TL vs. TSM | Finals Game 5 | LCS Spring Split | Team Liquid vs. TSM (2019)

the battle to be the best in North America has converged here at Game five in st. Louis Team Liquid tasked with reverse sweeping after TSN at the 2-0 start to the series we've been in spots like this six times before in North America with a chance at a reverse sweep and five of those six times it was indeed three in a row history tells us Team Liquid had the momentum and they will push it over the finish line but TSM have the greatest player of all time in North America in bjergsen and in times like these he steps up and he is the reason why his team wins title after title and we're at a champion select Team Liquid chose red some key champions have emerged with a recent success of Team Liquid core JJ's tahm Kench and exceed skarner the point-and-click CC the point and click CC denial I'm so interested to see if TSM will first pick two lissandra once again if it is left up if you're TL I think you just try to run back basically the same draft but TSM could be saying the same thing there it is tahm Kench ban makes a lot of sense that has been enabling double if so much in these last two games where he has been a monster leaves up the kindred band they had used before commonly known as a counter pick to rec side it makes it a bit of a harder blind pick and when zilean available you know something like this Andres picked here you can go kindred zilean as an answer to that and have that as your kind of first two picks will more importance be put on this varus both teams succeeding with that as their bottom lane carry Gallio returning as the first pick though does have the global does have the AoE taunt for the double knock and I like this board from TSM I don't think they have to first pick the lissandra Jensen and it was not traditionally my shove Alessandra player he doesn't really prefer that champion as much so I still think he SM may have an opportunity to grab it in their next couple picks and even if TL does go for that is Jensen blind picking lissandra into bjergsen and giving him the option to kind of deal with that well all of liquids winds have been on the backs of varus and tahm Kench one of those has been denied the varus still up but you think it's probably in consideration to be grabbed right here skarner actually hovered early on with every other jungler available they want the impale a lot of their picks have come off the back of xfinity finding the impale but also good at clearing good with the objective control if you get the spires around the neutral objective you're going for that has given them quite a lot of security and I think additionally bjergsen and broken blade have both been putting a huge priority on champions who rely on mobility for their success when you're looking at a rally when you're looking at the Kali leblanc all these sorts of champions suppose we can just say no and he hits you with the ultimate and forcing at the very least qss tax okay Wow Zoe was victorious for bjergsen early on the heimerdinger didn't look too good Jensen do you grab your pick right now and find your counter action do you take the varus to make sure you've got that I think they could just go zillion again you know it'll be interesting to see if he wants to go for Lane but I think zilean makes a lot of sense you know pick that again now yes the varus could get banned out but there's a lot of kind of late-game carries that you could go for instead it will focus Jensen putting that pressure on himself game five it is hemp versus bjergsen he has the counter pick and wants to blast this Lane the main part of this counter pick is all about gank setup and LeBlanc being able to choose the initiation on to Zoe but they don't have a high damaged jungler that's going to come through they're still gonna need a lot of coordination here to pull this off sharpener moved silver now removed as well as we wait to see what exactly devil's gonna play knows he's against Ezreal Plus Galliano's Brom is on his team I'm Alabama is available if they want to play for lane Lucian Brahmas certainly someone that can threat not only the Ezreal put the Gallio in particular gal you ever does step up you do have the opportunity to take him down but Lucian certainly is not as strong as some of these other carries when you do get to that super late game when you have a lot of items and these crit marksmen are scaling up so we'll see if doublelift elects to just go back to the ferrous if TSM are gonna leave it up once more don't see a reason not to has dad a lot of success thus far the only real kind of question there is do you feel safe enough plank beerus without the tahm Kench right because maybe he wants to make a move back to a champion that has more mobility like the Lucian he was not successful in those first two games when he didn't have that safe Jess I'm not showing any dive right now the Gallio the puffle is gonna have to be what he has to worry about dodging that is important smiling give it to me game 5 LCS finals and he goes with the Caixa okay still a strong champ and I think makes a lot of sense there's already a ton of CC on his team Brahma is gonna proc the passive stacks their starter is certainly gonna do that even Leblanc chains can that is going to add a lot of extra damage and also be able to assist and kind of diving back you know if you hit a skarner ultimate onto this Ezreal all of a sudden nice it could fly in and help to finish off that pick most TSM stay true to what they've found success with broken blade on an independent champion for the top side and big questions about what impact will do GP and Ken and they're both gone right now he has to answer this Akali will he go to yet another carry with a lot of these top lane carries already banned out Jayce is gone the GP is gone Canon is gone will he go back to a tank I'm very curious to see where the direction will be well CSM jism clearly going with full come here for all of their players a whole impact the shen for him would be huge I do think your can actually answer Kali quite well but you do have to be careful about potential all ends and okay Amir will be the option the teamfight 4tl will be brutal later on in the game but they're gonna have to get there first as you certainly think a lot of these lanes there is abilities for rek sai's to to impact them and have a big early game yeah I mean broken played had such big games for TSM on the Vladimir now impact gonna try and turn the tables and run it back on them definitely has a lot of backline access team liquids team play their coordination with teleports as what brought them here brought us here to game number 5 and it's gonna be the last words from the coaches the last guidance they get it's now down to the ten players on stage their instincts their preparation their training and how well they can do now when the pressure is on the trophy on the line the title in st. Louis stands before the championship number six for bjergsen and doublelift Gorge AJ the spring split MVP he's on Brahm now impact push into a flat appear that carried so hard from his opposite member broken blade his first time in North America on another carry this time the Akali lost last game it can do it here and smoothy he lost in Game five not long ago crashed under the pressure now is the and to show up and prove that you are the best team in North America the spring split finals come down to this let me hear you for Team Liquid and TSM one final game for the LCS championship can't ask for more than this from these two teams who have played their hearts out already both teams showing really strong performances and the tide has shifted in this last games two wards TL but 10 TSM Riku can they bounce back and kind of reset their mental after two rough games both teams settling on what works for them so far Team Liquid back to this garter TSM back with the reksai Ezreal Zoe just the fact that smoothie was spamming taunt actually gives me some some faith in his mental that he's not so tunnel vision in the game that he still feels a bit loose and the sort of state you need to be in to play at your best pressure of course is gonna be a word tossed around a lot when talking about this series Team Liquid poised to win three straight not just games but LCS titles TSM so few teams actually stave off the reverse sweep they got to do it here if they can do it if TSM can win this championship this year they will have more championships than all other LCS teams combined and they will have answered all questions the bracket that they had to go through they had to beat c9 in a grueling five-game series now going the distance here against TL certainly all questions will have been answered the mid lane has cleared away perfect CS for Jensen so it's a good sign when you're back there Oh first big play sleep and chain rock at the same time that was ignite from Jensen he was going very aggressive there so that if that's sleep from bjergsen shut down a lot of it and it's just plus one seminar now for Perks and fairly even trade and the heel is still available he's a good time music and so we without being level three she can't steal it back and trade the damage so I'll put a chip done before she can hit you back with it and again LeBlanc always looks for the gank setup then this matchup with Zoe can go Distortion with the chains allowing skarner to close that distance not usually a champion that can have an early impact kadian knows this on the REC side circling around using the passive to try and find x50 opens up on the Raptors and the jungle errs see each other for the first time this game battle for a couple of camps a little bit of gold it is expects and retains control of his side of the jungle 13 to 16 and overall jungle CS meanwhile bottom lane doublelift has gone with the cleanse on Caixa this time around he does not have core JJ on the top Kench for devourer using an extra summoner here for later on in the game so it will mean TP advantage for TSM right they have that marksman with the teleport who can potentially answer side Lane plays double if not gonna have that luxury as taunt flash from gali a way too threatening and even that sleep from Zoe can mean certain death if you don't have a cleanse available or someone to block it we subtract the later on if the mat plays don't matter and it comes down teamfights one extra combat summoner as you mention if it is mat plays than TP can mean a lot more we'll wait to see that one play out close game of course the early laning phase impact push to Vladimir here got his pick against broken blade so far farming off a very small deficit to the Vladimir but nothing to write home about just yet mid lane advantage to Jensen that counter picked working out quite well gressive trade here from Brooklyn late does find the extra damage early on impact just trying to CS and he'll back up off the minions Xfinity took the first recall out of the jungle of course with predator you want boots ASAP and now that's been matched by Acadian but the ground will die and they will stay pretty close and farm and Scarn is actually pretty good at power clearing now that they've increased the range of the spires can even do the crog's no effort required now that everything has been cleared back out onto the map trying to get the deeper vision he gets a ward over the back of the wall but topside broken blade finding another trade also really worth taking an account that is an ocean first dragon right so that is something that is very very big I think on the minds of both these two teams if you can take that that is eliminating a lot of the threat of this poke and kind of wear down from either side skarner is definitely a champion capable of soloing the dragon first predator is activated Forex smithy looking towards the bottom side but smoothy and spend back off as the minion wave moves up good communication and caution here in game number five no mistakes will feel out here we heard the analyst has talked to the fact that game 5 would probably be slower hi brought it up as the pressure mounts and you know one mistake might cost you the entire season it's so much on the line but at the same time in those situations sometimes it is the person who has the confidence to go aggressive the confidence to make that play that can decide the game right if you sit back too much if you always give the opportunity to be that playmaker to your opponent then certainly they can make good on it and there are so many players here in this series that are gonna be able to look for those sorts of plays the guys who have the confidence to do it broken blades certainly one of them constantly looking for those opportunities gideon himself going for the invade drops award has the scuttle out he goes first recall comes in kill attempt plus the dark steal a potion sustain and CDR the required stats for a vladimir and you want to see a KD and still you know keeping that faith in himself yes they did have a rough couple last two games but yes the success he has had by playing aggressive by being in the face of his opponents and it is gonna be TSM actually starting this up they do have TP advantage they're gonna use Israel's TP to come over here mid laners got a robe over as well so he has the inside track so geared ism gets there first pushes out Jensen with the bubble this is ocean trach super early on picked up goes to TSM that is very large taking the first play for themselves talk about sitting back as el TSM are out of their seats TSM willing to make that aggressive move and I think that's huge and really you have to credit broken blade double its decide to make the recall because vanna's TP back he just has a strong buy if you try to commit to that fight fully broken blade can be tp'ing him behind you and you could get wiped so they had to give that respect over to him exactly in the last game teleports on display throughout this time around GSM making use of their advantage for early on only being the far better player an ocean Drake is just absurd for laning phase here infinite mana Hans vent he keep going for that q poke and now it looks a bit dangerous were impact where does the hemo plague empowered q is good healing the Brooklyn force able to walk this one away but that is hold down he did also have his magic damage shield proc there from the runes so that is another little cost to that trade and broken blade does still have his LP triggered right there now if I study careful around this one and smoker blades invisible route to first boy 1v1 and now must turn away from its mithi Akkadian ear trying to keep him alive and fat is massive in game 5 broken blade from the TC first split in the LCS finals game five fights a first blood solo kill that was a massive from broken blade and impact unable to flash it unable to react to that second base activation of the ultimate he had submit the closer on the play they were hoping to bait him in hoping to turn that around but it's broken blade can't even the solo kill and getting out almost round two they're in the middle a magenta able to store away no flash is committed and honestly for Jensen this Lane is gonna start feeling a little bit doom now that he has the ocean dragon on the side of Pearson it's so much harder to actually pressure your opponent so he can dump resources back off and continually regen up and by ganking mid lane you open up Zoe now they push the wave they go for the blue invade the pressure can cascade down the map here for TSM they're pushing the bottom Lane in they steal the blue buff and the early game is there so yeah the early game is all tsm's they're certainly looking dominate in this game 5 a huge bounce back after what was a slaughter in the early game of Game 4 this whole series has gone back and forth the sale even the first two games all right let's take another look at the topside broken blade deciding whether he needed to escape or go for the kill he opts for the kill finds the KT in there for some support to get him out and even escapes afterwards and this starts to look like game one we're broken blade completely popped off the vladimir and was the difference in that game a collie can do the same one critical difference though this is not the cannon who has to slam Lane this is a Vladimir who can sustain who can hang on and as long as he's able to do that it's more similar to the GP where you can all of a sudden show up 40 minutes into the game and be like well hello I'm Owen five but I'm still gonna kill everyone the last two games certainly have been team liquid and Team Liquid through team play let's try you pulled up far enough back there's a chance he steals the crop isn't gonna hear sweeps the ward you go back to look at the spot on the lane pretty equal in farm but it's actually been slightly ahead helps cut the ocean Drake as well so really solid to on to down here for the TSM side of things they are winning kind of everywhere more than ten CS up in both solos and pressure in the bottom Lane TSM putting out their best early game of the series in this climactic game 5x MIT the on the skarner here does have flash and ultimate available predator not gonna come back up from the attempt on topside but he's looking to try and make use of this big level six spike wasn't able to make anything happen to save impact and hasn't been able to combine with Jensen either the leblanc into zoe matchup is about your extra mobility about the chain for setting up four kills but teamliquid have not found them and they've really just farmed even in that mid lane so certainly Bjork's an equal to the task that thus far it is broken play back up to the top side that is an 11-minute gunblade which is gonna feel so difficult to pressure this guy now and there are two the rift herald they have solely an advantage even Smoothie roaming up to threaten and ultimate exactly via Kali right now cannot be contested topside control opens up the rift route here bjergsen pushed in the mid lane he even helps finish off the objective here with the help of ocean Drake he could spend as much man as he wants finishing up the rift hell damage and still get back the lane nearly drops any CS here as Jensen and leblanc has yet to be given self otherwise known you can see more in the mid game but that is a kadian with this rift herald picked up and with two minutes of dropped down plates could get even more gold to broken blade or you to turret plates in chunks impact a half teamliquid have five to nail to get to this game now they're doing that the rift held spot on Tom Roman look with this play flashing over the wall suppressing there's the first they do knock down Acadian as that turret plates fall and it is Jensen who roams up on the LeBlanc they can finish off to this rift tail but broken blade was around for all of this cash and see some should've known that Jensen was coming up though he was missing from the lane they had time to perhaps react to it but maybe thought they could kill the turret off first and then perhaps look for an escape or a now play it is the kill though going their way and now broke a blade must make an escape does have flash does have second charge of ultimate and we're not gonna go yeah with that extra threat he's actually gonna do v1 puts in the damage forces a TP odd core JJ I believe yet what the spellbook shows up as Kai stays alone in the bottom Lane core has to walk all the way around now this pressure that broken plate is putting on is insane he pushes back to he forces out a teleport from a third now for JJ we'll have to make the long run down to bot Lane and Brooklynites should just be able to take this turret easy-peasy it's solo see if he can do it dammit gonna impact first still stay in half HP with the empower queue looks okay but yes this turret is getting very very low meanwhile Team Liquid to turn their sights towards Jensen early TSM actually finishing up this objective Jensen pushed in in the mid lane bottom Lane had recalled that dragon is all TSM sensing though is their hope the leblanc got the kill on the roam topside is a burst damage assassin can he put a stop to this TSM onslaught they are overwhelming the early game they really are but TL do still have incredible 5v5 when you're looking at the starter versus the wreck side when you're looking at vladimir against the Kali even the kai ii see as well you're favoring a lot of these matchups for TL in the later stages of the game but they need to kind of stop the bleeding here oakum played decent damage out from impact but yeah not really in enough danger here a few more autos it should die before plates fall and that'll be a significant shot six or were to be a colleague I mean in fact just can't pressure him right you know he's outpaced them too much your damage is too far behind broken blades healing on this Akali with the super early gun played as well as the ocean dragon his regen is just insane aside from the gangplank game broken blade has dominated that matchup the bottom side though Team Liquid fighting back they're able to get the demolished rock and doublelift using the extra attack speed off the e to take this turret down to 50% that's good decent damage out of it does have the q evolved to the wave through is pretty solid even skarner sitting around to make sure he stays safe this does feel like a game that might just come down to the caisson you look at the gold as well and this LeBlanc doing well was last night checked the only player with a gold lead on the team and doublelift cuz you mentioned the Kaiser is going for the early double evolve build with the storm razor start trying to get both the q evolve and the attack speed invisibility evolve I think that is important when you're facing against a collie and I call you that got this much early those turf plates there tell the story of the early game 8 to 0 for TSM that is most of their advantage right there Lane dominance paying off in this new world with turret place you can be so heavily rewarded for those strong place complete 180 from game for TSM now at the smashing of an early game and with the lead broken blade has picks up quicksilver sash he's not easily assassinated anymore can't be pulled back by that skarner if he needs to be can always cleanse one of the other stuns on the team and look at the double early q SS Akkadian as well actually so they're putting so much more priority on this recognizing how much of a threat submit he has been in these last couple games that's what three games against the skarner will do Tia make you very willing to cough up the early money for Q SSE's we even have some more no magic Mantle's I see two more in inventory with Ezreal and Brahm both sitting on them those could possibly also be turned into early Q SSS try and deny those plays that team look would have used in the past two games to get us here still you do have to remember that there is a cost to that q SS it is certainly not damage that you are building up at this point in the game it will slow down your progression a little bit and steel on the side here hoping that Akkadian will face check in to them if they're patient enough they may actually get this yeah you feel confident as Rex I was here passive Oh spotted by the spire taking TL running away now and cleansing that bubble it's why he brought summoner spell of course core can block with the shield but now broken blade shows up in mid lane finds a slow not the dive on Jensen though that was just really good game sense honestly from TSM Pearson sniffing it out Akkadian waiting to actually check they don't see anyone on the map and that's just a smart play and you have to continue with that caution in a game 5 like this not taking those chances not relaxing for a second oh they've got the rhythm Pearson though but 10 pushed him right back out means there's no route no killed we had predator I believe was mobs but not finding his way in his Xfinity has been Linda's cleared back and forth it's bjergsen with the gold lead overall and individually they are tied in income even the solo turret give him a doublet does not make him match up with what Sven has right now TSM still winning pretty much everywhere this difference two and a half thousand meaningful but not insurmountable exactly and then that's really what it is about it's about can you continue to extend it if you're on the side of the TSM and can you hold it here if you are the side of TL because if this gold Lee does not expand if you hold that even if you keep farming up you're gonna feel confident about your chances later on and the strength of Team Liquid comes when they grouped together the Vladimir now level 11x MIT these skarner looking for the pole playing tank frontline trying to start the initiation for this team will they be able to make it a third as a chunk but he's so far out of range of him to burn the e as well great coming up in 10 seconds you've also got a wonder Ken Douglas stay safe in these teamfights right he does not have the tahm Kench to protect him and now there is a super fed Holly a super Vectrex I mean these guys who are so strong have so much farm and could just die back onto you they just very big to item power spike there Israel Trinity force and Mara mana transformation for spin as well the damage were through blade on the flank TSM pushing in look at pushing away I think this is a risky fight for TL to take even if there's such a strong point in the game for TSM but they're looking anyway several these targets are okay three are mystical silver sashes just not the top of jungle they're using the predator duration here it is now run now Oh should Drake lease once again once again look at broken but they know he's down there they saw him in the minion line not gonna land the e now it's myth he trusts a little bit low slow but the ocean Drake shot yet again a bit injured TSM kiting back and forth they can sustain this they've got the other ocean Drake so their mana bars their health bars days they go back up now the tool to the assassins not gonna get that one Jensen middling now cleared is real Wladimir gonna do the same to keep that turret alive you know once again moving back to down Jensen going for round 2 he finds a route they can old to chase broken plate they're gonna come in for this one and he's gonna run whoa that's both Holt's and the flash burn but he is out of this fight and Team Liquid may have discerned that's right they cannot take the fight anymore without broken blades cooldowns team liquid will start up the dragon now can Akkadian possibly go for the steal he can tunnel in he can flash out the shield again he does have flash as you mentioned that can be the play the team Peter Lane choice this could be huge Jensen spotted out take some damage the first picked up their back smithy Lords the Taj of the one side flat here goes down so a pickoff verb York sin Jensen loses the clone this turret might just be the safe haven they need health bars are though the oak burn Jensen tag Akkadian does not have the old team liquid running away losing one kill but getting the Drake yeah getting the ocean Drake actually pretty big for Team Liquid big kill for TSM will allow them to push on mid turret though so will it in addition to being the kill also be a turret another objective it looks to be so they should definitely get this the next dragon is going to be an infernal which would be huge for these teams when you're looking at TSM squad they don't have tanks they have four members building damage wanting that infernal buff so so much geo will be helped a bit by the poke though they kind of heal that up through the ocean dragon but here is this fight one more time and we'll see how he impacted actually did get picked off as he does try to come over from behind like Lee gets haunted out of that brush and yeah they just absolutely burst him down no chance to get the pool off meanwhile on the bottom of your screen Akkadian went for the 1v1 with Jensen got him down to 15% there and then tunneled out the back nobody else goes down though both teams are able to reset both teams now have the ocean Drake regeneration but TSM still retain a large gold lead and they've extended it a little bit more since we checked in last you know it was about that mm 2.5 k they are opening that gold lead up a little bit more and that gold is being spent on q SSE's spend with the Ezreal now completing one for himself and smoothy on the Gallio and no magic mantle in inventory there's only bjergsen really opting out of this choice still going for aggressive damage instead he can become a target that's gonna be a huge lead for liquid but he's been playing it well so far no deaths and at this point for smithy it's less about flashing on to a carry and pulling them in it's more about playing Pele but they are bringing Jensen down to the bottom lane here they're looking for broken blade and that decent damage out impact gonna just jump in a hemo plague as they trade spells back and forth no kills will come through as the hemo plague is now on cooldown of course the same or a colles ultimate as they reach him back up with ocean back sustains back up without much issue and Jensen won't find that kill now looking topside doublelift not a lot of friends nearby but that river pretty well lit up for the team liquid side and critically does now also have the rageblade that gives you the e evolve the invisibility will be so key for these team fights trying to survive wreck site trying to survive the Akali doublelift is again one with the target on his back Team Liquid score member here trying to output the damage later on in the game definitely as the target on his back but also the ability on the Caixa if you play it well enough with the ultimate with the e evolve stealth to outplay that and take over a teamfight the damage output from this champion can be absolutely enormous but there is very little room for error against this much purse coming out of GSM shield comes up record 2j now you're gonna be waiting around the wing this friend that comes through staying alive but losing a bit of his health bar teamliquid look to get rid of hordes as Pearson got some poke down and once again when they have Zoe first order of business set up your control Ward's around these jungle walls look for the sleepy trouble bubble picks that one doesn't land they don't find any advantage but they retain control of the vision and you can continue to look for those opportunities in an untouched teamfight doublelift is gonna be the most threatening person on the rift but the question is how big are those threats of course broken blade in the Kaden have been great hitting the back line and bjergsen no slouch either as another recall is stopped specifically Akkadian on this reksai has done really well to get good Gallio Ultimates off consistently finding ways over the backs of walls finding those engages and flashing on to teamliquid carries to get a well-placed smoothie ultimate it's gonna be so much more difficult now though with double left as we keep talking about having access to the invisibility yeah and I do think it's it's so important for this wreck site to remain a real physical damage threat because both your solos are these ap bursts sort I respect characters right and and if you don't have that physical damage threat on the back line from the reksai well then all of a sudden double if just has a qss than amal and all these items and he's no longer under threat yeah well we have seen the strength of TSM in the early game Team Liquid has not yet found their teamfight they have xmithie ready with the cargo stone plate flash ultimate available to try and start the fight out for JJ on the Brom can divide them butthole to sleep on the one side not gonna find that just yet though out they walk this is for the infernal and they have impact on the topside he's still pushing he has teleport but I don't think you want to just give up this infernal for free and that may be the call that TL is make things too late now they have give it up no teleport shadow team Luke would make the call to give the inferno take the top turret we're gonna get damage on the mid turret as well the question is not what are they so they're at the squad because there's a sleep on towards Leblanc jumping back should stay out of range for most this and the block for core JJ turret no no about 130 HP as TL can rotate and retreat to the topside and ensure that turret will drop but on the other side of the map broken blade got his own outer turret yeah and I think the call there from TL is simply we don't want to give this up but we can't actually fight it right they don't feel confident in their position right now with all these q SS has already purchased up there's four on the team if smithy can't find a good engage and impact us behind they'd rather wait till later in the game to try to find they're in it's four plus the banshees veil and stopwatch on bjergsen so even if Scarlett gets in and smites off the banshees veil stopwatch can be a big denial well a lot of stats they picked up by these very large carries four champions on TSM really care about their scaling and you've got long swords and blasting once picked up across the board there he isn't powered up with that infernal Drake now setting up around Baron that being said this is giving impact more time right he's now on two items and as well as that blasting wand he's at level 14 so he is slowly kind of closing the gap between himself and broken blade and Vladimir can be such a monster in these teamfights that damage amp that AoE damage on top of the burst potential from a LeBlanc and the consistent damage from doublet on this Caixa could mean a lot yeah Jensen on the LeBlanc looking for Sven there on the outside didn't quite catch him out of position but those are the types of combinations that you have to be aware of a large chunk onto the back line opens up the opportunity TSM will move this minion wave straight to the mid turret with no defense from Team Liquid this thing will take significant damage as the chunks coming forward pretty nicely out they go for this as the turret gets lower and lower and it's TSM able to play the seats they've got the reigns we've got the Polk and they've still got a collie bot Lane but if she threatens a lot of here that much anymore but impact consistently below full HP there it's still taking shots seem like a trying to defend Pearson goes in finds a bubble it's gonna be blocked up by cortege ain't no damage coming through look I broke a blade on the bottom side they've got some decent damage they're written up in place pups please don't use hourglass another reengage towards impact the knock-up a sanguine pool by sometime flashing away stays alive in power heal now let's change to the backside pushed away can they find the right one one more shot will kill buys another second but he will indeed drop and Gibson takes him down team look a try and go for the two-person play on two broken play but they can't finish it off and TSM punished them now they're split and they have to recall here liquid kill wards but not champions yeah they go for the move but it's so hard to actually take down this Akali with a zone is with the qss as well as the shroud to buy time broken play playing it out very very well and it is gonna be another infernal coming up and you know and it's certainly going to be a focal point in this game here it is one more time as you see Jensen and impact looking for broken blade Vincent goes in with the double distortion lands the chain before the crowd even impact tries to get his AoE off but TSM had the inside control of mid lane pressure that caused an early rotation from bjergsen from Akkadian to come over and broke a play plays it up so nicely on the bottom side dodging out from the second chain rien gauging with the ultimate up over that wall this guy has had such an outstanding finals really has and it's now 4000 gold before 30 minutes that puts TSM ahead on the road free yet another title it's already the most of North America more than everyone else combined is pretty absurd and they are looking likely to close out Game five yeah and I honestly feel like this next infernal could decide the game I think if you give up the second infernal to TSM that could give them an insurmountable advantage with all of the damage that they already have built up through that gold lead if you could tie up this infernal lead though on the side of TL you can keep it close it's certainly gonna try but I think it comes down to double lift he's the one who's gonna put out the consistent damage he's the one who's been able to farm highest CS in the game gold wise highest on his team by more than a thousand the discussion on greatest of all time has been the hot topic over the last week now is when you have to step up to prove that you're worthy of that competition it's time to go above and beyond to beat the very best and prove that it's instead you who deserve all the accolades Jensen said he had to over perform to win a title and never could quite to it now he's got the pieces but he's not performing to the same as his opposite member now his spires taken critically impact did just complete his voice now so his voice up and sixteen for this fight this could decide the series right here it could be the battle teleports come in five on five in this river around the infernal Drake no damage or trueshot barrage has flowed to its broken blade happy speed sides in the back now towards impact no test just yet but finally [Applause] they didn't like another kill broken playboy time but it's for two I think they do it I think they go straight to the bear but they don't have a kadian so they may not make the call but TSM slaughters tl in this fight and double if not able to get almost anything done here he is staying on the dragon if you trap double ax through this fight his team is dying and he's not able to actually get the damage out he's on the bottom side of your screen here in goes a calling unto multiple members the huge taunt and damage coming through and Dublin is not really a part of the fight until it's already over that Gallio ultimate from smoothie completely zoning the rest of the team as well opening up the two kills for TSM Jensen goes back in to get the extra kill onto a Kali as he dies but his entire team is wiped five her two double infernal advantage that was huge for TSM and now for them Baron has to be the next target TLS hopes are dimming but with a huge team fight win they could start to pull themselves back in TSM so far almost 6000 as they have prepped baron they clear the waves and they can almost walk this one into the final into the championship into Pearson's six in the first for everyone else on his squad in north america and you've got to feel like with the double infernal the extra stats from that it puts them above a 10,000 gold Lee probably at this point in the game so that gold lead is even bigger than it's showing you so much pressure here being put out broke a blade on the bottom side trying to get those minions one more hit on that turret would finish it off an impact now pushed away another couple comes in not quick gonna land but liquid is losing more and more their chances of a parading as TSM winning across-the-board farm leads and most rolls kill leads absolutely they're closing in on the final episode of TSM's Redemption arc after last year what a huge recovery for this team growing so much even just over this spring split standout performances from a lot of their newest members and unlikely places making clutch plays in the finals on the biggest stage they need one more one last chance it feels like for Team Liquid they've got to get us stuff maybe at baron it feels like that's where it's headed but there's so many options for TSM they can poke they can play splits I can do anything they want really they really can but still they have to keep up the pace keep pushing you never want to allow tl to hang around for too long to get too many items to get to this point where one teamfight can mean the game when you hit that 40 45 minute mark it doesn't matter how far behind you are ya hurricane not too far away for doublelift only a few hundred gold needed as Jensen saves the cooldowns from the double use of the wall but is injured he shorted the distortion there got a big roar from the crowd significant damage onto LeBlanc but both teams do have ocean Drake so he backs off into the vision control of Team Liquid Team Liquid the sleeping beast right now back-to-back defending champions not giving an extra inch and they too have damage it's three and a half item Vladimir it is for item Caixa a fight that goes the right way will push people down the question is can they find those margins can they find that opening so far TSM has outmaneuvered what is he totally a parent Stan walks right into him announces teamliquid some moment they found their opening broke a blade looking to take it back though and it's gonna be impact tanky enough pop sicilius hourglass and of course the Old South so now look at this play instead TSM must stop this they must make this happen Wanaka they're gonna find Gallio smoothie get out we're getting two in a row redemption resets they're still going watch out for Akkadian Akkadian lucky to steal this cake could be on his shoulders here will he be able to get in Jenson spots him puts him at half set to a bit more damage to the cross team liquid pick up baron and the game is with in 2000 when sven is under pressure there he may have cost his team this series wanders in gives up the kill gives up the bear and I cannot believe it new life for Team Liquid renewed confidence with the Baron buff they can get back out onto the map and push in the TSM territory here this is one more time the baron low Akkadian goes in he does early smite I do believe right here down to 700 there Smithee able to secure it his ven knows he messed up and now it is on his shoulders to make up for it he needs to turn around a teamfight p'tee l 35 minutes in are marching down mid lane 2000 gold down after the reset they can make up a lot of this here with turrets on the map elder dragon alive not as powerful for liquid right now but a good thing to deny a good buff to have all the same all five alive on both squads with the bear above itself the stats are close and this is a level 18 impact Vladimir has reached late game certainly Akkadian looking for the flank we'll see if they can find the right engage because at this point of the game it's all down to this teamfight and the tension mounts the poke is there for TSM they can go up to the mid lane as impact answers when back in teal walk spot teamliquid do have the Baron buff pushing on bottom side and keeping the mid lane wave there the pressure is there's minions into the turret and TSM just waiting for this dragon to explode he'll has to be careful though impact has no TP and he is separated from the team so if they get hard and aged on TSM could slaughter them in a fight and they're actually looking to cut off impact from the rest of the squad so he'll have to navigate this well they've got the sleek now on the core JJ able to jump out what plays are everything Game five of the finest Jesse goes in big chunk under the enemy jungler an Akkadian now's to lick his wounds his health bar is low Smith he looks for words and he could be the target again the flats the way pop the stopwatch reduction buy some time as well broken blade stealth in the middle but does he have an escape burns tilt the flash to chase the chains not gonna land over goes broken blade over it goes Jensen with a stoploss rise even more time now it goes Akkadian coordinate no kills just yet no kills just yet over the wall they go no one is going to die it's five alive Oppo team continues are so high on TSM though you can see Team Liquid licking their wounds so much TSM still sticking around but a keen eNOS has to go back perhaps he has no flash he's very low he's not sure if he wants to stay but they're tp'ing back in broken blade rejoining the fight Jensen is coming back from base now to round two of the fight that claims the series elder dragon is 6000 over the wall Team Liquid waiting for the play impale is up soon then push back over smite is gonna be up on both sides impact once again heals back up waiting for the play bubble not gonna land almost 40 minutes in elder dragon at 6000 health TSM tried to poke Team Liquid off of it it releases who's it going to be going back in fourth finding who wants to kill it is in the bottom lane pushing minions on the Caixa they're trying to delay it does have hole to reach out if anything to it isn't walking back up right now to shop for us stop he spots a Katie with the Boyd seeker this is to play played wants to answer back can't get it yet looks at Jackson to run back by Sven now running away four feet three on the map smithy is down Akkadian has no smite though they want to try to finish this but Akkadian team liquid win the fight three to just one death map control for Team Liquid running to the bottom lane but teal can't take the dragon because they don't have a juggler so they're gonna push bot Lane here and they are gonna look to get more turrets double if does lease the dragon Jensen on bottom side recalls from both TSM members here Acadians heading back out but it might be too late Team Liquid the other dragon 7,000 health and counting they are trying to rush this one but the smite is not even on the screen there is no contest the teamfight was one and and the coal queen for the first time all game it's not over til the Nexus explodes elder dragon fight key here they lock up smoothie double if ol sit on the Caixa broken blade tries to make the big play into the enemy back lines but they can't finish it Wladimir zoning so many out here Akkadian does finish off the kill on to its witty taking down the jungler but then as they move up Sven goes forward into the double team liquid solo laners and jetson takes the kill Jensen has been massive 4tl in these fights that has not been about double if he was very ineffective in that fight getting pushed out immediately but the TL solo laners are coming up huge a sack and Jensen this whole series has been back and forth on a nice edge and game 5 is no different death caps also now in for both impact and Jensen these guys are going to be monstrously strong and you see how close that fight was without double if doing much TSM have got to execute these fights perfectly to stand a chance 40 minutes in against this sort of 5 b 5 has team will acquit turn in the corner as TSM found an opening somewhere else as we watch the Quicksilver sashes stack up and there are less corner targets double shields gigantic with a bloodthirster ton and they walk right on over to the bear and he should be able to survive assassination attempts Jensen chunk to half has to be respectful the elder dragon timing out in about a minute TSM can to push T L around they've got control over the mid lane wave pushing back these teamliquid minions look no he's going looking for the play in the backside not to kill just yet but it still look for smoothing down a half HP doesn't get out so you get half help themself that takes a bit low no kills redemption resets it yet again both teams alive and look at that shield core today blocks the trueshot barrage they're going straight for the bear and though they want to force TSM to fight them with this elder dragon 25 seconds on it they are all to Barrett it might be down to a smite fight here burn it down fast 11 K left TSM must move forward and its impact trying to build some space it's Jensen waiting in the wings can he find an open target actually moves a bit seen now by the wreck site chunk to have become picked up in the galley oh now the chase stop what can broken blade find he's got low health bars around him god it's Pearson trying to answer but not able to it's broken blade pushed away it's a lot bjergsen is gone Team Liquid take control of summoners rift the Baron is theirs for the taking and what can TSM even do but take minion waves away broken blade kills off the mid lanes that try to do the same but there is no answer it's five first two on the map and blame the Baron again just enormous place you're out of t/l they get the kills they get the Baron here it is one more time Jensen spotted on the side by the tremor sense but is able to retreat as the rest of t/l come in looking for this engage as Smoothie walks right up to the brush Jensen takes his life for it then it's a four view five a kitty gets focused down the junglers off the table and the rest of TSM have to peel away and double it just cannot be threatened anymore broken blade is on top of them but he is not getting the damage out there's so much Mr the bloodthirster is in for doublelift he is far too durable to be assailed by only one member TSM have got to play perfect to take down this carry a reverse sweep in the finals is what Team Liquid needed and two wins in a row one dominant this one now the third a heavy comeback a catch on spanic smithy the winningest North American jungler of all time looking for title number five made that first pick that turned it all around and it's the one three 1tl are setting up for here they are trying to spread TSM across the map baron buff in all three waves here you can see they want to close this one out they want to maximize this Baron buff still two minutes on this one they've already gone up 3,000 gold will they be able to sync up the pressure cannon minions on all three inhibitor turrets here Team Liquid minions doing the work gold lead 6000 bottom inhibitor cracked middle inhibitor cracked as well the turrets are out there's no PvE defense left championship on the line a minute and a half left on the Baron buff inhibitors are under attack all three are open and broken blade pushed out Jensen is just enormous at this point of the game no one can Kontest Jensen's Leblanc he is hungry for his first final but the teepees coming in this could be TSM's final fight broken blade must carry like he did in Game one tries to find Dublin here comes Kelly was well and knock up only onto the tank so a kiddy qss a broken blade a half HP there's a big top of doublelift is safe he's still surviving [Applause] it's time sitting alone inside his face Direction's gonna fall to rest his team is gone Team Liquid tie the record it's three LCS titles in a row [Applause] three [Applause] what a series the Team Liquid veterans showing their poise on stage they weather the storm the two-game early lead in the series the early game for all of Game five Nemec smithy number two LCS trophy leader now that first pull onto Sven that's what set all of this back into motion the kill turned into three turned into barren turned into map control that play three skarner games in a row three wins in a row finding a champ that works for him that did what Team Liquid needed and Jensen on the LeBlanc ki burst damage kills to find his first LCS championship he showed up when it mattered most on the LeBlanc eight two and six monstrous in the game deciding team fights unstoppable on the side layin there at the end and he deserves it absolutely does finally a player who had an empty trophy case for far too long doubled scooted yesterday everyone make sure you check out the subreddit check since trophy case it's gonna be different tomorrow doublelift himself amazing performances in the last three games as well for JJ's triumphant return to North America MVP and a title in your first split back incredible series from him an incredible season from core JJ and an incredible series from both teams number six for double left sole possession most titles earned in the LCS he has won six seven championships over the last couple years complete and utter domination three different teams every time he gets kicked he returns to this stage xmithie up to five now tying bjergsen across two teams for him as well Team Liquid got a new star to add to their Jersey what a performance a super team they were supposed to be and coming through in the clutch at the very end of the series to win three straight including a gigantic comeback Team Liquid once again the best team in North America got to give a tip of the hat as well to TSM playing their hearts out five games certainly made TL work very hard for it but most hotly-contested title that TL has had DSF aluminum workforce still a very good team want to give them their own credit back on finals for three new players this split and right away back into the finals TSM I think their fans can still be happy though it is a quick bit of a bittersweet loss it's a little early to be happy but they should be proud of the growth that this team has shown over the split alone but it's a new dynasty it's Team Liquid three in a row only tsm's ever done that before in North America Team Liquid are your number one organization we've done an interview ready the toxic Team Liquid about championship number three five game series and a reverse sweep for you guys you have had such a huge day with your first LCS championship win as well as bringing home the MVP trophy is this what you expected coming into today done young toned and Pataki material tourniquet is on the order you know Kyra was an NGO de que estamos de a de trabajo sooner sooner in Baja watch man tomorrow's Hanukkah step into mattheum yeah I definitely expected that all of the players coming into the finals like TSM will be good but after finally winning it I feel really good tell me what your thoughts and what's your feelings and emotions were going through that series when you guys were down two games and then picked up the sweep to came under Chico Nassau is it I see the first tires is not fun but after 0 – it was fun this this is really fun so I normally I like to you know feeling fun so see us on a finer Oh see you guys in summer finals court I'm glad that you had fun but before we hit summer finals you have MSI ahead of you so what do you think about team quit going against all of this international talent okay someone find out Hadji Jonny yeah ms irani event aligned and a unique yoga parent Wan Jia hunting the world okay under the kanji move on Dida you turn back yes I recognize you cross over the cookie thinking about tomorrow oh so you guys say it appears of a gonna go beyond current is not a miser yeah so we just finished LCS so I haven't thought about MS it's much yet but because we're going to go out there and represent LCS we don't want to embarrass anyone and we want to represent an a as strong as we can wonderful and all of the NA fans have quickly accepted you as one of their favorites supports is there anything that you'd like to say to the fans that have been cheering you on through this entire split yeah since I came to Ma it was really fun to you know everyone's cheering for me cheering for our team this is really good experience so I want to just keep doing the early way so I want to see you guys forever moving forward thank you and congratulations again and to break down that game let's hear from the analyst desk thank you very much awfully three-peat complete for Team Liquid the only other organization to do that is the very organization that they just took down in a reversed sweep one of the most intense five games I have ever seen in my life I would say that was the best finals we've ever had how close the games were the fact it was a reverse sweep the fact that we had so many insane storylines within the series the gameplay itself the mechanical out plays over the course of the series we're absolutely astounding and it was everything you could ever possibly hope for in a finals yeah this is really gonna be the most memorable final I'll have pretty much four hours till next summer when they why pro players played they want to experience the adrenaline right there I'm just watching the game and I can feel the adrenaline this is why every pro player wants to do in their entire life get to the top and get them know you were watching didn't you have a little bit of like mark before game five you said that a game five in a championship is going to force teams to display one thing and one thing more than anything else and that is great and that is exactly what Team Liquid displayed here in bringing that game back from a deficit to take the title it was a microcosm of the series where once again Team Liquid falls down and they have to claw their way back in and it was not quick it was not we won one fight and suddenly we're back in this game they had to make play after play after play to claw themselves back to take this game during this entire five like no team the croteau to despite don't do that there's no way you can win this fight what do I know it doesn't know this is the one that broken blade initiates this is a very better colleague going in and you're thinking okay that's good could it work but yeah the Cal you're right behind them and doublelift is right there but unfortunately Akkadian has done the work already so this is when TSM was taking they're winning and you're thinking wow this is the fight where we look at the coaches right after and they're celebrating they're like yeah we did it we got the second infernal it's gonna be great from here I mean this is when you think the game's over basically for the exam you think they're wrapping it up they're putting a bow on it and I was not the case as mistakes started creeping in and Team Liquid took the most out of every single opportunity they could this is that opportunity they find it pick and even though Ezreal does have the qss she is surrounded by so many members that it just doesn't matter Caixa gets to tag him olks in and that started the snowball of events that led Team Liquid back into the game and it's not that TSM was just randomly doing this Team Liquid was actively looking for these moments capitalizing on them and getting back into the game as the veterans that they are this is a moment that Sven will never forget I'll remember that because that he knows in his head he messed up and he threw the game right I mean you have months before you get on the stage again and that is like the moment that's gonna be in your mind the entire time until you can actually get back out there and start you know putting something else in your mind there's nothing else to think of until then gonna stick in his brain there buttocks Missy doing captain flowers proud with the pole to win the game in that sense let's jump forward though to the elder dragon dance because as was mentioned it wasn't one and done for Team Liquid to get back in this game they had to fight tooth and nail with every fiber of their being to get this one and this fight was going on forever it looks like they're just trying to tame the dragon instead of actually slaying it but because Team Liquid has the answer they can poke a little bit they're looking for that I'm Team Liquid she's thinking when can we get this fight when can we get the but they find the Gallio right in front and the Vlad zones in and that's enough to trigger double if to enter the fight and when he's in the fight it's already looking great because this is a fairy pet Kaiser I actually did not like this fight at all from Team Liquid I feel like this fight could have gone either way if broken they just went to finish off Kaiser and or you know people just land a few more skill shots this teamfight could have gone either way how much would a rather prefer that they just pushed on a lane and fall on a tower but I think it's the context of when this fight happened game five after Baron you have pretty much everything on the line and teams feel like all right you know what put it all right here let's take this fight and see who was better and I think you can say like yeah when it's that high pressure the macro sometimes starts to break down a little bit but you see that like in every single league in situations like that and it's when the raw instincts and mechanics start taking over and Jensen was able to find a number of kills double if was able to kite out those kinds of fights or at least make the enemy team blow enough cooldowns that the rest of his team could clean up individuals have to step up we've talked about the team Team Liquid now the second winningest org in the LCS with three titles they'll be the first team to have a chance to win four in a row come summer but we have to talk about the individuals as well the whole top of the day we were double if Pearson double of bjergsen both with five looking for six and guess what double if gets the 6ik smith he moves to five and ties barracks and Jensen finds his first absolute insanity what these players have achieved here with this fifth win or five-game win rather it was definitely the case where this was so important to every single player with the amount of young guys on TSM being able to kind of put their name into that historic franchise and say were the next part of it and the fact that Team Liquid comes out ahead core JJ and his first split picks up MVP and wins the LCS finals it's like a dream start to his North American chapter without a doubt now the pressure to form on stage can make certain players buckle and heroes rise so for this series doublelift stepped up to earn the title a Finals MVP that's why he was in the contention for our goat and he really proved today he honestly dominated the lady phase in almost every single game and while he had a few errors the amount of amazing clutch plays he had clearly overshadowed it here taking down his other rival indigo contention B Eriksen laughing about it that was not that actual play but he still was laughing it home to the bank he honestly I think that he you could make the argument for the goat after this right you can see that he's having fun in these games and you can only have fun in these kind of games if you're actually good at the game he finally got to play the game in Game three four or five game wanted to not so much when you give him the opportunity to play the game he popped off yeah I think Game three you can see when you had the 40 CSD that was his moment where he's like I'm taking control of this series I'm sick of watching all these other players pop off it's my turn and even though they threw gank after gank after gank at him he still maintained that dominant laning perform if mirrored bjergsen's moment in the c9 series yeah to catalyze the reverse sweep we got the reverse sweep here again in the finals but this time it was double if turned to step up and shine for more on their victory though cuz you don't want to hear from us you want to hear from the players themselves let's throw it back to the championship squad thanks – I am joined by three of your 2019 spring split champions doublelift Jensen X maybe congratulations on the win and what an intense series that was a reverse sweep against TSM but doublelift coming to you first congratulations on the final series MVP with you and your varus and I mean you watch the replay of the queue go straight through his Ben so tell me what this series was like for you because it was an emotional roller coaster for everyone watching yeah well whoa I'm loud we lost the first two games I think the first game it was really close and basically we we gave it to them for free we're winning and we're in the driver's seat pretty much 90% of the game and then the second game we give them Sona Tareq and I guess we didn't execute well on our team comps and condition and we let them snow or we let them scale and then after that I realized that their ballin was playing really bad I mean no offense I think saddens me they're really good but but they're playing pretty bad and so games three four and five I just said like let's focus on having kill potential on BOTS and abusing them because they're playing pretty scared basically I feel like their mentality in the series was let's just go even pretty bad mentality to come to finals I would say so yeah game three point five I think it was a bit of a butt gap well except the starting with Game three you really started popping off and starting carrying pieces of the team you're not in your head you already think that you did actually fun fact I had captain flowers Sprint's across the venue just to say did you see six expect me with that skarner play so he was giving you major props for that but entering game three where it's a must-win situation what's going through your head and what's the main point of focus I think we just change our wind condition from like to engaging into them instead of just like playing slow and like hiding and let them make more mistakes than us so we picked likes corners like more of a engage champion but also you can like type back with it so yeah well it went pretty well I'm the last three games because we just played through our wind condition wonderful well I want to put the series to the side right now and just talk about what this win means to each one of you guys Jensen we have you in the middle holding the trophy your first trophy after years of coming in second so how did it feel to finally lift that trophy here today I don't know I'm just extremely happy because every single time I lost the finals I've just always had so many regrets about how I play it so you know to win this time just it just feels amazing just I don't even know how to describe it because I've never felt this way before so I'm just you know super thankful to all the fans who supported me and just to all my teammates and coming into this match the rivalry that was hyped up was really doublelift and bjergsen coming into this game but today you were his opponent in the midlane and it's always been you to fighting for that top spot as the mid laner in north america so did taking him down to win that trophy make the victory a little bit sweeter yeah let's say so because I think you know even before the finals people were saying that if we were to face against TSM we'd have no chance and that bjergsen always had my numbers etc so it just it feels even better that we were able to beat pts em but honestly you know I'm just happy to win a finals a little bit about your work ethic on Team Liquid because when I spoke to almost everyone coaching staff and players included they all said that when it came down to the playoff crunch it was you that was working in overtime and trying to help the rest of the team so what was it like for you kind of overcoming the struggle that Team Liquid fell into over the last few weeks sorry can you repeat that what was it like for you trying to overcome the struggle that Team Liquid dealt with over the last few weeks I don't know I mean I don't really think too much of a bad scream results because I've always had bad scream assaults I'm not the best grim player so it doesn't really bother me too much I was more concerned that my teammates were a bit more worried than me because I always knew that I'll show up when it when it matters so yeah it wasn't really like something that was hard for me well scrim results don't matter as long as as long as you can show up and take down the other team on the big stage but xmithie coming to you next this is your fifth split win and the second that you have Hwanhee championship that went all the way to the fifth game so what's that extra bit of something that a team needs to focus on when you get these long and intense series yeah my first best of five was actually against TSM – and it was against a double live and it was a pretty intense it was legit this like this type of game where it's just one last teamfight whoever wins like pretty much wins the trophy and it was pretty accelerating it's probably the most exciting like best serve I've ever played now when you have these crowd a little bit now when you have these exciting and intense best-of-five moments who's the calming voice on the team and who's telling everyone to kind of like focus up and put the team together um especially this game I don't think anyone was everything I realize just really hype like we were just yelling at each other and then once the next is about to explode we just like exploded – well doublelift last year I mean I could direct congratulated you on being the first player to bring three different teams a championship title and now today and now today you and team liquid have won three splits back to back to back and to top it all off you now have the most championship titles in the league over anyone else including bjergsen at six so what does just like this the list of accomplishments mean to you well to be honest I'm really happy that I was able to win you know the most but that's not it's not the most important thing to me I think you know I've always had like the shadow on my life and my career which is I've never been out of groups so I really you know I don't know how many more chances I'm gonna get in my life to go internationally and possibly make it out of groups faker asked me out on a date last night in lck so I have to have to do that and I had to meet him there and I'm just yeah I'd like I think there's a lot of stuff like we wanted to win it for Jensen for his trophy case it was previously empty very unlucky but yeah I I'm totally focused on you know being a student of the game still I don't think I have like this huge ego because of these accomplishments because to me I don't have the most important accomplishment that is an excellent mindset to have especially with NSI just around the corner for you guys now last week you mentioned to me that you thought that Team Liquid essentially had lost their way and today it looks like you found it again but how are you guys going to stay on that right path to hopefully demolish the run aside you know I'm gonna leave that one to Jensen in core who have made other groups yeah I mean that was the deal we made he would carry me in na and I'll carry him internationally that is one excellent deal to be had but guys I just kind of want to go down the line is there anything that you'd like to say anything to your teammates to your coach to any of the fans who have came out and seen you today and also cheering for you guys at home I'm just so unbelievably grateful that I heard you Michael chance today thank you guys yeah I mean same for me pretty much the crowd was really insane so thank you guys for coming out and thanks everyone for supporting us and to my teammates I love you guys please one more time for your 2019 spring split champion [Applause] they have noticed today's champions have a limited-edition line of championship swag which is available at LCS merch calm make sure you grab your set while supplies last I'm hoping I get a pair just between here did they make me another one 40s where the tips and whether they snort away I just told you how to get it so now it's up to you no one's gonna hand you I just handed you the URL Co will see yourself but you better go quick because I'm sure by the time that shows over a lot of people will have ordered that but let's talk about those three guys on stage is a little bit longer because again for all three of them history has been made in some way right you've got double if standing alone at six titles you've got Jensen winning his first and now smithy tying it up at 5:00 with bjergsen and I think especially for me seeing Jensen's death grip on that for the first five minutes of the interview was very interesting as well as the fact that like I'm glad that you know he said double have carried me to my first championship but he actually had a lot of really good games over the course of this series and I'm glad that it wasn't just a free ride and he had to step up and kind of vanquish some of his own demons that he's had over the course of his career I'm happy to see him do well when I played with him he is one of my favorite players to play with so to see him finally host doctor fee that makes me feel good inside I mean he played the laning phase excellently against Pearson splitting or going ahead every single time teamfights just fine so I think that he lived up to the expectations that he set for himself and being able to rival beers in every step of the way and I love this to the fans cold you know we're in the scene on Jersey but still a supporter of Jensen love to see that first time he's getting to do that as he exits the arena it's just this series delivered on so many levels and while we do celebrate Team Liquid I think it is important to give our nod to TSM for their growth from last spring split to now to deliver this kind of a challenge to the now three p-ting Team Liquid it's incredible they only had a few months to create a team that could take Team Liquid that was it back-to-back champion to the verge of defeat and almost had it in game five so I think that this team while they definitely feel down they should just recognize the accomplishments that they have had for the players and the experience that they have and say wow there is so much more than we can accomplish and while it ends now you still got the rest of the year to me you know there were some concerns coming into the split that Team Liquid MIT looked like they made such a dominant roster that there wasn't gonna be an adequate test for them but I think TSM stepped up huge I think even c9 as well like these three teams feel so well positioned in summer to continue this kind of tight race in North America and it feels like hopefully a bit of a golden era coming up this year where we can see more beer converse double of finals even semi finals scene I'm making their runs as well like this right now the league is so positioned so well positioned for amazing finals for you know the next couple hopefully of years a year of an a this was our finals of spring with a fresh TSM roster and then we're gonna have a summer we're broken plate we'll have experienced the playoffs okay you don't have experience I'm really excited to see how those guys with the ball up in the future so they at least have that to look forward oh my goodness broken blade popped off in the city was insane he was gonna if TSM won that series probably get the Series MVP that's how good he was I would have voted for him he said that he was gonna come in here and just show that he was the best top laner and now we're like I think he might have done that even though he lost yeah well that's very very true and I'm gonna wait for him to kind of live up to that again in summer but let's talk about that deal that Jensen and doublelift made double if carries Jensen to an NA title Jensen says he'll carry doublelift out of groups come international competition and MSI is now right around the corner I think it's a bad deal you got to make it a little farther than the worlds like that ageru so are you gonna go all the way i mean double if we'll take what he can get right now you heard him say never made it out of groups this is it pretty tough lying up to try and go up against see who joins up tomorrow from europe riding looking like g2 but like they're gonna have a tough time so Jensen better live up to his word the teams that have already qualified for MSI as you mentioned we still have more regions waiting to play their finals and add to that list I mean double if got the better end of that deal winning and is probably easier than beating say SKT I I'm not sure but I would imagine so I think he went out on that deal gonna have to ask Griffin about that one let's talk reef rivals as well though because with the top three settled in both Europe and North America we now know the teams that will be joining us a trip rivals foreign na na rather it is TSM cloud9 and our champions Team Liquid and they'll be facing off against fnatic g2 and Origen I am equally hype for rift rivals as I am premise I think these two regions are actually playing on a seriously high level now so it's really hard to say who is gonna come out on top because I mean we're sending the three best teams do you see how good our teams look fast to five all five games each time amazing I mean even to fall upon the golden era comment you have like the old guard Kings with you know fnatic the new ones with g2 as well as Origen kind of being the newest addition in some sense as well as for North America the same story the old guards with TSM and c9 going and then the new edition of Team Liquid so you have even hear so many storylines coming in the starpower across all six of those teams is absolutely insane I can't wait to see them go up against each other of course as we mentioned MSI comes first and then even the start of the summer split for LCS mark your calendars it's June 1st that we return and Team Liquid they'll look to continue their winning streak and make that run for the fourth title in a row while TSM cloud 9 fly quest our other semi-finalists and finalists in TSM will look to take them down I'll be wonder if anyone's gonna do any like roster swaps we saw how it's drawing c9 academy and TSM Academy look and you know there are some kind of comments saying that there might be better than the bottom LCS teams so maybe it's a few of those players will get picked up LLC Golden Boot back in those house or something I mean that's always the fun part between the splits is what else can happen as well as Mike hey MSI is between them so we'll also get to follow up on whatever ends up happening there does Team Liquid and double it finally get out of groups and then they return and you have to worry about that hangover that sometimes comes with international competition and coming back and summer split I don't want to see these teams make any roster so I keep them together stay playing let's see more of this because they are improving every single time they play they become better and that gives us hope through the international tournaments that's what we really want without a doubt dare I say it the best LCS final we have ever had in the history of the league if you need more League go go ahead and stay tuned for the LEC rebroadcast of fnatic vs. Origen going live right after the show but now for myself the casters the entire live broadcast crew Thank You st. Louis and thank you for watching we'll see you at MSI when I first heard about it this seems like things are going to be so different every single one of these guys has a vendetta coming into this year he's got a flash over the wall what a shot by hunter yes we did it [Applause] shuo baby Nancy look around Plus Jamie kick it into high gear slinging the garnet loaded [Applause] you're better than me here comes Nikki [Applause] cloud9 later in their world and that is a double kill over to the mid lane of music teamliquid are well and truly the best team in North America [Applause] the GSM bethere fans were waiting for this is you entered the wrong my name is no baby science part in his path [Applause] [Applause] to kill to send them someday the four-game run double if nobody gonna be killed off more damage coming through TSM gonna be routing everybody will in no sense the question has to be asked seeds be damned who is the playoff favorite now I didn't even know if this was what I wanted to do anymore because I just realized how much everyone wants to go over the wall absolutely taking leave a thick and that's something that I'm I want to return the favor if I like winning [Applause] [Applause] I know what it's like to like take down and you're the really telephone [Applause] [Applause] to be a professional [Applause] when they need him most the former MVP get in there get in there [Applause] every time I play against him no matter what team he's on how weak they might look he's always going to be a competitive match because he's in that team and the fuels the fire kind of in his teammates you always put up a fight I think we might actually try harder because we're playing against each other in the finals nothing is 1.0 not a relationship nothing else not like friendships or time work or freedom or fun it's just this this competition that's that's what I want [Applause] it's too [Applause] sharks and [Applause] killing spree teamliquid bring us the game bracelet please me to safely [Applause] the super team [Applause]