Top 10 Best Camping & Outdoor Cooking Gadget Innovations | Part 2

this is the complete my Gerber the complete is designed for users who need a tool that they can cook clean and eat with that's compact organized and easy to transport not only is the spatula chassis to hold the rest of the implements together it's got a silicon edge for scraping and cleaning at a serrated edge for light cutting duty and it's glass filled nylon construction is rigid enough to be a real spatula and withstand high temperatures the complete also includes a fork and a spoon either of which can be used to convert the spatula into a pair of tongs also included with the complete is a four function solid state multi-tool that includes a package opener can opener bottle opener and vegetable peeler the completes nesting design makes it easy to transport and it's aluminum a glass filled nylon construction makes a corrosion resistant all that and it also weighs less than two and a half ounces the complete is available in silver onyx flat sage and Bert bronze organization can be key when it comes to setting up a camp kitchen the complete takes care of all that by nesting together camping glamping climbing fishing road trip hunt any time you're out there keeping food fresh beautiful the cooler as most people to go to solution once the ice melts it's pretty much useless and direct exposure to water or frost can reduce the shelf life and plenty of fruits and vegetables looking beyond the cooler your options are pretty limited you can set up a fridge at your campsite but they're heavy expensive and are going to require you to carry on a constant supply of fuel or plug it in or for the freeze-dried food wrap which let's be honest just isn't as tasty and fennec we've been working for the last four years to develop a lightweight low-cost food preservation system that never needs electricity for ice we call it the Yuma 60 L it weighs less than 5 pounds tax flat and is easy to take anywhere can be assembled in under 30 seconds and powered exclusively by water or river water and in hot and dry conditions can preserve food and five days without needing food from the secret is patent-pending smart fabric technology our team is inspired by Canada's first schooling system only over ten million years of evolution sweating we've developed a smart material which mimics the properties of human skin called Faceman the flexible walls are made of a sandwich of food safe plastic on the inside and phase tech on the outside water is stored in between the two and as water absorbs heat from the food it becomes vapor this vapor passes through the specialized pores in the face Peck take the heat and energy with it in hot and dry conditions the interior can be up to 35 degrees Fahrenheit or 20 degrees Celsius colder inside than the ambient air temperature around this cooler temperature greatly extends the shelf life commercial movie Tomatoes kept inside can last up to five times longer than those left out it's ideal for fruits and vegetables that are best kept at a stable temperature you can use it on extended trips living off-grid trying to reduce your carbon footprint or you just need a place to store some extra perishable food it has straps for easy carrying can be stacked to save space everything from the truck to an extra room can be turned into temperature stable storage the new pocket rocket deluxe stove is packed with premium features carrying forward the legacy of MSRs best-selling pocket rocket stoves this deluxe model has a larger burner lights with the push of a button it was engineered for fast ball climbs across a wider range of temperatures in the backcountry colder weather or low fuel caused a stove to run slower to combat this we gave the deluxe model an internal pressure regulator this regulator allows the stove to maintain fast boil times across a range of temperatures one of the stove to work well on cold mornings or when your canister might be running low on fuel because of the built-in regulator the deluxe model makes an excellent choice for three season adventures the stove also comes equipped with piezo push start lighting for fast easy ignition this piezo is the most one we've ever built we internally routed the wire and set the electrode deep within the burner head for maximum protection the piezo was designed to match the pocket Rockets legendary durability and offer many seasons of use with its broad burner the pocket rocket deluxe generates a powerful flame despite its compact size and the burners lip adds wind resistance increasing efficiency precision flame adjustment allows you to go from torch all the way down to simmer and the stainless steel pot supports fold down to create an impressively small pack size at just 83 grams for 2.9 ounces the pocket rocket deluxe packs in a ton of performance for backpackers pushing the limits of three seasons it offers one of the best overall cooking experiences in its class the Napoli pizza oven has an outstanding build with fully insulated ceiling walls and floor this allows the oven and the baking stone to reach temperatures of over 900 degrees Fahrenheit for cooking classic Neapolitan style pizzas this oven is multi-field which means that it can use either wood pellets through a special wood pellet tray or wood chunks charcoal or a special gas attachment which attaches to a standard propane tank and heats up quickly in less than 15 minutes to temperatures of over 900 degrees Fahrenheit at this extremely high temperature you can cook an amazing Neapolitan style pizza and literally less than 90 seconds this Pizza Oven is great for social gatherings with friends or family and you can cook a variety of pizzas in a matter of minutes we design the oven not to have a door on the front this allows you to use a cast-iron skillet with a handle on it and cook an amazing tuna steak to perfection and of course a New York Strip seared on the outside and nice and medium-rare in the center you you how would you like to have the perfect outdoor stove the best fire pit and the greatest barbecue you could possibly have now how would you feel when you have all that combined in one single product need the periscope a patent-pending biomass stoves designed in Germany hi I'm Peter Knight Danya and today we will show you how you can take your out of cooking experience to the next level how about inviting friends for a great garden party cooking all day long the New York camping trip are going out and staying away as long as you like without worrying about fuel supply actually you can use a filler stovic blogs pallets natural wood or even shrubs and we've just set up your filler stove anywhere on soft and hard ground and the grass benefit is always left unharmed the fetoscope is developed for vo campaign with the long burn times precise adjustment and high peak power you can prepare sophisticated meals for a large group of people and grill without fat dripping on the coal when it's time to eat just open your feet'll stove and use it as a fire pit sit back and enjoy a comfortable evening by the fire this is the fittest hope you have all that combining warm product your safe space you can say you're justified for keeping a fridge during your camping trip and simply enjoy cooking outdoors I'll bet with much lesser than a campfire you leave no trace behind except a small handful of ashes and let's be honest cooking fires just much more fun [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] meet the gosun grill a game-changing solar cooker that can bake foil and fry a meal in cloudy weather it's as fast as a normal girl but goes where other girls camp it remains free of carbon crud while retaining your foods rich natural flavors the secrets of this technologies are vacuum tube which absorbs light while acting as a perfect insulator with this technology go son is revolutionized in cooking for people around the world we invite you to join the next evolution in cooking welcome to the fuel free frontier [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] or biolite and we love fire a campfire is all about gathering round but the smoke that comes with it can often get in the way of sticking around it's time to upgrade your fire with a bio light fire pit a Bluetooth controlled wood burning systems that can cook your meals and create an outdoor floating fire without any of the smoke central to the bilat fire pit is the advanced airflow system an integrated fan injects the fire with air across 51 jets dramatically improving combustion by burning particulate matter before it has a chance to escape the fire so you can go from spark to smokeless in under 30 seconds the result no more shuffling around your campfire to avoid fumes of smoke unlike typical fire pits you might encounter the fire pit features x-ray mesh giving you a 360-degree view of your flames in creating the feel of floating fire and nighttime conditions the high temp coated steel chamber can hold up to four pieces of cord wood at a time and with a hyper efficient burn you get a roaring campfire with half the fuel typically required so you can do more with less control the strength of your flames from the palm of your hands with a free bio light app the talks to your airflow system to modulate fan speeds the more air you introduce the hotter the fire the airflow pack can provide up to 24 hours of clean burning on a single charge and it detaches for easy recharging via micro USB utilize the USB port on the side to connect bio light lighting for a perfect outdoor setup and when you're not burning that same USB port doubles as a power bank offering power and a pinch to your other devices ready for the beach the backyard and beyond the fire pits folding legs and the solar covers integrated straps make it easy to transport if you can carry a cooler to your favorite outdoor spot you can that's no problem looking to cook with your campfire we got you covered the fire pits dual fuel system can accommodate both charcoal or burn your firewood down to embers and with the included great top your system transforms instantly into a hibachi style grill for epic outdoor meals fire captivates us warms us feeds us gathers us it's one of our oldest tools and it's time for it to evolve discover the bio like fire