yo boys what is going on it is your boy Nick from the food market and I haven't done one of these videos in probably like a month it's been a month I've been using this kind of serious thing that I've been doing on the channel I was doing it like once a week a little bit more but I kind of wanted to like wait a little bit there's a combination of things I was a little lazy and second of all I also wanted to let team of the season kind of like simmer and like chill and let's see what kind of people come out with at the end of the team of the season so we're about like a few weeks out of team and the season now and so I just weed it out up for my stream today obviously I do these tweets kind of just as Reggie to follow Twitter like I do this once in a while I'm like just send me the team's you guys are rocking and I'm kind of going through and just looking at a bunch if you guys enjoyed the video drop a thumbs up obviously I can't put everybody's team in this video like it's impossible but I like to go through I like to review at least 10 or 20 squads in here just kind of talk about different players people using why they would use it in a certain position when you guys do do this and when I do this in the future man especially in towards FIFA 20 because I like it's a cool way for me to like even see players that I forget or they go by quickly – may be incorporated so my squads just let me know when you've got to send me these in to these reply threads hey man I'm using this in this formation because a lot of times people start a different formation that I've got to sit here and try to figure out what the hell formation this guy's playing in game so that's always really easy so Eric was a an avid watch of the stream this is a 3-5-2 in game which is interesting because I've been playing 3/5 – a lot recently so he's doing Lala at right mid and or are at left mid now I was playing we can link last weekend I was using or I left MIT as a sub he's really good there because he's four star four star and I believe he is high medium and then he's got viera pillai which is really good as well at the 3/5 – I would assume that you were gonna use Pele at striker with agüero actually I don't know what he's gonna do here this is interesting and the left center back is really interesting because that's one of those rest the world players 3/5 – he's gonna use probably Pele at cam and agüero and sterling a strikers and the Paul is also a very good card – Paul is medium medium which is OK as a center mid you want a high high but he's a medium medium he's got the Paul in 7 cam and he's got the left center back on left center back he has his on a chemistry cool team you see some players outside of the common meta which is always really good and I yeah that's that's actually a unique team all right so right here we have a from the danza start off in a four triple two three five two in game just replace torero with Viera next upgrade is knave for Sun or Mille tile for ffs alley three warrior no crocodiles or hurricanes now if you're watching this video and you're wondering what that means that means that he does not perform the el tornado skill move or spam la croquettas which is at times looked upon as abusing a meta this year but you got to do what you got to do some of you guys right so this would be a 3-5-2 in game again which is interesting I'm assuming at the let's see what the players he has he's gotta be using I would assume I don't know what he's gonna do here because I'm thinking maybe he's using I don't know where I know Salah is definitely a midfielder I'm trying to figure out what the other left minutes anyways like I would say your future team just try to get Neymar but definitely get the Millia top team of the season because that card is phenomenal Edison is a is a good goalkeeper choice because Edison is very good in net obviously some good pact look on this account as well with the bread Salah and the red Sun so have to respect that this is a team that we have some footies cards incorporated ii don't really know what he's playing in game but he's got the footies promise which i reviewed on this channel fantastic card Lizano fantastic card the invest in moments is an interesting card a very very usable striker not the most common in the the meta of this year but it's definitely a good card same thing goes with Kluivert it's interesting that he's using both of those in that regard I would assume he's probably gonna be using a two-striker formation anything outside of that would be a little bit odd to me that he like I don't know I just feel like if using anything besides those two I would be a little bit surprised right card in there as well with why now them VanDyke daily blend doom fries and ananna so definitely like a less traditional defense there because with the daily blend that's a little bit I don't know like I just don't see that ever and I don't see or not I either definitely we have to upgrade that footman van Aanholt that needs an upgrade at this time of the year even if you have to go through Bert's and go for that there's also the Alonso SBC that came out today which could be good for you away games FC this is from the sassy this is a phenomenal team team with your moderates as a card that actually is not in like everyone's team anymore he was in everybody's team around team of the year but it's not a card that you see still a lot so kudos to you for still using that and he used a top tier player he's just kind of faded away cuz people are moving on to other things then you have him papi and Neymar in there as well Alex Tellez Lala Maldini Blanc daheia obviously this is a this is a standard event team basically the only things that I drop my controller I don't even email controller but the only things in this team that were not the only things that were not in this team that the only fix in this team that I feel like maybe are not used at an event is Telus and really outside of that you see moderate receiver you see you don't see Cruyff as much you do not see curve as much that as well I did not see Cruyff as much it's from Oh bliss key and he's got a four three three four he's got the heya team of the group stage in net with Robinson Blanc hull it you say via fernandinho and then he's got cr7 Ronaldinho unbale he's got that bale that just came out which is a really cool concept if you guys have some spare coins that Bale is amazing value go get the bail it's a Team of the Year card it's it's honestly man it's affordable go do that the thing that I would say about this team that I see just that carvahal man that's got to be upgraded I think at this point of the year I would not be using an 88 rated Carbajal there's so many affordable team as he's in full backs that you should look into I don't know if you're gonna have to move the team around a lot but it's definitely worth it if you have to change out a player to to get a better fullback try and go ahead and do that is what I would say got a great team next year looking for an absolute in-game team so this is coming in from the FIFA DL squad and yeah this I mean this is pretty close though man so an endgame team I mean Rijkaard is probably a little bit lacking there Christiana but all those gold is still fine at this time of the year shows you really how happy he is ribery and Robin are sick I love that tandem of players are together red Sun is obviously some good pack look your centre backs are fantastic and in bad gameplay your centre back so you know play really well David Lewis and Cannavaro the Causton tell us your back line is the strongest party was this team this backline it's fantastic you're gonna not get past too much and your full backs are good enough to run the line too if you want to play the balanced fullbacks i don't know if you're necessarily doing that but it's something you can do this is a 4-1 to ensuing game which is pretty interesting which means that he's gonna be playing Aurora Viera and for me know in the midfield which I like a lot from you know I believe is hi hi so that works because you've got a medium high in veer you've got a high high Meno and you've got a high medium in or R I don't know his name so don't don't kill me for that then you got premised in toven up top with Eusebio obviously that's really fun Tobin's weird because some people really like him some people really don't like him I haven't personally played with him yet promise I played with fantastic you stimulus probably got the most deadly finish in FIFA 19 the only thing I would say with this team that upgrade I'm fine with that florenzi this time of the year it's still good Van Dyck man I think that player of the month is definitely not good enough anymore and I think I would look to get another icon or a better version of Van Dyck is probably your your goal here to go for sooner than later Ryan says get your Quagliarella x' and this was funny because he's probably been in the stream where everyone's back in read clearly Quagliarella during team of the season ultimate so that makes sense to me he's got coulibaly in the team as well can celos probably a little bit outdated at this point of the Year Schmeichel moments and net been dead clear the year with Alonzo at the back for me know is obviously a very used card Ballack still on the team he's probably logged a ton of games with that Ballack and he's probably got the era from from a long time ago as well they released that one in February something on March or April but he's probably put it something give us that that mertens is really good i mean i just opened up at 30 no rewards and he was using burns and team so I might give mertens a little another run around I don't really think I gave him enough of a chance and Merton says one of my favorite players of all time I tweeted about my stats from if he was 17 there today it's like one of my favorite players so definitely a card that I got to use a little bit more this Schmeichel is interesting somebody at the event at the last event for the Xbox used him I never really know what to think about it like if that's actually a good card or not but interesting selection there this is a 4-5-1 but it's probably gonna be a forty-three one in game or something along the lines of that to be honest it's probably not because he's got so many attacking players he's got Fred and in Gretzky who were definitely little bit more defensive minded moments best he's got the red Salah it's amazing if you look at this threat how many people have read salat it really shows how high the pack weight was for him I packed like eight today it's literally mad for that read Salah so not surprised there that moment's Rivaldo it has given me problems in the past a very good card blue have hurts obviously can't go wrong and then yeah you're defending is really your defense is really good as well Robertson team is decent with the cost that the cost is a beast the port is also very good the poor probably one of the better not see the team and better team in the scene center-backs it's not an icon so kudos to you for having that in the team no money spent and yeah this is this is pretty much a God Squad pretty close to it if it's not a God Squad you've got Ronaldinho Viera red pepe which is an unbelievable card I mean that's such a fun car to use jumping a good finishing just an absolute tank Neymar team in the season the best card in the game in my opinion team of the year team is ease and whatever one you want to use Veon take that's interesting I wonder if he packed that and a maybe it's good enough for him that he feels like he doesn't have to upgrade it I think that version of Van Dyck is very close to the team of the year so I could understand why people want to keep that because why this is a panini game and well that car just looks pretty it's got the trophy it's it's good-looking you know what I'm saying had some unbelievable look during team of the season my D still gets hard every time I see that first owner Ronaldo and that's actually insane look he's got a first owner Ronaldo in the team 289 goes for 205 289 goals in 205 games with 78 assists he's got the money and the Firmino link as well with the Pepe Van Dyck Laporte again that's a very popular thing if you're going a premier Premier League team I like the van Dijk Laporte I also like Van Dyke with Davin's and Sanchez UCL Live or the footies if you guys can get that soon that seems to be like the go-to at this point in time so yeah good looks then we've got a need to upgrade can sell oh and Dupree Mateus to finish the squad and it's very interesting in this team that he has moments Maradona I just felt like that's a card that I never really seen a lot of teams and I'm actually working to complete him and I'm gonna do a review on him probably in the next week or two because it's a card that's very expensive very top tier not only people have it and it's not really used anywhere so I want to see if he's good it would not be stopped rising to me if this guy is a fan of Argentine football because obviously if you are you but I would think that maybe not messing this team as well if he was so maybe he's truly not I don't really know so this is a cool team because he's got a big inclusion of a lot of new cards he's got Bailey's got Pearlman so I like that because you're gonna get the new attackers into the team why not them with Mateus and beer in the midfield you really can't go wrong Telus million sow is such a deadly pairing this year if you guys can get those two together team of the season versions oh my god it's so good Dada Luiz with Lala Alison in net obviously a good team off the Ben she's got mertens and Silva and Lozano so that's a very good team he's got attackers that he's able to flip in and out if he doesn't love Bailey can put in those auto and vice versa this is a 4-2-3-1 in game he says Mooney are a left-back Ramos sent right back because of crosses which is it's crazy man it really shows the true teeth true meta this year of like just the crossing meta but I the inclusion of for birthdays men and I love so many people using Quincy promise because he is so good he had some nice red pack looked during team season with the red van Dijk and red allison casimiro moment is a card that i completed but never used interesting is using that his bright mid is bailed by the way if you guys were wondering she's got a team of seasoned in bopping with n dumbbell a up top the foot birthday Munir which you should probably upgrade is something that i would upgrade your center backs are all not really upgradeable those are all very good and then Kluivert is definitely upgradable but for now is still fine and so yeah guys i'm gonna take i'll do another one of these videos in the next few days thank you guys for watching this one um a lot of cool squads i think there's a lot of SBC's that have come out clearly that have impacted teams which is good to see means they're releasing the right SPC's and yeah guys thank you for sending the group of squads in i appreciate it and i will have one of these out for you guys pretty soon peace out