Top 10 Best Superhero Teams

Welcome back nerd squad, my name is Roya Destroyaa
and this is Top 10 Nerd. One superhero alone can accomplish great things. But when the colossal threats start to loom,
superheroes must band together to save the world and save themselves, and this has led
to a number of iconic team ups that have lasted throughout the years. So let’s take a look at the top 10 BEST
the number 10 spot we got THE FANTASTIC 4. We kick off our list with Marvel’s first
family. The Fantastic 4 were initially created after
Marvel noted how well the Justice League was doing for DC. The family debuted in 1961 and was very different
from the JL; as opposed to heroes with powers of the gods, they were flawed. They were relatable and most importantly,
they were a real family, not just a team of heroes coming together under dire circumstances. Now the movies may have been less than fantastic
and the team has since suffered, but that doesn’t take away from what they accomplished
in their early years. Coming in at number 9 IS THE XMEN. One of the most recognizable Marvel teams
out there, the X men debuted in 1963. What makes these guys so interesting is that
they are activists, not just saviors. They fight for equality among humans and mutants,
whereas their enemies want superiority for humans. It is also enjoyable to see all the young
mutants struggle with the discovery of their powers, and how leader Charles Xavier takes
them in and attempts to temper them. The X-men taught us that being different is
ok. Unless you want to destroy the world with
it. Next, at number 8, we have TEENAGE MUTANT
NINJA TURTLES. Straying from our normal little world of DC
and Marvel, 4 turtles named after Italian artists deserve their place on this list. Mirage studios debuted the turtles in 1984,
and the turtles were meant to be a parody on Marvel’s Daredevil and New Mutants, as
well as Frank Miller’s Ronin and Dave Sim’s Cerebus. What started out as a single issue published
through loans and tax refunds soon became a universally recognized franchise and a whole
new way to celebrate pizza. As if we needed another way. In the number 7 spot is BIRDS OF PREY. In a medium so dominated by men, it is refreshing
to have an all-female superhero team, and one that doesn’t suck! The team debuted in 1995 as a collaboration
between oracle and Black Canary, and has since expanded to showcase some of DC’s most underrated
Superheroines, such as Huntress and Vixen, while also inviting some bigger names like
Catwoman. And just like the Xmen, the Birds of Prey
also placed a hero with a disability front and center, a huge step for comic books. Coming in at number 6 IS POWER RANGERS. This team of heroes absolutely killed it when
they debuted in 1993, despite initially receiving criticism that the show was too violent for
its younger target audience. Hehehe yeah, younger target audience. What started off as a single show with footage
from its Japanese source material Super Sentai soon morphed into an elaborate franchise of
shows, toys, comics, video games. The list goes on. There’s probably not a kid alive who didn’t
own at least one thing Power-Ranger themed. Next up, at number 5 WE HAVE WATCHMEN. We don’t cover these guys nearly as much
as we should on this channel. But all it took was one series and one movie
to leave a permanent impression on audiences, and that’s how they made it onto this list. The Watchmen were introduced in 1986 and faced
a war-threatened America with government-sanctioned costumed superheroes. Yet the team was composed of heroes who seemed
anything but super, people who enforced peace through violent measures and were flawed and
complex. Except Dr. Manhattan. Guy could probably out-OP Superman. Up next at number 4 WE GOT GUARDIANS OF THE
GALAXY. What started off as a completely different
team in 1969 that not many people knew about catapulted to success with the introduction
of the team as we know it in 2014’s movie. The team is easily one of the most diverse
out there, seeing as some members consist of talking trash pandas and
adorable one-worded trees. And also Chris Pratt. Who is recently single. Call me. In the number 3 spot is THE AVENGERS. Moving into the biggest names in superhero
team history here, the Avengers may not be our number 1 on this list, but they are perhaps
the most impactful of all Marvel superhero teams. They were first debuted in 1963 as a renovation
to the All-Winners Squad, and have undergone many roster changes, spinoffs, and alternate
versions. All the while they’ve remained totally recognizable
and containing some of the biggest names of Marvel under one header. Plus, they have the hulk. Need I go on? Coming in at number 2 we have THE JUSTICE
LEAGUE. The reason the justice league edges out over
the Avengers is simply because they were the original superhero team in 1940, under the
name of the justice society of America. There is no superhero team more iconic than
these guys, composed of the most universally recognizable names such as Batman and Superman. It almost seems unfair to throw all these
powerful characters together. They’ve had to face off against some of
the most terrifying villains, such as Darkseid and the Joker. And even though they have been around for
so long, their ongoing history makes them even more cherished among fans young and old. So who possible can top them? Get ready. And finally, in the number 1 spot is THE TEEN
TITANS. In keeping with the modern times, there is
no superhero team as widely celebrated at the moment than the Teen Titans. If you don’t agree with me on this one,
just check out some of our teen-titan focused videos and see for yourself how much of a
following they have. The Teen Titans were introduced in 1964 as
a team of young superheroes who frequently played second string to their heroes. They are young, relatively inexperienced at
dealing with villains, and have to deal with the struggles of adolescence as well as learning
to be superheroes. The animated Teen Titans were especially fundamental
to establishing the team’s following, and now there’s no other team with as loyal
a following. So those were the top 10 superhero teams Let
me know in the comment section down below WHO your favorite team is. My name is Roya Destroyaa, thanks for watching,
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