TL vs OG – Day 2 | Rift Rivals | Team Liquid vs. Origen (2019)

thank you for joining us back here Game four of the day it's gonna put Team Liquid opposite origin and let's immediately turn to the lineup so we get right into it we're gonna start the blue side it is none of them then Team Liquid in the top lane impact jungle exceed mid lane Jensen bot Lane double left support coach Ajay and of course coach came and facing them on the red side is gonna be Origen in the top lane Alf re in the jungle cold mid laner nuke duck bought and support can be Patrick and mithy with coach Gill hotel and of course oh gee it's hard to know where they stand now coming to the tournament we obviously were was a little contested on dive forea I'll say exactly how the teams stacked up against each other so far we've seen OG beat TSM and as you mentioned a let's say less than full strength cloud nine so I feel like this could be one of our closest matchups yeah definitely the case right you know this has been it's fair to say the weakest team during the regular season you know coming out of Europe that is at this event right they were three and three compared to an undefeated fnatic and you know you have g2 has only lost the one game to fnatic so you know this is the North American number one seed going up against the current weakest European team at this event so you know certainly if there was one where North America was favored it would be this Team Liquid I think also clearly has been the strongest performing North American team at the event thus far day one the lost to fnatic was certainly a very close game which you know a lot of people kind of felt like they you know let get out of their hands they did win earlier today against you too albeit in a bit of a fun draft but we'll see how they are gonna do up against here with Origen coming out as TL certainly looking to put some more wins on the board and you know redeemed North America and the eyes of the fans a little bit yeah and of course if you're feeling a little dejection isn't North American fan it's a tough tournament I'm not gonna lie but I will remind you that Europe's been here before all I need to say is Mike Young and every European fan goes the one man that strikes fear into parts of Europeans worldwide so we've been there we've had these moments but maybe you're right team turning around looking fresh in the Captain America jerseys perhaps this is the game to win and actually when I look at both the way these teams play it's often they're often considered very comparable terms of how they like to have a game so stylistically I'm really curious to see how both these teams are going to approach because this has been a tournament where there's been a lot of vastly different approaches in playing the game even Origen have been mixing it up yeah definitely I mean in Spring certainly everyone looked at origin is kind of a classic macro team they're gonna look for teamfights they're gonna play it more slowly but their day one win was their mid laner playing ah so bought their bot laner swapping mid and they really ramped up the aggression and played you know fantastic game mithy playing pike which is certainly not a signature pic for him they were really able to play that very well so I'm excited to see is Origen going to look to kind of match fire with fire here against Team Liquid go for more of that standard style or are they going to continue to try to play this more kind of european-style ramping up the aggression lots of flex picks trying to be aggressive and in the face of Team Liquid well already some of those flex picks are going to be limited and taken off the board the Yasuo taking away the tahm Kench as well something shared between both miffy and cordage and additionally the neko to so though both those flex picks that we saw earlier against TSM have been taken away yep both taken off the table and certainly the LEC teams happen utilizing yah so very well at this tournament you know able to play it in multiple lanes is gonna be very very threatening and we're seeing kind of more of those defensive standard picks being banned away by origin such wanting up the table tahm Kench off the table if this was in an a I would certainly be expecting irelia ume in champions like that to be taken away but the LEC teams have certainly not been afraid of you me thus far it seemed liquid still gonna be banning it out and you know irelia certainly very very high priority still sitting at 100% presence on 9/12 in na could be something that they would want to target here but it will be the master eve in all right its TSM it's DSM tahm kench deutronium caster yes where the game is gonna be serious folks that's it was just the last band the first two bands were very serious they just wanted to leave open multiple picks so they could get something on red side the Jarvan will be the first big picked up by Team Liquid one of the remaining top tier junglers and we'll see what oh gee want to go for of course Ward's still disabled uncle your hopes up vikarma very very powerful and very frequently banned at the Spartan tournament dad karma another one that has been extremely high priority but when you are kind of banning out some of these other picks long lines of the Osso and the Nico some of those OBS are gonna start to fall through karma something that honestly can be played anywhere across the map really I'm not a jungler but top mid bought very very powerful I'm nine twelve so something that Team Liquid will have to be aware of we do also see you know aatrox irelia still available if they want to go for you know something along lines of those solo laners but no guarantee that they want to go that route just yet a little bit surprised me the early Lee sin lock-in as they didn't have to show jungle just yet they maybe wanted to save this third pick to see if a soul in or will be revealed that they can get a counter pick on in the first round but otherwise you know TL certainly gonna be playing that Jarvan jumble so you don't have to kind of have your hand forced to show the Lee sin unless you're trying to hide a soul lane which is what I'm gonna assume origin is looking into yeah but hiding when there are so many picks up and available to have it prioritize things like the eight rocks but the sonar gonna be locked in because on his Eric Tariq to immediately follow here so you know worked well for TL obviously earlier in the day yeah I mean it did work and their bottom was you know very successful but certainly you also have a consideration it was against the ume set right you know and and that is certainly not the highest pressure lane that this is gonna have to deal with we've been seeing a lot of these LEC teams feel it is very very well by bringing out super aggressive picks in the bottom lane Caixa looks like it's just gonna be an insta lock there so Caixa will be going down to that bottom lane i will assume for now that it is gonna be karma kaiser bot lane you can certainly shift the karma over to the mid lane if you want a super powerful kind of buff up the Caixa style of a game but Caixa you know not the most lane dominant of marksmen this is more of a scaling pic can still have a strong laning phase and karma can be very oppressive remember it is a Tareq that has to do the farming in the early levels so you know both these range characters can be harassing and pushing the Terek off of that farm and really holding down that 2v2 in that way but this is nothing like the the Nico Braga's or you know these super credit crazy pics or trade-in or anything that we have seen a lot of teams utilizing to try to super punish this language absolutely Origen themselves bringing out bars and woods cranked in the past under supply sounds like a much tamer the spawn actually surprised to see the Caixa prioritize over something that they've used in the past like the bars that is just on its own so lane dominant doesn't mean that we're not gonna get a pivot though again you know karma can be flex they could try to put Throwdown you know really spicy support pick alongside that if they wanted to go that route and you can still go you know the scaling route it's not that is impossible to team fight against this the other option is hey great your 2v2 isn't super dominant well what if there's four people there what if there's five people there you know like – Leah please sin – champions that certainly could be making their way down to that bottom Lane to look to punish Sona tariff-free six that is generally the timing that people are trying to make things happen before that Sona tariffs do kind of get into that safety bubble with those double Ultimates julia has had some waive their nerfs no in the past so it has been falling off a little bit but still very very powerful roaming post six even three six the move speed along the walls can help you get out of plane and affect those side lanes very heavily Jayce we are expecting to go up to impact he has no kind of built up a bit of a name for himself on this pick and is looking stronger at it if we do get the lux this would be you know very very difficult to actually burst through there's so much shielding in this definitely expecting this to be Lux mid oh the j-stop so pantheon Taliah gonna be the bot lane i believe her i don't even know are they doing that know that guess they're just gonna do a piece from pantheon top straight just trust me you're not used to this because but then els you just wait wait for 20 seconds we'll all find out I think it's pantheon see I think it's the Karma table and I tried I guess super feat Newt duck funny I guess you can kind of do semifinal but like well we'll see how this works out either way we will find out where they're gonna finish swapping things around but TL certainly rubbing running a very defensive comm if you do allow a team like TL is running to actually end up in a situation where it's 5v5 it's later in the game you have your items it becomes almost impossible to get kills you have the Terek ultimate you have the AoE healing and shielding coming through from both the bastion as well as the Sona heal an AP mid lux with the W max becomes absurdly difficult to actually punch through that damage as well so you know origin will have to execute I think on the early game very heavily Taliah Pantheon certainly can blast a stone at Eric Lane so they're gonna be looking to hard camp that I think bring Lee sin down try to punish this Lane try to put it way behind because if you're not able to do so Team Liquid should have a massive advantage combining 5 9 just a huge hard commitment from origin into this early game cold going straight for the Lee sin you said it yourself picking it very early in the draft started secure it really the big question mark for me in this draft is the Caixa mid lane coming in for new tech how is this gonna function in the comp it does offer some elements of scaling but when you look at TL and og going toe-to-toe I don't know if it's gonna be enough so I have seen some in soloqueue some kind of hybrid ap Kaiser making its way around in mid lane certainly not a super common pick but I've been seeing that the kind of AP version of it a lot more than ad when it is played mid lane so it's possible that we are getting something along those lines this also could just be they'll put their fall back now I mean if elf re is building ap for karma top and you have a farming ad paisa mid if he's able to perform well against the lux and hey you still have a really powerful scaling marksman that being said being gauge may leave a little bit something to be desired Origen though looking for a forum annotate on top side no one gonna be there from liquid to meet them and they have a devastatingly strong level one so that is why I think liquid has kind of warded that entrance brush and is sitting so far back on the bottom side is they really do not want to risk running into these guys and I think we're even going to see impact take the long way around the jungle there is no reason you should risk running into car police in Pantheon and thalia some of the four strongest level 1 champions in the game you can see him hugging the side of that wall painfully aware of the danger that could be lurking for him easy I'm gonna wait back at his tier 2 Tower I think until Elaine starts because they know you know how bad a game can go off of a you know a tragic level 1 so certainly taking all the possible precautions and now of course we're just gonna see a standard bot lane leash for the side of TL starting up he's gonna tarick once again I've talked to CS in the early games see what you can do to stop that to delay the inevitable spell keeps stacking from Sona or she can start farming a top lane I'm actually genuinely excited to see impact has been I won't calm an unsung hero anymore people think I'll have been singing his praises plenty after I Messiah but has been stepping up in performance and I think another opportunity for him to go toe-to-toe with new top laners is always exciting to see yeah so smithy I think it's just assuming that because they didn't see them on the bot side that it was a topside invade and it was he should have been spotted perhaps by this board of not sure if he actually did like dragged over the dragon pit or not but he's just assuming I think that it's gonna be vertical jungling and that's why he's going up to that blue buff he could look to try to come behind this origin bottom Lane but this has been thwarted out so he's just gonna continue farming this away but cold is actually not into vertical jungling just yet he still just kind of power farming inside the map if he does not go down into vertical jungling this can result in smithy getting a couple camps in the advantage and he's actually gonna go over and find that his blue buff is gone so you know a nice little star here for smithy is he's gonna have the couple additional camps to retreat back to and we'll even be able to sweep out this ward which is gonna mean that origin has to play it a little bit more carefully not knowing if smithy will come at the time to kind of sit around and try to gank this shortly after knocking down that war and he was unspotted by the war did have a confirmed by production before that moment so yeah I think he flag and dragged over the dragon pit to try to avoid any potential ward and I think good that he was there around the level 2 point of court that's really where the kill pressure starts to ramp up for this we abandon now so now that they know he actually did go into that vertical jungle you're seeing Cole try to go over and encounter the blue it looks like he will be able to do this he has his lane pushing in right now and we'll kind of find out how many camps he's gonna be able to match back karma is gonna be shoving very high in the early lane the Caixa you know certainly had been kind of sitting back a little bit now but it is smithy you know not trying to head up to that top side so he's happy with just splitting splitting the map and I think he'll in general should be happy playing an even game in the early stages you don't need to try to fight for something like everybo you can just be happy the longer the game goes without anything crazy happening the better and better it gets for TL right so as long as you can keep eyes on them you're gonna be really really feeling good about this and Jensen utilizing that pass not a very well step before it has to be careful luck supports notoriously long cooldowns in the early game cold now stepping board but Smith is here as well before the same level is way up there a medium CC has to flash out not quite perfectly Thompson hold is able to escape I don't understand why Cole just didn't walk out the top like he could have just walked up towards his red buff and avoided that completely instead he makes a very risky play trying to actually go towards the Lux through the Jarvan that he sees ends up having to blow his flash so you know keep playmaking ability there now down for the Lee sin and double if you're making his way towards mid lane perhaps expecting to be able to counter some sort of a play but core JJ gonna be a bit exposed here now on the bottom side that lifts just showing up I think he's helping to try to reset this wave actually the wave definitely not in a great position now for them on this bottom side behind you chuck is gonna be able make it out to safety but good use of the flag and rag there to force the flash from new duck a newt duck not gonna be able to post the tower essential here for double if he's gonna be able to grab these free stacks holes on the backside but remember strong he cannot commit to that via however on the roam up knave up they can find a play here I mean if double if can actually force you know this to Leah Pantheon bot Lane just split up I do think it's actually fairly good for them they have to be careful of this though back there for gents but there's no follow-up CC that's all that they've got now but I mean if you look down to the bottom side if core JJ is gonna be able to farm you know evenly against Pantheon you're feeling so good about that tarek out skills this paint gun ridiculously hard now that the Pantheon Taliah is really 100% about the setup with the Pantheon stun and the fling for the full hundred to zero combo if you're not actually grouping up if you're not together that is certainly very very good so double if just showing up mid lane you know poking away that turret a little bit getting some spell thieves goal here and core JJ's is sitting bottom plane farming evenly against this but doublelift does have to be careful here hold over the wall good first blood pick up on the side of o cheat that looks a little too confident stepping forward there yeah I mean double it needed to flash that as soon as you see the seismic shove is gonna land there's there's no real excuse you need to flash if you get hit by that full combo you will die he does elect to just sit on that Summoner and and is gonna go down as a result I look at the Patrick now though knock back comes out once again Miffy going to step board before JJ still strong in his own right no mana however left will still force them back the creep wave massive for the side of T oh yeah they really need to push it in and get it reset that is why they are actually pushing for this so heavily and that is why smithy is now down here on the bottom side they need to get this wave in it's been kind of meandering around and stuck in this middle position where they've been losing a lot of creeps actually to the enemy creeps here essentially so we'll get that reset but it does cost double if his flash and remember not having a blast at first all in he is now gonna be some earnest for a potential second one if he does get hit he will go down so let's watch this one more time as soon as you see the seismic up is on you you have to flash that 100% you need to flash back into the brush that would have cost him is Summoner yes that sucks but you do keep your life in that sort of a spot mathe though quick as soon as he didn't flash it to punish him you know flashes in has a follow-up stun and they are able to get the burst down and didn't even use use ignite which is pretty critical but overall I would say TLR are still pretty happy with how this game has gone you are down 7 800 gold but that is honestly very very ok given the compositions and given the position to your at with Sona you know sitting at level four core JJ is level five he's working towards his six once these guys hit their ultimate they're gonna be feeling so much more safe and secure in this 2v2 and core JJ is actually almost six he's very very close because he got a lot of solo experience while doublelift did roam away and here comes Smith he is he gonna find a flag and drag waiting in the fog war will not commit for it in the end controller will now spot a mouse stopping he plays a motion is Miffy hitting level six with Pancham level six while it does get you across the map not to be crew showing this to me – no definitely not unless they can kind of get Team Liquid to overextend but till now has the wave in their favor on that bottom side the wave is pushing towards them so now it's up to Origen to over extend and kind of push this out try to get the wave reset that's what Ken why they are calling their jungler down well we see so much jungle action down around this bottom side even just to try to protect the members to get this here but Jensen is around his whanau ought to be Machado knew what smithy can they take down Patrick is he gonna just flash right up the wall Cole now he's retreat nifty potentially in trouble with both sides that seems set to back off binding will not connect in the end not a lot going to burn does force the flash out from Patrick yep so certainly still in deals favor in fact needs to back off he's gonna get caught by that tether a lot of damage here look at this slow you're not want to fight karma in an extended fight that's a burn maybe hammer form you could be dead here just gonna walk it down this is the Karma special the early flash forward to make sure it connects out fari grabbing the solo kill on the topside yeah absolute outplay for how far a impact needs to know better than that with the 9 12 changes karma slows are so so big if you do kind of chase down you can get run down so so easily and this is the 10th karma you can see the Glacial bought up there already he is gonna be working to Ward's likely a nice born I would assume probably gonna be going ice born sometimes people go ice born into AP sometimes it is ice born spear passage but here this is one more time in fact you do not want to jump forward into this you get the tether on you continually hit this Q's and it's very easy to kind of sit outside that melee range oh here comes pantheon leap right in the tour Volpe gonna buy a bit more time though mm able to make it out so far smithy on the way in level 6 for the Jarvan flag the drag the Cataclysm will not come out OG going back away and that is that critical level 6 Sport Eric you know didn't even have to blow the exhaust there did have some of the solo experiences doublelift was roaming holes gonna stay around in the area though and they do have a ward in the brush so they certainly know smithy is here but Smith these job definitely just to protect this bottom lane trying to keep them safe from any potential dives for JJ farming fairly well certainly the gold lead will be to the origin side in this bottom lane but so natera kind of expected to be losing their elsewhere on the map you know very even and it's actually the pure fields here for nuke ducks who didn't rush the minute moon a you do actually get the tier frogs on your queue so that coming out I do believe it there's get some hits there is there was interaction there that I had been told about so the Dendera best dance interaction that they nervous about making a single target was taken away the best dance pass however it's still incredibly strong and would be 10 a debuff given it now gets you to 100 AD win combined with the raceway that goes yeah so still gonna be going ad it is not the AP build that I had been thinking may have come out either way it will be TL heading over to this dragon this isn't a vernal they want to fight for this and all five members of TL are moving down here [Applause] it's him versus the world wants a ticket are the healing is there the dad's clothes they have a nuke duck will find a kill and flash out in fashion not enough however as TL take the fight yeah three for one therefore TL and the infernal very big win for Team Liquid we're gonna be really happy about that one here it is one more time as diella an origin do battle it out Jordan did not have health we're on their top later they decided to go for the fight though his Jason's not yet here but in the poor before the Cataclysm comes down the sona all the Tareq's done all layered across as well as that bucks ultimate nuke duck nice sidestep on that final dazzle stun to be able to get the fifth hit off that passive and actually execute for JJ a very well done from him there but it is still in a heavily losing fight and Team Liquid you know getting closer to those items that they need to really start kind of be feeling quite secure in this game and you talk about the compositional differences and we saw it right there the sheer amount of I mean potentially game-changing Ultimates on the side of TL versus you know a lot of utility on the side of Alf re-patch with you vote either on the map mid – yes Pantheon all you can have those big glorious moments but they're very infrequent and we talked about the pressure on oh gee to find an early game lead to snowball this get out of control it's it's an okay lead but it is not enough that they can calm down anytime soon no definitely not and I mean there are always the opportunities to try to kind of play side lanes and utilize the Pantheon and the Taliah just try to make collapses and and try to play a very scrappy game certainly TL would want to be group 5 if utilize their strengths but now they're gonna a locked up and burnt down instantly you can see the executioner's calling and mid these back pocket will not let you Haru so there's no there to shadow him or to be able use of them all and he looks break single leighton here will not come in for the second one going down a little bit more damage just ready to lock up Missy Hass key care about the 1v1 though Pantheon still decently strong at this point of the game yeah yeah certainly doesn't have too much in the way of damage but you do still have to respect it grab the early executioner's for the healing debuff that he will be able to apply but as much as teamlack will be feeling good about you know 5 b5 Origen can do what they just did there they can look around for pics they have establish a lot of vision you can see in this top side River they are trying to kind of set up this zone of control as we actually going into a pause but you know all along this area they have Ward's to kind of cover their rooms up and down this map and and that is going to allow them to essentially be roaming back and forth between mid and top lane very very quickly you know threatening potential dives on impact threatening potential dives and collapses on that bottom side and core JJ who is trying to fight for vision in that topside River does get picked off as a result so it's this sort of scrappy play that Origen and now kind of fall back to as their early game was definitely not dominant you know with this Lea Pantheon not dominant with the Lee sin we'll see if they're going to be able to actually you know pull through in this mid game because really I would say they're they're kind of biggest lead right now is up in that top lane but tank karma doesn't really excel in the 55 it's more of kind of this abusive 1v1 style of play where you you have the sheen procs and we have the klepto you can poke with turrets pretty well with your auto attacks and pretty strong on the 1v1 but not devastating in the v e5 where she doesn't usually have enough burst damage to to really change things up or enough ap scaling really to maximize the the shielding that you can give to the rest of your job or scaling not the name of the game for OG pauses however our we do have a brief one on stage mythos peripherals have lost power so we'll be getting that fixed and back in the game as quick as we can in the meantime though I think I like the way T up and playing it feels like smithy has been shadowing the lanes very well now there are a few moments where you can see that oh gee get away that doublelift probably should have flashed on the bottom side but otherwise pretty clean pretty comfortable game for TL sitting back scaling up knowing that they are really not under the pressure to be the big playmakers until they have a few more items under their belt yeah definitely the case and you know the USB hub for methey the court came a little bit loose it's it seemed jiggled a bit so is all fixed up now we are resuming we're gonna be heading right back into the game but yeah tool certainly has not played flawless you know impact getting silikal on the topside I think certainly a mistake there he opted into that fight jumping forward then getting punished for it and you know double if getting picked off on that bottom side certainly I think a mistake there as well but you know origin has has kind of Apple eyes when teal has made mistakes but overall TL I think is going to be pretty happy about the position that they're in they have incredibly strongly key incredibly strong scaling and despite the fact that origin we want to play this kind of scrappy avoid TL style when you have so natera clucks in a post twenty minutes in that later game one of the things you can do always do is just go to Baron and and force him to come to you absolutely but then the meantime og will get the flash the top side from Jansen the incident all to stop anymore pressure however enough damage coming out well if the egg is passive to stop to Nepal from the tower just in time as to her plating it's 30 seconds away from falling but the impact on the bottom side it's going to get a big amount of gold going in his back pocket she is uncontested breaking plates on the bottom side yeah exactly so that all just to kind of buy time try to clear out of wave he is gonna be able to get in one more plate potentially finish off that turret before the 14-minute mark and this is actually a race for first turret I'm surprised Origen didn't stay around to actually try to guarantee that it will actually be as a result PL but get the first two right you know there were multiple members up there from origin they don't even knock down the turret so I do think a little bit of a mistake they're not the end of the world though as they are working like Leon that Rush Gerald I could see we sin over there in the river will be probably trying to grab that for his team so yeah Rafael will fall for origin they can certainly use this top lane if they want to just guarantee the turret or mid lane to try to kind of threatened that if you could take down that mid lane Jordan who that would be critical for origin to try to open up the map and expand their hunt areas of power where they can look more and more work some of these kind of big sin and you know taking down that first ring of towers allows them to go for much more aggressive plays at the pantheon all with the Thalia ultimate and we don't even see Natalie ultimate use thus far in 40mm gameplay interesting as well that the Thalia is opting for just the early double magic pen item not seeing illusions not seeing a lost chapter coming out so Patrick very clearly focused on having a bit of kill pressure there now I was worried about the waveclear yeah and I think that makes sense right you know when you're thinking about how this pantheon Thalia combos both actually work it's about the one shot right and that's why he's going electrocute that is why he's going double spell pen instead of building more mana and things like area that you sometimes see or other options impact though getting collapsed on here DUP we've been coming through yeah did you call synergy folks all right down to the bottom side is in fact I survived you can see this next dragon may be a point of contest we'll find out dusty'll actually want to take this fight no origin right now feel like they're trying to pour something and they are looking for smithy montiel would like to 5v5 but also scaling is the name of the game for their composition so they're gonna try to land some poke here with the JC now they're going in Oh Team Liquid and total control of that big Lane fight as they find the quick pick yeah really well done there the double flash from Dublin and smithy going in and now hope does not matter at all against this composition you can see Origen gonna have to completely give up this objective I talked about how easily you can actually work on that Baron because you have so much healing so much shielding now with the mountain dragon to their name that just gets that much easier so Origen and losing out around both of these neutral objectives and now as we see more and more of these items coming through is the Archangels gets fully stacked up Jonah becomes harder to burst down and it just gets more and more difficult or these guys and we look at the first options and yes you have a lease in a comfort warrior yes you have to till you Pantheon combo but but Caixa and tank karma are not a part of that first combo and I actually favor the burst on the side of TL at this stage of the game yeah yeah I mean if you can actually hit us fun you know with the pant down you still I think and one shots into the squishies potentially with that Thalia combo but you know I think I think the name of the game again is gonna be scrappy play it's gonna be diving in and one of the things that Caixa does have is the follow-up ultimate you know if you can't be on all in on the side laying on someone you hit them with a stun plasma is applied you can all tend to follow up because I don't think that they really will be having a great time and organized 5v5 if they are not gonna get pick to start fight so we'll see if they can kind of play out this very interesting composition that they have drafted for themselves here you see what the options are for now it's gonna be a signing Patrick into the mid lane you could actually go on the top side with Pat once again the center of attention here this time the flash available will just be able to make it out if he already spotted on the ward Harold who's on the bottom side the Karma welcome to this back up to break the first one tower now impact potentially in trouble I think is no cold is coming but it's now spotted out on vision so in fact I was just to back off Wow gl in the rest map we use this office reset is both the lux and the Jaipur we'll return to base yeah I can I try to head down I think geophone most part we're gonna be having to to really watch their lane assignments very well you don't want to be caught up too much and just chasing origen around the map but also if you ignore their plays on the side lanes too heavily you know and they can pull off the dive on the impact then they can start knocking down turrets so it really is this delicate balance and and a lot of that is gonna play around how well can TL maintain vision because thus far you know it is actually Origen getting a lot more wards no on this bottom side you can see four or five Ward's in that area on TL trying to fight back trying to extend their vision forward but it really is origin with the more aggressive warding ailments on the side of the map and right now it's giving them that setup that comfort moving deeper trying to secure middling priority obviously difficult st sona and tarick continue to scale away slowly building towards that Lich Bane we are on a point of the game where it's pretty much all eyes on minty we've seen the maybe gonna play kicked off here we're doing so has to be careful about stepping for 250 waiting in the lane cold now gonna be the center of attention the CC is there the crescendo however will not connect the cold will be able to make it out to safety yeah the dazzle hit but the flash comes through from cold he is able to get out with his alt and flash double if not able to connect on his ultimate as a result then at least sin though pushed back again and every time Lee has no flash available you know that play making opportunity certainly gets reduced to very very heavily tea Smith he looks like it's just going cinderhulk into black leaver probably full tank and out of that you do want your Jarvan and this type of composition to be able to deal some damage and it's gonna be an additional threat of physical damage but certainly not necessary for him to be you know full squishy full DPS style of play because before it comes down buying a bit more time but impact rats the tupple yeah they're gonna knock down this turret they can push birth to your TL battling fat Origen cannot get the kill on double if it lookin double of that back to full health pretty much here healing right back up they will knock down two turrets get three kills to zero and teamliquid feeling like they are taking full control absolutely all we can take a look back now at this replay see exactly how to unfold it where oh gee you felt they had the opportunity yep flashing in they do hit the combo but you can see the heels coming out from both the bastion shield the double a shield that is coming out on here W and then flash in from smithy alt hits to Jensen there with the follow-up from the lux and then the shock blast threaded the needle from Impact gets one kill they're able to knock down the second this Pat tank karma certainly not able to stand up in that fight and now if re is going back into AP you can see chalice you can see working towards LeAnn juries so trying to have more of kind of that supportive style and be more effective in the team bites but couldn't really have a difficult time I think unless Nuka can free fire in these long fights and even then there's just too much yielding and healing from TL unless you get that initial kill your game plan is the teamfight the Karma tariq it is not a good game plan yeah but I mean here it is again you know a good dragon coming up here for CL it is the infernal spawning intend kill is actually just running down mid lane here they have mid lane priority they're looking for this inhibitor tower Origen have to make a decision do you just give it up and actually try to take you fertile it looks like there's they're sending nuke duck to solo the dragon the rest of them are coming home now cold going back to the dragon so they're just giving up the inhibitor here and trying to trade they may try to fall off some sort of a trap and punished yell on the way out but they do at least get an infernal there's no one there to punish the hood until you a wall but there's no follow-up so congrats on the infernal but giving up the inhibitor is is brutal at this stage of the game TL and absolutely follow Jeep trying something but it is not looking very effective yeah I mean no origin just making the decision that hey we can't contest anyway so let's just try to get something else right if you say you cannot v e5 then they give it up try to get you know they're kind of best of a bad situation TL now pink inside and outside the pit they can start this bear up anytime they want because there's no threat of the bear and getting them low with Tarek and Sona and now they're gonna set up this trap here on the side looking for origin he's throwing beginning don't walk through this origin lineup a tilted up noosa Bay trying to fire back with me way too squishy cannot step forward like that Newton up as well who the laser doesn't even need to find a target he's dead before it drops how far the last man standing they can change they want but it might not be worth their while impact looks for a little bit of revenge here but he'll advise to one we won against Alf re at this stage of the game he will just walk away eventually just leave the Karma logo here and what are you take karma are they gonna kill him thank you a word through 4tl finally the tape karma dies and they're gonna TP over the bear and pit this will be there is very likely cult is up but we'll see if you can actually get there time Patrick is TP back in as well cuz the appeal is punished at all for kind of spending that time chasing but I think the Barons should be gone before origin can really respond taking out the Pantheon all he's gonna feel real bad about that when we land right into the meat grinder of the opposing squad Patrick its horse the flash play develops incredibly low but the healing is there according AJ out of mana og they can win the finest they can find it but it doesn't look like they're gonna get the chance yeah tl should be able to all get safely back to base they're gonna get a blue buff as a consolation prize but a very small one at bat all the items coming through here and here's the replay one more time utilizing this Jarvan Lux combo so effectively you can see the acceleration gate in Smith is bored the fashion dazzle stunning multiple locks all coming through and went ergo lands but they're lookin pol can even find the kill now the coming through hastily in the sonic wave but jessica's you there's so much shielding cold for Jensen click-click-boom Jensen on deluxe pop it off here the shields are full mark to the Dow's of us a chance I'm the LCS studio has woke up no longer the library for Europe but definitely a rowdy crowd for North America tl pushing down on the top side like they're ready to end the game I don't think fortune have much left tank no I don't think they do either TLS looking so ridiculously strong polls not even alive another inhibitor tower will fall here that's the level tensely that doesn't do anything they're backing away duped us incredibly low patrick throwing throwing rocks not gonna happen quite yet big shock blast though impact doing a ton of damage here in Team Liquid walk in to bury minions in slowly but surely poking away at the enemy composition og hold the trigger now or they will just lose the game I don't really think they have any trigger to pull at this point they're playing with a nerf gun and Cl is looking very very strong this in a week but the supers come in mid lane and I think this is gonna do it last dance but he goes in its immediate agro they're gonna be able to and the rest the team still alive nuke duck taken down where he stands only a floury left up yeah I might go for a little bit of BMA and he certainly are you gonna have a chance na though gonna keep their eye on the prize not interested in the tank karma or are they instead that's gonna be the 140 Oh a well-played game here from Team Liquid playing it safe in the early game scaling up and Origen no answers to be found for them in that late-game stage they were not able to contest Team Liquid and honestly impressive game from tal knew exactly what they needed to do in the early game did not make you know they made one or two missteps but did not fall far to find as until you pay a fee on took over the game and a good look overall yeah certainly the case and this is you know a risky type of draft for origin it's very heavily execution base you've got to be able to pull off these all in non-stop they were not able to do it tl now sitting at 2 & 1 while the rest of na is still winless certainly seeming like the hope for the LCS in this event we'll see if they can contest Europe in the in the in the goblet tomorrow the relay of course gonna be difficult see if TL can final win there will of course be a start think of chance playing game for again if they are able to find one of those wins and the SATA memo this time for Europe and I liked karma top and the rest of it I'm not wasn't so wasn't so sure about let's say it that way yeah I devote gee I mean I think it's one of those compositions that can look good if you dominate early they didn't and then it tends to Atilla click a little bit of pie in the face was a bit pie in the face excellently described for more on that game rip is standing by with the jungle order from the triumphant team thank you very much gentlemen great cast on the day I am a joined by ex Smitty after their victory over og another win for n/a seemed a little bit more loose for the team you guys seem feel like you were feeling pretty good coming into this one yeah we were trying to have fun as much as we can and yeah playing Sunnat eric is I guess pretty fun we saw online a media you kind of said that EU has you guys and a few of the points across the game and that was just the truth what are the what do you think for na are the low-hanging fruits where we can start to attack those points of weakness and get on a level where we're just smashing you I mean we're pretty good at team fight I think not to fight tactics but just we're pretty good just like being really good as a team and our macro is improving day by day and playing against some u teams whether or not may be serious or not we're still learning a ton right Alex Smith you thank you so much for gratulations on the wind picking any up a little bit as we throw to the State Farm analysts desk to break that down thank you very much we'll take a boat team fighting and team fight tactics I think na has got a got it we definitely have our ly start on team fight tactics yeah at least from the broadcast perspective we would crush them but tal does find the second win of the tournament for na here that will feel good for the one seed moving towards that best-of-five relay race where I think many expect them to be the hope for na to maybe carry a game or two if we are to come away with the already abandoning on the whole mystify of the – no confident the tears I would be the one that is just that you know what we did see once again kind of mirror matchups down towards the box side of the map where Griffin and the end of spring in the finals that she brought out the slip anthem lane I'm against SKT and it was all about trying to snowball early trying to get ahead but while they found a couple picks they weren't really able to snowball that massively they were catching a couple members out of Team Liquid throughout the early game but it never really resulted in anything significant which allowed a lot of time for Team Liquid to just ramp up scale and get to the point where they could just force these teamfights that they are so confident yeah I mean they really just didn't play to their composition og drafted Thalia Pantheon they got some early kills you're supposed to use those Altima –tz– the semi Global Ultimates you spread the map you continue to look for pick offs and you have this burst damage that you actually get people while they're transitioning across the map you don't go all mid lane and teamfight the Sona Taric team that is the way to lose I also questioned why they decided to run the Kaiser as well because it felt like it didn't offer a lot of value in this car note that they don't have the greatest amount of utility their hope is to kind of get a pick but when you're grouping up as a five-man unit you're just asking to teamfight this team liquid comp and it was so easy for the job and you just set up the e-q combo land the ultimate and then the follow-up is very easy from the likes of a Lux and the Sonoran all right I'd understand a bit more like the TF that we've seen in the mid lane here just ad Global's to Global's to Global's and continue the pick oriented play but for Team Liquid as externally mentioned when you do choose to stack up against them in the v e5 that is one of their strengths add to that their comp already being geared towards that and it's almost a certain victory yeah you have to play the side lanes in this situation I mean you always means about na in the mid lane it's true this time around it's OGE all going through mids yeah me talk about that was that the top tier one was up the bot t2 is up for engine as well and they kept running and tiel's like this is our environment we're ready to fight you're here and they did every single time but mid lane is the shortest distance between our Nexus and theirs exactly so we're just it's just efficiency but also the way they set up the Baron was very good as well they had full river control and like again it looked like the origin was saying hey we can get mid prior here and we can actually use this to try and chance for the Baron meteo was just sending up this really nice trap where they were saying we actually don't to start the baron we're gonna catch you while you're setting up this mid prio and then we'll look to punish so I think we saw a lot of positive things from Team Liquid I hope this reinforces their win from earlier in the day when they beat g2 even though they were running a composition that many wouldn't take as seriously as others I think that this is a better demonstration of what CL is capable of and why teams like g2 still showcased their respect to this team and I'll take it I think the one fear that I can see even in a win like this is the idea that Sona Tarek is what we keep reaching for yeah right and so you know while Europe continues to test new things on the stage again looking forward to tomorrow any European team can now go into a game against Team Liquid and be pretty certain what T L will reach for if it's left open yeah I mean I personally really wanted to see double lift and core JJ on a regular bottom lane for them because I felt like that would be an advantage for Team Liquid right we saw Caitlin lux most recently in in summer split here in na and they've shown dominance and being able to control the lane that way I mean again speaking to the allister's of old I understand he's out of the meta but like where are those playmakers where's the Recon where is the ability to unlock core JJ to really make plays around the map but you can see the power of the team fighting of Soto tarik and the healing that does come in why they keep going back to it it feels like they're proving trying to prove the point of like why the priority is still on these champions and try to like display hey a lot of the professional teams want them nerfed yeah I find out tomorrow is gonna be a big attest for Team Liquid because I think expectations are that Arjun is looking for TSM we already talked a little bit about this earlier in the day and the question mark is which will it be fnatic or g2 so far in this tournament only fnatic has been able to usurp Team Liquid but I do know that both European representatives want to stamp their authority on the top representative from North America quite true two and six is the record between the region's here as we move towards Game five right around the corner TSM and fnatic face off when we return our Navy hammer forms he could be dead here he's gonna walk it down this is the Karma special the early you get to me come to me that's it Hoyle last dance with egos but nobody gonna die the rest the team still alive nuke duck taken down where he's dead