TL vs G2 | Group Stage Day 5 | 2019 Mid-Season Invitational | Team Liquid vs. G2 Esports

I think today for us is just important to prove that you is again better than a night to keep the bragging rights and on top of it we finally want to come back against Buffalo because the last game was really one-sided and we want to prove that we are a better team I mean I don't know if I want to knock TL out of the tournament because that's like pretty mean but I want to for sure make sure that you know we win so if they have to go out of the tournament that they will just go out the determined well coming into the day yonkos might not have expected the stakes to be as high as they now are for Game four here at MSI group stage they have compounded exponentially for both team liquid and g2 eSports here I mean yeah the fact that g2 lost that game versus PV B means that you know they either need to win this game and hope SKT loses to get second place and if they lose this they have no chance of that happening yeah and that's where this regional pride game all of a sudden jumped off an office for g2 and at the same time TL ultimately have destiny in their own hand even if they lose this I still have the tiebreaker but you would like to get through the semi-finals with some streakiness of success because for any chance going up against this Invictus gaming lineup now which is the most likely scenario for the 4th place you need some consistency and walking off the casas desk to join the analysts desk to try to work out kind of where both these teams are at after their matches obviously TL a very soundly defeated G to show that they made some flaws and execution so even just picking a winner here like you wanted to scream out g2 but stranger things have happened this last day can have some surprise results and the surprising thing to me is that they share some mistakes the inability to play won 3-1 with the correct was something that we you know crucified the TL lineup for and thence was shown again today by g2 and then potentially holes in the early games starting to appear for both of these teams and the inability to claw your way back into it so I think a lot of parity between these lineups right now yeah and I think it's almost like reverse of someone as well like Team Liquid against SKT felt you know like they had no life and sometimes they tried to make a couple plays they always came up short g2 made too many plays jamish kept fighting when they they didn't necessarily need to play that style against the fungal comp and so both these teams kind of need to actually go back more towards the middle for both of them while TL as you mentioned still would have a second chance to qualify to the knockout stage with at least a tiebreaker at the end of the day if they lose here I think the most important thing for a lot of NA fans is shirking the manner of loss that they suffered from the beginning of the day again the idea of almost inaction from start to finish and again I want to see them play towards the bottom side of the map and to give them greater focus there in the draft it's not good enough to give over the best champions they can play this time around it's gonna be Ziya recon I expect them to get rid of one of the half of the duo's and then allow the control of double-dipping Corps JJ to start creeping up summoners rift and impacting the mid lane because right now they're not going through the right avenues but I'm so intrigued to see if this game kind of follows the predictable cadence because you expect it to be team five versus one three one and we saw the teamfight team never get anywhere near a teamfight and the one three one team actually very surprisingly fail at 1:31 that is kind of g2s bread-and-butter so given the baggage there's so much baggage for both the squad's here and which whichever of them can actually come over that it's probably gonna be the team that wins yeah I think the ankles for Smith he is a big part of that because smithy has felt like a large chunk of that baggage and I think you know the laners need to do more to help him out but also not just picking hecarim again against the incus he's probably gonna be proactive and get into the lanes before smithy hits his power spikes and so if if smithy can get things done early I think on the side of g2 you're looking at of course the bottom lane in particular Mickey X holding extraordinary number of deaths up to that 15 minute mark for his role in support yeah I mean that's that was one of the scary points they've done fine in terms of CST but the mistakes that can come in for their bottling for g2 needs to get cleaned up that's really what cost in the last game well the stakes are set for both of these squad CL on the blue g2 on the red we're throwing it out to the casters to get us into this game thank you very much quick shot yet joined by Kobe and a Vettius as we dive straight into the draft Rhys Silas and tarik taken away Kobe yeah no surprise here on the blue side for Team Liquid scariest things are those flexible picks between caps and wonder taking out some of the best right now well Team Liquid they armed blue side which means they do get priority over a lot of those flex options they have played the Jayce in the past except they're actually gonna choose to ban away which kind of forces g2 into a choice do they want to take the Akali off the board or do they want to allow Jensen to get his hands on it given that they may have an answer prepare yeah Akali off but irelia is still open a possible you know melee assassin that either of them can pick up looks like the hover is coming in from the side of team look good for the time being in recent memory it feels like so far this tournament team that good haven't really played it so far during the regular season can confirm zero I rarely a picks this tournament for Team Liquid and it is not secured instead it's gonna be the Jarvan Forex maybe the analyst Aires was saying how they wanted a higher priority pick for expertise champion yeah honestly want something for him with a lot of mobility early on too so that if he does find himself you know in the river without lanes pushing then there will be a way out and my expectations now odds at the irelia and the tahm Kench as predicted will come out from the side of GT when they're on the red side they really value having this time Kent you pick not only is it a take away from the side of core JJ but also they just feel it's one of the most offensive options but this just now to me suggests that team they could have look for a galley or pick up hats with the Kaiser as well yeah I mean it certainly does all the best things about tahm Kench are really exacerbated on the red side defending here perks for the bottom side they talked about a lot of the mithya Mickey X deaths early on in lane phase if he stands back and plays defensively should be just fine double if though no surprise locking in acai so once again two games played no wins yet for Team Liquid and Team Liquid control all of the outcomes if team agood wins this game our one two three and four are set and locked regardless of the next two games results and importantly Team Liquid will secure that fourth spot in the semifinals Gallio secured as you anticipated various and outs up to teach you to response I wanted to talk about the possibility of a reksai but g2 already hovering it I thought they might put more priority on it earlier in the draft but they did decide to go for the tahm Kench I feel like it makes the most sense up against the job and not only are they the two most contested junglers at the time but I do feel that in the early game where X I often has the advantage over the job and given that I believe and interrupts the EQ combo if you time your lockup correctly yeah in the LCS during our regular season we had quite the unlucky run before Jarvan vs Rex I match up so it was about a oh and six at one point I believe and that is going to look to continue here now as you move into the second phase it looks like the g2 are putting more focus towards the top side of the map they're going to take the gangplank away to me this does suggest the g2 haven't quite locked in their top laner yet it is caps that usually goes towards the irelia even though individuals like frost proclaim that one day does come across as the stronger irelia and I'm likely to agree his mechanics and usually the way in which he sets up his stuns is what most impresses me about his irelia play we need to see where it lands because there's still a lot on the table and of course Team Liquid having not you know officially shown their solo laners is this you know tools to play with Niko has been Holford and we've seen Niko showing up a little more frequently as has Kenan I can't abandon out from impact he's played that twice of this tournament and Timur could one man left to go yeah they're trying to whittle away down their options I do expect you two to lock in their marksmen first here so they can retain the flexibility of irelia and not show either solo lane position until the very last pick so team Luka are also trying to whittle down on the possible options for Perks taking out that Draven and I love the Niko ban came through because Team Liquid are very aware that it could go into the bottom lane so Jeter answering with a potentially very safe bottom half of the map Ezreal tahm Kench one of the safest bot lanes in the current map and when people have been looking at these two teams they're OK well team liquids way to win is through the bottom side g2 drafted the safest bottom lane possible here with Israel and tahm Kench so they can allow yang Coase to help out wonder and caps get these solo lanes off to a good start and find victory that way and of course there's Team Liquid into this final phase of picks LeBlanc now locked in so this will give Capps the option to run something into it and impact will likely lock in this Vladimir so some scaling options as well and now it's up to you to reply now the last time that these two teams did meet it was wonder that took the Vladimir in – Team Liquid and they answered by taking the 8 rocks which is where we saw impact get that kill which ultimately did trade in 1 for 1 but we saw impact applying a lot of pressure in that match up towards the top side and now that we do see the full lineups here I really want to see more work from xmithie and Jensen together they have the Jarvan and LeBlanc combination playing into a Corki which is a very standard counter to leblanc often picked into it with something like a barrier trying to scale into damage later but we have not seen a lot of XP and Jensen working aggressively in the early game together to try and allow you know some more control and some more movement that way doublelift an impact as you guys that touched on are both looking more for scaling my eyes right now or on the duo's as you already mentioned xmithie and Jensen have a really strong opportunity here to actually make a lot of things happen in the other game whereas for G – I feel like Wonder and yonkos need to be the duo that we keep our eyes on do you Elliott they have a lot of options to play around her in the early game and once you pick up things like the package the ability of Corki to roam up towards the top side along with yonkos to try and get wander ahead it's very fruitful especially when Vladimir is at his weakest a lot of early game decision-making then and of course we can see the coaches shaking hands as they step off the stage just to reiterate and remind everybody there are 8 possible scenarios to round out today and if Team Liquid win at this game they will guarantee that not only they advance to the semi-finals but that g2 eSports lose the second seed in order for g2 eSports to secure the second C they need to win this game and then hope that Invictus gaming take down SK Telecom later this evening so there's a lot on the line for these two teams Kobe definitely a little jumper to LA versus eut liquid versus g2 eSports g2 lost that game – Fung vu Buffalo earlier today they are 0-2 Boston liquid have taken them down five times this tournament it has created this crazy scenario regimes you can lose their second seed but it's not over yet we still have a full game to get through and when you see which team will get an advantage early on now with the compositions that we're seeing there's actually a lot of scaling on both sides you look at Team Liquid and you see the blather and the top side you see the Caixa in the bottom I could leave the block she does actually scale very well when she hits three items and her ability to poke and threaten a potential one shot is very high as the game progresses and korcula mid-late is source of that 42 with Corki in dilip logged heading for that Trinity force early on the damage to tried answer when she goes in with the distortions and of course the caps actually got caught on Mike chick you know talking and kind of call it Jensen a little bit back to lissandra so when I see a little bit of taunting there in the mid lane it just reminds me of a couple days ago yeah there's always that extra edge there trying to play the mental game versus you know EU versus na there's a lot that goes with these matches and it's trying to have a little bit of fun with it we'll see whether or not it helps the matchup of course because as it stands Capps is gonna be pushing in the mid lane one is already getting some good trades onto impact up saw and I already early on want to draw some attention choose the mini-map because you'll notice that as a bit of training happens in the mid lane you'll notice that mid lane does in fact have priority and the bot lane has priority as well which has allowed the jungler to go from red immediately into the river to secure BOTS this means that there's a lot of bot map control and favor of Team Liquid and this will further allow quarter-day and double if to continue applying pressure at these early levels and we already talked about how they have this paper will match up against a very safe defensive bot lane from g2 they can continue to scale up and be this big carrot later on and of course g2 looking at these matchups very well aware of this they place that control word that you can see or not control where the regular ward in the brush by the scuttle crab so they saw everything happen and yang coasts with the extra level lead does take the scuttle crab before xmithie gets there and of course during the draft various you mentioning how you wanted to see yang caster wonder tried to double-team up and try to get some sort of advantages for this our earlier before the Vlad scale up the way pushed him pretty heavily thank us is now moving back towards his jungle is Jensen continues to push board onto caps there's a little bit of a chase on but with distortion and flash Jensen will be able to escape a some a spell use and that's a big part about the matchup right LeBlanc always using the distortion to play offensively we just caught Jensen going in for the harassment uses the full combo with distortion that's when you gank try and time your ganks right after the LeBlanc goes for a trade because you won't have the extra escape available and keeping up that chase they actually get Jensen to burn the flash at the end he does not want to risk getting flash knock up hit from yang cose does get the stop under tower but they're both fairly low health so see if that even helps me be in the 2v2 now Smith is running from his life yang Coast gets the furious pipe in no reply what did I ask of them various XP and Jensen to work together they do it here at 4 minutes into the game they're able to get the kill on the caps Jensen stop the recall and then called x mitt the over to come by for the second trade and notice that Capps isn't running any defensive summoner spells he chooses to go for the teleport so this time around when it looked like an over aggressive play from Jensen he converts it into a kill knowing that his jungler is behind him the ankus hasn't left yet I wonder if he's gonna dive doesn't fancy it he might try and stop the back with a prey seeker that's super high value if he knew well where the recall was I don't know if we actually had already got it we'll talk about the positive side of teleport after this so here it go Jensen goes in for the trade he's got the ignite x-min the– gets there with the flag and drag flash to finish off the kill so there's no opportunity for Capps to flash because it's me 3m set and is able to get the flash himself to secure that knock up but again since you pointed out cats running this teleport he teleports right back to lane keeps up the pressure is able to continue farming and Jensen goes for that recall and crucially the LeBlanc doesn't secure the first blood which means that in terms of the 1vs1 matchup Corki isn't gonna be too afraid the only thing that Capps needs to be a scared of is the experience disadvantage which is slightly compensated for thanks to the teleport repeat gank here from yang cos they're betting that Jensen goes aggressively again but you need to save that distortion if you don't have vision and you need to play to your strong side here really good pan by the observers you can see the double control Ward's from Team Liquid on bottom side that's the strong side we're referring to in this scenario that the LeBlanc should be helping what a quick glimpse of Jensen stepping forward didn't find any damage on the caps though and as is customary almost every time Nick you recall the first time swings around middle drops by clears out one of the control Ward's instantly replaced by Kor JJ and no further set up bf sword picked up for doublelift in his first back perks recalled and his running back to Linds who's holding on to that teleport he's going south machine and the sapphire crystal and those bottom Lane teleports are actually very important in this game this is an infernal Drake first dragon spawn so very very critical as far as which team is able to get bottom Lane pushing you can see right now Team Liquid already trying to get deeper vision on this half the map and Team Liquid are doing a fantastic job of it right now they had the bot pushed in Jensen got a beautiful trade up against Capps and then he hit six immediately after so given the caps is only at 50% HP the risk of an all-in is very high so he is now forced to play even more defensively and cannot look to assist his jungler so g2 slowly losing more and more control over the bottom half of the map yeah I mean fortunately first is a little bit behind in CS my caps is farming a little bit of head plus 6 on the g2 mid laner plus 10 on the TL botlane and of course we saw the vision being pushed into that right-hand quadrant from g2 eSports multiple members of Team Liquid stepping pause can allow them to steal away this blue buff and continue to apply pressure on their strong half of the map and potentially start this infernal if no one from g2 wants to now g2 are expecting this infernal Drake to start so keep an eye on the mini-map once again you'll notice that wonder actually started roaming down you two are talking about a potential fight but with no real information on what's going on and noticing that everyone is actually returning to their lanes they said okay we're gonna back off one thing you can go back to top lane we don't need to force a fight and what just happened there where we saw with the blue steel as we pause here to see if ginkgos will go aggressively it's kind of a consequence of g2 drafting the way they have in the mid lane well caps is dead exactly what you wanted to just see Kobe Smith Ian Jensen working together to shut down casts a repeat gank there once again caps goes down was the flash available it is now but the thing that he wasn't expecting was that there would be a jungler right behind the chain securing a kill the thing is because he was walked unto tower once again the flag and drag could set up for the CC which was long enough to find that kill and I've seen that could come quickly convert this into the first break of the game and again another big bonus of those control wards in the river allowing them that gank back to set it up now they've got the objective on top of it and this is a very big snowball from the bottom half man it is a thousand five hundred gold lead two kills an infernal Drake and we're not even at ten minutes on the clock this is a fantastic start for Team Liquid and the Djurovic smithy and Jensen are working together exquisitely yonkos showed his face he got the flash in the mid lane but this is a replay of just how quickly caps went down ah yes the good the chain has already locked them in place so there's zero chance of them getting out and again it's mithy comes over the wall from the control ward so there is no vision there's a nice play by the duo want to keep referring fans attention to the mini-map because you have to keep your eyes on how much g2 is moving around the map caps has just picked up the package and he was looking for a potential robot to maybe shut down the pushing doublelift and core JJ fortunately for Team Liquid they had great vision already set up in the river double control Ward's meaning that a room was very telegraphed it was very well known and no one ends up losing now I seem to get off to a very good stop at g2 obviously who touched on the fact that they do have very good scaling wonder has been pushing an impact a lot but it hasn't accrued a significantly the minion wave will give you about a 6 or 7 CS advantage as one deforms under the turret but teleports are coming back up for both wonder and caps and if g2 want to make any proactive plays they're starting to hit that point levels and items where they want yeah the items are critical for this team this is a triple trinity force lineup that g2 have drafted irelia Corki and ezreal all have the possibility of going this item guess hey so can go with the ice-born gauntlet or the armor but you know he is also facing double AP solo laner so might want the extra burst damage of trinity force and those spikes coming through our where g2 wants to actually take their fights and I completely agree with you code because when we talked a lot about this team during the regular season it was actually the 15-minute mark onwards where g2 really turned on as a team that's when they really start to look to be proactive and that's we're expecting these spikes to come through that's wonders now before take a look at that flash for flash wonder just gets down shut down and it's expense again with the roam and we talked about how g2 could potentially get to that mid game point unfortunately for them everything is falling apart in the early game xmithie is turning on as a jungler finding three successful ganks and mounting in a very substantial early game lead for Team Liquid this already seems like it's Mitty's best game of the entire tournament here so far now he's to turn his eyes towards the objective picking up your throat for the team as well of course need to remind everybody of the stakes teamliquid win they guarantee themselves that fourth seed going into playoffs and they guarantee that g2 esports takes third place meaning Invictus gaming will get to choose na or EU for they semi final match and the thing is for Team Liquid is this is kind of the best kind of game that they could want versus g2 because the way in which they succeed the most is when the game is more slower paced more controlled when they get to take time to make their decisions and with G choose composition it's not sporadic it's not skirmish heavy it's not about crazy aggression all over the shop and given that they found this girl early lead they're actually set up for success as the game progresses yeah they're Diplo are set up for it I think they still need to keep their eyes open Miki X has just hit level 6 on the tahm Kench so more possibilities of those rooms that you talked about are coming through Jensen goes aggressive on caps once again and core JJ is the one this time with his back yeah Jensen didn't find the chains this time rod yang course is gonna stay up for chilling smite enough to force the flash and Jensen escapes with his life Yankers held onto that void rush I hear the rift Herald has been summoned down the bottom lane as X maybe after helping mid and top shows his face bottom and just before the 12 and a half minute mark that bottom tower is going finds one in reply with a phrase seeker but that was its solo kill for Chen's awesome I'll play right there but it's cut so short by yang Coast finding the counter kill bottom side a little bit more action as if Smith e kills the control ward and backs off yeah g2 eSports clearing out that minion wave to mitigate the chances of a tower dive with yang cos now roaming towards this bottom lane it's mid he decides to back away and I don't care if the celebration was short-lived Jensen picking up the solo kill is what you want to see as a North American fan for JJ starts to charge up the taunt will actually not find a target justice punches away to safety in this tower is getting so so alone there's gonna be a full fight just a trade for now just some fancy irelia moves dancing around the minion all three of us hold up ramp if you wait to see like this impecca further but no not right now team look a contender the leap they've built up let's see if anything comes of this dragon that's about to spawn here because if we do have a couple of recalls being synched up replay instead Jensen okay so this is one where he sees yang cose go to the bottom side so Jensen's probably aware that caps is gonna try and force something under the turret here caps forces pretty hard though and Jensen taking the distortion back to dodge the big one missile coming out of caps allows him to get the kill under Tower however denko's still there gets over the back of our after a bit and is able to get the assisted kill on right back that replay was depending on your perspective is very different if you're north american you're like damn jensen completely out play caps there whereas if you're european it's like howdy caps miss everything you didn't land a single skill shot some fancy footwork coming out from the mid laner from Team Liquid as T else to kill that first and the funny thing too is the goal difference isn't that big because one of the kills is assisted so you get an extra 50% gold basically in the meantime though that dragon is being taken up and it's going over to Team Liquid our was killed on the bottom side as well and this is a very good pace for them at 14 minutes fairly significant lead I think Team Liquid are playing this game beautifully right now the fact that they've got this kind of a lead with a composition that's right now is giving very much towards team fighting you have a case that's already completed the storm razor the Vladimir has gone very even with wonder in laning phase after falling at an early deficit he's come back very nicely and they're kind of setting themselves up to be in a great position to fight around these move object now both sides have hit that first item power spike storm razor for doublelift Luden's for Jensen proto belt the impact on the other side wonders got himself the wit's end Trinity force for caps and that ice-born gauntlet for perks so g2 esports have that a little bit more power to play with especially with caps running around with the package but at a two and a half thousand goal deficit g2 esports cannot afford any more mistakes Team Liquid have ability to close the game out when they have a leave and cheat you right now I'm making mistakes or they are being punished by very good plays by similar honesty that we talked about due to being punished but to me it just feels like thiele actually making very good proactive moves like a lot of the decisions that they're making are just very clean and the execution is very good so a lot of props cease to go to Team Liquid where the pressure feels on and they're they're living up all right caps now gets jump on once again the down comes out to foul by Mickey buys enough time or JJ arrived as well so a couple of Ultimates used and just the Devourer to escape to safety that's a good sign for g2 that's another one of those aggressive looks you're talking about their videos we're Team Liquid continually looking for plays this time around really good dodge from g2 to avoid the big Gallio ultimate cool down while I'm looking at the siege in the middle lane impact swamped fought him he's pushed that wave all the way up to that inner turret and caps is there to catch it and respond hurts now parked off in that middle lane and he's gonna be on wave clear duty for now they could have beautiful control across the entirety of the map right now they have knowledge that there are three members of g2 in the middle lane which means that they can send two members up through the topside jungle as Team Liquid is pushing in the top lane and start to get this deeper vision one that is forced to back off because he has no information on his half of the jungle and this means that another tower will go in favor of Team Liquid yeah wonder really wants a 1v1 with one of the AP solo laners he's invested it into the wit's end he does not have a very good chance versus the duo lane of court today and double whip so they have to give up another turret here on the outside it just extends that gold lead even further two dragons and three and a half K smithy will get chunked out by caps is gonna use the Valkyrie forward when Mickey decides not to chase is out the tongue lash and there's no follow-up from the rest of g2 instead the defensive teleport from perks he's now joined the middle lane that that manamune picked up trying to channel that up towards the mirror manner and the mountain drake is just a couple minutes away alright so g2 now should be you know spreading out into there 131 with the Tomcats protecting Ezreal in mid lane their big problem is they don't have early game pressure usually at this point in the game you want to be pushing those out and being able to get the advantage the river here wall perks goes in aggressively with Mickey gets there all right Jensen throws out the chains the blastoma buy some time the rest of team liquid find a chase up that's a very good trueshot barrage and they get Jensen very very low perks continue to chase for looking at the mini-map wonders coming from the mid lane but there's simply not enough to chase further one they're gonna join the rest of the team and this will actually give g2 some priority through the box I drove unfortunately for them the dragon is still one minute away so they can't look to grab themselves another objective but the one thing I will say about G twos comp is then you do actually have a lot of poke with the Corki and the Ezreal when team that could try to set up for an objective GG you can sit in these pockets of darkness and just throw these bits of damage out over the wall and look to try a chunk see look at them oh man gosh is already garlic Smithy's found him double have tanked him that's yet another kill five on the board four of which exposes been involved in that is gonna be more control for Team Luka to move into the jungle or they're gonna chase forward caps and make you fancy themselves some damage and reply wanders up in the top lane he's got teleport available to him teamliquid are pushing 45 seconds until the next dragon they've got pressure in the mid lane they've got caps potentially flanked and this could be a tower dive this could become a 401 caps is not flashing Valcke available think he's already fast now he felt it gods is ticking down here comes in back brought about forward that should be enough to take our cap the pop goes down if that gets if the fan goes it's buy some time as one that's supposed to run for his life now it's MIDI gets up and perch goes down as well I didn't even see Jensen find the kill but he gets another where did this team come from teamliquid looking completely different from the rest of the tournament here they have turned it up to 11 are an official voyage comes in from Mickey he delivers Wanda into the jungle jankis needs to run for his life flash is still available – and washes away first job will not kill just yet double if doesn't have an ultimate to chase team illiquid own the rift and they are pushing G to off beautiful execution coming out from Team Liquid right now and it is the members of Jensen and impact that are making these fantastic plays the players impact while having a great tournament has not converted those leads into carry performances and gentlemen expensive have been the primary controversy for this team but right now they're looking fantastic and they're looking to expect upset G – I agree I think that's the biggest point there Exhibit D and Jensen have continually made these really big offensive looks and they are paying off here is another look at the tower dive its mithy actually this time getting the knock up on two caps and the ignite goes down in fact says I will finish the job dives right in there with the flash then on the backside perks actually gets ignited and cubed by Jensen that's enough to burn him down it was just a really beautiful dive and a bit of disrespect coming out from caps when we saw the mini-map in that replay there was no vision or pressure anywhere on the map for g2 and the midlane tower should have been the expected target so the fact that caps stuck around Tim liquid were very happy to just punish that 5,000 gold in the lead for Team Liquid to 0 for X Mideast Jarvan it was the first pick on the blue side he has been everywhere this game and truly is leading his team to this advantageous position now of course I want to take nothing away from the rest of the squad Jensen is having a phenomenal love long game and especially up against Capps who has been a player there's sort of that Jensen's number this four minutes yeah I mean if you look at the score line cap 0 for one right now he's definitely made some greedy plays and Jensen has aptly punished him right now the only thing g2 waiting for is scaling but even then we already talked about it impact on the Vladimir doublelift on the Kaiser this team knows how to utilize this composition they know how to teamfight and they're a smart team that can set up four objectives cleanly as doing right now goofing up challenging the vision around Baron at 21 and a half minutes pushing vision deep into Jeju jungle it is being contested up you can see multiple members of Jeju pushing forward and using all of their abilities to poke and push to yell away but I love that our observers highlighted the vision difference you can see how far back gee – oh boy no solo kills caps zero five one buttock Smitty made that work black cleaver as well as the cinderhulk just to dunk him and use the whole combo xmithie is popping black cleaver has just been picked up he feels that he can confidently shut down Kat and she does so exquisitely teamliquid certainly looking to end the group stayed strong here they are making such a show in 22 minutes into the game and they're taking down the secondary turret on top side earlier today the cost us are talking about when you watch some team playing all sudden other regions become fans of teams they might not normally be fans off right now SK Telecom are saying praise be liquid they will be getting second see flash wolves will be praising g2 hoping they can come back because if team look could win this game flash was already eliminated g2 will place third and of course team the crew will guarantee that fourth seat so this is the full solo kill the and just sitting in the brush waiting for cats knows that there's no flash here follows up the Valkyrie there with his own ultimate and finishes the job clean nothing more to say beautifully done and that's why it seemed likkle I just in a phenomenal position 6000 gold up now they continue to apply pressure and g2 and look for g2 they've still got the ability to scale into this game but it just doesn't feel like they're gonna be given the opportunity seem lik would have been starting and ending plays getting advantages every single time the biggest thing for Team Liquid now will be how they play around the Baron because they'll want to secure that objective they have a pretty good composition to take it it's just a matter of whether they will be able to secure it cleanly they do have a tendency that when they have the lead Baron is usually a very easy objective for them to take because of how well they set up vision in the enemy jungle the question is will they be able to do it the the g2 team often doesn't stick to the plate and the g2 team as you pointed out earlier to have quite a lot of long range poke abilities at their disposal currently they're fighting admit though they are indeed teleports coming Attucks Lindy's got the Cataclysm available to make you buy some time with a stopwatch and purchase is supposed to run for his life chemo plague might just be enough they're not gonna kill him just yet now on the background wonders already did there goes Mickey yang cos the Sonics movie follows the flag with the flash manages to find yang cos he continues to run for his life is at least this one killed back for g2 eSports but yang co-stars remain perks is your life standing so that means Baron is on the table Team Liquid are looking to take a victory over g2 here at MSI it's gotta be delayed though no baron started up it looks like they're not gonna take the gamble they don't want to run the risk they're waiting for the health bars to come back they're waiting for the teleport from double if he's gonna go back to base spend his gold pick up a couple extra items and they're gonna look to secure this big objective rapid firecannon completed along with the storm razor and plate it is too little it is too late and the observers giving false hope to all European viewers watching g2 eSports went from controlling second seed to conceding it by giving away two losses to Fong foo and right now being obliterated by Team Liquid so here we can see g2 trying to catch core JJ out of position but the Gallio pretty tanky at this point in time it buys enough time forex myth you to join the fray a beautiful flash died from impact on to the backline wonder I don't even think you got oh he did ultimate but he did absolutely nothing with it he's just lying on the back line slowly getting killed off yang Coast is trying to deal with Jensen but the entire team liquid squad it's just so coordinated in their target focused way back in doublelift is on a rampage for zero and one as we come out of the replay X MIDI once again 12 out of his team's 13 kills he's involved in impact is now looking for a 1v1 that's become a 1v2 him back hoes in the sanguine pool the caps is running for his life so is yang cost impact has turned this around with Ferran and Alex MIDI showing up caps and anchors are in trouble the bottom line is being seed and broken inhibitor turret is being attacked while impact sneaks me take Manila and with wonder still dead 15 seconds left on his death timer Baron buff at the command of Team Liquid they can continue pushing into the base oh this is for the semi final stumble if will open up g2 space of 25 and a half minutes Capps gets chunked out by V captain ray impact is pushing into the mid lane as the rest of Team Liquid are dancing between both lanes Jensen will get a couple extra autos and leaving that Ferren and power cannon minion to do its work now all of a sudden the W from impound for buy some time be part of us forward the impact will not no doubt it buys enough time Yonkers is already dead finally a stunt and Wonder get one back the hourglass bought so much time for in fact but that goes Jensen manages to get the AoE I really thought more was quick shot good Sun comes out from wonder but the damage has already been done from Team Liquid they broke into the base on the box side they haven't slowed down yet shuffle it finds perks blows him up killer instinct is to a Cathy and rain didn't hear but it was still standing in the bottom Lane and now the focus is the middle couple of step for thought to walk towards those plasma stacks I'm melting through Mickey's HP bar grey health has already been popped small amount of regen this simply isn't gonna be enough 27 minutes for 0 and 10 onyx Smitty here's the hero that is starting everything but double it for 3 items is finishing everything love that team liquid didn't back off from that play they they took a step back they take a minute to reorganize and then they continue with the aggression knowing they still have the Baron buff knowing they can still fight for this inhibitor and they secure the objective all right let's take another look at this impact eSports to use this on use early on but it's simply a matter of baiting g2 in as they find that initial Kelantan reksai and this is why we see quark is forced to go back to base Team Liquid take a second to readjust themselves and then they continue with the siege impacts plays got cut something caught in my throat here this tablet would dive in on deferred stubble if taking that ultimate killer instinct indeed right into the base team liquid want their spot in the knockout stage and they want to earn it themselves oh man earlier today tea liquid had a valiant game against SK Telecom and now they are smashing g2 esports g25 and for coming into this they lost the phone Buehrle today and now it feels but all but inevitable with an eleven thousand gold deficit that they will be knocked out of that second seed what a fashion to do so g2 is defending now inhibitor and the bottom will be the focus of at least four members of Team Liquid Jensen is coming in from the mid lane and caps is sitting on the package so that Valkyrie could it be beneficial but the truth is there are so many squishy members in g2 and have a fight breaks out feel like Team Liquid is just then before anything else happened I mean just look at Yonkers only just now hitting level 13 and he's going up against level 15 double at level 16 Jensen level 60 in impact just the level differences alone is enough to melt through g2 let alone the item and there's two GA s on the side of Team Liquid the hourglass sitting inside impact hands caps is getting a couple autos off and look all credit to g2 they're holding on to the sand here Peter the caps is gonna use that package defensively try to put down the air wave clear that goes ex baby yeah can double up these killer instinct that's a triple the double he's looking for the Quadra maybe a Penta not gonna be enough just yet its impact is taken out into the fountain caps and yang costs go it's a 5 on to the team liquid surely they've done it that's a dashboard here comes the rest of team liquid caps goes golden Nexus turret Falls counts flashes away to safety for JJ's going low he's taken up on Yankers the Jensen gets one in reply it's not done yet as caps are trying to get the damage on this the Nexus turret is broken through the Chie and a fake Kaiser double lift and team a liquid and Vaughn's to the semi-finals eliminating g2 what a turnaround for Team a liquid on the final day of group stages they show up the biggest big performances from all members but xmithie what an improvement absolutely dominating the early game and then with the draft of Caixa Gallio vladimir amazing team fight to end out the game if they win early game with this composition they are gonna steamroll ahead full 0:15 he was involved in 19 of the 20 kills that seemed liquid were involved in even getting a solo kill down on to exquisite performance from teamliquid they executed upon their draft beautifully and most importantly Kobe the exceed Denson – oh they found that early lead and they ran away with it and of course the question I have to ask him earlier yes early today against SKT team I could just kind of rolled over they actually didn't do a whole lot this game extremely proactive from minute one every R on the map and they make opportunities this is the team liquid that has to show up in bo5 at the last possible second forever the fire has been lit well we'll have to see what they can do for more on how Team Liquid picked up that win let's leave it to State Farm analyst desk thank you very much quick shot we'll hear from doublelift in just a few moments but first we have to talk about that victory for Team Liquid Redemption from last year's MSI when they had control of their own destiny weren't able to push it forward this time around they take it before even having to play a tiebreaker big sigh of relief I'm so happy the way they did it avoiding tiebreaker avoiding having to play again going in off a slump of going 0 2 on the day bouncing back beating one of the other regions that was top three regions like picking up a win against someone above you in the standings which they hadn't done yet all that makes it feel so much better for North American fans and I think a big bounce-back performance a hidden on the car so the fact that they fell down against SKT and just look like that had no proactivity the changes came in from the coaching staff they set them up for a brilliant game but the play is ultimately delivered in a massive way and one of the questions we had was which team would bring more baggage from their losses earlier today MTL rolled over against SKT and then came in with a style more confident the moment I saw the Ezreal tahm Kench and just the fact they were feeling a little bit defeated I felt like g2 play best when their chests are puffed out and they're so confident and just how good they are and I just didn't get that vibe here because let's not forget this was a European region a g2 squad that was really ready to claim the second spot you know globally they've taken down SKT twice but now the fact that they've dropped games against Fong foo Buffalo two in a row and the now liquid loss makes fans and you know Anna's going to start questioning the validity of that statement that has been made throughout this tournament g2 locked in the third now TL picking up four but I want to reference the draft point because on the side of TL they've done what we finally asked for prioritized a champion for xmithie that gives him agency in the early game and he utilizes it to perfection getting jensen specifically ahead well it's what we were saying at the top of the day the fact that sometimes caps does blow up in laning phase and you know this was not him just briefing or anything like that TL played very well nice counter gank here set this up at the end of the day you're watching plays at the first blood here and you feel that X mithy is ahead of the play and his mechanics are on point you can say that about none of the first nine games of the tournament form but here with that agency with like you say not just a level six jungler he comes up in a big way yeah and Jensen as well saying he'll carry double the groups had ambitious performance just Jukes three out of three skill shots out of him and kills caps underneath his own turret and that was kind of the last gaffed almost that we saw out of g2 from no point on after that do they feel like they were in control and just as a small point you know I mentioned no players are than confident I thought caps was he was trying to make things happen but it was kind of notable how when I watch g2 domestically if caps is getting caught other people I'm making the players cuz of course with he's not in their lane it didn't feel like that here so caps was almost an anomaly and how do you play it's like what you said like who learned correctly from their mistakes okay no more hecarim let's pick j4 for TL and then for g2 are bought lane died a lot in the mid game let's pick the safest thing possible and that was probably the wrong lesson because now double it has a free laning phase and got a 70 CS lead and that was a thing that impressed me right it was everywhere on the map impact on Vladimir had a good performance and then their bottom Lane popped off the fact that doublelift and coach AJ had their standout performance against g2 and like just the ability to generate such a huge Lane lead they took the turret with a rift Herald and we're able to rotate around the map always in the play in that mid game position you know Kaiser and Kelly are very good at joining these fights and they utilize them beautifully those are familiar numbers for na fans domestically when it comes to TL and the bot lane so it's good to see them generate those same kind of numbers here on the international stage and and I feel like Mark midway through that game we started to see doublelift kind of fall into his groove gets a solo kill here out plays a skill-shot there in a teamfight and a little bit of that confidence starts to creep back in yeah I mean that's what like you said any fans are used to seeing and you could tell that that was not who was on stage two days ago it was not that confident doublelift he'd spend the double if we've seen it international before where he falls onto the back foot and it took a little bit of time to ramp up in this game and you know maybe it's just item power spikes for Caixa but later on he started making really aggressive plays I mean when the jungler gets ahead like this happened in this game it just all slid into place right it fell like everything that you prepared based on domestic TL was capped off from X mithy getting so far we've been leveraging criticism at both expand the team for putting him in hard places so far in the tournament but this 10th and final game of the group stage master card player of the game for a Smithee through and through and let me tell you as a jungler if you can sit there and just whack a mid laner to death 101 you feel pretty good but it was also the cerebral place coming at the raids of predictions and the ability to catch people out of position very well play in the same game he put off an EQ flash for first blood and a prediction on a Corki flash this is just sick smithy pay at the highest level he went the electrocute then we saw the syndicate that seems a little bit scattered but it allowed him to do a bit of everything and the moment he got those early kills he said I want to be a tank start turret diving and the good times will roll usually need to commit your goal – one thing I want a one-shot people I want to be a tank he got so ahead you commit to both I think a solo out the mid laner and be the front line with our knockout stages locked in one through four I want to kind of take stock of where the teams are because I think interestingly enough in contrast the way we've been talking about in particular g2 and tal this entire week there are only one game apart in the standings now you know and so I think you know for so long we've been down on tal and in the sense for good reason but here they are now making their way out of groups on their own volition and sitting only one game behind you – I mean it was one of those things where the front page of Reddit a day ago was like literally every other top teams opinions on why TL is bad and then suddenly you know it's like okay will they beat a top team they're clearly the fourth best team at this tournament now and it's like why was it so so negative and so so positive for some of these other regions when they aren't that far behind if and look a large portion of it is because you haven't been able to get it done against it's better than you that's what North American fans are waiting for that huge upswing but I think what they're leaving behind is that consistency factor the ability to perform and the fact that these guys are veterans and I keep saying it I think they have ramped into the tournament they haven't been given enough credit for that so I don't think this is the best al we've seen I think that you know they're going to continue to build towards the best of five and the final small points out in the manner of the victories you know with innovation and things like although that was a storm agree this was a great game I just made that g2 kind of beggars belief and kind of redefines the game when they're fully on board in their losses TL have also kind of rolled over in some games but you see games like this and you just kind of look back and say what a great job done by teal team liquid lock a knockout spot Shox is standing by to hear from the victorious ADC thank you very much – I'm here with doublelift after Team Liquid does it they advance to the knockout round and doublelift after so so many years what does it mean to you to make it to the knockout round of msi and of an international tournament well ignoring the fact that we just kind of squeaked by like by one game i mean it feels amazing i don't know i don't know what to say like everyone everything that i did and everyone that I interacted with my whole career like all the things that happened it led to this so I'm just feel really grateful I don't know the first thing that I thought about was just like wow all that time I spent on CLG and I couldn't do it like all that time I spent on TSM I couldn't do it all that time I spent like raging in my teammates on Team Liquid and like we didn't do it and and now we finally did it and it feels worth it so I feel I don't know if I feel peaceful and right now I feel really really happy but also really peaceful I mean absolutely huge congratulations you talked about all this things have led up to this the being angry at your team when it didn't work out and you told me even yesterday it's about that decisiveness I don't know where it is it was all in this game so what happened what clicked and and how did it all come together right in time well I think well we had like a really weird journey throughout groups where we thought like oh wow we need to when you take you know up the aggression to the level like IG and g2 and stuff because that's how the teams are winning and and we thought like we need to basically like play their champs but not not like their style just kind of play sort of loosely in resemblance of them but then after we got smashed by SKT we were like that doesn't work like we still have to do like Team Liquid plays I guess like the stuff that we've been practicing even if I would say like some of the plays that SKT is looking for and IG is looking for his stuff we would never realize and so trying to like be a crappy imitation of that is kind of the wrong way so we went for you know like Team Liquid style which is buff invade heavy dragon control and really just choking out their mid laner because Jensen is really good so I think I don't know I was like oh my god popping off like I need to stay calm because if I throw this game I'm gonna be really really depressed to the rest of my life so I was like yeah it was just a really good game from us was an insanely good game tell me does it feel just a little bit sweeter because it was na versus EU yeah definitely I think I don't think I could have been any more perfect like any versus you that it's been a while since I wanted to see you so that feels amazing it's absolutely fantastic is there anything you want to say to anyone of your choice of course your fans that have been supporting you for so long but also maybe your teammates and everyone in the team liquid camp yeah just like I want to thank everyone that I've ever talked to you and you know everyone that I really like struggled with as a teammate and as a player and everyone that like kind of stuck with me through my failures as a person as a player and all the fans who the same thing like how disappointing for seven years I can't do something it's really really easy but I finally did it so thank you guys and you know I hopefully will crush it in the knockout stage yeah I do want to follow up because we need to get our feet of it back to earth now you know this you got this but you owe it to everyone to step it up even more in those knockout phases because you know it wasn't up and down group phase so you know what's next out on the dock it's you do have a couple of days you said in the beginning we're gonna win how much has that wavered how are you going into those knockouts you know I think there seems to be a huge to the outside there seems to be a huge gap between us and the rest of the teams because our score sucks were like four and six but in reality it's not true we just have like some mental stuff going on with our team but but really I think our team is really good and I know as a just like being realistic we have to step up to win in the next rounds but when we get going like we really do get going I think the problem is that's just that it's getting going our team has a really slow start so I think we're just working on that and we will level up for knockout stage we have two fantastic looking forward to it congratulations Peter Team Liquid makes it to the knockout phase of MSI after a fantastic game we have more left to come our gonna take a quick break when we come back flash wolves versus Fong foo Buffalo don't go anywhere caps is dead as wonders now take a look at that flash for flash wonder just gets don't shut down it's going cabs yankles finds one in reply oh gee look at that oh man yank us is already garlic Smith he's found him pig-nuts is ticking down here comes back the crew labelled forward does that should be enough to take out cap the pop goes down if that gets if the fan goes it by some time has wondered supposed to run for his life now expiry gets up and perch goes down as well too no way solo kills caps back and uplift is on a rampage for zero and one it's not done yet his caps are trying to get the damage out if the Nexus turret is broken through the Chie and a fake Kaiser topple lifts a team a liquid advance to the semi-finals