TL vs. FLY – Week 3 Day 1 | LCS Summer Split | Team Liquid vs. FlyQuest (2019)

hello happy investors rift here with a couple surefire investment opportunities for you we want to start with a big winner its optic they start the week four oh but are about to shoot the college so unless you're seeing team green driving all the way to Detroit you may want to pat yourself on the back for being the profit of profit and get out while the getting's good from my way of thinking it's time to cash in those chips before the portfolio hits that green wall so turning to the defending champions now Team Liquid they're sitting at two and two and while you may be rushing to liquidate your liquid stock don't do anything drastic like Ted back here come on Ted you're lurking it's weird not here now liquid may be down and out but now another week to shake off that MSI hangover could be just what the doctor ordered to send their stocks back on the upward trajectory Goldman guardians future looks bright after they brought c9 back down to earth and even though not all that glitters is gold the band of buddies might be the real deal their schedule looks like smooth sailing this week but only buy in if you've got a high tolerance for risk because next week they're gonna face off against TL and TSM good luck out there friends remember all this advice comes with a very modest broker tree of 5% for your old pal red Thank You rave Ted get your head in the game I hate how much of the advice though that these guys take in our next edition of the LCS stock market of course we must start with the team's valuations based on the first two weeks of play so let's take a look at the movement as rib encapsulated optic one of the biggest winners plus 85 shooting of the standings a couple other winners though in clutch counter logic and building Guardians while the rest take losses and cloud nine with that smooth even yeah I see that very often I mean I was on the hundreds bandwagon and seeing that number drop even lower I mean what what do they lose they lost 37 points for Owen four look how cheap that is you can buy so many of those almost half of cloud nine you almost got – for what it's pretty clear what Annie love is the Guardian saying alright well with these numbers in mind let's go ahead and take a look at the portfolio's start with marks over there you took some heavy losses in weeks one and two as you mentioned I think you're down about what five hundred yeah I'm down roughly five hundred but this time around I'm actually gonna go for echo fox cuz they'll have to toughen schedule and they are bringing in Phoenix and Apollo I have a little bit more faith in and so I think they'll be able to grab a number of wins the team look was kind of my control I think they will still make a little bit of a comeback you see their next four matches you know a flat question struggling right now hundred thieves and clutch also can be very winnable game CLG today it's something that I think that they can grab a number of wins and I'm hoping that the Phoenix in the poll helps right the ship a little bit yeah playing on that strength of schedule as you perhaps as well perhaps the roster move Coby what's your assessment of these investment I think he's under estimating the fly quest it because even though fly quests have lost three games I think they're gonna be a score we have five opponent it hats on there but it's not part of the actual week it's these four so alright we're moving on to Kobe's let's take a look here I thank you as well suffered some heavy losses in the first couple of it I love it looking for the golden ticket but the rest goes on a team liquid who still are near the top in terms of the cost per share so I heard that Team Liquid we're very unhappy with dropping the games been a long enough period of time after MSI and I do not expect them to continue to drop any more games also considering their next opponents cloud nine again with the graphic here is chopped off that's not one we're betting on yeah don't touch the touchscreen I think that I'm going with the team liquid are going to not drop games rather than oh maybe they go two and two and still go up in value yes they're a high-cost but I could I think they'll win right totally fair you may have noticed that crumbs is not with us this week but we're gonna take this opportunity to flame his investments for the week so take a look at his portfolio with a forty seven hundred dollars to invest he's gonna go six in to optic he's riding that for no train hoping they keep it going and then taking some assurance damn fallacy it's like oh they were so good against non-playoff teams they went for oh they'll go for Oh again now against really difficult opponents crimes is doing like he heard crypto is skyrocketing it's like oh I'll take some of that yes right before I crash it yeah because if we look at optics next games coming up they're playing all of the top teams you know Team Liquid cloud nine are in there so they have some difficult opponents and their prices risen over the last few weeks where they just want that portfolio has some definite possibilities of exploding but with your bets placed I want to see how that might affect your predictions for today's game see if you put your prediction analysis behind the team's where you put your money through in his predictions as well and he actually goes from you guys in two of the games actually wanna I want to flip my prediction I addition put echo fox down I just as I bought their stock with the more I think about that matchup I was like actually can I please put that CLG I didn't get a chance no grandma yeah it's locked in actually hearing about echo fox pudding Phoenix and Apollo back in made me more confident in my paper why are you flip flopping now I'm just not convinced that they're gonna be great the way that they were winning games at the end of last season with this roster was like turbo late-game focus and I think CLG is actually just a better if they're both gonna go late I've trust their carries morally I trust pol we late-game way more than I trust Phoenix like gaming zone concern if they go for that style to favor CLG that's game to game one fly quest versus t.l we're tossing out to the battle arena to get ourselves into champion select gentlemen take it away thank you very much – welcome to the battle arena Team Liquid are ready to go as our fly quest I am freaked as ails to my right how you doing I'm doing great good to hear how's life that's well it's super duper yeah it's superb well so are the teams on stage as Zeile as team looking to fly those are entering champion select what a beautiful segue and we're ready to go perfect nailed it no it's looking to drink I just didn't respond to you yeah how would you prove that I was here I would make you turn the cameras on and they wouldn't do it but exactly it would it be fine either way we heard a champion select and Team Liquid that is not a bug to into a slow start for the MSI finalists I talk to double if today when he was grabbing lunch and I was like double if I need some spicy inside information what's going on then he's really like freaked why did you follow me here I mean sort of like he's like if we lose today the coach is getting fired we're not allowed to have negative memory so I assumed he was joking we'll see yes Team Liquid off to a little bit of a bumpy start a lot of people though pretty a highly public that they were taking some breaks that they were feeling a little bit burned out after MSI week three now though they have to ramp back up I know they were not happy about the fact that they were out to this slower start they want to be making sure that they are you know in a really comfortable position that their very early on in the season blocking and playoff securing their world strips these sorts of things are really important to this squad and bike bus likewise had a good spring split they are off to a rough start here to one in three certainly one of the teams that people were expecting to perhaps challenge those top three squads and you know they did have one really good win against TSM that is one of those upper echelon teams that people have predicted it have to beginning this split but still they are gonna need to and look at the smile on his face hovering New York against impact here you know it's fine it's a solid top let I'm pretty sure aatrox is a bit stronger as we wait for the time to tick down and figure what they do want to play styles of course the only hundred-percent champion across the top five leagues in the summer split is Silas aatrox the most set up to top laner overall though and we'll see where that Silas end ugh door yeah Silas definitely could go mid or top eight rocks we are certainly expecting to be going top it has not really been getting played in jungle or mid in na recently you know there is still champions along the lines of prize we had been seeing five boys do quite a bit of that's the bush style and another thing that has really been developing is SIA being picked independently over con people are not always feeling like you have to grab that duo together we've been seeing SIA Nautilus SIA Lux zarkon's so even though teams are often then forced to ban our recon or feel that they have to you still have all these other great pairings that can be put alongside it yeah there's a lot of value here against Team Liquid as well for JJ is really best on initiators recon has been I would say his best champion of the Year mazaya taken up he were less likely to want that champion so even though you've grabbed a good mark you've also probably pushed for JJ down his peer list as well there is the rise now picked up for Jensen we now know pretty much 100% of the time that it's a truckstop with rise in the mid lane and now we're gonna pick next what are they gonna pick against SIA in the bottom lane yeah be really interesting to see where they do actually elect to go a lot of players are really feeling that it is the rise of beige supports that a lot of these guys are coming back in people are really struggling to actually deal with Lux support in particular a lot of players have been talking about you know just how flexible it is just how strong it is you know against all in champions you're going after shock people don't think that you can actually burst it down against hope lanes it can go you know Guardian and have a lot of kind of sustain and effective HPD riding in a teamfight through that w Mac shield that you're throwing out and hitting your teammates with so we just they see if anyone does electric grab lux or if it's gonna actually get taken away Oh grabbing the ribbon I love it again the gauntlet is thrown down we know the aatrox is toppling the rise is mid and viper says guys this is a riven game I will clap impact don't you worry brings it out I'm excited to see this I'm excited to watch them play out it's gonna be fun matchup yeah definitely very exciting and they both top laners are having some banter and champs like before so they are certainly ready to go bye was playing his his signature Riven against TSM in that one win that they do have in this split thus far he absolutely popped off in that game was looking very very good there is that recon ban that I was talking about because it is such a powerful pairing it does very often draw that ban but yet people are still comfortable pairing it alongside in the Sai alongside some of these other high priority supports so right now both teams need their support so you've got Team Liquid who needs a bot laner for double lift right now when flack west needs a jungler so we'll see if we get some decent fans you have horse double marksman ban can we had a fly questing at rid of Sivir who is probably the quick the cream of the crop right after Ziya Ezreal a decent pick as well but there's still much more in the pool overall and Team Liquid are they gonna push on their sport band down because flight let's get first dibs or do they try to pinch Santorin school a little bit with only skarner really grabbed up and only olaf otherwise ban there's kind of an ocean opportunity down there and we'll see as the time ticks down but the final bans going to be running out of time and it will be a lease actually because you see this plenty physical damage with the Riven you typically want to win toppling through that champion magic damage jungler would have fit that bill well yeah certainly does and if you want to play really aggressively around that top lane as you often do with a ribbon to be to Elise is incredibly powerful really adept at pulling off those dives as well on that top side of the map I also do believe that it was at least paired up with the ribbon in their last riven game against TSM and you know that worked out quite well for them if we do get a reksai here people do kind of give the edge to rek sai in the earlier stages but it becomes very difficult for rek sai the teamfight into a skarner because people are going warrior people are going damage builds these days if you burrow into the teamfight and simply get altered up by that skarner you can get focused down before you're really able to get much of anything done yeah and you're not kind of like a sejuani or a sack where you can just build a qss and yeah your job would be well rocks of qss she didn't do damage anymore so that's gonna be a bit of a tight fit right there caitlyn gets grabbed up not a big surprise she's definitely been appearing a lot more as it proceeds lux alongside it so the front lines gonna be only a toxin skarner with it almost certainly shield max Lux for core JJ in the bottle yeah this is great and this is actually what they played against with optic when they do believe when they played against optic last week it was this Caitlin looks as well as the victor in the midlane and you know they were seated upon two very very heavily they really did a struggle in that game to kind of deal with it with some of those strategies so know will be interesting to see if they are gonna be able to pull this off themselves the Nautilus will be the selection gear for JJ so one of those supports I mentioned earlier that which can really be paired up well with this ayah it is not I would say as powerful as the rest concurred on it's more kind of one-dimensional you have incredible engage but you do not have that disengaged jumping in and out of fights as the pond can do but that being said with the route with your book and your ultimate you were setting up for those feathers to then be following up on that with a route from the SIA so can be quite powerful in that regard but that being said if you can not all in Lux and Caitlin will push you in dil be poking at your turret and they are certainly going to be drawing attention you have to feel from santoor and from pobelter to potentially on those rooms down to that bottom side otherwise they can threaten those early tower takes and that is when Caitlin teams hen snowball the game very heavily can move around the map and really take over yet it we definitely have both side lanes as hot beds for action down here you can find a hook on deluxe or Caitlyn some really big damage can be done of course they're gonna keep trying to siege on a team liquid side and onto the flat on the other side of it of course rivers aatrox gonna be a volatile matchup Riven to be able to dodge away from a lot of those sweet points the the the sweet parts of the hrq dodged away from the knock up that are from bonus damage and that can be very very aggressive one be one will be very interesting to see how this plays out Silas some pretty powerful offices steal an 8 Ross ultimate pretty good skarner ultimate luxe I think are kind of the main three but there's nothing absolutely game-changing besides maybe that sperner ultimate excuse me I do believe you know that that game that TL had was actually so I did have the back next up was not affect kids object but it was you know this bottom lane that they did face off against then really struggled to really get much done because of the power of the CG drop traps on one side of the turret you loosen singularities got luck see on the other side of turf becomes really tough to approach 40 one thing I want to point out as we get the cheers from the audience to cheer on their favorite teams will see looking a black must have been very good team so far as this year I always do like pointing out what its spell thief's Lux now aftershock is the standard Keystone that's making a mistake that helps her stay alive against someone like Nautilus you can save her q4 when there is an actual fight gains 30 armor doesn't die in the 2v2 but spell thieves in the games I've mostly seen of Lux support in pro play she very quickly has to start playing defensively against other engage supports and gets a very very late quest complete and gets a very late slice sent as a results from what I have seen I've preferred coin on Lux even though it's less ability power you get the gold to buy some ap yourself and that ends up being better but we'll see how this game plays out if they can push two on two non-stop you get free gold off the turret and you're ahead exactly and I think it's a super massive dependent you know if you can shove them in you know this is something where you can be farming that gold off of the turret you know Nautilus it can be very difficult to all-in as this Nautilus unless your jungler is down here so you may be able to kind of farm off of that Nautilus every time he's looking for a target on stack you know some of the really difficult matchup can often be range versus range for Lux where if you're fighting against something safe like a Sona or whatever who's gonna win those trades you can't always even afford to kind of walk up and and get those spell thief's proxies we have seen in the past I'm silly one thing I also want to point out for the fans watching at home we are still on patch 9.11 which is no longer the current live patch so the 7th arrives for you work not yet in play here in this game so it's the old version for the e deals damage on the bounce often yeah and we likely won't be seeing much Silas anymore after the patches yeah you got some huge nerfs a coming through and you know this may kind of be those those last week we really are seeing this champion in pro for a while and has been a huge mainstay these professional players are just so good at it being able to not only use you know the ultimate ceiling but also this waveclear which is really what was targeted and of course as we still see ourselves in this game we've got pretty close on farm Jensen has only talked to one CS the entire first couple of waves is an aggressive board cordage a of course with the wave being pushed able to walk up there that's a very very good trinket ward at spots blue and Brom especially if there's ever a red side start for the opposing jungler you can track the rest of that path no problem and you're almost always immune to getting ganked yeah and both junglers doing kind of similar paths here they did a full clear crafter Scruggs red now going back to the other side Smith he did take an early base so to grab the predator boots so he now is gonna have the ability and with those off cooldown to be able to threaten for some sort of a play but it looks like he did just get back out on the map and I'm just gonna kind of use that for a little bit of a additional power endeavor of the game where as importantly is likely just gonna be doing a six-game career in to scuttle face and make his first buy and then look for some sort of a gank and it kind of has been more of Santorin style this split I would say is kind of heavily prioritizing farm and not always going for those early level gangs even on that Elise game against TSM when he was paired up with Vipers ribbon no he was sitting at level seven without even really having an empty gank seems very comfortable to just be farming it out but this time he's trying and he is in fog of war right now so here he's fighting about it's a good rune prison give some space a flash knock up still going to land though and the chains afterwards here they have seeker finds them and flight West grab first blood really nicely done there Jenson tried to flash over the reksai but not able to actually avoid the unburrow so gets knocked up on the other side chained in by PO Beltre afterwards really good CC teen from them and that is such a good to start here for Santorin who did gets a power farm out five camps pubs mid there is the flash not able to get away from Santorin and then the prey seeker finishing him off before pobelter would have potentially gone down to that turret shot it really heads-up stuff right there smithy gets to capture the spire but I don't believe took a lot of farm maybe parts the crux not even the Krug so get some vision down has to leave right away but is able to run around the map now himself so that's why quest with 600 gold prin assisted first blood and you can see on the bottom side heal and ignite have been traded I do tend to think that does actually favor the Caitlyn blocks lane simply because if you do not have 100 to 0 kill potential it's very difficult to actually engage on the side of this Nautilus ayah so that ignite has been used and we'll see if this PL Lane can continue to keep them shoved in the CS though slightly in the favor of wild turtle very even in that regard so no major advantages in that way and it is TP taken by turtle so he's gonna be the one who can actually keep you back to this lane and just try to keep it fresher on just kind of suss this out like post-playing so far about on vision maybe I should be afraid of Rex I playing very far from the turret and Oh something flashes in find some damage in a second kill already on the board 2:04 centaurian a beautiful die there from fly quests bringing up the Nautilus turtle was going for a reset he went back to base and I think that GL is going to assume JJ's gonna reset at the same time as his ad there but turtle T fees back to the pot Lane JJ shows up mid the collapse from fly quest coming in from either side and rember this is a flash let's rise really nothing that Jensen could do to escape this he was actually playing quite defensively but to knocked off the passive auto the chains coming in from Poe Beltre that is another easy kill and Justin is way down already and he's gonna be quite behind as far as experience he's down 12 CS also and he is gonna be a target for these repeat ganks because still there is the flash available on pobelter yeah super late tier coming out so even if he does get the items it's gonna be slower stacking overall with time TP of course was already on cooldown so a slow Road up for the team liquid mid lane there is my quest I've sent to him back in the jungle and okay sure he's down two and a half camps compared to a Smith he has but I will take that every time for two kills you give me the gold up 500 plus bleed his mid laner has 600 gold there the plate of course the assists both those things helping the flack was an amazing early start here and you mentioned rek sai yeah a bit of a stronger early game jungler and those Santori viously this year has been a bit of a farmer has been ganked great so far yeah he's been playing incredibly well this game and it is someone I think that is critical for if likewise success because he was so damn good for them in spring and getting yourself this sort of an early lead I'm Rex I really can put you in a great position to snowball the game you're a champion that not only do you have the early success if you get those kills in the early minutes of this game you could be one be wanting solo laners in the mid game your ultimate becomes such an incredibly powerful tool if you do get that early warrior completion he's really on pace do just that now very good start in the mid game as Poe belt sir well he's found a way against jungler over if you watched the LCS count dedicating the day there is a soundbite of judgment saying you know Bulger is a good team fighter and those goodies on good teams but he's not a full jungle over does not alike its Dan had his own leads so you know they're not afraid of him it's fine and in this game though ruin in the bot lane as well but that's the big shielding you kind of get out of poor JJ's gonna within to push all that damage this all could be Dan all in for turtle exhaust comes in he still put up the queues out finds the room enough to flash away from double his Q flash over the wall as he gets away from JJ Pat now 50 with predator rides on the way over this is a flash let's Nautilus there's the first flow from Lucky's almost enraged Oh flash and that's almost surely gonna be a kill the shields out of having 50 is on the board nicely done GL able to get kill on that bottom side it was a pretty good all-in timing though from fly quest they had the earlier six on Ziya and big night cooldown a slower than Neil so they went again with that off sync double if did not have his heel available and they almost were able to pull it off but Smithee was down here on that bottom side and now in the top lane Viper's looking for an all in a pretty big damage right there as impact but zone Holt down they're gonna be trading off row it looks like cuz impact is gonna walk away and stay higher HP but if it is is very little damage right there and looks like spittle for Rico will just end up resetting but as you say trade of Ultimates there Santorum early setting up the dragon but here this is one more time so notice again turtle he had TP back to lane so he was up an experience he has the ultimate JJ has ignite whereas doublelift did not have a steel back on this alien than this roof Hugh Otto each pass-through for the roof but JJ just can't get in range because of the flash from the Caitlin and then then no flash on the nautilus mean city and walk in flash all finish off this Nautilus for the kill a good time that core JJ saves the route until the very end of the impale duration just to guarantee there's no way outs that was mechanically pretty nice as well and it gets the game a lot closer still in his 600 separating these teams as items push through and double if has slightly more expensive ones to compare the bottom laners with his 7 CS lead and I believe a plate taken as well yeah two plates already off that bottom tier one turret but double if now could be and some trouble remember Nautilus has alt yeah ton of C's he burned now so tries to net backwards finds a slow and awhile turtle and that's going to be enough JJ slightly lair to CC and gave just that small whatever double to get out yeah and turtle did not have flash he couldn't actually follow up more there will double a stick around though because the weight is pushing away from him which would mean if you go back to base are gonna lose all of this farm so they don't feel that they can actually go for the reason I'm just alliums doublelift beautiful pick up there yeah recalling on the ward he's gonna get sniped out and you can see core JJ already has that support item completed that did just transform over right alongside JJ's so no being able to actually stack that up pretty quickly in this Lane now as you were talking about earlier he wasn't an issue for core JJ this game a double if grabbing that kale being able to reset the wave puts him in a really great spot he's gonna be close to ie gold here came back into team liquids favor has the cloak of agility will not have to combine just yet and actually is gonna stop down a little bit and buy some other components and we'll see one that progresses down the line stopwatch ready to go here for for JJ you got a couple of assists early on and that's 10:30 in so we've got that one ready for himself in case there is a strong all in from JJ the rest of crew yeah exactly I mean it just makes it even harder now to to look for those all ends and he is gonna be putting more and more points in the W as he does level up right now he's sitting on two points in the e4 called Lane harass and then he's gonna be most likely just going pure into that shield maxing that out trying to keep that up and with exhaust it becomes very very difficult to look for the all ends through the aftershock through the exhaust through the shielding you do become very very resilient now moving around the map though looking to the next big play is not a list of movie boots running towards the top side here has he's open to maybe turn around Vipers 1v1 hyper is that about twenty Siesta this is impact in a pretty much undisturbed 1v1 getting a lead here good damage under those novels but now maybe a fight back towards them is the rek sai's nearby ole it's gonna be burned and impacts as well used for some move speed burns his flash doesn't use to come back in with smithy coming around now he's gonna walk away and head back to his own lane so a couple old sport on both sides but impact down a flash at being down that flash pretty big and that is a great all still there from poke belts here because now smith he can't really chase into the turret if the ultimate from silas goes up faster he will alt you under his own turret and kill you so that becomes a very dangerous game but meantime on that bottom side when you Shen JJ in turtle up to the top plane double lift in court JJ were are pushing this link very heavily so we'll be at rate of first turret for that rift Herald we'll see where TLR gonna actually rotate around the map are they gonna send their bot lane top try to defend their top lane turret now if you look at winning through bot lane teamliquid trying to win through that one is they forced jayjay away his impact rejoins its lifeless opening Winthrop revolts are in Santorin but that is not borne through anywhere else on the map but it's time for a double if to run back in the mid and keep using his gold fleet he's got attack damage and attack speed those are stats that work against turrets countries probably didn't build the Crypt earlier on and now comes the first plate in mid lane and he's not even stopping yeah just continue to poke away at this herd and this is such a strong way to utilize the Caitlyn this really is what was done to them last week and now showing their mastery of this style being able to kind of create these zones of control it's very difficult to engage through Caitlyn traps straight into the lux because Caitlyn can create this small corridor where you have to engage through and then it makes it almost impossible to actually dodge the lux binding when you're having to run through this one gap in those traps and if you ever step on a trap that's a free binding follow-up and then there's the room prison there's so much that you are having to deal with in that sort of a spot yep so are able to cash in on quite a few plates here they got to from mid lane one from top all five on that bottom side so TL you know really coming out in that regard quite a bit yeah a lot of great things on my team liquid you can see about a thousand gold for doublelift and for a JJ each above their opponents and that earlier mid jungle comma that worked for fly quest is six hundred total across both of them so it really is Team Liquid really turning this the end of the early game around quite nicely there solidly ahead here and we'll see what that's whether I play for them is it feels like they will keep seeing with this Caitlyn Lee yeah they certainly will and now that's ie+ dierker's complete their four double if then now while those early moves towards mid lane were great from pobelter and Santorin even JJ making that roam up the lead has not compounded has not gotten any bigger in fact it has actually been shrinking over these last minutes so bow bolts are still certainly stronger than Jensen at this point in the game but has not been able to really extend that lead thus far and that early Athene's you know normally you say well support fall doesn't actually matter as much I do think that a thieves in particular on Lux is incredibly strong yeah making it even harder to all in because it is a champion that stacks up that poke damage fairly well and then you're able to kind of get that additional 250 maximum heal I do believe it is off of a shield so that make up New Zealand's even more difficult a lot of extra health can come in through right here and we've got the first Drake of the game coming down without any difficulties –is team liquor with their newfound mid pressure and their already earned bot lane pressure get that one picked up there's there in front of the earlier mound of course drives a while ago by black but for mid but this is still probably the better Drake overall and so now as Shelley's summoned up behind plates to for at least one turret will get on the board for flag quest no one has answering for altering the side length impact sitting far enough fact that he knows to be afraid of reksai especially with the new ultimate where you have to get a killer and assist or you can revive maybe in the old days you could have tried to aggressively defend that but no chance in this situation so there will be a turret but on the other side of the map you did see Smith he was actually warming away the opposing blue buff take you away some of those camps are trying to equalize up if gold exchanges there you know even gonna be able to grab that scuttling and for now you can really see the game plan it's kind of on opposite sides of the maps you can look at this pocket of vision for a turtle here time to not be impaled but does immune double lifts ultimate damage and is able to walk away but I've still flashed down and that is a loss of summoners so here's like all this kind of area is really fly quest where they have their wards and then you know down on the bottom side of the map you can see all of this vision concentrated in these opposite sides of 4tl and that really was to protect uplift thank or jayjay to allow them to be pushing aggressively in CG you need to be able to know where roams and junglers ganks are gonna be coming from if you want to be up at that turret hitting that turret and that really is the Caitlyn's job so Piper sitting in this flank position he's being pinged out though so smithy is gonna look for him and this line of wards doing its job once again they want to be seating mid lane so that is where they're gonna concentrate most of their vision to allow doublelift to be aggressively posturing for that turret and then they go to the midlane teleport used to get someone back into this one to help defend as the siege continues after Team Liquid also a little concerning that jayjay with all this roams these little six you know he's two levels down encore JJ the carries are level ten level eleven so if that Nautilus becomes very very squishy and those those levels are quite important for Sam or who doesn't have a lot of gold income and he's so dependent on the aftershock to be able to survive but no if you do get bound up you just die 100 a zero very easily in that type of situation and does now at least hit seven like most pings hey someone stole my wolves impact Jordie long gone gets away with the crime no problem at all that feels easy for him big wolf is left up what's most to go but still some taking away here's we've reset and look at where everyone has gone around the map in fact solo into the bottom Lane Cobell sir solo into the top one showing that one in onto Silas he is not found an answer in a while here got a couple of assists still does have his farm lead over Jensen but there's kind of been trading farm back and forth there's last hitting under the turret and we still sit on this 2000 gold difference now a fight in the bottom river is over the wall goes Viper doesn't get pulled back at the chain and no harm no foul yeah an impact not really willing to make that chase without vision on that side of the map you know for now a TL again your that they really have to spend centering all their vision around the mid lane it is really just this line of pink warts across the map you can see you know really from here to here this is all that kind of TL area they are trying to deny any forward vision or fly quest to try to protect themselves setting up in the river setting up in this area and making sure that they have these really safe pockets of vision where they can farm in gorge a day I'm playing it safe deluxe II giving him vision into that brush yeah and then he can step forward and actually work away on that pink ward definitely a really strong thing for lux in pro play is is assessing out where those brush ganks could be and it's something that cyrus working too as well with her seedlings sometimes you're just brahmer tahm Kench and survive it but the squishy ones can ways find ways to know what's around the corner and and kill those things without much difficulty to their ownselves and that's a positive as they do drop out of those wards to try to remove that safe from fly quest these worth getting bought for back and forth and teamliquid say well over this Waal can we do it there's the board yeah we can go the board and team looking for members on the topside viper is pushing on that bottom lane so they're gonna have to try to send down in fact to answer this it will be TL though taking another outer turret the last of the outer sphere for them utilizing this Caitlyn very very well this should very likely get double if to that rapid-fire that two items stage so he's gonna be at a really really strong point this is where I think the game always becomes more difficult for the Caitlyn's though the outer towers I think is a much more simple ass when you then are trying to move up and seize towards these tier twos you do end up in this situation where there's so many more angles of engaged there's ways that you can get flanked yeah I mean wards are a lot easier for your opponents to get to then TP in so you're exposing yourself in so many different ways this is an area of the game where a lot of teams start to struggle and really slow down as a result but you know thankfully for them dragon is about to come up the bear will be on the map in 30 seconds so there are ways that they can try to set up around those neutral objectives and get advantages there instead of having to force where it's here to immediately and it seems likely as the outer turrets are gone and as you mentioned these next future is coming up we're seeing a lot of Team Liquid and there's where the Caitlyn goes so goes liquid she is bottom River right now and well flag let's put their members around as well it's actually Jensen's soloing toppling the rest of flag Questor around mid so it's now a 4-1 versus the whole of life left pushing down mid lane we'll see how much gets done here as mid lane is cleared off tl can fight for some boards they got a respect to vaulter he can flash over and he's gonna find that stolen expect the only huge deal goes around to over the Lagos car barely survived but no fight Perez Fatima finds killed number two as well rice only pushing the top plane two kills for fly quest yeah they get those two kills they like they can get the dragon here as well but they actually want to respond it looks like to rise on that top lane Jensen will get it to your two turret then I comparative afar but yeah they are heading towards Baron Smith he is dead this would be a risky move to make though it is 20 minutes and 30 seconds into the game swissbear will do a lot of damage but they are killing it very very fast with that mountain dragon no combat ult's are up for Team Liquid rel warp only TP brings their fifth member back into the pool and there is how to smite they get by policy for a real chance to smite it this should be easy and he grabs a bit now the fight this could be hard a second kill does go to team lick when they answer the kills back but now you gotta watch out for the rest of this one that was a great opening and Jensen finds get another one three kills not picked up for that bear intake yeah three kills for the baron this is much more questionable if it was really worth it because it's how much conceal get now CLR gonna try to push up and take this tier two they will get the dragon as a result so fly quest go for the big risk big reward play yeah it ends in a bit of a wash I would say probably positive TL for now unless they can find a way to really get something from this Baron buff but because they are weaker as far as the combat power they likely can't push forward with it anyway and you can see those insane skarner stacks here for smith he has been such a good champion for him over the last year or so in the LCS really making it work for him and his team that is fabric that picked it as well a second combat drink for teal to get better at team fighting in fact even try this to the blue buff this one's less likely sent or nests my ass but we'll wait to see who wears it better Oh impact does okay surprising but I think Santorum is just giving the respect that hey what flux is at that corner what if there's someone there here's the play again from Cole Beltre stuff from him goes over the wall flash skarner ultimate on two SS and at that point you're saying alright bailout get out a few pen there's no way you're gonna actually win that team by with double if dead instantly so they do commit to this foot bush and this is where my quest is is debating exactly what they want to do they decide they're gonna go to the bear and they DP back into Silas but pobelter teepees right in the base up of three members of Team Liquid and gives up a very easy kill from there with Piper really low with Santora a half-elf team look we can easily take that bite despite the fact that is the three before they knocked down JJ they're able to use the rise ultimate in chase Jensen flashing over cleaning up another kill the three kills there for TL knocking off a lot of baron buffs as well then picking the tier two mid the dragon but fly quest does have a little bit of bear in time a minute 20-year remaining or so on that buff so we'll see if they can actually utilize it to get any sort of an advantage and they have gotten two turrets to their credit so a very minor advantage in the goal taken with this bear and power play but still no not the most effective sure of course those those trade kills that teamlack 'got were really big that was that was I think cataclysmic because it was not only you know more than a thousand gold of kill credit but the three baron buffs off means a ton as well yeah it really does especially because they took it off both the sole leaner so squishes actually knocked down quite a bit but it's not to say that it was a poor attempt from fly quest I actually think of PO Beltre didn't get picked going in yeah they probably just take the baron and get out he says I broke warp and they leave together yeah like you can't actually engage into that 3v5 but because they got the free kill on Pope they were able to to really kind of make that look a lot better for them so yeah certainly costing the steak from him either way game fairly close to parity but double it add a strong point and when you do look at the dragons and combat move speed as well as the additional ad AP is favoring TL as well very sure 3000 gold lead puts team liquid on driver's seat here and certainly fly quest have fought valiantly they've been glimmers of hope but they've got to come back for dev now as volunteer to Falls to bear up times out at a pretty much neutral barren power play All Things Considered yeah polls are continuing a push he does not have TP but it doesn't matter because he'll did not elect to continue that push they will actually go back to answer so very likely we'll get a lot of damage down on this turret and being able to utilize that passive on the turret does really help Silas to get a lot done when Andy is in a side lane when he isn't answered Caitlin now for double if you're if you're posing in on that third item will be a ship and three items is really where people like to kind of target Kaylin it is becoming very strong again in the fight now people really do talk a lot about kailyn's early lane power but then there is kind of this fairly big power trough you were much weaker on one item then say Isaiah ya and weaker on two items a lot of people will argue when you do hit three when you have that crit when you have a high amount of attack speed you have so much safety with your additional range in teamfights that your dps is really ramping up and you become quite an effect a few places yeah yeah that's basically her strength is that she's very good at making sure items were always on because in 650 range and and so lo and behold when you get more items than being always on it's a big deal so we're gonna see now as we get 25 minutes into this game Baron and dragon both spotted about eighty seconds we'll see if it's Team Liquid playing the siege game or what's actually just trying to find the right way to trade the objectives back and forth you have to assume if they go for one block ghost can try to rush the other yeah definitely the case especially with mountain it really does kind of help to enable you know those critical close trade plays and we do need those extra seconds the mountain can help in that regard you can see the early GA done here on Santora needed like to go back towards that before completing his Black Cleaver that is gonna allow him to try to more aggressively trade out his life you know the question is just with the amount of damage that he can put out you know with him and Viper diving you down can they actually pick someone off because someone is going to get likely getting alt it in peel from smithy no are you gonna be able to really burst down double if when there is an Athene's and redemption on lux when there is exhaust that becomes pretty difficult well the hope is what both our hijacked again for the third time and it's trying to find bill oh this is a zero qss team but there silence with a skarner on their own squad the overall cooldown is a bit longer than ability he can't steal it as often it's been a bit up but that pick is still available at all times it certainly is but it's also scary going in as pobelter because he is no qss he is now Sonja's if you get ulted there you can get elbow too but he's found on genna's and wanita true but is that the ball that God provides of flat redemption so much shielding Rises yet the fall garden a double drop but now the reengage impact puts a Matata damage on a JJ and if they can kill follows through as well they're gonna find it third this is completely Team Liquid top of Viper coiled around him he's constricted and dead for 4 0 T might have all the runway they need to take out fly quest face yeah they're just going straight for the base here likely could take an inhibitor and then retreat back to the Baron if they want would be risky to try to go for the end but is possible to try to attempt this 30 seconds of both the souls I think we're gonna see an hibbott er into baron we'll find out what kind of a play see I want to make though you know it's at least been hit based on posturing there they're running forward on the turret they know well turtle is now with their AJ and yeah with Rex I back alive in three seconds gonna run back to this northern jungle there is a chance they full reset and decide to say hey let's not really play for this might fight but they can easily also get rid of division drop all of these tunnels down and make that fight all the same yeah yeah they don't actually have to attempt this they can as you say get vision maybe wait for the scuttle and try to secure that but they have started up this Baron they're trying to force the hand of like Weston you know fly Perez no TBD still at base here comes doublelift a million damage gonna JJ running down jeez God nice through from the locks now wild girl has to try to get away staying alive SD can impact in the front Lions take some damage but they have turned right away for this fight turtle at 1/3 health even lower than that and flak bus running as all it's a blue smite there I'm gonna go for the pole actually I guess they could have traded open both about yea wide with me I feel like it's like a game of chicken neither one of them wants to be the one who gets altered first and smithy deciding to go back towards the Baron wants to take the more cautious play didn't know if he would get altered first if he does again pull towards the tower maybe goes down instead they will move over to this Baron pit and you can see double if is able to actually hit the bear over the wall thanks to all that additional rage so dealer laying a trap and getting damaged develop the right now take some shots but there they're aware of sand torrent as well but the health bar so low he's not gonna confirm a range picked up there for the first one there's the full but doesn't really matter his impact over the log as well if they're chase now down and there is the squad coming into the realm or put down the back you got that one not gonna happen though there are no kills picked up or flat quest it's all team liquid all the time a three four zero already JJ is a shortly gonna draw another snipe for core JJ's is I aware the letters better have a final spark and this is certainly going to be it wild turtle is alone against all of Team Liquid he can kill some minions but there's still so much more time to play with you can blast going away your spot watch them run it's a wild goose chase he is a bird man after all but is certainly the bass going down you can go back to the top side as turtle he's gonna live for a few more seconds we're still watching the Nexus turrets fall in a second the inhibitors are gone Team Liquid there's the final kill 15 to 4 on the scoreboard they will improve to 3 and 2 in your MSI finalists the 3-time LCS champions are gonna be taking it down the Nexus a 30-minute win over fly quest and one of their strongest performances of the season thus far Team Liquid really turning it up after that one failed pick on to Jensen they got so much off that fight and in that fight you are really able to see the power of the lux a fully charged Athene's redemption lands on a low health Jensen he just went back to full basically in that fight yep gets luck shield it up and when fly quest had dumped all their damage into trying to kill that rise through this era through the redemption the lost shielding needs everything there to keep him up they win the fight hard they get to baron and they were able to really set up the pigs around the baron so incredibly Wow Team Liquid cleaning that one up really well and that is the kind of game I think team look at fans who wanted to see okay you guys said you wanted some time off the msi but who you're really not convinced by week one and two and you know at about ten days you're facing Europe's best at riff rivals please liquid can you be on Form again and this looked pretty good I do want to say that even though fly quests are now what is it one in four I don't think they're a bad team I think they've had a fairly hard schedule they've played most of the best teams they played the four no optic they've had cloud nine and TSM and Team Liquid in their run Golden Gardens also look hot like they've had probably the single hardest schedule I give them a pass at one in four I think they these are good players is a good team for Team Liquid side you should feel good about beating a team that is this good I think the rest of the road looks better for flack which it actually can't look worse from here so you know I think positive things all around for both teams liquid again tuning up yeah definitely the case you know it is not the end of the world for fly quest I still think that they can be a playoff team yeah but that being said people were talking about can you challenge the top three if you want to be one of the best teams in the league strength of schedule or not you can't be starting one in four yeah they're one game is a win over TSM but there's a lot of road ahead so that is it for us for now for more on that victory Holly standing by with team liquids jungler thanks guys it's mithya let's see your hands because could show me your hands come on show me your hands no nail polish he broke the curse congratulations on the win what did you do to pull through and make it different um I think we just started practicing after um you thought that we couldn't rely on the nails anymore so yeah alright well you've had two weekends of basically going one and one not the super dominant start that a lot of people expected after your MSI run what do you think's the cause for that um I think just a lot of things we weren't really used to the meta even though like there wasn't much difference and we weren't really good mechanically like to our like expectations and we just need to be I guess like practicing were awesome well thank you and congratulations again and for more on the game let's hear from the State Farm analysts desk thank you very much oddly teamliquid move into 3 & 2 with that victory over fly quest immediately I want to take a look at champion select and then dive into some game clips because some interesting stuff happened we've got another looks as well as Caitlyn's now finding their way back for the waiver champ I mean you did get target band out a little bit here and I think it is one of the best marksmen in the meta so no surprise seem on it plus it's a great match with Lux but I can't help but be a little disappointed like oh there's Caitlyn coming back in the meta crazy your favorite champion of the game straight-up contradiction is just a liar change the way you approach the rest of the day yeah but of course as well we have a very spicy top-line matchup in the aatrox versus the Riven it's great to see fly quest continue to invest in viper and his ability specifically on that champion but more than anything I think we have to highlight the mid lane matchup especially given Jensen's choice words coming into it at the top of the day yeah he said you know Poe belters a great player but he doesn't know how to call for the jungler can't be the hard carry and so it was pretty funny to see early on the game this very direct focus from Santorin onto Poe Beltre into the game yeah I mean the first gank right is one thing to you you get the flash you also get the kill but then the coordination with the rest of the team to repeat focus this area after you burn the flashes off of the first recall Nautilus goes towards the mid lane here James the touchscreen is giving me a tough time my friends that's alright you will learn through the body of Padawan but keeps resetting this is a tragedy don't worry I got two oh I know they pulled it down roll the clip this is why we don't let you know faster just take my word for it off the first recall JJ goes mid lane with Santorin this is coordinating your jungler and your entire team with the early game plan don't worry buddy not my cell love you guys let's just roll her over but yeah I think it was also interesting to note there's a small spectator buggy it looks like JJ flashes in place he doesn't he flashes over the wall you'll see that maybe a couple other times please be aware that if it looks like people are just flashing and doing nothing they are making actual plays yeah but yeah it's also kind of true like he was like oh here's know how to use this jungler gets ganked twice and killed instantly but then the other thing he said was they don't really know how to use him as a hard carry and the stylist didn't pick up the goal for those kills but it felt like a complete non-factor you could have told me those kills didn't happen in this game and look at everything else that happens on the map and I would have believed you that no rise was not zero to eight minutes into the game yeah I mean it was very hard I think with the bottom lane for Team Liquid being such a point of strength and that Lane winning on its own what you want to do with the Silas usually right is rotate the Silas into the side lanes super-strong split pusher with the teleport and get that game rolling but I think that Team Liquid showed why smart people invested alright fair enough I think we do have to acknowledge the fact that as Mark was saying you know one of the key aspects of tiel's play last split was their ability in the mid and late game to find the right fights and end things smoothly from that point we're gonna take a look at a four-four Oh in favor of Team Liquid to win the game yeah you see them try and start off on the pro belter with what looked like a good engage but just a nice Redemption as well as all the shielding rise naturally gets allowed Team Liquid to collapse in time and find that kill and it was one of those games where it's like oh it doesn't look that great for Team Liquid but then they get two kills in the bot lane Kayla starts moving around the map bowling turrets down and they had like a four K gold lead in a game where it was two to two and kills on the side of fly quest I just want to kind of address a freak statement around the tough relatively tough schedule they've had to kick off the split but they are sitting at one and four and at a certain point looking at that score line I think there has to be some cause for concern for a team that was in fourth place just last split and largely able to challenge a lot of these squads yeah I think lastly even though they finished you know and fourth you have to remember they did beat TSM at different points I think they took a game off Team Liquid as well so it wasn't like oh they were fourth place because they beat everyone below them and lost everyone above then they did find good wins in the regular season so even though it is a tough strength the schedule was hard not to be a little disappointed yeah I I would there is definitely some cause for concern I was like what like I talked about with the midlane focus the early game that does give me hope moving forward as I also talked about fly quest schedule gets a lot easier since they've gone literally all of the more difficult teams out of the way now if they continue to lose then you can panic alright fair enough tl ramping their way back into the summer split coming up though it's a battle for first place between optic and cloud nine if the green walls surge at the start of the split as you wanting to rep optic pick up your team pass and the lead client today the past will unlock a bunch of teams Pacific swag that way you can show your allegiance to allies and opponents alike we'll see how optic fares against the team leading the fan past sales cloud 9 after this good rune prison gives them space the flash knock up stubble in a Lambo and the chains afterwards do they have the damnit the prey seeker playing very far from the turret and flashes and finds some damage in a second kill they don't feel that they can actually go for the [Applause] real collapse I can't go after anything nobody bush completely teamliquid and there is not gonna happen though there are no kills picked up for a black quest it's all teamliquid all the time welcome back to assist of the week presented by State Farm as optic gaming look to wrap up their final push into fly quest base a teamfight was brewing luckily optics crown knows that sometimes the best assist is to simply dangle your own life at the end of a stick the tasty-looking Twisted Fate baits to die from fly quest which ultimately spells their – with that victory optic gaming finish off week two of the LCS summer split with a 4-0 record and are the only undefeated squad in North America I love this like of course it should be here like every single time like you should be way faster but he's good to see this should have been there for long huh I wanna see cords it is okay let's do it let's do it always that want to go like crazy you can do that for at once which is like you know yeah it's a lot only $15 guys you