shawn says King PJ I wasn't meals Philly why are you getting mad at me two dollars for Moreland so the best player in NBA Jeff not named Zion J Marant job and a job job and then RJ Barrett those are top three prospects going into the another guy I really really like that it's gonna mean that conversation is hunter DeAndre hunter Jericho Burt also abused yeah but and then and then you got bald man both at dudes a fucking monster what is he like seven six seven bubble yeah yeah motherfuckers tallish yeah he's pretty athletic you know he's not like really awkwardly linky like God closes Sean Bradley never ham fucking fuck Sean Bradley why you always had to bring him up fucking piece of shit everybody thought I was gonna be the next great fucking play on the NBA yeah fucking uh no KD no win and how they won first game Daniel yeah man yeah shit you don't know shit man just make sure you guys you hit that fuckin like right Sean yeah whoo where's plaid anymore the where's plaid you know where's plaid serial killers I didn't I said who wears flats serial killers and he says I do uh go rip City James you must be loving this thing you must be loving this game I like says James and thank you buddy Thank You Brad lives right around here are you serious yeah he look he lives here in the same town I do fucking yeah doesn't know yeah he does he shop at that neighborhood Walmart damn right shopping at a goddamn Walmart piece of shit Bradley Oh groceries that's on my car oh he said my dad sold my SUV I need milk I am growing I need to make my bone strong it's got a big body he's an adult what's Bradley needs calories Mike why is there only two lanes open why what kind of voice oh good job mods y'all man y'all are doing such a great job tonight okay you're listening while you're coloring Melissa nice stay within the lines stay within the lines yeah oh yeah if you wanna go grab those boobies in the freezer that'd be great Joan I'll think about it Charlie does like he is into insist and that's team Shawn for you that's what they do that's what they do yeah what's up Carlo he says us what's here what's good guys hey sean has hair nice mane hey buddy bar siding with other hat it's probably the first time he's seen you without that yeah probably new what's going on man are you doing Jerry makes it with a $2.00 nation smoking chicken legs almonds and cashews you want some Jeremy come over you know we're at come over Oh Disney has to sell those shitty yeah just drop it up and get the fuck out of here you know they Thank You Jeremy maids appreciate you bro what are y'all drinking we're drinking some Bud Light man that's our favorite beer that's our beer of choice babe or what Erna watched all that song after this y'all shoutout to babe y'all show some love to babe you know it wasn't her for her this channel wouldn't exist now she's just chilling here she's just I don't want you to do it she's got the call of duty going on I don't know huh you're eating right now okay Oh T wes is welcome to all the new subscribers yeah welcome guys appreciate y'all being here glad to have it hey guys it's my first time watching and y'all so finds his noble yet not cold yet shit finally Louise shout to you from the Philippines thank you so much Philippines yeah 700 likes no way we are closing in on that one Kmart we have okay okay our satellites wait wait we hold on hold on what what Lane says I'm fat white what what that's a revelation wait what no tell me that's not true that's not true right it's not true Josh it's all perspective am i fat Josh don't believe it have I been fed this tired time Josh it's whatever you want to believe do you believe your fatness that's all that matters Josh I'm looking at the camera right now I'm like listen I'm looking at us right now dose right there I'm like I can't wait no more than hundred thirty pounds exactly hundred thirty-five pounds whatever it's it's all perception okay you're fine it's whatever you believe that's fake yes that's fakers he's new selling our lives no Josh in the best shape of your life this is Chris Redmond oh yeah man yeah yeah Cameron Rice's who do you guys have won in this game and how much do you think the blade trouble I just can't win against to go and say we picked the the Warriors to win this game yeah but the he said that pleasures need to step up and now they step up but they are taking over right now with a 15-point lead here at the half CJ McCollum doing great Timmy a little bit remember they did this for the most part without loaded now once he started going get going he contribute a lot to this 15-point lead hitting deep from downtown game time looks like it's ready to get going here but I'm not just counting on say worse a 15-point lead ain't shit for the splash brothers no it's not it isn't literally they could be in it within like two minutes literally I've seen them scored 12 points in three listen like a minute Orlando with the tale the nation Josh who is behind Bret Hart for your favorite wrestler Oh Shawn Michaels Chum I grew up with San Antonio Texas he's from San Antonio and Bret and Shawn were my favorite too and then riding out my top five Stone Cold Steve Austin Undertaker and then I'm gonna go Ric Flair check something hey guys y'all think are you gonna have a buzzer beater for the win he easily could but honest are you talking about which car you know Seth or Step three of I says you're not fat you bank so thick uh Ryan Josh run know what that was um trouble eyes are going to win now I got a football game tomorrow Eric Ferguson good luck on your football weight football game should be no football game football game for what high school football is not now or middle school or anything like that kind of put what you playing take like City League like a flight football or something I want to get on a flight football team again man I used to play flag football it's so much fun oh just our you know the Bud Light you'll feel butter skills hell yeah man it's always about that but you know what y'all yeah it makes me think that I go on a diet man I think I'm gonna start tonight babe after this dream don't get a double cheeseburger let's go single Patti it's good to single Patti yeah still large though so large fry didn't drink yeah that's him making a big difference we got up we gotta ease into the dock slowly we're bad guys for the second half of this ball game 15-point lead and Willard into the frontcourt now to see Jimmy come on the right wing Steph Curry guarding him nice screen there by cancer Oh McCulloch driving shot from the right high post good McCollum let's go okay I seem a cold start off the court strong 18 points for McCollum here draymond Green into the frontcourt for the Golden State Warriors to Looney on the outside top of the key cancer in front of him hands it off no thought of I had an ounce of courage he'll pass it to step I mean to klay Thompson Klay driving the baseline kick-out to draymond he'll take the jumper from the wing no good rebounded by Eagles down to step for three yes Blake Thompson knocks down the three let's go Jeff juice is charged out to me madam doing for the ladies now you go forever you want but good bro yeah Marcus does your chemistry brings such a tear to my eye it's so unbelievable brilliant and attractive Marcus appreciate you buddy Damian Lillard working the outside bounce pass a cancer free throw line to amino and he is fouled by the Warriors I just saw him lose a ball I didn't look like a foul uh can eat rib eyes all day long oh I don't know I like rib eyes I like sirloins are the best oh oh oh man I want to go get fucking salt grass you still never been so great no I haven't ball in bounds of cancer top of the key cancer hands it off the CJ McCollum loony garden I'll take him on the dribble floater up in the paint and to clean it up but he can't do it how do you do miss that step Kerr coming on the board into the frontcourt now – klay Thompson clay Lillard on him white short corner klay Thompson working working download to a cutting draymond Green he tried to behind the back pass but it goes out of bounds that's a turnover that's Portland ball come on worries what are you doing right now I'm kind of getting a little upset now with the Warriors they're making some bad passes here yeah yeah we yeah please don't subscribe 10:25 remaining in the third quarter 6750 three 14-point game loader has a ball on the outside switch on defense Steph Curry guarding him now from that screen from CJ McCollum another screen from cancer and that goes deflected off of warriors yeah Luther said it was a kick ball wait so they're gonna reset the shot clock yeah Jim delos shout out to you buddy for the Philippine shout to you man selamat tough arcamax stupid place by nu yeah on the defensive side yes on a defensive side yes yeah crazy Moses let's get to 1,000 lights yeah yeah let's do it guys you shouldn't do fancy passes unless you're upset somber some yeah that was what the hell was that from dream on yeah I don't like any fancy passes really unless you know for sure he's wide open I don't like fancy passes in traffic hey what's a Verne hen's oh thank you so much somebody ball anybody by Aminu from the sideline to Damian Lillard 1007 up they go third quarter late on the right wing double-team in there klay Thompson stays on him Lillard driving steps shots from the free throw line no good by Damian Lillard Dre bar with the rebound now into the frontcourt now 54 remaining in the third quarter Dre Mohan's the top of the key swings it to clay catch and shoot no good rebound a bike or CLIs okay those shots no one went to dodge RJ Barrett wants to be a Laker no NIC interesting Harkless has thanks so much known for the audio I should and letting us know about that Harkless down in the paint and that is gonna be a foul no jump off no jump off what we're calling a foul that's bowlegged Allah on Harkless that I saw him tie it up I don't know about I think that was after they after the contact dogs gotcha gotcha uh Jin shouts – yeah – yeah indeed the block D block says yo fellas what's going on yo the shirt thank you buddy we appreciate that yeah wait they called that a shooting interesting wait they say words in the bonus no there's no way where's an eye on the bonus either I looked at it team all right oh that's it like what the hardware second free-throw is good 16-point gang guys worries got to get going here by 32 remaining in the third quarter safety 953 hearthis has ten points Steph Curry on the ground still passes it to Looney hands it off to clay top of the key out to the wing it was dull from downtown no good rebound can't hit it man and that goes to Harkness but he got it losing control goes out of bounds and now that's warriors ball Aminu what the fuck Iguodala yes sir hitting your open shots man that's his third wide-open threes miss we got to all the nation from Asia as a love Shaun's haircut I'm not Erica in like over a week two weeks it's actually gelatin today oh boy Steph Curry from downtown Oh he hits up from the wing more than three that's a splash on at least he's doing it flash nine minutes up they go to the third quarter 69 56 de Melo being hounded oh I loaded he gets the ball Looney the curry two-on-one stops and shoots for two good timeout Portland 58 69 what do we say Shawn 11-point game when we say what the fuck we ain't OVA know what we say we said Sun over okay dude a me load is holding his ribs there's a shot there by loony a Looney fell right into his ribs he's a hole he's grimacing as he got up yeah like that oh one point five thousand people watching we were with you guys 69-58 is the score it's only 11 point game warriors looking like they got some momentum going here that's why Portland had to call a timeout right there I mean Damien losing it to a Looney Looney costly for the ball grabbed it gives it to step card they got to in one situation curry stuff puts up the jumper yeah I'm out Portland like wait we got to talk about this because we don't need the Warriors to get red-hot here no I'm saying no you can't let the crowd get into it either over come on Blazers in the car it's not over till it's over till it's over uh yeah least Steph and Luna showed up yeah exactly Rocha there they are a hustling and I'm liking what I'm seeing from them everybody else got stuff of ego dollar three wide open threes and he's missed every single fucking one King says Def Curry has 27 points 27 points and we just started here that's almost half their fucking points right now 27 remember remember those guys on line knows the debate shows yeah questioning Steph Curry because he wasn't really getting he was in the Houston series yeah you know Katie was taking over and curry where the hell is he yet being inconsistent and shit like that it's all I was like what are they talking about do they forget that Steph Curry is the fucking Beast he's an assassin yeah I had no doubt in curry whatsoever even when Katie went down I knew you know step up yeah I knew you have step up he was he was the biggest reason why they won that game six to move on to this series curry has 27 points right now in Game two he's keeping the Warriors alive it's 11 point game and that is not that big of a lead now against Golden State here in Golden State to the Golden State Warriors team can get it going even with klay Thompson all these guys playing like shit Klay times gonna get it going in a matter of a heartbeat so even though they're all playing bet I guarantee you klay Thompson still gonna end with over 25 points yeah Wow he's at nine boys right now he's gonna have by the game 25 point but I wants to eat with dollar man right now he he's a minus 9 on the court his plus – he's minus 9 he's over 4 for the field over 3 for 3 he's got it they're leaving him wide open because they have to they can't leave Clair stuff so they leaving him wide open and he's missing every single one he's got to take advantage of it he's a Finals MVP he'll get it going carlos has curry serving up that hot curry I think ice could uh I think you guys could do a friendly wager loser gets haircut from the other Mohawks Estel Turner oh there's gonna definitely be some wagers coming up here so yeah especially when my Chicago Bears beat his Dallas Cowboys all right my Cowboys beat his chair no thanks it's gonna be on Thursday Night Football coming up here and we're gonna be streaming for that that's gonna be awesome you guys don't want to miss our NFL strains they can result from your new people tuning in yeah for NBA streams and your subscribing your brand-new yeah you don't want to miss the NFL stuff NBA is great and we love it and you know it brings in huge numbers and we love you guys but our favorite sport is the NFL it's a lot of fun and it gets crazy especially between me and Josh as things might get thrown people might die yeah yeah and this coming up into the whole season is gonna be unlike anything ever that we've had so far in this one spirits we're gonna stream the game for for free guys is jana oh well you can go you stay here on this horse here you make sure you like subscribe and make sure you sure share this with 20 friends yeah and then you can watch it right here for free a 48 remaining in the third quarter we got donation there yeah two dollars from AG can't wait until you start streaming baseball games Thank You Asia yes fun McCullum being out of here double team by Trayvon and step Carl he's in trouble he pass it to a me to Aminu so hard this for to shoot close it up no good good defense there oh he tried to say the inbounds curry comes up with it here come the Warriors curry to claim from downtown yeah clink dancin splish Splash let it say clay could get it going eight times black eight-point gave eight 12 remaining in the third quarter 6169 McCollum working on curry pulls off the jumper for a long to no girl rebounded by Looney oh yeah the crowd getting into it now Curry's gonna bring it to the Frog Court everyone standing on their feet here at the Oracle 755 in the third quarter now the loonie loading on guarded by cantor out of clay clay driving into the paint hands off it will go back to clay for straightaway three yes splash splash coin toss it back to back threes unbelievable it is a fun game look at that a matter of a second left two points for clay now 730 remaining Damien pulled up the jumper for the corner for to no good it rebounded by Iguodala pushing it up for the Frog Court for the Warriors in the paint back out to step up puffing straightaway three oh no good rebound by Looney good rebound I'll tell you without downloaded draymond by himself and he lays it in off the glass timeout timeout Portland it's a three-point game leash it went from 12 to 3 holy six or I was 11 it was 11 what a run Wow 7-eleven love to go klay Thompson hit those back to back splashes look at that splash don't ask don't do that he was / I don't know this team is most deadly in third quarter late third quarter it was all treble he's beginning to stir quarter now late a hair about midway through Oh actually it's a lot of time with 7-eleven left in the third yeah there's no place I love right here but the goal here in the third Thanks they're firing on all cylinders err doing they're hustling for the ball they are playing great defense they're rebounding they're knocking down their shots clay tops or the back-to-back threes dude the Warriors are alive right now it's a three-point game it's just a few minutes ago it was a 15-point game and we said no no no the Warriors are not out of this by a long shot yeah there's still seven minutes up to go in the third and it's only a three point game hey all you worry fans of the chat I want to see you do come on let me see your water type warriors of the chat view still here warrior fans and even blazer fans ready ready the chest yeah I mean y'all were control for you know the first half and I don't want to see y'all going away or getting discouraged y'all still are in the lead here and y'all just got to weather the storm weather the storm yeah we are the store be honest the will the bus be able to stop the splash brothers are the NBA championships as rutger I think they have the best opportunity to do stuff buck see the Bucks because they have been the best events a team in the NBA going into the playoffs they got a bit length – yeah I like about them and they got the offense man they yeah they are one of the best transitional offenses in the NBA number one go so yeah looks like Josh just whipped Ames I picked the Warriors to win this series yeah we both pick the words to win and we both put the words to win this game tonight yeah Jay Peach's Cossack rockets fan I hate oh yo it doesn't mean that we're going we're rooting against the Blazers dunno cuz we're not fans of either team we were happy that they showed up tonight we're excited that they were winning because not because we we just happy it's about right now is that this is a great game yeah that's the most we're happy about yeah uh boyer stasis Annunaki okay REM stated gonna rip them another loss we have 1800 people here thank you so much for joining us and we are about to have 800 likes on the road to 1k likes if you guys are doing the frame make sure you guys smack that like button for us for your boys that helps out the channel and if you're brand new and you already hit that subscribe yeah welcome to the source for your nation welcome babe and if you have hit that subscribe what are you waiting for do it now do it now bye guys yeah and you know if y'all want to follow us on all our social media description the links are in the description box down below my voice crack up together yeah oh that's the one we love you too man would thank you so much for being here yeah and we got anything yeah from who I'm you you you you said he was cypher yeah yeah you guys and the entertain are the best but you should drink better beer ha go dubs thanks for the play-by-play oh thank you buddy thank you hey man appreciate you and the attending he's in the chat right now so yeah imitators amazing that's our boy right there he's in the chat Dolf into the chat for entertaining y'all shall see thank you so much for a donation and Philly five hundreds in the chat as well that's our boy troll players in the last April says just 8 0 for 6 in the lot last eight possessions 0 for 6 and 13 I'll run for the Warriors here comes CJ Macomb everyone chanting defense here at the Oracle oh and leader Macomb I thought it was a backward violation to Rodney hood now Rodney hood floater over dream on no good dream out with the board I don't let sickly thoughts into the frontcourt 645 already clay negative firstly Oh clay this is the reverse there Kuzma come on the other side they still in the lead by three Macomb on the left wing download to Harkless goes up and it rose in they needed finally they scored they needed that so badly five-point game five-point game Park list has 12 points four rebounds not bad from articles today curry into the frontcourt now moving off the screen from Louie will stay on him now to Looney on the outside Collins will guard him eight to shoot hands it back off the yep driving to feed the downloaded it was out and he throws a down for his first points of the game let's go I think what dolla finally making on to the box score with two points seeing that ball going the basket man that could change the shooting though all right Dave Tom we need to see you here you go 553 remaining game time with the ball clay in front of him top of the key here goes to screen my stack Collins Dame to Zack driving against looting into the paint and that's gonna go off his leg yep that is warriors ball team what so fuck is that why is that Collins taking a ball into the lane right there that's stupid good fucking defense by warriors right now man let's step it up man why are these guys from Marc Anthony Robles we're from Dallas baby we're from Texas David although I'm glad to see that he's finally scored that was a good feed right there here comes Steph Curry into the frontcourt 539 remaining in the third quarter in 71-68 three-point game curry off the screen from McKinney now into the baseline pass back out to it with da that was almost a dangerous pass right there here now I give them to the hands as Thompson six to shoot feeds it down low to dream on to klay Thompson on the give and go and he is fouled I didn't see a foul there I don't know that felt on court yeah he's got to come out of Game four fouls on coments yeah that's bad alright yjm d-beam says y'all the best football play guys on youtube by for real that's a good gift thank you thank you buddy man josh is amazing of this ed be a bit oh I've been the score guys so we keep it up as soon as someone scores shut up that's it live updates it live and klay Thompson knocks down the first free-throw right there make it at 71 69 it is a fuckin cheaper game man get he go to within one he does high 72 71 klay Thompson makes it a one-point game at the free-throw line yeah flute X what's up man Pflugerville I used to live in to see a far buddy shot to you that call seven minutes zero points for fouls good job asshole yeah hood what the ball on the outside it would owe on him what he'll take the shop with wait there's a whistle way before that way before that but what was a whistle that's away from the ball that's on curry yeah okay and we're back from action the fuck was that does that happen anybody else whoa what the hell just happened else did we just get a glitch in the matrix what the fuck was that all right so that Colin's free to download to running hood in the paint and he gets fouled by draymond Green but that came out of nowhere there was a glitch and it popped back up that was so weird that's a free throw line 71 70 and he mentions 72 70 were 506 remaining in the third quarter I am so confused that was weird like literally Rocha no no that was weird because we're looking at one thing and the next thing you know it cuts yeah it cuts the next gameplay yeah at the end of that Rodney hood foul like it's like you you are watching the live stream you've paused it and then you press press live and it jumps forward that's what it seemed like so riding-hood knocks down the second free throw that's 9 points for hood it's a 3-point game five minutes of the go curry into the frontcourt now hood in front of them now the draymond Green Green OH driving the lane and easy uncontested layup great hustle by draymond Green yeah that's what happens we have stepper clay right there man I was gonna buy on that before 47 to go tame give her the stage ever colum McComb takes your curry off the dribble into the paint goes up and under oh no good you gotta hit that unbelievable here comes draymond into the frontcourt frame on bad pass stolen by Zack Collins – dame into the frontcourt Lillard looking he's on the right wing goes out to Harkless Harkness will hand it off to CJ McCollum take a dream off the dribble driving in the paint off the glass oh nice lay in by CJ nice stuck that ball barely in there good shit all right three-point game for 14 remaining in the third quarter 35 72 and we're gonna get a timeout by the Golden State Warriors yeah Wow we have over 2000 people in here right now hopefully y'all having a great time we got ourselves a hell of a game while the sports your nation baby yes totally yeah and if you guys are brand new we welcome you guys with open arms don't you ever seen that fucking something you know like that song let's subscribe turn notification bells we're gonna be live on Saturday Sunday and Monday playoffs we welcome you guys and if you haven't done so yet smack that like button for your boys if you're enjoying the livestream but at the helpful and for those who are listening because you're busy doing homework you're doing something else or aren't working or you're driving shut up to you guys as well and don't don't drive don't if we understand you might not be able to comment and we don't know who you are that's why we want to show y'all appreciation and I'm gonna finish this beer there's I gotta go grab that beer from downstairs hell yeah it is a stand up we gonna stand up for you again I'm not standing for go get beers okay can I guess yeah no you're right entertainment stand I'll go get some beers hey you're standing up to bitch I said yeah yeah just say to say stand up Shawn he said stand up so he turned up both of us I stood up up talk to you as I appreciate you if you're brand new let let us know let us know the champ you're brand new we'll have to see the new faces y'all need to be on Sirius XM says ham hey yeah that'd be awesome dude thank you so much go go say from the philippines' Augie hey I'm on to you bro the cui eyes grab me a beer – anybody want a beer Charlie go grab some beers anyone want a beer leg no next commercial break that was a question we're gonna need two thousand beers oh my god all right we're ball is inbounded four level to go Craig Johnson feeds it down low – who the hell is that Kenny and he just knows the Gordon Bell sorry Jordan Bell just falls to us Sloman there's like a slow-mo death right here on the ground he's doing the ground now they probably in the face new subby here says criss cross oh I'm a brand new girl you guys will make you Joe you know yeah remember that's Shirley I remember that shout to you Oscar Franco that I'm brand new viewer will chat to you man you got to doll the nation for me team sports says Sean I'll take a beer but none of their Bud Light because that's all we drink see that's are you getting crying then you get nothing yeah you get nothing huh you know nothing Christmas you're not gonna leave the table until you finish all your beer yeah no dessert oh yeah oh yeah yeah face by Collins and he makes his first free lane is that Colin Smith pal yeah that is oh my god they are horribly managing his foul trouble this last even in last series they did this shit man my files for calls McKinney knocked the first one in and the second I mean the Jordan Bell I'm sorry 747 74 75 for no snakes with a go here in the third quarter Portland is in the bonus for the remainder of this period everyone chanting defense here at Oracle Emma Turner top of the key get it to Macomb and pass down low to heartless is stolen by the Warriors here come step to clay stop and shoot for three yes splash King Thompson's play and they take the lead what do you know oh my god all these years now that I never seem to keep up the good work guys you guys are all so we appreciate saving Stephen and then get a title for a donation yes thank you so much brother and he where he points now for clay Turner in the paint motor up and good nice it's a tie ball game against 7777 Steph Curry off the screen from Belle Curry such a rep go top of the key took back to klay Thompson 14 of shoots 313 to go driving the lane off the glass lays it in klay Thompson 22 points we think Ethan said 22 fucking point I say he's gonna have 24 5 points or plus look at that all right on the other side McCullum pulls up the floater off the glass and it's good in the paint tie ball game once again 254 remaining in the third quarter Thompson top of the key here comes a screen by Jordan Pell get the go to bail go up off the bus and he tips it back in as they try to roll out good shit by Jordan Bell I'm not seeing any hustle from Portland right now in the deep of the side Deborah Moses thank you baby Jesus 2:35 left the gun the third quarter two-point game warriors in the lead hood from downtown in the corner yes Rodney hood who regains the lead for the gut for the point Rob Ledger's quiet I won't small points by hood clay to Bill in the pink kicks out to McKinney I think they said he stepped out of Bounce Oh what I think foul I think cuz he went like that yeah okay okay kind of like elbowed him and try to get around love y'all know we love you it clips of death shots you man shot so everybody in here we have 2400 people in here if you're new we have nine under five legs are almost dead to 1k guys hit that like button let's get some 1k before the end of the third quarter let's go if we have to if we get two point four thousand lights right now I'm gonna push on through this fuck that I'm later the fucking fucking spill us spare you like Goldberg David loaded from deep downtown no good rebound a buncha Repco and he'll out let it to clay I'm in two-step curry moving off a screen from Jordan Bell he draws a contact from Turner can't jump for Turner Turner was called for a travel call on Steph Curry but that is a foul on Turner he foul Steph Curry with 201 that they go in the third quarter leads by one point and they are in the bonus curry look good you move off the screen yep he draws the contact right there yeah what are you arguing about Turner Turner Arjun about trying to bitch about something you can't jump forward man don't jump straight Adam curry knocks down the first free throw we going for we picked the Warriors to win the series and to win this game but we're not a fan of either team we're just want to say yeah we're not rooting against the Trail Blazers we're geeks actually things I'm guessing you're not streaming today Green says Rocha well Chris right now he's training the Dolphins right now he's getting geared up for the weekend 83 82 steph curry ganas the lead for the Warriors here mm-hmm he's got one more free throw coming up with two I wanted to go and Seth Curry will check in the game for the Trail Blazers alright this could be it have to be a two-point game here if he hits this next free-throw clay is doing a phenomenal job on dame yes he's a he's a great defender he is very underrated to klay Thompson is very underrated step knocks down the second the last free throw right there 84-82 two-point game two minutes left the go in the third quarter here comes riding hood' into the frontcourt Shaun Livingston will stay in front of them he'll fight he'll give it to Damian Lillard Lillard taking McKinney off the dribble trying to give it to Harkless but it gets back to his leg and Jordan Bell will steal it Jordan Bell going up and no good Levison saves it inbounds to curry who pulled the jumper no good rebounded by trimco to Repco to bill to mckinney for a quarter three yeah McKay for three I call timeout five-point game boy game dude six or nine for Gold's safe for three-point field goals in this quarter game off the screen straightaway three Damian Lillard with the desperate needed three-pointer and you hear the crowd just go quiet that's what you need right there let's go 104 remaining in the third quarter Steph Curry has it who thought about shooting that outside three gives it up to Jordan Bell back to curry left wing riding hood giving chase tries it in goes up no good but McKinney is there to grab the board and there could be an offensive foul on kids against Golden State but who was that hot on who's that who's that foul on curry it looks like it's against Steph Curry the offensive foul I didn't see him I didn't see what he did there was on the ground they called a foul on him I didn't see what the hell he did there but it's Portland's ball two-point game 53 seconds remaining Damian Lillard into the frontcourt now McKinney to meet him 17 on the shot clock everyone on their feet here as we're gonna end the third here soon Damian Lillard draws a foul from McKinney they're in the bonus that's two free throws he get tied up right here players are in deep trouble but you know what you you had to expect Golden State to come out firing like this them still being they're still in this game either way Damien's got to get it going man he has a really much this quarter after he had went off a second half of that second quarter stand up ringing the bell says son Rock channel oh that somebody else's but we got twenty six hundred people in here and you got so much hey subscribe hit that subscribe yeah case you built like a motherfucker this is what we do ladies and gentlemen welcome to your nation about 15 away from a thousand likes let's see how many likes we get here tonight you guys are enjoying yourself you want to support the boys yeah smash that like button thanks yeah and he knocks down the second free throw it's a tie ballgame forty seconds remaining in a third here comes curry into the frontcourt met by Rodney hood shot clock here on the right wing school into Repco oke re doing work driving the lane he misses it with Jordan bells there to clean it up they regained the lead 89 87 28 seconds remaining Lillard now into the frontcourt for the Blazers game time game time where you whack game time pastor Evan Turner into the paint now Turner will pass it back out to Lillard 8 to shoot McKinney guarding him on the left wing take him up the dribble he draws the contact he'll head back to the free-throw line yeah to tie this ballgame up potentially that was a bad foul by McKinney right there Travis says don't nobodies want to see going stay in the finals again let's go Portland you know I know a lot of people are champ for that but you know yeah I would like to see something different but I just don't see how I see Golden State winning this Jeff thank you so much for scribing you're the Philippines salamati you guys know the kuya's Jerry says go Blazers that's not a foul come on says Rocha Lillard knocks down the first free throw it's a one-point game thirteen point two seconds remaining who wants overtime I do says door Seth yes door I want overtime hop-hop-hop consist Hopkins it's John's beard grows like a chia pet bright girl facial cheetah that's a shit urban says DC in the house awesome man yeah he is in the house Damian Lillard will take the second free-throw let's see if you could tie the game back on baby it's up and good tie ball game let's go our teen seconds remaining Curry will bring this up ten nine hood on him seven six they've got the screen by quick cook who parklets not guarding him on the right wing takes a deep three curry misses it Ronnie Wood has it and that's gonna end the third quarter 8989 folks hey we got a tie ballgame headed to the fourth you could not ask for anything better of a quarter for Golden State Warriors they 39 points in this third quarter holy shit 39 points only 24 points from the Trailblazers which is not a bad score in a quarter Charlotte Cooper got the beers because we just hit 1,000 lucky what to do we just we hit 1000 likes unbelievable thank you guys so damn much with that we appreciate all the love and support we get from all you guys shout out to the Mod Squad as always you guys kick ass i sub from Vallejo says mr. pace of shadow Oh awesome dude come on players the Cypress what kinda checking in says Jay Cooke if you're brand new yeah let us know dub city gonna win says Mark Anthony rolls hey we'll see man it's gonna be a hell of a fourth quarter or you guys streaming tomorrow we are not streaming tomorrow I've got to go back to work I hate working nights I want to quit my fucking job at least want to switch the day shifts but we will be back live on Saturday Sunday and Monday y'all the grace is Tyler man y'all are great thank you so much man without you guys we ain't nothing we're not shit John I thought Portland weather the storms is refund not good enough no they didn't because the Portland I mean Portland I don't know what they were doing defenseless because the gold say wars they came back they were clogging on on both sides of the court they regained the lead now Portland ties the game buck back up to end the third quarter this is gonna be a hell of a fucking fourth quarter Josh hat flip time I flip done oh let's go cut it again oh oh let's go baby half with the champion of the world watching for the Philippines go go warrior says majorie hey thank you so much for being here we appreciate you guys primo says wait what up guys just woke up for my horrible dream where dapples didn't get a top 3 pick of the draft dude it's a nightmare close game damn is dangerous damian lillard right now has 17 points McCole has 22 12 from heartless 9 from amigo Aminu he started off amazing in the first quarter and from like in the first half of the first quarter and there from then on he went ice-cold Oh I mean he was grabbing boards he was fighting for the ball I mean he was scoring and now he still only has nine points immediately he where the hell did he go you put one the freezin for me yeah appreciate you launch Long Beach in the house does Deshawn shannon appreciate you Akron Ohio loves y'all says cousin our age till Akron Ohio we love y'all too man we appreciate that what a game what a game says entertainer talking sports hell yeah watch watch it from Hayward California appreciate that guys appreciate that Cali in the head we have 1000 likes that is awesome yeah keep smashing that alive bunk guys let's keep let's keep it going keep smashing it Oh still dilly everybody hey you're hanging out this night dude we saw more viewers in the NBA probably we see that y'all think Denver was a better challenge we thought so that's a weak thought because of how they're set up how they're built and how they match up with it go and say wires but the Portland Trail buzzes hey look they're looking pretty good right now I mean they're tied up with the Warriors and they have a shot here well yeah a little bit more here we go please show the game video we can't bar due to copyright I can't show everybody show man we got 1.1 K like so mama how much time how much time is left we are about to start the fourth quarter yeah so you're about to start well minute Oh Cheers you want some beer yeah cheers Cheers from dcx classes can you make a setup video possible one day one day here for those who hit the like button you get another sip of beer yeah yeah from Argentina that's all sub or we're back for the fourth quarter and the Warriors will start this thing off here quick cook has it on the right wing guarded by South Korea 11:47 of the goat never Jordan Bell back to klay Thompson he'll take a shot from off the screen from downtown no good rebounded by Evan Turner he'll bring it up in the front for the Portland Trailblazers tie ballgame Turner to Seth Curry swings it to Rodney hood from downtown no good rebounded by klay Thompson all right let's see how the blazes respond of that huge their court from the old state 11:25 remaining now to Jordan Bell Bell bounce pass to Shaun lumison but there is gonna be a foul by Evan Turner Oakland stances impact Oakley strong what's our favorite team that bowls Mavericks maybe Dallas Mavericks with life let's go MFL ball inbounded by klay Thompson to Sheldon's at-bat to clay clay on the right outside wing demon ruler in front of him klay Thompson kicks it back out to giraffe go for three no good that was way off way too strong Lillard there to grab the board 11:05 remaining Lillard has it off the screen from Leonard at the left wing he thought about shooting it he'll give it to Evan Turner on the right wing driving into the paint over Jericho jumper no good good defense there Wow direct go with the board bad attempt by Evan Turner going into three guys that was stupid Levinson too quick cook Quinn cook it goes to screen by Jordan Bell Quinn cook now here on the left wing bounce pass to Bell goes up and he is fouled pretty hard that was a hard he's on the ground here that's a second hard foul he took was that on little Leonard tear 43 remaining in the fourth quarter he'll be shooting two free throws that was Leonard number 11 yet with the foul good game yeah it's a great game Michael groans oh dude yeah Bell is taking some huge shots here man that's the second hardest hard foul he took in this game oh yeah look at the hard fall there all right here we go first free throw up in no good for Bell yeah I'm stationed overseas it's hard to find the games out here but luckily I can I always watch your streams appreciate y'all keep me updated all sports of course man hey man see you bro all the people's thank you for seas thank you so much for your service man mm-hmm second free-throw is good by George Bell 10:40 remaining in the fourth quarter 89 90 is the score here 11 points now for Jordan pill solid game for bail him out playing fucking with a lot of heart and maternal working in the paint pulls up the jumper over to Repco no good rebounded by Quinn cook 1025 remaining in the fourth into the frontcourt now give it to dread go back to Quinn cook stop and shoot from downtown no good rebounded by Leonard he'll give it up to Damien who will bring into the frontcourt game time game time where you at 10:14 move out the screen take a shot from deep three oh my god damn you know Lillard from deep three barely moved Shaun Livingston to clay pump fake on the right wing outside steps up takes a jumper from the throw to no good Leonard with the rebound two-point game 955 remaining here comes Lillard in the Blazers he'll stop and shoot from downtown over clay he wanted a foul there as he fell to the ground no foul will be called Quinn cook into the frontcourt for the Warriors 944 remaining the fourth they're trailing by 2 taking Lillard off the dribble stop and shoot and he scores for 200 it's Damian Lillard come on get it going here answer responds he's made comments about to check back in for Portland tonight or deny remaining in the fourth tie ballgame game time here on the left wing screen here by Leonard switch on defense Bell guarding him pass to Leonard to Seth Curry swings it to hood hood back out to curry takes the shot yeah hurry from downtown 95 92 908 remaining Livingston backing down Seth Curry spin move that story playing good defense out to clay clay driving off the glass good by klay Thompson four to play okay I see you clay good drive right there ash shihr' crank a 50 remaining in the fourth it's a one-point game led by Portland 9594 Damion to Turner to let her straightaway three attempt is no good rebound by Livingston 8:37 remaining in the fourth lemon sting took Quinn cook on the right wing guarded by Seth Curry now to clay on the right corner back in leather in front of him dirtiness shooting the on the shot clock clay making a move into the paint step-back jumper no good air ball good defense by Damian Lillard my guy come on clay you gotta do better than that 817 remaining Blazers ball turner gives it to leather nice give and go right there to Leonard and he throws it down baby well that's going on with words defense were you energy I don't see the energy right now three-point game Bell will call a timeout for the Warriors cuz they're gonna talk this over cuz I don't think they like it either yeah I don't know where the energy is because energy in the third quarter was phenomenal and I don't know they just feel like they're kind of lackluster right now we have two point eight thousand people in here and the Entertainer talking sports has spiked that like yeah you know like spike going store down guys right now if you haven't done so yet make sure you smack the fuck out of that like button and if you're brand new subscribe and welcome to the warrior nation you know if you're having a good time guys if you're having a good time you know unfortunately no we can't show the game but hopefully y'all having a good time hanging out with us Josh providing a great play by play we're having some dillies with you so let's have a good time guys let's go baby we are at one point 1000 likes so we're almost at 1 point 2 and we're just so humble that all you guys will choose to hang out with us and shout to the monster squad shout to all you guys yeah um this a portland i don't know what that says that's a different language I'm so sorry about that Nate Jax as Katie is better well KD yeah it's a beast man best in the world right now what's so hot sake hockey are you doing buddies in the chat Mike well says y'all are good hey thank you so much thank you a shout to you a hot take hockey chops y'all show some other hot sake hockey man he's in here where do i press the like button please it's like right there I'm new to the game rather hear your guys do the commentary thank you James Craig did that that is a huge common people that can actually watch the game that mute their TV and flink us up I know some people say they'll pause our TV and match this up with a commentary that is a huge compliment man Michael says you guys are your boys are some decent young man thank you Michael preciate that and thank you for hanging out like button Carlos Carlos observe the zero zeros away I'm sorry I fucked that up so bad just Austin – the best sportscasters out there thank you so much but we appreciate that Oscar says you guys are funny can I join you guys would be a great trio haha Oscar I don't know a trio not a lot of people can handle it being a trail with this there's a couple of shall we put on a talent search should we do a talent shirts for a new member of the sports fury today we do that do they want us to bring Anand should we make this a tree of talent search coming this summer okay can they handle a trio let's do it I like your house is Eric a appreciate that Jamaica and the house is Jason Miller make some man and you guys gonna get a half-foot for that oh let's go baby the world courage points please Oh step curry right now he's got 30 points cars got 30 points 24 from clay and you got 12 from draymond Green off the bench Jordan Bell with 11 points he's putting that hustle man he's been that hustle here he's taking some hard fouls but who I want to really see step up here in the fourth is is dolla he's got that 2-point easy dunk that yet earlier he says that he hasn't still done shit he's about I know he's about to protec in here pretty soon so we're going to see that he gets it going oh no we're pods gang says that the Cubs lost I've come to eight times I want to shout it all joints as Tyler buddy spill a call I'm sorry if I mispronounced your last name but hey man welcome buddy hopefully you guys are enjoying the live stream and guys we try to read as many comments as possible so we follow eyes if we miss any it's just that comets are flying by man Blazers will join Cavs and he said in the loser circle and we did pick the Warriors win so we'll see y'all should have your own small TVs as Cody oh man I don't think they uh I don't think they can handle some TV man if it is has to be like HBO or something do you sync this up with at your television jashub remember the best thank you much Thank You Dasha Perez yeah put in some bonus oh my god our guys were bagged the balls in bout to egg with dolla Damian Lillard guarding him top of the key swings it to curry catches Shu for the corner for three no good rebounded by Leonard oh good rebound good hustle there yes I like it I like it 750 remain three-point game Lillard on the frontcourt Drive right here – Leonard backhands it back off to Lillard Oh Lillard driving the paint goes up off the glass and one oh dang Ted baby let's go man Damian Lillard working the paint gets it in draws the foul here comes a three-point play opportunity it's got to be a six-point game see that's what I want to see they're gonna bite on you shooting that that three go drive it and get that easy layup let's go Lillard free throw up three-point play complete it's a hundred point seven 40 remaining in the fourth quarter Lillard with 23 points now in the game curry with the ball in the frontcourt here on the drive past a looney looney out to Iguodala on the outside – clay claims take Seth Curry off the dribble goes up it under off the glass no good Leonard grabs the board here come the Blazers and CJ McCollum with it 717 in the fourth it's a six-point game McCollum driving splits the defense one of the jumper no good Looney with the board now when I point out draymond Green has 5000 BC I stream on pull it past download of it $1 he'll try to pass it the step curry but it goes out of bounds that's Portland ball bad turnover right there don't go and say why didn't it with all just go up with it because he's not in the game he's that confident you just went up with it come on man 657 remaining in the fourth quarter six-point game Lillard – Leonard top of the key Looney guarding him 14 to shoot Leonard looking to hand it off to McCollum he does back – Leonard takes pulls up the jumper for two good from the free-throw line I think Leonard having a solid game here tonight nothing timeout by Golden State they got to get it going man they are trailing this game I feel like they lost that energy after the third quarter by eight points here by 8 points 94 102 as we're going to timeout we have three point three thousand people watching if you're brand new subscribe turn the notification barrel yeah welcome to this Warrior Nation we want to give a shout out to the menthe squad you guys are doing a fantastic job and hey if you haven't done so yet smack that fuckin like button do it now let's see if we get to hit to 1.5 thousand likes please we do so we hey hey we do if we get a forget one point five thousand to two thousand likes chub contest you're gonna win you're bad yeah but they like saying it yeah it's fun well chug yeah okay all right let's do it yeah one point five thousand likes plus it will do it smack that like bunch of entertainer smack that like button or do the imitate is gonna send the Dolphins for your ass we got a $10 donation room your friendly neighbor says why you drinking piss I ask you time I know people give a shit but man we love but light dilly dilly thank you guys we appreciate that thank you so much for a donation man we appreciate that and if you're brand new let us know where you're from we love seeing the new people man yeah because I always go back and we watch every single stream so even if we miss your comment holy shit we are at we are less than four 543 we're less than 500 away oh shit hey if you're brand new smack that fuckin subscribe but let's get the 65 K yo you're from freely Rochester New York and again if I miss y'all I'll be watch the stream and I'll see ya I'll see ya we welcome you guys we love y'all I'm from the moon says Brenda Nader hey are you from the Dark Side of the Moon or what I'm from the Cayman Island really that's awesome doing we're lagging that's all someone say leg oh you guys on fire so she says she got sports Lauren Lauren hey she got sports in the chat awesome content greater youtuber y'all show her some love she got sports I saw her sad Instagram video with the Knicks Zion what I appreciate about she got sports is that you know yes she did oh like the daniel Jones pic like that first happened she's like oh it stung that first same thing with the Knicks where they drafted me a third but I love how positive she is you know ya just gotta go with it yes okay I'm new here and I'm a girl shout to you cherry thank you girlfriend oh man um Oakland California smark it Marcus thank you that's awesome this man this is great I got people from all around the world here from Ohio says cousin Ryan everyone from Ohio thank you so much from Britain Connecticut Israel welcome Steve the manse is from New Zealand oh yeah we remember you buddy and uh Johnny I see y'all are so much better than Joe Buck fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck Joe Joe Joe say yo we mean Joe Blow beyond whoop his ass yeah but it's dabbles the greatest one of the girls come tears of all time oh yeah you if you're lagging guys restart the stream I don't see any lagging outside we're good maybe this little glitch on YouTube sorry about that all right baseline inbound pass to Steph Curry from draymond Green he'll bring into the frontcourt seven over run last 2:18 accounting by the Blazers draymond back to Steph Curry on the outside curry guarding him screened by loading on the back dribble pulls up the jumper good by step there we can walk shots Steph get going baby hey Don man I could dribble just like that – oh yeah 621 remaining in the fourth and a six-point game damian lillard – Emma Turner top of the key go to by dream on 14 a shoot here comes McCollum he will not hand it off to him but he'll hand it off the Damian Lillard Lillard almost lost control that good defense there by draymond pulls up the jumper from deep downtown no good good rebound curry don't bring it up for the frontcourt 6:01 let the go in this fourth quarter curry on the drive kicks it out to it with dalla hands it off to clay back to a $1 driving nice gesture Lodi and he throws it down baby go it was Darla with the vision good show good ball movement baby that all comes off the double-team on clay you got to take advantage of those the double-team everyone on their feet at Oracle flash don't ever let the go in the fourth quarter Demon Lord be pressured now – Leonard – Seth Cory over card for three Barry seven-point game curry over curry looking a family to smile it void 21 in the fourth Oh Steph top of the key Oh stolen my second step seth Curry steals the pathway he's loving it it's curry versus curry on the right wing it's 17 the shot clock everyone's looking at this Seth to Leonard back to South Korea Unni guarding him now baby seth curry kicks it to the corner there was nobody there no cancer he saw cancer Seth what the hell was that he saw cancer said he over there on the bench there was no one there buddy Seth yes why are you supposed to put your fucking jacket on and around the bench okay Steph Curry on the working leg we spin the defense driving into the lane off the glass guard Steph Curry says hey take that bro yeah take that bro oh yeah yeah for 32 for 42 remaining in the fourth quarter five-point game Damian Lillard into the frontcourt for the Blazers three timeouts remaining four Blazers two for Golden State curry has 34 points 6 rebounds and 7 assists Lillard to Leonard straightaway three yeah later what the three ball baby you got to live with that though Wow you gotta live with that shot for 19 draymond on the drive off the glass and good good hustle by draymond Green on that drive well a six-point game come on clay what are you gonna do clay I haven't seen you do shit he's guarding Damien loaded right now 405 remaining a fourth could go to scream I'll let her switch on defense Looney on game now ten to shoot Damien ludes gotta beat up his match at home here comes the double-team to Leonard out to see Jimmy Cole for a deep three no good rebound but step you had a wide open Evan Turner down low Steph Curry guarded by curry right here on the right wing oh and that's gonna get stolen my step no that goes out of bounds almost stolen by Seth Curry hey Steph has acknowledged chef is better and even sat him so we're seeing some good divas by Seth Curry tonight man three point six thousand watching one point three thousand likes let's get those lights up baby Jordan the play-by-play do you're drawing the stream make sure you guys smack that like button also if you haven't subscribed hit that subscribe button maybe ball inbounded seth Curry off the screen for three no good rebounded by Looney he's fouled by Seth yeah good board by Looney how does a good fucking shit man 334 left in the fourth guys it should be two free throws coming up cherry says every time Josh goes nuts my TV's beakers rattle I love it I love it I'm pretty loud oh yeah we get we get we get a lot here and we're gonna have a timeout here but yes once again we can't thank you guys enough for joining us we appreciate all three point seven thousand of you guys we love y'all and shout to the Mod Squad T Webb Dorset know um all you guys need love y'all kings in here we had 3.7 we are less than four hundred subscribers away from his 65 caveman Wow we literally hit 60 K like what about a week and a half ago yeah so I like that so thank you guys so much we are so humbled by all of this support that we get from you guys now awesome and if if you haven't done so yet smacked out like button that does wonders for the channel that helps us grow that helps out our algorithm to get recommended also hitting that share button word of mouth is huge by the way if you guys want to follow us on Instagram or Twitter it's at the Sports fury the links are in the description box down below and if you follow us we will follow you all bet will fall you all back in fact let me check on that right now and if you have a message us we typically try to respond I cuss a couple days when both you have full-time job all right guys so people following us shout out to you guys and falling y'all back right now Jeremih with the dollar ninety nine donations love your show first-timer will welcome Jeremiah we'd better see you in the future most ya Romagna Amaya hey guys if y'all like the NBA streams once the NFL season starts we do all the prime time games plus we're probably gonna do some more streams so come hang out with and support NFL season baby let's go let go awesome I wish I found out too earlier this season's us Ron hey Ron hey man you're here now buddy and that's all that matters that's all that matters at 1.5 K we hit one point five thousand that means we're gonna be chugging some beers we'll probably do that then after the game yeah so hang out with us after the game is for less call baby and Louise nugs down the horse free-throw no he missed it that's why I was so like what we're gonna chug some beers here chug some beers here baby fuck let's go let's go can i get a shoutout of course you can oh my god Bar Akbar I don't know sorry I fucked that up man he makes the second free-throw 103 108 334 remaining in the fourth quarter yeah five-point game Damian Lillard brings it into the frontcourt klay Thompson to meet him on the left wing here comes the screen by Leonard Damon down low – Leonard kicks out to CJ for a three no good that was no good we saw her alphabet yup dream on with the rebound outlet to Steph Curry into the frontcourt curry – it will dull up straight away dude green the give it go baby egg with Darla throws it down uncontested what a pass from Tremont that's what you have very much run the fucking office from the top of the key said thank you to Josh out to you Jake the man project yeah Damian Lillard left wing everyone on their feet here everyone screaming go Damian on to the great quarter of CJ going oh no what denied here comes equal doll on the other end he's fouled by Seth Curry intentional foul guys this should be I'm not sure they're not in the bonus so there might be a funny passage guys I want to see how much I don't care who you were a rip city for your Blazers fan come on we'll see you in the chat rib city where you at and why are your fans let me see you two warriors of the Chad of your cheer for your warriors let's go unbelievable about to hit 4k in the chair that's awesome guy thank y'all so much you love you all shots all fuckin oh y'all we get 4k man 4k people and your ball inbounded to dream on and all the Steph Curry of moving off the screen on the right wing back the dream on goal i sloppy in it what's in it that was one point game oh my I don't think Looney had anything to do with that oh seven over the last two minutes and seven six accounting wow gold state showing up right now and go to states in the bonus Turner on top of the key gives are the CJ McCollum double-team back to Turner love to Leonard no good oh shit Trevon on the push and drive and he's fat no they'll foul it was August aboard oh that's now Steph Curry is fat at the three-point line and Lillard is absolutely pissed all about it curry is laying on his back yeah hurt oh wow he took out his legs you can't do that he is gonna regain the lead here at the free-throw line to make it a two-point game here to own one of the go Jeremiah was a 189 donations how are they guarding curry off the pick-and-roll I can't yeah they really can they've been doing a lot better of a job this game than they did Game one though I'll give him problems thank you so much about donation made me appreciate that yeah I haven't seen the donation I think pops up on my screen well unless we're almost at 64 thousand seven hundred subscribers thank you guys so much being in here we're closing in on 65k wrote the 65k is within our grasp curry knocks down the first free throw one point five thousand likes hey we're thank you so much guys for so much for that yeah I appreciate that curry knocks down the second free throw keep smashing that like if you haven't done so yet show us some love that lets us know we're doing a good job it also has up a channel we appreciate that the chat is so fast cuz it's because it's causing lags as I say the chat speed is not gonna cause a leg go Steph Curry knocks down the last free throw 110 108 two-point lead two minutes two minutes there we go 153 remaining in the fourth quarter everyone on their feet here at Oracle McCullum top of the key go ahead my dream up pulls of the jumper for straightaway no good ray by Mac curry what a fuckin yo score jacking up threes stop that shit 138 remaining of the fourth curry to dream on right corner go to by McCollum loving to shoot dream on looking looking hands it off to curry curry on the right wing they call them in front of them step-back jumper for three no good rebounded by Turner come on you guys got a step the fuck up come on y'all gotta make down make a shot but you know what go state girls and they're playing great defense leather on the left wing going about dream on 10 to shoot 1:10 remaining Damian trying to draw the foul that's fucking terrible yeah good thing go stupid but come grass it just goes for three hey chef curry for three they gained the lead 111-110 under a minute left to go here comes step curry curry to dream on lob to Looney he throws a down baby nice it is back and forth right now 112-111 timeout timeout 52 seconds remaining 37 points from Steph Curry 24 from clay 44 draymond 11 off the bench for Jordan Bell and 14 for Lily amazing work by Looney and Bell off the bench and dude showing up today is Seth Curry I gotta give him props man he's doing great work off the bench for the fucking up or the dribble Jesus 23 points with Jamie from a Damian Lillard 22 from CJ McCollum unbelievable they got a step up right here they really do game time this is this is where you need Dame time this is where you need same time but right now we got one point six thousand likes oh we're good we're getting to 2,000 I tear Ettore man we're getting two thousand you guys are having a good time here enjoy the stream and play-by-play um not just yet not just that leaving the freezer just for a second cuz we're gonna chug this beer oh you want checking right now yeah alright let's check it right now come on come on get on here all right here we go while we're treading these beers y'all smash the fuck at I like but let's go John ready fuck it's gonna hurt these are cold he's white skull – oh fuck cheers to you guys thank you so much let's go ah oh yeah let's go let's fucking go you're right there yeah Oh cold that bird alright we're back ladies and gentlemen say Jimmy comb has it on the outside 44 seconds remaining they trailing by one loony Gordy on top of the key Oh David Looney almost locked it away macabre gains control driving pulled her up no good Leonard rebuy the money with Darla they can't fucking score right here here deep time it's CJ worthy weds step her with the ball 23 seconds remaining that's 6 seconds difference shot clock and game clock right here guys there we go Steph Curry on the outside curry on the drive lead to Trayvon off the glass too easy too easy three-point game 12 seconds remaining are you kidding me Blazers CJ by color and date time with a fuck were you out here let's order now that's the last time now for Portland here fuck were they yet in the fourth quarter you know who you don't watch don't step up in the fourth Seth Curry I saw Leonard step up for the Blazers in the fourth quarter yep where the fuck was Damian Lillard and where the fuck would say Jimmy coming late in the fourth nowhere to be fucking founded very disappointing right now man but what a fucking game Warriors were down 15 know at one point I think I was like 16 or 17 points and they came back man what about lucky I mean shit man you got to give kudos to the Warriors they're playing fucking phenomenal difference the role players are stepping up the best player stepped up right here in this game yeah – best CJ McCollum Damian Lillard chose not to show up and lay in the fourth well we have almost 6,000 people in here – oh my god six other people and we are less than three hundred survivors away for six five games less than 365 one 265 K is real thank you guys so much for being in here if you haven't done so smack the fuck out of that button subscribe it's our notification who wants overtime come on can we get an over tie there's twelve point three seconds remaining it's Portland's ball this is where I want to see Damian Lillard show up finally hit the three let's go to overtime damn it who's gonna get it you think Damian do you think Dana seth has been showing up you know clutch threes no man I've seen game time and time again knock down some buzzer beaters to end games like yeah I'm giving it to him he even did it here in the playoffs that's true that's very true oh god I think I would love it overtime who wants overtime I would have seen his type overtime to the champ you are a baby sidelines in bounded by running hood to Jamiel other klay Thompson guarding him and he fouls him they had a foul to give 10 seconds remaining all right yeah Paul has no timeouts remaining guys no timeouts remaining with 10 seconds of two timeouts for Golden State on real gun hey if y'all knew we cannot show the game as a copyright purposes that's what I'm fine you live play-by-play all right ball inbounded to Damian Lillard seven six eight with the Ligurian de Melo has a good demons like egg with Dallas dips up OD oh my god believe Damian Lillard what are you doing Lily to get the fuck to the locker room dude you're a piece of shit right now okay some really piece of shit but what the fuck was that it would dolla with the clutch defense with the locker room it was dolla I doubt donation Russian bus thank you so much funny oh my god how do you choke that dude how do you get stripped on the last possession of the game get your fucking head in the game good defense defense was fucking key by the Warriors especially in the fourth quarter they made they forced the row players to try to be them and you know what a GU dosto Leonard and Seth Curry for stepping up in the fourth quarter because you know what Damian Lillard said you my calm they didn't do a fucking thing nope and that was a gutsy play by Iguodala fat like going for the strip on the three-point of 10 for Lillard but you know what he trusts his deep he's one of the best defensive players on their team and he trusted himself man what a great play man had to rush a Russian yeah shouts in Russian with a dollar Tony thank you so much Tony as you know what guys we want to thank each and every single one of you guys for joining us for this hell of a game yeah what a game and we will bhai for the next one the next Warriors game which will take place on Saturday correct yes it will be Saturday guys we are so close to 2,000 likes on you guys way out make sure you smack that light boil for us I said we got to grab another beer right yes we're just a little over 200 away from 65k I think we're gonna hit it this weekend we can in tonight everybody smash that like I subscribed before they leave no we're gonna hit that week this weekend thank you guys so much half flick Josh and I'm as fuck you're a cuz this is for the Golden State warrant go on say worst fans where you at keep PJ rocha shout to you guys that's all young man I'm happy for y'all let's go let's go guys thank you so much for hanging out with us tonight what a great fucking game and what a great stream we had such a good time that's not over yet we're in last call now and for those who are brand new you don't want to miss less call cuz this is where we just hang out with you guys we're just hanging out and we just who knows where it's gonna go who knows who knows when Nietzsche says warriors and Jonathan says thanks Josh and Sean thank you so much no thank you thank you yeah thank you man ahaha go and say we asked 200 lead this is gonna haunt the the Trailblazers because that's this is a game they could have had whoa I treat that many beers yeah I don't think I did you drank more than me oh my goodness yeah oh that's our we chugged one yeah let's fucking go masses rocha a man we congratulations bro JJ we love you – JJ jedaiah we love you too man fucking game this is what we wanted – oh great game I don't I don't want to in the street today man I'm such a good mood right now I'm so fucking high if I didn't have one i'm so hype right now and then work I'd say let's fuck this thing go stay live to the next game I can't Davis says with a 109 donation this thinks you guys are great David we thank you man thank you you guys are too good to us dude seriously you guys are too good to us these strange would not be nearly as fun if it wasn't for y'all hanging out and y'all see the thing is we Josh watch a lot of the live streamers and I feel like we got the best chat and life's all live streams man there's no I don't see as much toxics toxic a chat I see everybody interacting with each other everybody getting pumped up and just having a good time and that's what it's about there's a lot of groceries out there and we just we're just very humble that you guys wouldn't hang out with us thank you so much um thanks guys I enjoyed it and like you I can't wait for football sister – yeah – oh we can't wait for the NFL especially since both of our teams are looking damn legit we got done right now from David Seelig says thanks you guys were great thank you buddy for the dollar damn I'm so fucking happy right now man Nick Howard shout to you man love you then don't get emotional so fucking happy right now this is crazy I'm so fucking Joey I don't know – I'll refresh Lee is taking forever my youtube is like fucking up let me try it there's mines fucking up right now uh yeah we had 2,000 likes Wow we had 2,000 likes holy shit dude what's going on with the fucking my YouTube right now I can't even check your iPads got stage-four cancer that's what happened rather late man oh we hear 2,000 likes cheers Wow that would have been embarrassing thank you so much for getting us a 2,000 likes thank you guys I'm not connecting the fucking Internet thank you guys cheers Delia Delia the chat guys Dylan Dylan uh how many points of curry have curry end of the game you went off with 37 points yeah 37 points he had eight assists and eight rebounds oh wait we're at 64 840 where hundred and 100 of what 60 Wow Wow that's awesome thank you guys thank you John checks out to me please how to eat John David shout to you you guys are so good I don't even watch the highlights of the game keep me up keep up with a good work Atlanta Monroe thank you so much for that thank you and again I always go back and re-watch the streams once Babel to sleep i rewatch the streams and I read every single comment of every live stream yeah because we want to make sure we don't miss anything we don't miss anything we appreciate all of all of you we wouldn't be anything if it wasn't for y'all and seriously and kikes it says y'all relah the realest youtubers in the game oh man dude that's a big comment because there's a lot of good youtubers out there man a lot of great streamers this course YouTube community is amazing and we're just we're so grateful to be a part of it you guys see you guys Saturdays Cypress we'll see you saturday everybody will be here I pointed this Seth Curry had Seth Curry off the bench with 16 points and a lot of those crucial points came in the fourth quarter late you see if Jaguars in the house is payphones when you all think of my new logo love it bro code man we do I can't love that shit probably like you love their fucking new logo we might need to talk you you guys say yes who did that for you we might need to get untouchable then who did that logo for you that is amazing we're actually thinking about maybe looking into a new logo yeah a few different ones did you hire like a graphic designer or something I think he tagged him in his post okay so I just want to reach out to UCF shout out to shout our boy UCF yeah buddy day one motherfucker right there what a great YouTube or a content creator you see up Jack where I love the new logo man yeah awesome Asian with another $5 Thank You Asia again Tony so much tonight she sister Cardinal just ready to goose he almost wanted to goose yeah a guy just really good work I tagged him on my post check out his Instagram I have to like oh dude yeah what will talk to your office tree man well I have to talk to you to figure out like you know you know the details if we're gonna call you at 3 o'clock in the morning three o'clock your time okay young plum six five eight we're not sick a yet man we're 100 150 away though man goose has had nine hundred eighty-seven subscribers this what's up man he's still alive right now that's what's up you want to go show him some love goose a goose goose 76 sports 980 hours he's 13 he's 13 away yeah he'll get there go show him some love guys you haven't done so yet celebrating here in Hong Kong we're gonna say worse thanks I shout to you Jimmy no worries man of course man ma'am thank you thankful for you hanging out with us man that's awesome that though that uh yeah that sir crowd did that though yeah yeah he's he's 13 away nice he's 13 away JK died she did I don't know I say sorry JJ says I just look I just love the vibe you guys have thanks man you know what we try to always have fun when we stray man cuz we love doing these streams I remember our first live stream was to 2017 NFL Draft and we had such a good time we're like dude this is what it's about it's about live streaming hanging out with everybody man and ever since Sammy and Josh just loved a live stream I you guys are lively hyper Congrats thank you see CCTV Triple C TV I'm just calling Triple C TV he's he's a 9 away from 1,000 got him to blow there's a link in the chat right there go show some love to ghost man go 76 show power about spearonation gooo 76 y'all telling we should we said just words for your raid I want him to get it yeah hoarse fear ready to goose he's shown a lot he showed us so much love he really has he's shown us so much he there yet he showed us so much love it's her car know he fucking you know he he did a lot of help to him tonight – man yeah goose is great oh and now focus I got a burger on the grill y'all want one hell yeah no I've actually uh I actually have some burgers at my apartment I have my freezer I've been winding a fucking grill out I just haven't done it yet all right guys official raid goose 76 goose 76 sports he is four away from four he's far away from 1,000 subscribers this is a guy he's a great guy and he has shown a lot of love to us everybody loves him in the community circus tonight let's go show some love to GU seven guys the links in the description right there and I'm Marcus dicen who is goose the guy from Top Gun yeah he didn't die he's over there another here he is he's looking at 1,000 subscribers yep yeah he hit it sounds good too but you keep on smashing that subscribe guys keep on over there smash that great guy man no I'm with $2 donation you also hop on disco more it should grill yes yeah especially going up into the NFL season yeah you're you're right about that man yeah we're absolutely disc or more but hey this cord is adjustable with us y'all can interact with each other we need to create some more voice chats for all y'all to hang out with each other just as much as y'all hanging out with us you see if Jaguars joining the raid hot take hockey Jameson yeah um Sports fury raid to Goose 76 sports yeah shot to him like you guys take epic adventure thank you buddy I'm gonna post the link one more time to goo 76 sports you guys go go rate him and show some love he's showing us a lot of love so the least we could do is repay him and congratulations goo seven six yeah we're hitting 1,000 subscribers amen we're proud to be in the community with you yeah that was his hope he hit billions billions Wow can we just hit okay first Shetty blood and uh and you know sir Cardinal helped him a lot to hear earlier tonight – yeah – goose so that's awesome the sports fury community is tremendous and we appreciate all you guys and the Mod Squad that do a great job what can we say about the mod school math way what can we say about the Mod Squad I'm 94 kg subscribers away 400 K let's do it Chad UCF Jaguar the child daddy 4k none 4,000 subscribers away from any 100k let's make it happen guys Chad UCF man I love you buddy uh Craig Craig Craig Craig Craig czar the house said if he hit six 6k within an hour and a half we will shave Shawn's whole head eyebrows included no first on what's up what I will not know Sandra chachi I shouted to you girl Chad to goats man hit him 1k tonight yeah Craig on the cage I gotta go put him back in the cage of this what's up Christian your what's up buddy ain't no man are you having a good night man Thank You epic adventure thank you for subscribing buddy yeah goose kinase a 1 K sub that's awesome that's does y'all y'all showing some love man yeah yeah Robert got game says three months till preseason four months till season but guess what fantasy football mock drafts are coming soon yeah wait man Doty cutie what's up just subscribe shot to you how's the game saria's it was a great game we saw trouble is up by like I think like 16 points I think maybe more remember how big their lead was but they completely dominating this game till the third quarter the Warriors just took over second half man yeah we are 138 away from 65 K and that's something we're gonna hit this weekend probably yeah play you know hopefully oh fuck that's insane it's the same to me kaj it was available on on ubereats or – door-to-door – I'm also kind of burger see what's open but the single pattern only remembers what a game is stream y'all killed it like oh it's a shot do you keep PJ and guys if y'all like for tonight or our gaming and whatnot I go subscribe keep PJ in the chat he's a one of the best console players that I know King PJs it cares me all the time in fortnight I carry them once in a blue moon and I get really excited when I actually do but it's like once in a once a fuckin month yeah I see food diet man yeah who died yes go over to Patty's a1 okay baby steps like Josh says we have 900 people we need over 100 scarves get before 6:00 5k everyone subscribes right now says tropical mayhem I think all the 900 people in here right now probably already subscribed so I did I'd I would be able to hit 65 can i but that'd be awesome I ever since this Shauna's like 33 years old Josh is like 29 it's like a polar opposite literally you were exactly right on it opposite way around what it Craig say like hey babe make it a double bacon with Swinson and and the tears of the Chicago Bears running game in 20 what you're running a movie in shit man what are you saying it's a wheeze you're running game could be at the season that's gonna be fucking amazing man shit Oh David Montgomery the bilbies Windy's what would you say gosh get a double cheese cheeseburger meal a large fry and you know what get some chicken tenders – what a diet right I'm probably not gonna eat them I probably want to eat most of my burger but right now I'm a bit buzzed and I'm hungry I'm so hungry hot day cocky Thank You heartache hockey for being here bro yeah you love you man thank you so much the support even show wait wait why is hot pink hot hottie not a moderator because he's a concentrator hottie cocky may mom yeah we made a made you mod miss your concert crater your try to make are consecrated mods course King says up shop babe Oh Melissa wants a frosty that's anybody else want anything Melissa wants a frosty Melissa do you ever get the fries the frosty that is good gusting oh shit that is good King you're so right man okay so I like you know King PJ he's really good at for now right okay yeah so once a month or maybe a little bit maybe twice a month I'll actually do better than him again but every time I do better than him he never streams right after I do better than him he starts streaming right after that game and then he'll start doing better than me he's an asshole he doesn't want to show proof King knew better yeah okay what's up listen I have a direct line of King okay yo King what's up with that man why why is it every time Shawn I'll shine you on on for tonight you always fucking delete the screen bro no he just doesn't stream cuz he's an ass I'm like I'm like going off my head can't you should stream he's like nominal wait till next game Sean why I've made a moderate it only happens like twice am I sure I'm a hot take hockey a moderator and you unmonitored when you I think you try to do it too I didn't do it I though I pass on the new unmounted him you Milan an unmonitored King PJs revealing a very dark secret no it says remove moderator so I know he's lying he's wanted oh heartache hockey's modded king pj says something about t-rex arms Rocha something like that I don't know what do you what do you what about wrong Rex arms to Eddie was tell me about that last night have you seen a video with yeah well I gotta see that shit alright yeah yeah yeah send it to me send that to me for sure alright letter you see if Jaguar just text me after the story if you want to know about the logo word now we're calling you there's no text we're calling you we're gonna FaceTime you I'm good damn now what's the one that we're we're the same one with it we should like I don't know where is it where is this I my face I'm wrong I don't care there why are you asking me I'm asking hello I text him you got aggressive with me what's the air fro bread that's how Josh texts he always says his this and public you'll be like what the fuck are you doing info bruh can I use bro bright that good alright that makes me sound cool yeah yeah we got it we got a really impressive okay it's you see if Jaguar man yeah I don't want a pretty cool guy I don't wanna lose that guy I don't lose that oh I gotta texting Josh you have text for me is what's the info breath I don't know oh no y'all should order a keto Pizza what the fuck is that keto pizza you're blowing my mind this is taught my Saturday this is last call baby last call man I can't wait till we get the sports for your bar and grill and we could stream from the bar and grill would y'all come or bar and grill no better yeah man t Webb's gonna be head of security crazy muffle is gonna be is lieutenant Eddie says checked order don't some what to do Eddie the fuck he already simple oh yeah that's that's the video check that out watch that wait is this road trip yes watch this watch this dude don't show don't don't show that don't I'm not show come on play yeah yeah there you go that's Rocha that's the video that you talked about having King like all those months ago eh yes yes he was like dude I got this video but I watched it at least a hundred times I watched it at least play the video we only if Rocha says we can only approaches weekend for the content only what she says you can he says he says for the cotton said we can okay Rocha Rocha can reconfirm giving consent we gonna confirm on this can we get a confirm on this cuz next hours dynasty it to what kind of face is he making right that looks creepy shit it looks so weird looking back Rocha can we gonna confirm on that this is no don't oh god damn it for the content Rocha I got once again that is hilarious oh my god atomic bomb laughs oh my goodness oh my god Danny Rocha not happening I'm sorry Conroe Chuck for the content bro Oh Roger says not happening I'm sorry that's all right Rocha Oh it's about 49 now for a super pig I only see that there he goes that piggy says well my donation go through this time no you start again wait what happened did you try and donate before and it didn't go through with you are you saying we missed the donation because if we meant that we didn't miss it I said something but the piggy says the port yeah thank you so much man for the 49 shops fucked up bro we've been to both in a really good mood before the stream started me and you were both alike yeah nick says I've seen that brooch a video us I say that shit for when he get scared wait say forever cuz we got by the way Nick coward me and QC our teams got fucked in the lottery so on Sunday we're gonna bring Nick Howard and we're gonna bring the QC and we're gonna chug a fuckin beer before the game starts Oh God but thank you so much the piggy for the for tonight Shane and UCF says nothing is creepier than Johnny's video watching the trip whiskey video dude that's so true wait have you guys not seen that I'm gonna bring it up that's that's just as creepy as Johnny young onyx Chad y'all for getting me into to at least a hundred subs shout to you buddy uh chili vine Shawn must be what a sacrifice some chickens before the stream how am i sacrificing chickens why my team's not playing that's LeBron trying to get more people that's offseason of course uh of course man of course uh man yo Roger do not share that with anyone I don't approve leave or leave oh yeah except for all our close friends we won't we won't do it I'm showing everybody just kidding roach rotate that uh this live stream oh my god I know cool you guys want to see the fuckin Johnny video this is the creepiest video we ever I is a creeper in a fucking child molester he got jealous of us because we're better than him and like every fucking way shape or form we were cool for a while but you know he fucking he got jealous of us and sorry buddy but you know with a fucking sports for you bro so he he sent this creepy has video but we told him to fuck off for lunch he said this video of him and a dork right wearing shades and he's listening to our true Biscay reaction video here's the clip this is where we blocked them yeah right after this would block them and swear to God all right here you go this was sent to us that's our video being played yeah that is weird is that not creepy where we told him that he needs to back off he sent us this video is that not creepy or what I felt Josh that literally usually come down to Texas he lives in Nebraska and he's gonna come down here murderous and wear our faces that we blocked over there yeah that is the only person we've ever blocked on Twitter never never blocked anybody else man we cuz we don't care to talk shit that was creepy was scared for my life shots are you epic adventure only oh geez remember that's his kaj that's right man that shit was crazy Agence is that disturbing it was very disturb me I was I was scared for my life Chris Redmon says what the fuck I just watched he just watched a very jealous creepy individual Dorsett's is he even tried getting into my NASCAR fans like no joke I merely got a hold of Joshy Shawn dude yeah he literally tried to like try to turn everybody against us for no reason it was hilarious dude it was creepy as shit yeah dude that's yeah yeah corner that's crazy bro bro bro show my video when I did making fun of it I okay alright you do you see ya oh yeah you ship Jaguar I forgot about that alright you see how you see I did a parody of that video he says he deemed it to us on eight 117 okay I put it up fuck are we gonna find that we have some no he doesn't check I'm a poor died cuz he did a parody of that video and it's fucking hilarious what's up bro what's up Shawn what's how you doing buddy um the war is won yes Edward they came back and dominating the second half man straight-up dominating I forgot about all those times we cloned them Jamie says damn right the best ever source for fury all day a good night guys love you all ma take it easy T Webb have a night door get some rest that's all all going to be all right trust me later guys later Jameson thank you so much buddy before we're thinking about you too man I know you're going through a rough time and everything yeah he has that go fund me guys shut the door door if you want to put that link in the chat y'all you know Thor's always I had our backs and he's going through a tough time right now yeah you know and we got so here's you see of Jaguars parody of that video you guys just saw yeah here's UCS parody of that yeah oh my god I died laughing when I saw this that's you see that was great shad Yousef Jaguar man this guy is one of the funniest fucking guys we've ever had hung out with men great fucking guy man seriously I feel the most one of the most underrated men every we appreciate that bro epic adventure man we had a lot of crazy times you know sports career we're on this more so many that y'all don't even know this come in October it will be three years on this channel in this channel three years you've had a lot of crazy that's all I've been three years man it's all I'm fucking it blue LED by man yeah she was fuckin did you order the food okay it's on its way young honest is now house and door says thank you everyone it means a lot to me you're all my family and I love you all this story we love you too buddy yeah Louie why you want to do as I'd watch right now can you play our law so much investment that's quite good I just saw you see if jammers takes back to us wait he says see me Kashmir what Student Union I'll let you in on the info I just glanced down I saw send me cash only what he's gotta go collect oh my goodness oh god I don't want to end this stream well we're about to end this game you're gonna be fuckin we're gonna be but it's Friday so it'll be a lot of Saturday something we're back this weekend but who really works at work on Friday like me oh I work I started a I kind of BS around and I do a little bit of work in the morning and then I'm just like yes this afternoon fuck this shit so ya know I'm says go just 24 hours ago you take that as soon as I know all right like on a Friday night that like it's fucking like okay that's like 10 o'clock p.m. yeah and there's I know nothing else was gonna happen or come in I'm gonna go alive for I'm gonna bring back the graveyard shift so as soon as I can as soon as I'm able to the graveyard shift man crazy Volvos Johnny's gonna be outside Sean's apartment I wish this motherfucker would I would Josh those I'm not really that like what's a word coherent no like remember when fucking Johnny started pulling all that shit and I got really fucking pissed I usually don't get pissed that easy right I like very like fighting like one to beat someone's ass kind of angry I usually don't I really don't and funny did that shit dude I wish this motherfucker would show up here man I would beat the fuck out of good I wish a motherfucker would make my day like Nick y'all get it you're gonna shoot me later would you shame breath huh what you gonna stream huh dude it hearthstone whatever the fuck that is what I don't know so fast and you're wearing the Hat all weird I don't know what to do Josh can you please do a reaction to our last bunch of Biscay songs I did wait does he like he doesn't have like a scene he doesn't like extreme no way what look what'd you say I said she would UCF no no what happened no so there okay okay Oh because UCF said that Johnny hit his sub count it's still on there I just pulled his channel and it's still there Thor says Josh you're not going to work I'm kidnapping you and that's the bottom line cuz Dorset sets up I hope so man I hope you do Madden or GTA I want to play Madden Nick so that way I suck at video games I am so fucking on I don't play video games you know I just don't do it I just don't do it now I'm terrible I play some GTA let's perhaps we can play some Madden with Nick and the boys and you know what girls right no cheetah rook and I got DNF every every fucking race did not finish I thought you finished fifth one time yeah I did and she finished the race before I did wait so but the reason why I have that huh you still didn't finish that but you still came fifth I've got a fifth place because Nick Howard took everybody out he went rogue but you didn't finish it I did finish it oh yeah I finished once oh but I want like DNF like eight out of ten times from the truth has been determined to be a lie thank you for the dollar donation buddy they appreciate that thank you so much and oh but you know what the best site the best video gaming I did QC invited me to play the night he was live-streaming the QC unity – yeah right yeah and we are playing this props game on Cod what props game yeah prop one where okay so like alright so you know you have a map right there's all these things leggings props like like a broom or a fucking a fire extinguisher or a chair or pillows things like that right sure well you can be an object you can be one of those objects and you and you high e – hide-and-go-seek big type of thing you hide in the game and then the other team they have guns and they gotta try to fucking shoot you they gotta kill you right they gotta they gotta find you and we were playing that and it was fucking hilarious and I did good at that you're gonna hide him yeah I did good at that what prop are you huh what problem I was now kind of shit man I was like I was a piece of wood I was a I was a table I was a table yeah like randomly change as it throughout the game you could change every round you you have like two chances to change your object during the game during one little session can you change it twice yeah but I never did I made it work I made it work you just said you were a piece of wood in your own table yeah which one these are different games are talking about oh because you every different every game have every different game of your new problem you know there's rhymes it's just you know what did the fuck is going on what is called duty come to the fuck you prop hunting yeah you are doing shit you were fucking hiding as an object [Laughter] hashtag prop ungai crazy I love it even QC like in Eddy I was mad with Eddie and and they were looking at my screen QC was like dude I can't even tell what prop you are that's how good I was bro I'm good at don't make move they can't see play it t-rex I can't man problems been around for a long time I've never heard of that shit have you ever heard of that ship called Ernie what prop hunt man I never heard of it – just now I've never heard of that shit but I haven't played call of duty and he cares about the place of GTA or I don't got it all right go go right now man fuck it all right oh I'll tell you where damn dangerous right all right guys we're about the head on a couple minutes soon as Shawn comes back from taking a piss taking a leak he'll says it's so damn fun we have fun here we have a whole lot of fun and am I gonna jump on PlayStation I'm not gonna even say yes maybe I do but it probably won't happen to like four or five o'clock in the morning even if I do I don't know probably not I don't know I fucking I know me and bear but to wasn't Twilight Zone into this she's playing call of duty right now you not working there it goes Mike you see felonies a new CSS turn on your mic Ricky I just did we're gonna go watch the moon after this John you want some last words yeah Philly did you say you need a movie to watch I heard John he's got a porno on pornhub you should gonna watch that bunny that sounds like right up your alley and guys I saw kink pjsait are you not sure if I'm gonna play for night tonight iiiiii you see the guys I didn't hit 100k subs thanks for nothing I'm sorry you see if we don't have that kind of power man we're not Johnny yeah we tried really hard Billy says oh great Johnny and the to hold a beast Oh motherfucker I'm trying to live for movies – why for Philly yeah he's already seen the Big Lebowski what Zombieland I can't wait for the second zombie land that's gonna be fucking great let's see any new movies okay it's not sexual we're just wetting a movie for Philly that's it it's all wrestle link just just link Jeselnik Jeselnik Anthony Jeselnik it's the Netflix special it's called fire in the maternity ward watch that shit we just me and my girlfriend just watched it that shit was so funny he's a fucking asshole yeah he is hilarious that's a persona man he's fucking hilarious Oh Oh sci-fi Sify yeah fuck didn't you make me check out this fucking category are you wanting a movie or TV show now who said movie he wants him looking oh god get back click home all right let's see movies genres let's go to sigh fine let's see if we can find something for Philly 500 sci-fi and fantasy okay alright the matrix the matrix is on there yeah but saw those on there you're not gonna want solo that's for sure ex machina have you seen ex machina that was a good movie dude if you have not seen Xbox gotta know like go watch it go watch it you're gonna love it if you not have seen ex machina if you have not seen her go watch her that was a good sci-fi flick and watch her her is really good is good um let's see here the fifth element is on there now oh I gotta get back on Netflix man ex machina man I'm I watch that again to those great fucking movie my life is a fantasy okay I see it Logan's runs on here okay silly shit yeah see that's why I like Netflix for movies their movie selection is kind of hit or miss they have a couple good ones in the trash although they got they got roaches movie out okay alright guys will you get the fuck out of here I got a drive home all right bro gross gross keys Chieko cheetahs chickadees chicken tada thank you guys so much for making this a kick-ass livestream baby they pick up that food eater what what's going on now did they pick up the footages pick up the order we gotta get the stick okay all right guys we love y'all we appreciate all the fuckin love and support tonight man we hit over fuckin 2,000 lives that's what's up bruh we'll be live Sunday I'm just fuckin Saturday we live Saturday yeah for the NBA playoffs will be live Sunday as well and one day yeah yeah we love all y'all yeah beautiful beautiful dank and again where we are less than we are a hundred and twenty-six away from ending 65 gay that's they see y'all nice all right guys I love y'all have a good night stay safe getting home all right go don't find yourself in the weird of a part of YouTube y'all peace out I love you bye