TOP 10 CRAZY WTF Easter Eggs In Video Games

some video game Easter eggs can be
pretty basic a Dark Souls bonfire here a penny wise balloon their sure they can
be cool to find but you soon forget about them as you move on to the next
game in this video I hope that isn’t the case today we’re going to take a look at
ten video game Easter eggs that for want of a better term made you say WTF so
join me today as we summon a giant head in Ryse Son of Rome discover a secret
room in skater XL plus many more unforgettable video game Easter eggs if
you think you know of an Easter Egg that you think I haven’t covered before then
the best place to let me know is on Twitter Instagram or discord the links
to all three can be found in the description anyway without further delay
let’s get started so first up let’s take a look at a series that is no stranger
to bonkers Easter eggs hitman absolution is often considered the weakest in the
series an opinion I share still it’s far from a terrible game it’s just a
terrible hitman game anyway in all honesty three or four Easter eggs from
hitman absolution alone could have featured in this video the obvious
choice would be the brilliant hit-and-run ice cream van found during
the end of the road mission I personally prefer this Easter egg that
can be found during the death factory mission so shooting the pig causes an
exclamation mark to appear from the pig hop across the screen and die I mean it
certainly left me saying WTF the only thing that I could think of though is
the Metal Gear series which is known for having exclamation points appear above
alerted enemies heads I could be talking nonsense let me know what you think down
below up next is an easter egg that requires
you to sacrifice cats to create a giant snack welcome to goat simulator everyone
well more specifically the goat simulator payday expansion as was the
case with hitman absolution the goat simulator series is an easter egg
hunters wet dream with multiple top-quality Easter eggs for players to
uncover but this one may upset the cat lovers out there opposite the gas
station you can find a building simply called cat sausage if you search the
surrounding area you can find two cats minding their own business
take the cats to the cat sausage making machine to create the largest cat
sausage the world has ever seen oh and just in case you missed it this
sausage was made from eighty cats if that doesn’t make you say what the – then
I don’t know what will so this next Easter egg comes from the half-life 2
mod nightmare house 2 as the name suggests nightmare house 2 is an
open-ended third-person game in which you control a goat as you jump run bash
and lick your way around various open-world settings
oh that’s the Wikipedia entry for goat simulator hang on a minute let me just
find the nightmare house 2 entry ah here we go nightmare house 2 is a horror
themed mod for The Source engine where you wake up in an abandoned hospital
with the memories of a strange girl haunting your every turn that sounds
better nightmare house 2 is so scary that even
the easter eggs will put you on edge at the beginning of chapter 4 you can find
the janitor’s room if you destory the pallets in the room you’ll uncover a red
button keep pushing the button and this will happen so this is Uboa from the 2004 game
Yumme Nikki apparently the game is free on Steam so feel free to hop on and
say hello if you love being terrified by strange figures this next Easter egg is
from a game that a lot of you probably forgot exists Ryse son of Rome was a
launch title for the Xbox one all the way back in 2013 and was ignored by a
lot of people due to the messy launch of the Xbox one still I think it’s an OK game
it’s not mind-blowing by any means but definitely worth a play if you have game
pass interestingly Ryse has quite a few interesting Easter eggs including a
ghost army and a cameo from the Roman god Jupiter the easter egg that we’re here for today
trump’s both of those in the WTF stakes during Chapter seven you’ll come to this
area of a small pond dispatch of all the guards then head up to the giant
crossbow and shoot the statues that I do if done correctly this will happen so this is the head of the Roman Emperor Nero unfortunately you can’t interact
with the head in any way and if you get too close it will sink back into the
pond so it’s time for more goat simulator now this time we’re looking at
the goat MMO expansion in the Alvesta area of the map you will find the
mythical sword Excalibur well it’s actually called Excaligoat but what did
you expect it’s goat simulator so the sword in the stone isn’t particularly
crazy it’s what you can do and what you can find of the sword that will leave
you confused when you have the sword equipped you can propel yourself
skywards and with a little practice even fly, fly high enough and you’ll be able
to spot these so these are giant mermaids except the
top half is fish and the bottom half is human quite why they’re so big and only
seen if you fly this high is anyone’s guess the Titanic movie has been
referenced a few times in video games with many developers choosing to
reference the infamous I’m flying jack scene from the movie well in the
excellent hunt showdown you can find another recreation of the scene but
something about this discovery puts me on edge so I don’t know if it’s the eyes of the
dolls or just the dolls in general that give me the creeps here but it’s
certainly the strangest recreation of the famous scene I’ve found so far up
next is another valve related mod day of defeat, day of defeat is a multiplayer
first-person shooter set in world war 2 it actually started life as a mod but
was then purchased by valve and released as a full retail title in 2003 like many
of the easter eggs in this video I’m not quite sure how to explain this one on
the map flugplatz you can find a plane that overlooks a field with a very low
moon if you turn around and shoot the sign on the wall this will happen so I know the nursery rhyme where the cow jumped over the moon so perhaps this is a nod to that I have no idea why shooting the sign activates the Easter
Egg or why it appears in a world war 2 multiplayer game in a video that is full
of unexplained Easter eggs this next one may be the one that leaves the most
questions rage 2 was a strange game on one hand it has some of the best feeling
first-person shooting I’ve ever experienced and on the other it was all
inside a lifeless and boring open world still when a game is open-world it
always leaves room for interesting discoveries in the twisting canyons you
can find the shrine of AWA besides the fire pit and the teddy you can find a
chair balancing on a stick now this may be a coincidence but after shooting the
teddy on the fire pit the chair started spinning which made the time in game
speed up very quickly I mean there’s a chance that this is
just a fancy way to speed up time in game just cause 4 has random deck chairs
placed around the game world for this very reason but I’m not sure if that’s
the reason for this location let me know your theories down below the penultimate
Easter Egg is from the brilliant dying light during your exploration of the
countryside you can find two small ditches if you use explosives you can
find out what was buried here so in the ditch you can find multiple copies of
the DVD Charlie which is the DVD you had to get for gazi in the mother’s day
side quest that’s not all you can also grab a blueprint titled mysterious blueprint if you craft the blueprint you will get this so known as the extra-terrestrial
chicken on a stick this very powerful weapon can dispatch most enemies in one
hit the final easter egg in today’s video is
from a game that skate fans should be aware of skater XL shares a lot of
similarities with the skate series and even though it’s in early access the
skating in the game feels awesome to control despit the game not being
fully released yet the developers have openly encouraged mods for the game with
loads of user-created maps being uploaded for players to try for free one
of these maps is the Kingwood map created by pinco which on the surface of
things is a pretty simple skate park well if you try to jump through the
wall I do things won’t seem as simple anymore this is a tribute to a fellow
map creator and mod developer hondune honestly if this game isn’t on your
radar already it really should be so that’s it for today if you enjoyed this
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