TL vs FLY Highlights | LCS Summer 2019 Week 3 Day 1 | Team Liquid vs FlyQuest

really they really did a struggle in that game to kind of deal with some of those strategies so no will be interesting you see if they are gonna be in fog of war right now so here he's spotting a budget it's a good rune prison gives some space a flash knock I'm still going to Lambeau and the chains afterwards do they have the damage the price seeker finds them but on vision maybe I should be afraid of wrecks I playing very far from the turret and Oh suddenly gauges flashes and find some damage of the second kill already on the board and hit his own leads so you know they're not afraid of them it's fine and in this game though who in the bot lane as well but that's the big shield and you kind of get out of for JJ he's gonna with them too much all that damage this all could be Dan all in for turtle exhaust comes in he still part of the Cuse out finds the route would have to flash away from double his cue fire of the walls it gets away from Jay Jeff at 9:50 with predator on is on the way over this is a flash let's nautilus there's the first flow from Lucky's almost enrage to flash and that's almost surely gonna be a kill the shield's automatic 50 is on the board of the flash from the Caitlyn and then then no flash on the Nautilus means 50 and walk in flash go back to base are gonna lose all of this farm so they don't feel that they can actually go for the reason just when you Shen JJ and turtle up to the top plane double lift and core JJ we're already pushing them in three right here and we've got the first Drake of the game coming down without any difficulties –is team liquor with their new boost one turret will get on the board for flak bus no one has answered Coulter in the side lengths impact sitting far enough fact that he comes very very squishy and of those those levels are quite important for some more who doesn't have a lot of gold income is pushing on that bottom lane so they're gonna have to try to send down impact to answer this it will be TL though taking and it's done here as mid lane is cleared off to Jochen fight for some boards they got a respect go out there he can flash over and he's gonna find that stolen expect the elf a huge deal goofs around – or the logos fire barely survived but no Pfeiffer has Fatima finds killed number two as well rice only pushing the top lane two kills for fly quest yeah they get those two kills they like they can get the dragon here as well but they actually want to respond it looks like to rise on that top lane Jensen will get it's here to turret they might go far but yeah they are heading towards Baron Smith he is dead this would be a risky move to make though it is twenty minutes and thirty seconds into the games with bear will do a lot of damage but they are killing it very very fast with that mountain dragon no combat alts are up for Team Liquid realm warp only TP brings their fifth number back into the pool and there is not a smile or a real chance to smite it this should be easy and he grabs a bit now the fight this could be hard a second kill does go to Team Liquid they answer the kills back but now you gotta watch out for the rest of this one that was a great opening and Jensen finds him positive TL for now unless they can find a way to really get something from this Baron buff but because they are weaker as far as the combat power they likely can't push forward with it anyway and you can see those insane skarner stats here for smith he has been such a good champion for him over the last year or so in the LCS really making it work for him and his team that is foul trick that picked it as well a second combat drink for teal to get back for deficit now a volunteer – falls the bear both times out at a pretty much neutral bear and power play all things considered it certainly is but it's also scary going in as pobelter because he is no qss he is now Sonja's if you get ultied there you can get all bow too but he's found gems and what he is doing but it's a Poldark on horizon Redemption so much shielding Rises yet the fall gardening double drop but now the reengage impact puts an ax Tata damage on a JJ and if they can kill photos through as well they're gonna find a third this is completely teamliquid and they're on top of Viper coiled around him he's constricted and dead put her into barren we'll find out what kind of a play see I want to make though you know it's at least an hit based on posturing they're they're running forward on the turret they know well turtle is now with their AJ and yeah with a wreck side back alive in three seconds gonna run back to this Northern Star that but they have started up this barren they're trying to force the hand off like Weston you know Pfeiffer has no TP he's still at base here comes doublelift a million damage gonna JJ running down these guys nice through from Lux now while Toro has to try to get away saying well I bet he can impact the front line think some damage but they have turned right away for this fight turtle at one-third health even lower than that and flak bus running as all it's a blue smite there I'm gonna go for the pole and hit the bears over the wall thanks to all that additional rage so dealer laying a trap getting damaged develop there right now take some shots up there they're aware sand torn as well but the health bar so low he's not gonna be fire rate picked up there for the first one there's the full but doesn't really matter his impact over the log as well if they're chase now down and there is no spot coming into the realm or foot now the fact that we're not gonna happen though there are no kills picked up or flat quest it's all teamliquid all the time a340 already JJ is assuredly going to draw another snipe for core JJ's is I aware the letters better have a final spark and this is certainly gonna be it wild turtle is alone against all of Team Liquid he can kill some minions but there's still so much more time to play with you can blast code away your spot watch them run it's a wild goose chase he is a bird man after all but is certainly the bass going down you can go back to the top side is turtle he's gonna live for a few more seconds we're still watching the Nexus turrets fall in a second the inhibitors are gone Team Liquid as the final kill 15 to 4 on the scoreboard they will improve to 3 & 2 in your MSI finalists the 3-time LCS champions are gonna be taking it down the next is a 30 minute win over fly quest and one of their strongest performances of the season thus far Team Liquid really turning it up after that