Top 5 Things You Can’t Miss 🤩 | Kids’ Choice Sports 2018 | Nick

[horns blowing] Let’s get loud!
Kid’s Choice Sports is bringing… The noise! And we’ve got the lowdown
on summer’s slimiest showdown. Show us what you got! Game on! Here are the top five things
you can’t miss. Number five: a superstar lineup
with all your favorite athletes. All in one place. That’s what I’m talking about. And maybe even a surprise! Number four: The Legend Award. This year we honor
pro racecar driver Danica Patrick. I am right now in a car with the coolest
racecar driver in the whole wide world! – Aw.
– Danica Patrick. She’s a trailblazer,
who goes nuts for donuts. [tires skidding] [screaming] But will she be ready for
a full-throttle gold sliming? And now we pause for
a sentimental montage of past legendary gold slimes. If you have dreams, and you believe in yourself,
your dreams can come true. Work extremely hard at it. Go after it will all you have. And be legendary in your own right. Thank you, Nickelodeon. – Thank you very much.
– Thank you very much. I appreciate you guys.
Thank you. [slime spraying] That’s the legend for you! Now that was awesome. That was like winning a championship! You bet it is! OK, let’s get back to the action. Number three,
or should we say CP3? It’s point guard Chris Paul,
your host for the first time! Man, I am so excited to be hosting
Kid’s Choice Sports this year. This rookie host is coming to play… Grand slam Sam slams seven gram hammy–
Uh-uh. Grand slam–
Uh-uh. – Grand slam Sam slams seven ham sammies.
– The Nickelodeon way! – Got that.
– And rumor has it, he’s doing something that no host
has ever done. Don’t miss it. Number two: epic challenges. Where kids like you get
a once in a lifetime shot. And star athletes put it all on the line. – Let’s do this!
– Oh! Back up a little bit. To get covered in slime. It’s a finish slime! I gotta go back to the drawing board. Which brings us to number one. The MVP. The most valuable protoplasm. The goat, the queenest of all time. Number one in our hearts
and in our eyes. Slime! You’ve seen him dab
and you’ve seen him dive, but this year there’s gonna be
a first-time slime… Woop, there it is! That will blow your mind. How cool is this, everybody? Don’t miss it all go down
at Kid’s Choice Sports. Woo, man!