TL’s Rough Start and Historic Finish at MSI | Team Liquid x Honda Presents: Level Up

Are you kidding me? Team Liquid! Team Liquid are your North American LCS Spring
Split Champions! Team Liquid have been dominant in every single
esport! Team Liquid is the best team in North America! Team Liquid have done it! Your next grand finalists, it’s Team Liquid! This is Level Up, Driven by Honda. Team Liquid tie the record, it’s three LCS
titles in a row! How are you guys going to stay on that right
path to hopefully demolish through MSI? That was the deal we made. He would carry me in NA, and I would carry
him internationally. Can you solo dragon Peter, or do you have
to go top lane? I can, I can. I can solo dragon. This is sneaky, sneaky dragon. I have TP, I have TP. Go, go defend Baron. Try to defend. Please kill, please kill, please. Wow, what a broken champion! Yea, I think frontlining was a bit too troll. Well, I think we were making too many mistakes
in teamfights. Yea, I should have just stayed in the back
and buffed you guys. Alright people, today is the day. Finally! I have over 200 slides for this tournament,
or 150 slides. We’ll do Phong Vu, this one will be on slide
28, this one on 25. So for their setup, they do something different
every single time… I thought we could beat anybody but also lose
to anybody. I thought we were definitely better than Phong
Vu, so I definitely expected to make it out 100%. We are a pretty fast to react team, generally,
like, when we see what the enemy team is going for, we make a very quick decision on what
we’re doing. Even though we don’t set up a creative play
ourselves, we can see what’s being set up on the enemy team, so, based on practice results,
I felt pretty confident going up against Phong Vu. Internationally, the difference in mechanical
level between the top players is very small. We had a ton of confidence, I had a ton of
confidence, we were really a unit, like a team. I think these are my third, or fourth play-ins. I don’t really mind play-ins too much, because
I think when you play on stage, you realize your weaknesses a lot more, so even though
you don’t play against the best teams, I think it’s beneficial, in a way. There’s a balance to both, like, I’m feeling
perfectly confident and just excited to play in MSI. I think a lot of people are expecting us,
you know, top four. They smell blood in the water, Team Liquid
grabbing two on the backside of that dragon fight, and they’re going right to the Baron. I think we have a pretty good chance at this
tournament. I think it’s important that you stay level
headed and don’t underestimate yourself or your opponents. I think that me and my team are the best,
even though we are still the underdog in a way. I think we can go toe-to-toe with the best
teams. I think it’s definitely doable to make it
out of groups and we’ll take it from there. TL dominate PVB on home soil, and they will
qualify for the MSI main stage. I believe in this team, and I think as long
as we perform well, we can have a really good showing here internationally. Are you serious Jake? You are going to watch Game of Thrones after
playing like that? Yea. Of course. Going in, like, checking on stage, you’re
just screaming. I used all of my energy. I think it was the pasta plus food before. I’m fucking hungry. I think play-ins went okay. When I was on Cloud9, we struggled a lot in
play-ins. Honestly, our practice leading up to the series
hasn’t been the best, just because it’s been very limited since we can’t really practice
against the teams in Korea, so they are not the highest quality of scrims I think. I think it also just impacted the way we practiced
and how we played against Phong Vu Buffalo, we struggled a bit here, and I think it’s
hard to play your very best when your practice hasn’t been the best either, so I’m just happy
we won and I know we have a lot to work on. I’m confident we can fix the mistakes we made
in play-ins. Now that we made it to the main stage, and
all the other players are flying into Vietnam, we would have a lot better practice, and I
think we’ll be playing a lot better as well. My placement is gone. RIP. You lost your placements, Core? Yea. Thank you guys, you are awesome. We’ll do your tech check next on this side. What Impact? What? Why do you look so old? How old are you now? 23? 24? Yea, 24. Wow, we’re in our mid-twenties now. Did they even show the trophy yet. No, probably not. Did you guys see the EU production? The LEC? For like, the makings of the trophy? And then Kold held the trophy up, and then
he just got memed, because he lost. So don’t touch the trophy guys. Don’t touch the trophy. Is Faker wearing the same sweatpants as me? Really? Basically we’re the same player. Oh my god. You’re happy with that? You can’t settle for mediocre. It’s a little bit of a downgrade, but I’ll
just have to settle it for now, you know? Can we get the randoms off stage please? What’s up? What are you doing Jake? What’re you doing Jake? Not funny. I’m good. Really? Yea. There’s nothing else to do. So really quickly, this is in-game lighting,
so if you want to take a look and just make sure the stage lighting is okay for you. Yea, I mean, as long as I can wear my hat,
then the stage lighting should be fine. It’s pretty sunny in here. Who is playing day two? G2 and IG. Just some shit teams. So free wins on day two. Yea. And three. I guess we have free wins every day actually. Holy shit. We got a lucky schedule. We really did. Five straight days of free wins. We’re pretty much ready to go, so I’m going
to call security and get a shuttle here for you guys. Perfect. We haven’t had our talk yet. Oh, that’s fine. Oh yes, we did do the coaching meeting, you’re
right. Let’s go, why are we waiting? Yeah, what the hell, let’s go. Impact, what are you doing? We don’t have water guys! We need to drink water! Impact is saving all of our lives. Impact. Impact. No bananas. Really? All I could find were grapes and apples. How is that possible? I don’t know. No bananas. I just went and checked all the markets in
the area too. Out of stock? How do they not have any bananas. We have two monkeys and no bananas guys. This is the last that they had for today. Can I get one? Yea. Thank you. You saved me. Welcome to opening day of the MSI 2019 group
stage, here at the National Convention Center in Hanoi. The top 6 regions in the world have each sent
their champions to fight for glory in a stacked tournament, where a lot of questions will
be answered today as we count down towards the opening games. This is a tournament where everyone is going
in with their chest puffed out with a goal. A lot of these teams are coming in looking
to win, but I think everyone is looking to represent favorably, and it’s not a tournament
where people are already defeated before the tournament starts, or, “Korea’s going to win”. There’s so many different possibilities that
can come out of MSI 2019. Liquid on 3. 1, 2, 3, Liquid! But as we speak, LCS champions Team Liquid
and the LMS champions Flash Wolves are our next game. The only two teams returning from last year’s
MSI. I think Team Liquid were very obviously trying
to play to what the perceived the 2019 MSI meta was, so I will keep my position, I’m
confident in Team Liquid, but I can understand withdrawing yourself from NA. Now Flash Wolves are on the retreat, he needs
to find a stun, Betty is locked down, he has no flash, remember. First blood picked up by CoreJJ. First blood, first dragon. And now we get to see what TL can do once
they get this kind of an advantage. Mid, mid, mid. They trolled. Kiting, kiting. They hard trolled. I’m on Galio, we win, we win. Jensen dashes all the way in, waits for the
taunt to come out, he turns his attention onto Rather, Rather escapes with his life
for now, burning down from the ignite, they take the tower, and the ignite takes down
Rather! That is four members of Flash Wolves down. Perfect teamfight from the side of Team Liquid. Team Liquid will take down Flash Wolves to
open up MSI groups. Final question: You have Phong Vu Buffalo
later as well, what are your expectations? We’re going to stomp them. The war drums clamor, and we’re on to Summoner’s
Rift, Team Liquid vs. Phong Vu Buffalo. Jensen looking to make the play happen, it’ll
be a 2 versus 2. Naul is taken low, he is going to get himself
bursted, and Xmithie gets Team Liquid on the board! One vs four, no stopwatch available, he’s
got to back up, big damage coming in from Doublelift, he gets taken very low. He goes on a killing spree, finally gets taken
down, onto Xmithie, Impact is able to find himself one with the barrel. Lux no flash, no flash, no flash. Jensen, mop and bucket at the ready, here’s
the cleaning crew! Unstoppable for Team Liquid, and Phong Vu
Buffalo lose four! Impact goes on a killing spree. They can do nothing but look on at the rubble,
as Team Liquid will take them down in 29 minutes! And the redemption story for TL starts with
a 2-0 at MSI. When will you be impressed with this team? It’s not the same, flashy style, but they
kept their end of the bargain, and made sure to close out the game. Peter! Oh hey. Hello! How are you guys? My son! Good game! Everyone’s here, the whole family. Nice to meet you. Take a picture with him! Once in a lifetime. He’s shy. It’s okay, I’m shy too. Happy birthday! Has he been a bad boy? Huh Mike? Has he been a bad boy? No, he’s been excellent. Wonderful. What, enjoy it man! Enjoy it. Thank you guys, thank you, thank you. This, ugh. This Kai’sa always runs away. This Kai’sa is at full HP, just always runs
away. Just keep going. Flash? Oh my god. W, W, W, W. Oh my god, that was so bad. Doublelift! What? Keyboard? Mousepad? Everybody grab your shit. We have to go? Yes, the shuttle leaves in 10 minutes. Guys, we have to go. Time to clap Faker. Let’s go. After Team Liquid’s 2-0 start, they face their
first true test today. I think this is the perfect storm for everything
North American fans wanted to see, which is their team playing their style on the international
stage. This doesn’t appear to be another choking
story. Alright, Liquid on 3. 1, 2, 3, Liquid! Caps is going in, stealing the ultimate, oh! Caps is truly terrifying. A clean execution. Four members are dead, Invictus Gaming are
looking for the win. We can’t just walk up, like, we’re going to
die. Faker could find his own second thanks to
Kled, and they’re just cleaning up now! That’s the ace, that’s a ton of kills for
SKT. Right now we’re about to play Flash Wolves,
this game is incredibly important based on the current standings, we must win this game. Nexus turrets fall, Nexus under siege, Flash
Wolves win! This is another 0-2 game day here for Team
Liquid, after starting off 2-0, after inspiring hope for North America on the first day, things
have been looking a little rough here the past couple. A Kennen can not defend alone. He’s sieging alone, taking their turrets alone,
and someone has to come help Kennen, right? Then you guys go to the other side. I remember coming back to mid lane, and Core
and Jake were there, but if you guys were with me, near Impact, we could’ve gotten their
whole blue side. We only went right side because we wanted
the blue. You guys were like, “We’re getting blue. Alright, let’s go back.” I mean, I think we’re just not really very
practiced playing 1-3-1 comps. In game, I don’t know what you guys are fucking
saying. It’s so confusing. “Go. Buy. No. Go. Here. There. Here.” It’s really confusing to everybody, it’s obvious
we must lose the game. There’s no way to win like that. Any time we died in that game, it just felt
like we were, like, we’re blaming each other or just not talking about it. Sometimes you can say useful stuff like, “I
should’ve done something differently,” in order to win the next fight. Like, that’s actually constructive and positive
and helpful. But when we’re just straight up arguing, saying,
“We shouldn’t have done this and that”, like, in a toxic way, it’s not helpful at all. We need a situation when we 1-3-1, you know? If you 1v1 Lissandra, and Lissandra checks
the bush or something, you poke, and then after, we fight. We’re fine, we can fight. But if we instantly fight, if we’re hitting
Tahm Kench or something, they’ll just TP and we’re fucked. We need to just, do that first, you know? You just 1v1 and make Lissandra chunked or
something, we get an advantage, and we can fight. We need to make a good condition before we
fight. But it is a good condition if you’re there,
like, first. And you… No, it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter. We can not one shot the enemy. They have Tahm Kench and they also have stopwatches. It was just a bad fight. This whole argument is why I don’t think we
should play it anymore in the tournament. I think discussing it is just going to be
tilting anyways. Our team’s strength is that we snowball pretty
well when we’re ahead, and we win teamfights. We almost came back against iG because we
had a better teamfight comp, and we were winning teamfights. They had a shit teamfight comp, I think that’s
just why we’re good, and we have a really bad time playing 1-3-1. Okay, anyways, guys. The tournament is not over, there’s still
a good chance that we go to the knockout stage, let’s just not get tilted over today. I’m not tilted, I just want to win. We can still win against any team. Good luck boys. During MSI, we won our first 2 games. Then we went on a losing streak, and when
we watched those games, one game was over from a level 2 mistake. And we reviewed and gave feedback on the early
game after, and the next day, the game was over from a mid-game mistake. And that was pretty much the story of the
losing streak. So while we were playing through group stages,
we learned one by one, from level 1 strategies, level 2 crab fights, and then mid-game, and
late game. By experiencing those losses day by day, we
fixed our early, mid, and late game one by one, and focused on applying those on our
next games. Look at the games, look at the bigger picture,
we’re going to win as a team, okay? Liquid on 3. 1, 2, 3, Liquid! Looking for the flag and drag once again,
the taunt comes in, that holds CoreJJ in place. The devour and spit does come out, but summoner
flash is blown by CoreJJ. What was that damage?! Piercing arrow, as well as the tongue lash
absolutely obliterates him. He’s on the flank. This guy, we’re fighting guys, we’re fighting. He is in trouble, he may need to use that
ultimate to escape, teleport is coming in, now behind BigKoro, and that’s two quick kills
for Team Liquid. Impact comes in from behind, this could be
huge, there’s the Kennen ultimate! Impact goes golden, and he sets Team Liquid
up, despite the three man shockwave, it’s too little, it’s too late. Doublelift turns on to BigKoro, here comes
Jensen, Koro is down. I can catch her, I can catch her. Look at Galio. No, look at this guy. There’s an engage in the bottom lane and the
top lane. He comes forward, but there’s no support yet. Finally Galio arrives, but BigKoro gets taken
down in the top lane. Chain of Corruption comes through, begins
to spread. Palette’s going to get locked up as the Cataclysm
comes out, Zeros will fall after, it’s a double kill for Doublelift, Impact got one in the
top, Jensen is able to get away. Absolutely beautiful game from Team Liquid. He will get locked out, run down, and shut
down. It’s an ace for Team Liquid, and they will
pick up their third win at MSI’s group stage, and, for now, Team Liquid take sole control
of fourth place. I think during our losses, we realized we
had a lot of problems with the way we were playing the game. We had to change the way we were playing the
game. We were playing pretty slow as a team, and
it was okay because it seemed like the weaker teams didn’t really punish you too hard or
know how to snowball the game as well as the other teams. Then, once we started losing, we realized
we have to play faster. We have to be more aggressive, and be more
willing to go for stuff, even if it’s a bit risky. We have to survive early against this team. We can fight them if they don’t get the perfect
engage on me. The way that we play, which is really heavily
around fighting over areas of control around the map works well against IG, because they
just fight you no matter what. If we get to choose the place, but they’re
always willing to take us on anyways, even though it’s on our terms, it’s pretty bad. We’re right on time for our next bout today,
Invictus Gaming vs Team Liquid. Team Liquid has never made it out of group
stage before, if they really want to start and fulfill the long standing hopes for this
team that only strengthened this year, if it could start now, that would be to the rapture
of NA fans. I’m coming, we fight. Waiting, waiting, waiting. I’m looking for ult. I’m going, I’m going! He’s going to stay disguised, he’s finding
the initiation, there are so many kills! A double kill over to the top laner, Doublelift
going to clean one up onto Ning, all is well and 4 are down on the side of Invictus Gaming. I think in group stage, we had close matches
against IG, and basically lost based on one or two small mistakes. Four for zero there, wiping Doublelift off
of the map as they are going to Baron. Liquid not on the same page, and IG hits them
with the whole damn book. Invictus Gaming will go 8-0. Our match against SKT was rough, it feels
like SKT just kind of counters everything that we do, and we don’t really have a clear
win condition against them other than level up as a team . North America goes into Day
5 with that all too familiar position, Team Liquid needs a win to control their fate when
it comes to the knockout. SKT facing down Team Liquid. The chain comes in, he is going to have to
be careful, Jensen, all but set to fall here, Clid does not hesitate to follow, that’s going
to be first blood, Clid going to grab it with one more auto. Sonic Wave is going to come out, he is going
to immediately follow, gets a bit closer just to finish it off, Clid grabbing yet another
kill. Klid getting the kick back, guaranteed follow
through, Doublelift taken out. No way out of that one, Clid keeps his wits
about him, doesn’t even have to flash to make the play happen. Team Liquid just seem defeated in the way
they are playing, they do not know where to pick. You said it already happened, and you can
see it in the way that they play, they are backing off now, but SKT still going to close
it out with confidence. Teddy grabs a kill, Galio into the backline,
powered up by the Lee Sin, Doublelift immediately deleted. It is an absolute slaughter in the base of
TL. The triple for Teddy, going to look to make
it a quadra. Pulling through in the end, SKT from start
to finish have dominated this game. For TL, they now have only one more chance
to get a win here. They are hoping that people are going to do
them a favor and clean up against Flash Wolves to avoid a potential tiebreaker. It’s too obvious what we are doing now, because
my lane is going to top side, right? Yea, I have to go through mid with you guys
too. I think going bot would make the biggest difference,
but I don’t have ulti. Let’s just focus on next game. Next game against G2. Actually Flash Wolves have to win against
IG, but if PVB wins against Flash Wolves, we’re in. Jankos might not have expected the stakes
to be as high as they now are for game 4 here at MSI group stage. They have compounded exponentially for both
G2 and Team Liquid. TL ultimately have destiny in their own hand,
even if they lose this, they still have the tiebreaker, but you would like to get through
to semifinals with some streak of success, for any chance going up against this IG lineup,
you’re going to need some consistency. Let’s go guys. That’s a trade back and forth, first blood
picked up by Xmithie in the 2v2, now Xmithie’s running for his life, Jankos gets the hit,
but no reply. Xmithie and Jensen working together to shut
down Caps. Oh, he just flashed on me. At the 12 and a half minute mark, that tower
is down to about half HP, Caps is going for Jensen, oh! Jensen gets the solo kill onto Caps! Rek’sai here! Oh man, Jankos is already gone, Xmithie’s
found him, Doublelift dunked him. Yet another kill, 5 on the board, 4 of which
Xmithie has been involved in. I can get a pick here too guys. Oh, no way, is Xmithie solo killing Caps? Nice, nice. Going to ulti here. There goes Xmithie, here comes Doublelift,
he Killer Instincts in onto Perkz, Impact will be finishing this up, that’s a triple
for Double, he’s looking for the quadra, maybe a penta. Doublelift and Team Liquid advance to the
semifinals, eliminating G2! This game, extremely proactive from minute
one, everywhere on the map, and they make opportunities. This is the Team Liquid that has to show up
in Bo5. Good job! Same record as last year and we make it out. Really? 4-6, yea. That’s true. Well now, you guys have interviews and whatnot,
and we’ll go back. Let’s go eat and take a rest, and then we
can get ready. Let’s take a vacation! Let’s not try against IG, let’s just enjoy
Taipei! Wait, I’d way rather play against IG than
SKT. SKT feels, like, unbeatable. Against IG, both of our games were really
close. If you guys just don’t play scared against
IG, we can win. Seriously, like it’s a solo queue game. Why did we say yes to all of these fucking
interviews? Because you just won and it was history and
people want to cover it. Well, it’s garbage. I remember back in the day when you realized
the value of media coverage. That was a long time ago, friend. Alright, here we go. It’s day 5 of MSI group stage, this coverage
brought to you by Alienware, I am joined by Doublelift, who had an eventful day. Let’s talk about how things are going for
you. This has got to feel pretty good. Yea, it feels really good, obviously. This curse that I can put down forever. Every moment that I’ve had where I threw the
game as Lucian against Samsung, against Viktor, or we played the tiebreaker against Fnatic,
and we lost, or the tiebreaker against Misfits, and all these moments where I was just one
game from making it out, how many more chances was I willing to go through, failures was
I willing to go through to finally get here? I don’t know. Like, maybe this was the last straw or something,
so I just had to win. Back then, I was going to be the best player
to never win anything, and that was the joke. To me, maybe the community has set this goal
post of making it out of groups, and I bought into it, but it should never be that. Your fans will never be happy with you if
you just make it out of groups, that’s not enough. It’s never enough, you have to be the best. No one remembers fourth place. Well, actually, if you’re Team Liquid… But, you know, it’s true. If I lose now, no one will remember us. We got to go all the way. Our group stage results weren’t that good. Even until the last day we were uncertain
of our future, but after beating G2 and securing semifinals, we were happy we had another opportunity
to play. No one’s going to predict TL? Over IG? We can at least talk about the possibilities. The madman. I can’t shake the feeling that IG doesn’t
care yet. This is a team that is currently playing with
their food a little bit, and is going to ramp up. They went 9-1! We discussed on the team and said, “We could
win even if there was a dog in my spot on the keyboard.” I have a narrow win condition for NA. Does anyone think TL is going to get a game? I would be ecstatic if Team Liquid take one
game off of Invictus Gaming. They 3-0’d the world finals, they’ve dominated
here, dropping only a single game in all of groups. Invictus Gaming is the team in the world to
beat. If you take a game off of them, success. We can’t wear hats on stage? No, no, no. Not allowed. I think everyone had a pretty good inkling
that we were going to win. I felt that IG’s playstyle against us, we
had a better advantage than pretty much any other team at MSI, so I feel like we had a
pretty good chance, and, our practice and just the way we studied them, I felt like
we had a really big chance. I’m done. What else do we need? Hold on, like, stall the game here. The red side jungle, near Baron, is really
hard to walk in, but Ryze can just port in behind people. But, I’m okay with giving them Ryze game one
and see. What about the past three weeks, where Peter
is saying, “We haven’t played against Sylas.” I mean, yea. They’re both pretty broken. Maybe we can play… That makes top pick hard, that’s all. Alright, if you need anything else Michael,
let me know. Present. Alright, we play the representative from the
LPL, IG. These are my win conditions versus these guys. We need to win or contest mid 2v2, we should
play through bottom lane and break it open from mid to bot, ideally, if possible. And then we have to be willing to out teamfight
them for these winning conditions. This is all feedback that we’ve given you
guys from the group stage, right? After our games? You guys know all of the answers, you know
what to do. Don’t try to complicate things, but just be
natural. Just think naturally, and play comfortable. I’d say the best would be to play Xayah/Rakan,
or just to play one of the stronger bot lanes that we’ve been practicing. If not… We are the best. Alright. At least for today. Yea, alright. You’re going to be first, and it’s really
important you land your first position. We’re going to cross here… Team Liquid! This is going to be a difficult best of five
for Team Liquid. Yea, you’re exactly right, going up against
the current world champions, a team that is setting records, speedrunning through the
MSI groups, only losing one game the entire group stage. This is a team that can beat you in so many
ways. Guys, enjoy the game, okay? Enjoy. Have some fun. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome on to Summoner’s
Rift for the first semifinal match of MSI 2019. Team Liquid versus Invictus Gaming. IG in the blue, IG in the red. Kicking back, does get stunned up, flashing
in! Gets the kick, and there’s your first blood! Invictus Gaming get themselves on the board. He has no flash, he has no flash. I’m TPing, I’m TPing. TL, they really want to make a play out of
this one, Jensen going right back in, they are going to use the Realm Warp to get behind
them, Invictus Gaming trying to get Ning away, he’s going to get taken down. TheShy could be the next target, Impact side
steps away from the Overload, he is going to stay alive too, and it is a 2 for 0. Jensen goes unstoppable as Xmithie swoops
in, flash out by TheShy, keeping himself alive against the Cataclysm, Jacky and Rookie make
their way, oh! Rookie! Incredible two man stun from Rookie. Doublelift is taken out, Xmithie is as well,
and IG strike back. TL giving themselves away now, CoreJJ going
to be taken very low, Xmithie also now going to be killed as Impact gets over the wall,
will he even escape? The Pop Blossom keeps him alive, but Jacky
seals his fate! Follows the imitation there, JackyLove is
stunned! Jensen’s going right back in, but it’s only
into his death, he is shut down by Ning. With him out of the picture, IG is free to
continue pushing up. CoreJJ is going to find himself caught out,
Doublelift kicked back into the team, and Team Liquid is eviscerated. Fuck, this game was so free. IG continuing this push, they have 30 seconds
left on Baron. There, there, there, there! Here we go, Pop Blossom takes Ning down! It’s IG on the run, a double kill on Impact. Yes! Yes! There’s your stun you’re looking for! A shut down for Jensen, and Team Liquid go
4 for 1! Baron taken very low, taken down. Remember, elder dragon is not like a Baron,
it is one big, blue pinata with wings. team Liquid securing this one, IG no contest. TL have double uber buffs. Yea! End the fucking game! Cannon minions doing the work onto the tier
3, going to be taken down, and they are on the hunt, IG on the retreat. Team Liquid has found the IG mid laner! Jensen is on a killing spree, Baolan is the
next target, Jensen takes him down as well, Doublelift keeps himself alive, two here onto
the backline, Xmithie will continue pushing forward. One Nexus turret is gone, the Invictus Gaming
jungler is gone, Doublelift is dominating, Doublelift’s got a double kill, and Team Liquid
strike first! It’s about finding one guy, and chain CC’ing
that guy, because they play, like, crazy style. No frontline. So, we just need to find the right time to
all go in on the same place. The more we played them, the more we realized
that countering their playstyle was a really important factor in the game. We have to think about what their plan is,
and then, if we counter it, we pretty much have a really big lead off of it, and when
we’re snowballing that lead, everyone plays really well, and we just teamfight better
than them. You guys have to keep doing that. Push, move. Push, move. If you guys can. Okay, this is it guys. We can beat these guys. Great first game. Everyone will remember that last game, very
up and down though. Everything needs to be wiped clean though. Game number two starting fresh. I think I just go Vayne. Varus is not that good. Oh, Vayne? Vayne, lock it in then. Nice. Holy moly. I’m pumped now. They want to start guys. I can go, I can go. Let me, let me. Go go go. Team Liquid not willing to let them walk away
with it, CoreJJ going in, able to knock Baolan back, the rest of Team Liquid able to take
him down rather quickly, CoreJJ now going to be the target, TheShy able to find him
and not dodge the Pop Blossom either. They find Ning, now it’s going to be TheShy
in some trouble. Team Liquid still working on the mountain
drake, still securing it, they’ve taken the objective. Rookie and TheShy, coming in from the sides,
this could be big for TheShy. Xmithie’s in some trouble. Wait, wait. Kite, kite, kite. Nice, nice. Ulting! A Shockwave onto three! That’s Jensen making the moves, but Jacky
strikes back! Four down on both sides, and this game is
just a bloodbath. TheShy is in the base, and Team Liquid is
onto the objective. Ning is a hero if he’s able to steal this
one away, Baron taken down to 2k. It’s secured by Xmithie and the side of TL,
are they able to disengage in time? They’re not able to find it, however, the
Shockwave will find exactly what it’s looking for, a shutdown over to Impact, Doublelift
smells their fear, and he’s shut down JackyLove. Team Liquid are on the Nexus, TheShy is stunned
up, TheShy is run down, and Team Liquid will take us to match point! 99% of analysts worldwide were just proved
wrong with that Nexus exploding for the second time on the side of IG. Team Liquid have gone straight at them, looking
to outfight their way from a deficit as well. What makes IG so scary is their ability to
just go for the 50/50 play while so many of them are going over to TL. A lot of the times, when you watch IG, they
get away with stuff, and I say it’s because of the nameplates. That’s the joke, like, people play with nameplates
on, they see it’s IG, they say, “Oh, they’re coming, we need to back off, it’s IG.” Our team realized that if you just ignore
the nameplates, it’s just people running in in terrible situations, and they’re getting
away with it. We were a little bit surprised because it
was kind of easier than we had thought. They weren’t really playing that well, and
we were playing exceptionally well. It crossed my mind that they might reverse
sweep, and I think it was possible for sure, but they didn’t play much differently in game
three than they did before. Like, we were totally fine with the loss. Doublelift and Jensen will both be removed
from Summoner’s Rift, and Invictus Gaming will not go down without a fight. We just kind of went to the next game thinking,
“We just need to play our game in game four.” Sejuani and Leblanc? I can’t play. Why? You need to go in. It’s okay if Kennen goes in first. Jake, it’s not that you’re supposed to go
in alone. Guys, we have to go to stage now. Use the bathroom. I can’t go Trundle. Let me go Skarner, and we can kill their frontline. Let’s go. Good luck peeps. Thanks. Still game point for Team Liquid. Fans were happy when they took back the first
seed for World’s by making it to the knockout stage, but now, even daring to hope to take
the series and make finals over the defending world champions has become a reality. I think it’s really good guys. I think we teamfight better. Are you guys ready? Yea, I’m ready. Let’s do it. Here comes the Skarner, Baolan is thrown into
the air, all you need is the taunt and the follow up stun, and first blood over to Shurima’s
favorite scorpion. Three members of each team mid, can Jensen
find the binding? Here’s the CC, a nice three man taunt from
CoreJJ, this man makes plays for Team Liquid. Jensen lands some good damage, JackyLove,
you’re suppressed, and there is no way out. Rookie taking a lot of damage, comes back
in, only to die as now another fight breaks out in the bottom river. Xmithie and Jensen make their way over to
the team, and now they’re going to be looking for even more. No flash, no flash! Go, go, go! And a nice binding finds Ning, but a beautiful
blast cone keeps him alive, only long enough for Doublelift to give him the plasma. Here comes that enemy jungler, Ning’s not
able to find the kill, Jensen and Baolan now to make the save, players coming in from both
sides, double kill over to Jensen, it’s about to be three! They’re going to but the Kench back on the
bench. The followup is there, CoreJJ channels the
taunt, and Jacky can’t resist. Doublelift goes on a killing spree, as Team
Liquid look for even more. Going to reset a little bit there, Rookie
will say thanks for the leash, but ultimately, Baolan, what are you doing? Ning, where are you at? IG teleports themselves right onto Team Liquid,
only to be counterattacked instantly. One more autoattack seals the deal, a double
over to Xmithie, JackyLove’s your next target, more damage coming through, Xmithie seals
his fate! A triple for the Skarner. Jensen flashes over the wall, he’s going to
survive. Impact is here, Xmithie’s going to get the
stun! He’s almost able to outplay Xmithie, but not
quite yet, the damage isn’t there. Baolan, the last remaining member of Invictus
Gaming, and Team Liquid find their ace. I thought I would never say it again, but
I never doubted them! Team Liquid allowing the minions to push up
and do their thing, Nexus turret number one almost taken down, nice pull! Doublelift goes legendary, Impact will not
find anyone there with the Kennen ultimate, IG are now in a 4 versus 5, Viktor ultimate
going to keep everybody away, Redemption comes down to keep everybody topped off, still looking
to maybe find this fight. Ladies and gentlemen, Team Liquid will do
it! Haters, be silenced. Expectations, be damned. One of the biggest moments in League of Legends
history as Team Liquid take down the reigning World Champs. Actually, I think on stage, it feels amazing
to win, but I didn’t really think of the gravity of the situation. Like, “Oh my god, we just won against IG,
the reigning world champions and no one predicted us to win.” I only thought about that at all afterwards
when people were interviewing me, and I went on Reddit, and I went on Twitter, and, there
was just so much. I was like, “Wow, I guess that was really
insane,” but to me, it was just a given that we would win. I never made it out of groups previously,
so it’s a pretty big step to not only make it out, but to make it to the finals. Especially in that manner. Winning against former world champs? That’s pretty crazy. When we watched G2 versus SKT, I think there
were two ways to approach it, which were: “Wow, both of them are playing really well,
and it was a really close series.” Or, “Both of them are playing really bad,
and there’s a lot of uncharacteristic mistakes.” I wanted SKT to win, because I just wanted
to have a rematch of the last MSI Grand Finals they had, it was also against SKT. When I watched that series, I was like, “They’re
both really good,” I never would’ve guessed that G2 would win like that, since SKT plays
such a solid, clean game. I think we all wanted to play against G2,
because G2’s playstyle was kind of like IG, but more calculated and less risky. We wanted to play against G2, and I think
everyone thought we had a really big shot of winning the whole thing, so everyone was
really excited. Presonally, I was really nervous. I couldn’t really sleep the night before,
because it is the first international final experience, and if we win, then it’s a pretty
big deal. So personally, I was half excited half worried. Welcome to the finals of the 2019 Mid Season
Invitational, and who would believe it was North America’s Team Liquid versus Europe’s
G2 Esports? Not only have they subverted expectations,
but they have done it in such an exciting manner that makes people coming into this
finals legitimately excited for either side to win. Getting the ball rolling early on in the game
is so important for our team. If the enemy team gets the ball rolling before
we do, it’s really hard to win. They don’t make too many mistakes, and it
just snowballs out of control. G2 Esports, in commanding fashion, will take
game one of the 2019 MSI finals. I think we were just really hesitant. Our team doesn’t have the tools to play against
G2 in a really fair way, and I think part of it is our champion pools are not nearly
as big as theirs, and so they have the ability to play everything, which is really really
hard to play against. Sub 30 minute win, and they are a single game
away from Europe’s first ever MSI trophy. We were just running straight to mid lane
instead of controlling their jungle. We just couldn’t figure out how to win against
them. Like, maybe draft, maybe our play, might be
our teamfight, we didn’t really know. We just weren’t really confident on our plays
and it really showed. That’s a big stun, that’s a big engage, oh
my gosh, look at the fight! They look for kill number four, this might
be an ace inside of the base, this is what peak League of Legends looks like, and it
comes from Europe. A world record, G2 Esports, 3-0, will win
MSI 2019. GG. It’s fine guys. The only thing, obviously, that sucks is that
we just couldn’t show our strength on stage, like, how strong we were. Because we just lost this MSI finals, it doesn’t
change anything, right? Like, our goal. It doesn’t change anything. We still have summer split left, world’s. And there’s a high chance we’re going to play
in world’s again, so, that’s it guys. Yea, that’s it. Anyways, good job for the last three weeks. Probably a month. It was a long run. We didn’t expect to beat IG, but we played
well, we showed how good we were, and then you guys should feel like you improved as
a team as well. Obviously we couldn’t show it today, which
sucks, but let’s take this experience and let’s remember it and then let’s go into summer
in two weeks. I did appreciate that we didn’t remember any
specifics about the game. It did suck to lose like this, we never want
to lose, and to lose like this feels especially bad, and everyone has a lot of regrets, but
I think we just learned a lot. I was just trying to get everyone’s hopes
up for the future because there’s no point to just be miserable about the loss. It’s already over. We have learned more this split than any other
split we’ve played, so, just our champion pool, or how we play early game, and how confidently
we should play with each other, I think it’s going to impact us a lot going into summer
split. Throughout the tournament, we started doing
a lot of stuff that we never did before, and there’s no way that other teams were even
thinking about it at the time. That’s something that we took a lot of pride
in, developing ourselves really quickly, and in unexpected ways. Obviously, our team can’t do a 180 transformation
in a couple of weeks, but I think we made a lot of good progress, and we learned the
value in doing the unexpected a lot more. Only one team can really be happy in the end,
so next time we can be the happy team.