TL vs. GGS – Week 4 Day 1 | LCS Summer Split | Team Liquid vs. Golden Guardians (2019)

play against liquid it's like David and Goliath especially for me since last year I was literally David at that place they're like backed about three-time champion so you really want to beat them just a career play hey we can beat Thiele they really go on the rise like basically they started as the worst team in LCS and ever since then it's just been like up and up ever since I started playing League of Legends I've really looked up to doublelift I think I've modelled my play a lot after his especially since I got to play against him so early on in my career so even in his first split I thought definite was pretty good in laning phase he's probably the ad carry that puts out the most pressure other than me and I respect that because playing aggressively and lane means that you're not afraid to die and you're not afraid to take risks over the pasta splitter so I've realized hey I can do just as well as you can know I can do even better I want to prove that and go into our match I'm not gonna be thinking of him as my idol or someone I just look up to but rather a stepping stone for myself and ready to sure we got and have a shot at the best welcome back to LCS countdown getting close to that game one time as TL angle and Guardians prepare to square off but going into our battles for first place pros we'll be competing on patch 912 which seems power picks changed and an overall shift towards certain enchanters and this is the buff and no one asked for it hurts karma got buffed majorly so her unempowered q now does a 10% increase in the slow and her shield duration of speed now matches the duration of the shield so before the shield lasted longer than the speed boost now they match the exact same and if that wasn't enough it now cost less mana so karma is pretty much everywhere now permabanned you got to pick it and the worst criminal of them all karma tank top oh boy chakra special that's obviously a pretty big addition to the meta one thing we'll see probably leaving is the Silas he got nerfed really really hard and in particular his waveclear his passive AoE has dropped significantly it does 70% less damage to minions his q as well doesn't quite do as much his eyes shield was taken off the first little hop and put to the second where you actually need to land the chains to get it so it's a little less useful for surviving ganks because you actually use it aggressively so overall he is just worse at roaming which is super important in competitive play less important to mid priority and just slightly less safe overall so probably not gonna see him at all yeah all of that illustrated by a pretty significant win rate drop yung solo q you would expect some of that to translate over to pro play let's talk as well though about Ryze received a few changes and he is a very popular pick here on the LCS stage yeah and the changes were nerfed for sure but it didn't seem to really impact his memory in soloqueue it might matter more in competitive they removed a lot of his kind of extra utility so his W ranked without putting any charges on people will just slow them so you actually depress a first his Hugh doesn't give him a shield if there's two runes stacks that you have his eise Preds more easily now though so you will be able to get more spreads on people in queue more they also put more mana ratio on his W so they were there was a whole host of changes mechanically the big ones are the route not being guaranteed it might be a slow if you don't put the charge on it and no shield and actually what I really liked about Rhys before he got changed was that a lot of teams were playing yeah so drag us into it cuz you can just drop the win while in front of the rise making him pretty much useless in the teamfight so cloud nine last week was running in this composition twice it's really strong and even though Rhys might not be seen so much now I think that the teams have still latched on to yeah so Greg has a very powerful engaged to it if you're struggling with engaged you don't need to go sejuani Gragas and yes who can do the job and just yesterday in Academy we saw karma permabanned no Ryze no Silas and the occasional hint at Yeshua's cloud9 played that Yasuo Gragas comp with both junglers last week it was blabber who debuted though here on the LCS stage he's back in the lineup today wouldn't necessarily be surprised if it continues to rise in priority to some degree of course you can see on the back wall behind mark ume did receive a few nerfs as well less impactful to some degree but we'll see how those might affect her priority within champions life before we check out our analyst predictions we want to call upon an old friend to make their prediction for the LCS summer champion take a look let me teach you a thing or two about the curse of four our tale begins in the LCS and four you see Team Liquid wasn't always an LCS team no they were not an original team what they did they did a bargain a deal with team curse an original member and in exchange for their LCS pot they were cursed they were blighted by endless misery of fourth place fourth place everywhere fourth place in the standings fourth place in international tournaments four limbs in each player coincidence I think not but after millennia Steve has finally figured out how to reverse that curse and the answer was endless investment and sacrifice into the bank accounts and now Steve is set to reverse that curse from forth misery to fourth victory everywhere they are now set to win for LCS titles back to back the for Pete and just like an old man reversing out of the driveway without looking at his rearview mirror there is nothing that can stop him and how do I know this I was on Team curse [Laughter] history's a little jumbled in my brain I was like the fourth curse existed before they got bought by Team Liquid that's his point if you inherited it but like I don't know it sounded weird Sally you're saying that if Team Liquid got the curse pieces so deeply into the curse that eventually he invested himself out of the fourth place hole I was counting and we were back to we were listening too closely apparently well with the prophets words spoken let's take a look at your predictions for the day a lot of battles for first as we've mentioned and there is perfect alignment across residentsleeper and spots predict I'm in first place you are that's true the problem with today is like a lot of the close matches ended up having a lot of roster swaps in them so like TSM optic was one that I was really going back and forth on but then when I hear that unfortunately crown the superstar for optic isn't playing it's like well that suddenly becomes a lot easier to vote on right TL golden Guardians was probably the closest one after some of these changes have gone through you know fox clutch was another one we're like if Fox was firing on cylinders great that would be close but they yeah I think to a degree though there's also there's that element of the sure things the status quo that we spoke about earlier these is wrong right yeah but like when Team Liquid TSM c9 just based on their history within the league it's a lot easier you know in those close matchups for a first place to you know to land on one of those squads as opposed to one of the orange trying to do it for the first time it's like the magic in the tradition you see any like is it one of the old guard team one of the ones that doing really well it's like yeah all right will favor them in this one I mean to be fair as well every finals for like the last year has had those teams in them it was c9 two ago and it was also TSM and the most recent ones rime and then Team Liquid in all of them so it's kind of starts to feel hard to bet against these teams who have so much success without a doubt returning our attention to Game one of the day though let's get some wing conditions up on the board starting with you crumbs teamliquid how do they do it alright so the first thing that I want to address for Team Liquid is that because we're playing on the new patch they can't make any crazy patch shenanigans just like last spring where they tried that Yorick first pick because suddenly they heard that you wrecked op was the greatest thing in the world they need to calm down and just play what they know works and on top of that keep doublelift playing an actual champion you can play in the bottom lane none of these shenanigans that are happening around the world with pike ume pike karma Bottomly and like yes these are great compositions but for them to execute it it's not the team to do so and the last thing Bantam can't please you know you know deep in your heart put your ego aside panty campaign ck all right for the side of golden Guardians mark see how did they snag first place for me it's give froggen the priority pick in the draft where that means first picking the most powerful thing left up or giving him counter pick to go against something else okay give him the choice let him be the kind of focal point of your team comp and then protect bot Lane I'm expecting a tahm Kench band and then I expect that means that dub left and core JJ will then be the better to be – but I wanna make sure they don't get blown open with attention from smithy so make sure contracts is giving a little extra attention down to the bot Lane to try and keep them in check it's talking about that bot Lane I was a little surprised to hear double if talking about definitely being the ADC other than himself that he believes exerts the most pressure within the lane I think the confusion was we were hearing double if not trash-talking something doesn't make sense here either way we are heading into our first game of the day so let's toss out some ballerina it's again the champ select thank you very much gentlemen in case you all missed our check in earlier I've played in Katherine flowers rains joined by Sam Coby Hartman Kinsler and we are gonna be bringing you the first couple of games today back-to-back battles for first place that happens in the league where you got six teams tied at the top yeah there is quite the tie at the top of the North American LCS we have a bunch of winners at our league oh yeah we have so many winners over half the league is winners at this point in time but unfortunately two of those are going to be knocked down a peg here after these first couple of games golden Guardians and Team Liquid golden Guardians off to their best split start ever so far yeah what an exciting split it has been for the golden Guardians this team has put a lot of time into building up you know for this summer performance and they have goals to make worlds so this is not a team that is just looking to make playoffs you know and make a decent North American performance they also have goals towards international success much like Team Liquid you know who were built for this who are built to go to international tournaments right are basically expecting to go there however as you said with six teams tied for first even Team Liquid spot is not guaranteed everybody's got a shot at making this one happen and this is summer right like last split there was a lot of conversation about hey it's spring a lot of teams are focusing on building guff getting ready building that synergy summer is the time where you really got to put your money where your mouth is and step up or you're gonna be going home and for Golden Guardians you couldn't ask for a better time to be popping off like they are yeah they've had a couple of losses here and there but just the improvement that we've seen in this team the way they communicate the way they play together really good and they're gonna need it up against Team Liquid who showed like you said this is a team that was put together for that top level success taking down the world champs at MSI definitely successful and this isn't a team you can sleep on yep three back to back to back North American LCS championships owned by Team Liquid looking to make that run for the next every time though that I talk to golden Guardians players I thought the golden Guardians coaching staff they are always excited to play Team Liquid excited to play the top teams because they always are looking for creative ways to take them down all right let's see how the bands change up now that we are on a new patch things are likely be switching around here a bit as the ume is still going to be banned away I rally is still banned away Team Liquid is very similar bands to what we've seen the past couple of weeks golden Guardians banning out that sejuani that's been at the top of the jungle pool for a while now as well as the newly buffed karma that has been terrorizing people yeah karma got a lot of speed buffs as they talked about on countdown both the duration and the degree of the speed what we're seeing here is yes the tahm Kench that they are talking about on the desk did not get through there were some damage nerfs aimed at the top lane you know can't get the reliable spit out once again that's not something that support tahm Kench used a lot the one thing that might affect the support is the range on the devours but here we go with all of the you mean focus and jungler aatrox has gotten through as well as Draven for deftly and Debra is one of the only bottom line players here in North America that has been threatening the Draven has played the Draven has drawn Draven bans meanwhile in Europe it is highly prized and very often banned we'll see if this bottom laying power will come to fruition for them it's very very likely to snowball and contracts picking up the Jarvan here is definitely a champion that can make early visits especially after you already have a couple bans against some strong junglers with the Oh laughs and the sejuani being banned out means you want to go for that powerful jungler on your own locking in the Jarvan however that did leave the tahm Kench open it means Olli will not be piloting that this game and instead it goes over to Team Liquid and core JJ I don't think the gold guys are too surprised though oleh will had been expecting bands you know after his success on the champion and them not using one of the first toothpicks to get it up does mean Team Liquid and core JJ will have a very very powerful and safe bottom line beerus here will go alongside it first has a very strong lane faced with a lot of harassment and wave control that double if can now bring to that bottom side even against Draven well the Brahms locked in for the golden Guardians to go with the Draven and that is a pretty threatening lane those two together plenty of dueling powers and 2v2 potential they're up against the varus and the tahm Kench I will go ahead and give a disclaimer there's always a possibility you could see tahm Kench top as well but it's not nearly as common in pro play because of how poorly it scales with gold compared to most other champions yeah and with the nine twelve nerfs directed directly at the spit out for tahm Kench even less likely now more bands coming through though for jungler focused champions as Team Liquid still have not walked in their jungler unless of course you get a TK jungle possibility our Tom Cantrell angle or at eight rocks which can also be more real let's do that role yeah that one's more realistic definitely still a flexible pick there but gonna Gardens really heavily targeting xmithie because that is not something that he has done previously and I think these are two very good Xfinity bands they have gotten oh yeah all of xfinity stop play junglers hope they show there's one laughs Carter your favorite yeah there's one left that x50 plays a lot of we'll see if Team Liquid lend themselves towards that option but they're gonna target some solo Lane power give him the block and cannon away from the golden Guardians and it looks like golden Guardians are on the same train of thought as the desk was they want to give the priority pick for the counter pick over to froggen make sure that he gets the last choice in the entire draft and they'll pick up the gangplank for Han sir I think career-long gangplank has been one of answers top performing champions he has had quite a few our Karrie gangplank games not only can he scale quite well in the top side of map if he doesn't get targeted but the bottom Lane focus afforded by the game playing ultimate can really help out a trave in composition try and go for that cash in from across the map and flowers I see a giant smile face your favorite champion of course thus garner will be here and skarner is one of the you know prime coaches there to something like Draven where you try and nab that carry from the backline 1-800 call that all the way home exceed so many good games on skarner he has an incredible skarner win rate in professional play he'll be accompanied by the isère with Jensen there and the golden Guardians into that Azir it looks like froggen is gonna lock in the bell cause to deal with it long range poke has always been so good versus easier you know throughout the different medicine froggen has played the vel'koz a very very heavily in soloqueue as well as I believe a couple of the professional games for himself bringing it to the LCS stage so and not a super surprising pick and a very good counter pick into the Aesir here blinded by Jensen now of course Azir can go for all ends once at the azir's level 6 and the skarner's level 6 that's very potent against vel'koz who has no safety of his own you can flash on him you can go for the isère sec on them and once garner gets ahold of a bell cause the vel'koz will die in your ultimate duration yeah he's definitely gonna drop when he's inside the scar internet bell cause and Draven both very good targets for X maybe two all at least until qss has come online haunts turd not so much for those who are not aware gangplanks oranges cleanse everything in the game they are a qss not just to cleanse and it'll get rid of the suppress so if expenses looking to make that pull he will have to wait for those to get out of the way otherwise he's in trouble but I think we got a pretty interesting draft on our hands my friend looks like both teams got plenty of things they wanted and this should be a good battle for first place definitely an exciting one here lots of options here for golden Guardians are they going to defend topside for Orhan sir with this aatrox gangplank matchup or look to go offensive on the bottom side cash in for Draven get froggen going offensively early with the vel'koz so that you can bully in a deer and Bell cause is one of these champions that matches what people expect when they think of froggen this long range control mage that can dominate the charts in terms of damage and just have this 1v9 potential later on in the game meanwhile Team Liquid there's a reason they first pick aatrox a Shox right now is a premier teamfight champion especially if your team can get a lead aatrox with the resets for the ultimate can be huge and I have to say putting the spotlight on impact is a wise thing to do for Team Liquid after his performance internationally at msi completely outperforming all expectations for people against the best top laners in the entire world impact has really been on another level the Guardians grabbing themselves some free money they're off the skarner spire Forex mithi you know I always like when skarner's in the game not just for the obvious reason that he's there but also because his spires are there the couple of times that I play at home that when there's no skarner in the game I actually feel a little bit strange looking at those parts of the map with no spire being located there it's like part of the map forgot to load you played so many skarner games you don't even recognize summoners rift no it's not the spire I've been thoroughly confused before when those spires are not around but contracts will be starting off at his red you can see a smithy doing the same thing as hauntzer heads in towards the top lane has the grasp on the gangplank going for some lane sustainability a lot of times you will see a klepto but up against Elena like aatrox who has the ability to really go aggro on you and force you into some spot where you're gonna be taking some of those early trades that you don't necessarily win grasp the hubs and stay topped off and of course a tox you know it has a little bit longer cooldown on the passive auto attack and some of the early lane phase power was taken down recently still skills incredibly well into that massive team fighter and we'll see if there's any you know extra focus on that side of the map currently definitely trying to stack up the passive just continuing Auto in the wave pushing double lift and core JJ under power definitely also has club de Mansi here on his drave and not running the conquer that you often see on the champion if you look at the enemy team the only thing that's gonna be a true tank it's kind of that skarner so he's going for the more gold early get ahead more easily you couple that with an early killer – thanks to the passive you were talking about and he could just be rolling in money to take over this game because they're playing so aggressively tuolei when they push up the wave he gets the opportunity to go into the enemy jungle and I think that's incredibly important you know for all laners to understand moving up and getting that deep ward on to the jungle camp get to information to track expending so you can then we'll play around the early placement here of Team Liquid jungler topside a little bit of trading here between impact and haunts are neither one of them looking too scared just yet monster has plenty of sustain in inventory cook the biscuits in the runes has the corrupting potion so he'll be able to endure plenty up here just keep farming up with those parlays as mid lane it's even between Jensen and not Jensen not frog ant it's a boat I was trying to say them the other way around but I messed up as an impact once again gonna be trading back up there in the top side you can see contracts potentially looking for something bottom if double if gets too low but remember this is a Tom can't support the devourer save is there and you've got to keep that in mind yeah they've got summoner spells contracts just looking to blow one of them here they have target core there we go core JJ thrown up into the air gonna be stunned up almost knocked down but the thick skin gets off in time and that means golden Guardians will not find themselves a kill they won't even get the summoner spell core JJ held it yeah core JJ holds onto both summoner spells there doesn't even blow the heal walks right out with a very nice timing on the thick skin they steal the tahm Kench and it's defensive properties are utilized quite well in the bottom side of the map that being said definitely a no lay have been playing this Lane aggressive as they stood with the Draven braum and have earned themselves that constant pressure onto the tower which has resulted in a few of these drops CS for the Team Liquid duo I mean you look at the gold comparison between the teams it's about a 500 lead for golden Guardians over T L despite the fact that there's no objectives or kills or anything on the board and a lot of that lead has been built up in the bottom lane thanks to the clapton man C thanks to the CS leads always moving into the enemy jungle to put down some vision buttocks right there he's already been able to stun him off oleh gets himself away with the unbreakable Jensen's not able to move in and collapse on that enemy support he's too low and that means only gets out yeah I like both teams actively looking towards mid around here a couple of extra wards so they do see it and everybody gets out alive at the end but looks like core Jay Jay making another pass here to protect Jensen and clay in case anybody is sticking around froggen trying to snipe out of the fog of war we're not quite close enough and expecting the predator there does take a little bit of the pressure away golden Guardians not nearly is worried about a skarner gank that does not include the predator pre-six Garner without that bit of a bonus doesn't have too powerful the ganking opportunity unless you're way overextended the golden Guardians can breathe a little bit easier not having to worry about that when def will continue just farming up here in the bottom Lane but double F in core Jay Jay weren't able to take back that Lane control since oleh was away for so long and we heard from doublelift in our video before the match how he does respect how definitely is one of the players in the LCS that plays bottom Lane aggressively for the lane phase and with the Draven Brahmas definitely a focus coal contract gets himself away manages to buffer the skarner stun with his EQ combo but locked a little bit too close to that brush for the face check there yeah very close super super dangerous when you a walk forward skarner even three six you know that he's done is significant if his ear is there they're going for this might bite oh it is secured by Expedia's contracts tried to go in only and definitely coming in to collapse in case this would turn itself into a 3v3 arrow fired out no connect and normally that looks like a super dangerous decision right shaking this Gardner through to their bottom Lane but because he knows he's got the Draven Brom do down there contracts goes for it the timing very close and expensive just had a good smite to secure a past number two I think they caught a glimpse of contracts here yeah double uptick or JJ oh we're and he was on that tribe Bush positioning and looking for another pass contracts we'll have to be careful to working around in the jungle if he runs into exhibition on one of those spires Jarvan is not one of the champions that can beat skarner on his fire skarner's extra stats and attack speed on that will make it so you can easily beat him in DBS so you always have to respect exactly when and where you're invading to make sure you don't put yourself in a spot like that as froggin works for a little bit of plate money here it's another auto-attack to grab it there we go extra money in the Golden Gardens Guardians pockets on that one is Jensen coming back to Lane yeah for a note for people with the vel'koz matchups you know into these matchups we're trying to abuse that range and harassment yeah you definitely want to max your W the void rift it can be tempting to go for queues and and poke people and you know see big angles result in high damage but the W boy drift is so amazing for waveclear you saw frog in there instantly clear that wave and push all the way up to get a plate let's see if bottom results in anything here xfinity does pass by the control ward doesn't clear it out topside more trading going on but you saw bottom expense he tried to move up into the brush from behind the minion wave to get a sneaky lane gank off however he was spotted out by deftly a no lay before he could get into position now he once again returns down here has to take out the control ward so his opponents don't know he's there sped-up moving forward just fires off that fracture but won't get a whole lot with both teams here no there's a lot of focus on a bottom lane whenever you have this setup coming down and contracts now coming down through the river might mean there's a third pass this is a level discrepancy though no access to his ultimate let me click on them and see how close he actually is the experience he just needs a couple minions to die actually in lane or you know half of a camper something like that in contracts will be able to get access to his own level 6 contracts does know that that bottom side scuttle crab is spawning here in a second able to take that one down that should give him the experience he needs looking back up at the top side it's a little bit of a farm advantage here for impact but there's enough minions left to farm up for Haunter that it won't be too bad pretty much one wave it's Mindy walking up to that brush doesn't face check drop the control word instead finds himself a stun but it's not going to do a ton of damage and the honey fruits are still there and even though on screen you know the camera just sees the two junglers they're fighting over it all of that play was decided by the side lanes collapsing if you look at the mini-map during that play yes the junglers are fighting over this control ward but bottom lane had priority for golden Guardians and both mid laners were heading down that bottom lane priority means contracts gets to finish off the warding smithy goes for the snipe with a little bit of extra vision yeah skarner's II does like 40 damage or not it's very hard to steal or do anything with it well possibly what you're forcing there is a little bit of a threat to have Jarvan take the blue and not give it to the vel'koz that's really your only hope maybe he gets a little scared that is very close and the Jarvan smites it early because if you deny the blue buff from the vel'koz and it does make the matchup easier for the isère mhm expensi gets himself back away from bottom lane after trying time and again to move down here but the diligent vision work done by golden Guardians is making it so expend any ganks despite having flash ulti and predator ready to go all the tools in the skarner inventory locked and loaded so he should be able to get himself on the board here soon froggen and contracts moving down through the river here not going to see Xfinity trying to potentially make something happen dragons gonna find some damage that gets absolutely nothing up against the team liquid mid laner without contracts you have to be a little careful it's meant to take some damage but contracts the one force to flash out yeah with Jensen coming over the damage would have been there and contractors just used to TQ Onix smithy so he knows all right I'm out of cards I have to flash out and that is the first real big difference in this game the flash on junglers down now as contracts is the the game without the extra mobility all other combat across the map rear has gone very very close to par bottom side me checking on Draven right now looks like definitely is at 280 so far on the Draven stacks as far as the spectator client and one thing I want to point out is that doublelift is going for the poke lethality comet style of varus you can see the serrated Dirk in inventory when you look at the golden Guardians lineup yeah you better Jarvan and I guess Brom will be kind of tanky but considering your top laner is not a meatball it's a gangplank he's the only armor he's gonna have his what a ninja tabi or a guardian angel maybe later on that lethality will do a lot of work for these guys as dublin can hit those kill shots yeah lethality very very very strong against non tank teams it's only up to ol a the Brom any up stand in front of it and pots amount dials TP coming into the enemy jungle from core JJ who moves up to Throwdown award before walking back towards bottom Lane and Team Liquid start up the drink yeah that's a super annoying thing having to happen this is the ports teleport again through your jungle as jungler but it's reviews really well by Team Liquid cuz they know they have this timing there was just a full reset from the golden Guardians so there's nobody else who can help contracts and trying to defend that objective and it's just a good opportunity for Team Liquid to make the rush on dragon as you know very well skarner on this fire and devon at taking any objective cinderhulk completed as well means you've got the bonus burn you got plenty of HP you're not worried about being collapsed on him blown up especially with how many bodies nearby teamliquid had easy pickup for them of course in his first drake but it's not an early first drake we're almost 13 minutes into the game so you're not gonna get that super early laning phase edge and look at this we're definitely in its first completion the mercurial scimitar nice tilts me not only did he start with the door and shield you know looking for the na for the extra region but also with the first item mercury arrow against Garner I do like the play there has not been a single successful Starner ultimate and there will not be while versus deftly unless he uses the active early Draven is actually one of the champions that I don't like to play against very much and still love you because they're even players usually have big enough brains to buy Q SSS early you go up against a traditional crit marksman they're like no I really must recruit items bro crik crik crik crik crik but Draven's will go for the early q SS they'll get the lifesteal and it makes it so difficult for expecting to get his job done froggen becomes that shining target that he wants to go for now and golden Guardians as long as they recognize that and play around it should be able to make this work out well enough Xfinity is gonna be taken berry contracts & froggin v first blood once again contracts here around mid lane they do a really good job of taking down the team liquid vision they just took out the wards waited in the front and eventually expecting to Flo's gets combo totally on bottom side lay takes plenty of damage but definitely able to return some of his own those axes are spinning as the piercing arrow finds his plan to oleh yet again definitely continuing to find some damage core Jay Jay eating quite a lot the thick skins gonna keep him alive definitely a no lay need to get themselves away now at the impact baking his lead bottom lane he's gonna be slowed down by the winters bite the deal is used om gently both we're gonna get themselves out but it's only gonna be definitely getting away from now impact has the reset he's going in and definitely is going down impact taken very low the double kill is there contracts moves in to try to fight these guys but core Jay Jay goes into the thick skin yet again contracts is not able to clean up anyone and Team Liquid come out way ahead here now golden Guardian is pushing on top and mid teleport from Hunter from top to mid to finish off that church since Expedia's around and it is a trade of objectives a trade of teleports teamliquid send everybody bottom they kill the Draven they cut down on some of those stats and let's take another look at how it all started out a lot of damage there early with the poke on the core JJ and definitely because they got a core JJ low under Tower they do extend pretty far but impact teleports in the instant speed here on the aatrox and then since they get the kill on tuolei Jensen flashing for it to make sure that gives empik the impact that reset we're talking about for the ultimate you get another speed boost you get the possibility of the Rob 5 so that definitely could not kill him under turret and they get the extra objective candy get out oh here we go again Oh a was trying to get close enough to contracts to dash over the wall but instead he's going to be pulled back to his own death and that means another one on the board here for Team Liquid and even though the golden Guardians got first tower bonus Team Liquid now getting this rift held means they can answer very quickly the turf plates are gone so you don't get the extra money cashed in there or you can try and take down an actual turret and even up the gold and try and give you somewhere to work with on the map currently swapping the bottom line up to the top side of the map here definitely getting himself an out of that ulti from the ferris by popping a qss there but more damage coming through from those piercing arrows means he will be thankful he has that life still to heal up that one's not gonna find its market at least and contracts hovering means definitely is not actually in danger of getting dope just yet yeah Draven you can't go into Auto training with Riven not the best off there from yes yeah here we go alright contract send some trouble gonna be knocked up into the air now score JJ tries to walk away the all is the one who takes the kill only takes it as the back swing from David's ultimate was coming through as well they just wanted to make sure they got the kill in the first place but in the end no cash in for Draven feels bad man Draven player just wants to get those adoration stacks in there but supports out here taking all the glory doublelift will be left to defend underneath the turret but golden Guardians don't want to make any kind of a push just yet froggen doing a good job there interrupting the back from Jensen and with both these mid laners having their Luden's echoes ready Kobe this could turn into an explosive fight at any moment expecting will find no value from that predator though yeah popping the predator right over the control ward definitely a lot of possibilities for this infernal dragon captain flowers when you have wild baby with Draven vel'koz and gangplank and fertile dragon has huge repercussions later in the game Team Liquid don't want to let them have it they're coming down to defend teleport to have been committed this is going to be it they're starting it there are some ultimate still down hunter and impact having a 1v1 of the bottom lane everybody else gonna be four before here over at the Drake did contract still with control and priority over that pit means Bolton guardians are able to find it impact now try to get himself away over the wall comes the rest of the team and is shut down no kill no revive teamliquid will try and counter with a mid a rift Herald here ripped out pushes have to be answered so huge huge play there from bolding gardens to get the infernal dragon and get the team by victory but they can't push as hard as they would want to in a five before because the trump card of rift held has been popped mid and needs to be answered actually a nobody sticks around so they won't get the second term for Team Liquid but it is going to be a reset here Shelley getting off half the HP of that second turn as well nothing to slouch at golden Guardians will lose that outer one like you said though the trade between the mid lane and the bottom side haunts are stuck around to make sure they got that tier one down in bottom Lane golden Guardians now have the infernal Drake and a one and a half thousand gold lead 19 minutes in they're doing pretty well for themselves golden guardians are certainly a very real threat for the LCS we have six teams tied for first in this game illustrating that fact very very clearly now after getting the infernal dragon after taking bottom and mid outer turrets or themselves they take the next step clearing away the vision leading up to Baron and making Team Liquid check here checking into something like a bell cause is so damn scary because you've been thrown up into the air you are just dead if there's barrels accompanying that if you've got Draven nearby it double dead not a lot to do in a situation where you don't pay proper respect to the vision game which is why you see Team Liquid being so so so cautious here all they wanting to move up get some more vision down into enemy territory but won't find the opportunity thanks to Jensen Team Liquid still have one tier one turret left standing but definitely looking to fix that here if he can take that one down and they have more control on this topside to move up and make those wards a little further into teamliquid territory and Team Liquid they've split into the 131 now both teleports on impact and Jensen are coming up very shortly so if they're able to push out these waves they will still be to answer any sort of confrontation here in the jungle the only problem though with vel'koz is that he'll usually kill a champion within the duration that it takes for a teleport to complete yes the channeling of the life form disintegration ray will quite often take someone down oh they try to keep it steady and core JJ but it's really gonna climb the pole they need that's what I was talking about that's the one guy on golden Guardians that cannot afford to get Alton for JJ strikes first with the tahm Kench ultimate team liquid now priority over summoners rift they slip into bear and they Clara most of the vision here that was a very high-value kill on to froggen knowing that there's no flash on vel'koz we went over the weakness and chip select that is it this is a low mobility champion huge damage output but not a lot of escapes available and impact impact going in onto officer here and the pirate stuck around a little bit too long in the bottom lane expending an impact vote we're gonna still make this one happened and expecting we'll take the kill credit yeah scar to something there and I believe the cue to finish off the extra little bit of damage you do to be fair want to get assisted kills because you get 50% more money for your team so I think well done their jungler being able to split here's another look at core JJ's ultimate on the tahm Kench rings and xmithie right next to froggen and since Jensen had flanked from the topside there's nowhere for that vel'koz to walk you have no flash that means there is no escape and a well-orchestrated strike there from Team Liquid back-to-back pick offs for them on the solo laners of golden Guardians pushes Team Liquid just slightly ahead in gold and also ahead here in the map control they will get the last outer turret for themselves Team Liquid top and the damage charts here as well you can see impact actually has the highest damage against champions in the game ever so slightly out damaging his own ad carry in double lifts and whatever you do more damage than a poke based varus you're doing alright Kobe you're having a pretty good game definitely a true aatrox certainly able to dish it out and it just gets better from here he's got the death dance and the black flavor you have your armor you have your cooldown reduction and you have plenty of sustain for the fights this is the stage the two item power spike that people talk about when they talk about why aatrox is a first pick priority now the difficulty is then orchestrating those team fights getting them to set up the steam liquid you know want their front liners to be able to get that first move and get the flank Jennsen being able to sit in the back along with double lifts and fire away can definitely be a difficulty now they're committing though right next to it smithy expensive did hard to rush the gargoyles stone plate though and oleh now gonna be pulled away and isolated golden Guardians will lose their support immediately and now they're stuck in a Ford v5 they have to try to retreat they'll cover their path with some barrels with some skill shots from the vel'koz but they have to be so mindful of how teamliquid can engage here froggen and haunts are gonna run into impact there as Team Liquid moves up to try to take this blue buff in fact at about half HP x mid d working on slowing down the drake while the rest of the team looks to contest the blue contracts could have the smite available but will not be able to use that when it was down as now Haunter tries to get himself away from Team Liquid incoming a saw he's a nice ulti on the 2 and again two back-to-back plays from the solo laners of team liquid on the skarner pool it was impact who flanked up through the river and drew the rest of the golden Guardian away from Olay he split the team and then this one he goes in onto hon sir over the wall and Jensen comes around for another knocked back with Azir to secure themselves kills and secure themselves at 2 player advantage to start a baron now he's not definitely in fact about to find himself a solo kill and deftly who gets yourself away from core JJ who used to summoners to get over the wall but Baron is down to half HP golden Guardians have got to try to get themselves in the position and stop this team liquid will be a nightmare if they get this and get that far ahead expense he's gonna be taken very low impacts got the kill on tuolei Baron Goes Down and Team Liquid has taken control of this game they took the blue buff they took the bear and now they're looking to take red as well contractors in contracts gets himself away froggen hangs out long enough to find some damage he'll shut down expensi contract still on the frontline going into the stasis to keep himself alive froggen reigning in the artillery fire as the shutdown comes through golden Guardians have got the damage for JJ wants to get but it is a triple kill for froggen spell cause justice everything is going teamliquid way they step too far into golden Guardians territory they tried to chase down contracts and Jensen goes over the wall into the red buff only to get three shot their golden Guardians coming back getting some gold for themselves but more importantly getting that Baron buff off of multiple Team Liquid members so important to shut that down on as many people as possible fortunately for Team Liquid it's still up for impact but let's take another look at how this fight went down alright so they get to knock up and they make the call to finish baron and simultaneously kill oleh so after that they're thinking we have so much of an advantage in this game I think they get way too ahead of themselves it's myth he's still low Jensen is on like 300 HP off your screen right now by the way and they run into the Bell cause great ultimate from frog and from the crush contract with a well played zone yes our back smithee's going right back dragons on a rampage golden Guardians got a lot left in the tank here as they get another kill out of a brush we didn't see the setup but look like multiple members outside of Team Liquid vision and they punish ex mithi in the river this baron buff for Team Liquid is gonna get close to nothing captain flowers they keep giving away kills that denies the setup for the push for themselves yes they still have one on deftly but they don't have a lot of time to work with it now golden Guardians have put the brakes on this Baron power play completely currently at negative over 1,000 gold for the side of Team Liquid after the heavy losses they incurred immediately after the baron they need a couple more auto attacks to take down this mid lane tier 2 cannon minions should take care of that one for them that'll at least make the losses a little bit more understandable of golden Guardians are doing a good job hanging on for now the name of the game so far in this one has got to be impact though constantly dominating in the side lanes constantly making his presence known in the teamfight doublelift is taken very very low nearly brought down by the whirling death he tries to hobble away from the gangplank ultimate impact now he'll be feeling the wrath of the life form disintegration ray teamliquid though we'll manage disengaged no debts yeah lots of health bars created here it looks like they're gonna try and regenerate back up double it as you can see with the potion chugging yeah and double ocean Drake's he's a team liquid as long as they avoid death double ocean Drake regeneration will kick in and they get to come back and poke more that is the benefit of this varus and I think the intelligent pick up there early on in the game of the corrupting potion from double lift has definitely paid off and I like the respect being shown by both these junglers for just how damage heavy the compositions are gargoyles stone plate rushes after the cinderhulk for both parties means they realize their job is to go in and just spend as much time as possible still alive cuz it's not gonna last too long without that item monster continue to farm up here in the bottom side Baron will run out in a second and there we go that's going to slow down the team liquid push here a little bit but they don't look like they're heading home anytime soon varus LZ finding its way on to Olay you might put back away from the mid lane here yet again Olay needing to go back and heal will by teamliquid some more time but they're not too concerned about it now walking towards that Drake pit mountain Drake's spawning in 20 seconds yeah that one's gonna be a Team Liquid setup they're going for a brush play here they just keep relying on the double ocean Drake's and even though doubled exchanged spoke with froggen doublelift can just back off and regenerate meanwhile definitely takes this arrow in this one is down to half HP the arrow took half of deaf Lee's HP frog ins Q took half of Jensen's HP there's a lot of poke war going on so far in this game as the golden Guardians continue to move themselves up definitely trying to take priority over the minion wave so he can heal up with the live stuff on the mercurial scimitar so he's ready for the teamfight they going in blind they've got mid weight priority here down middle and try and get the tower teamliquid might try and close in from the buck from the back team liquid just approaching from the front here in the mid lane impacted core JJ made their way over with the abyssal voyage to meet the golden Guardians head-on and stopped them from taking his tier 2 and that means Team Liquid come out on top they get the mountain Drake golden Guardians get nothing in return and team liquid still commands at two and a half thousand gold leaves alright we are gonna have a reset then that means it's time for another episode of check in on Draven oh boy because guess what definitely still has not gotten to cash in six assists one of the worst feeling things you know ah on the drape and player and he's up to 375 stacks now almost on the Draven passive they really really need to get that cash in ideally it would be before the next baron fight but Baron is coming up very very quickly and with that mountain Drake for Team Liquid the threat is even quicker Olin contracts moving forward here we're gonna find the play on the double lift who's knocked up into the air core JJ moves close enough to gobble him up but he spit back out inside the cataclysm no it's gonna be poised to flash away just to keep himself alive froggen goes unstoppable you can see the determination in contracts eyes for that engaged just walk straight at them gets the double dump and now it is golden Guardian with a 5 e for play not just 5 B for Kobe by B 4 and the 1 they're missing is the ad carry it means so much to not have those piercing arrows flying at you in this barren pit and golden Guardians will force the issue now cor JJ almost dead the damage from froggen spoke is extreme expect he does have the flash available blast cone – this could very well be a 50/50 smite fight golden Guardians putting the faith in contracts right now Jensen putting a soldier down in the pit impact in some trouble – golden Guardians turning their attention now over to the Fed member of Team Liquid contract gets himself killed impacts almost going to be taken down before a moment doublelift it's a one-for-one they're more piercing arrows are gonna fly golden Guardians still looking to maybe find more but Team Liquid will disengage yeah doublelift revives and makes it there in time to catch froggen as they're chasing down punch in fact here what an insane revival here let's take another look at it now golden Guardians make the call to turn on impact this is good because they have to kill the eight shots before he gets a reset in the deep fight in a fibers as one contracts is able to flash away avoiding the death avoiding the aatrox reset and now they're back on to baron with Team Liquid starting it up here they did get a one teleport out from Hunter and we finally get a breather both teams are so ready for this bear and nobody wants to wait they just want to start it up and get this going I like seeing that kind of agro mindset here from these teams that are currently tied for first definitely with the adoration finally cashed in has three big ticket items completed always trying to get away now Team Liquid want to collapse yet again with the core JJ impact combo through the abyssal voyage but they will not find that angle on anybody just yet alright the golden Guardians number one plan right now you have to find a way to get to poor JJ and double it contracts need to use everything he has to get that back line there are no summoner spells on double it or core JJ if they can get that engage again that is an easy target meanwhile on the side of Team Liquid if they are able to get the skarner pull on froggen he has a qss now so they have to find one target to just deal enough damage to to get back kill and reset for impact impact needs to be the big man on the frontline here for Team Liquid double is making his way towards this fight still walking up through the jungle contracts don't end looking to engage all they're gonna be exceptional doubles on the flank it'll find the LT on the mumble people all they're gonna be the target now impact off the side still gonna find the damage is also gonna be taken down impact with the find even more definitely gonna be brought down next frog can have to cut himself back impact still looking to find some more damage but he doesn't want to go any further the revive will not be there excel chasing it is so hard to go anywhere near froggen though the three champions alive not going to do a whole lot unless Jensen makes his way over there but Jensen is more heavily prioritized with the mid lane to ocean Drake's remember flowers teamliquid are healing back up so froggen and Olli I have to make some fancy footwork here to get out and they're making the escape Jensen's just beating the holy hell out of the inhibitor this entire time he's all for the Nate story the mid lane and Hitler turret he got the inhibitor itself Team Liquid will not let golden Guardians back jetsons that first Nexus turret Gorge AJ and x50 continuing to look for the opportunity to find the golden Guardians here Jensen will join up with the rest of his team now that there's some firepower medium Olli and frogging are actually in trouble for the first time frog on top of the qss likely to be taken down there's your damage there you go a killing spree over the impact make two for Team Liquid this could be the victory mark captain flowers that game of ring-around-the-rosie lasted so long impact got another eight rocks ultimate back up with all the cooldown reduction he has and with those skills Team Liquid look to finish Team Liquid 5 vs 3 critically no froggen the man with 7 at 11 of the golden Guardian skills to defend here pots are caught in the gang play Hosanna just to try to hold the line contracts going into the gargoyle stone play keeping himself alive on sir wanting to move forward trying to find the damage instead it's only gonna be contracts taken down 10 seconds left on frog and 5 ah no way Flik would realize they can't seal the deal here and they head back big defense for the golden Guardians right now on the mat Baron is alive and already Tomcats ultimate used here Jensen's dpsing it down Team Liquid knows they took out the enemy jungler there is no chance of a steal and baron is going their way that should be an easy reset for them going for the recall here only x50 heading over so it looks like the consolation prize for golden Guardians will be a mountain break up their own but you only get to use that one if you get your kills first here's another look at contract card forcing on scored a day remember the tahm Kench I know summoner spells money so chain and double whip and Jensen put out a lot of damage while they were focusing him on sir then look at that flash on the bottom of your screen that he got Han to double it he trades one for one meanwhile impact got the reset on the aatrox and he absolutely destroyed the entire team we've been talking about it a lot that's the reason we've been talking about about it a lot for aatrox absolutely able to chase them all down and then as you know they're able to continually chase around froggen and Olay long enough for it to come back up and they got the extra kills now with this Baron buff this should be the ultimate siege for Team Liquid Team Liquid it has everything they need to finish this game off right here the one thing really standing in their way is frog ins bail cause this artillery turret that has been stopping them so far but considering one lane of inhibitor minions is now spawning and the second one is under siege things are only going to get more difficult from here definitely trying to find out who attacks wherever he can frog and not quite gonna get the plasma fission to connect to your three turrets still under siege bottom side two cannon minions putting in a lot of work here after you put the autoattacks into him to get rid of that threat sure it's still standing but deftly man couple hits 2/3 8 feet definitely getting painful now this is 5 kills on the isère almost a full bill completed pretension that needs a large rod upgrade very short to follow probably won't happen in this game as they come storming through second inhibitor will fall and all that's left out for Golden Gardens to defend around is the single Nexus turret this is it the last stand ofc Alamo for the golden garden is coming down into contracts and goes into the skull plate keeps himself alive not able to find a whole lot just get Jensen's on a killing spree already gonna be two dead on the side with all these bodies make it three deftly and frog and remain but with no front line the chance of defense is just not there life form disintegration away will not find the kill on to xfinity who barely survived thanks to core JJ Jetsons on the front line he'll be taken down but so will the golden Guardians Nexus and Team Liquid retain first place all right so far our battle between the six first-place teams has not disappointed game number one was definitely action-packed a hard-fought game between Team Liquid and the golden Guardians I think outstanding performances from both Team Liquid mid laners Jensen with multiple Azir sects knocking back players in the mid game four kills and impact just a war machine a one-man war machine yeah absolutely destroying the golden Guardian spy there were good moments from both sides across the board but the real x-factor in this game the thing that decided how this game went for me had to be impact his performance in the side lanes his performance on the flanks making sure that he was where he needed to be in the teamfights knowing when he could go in to get that first reset and knowing when the hell to get out he did exactly what he needed to do on this champion definitely a premier top laner and with RIF rivals on the horizon everyone is watching Team Liquid to see what form they will enter with it has been a long road coming back from riff rivals of a learning experience and a bit of a bumpy reentry I know into the league this game definitely made them work for it yeah it was impressive impact particularly as you stated at the beginning of this game is one of the guys that a lot of people had some doubts on going into ref rivals there is always the impact can only play tanks même and what are they gonna do if they have yet to go up against these guys like Wonder and the shy and all these other big questions but it turns out the impact was the one who stepped up more than anybody else at MSI impact is the one who really stepped up this game and he seems to be in fantastic form so far but for more on that victory riff is standing by for a winners interview I am with team liquids top laner the game ender for impact on the 8 rocks a fantastic game for you impact a few weeks ago I talked to Kane he said ggs is a team to watch out for why do you think they're so good I think they're doing no Tim Tim oh you know they're doing together or if they do because before I think she's just not doing together but now they do try to attack together that's why we lost the dragon pipe because they're better than ours to grow Perth but yeah that's why I think they're very now oh it's great to see praise for the teams that are actually building themselves up and able to compete for those top spots second question for you how do you feel about your performance it's been a while since we talked to you how's it going in the top lane oh this game I'm winning nine and I said yeah Adaline and what's going on because we are lying just dying and only some time and oh this games going hard and after I mean I mean think they in Dragon pile I just tied to enemy Jaipur and I oh sorry guys and I mean after that I think I'm doing fine but I think we have a mistake – mistake we give it to chance the enemy being easy but we come back there so I mean they take their can better I don't know why they don't have damage to vero actually if rocky I think but I think it's care – yeah you know I'm doing fine I think that's awesome I'm sure the fans are loving to see impact make the plays especially on the 8tracks to help end the game final question for you clutch gaming tomorrow Cooney in the top lane how do you see that match playing out here go game I mean funny it's pretty good tough rider I think I still think he really good and I'm scared to crush game II have a mean or tough gang right so I'm trying to I mean they're I think they're really good now because last season they're actually too much too greedy topside but now I think they try keep up top side and they try the team play more so I think we need lift back then and I think we really all right impact thank you congratulations and best of luck in that game against Tony we're gonna throw it the safe arm analyst desk to break that victory down thank you very much for the victory comes through for Team Liquid but high praise for golden Guardians from impact around their teamwork and the way they have improved from spring to now but I'll remind everyone that week 4 was the week we had kind of pinned 4tl in terms of when we would expect them to start returning to form and demonstrate some dominance over the rest of the league this wasn't the easiest game in the world they did however secure the win by the end of it I think both teams played pretty well which is why team was struggling I don't think this was quite like the oh they've got a 4 K gold lead and they threw stupidly kind of thing like golden Guardians was finding a lot of pics and I think their draft was really smart in terms of how they kind of baited TL to go for some of their own picks while still getting what they wanted they listen to me they gave vel'koz into the isère match up into a team that didn't have too much engaged they got the Draven and I really liked what I saw as well with the GP in the top lane I like the 8 rocks because Silas has fallen off now and so we still have all these powerful flex picks and eight rocks fills that gap you can go in the top lane you can go in the mid you can even go in the jungle so he's filling in that void and so I like the team liquid recognizes hate the meta is shifting what is the next big thing clearly it's a tree ox they're doing it right and so by picking this champion you're putting impact in the position that we normally don't see in the regular season in playing a carry in it just delivered though but on top of that speaking of deliveries or day day stealing the Tomcats and good rice Nikki skarner no ban like we asked for but they took it away all the same from Ola I mean the point was to deny it and obviously core JJ is a fantastic content so being able to roam around the map get that pick this is after golden Guardians had kind of already cemented themselves a small gold lead and then being able to transition that pick in the mid lane down to a pick on the sidelines as well showed that Team Liquid still has a good understanding of how to abuse the macro sense of the map they abused the macro out of Gigi yes they had no idea what to do late yeah I mean we were sitting at three kills to three kills to turrets to two turrets a small gold advantage for golden Guardians just to illustrate how close this game was as we moved into that mid game it was around the dragon that tl first found their footing and a bit of an advantage that they might be able to roll from there into a baron yeah big mistake by Ola getting caught opposition and pulled forward you know it's fine to spend it on the support if you're gonna guarantee turn the fight to a 45 and then when they vacate the Baron golden Guardians doesn't expect all they're expecting all five members to be on the dragon they're not expecting to get caught in the side lanes farming so Smithy's down there finishing the drake off by himself and they all get killed yeah big couple of picks there but this is a barren dancer it's already been picked up here by Team Liquid but you can see them kind of irrationally recharging into the opposing still haven't based from those botlane replay that we draw they went from that to the baron they got the baron and instead of just ending and going like hey we're super far ahead let's go close the game out they want more kills and into a comp that is so good about getting chitin into you have vel'koz you have GP you have all these things that want people running at them yeah triple kill for froggen there puts golden Guardians right back into the game golden Guardians would position around a baron in an attempt to have a game-winning moment either take the baron or turn turn as their choice mark it does not work out for them they just got a pick off of doublelift a little while back so they thought that they would be able to get a rush by the time he got back to spawn but then the turn was just half-hearted right they didn't really commit to it or they didn't commit to finish the Baron that's what happens when you go for these kinds of plays you need to be 100% the second you started and they didn't do that they paid dearly and then get run around for about five more minutes yeah the coordination needs to get better or just I think they should just stick on the baron they just lawful they look like they waffle but they waffle but like their comp also wasn't great at turning like if a j4 goes for that you know fifteen hundred range engage where he's EQ alting someone vel'koz doesn't follow up that easy Draven can throw his alt a little bit and then you have the GP alt but you really want them running into you so you can hit them with all this and Brom can block their stuff they could have just stayed on the Baron and forced to fifty-fifty smite that Smith he has to flash into a pit to do because no one wants to run into actually contest the barracks make these like the king of those back to last week smiting against the in the 50/50 s but as you mentioned following that replay golden Guardians we got to run around the map maybe to hold yeah Jensen's doing is worse to the base for Team Liquid again I think I want to return to the conversation of how they look now heading into week four and towards riff rivals you know and and kind of gauge the competitiveness of the league because yeah they're not hard smashing other na teams right now but is that more indicative of tiel's level or the rest of the league I don't want to use Team Liquid as a complete benchmark for how all of us are doing because like we saw at MSI we didn't think they're gonna come in and be dominant yet they still found a way to beat IG to go to the final so I think that seemed liquid I will can give them a pass for being a little bit slower here especially with a new pass that just came around with very clear picks that I've been introduced and taken out of the meta like Silas and the rice so I think that Team Liquid as long as they continue to win and be dominant I can forgive them from mistakes like over chasing or not basing because those are the things that are very easy to fix you look at the rod and say okay just press B here yeah yeah all right hit that button then tal moved five and two and snagged hold of first place the only team at the moment a few will join them later in the day we're stepping away when we return it's GSM and optic loading on to the rift in another battle for first if you want to support your team on the rift though pick up your TSM or optic team pass in client today you'll unlock special watch missions and extra swag to show off your fandom Game two is coming up don't go anyway [Applause] [Applause] I have to heal I push many people then by yourself alive are we gonna be too dead on besides golden Guardians make it three welcome back to assist of the week presented by State Farm 33 minutes into the battle of LCS juggernaut TSM in cloud 9 c9 had begun stealing momentum of the match luckily for TSM broken blade was smurfing on poppy thanks to an unexpected engage on Tuesday's old prom followed by an unfortunate verdict for sneaky been Sivir was safe to rain on cloud 9 s parade with a Quadra kill for Sven Sivir TSM marched down mid lane and killed her opponents Nexus while an ace cloud 9 could only sit and watch I love this like of course it should be here like every single time like you should be way faster but he's good to see this should have been there for a long time I wanna see chords e this thing okay good let's do it let's do it always dad want to go like crazy you can do that for at once which is like you know it's a lot only $15 guys